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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  May 18, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] a serious escalation. a special prosecutor looking into president trump. acquitted andcer an all-night protest. autria: there is a cool down coming, but don't put the summer clothes away just yet. how much longer we are dealing with the heat. good thursday morning. i'm autria godfrey. larry: i'm larry smith. forecast.the it was hot yesterday, a little warmer today? veronica: just a little bit. our temperatures much higher than yesterday at this same time.
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we are already feeling sticky out there. you are looking at the dew point conditions. later today, temperatures could push up to 90 and higher. the could be scattered showers, a thunderstorm or two. the chance will continue through your 5:00, even through 9:00 and 11:00. keep that in mind if you have plans to go outside. a better chance for showers and storms tomorrow. we will talk about that coming up. around drop off time where there coulbe
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looking at delays that have yet to drop off. they are in play along kenilworth avenue. i just got off the phone with ddot. the accidents have cleared, but the works zone is still there. they are checking for an inspector to see if they have a permit to be out there at this time. traffic is backed up on kenilworth. avenue, new york avenue, a couple of options to get through northeast. there is a water main break along macarthur boulevard at q street. macarthur boulevard remains closed until further notice. canal road, whitehaven freeway, all good options for you. up in montgomery
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lanes are open, but this is where we have problems along calverton boulevard and cherry hill road. that is our traffic watch. developing right now, the investigation into possible white house ties with russia now escalating to new levels. larry: robert mueller, former head of the fbi, now appointed special prosecutor in the investigation. autria: as the investigation heats up, do you think robert mueller will find any crimes? larry: cast your vote. let's get out to suzanne kennedy. robert mueller has been given a lot of authority in this investigation. suzanne: yes, he will have all the authority of a u.s. attorney. that means he can take the probe before a grand jury or he can also issue subpoenas. that means that robert mueller
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was called into play because of his work during 9/11 when he was the fbi director. what he will be trying to determine is whether russia interfered in the 2016 election and whether there was collusion with the trump campaign. the latest turn of events comes a week after president trump fired james comey, who was heading up the trump and -- russia investigation. -- that trump released revealed classified information to the russians in a white house meeting. "there wasouse said, no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity. i look forward to the matter concluded quickly." republicans and democrats of both praised the 72-year-old robert mueller. reporting live, suzanne kennedy. larry:
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rob rosenstein is going before the senate today to address lawmakers. he will ask questions -- answer questions about robert mueller and about his part in the james comey firing. autria: a lot is still coming out in this story. we have had new developments every day this week and we are keeping you up to speed on rock 'n roll star chris cornell is dead this morning. the 52-year-old singer is best known as lead singer of soundgarden. he died after a concert in detroit. this family calling the death sudden and unexpected. before the concert, he tweeted this picture of the billboard last night. larry: protests all night long after an officer is a kidded desperate acquitted of killing and unarmed black man. sam:
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after nine hours of deliberation, jurors found officer betty shelby not guilty. small protests arrested -- the officer shall be had his hands crutcherr, but terence -- she thought terence crutcher was going to get a gun. after the verdict, officer betty shelby ran out of the courtroom to that suv. she did not comment to reporters. they -- sayamily they will fight for reform within the also police department. the protests remained peaceful through the night. developing now, an officer and suspect recovering in the hospital right now after a wild scene in arlington.
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pickup truck causing them to open fire. that driver is now at a hospital in critical condition. the office or recovering from serious, but life-threatening injuries. developing right now, "good morning washington" breaking out the benjamin's. all our long we are giving out $100 on the 7's. it is your first shot to win at 6:07. color number 7 walks away -- caller number seven walks away with a cool $100. new video right now that police don't want you to see. a new look at the suspects in a disturbing sex assault case. it is video that police do want you to see, actually.
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larry: breaking news. take a look at sky track 7 over the scene on cherry hill road at powder mill road. a car was overturned. ity literally just righted back onto all four wheels. sky track 7 over the scene. let's go over to julie wright in the traffic center. julie: hold this shot if you will. that suv was overturned. all four wheels up in the air. they just got it back up on its wheels moments ago. you are witnessing traffic on cherry hill road. it is able to get by under police direction in each direction. traffic definitely tied up at the scene. for those traveling in prince george's county, cherry hill road at powder mill road for this accident. let me get
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to put it in perspective. cherry hill road affected in each direction at calverton. if you are on calverton, you are going to be forced to turn around at the scene. ,outhbound 95 out of beltsville all of your lanes are open. kenilworth avenue, another tough spot. ddot,ing to do. -- those accidents have cleared. kenilworth avenue, delays in each direction between east capital and eastern. that is your traffic watch. right now, let's get a check of today's hot forecast. veronica: you are already in your short sleeves. pick your summer outfit because we are getting up and out the door. check out marine corps air facility. like 79.
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later today, we are going to see temperatures back in the low to mid 90's for the eastern half of the country. this time, all the way up the coast. readings in the lower 90's. all of this grace -- great big ump all the way up the coast. after 7:00, the could be an isolated shower or storm. we do have a chance for more showers or storms coming our way. we will talk more about that and how much rain we will see through the area. was notf food delivery enough, how about this? >> there is not enough places to get booze? you are kidding me. larry: beer, wine, tequila author amazon? -- all through amazon? up next, we are telling you how to
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to take on the "tom insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone. >>
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morning washington," on your side. autria: new video of a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman at an apartment in northern virginia. sam sweeney is live at the live desk. showsrand-new video that this man clear as day. arlington police are hoping this will be the video that helps put this man behind bars. here you see him running away on surveillance footage. the attack happened earlier this month at an apartment along key boulevard. police say the guy was likely let in by a stranger and then posed as a maintenance worker. he knocked on several doors. most people did not let him in. the final person did. it was a woman and that is when he sexually assaulted her. that is the latest from the live desk. back to you. >>
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larry: every 14 seconds, a person breaks into a home in the u.s. a one dollar fix to make it a gettougher for a crook to in. the tiny screws that come standard with nearly every latch breakg make it so easy to in. it is super simple to fix. all you need is a dollar and a drill. a locksmith recommends replacing short screws with one's at least three inches long. look at this. two people kicking that door in together and it is not going anywhere because those longer screws have a deeper grip into and the door. it is a simple as that. just like that. there you go. make yourself safer for a dollar. autria: simple fix. right now, your second
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the easiest $100 you are going to make all day long. the caller number seven. if you don't win right now, don't sweat it. we are doing this every 10 minutes until 7:00. larry: and we will do it again tomorrow. an emotional meeting when a fairfax man attacked on a platform last week thanks the man who came to his rescue. he had just got off a red line train when a group of teens attacked him for no reason. no one intervene until miller says he stepped in and approached the most dangerous of their attackers. they directed their attack toward him until the runaway -- ran away. >> if you don't do something, the consequences are far worse than if you do. two suspects were arrested after the a
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behind the wheel. a woman driving down the interstate is knocked unconscious by this, a chunk of concrete flew up, punching through the woman's windshield and hitting her in the head. she lost consciousness and slammed into another vehicle. emt's rushed her to the hospital in critical condition. the other driver was an injured in the crash. larry: 7 is on your side with a consumer alert about amazon. the company announcing its prime now service will deliver alcohol. beer, wine, whatever you prefer will come knocking at your door in under an hour. prime members can have beverages delivered for free. if you want them sooner, you have to pay $7.99. no late-night runs. the service open from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. whil
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the first in d.c. locations for wawa. the company is set to open stores in sterling and manassas this summer. ok, all right. autria: another day of summer out there. veronica: looking at the long range pattern, once we get past 90, we have no's more 90's. autria: ok, kind of back down where we should be. veronica: and maybe cooler than average. larry: hold on to this. autria: as long as memorial weekend is nice. veronica: i have that forecast included. we are going to be cooling down each morning into the upper 50's by sunday morning. 60, the start for early tuesday next week. upper 70's., humid and sticky out the
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. warming up very quickly. temperatures topping out in the lower and mid 90's. 91, manassas. we are also going to be tracking some rain. 30% chance for today. we get a break over the weekend. back up to 60% chance on monday. bike to work day is tomorrow. the threat of some storms around 6:00. it could even come earlier by 1:00 p.m. clouds mainly across the area this weekend. cooler temperatures, 70-75. memorial day weekend in the upper 70's. right now looking dry with just sunshine, maybe a few clouds on sunday for next weekend. take a look, julie, into the 70's this upcoming weekend. we will have a look at memorial day in 10 minute
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the ride in prince george's county. we had one crash at cherry hill road at calverton boulevard. some trafficfind is able to get by under police direction. we do have some problems to report on kenilworth avenue. the emergency roadwork, this crew is tying up the right lane. up headed back toward pennsylvania avenue. water main break toward macarthur boulevard. use canal road as a workaround. on the beltway inner loop, southbound 495, crashes tying up the left side of the highway. back in the next 10 minutes, we will update your ride on
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larry: wel
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$100 if you are caller number seven. we are doing this all hour. numberare not caller seven right now, stay tuned. another $100 coming up around 6:37. >> there is a showdown set to take place on your iphone. >> users have access to google's assistant. google will go head to head with siri. is easier toy siri access, but google is more -- may offer more suggestions. --mcdonald's is offering expanding its collaboration with uber eats. >> here is something that might make it easier to carry your phone and cup of joe. a phone case that can brew espresso. autria: the makers are trying to raise funding -- >>
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kick starter. >> does it come with a little espresso cup? >> no. i don't know about this one.
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underwayight now, work to repair a massive water main. larry: john gonzalez is live on the scene in northwest. this thing was put in place back in 1860? before the civil war, larry, if you can believe that. right now, i just talked to some of the workers. they tell me they are waiting fromarts to arrive alabama. that is at least a 12 hour drive, if you've done it. that gives you an indication of how long the work will go on at macarthur boulevard. the road is heavily damaged. look at the sidewalk across the street. it is completely buckled. this is the area where they found the break.
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ruptured. . 157-year-old pipe the section between foxhall and reservoir will be closed. they hope to open it late tomorrow. the good news is that when all this water was rushing yesterday , folks have been able to keep their water back on. the bad news is, some of the basements in the area were flooded. that is the new pipe on the back of that truck that will eventually be installed, but a lot of work left before that. julie: absolutely and a lot of delays are creeping up now. as folks try to skate around disclosure that is still in place with macarthur shut down between reservoir road and foxhall road. better to stick with canal or foxhall or the whitehaven parkway as your alternates.
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again, for those on the inner loop of the capital beltway, it is already a 16-minute ride. we had a crash on the beltway near 214 central, looks like they have moved that over to the shoulder. let's show you what is going on here. we had emergency roadwork in place on kenilworth. that should be cleared by 7:00. even if you are thinking about using an alternative route, that is going to cost you 13 minutes worth of travel time. , you are coming south slow toward east capitol street. a 14-minute ride to go about three miles. ride to travel about three miles. now, let's get a check of today's steamy forecast with veronica johnson. veronica: it is. it is already muggyut
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feeling more like 73. it is going to be another day with poor air quality. we talk about the code orange air-quality alert for the day. if you suffer from long or heart issues, you could be suffering today. get out and get the run in early. 70's to upper 80's by 1:00 today. we talk about at 93. yesterday, we hit 90. we will have a cool down for the weekend. information showing rain for part of the weekend. larry: all right. you got our attention. developing now, a name change battle in fairfax county coming to a head. q mccray is live. this controversy has been brewing for years. it
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of this school. we will focus in on the sign. jeff stewart was a general for the confederacy during the civil war and that is why some people want the school name changed. was chosenb stuart for a name as part of the massive resistance campaign against the civil rights movement in the 1950's. had area is where stuart his in kampmann during the civil war. the push for change has some star power behind it. the naacp has star power behind it, their protest petition was started by actress julianne moore and producer bruce cohen to rename it. in honor of thurgood marshall. autria: it is starting to heat up outside. summer is around the corner. with summer comes the pool and the
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it started shedding little by little. >> it is not a weight loss procedure. i'm the director of the weight management center. >> at her center, patients lose fat through diet and exercise, the old-fashioned way. >> if someone was looking to get rid of superficial fat and had a lot of money, it would be a consideration. a reporter underwent a cool sculpting procedure a couple of months ago as part of a result -- report. >> i saw the results immediately. i don't know if i saw them because i wanted to. a month after, it looked ok. then later, it looked the same as before. costsession can $1000-$4000. everyone said it works, but is it worth it? >> if you are the right candidate, definitely. >> side
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change in the color with the device is applied. that goes away quickly. you can have it done on your stomach, love handles, arms, under the chin. also, the bigger the area, the more money you will have to pay. again, this is not for everyone. no takers on the desk? [laughter] >> tomorrow, the big makeup test. drugstore versus designer brand makeup. will you be able to tell the difference? we have a test and we take to the streets. autria: you are making up your face? >> we have a couple of moms. [laughter] autria: you are not the guinea pig for the cool sculpting? >> zero body fat, where are you going to go with that? [laughter] autria: he already has the body of a god. [laughter] larry: so modest. autria: adonis, horace holmes this morning. [laughter] larry:
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veronica: here we are before 7:00 and it already feels like an afternoon in spring. in the 60's and 70's across the area right now. notice the temperature at 2:00 already close to 90. we topped out over 90 degrees today. hot, yes, with even the possibility of scattered showers and storms. tomorrow will be similar. watch the rain as it moves through our area for the day. tomorrow, a few scattered showers and storms. some early morning showers to kick off your weekend. we will talk about how long the clouds will hold in 10 minutes. still looking at delays if you are traveling on the east side t
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congested as you travel south from 50 back out toward 214. in the distance, the accident along the left side is pulled over to the shoulder. water main break activity continues to block macarthur boulevard between reservoir and foxhall road. lingering delays along kenilworth avenue due to construction northbound at benning. back in the next 10 minutes, we will update your ride in virginia. that is a check of traffic watch. suzanne? julie, a special prosecutor has been named to head up the fbi's russell crowe. -- russia probe. kidd: good morning. i just got done watching the sneak peek for tonight's "scandal." i had chills watching it.
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possible white house ties to russia escalating to new levels. larry: robert mueller, the former head of the fbi, appointed special prosecutor in that investigation. autria: this does not mean crimes took place, but we want to know do you think robert mueller will find any crimes committed? larry: you can cast your vote at for the latest on this, let's get out to suzanne kennedy. robert mueller has been given a lot of authority in this investigation. suzanne: he certainly is. this is a man that if anyone has been in washington dc for any amount of time, you know the name robert mueller. as a result of what happened yesterday, he will be given the same authority as a u.s. attorney. to ameans he can send grand jury or issue subpoenas. he is known for his ties to the fbi. he headed up the department during 9/11.
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determine is whether russia interfered in the 2016 election and whether there was collusion with the trump campaign. this latest turn of events comes a week after president trump fired fbi director james comey, who was heading up the investigation. it follows numerous reports that the president leaked classified information to russia during a meeting with the foreign minister, as well as the ambassador to the united states1 the announcement came as a huge surprise to the white house. they only got notification 30 minutes before the order was issued. subsequently, mr. trump released wasatement saying, "there no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity and i look forward to the matter concluding quickly." republicans and democrats have both praised the choice saying he is widely respected for his integrity and his independence. reporting live in southwest washington, suzanne kennedy. autria: w
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president trump has not tweeted about any of the allegations or the special prosecutor in the last few days. we are watching his twitter feed and will bring you an update if he starts posting. be sure to stay up to stay up-to-date. sign up for alerts at /text. fory: right now, it is time your fifth shot at $100 this hour. if you are caller number 7, you get $100. easy as that. one more giveaway still this hour. we are coming up on it in just about 10 minutes. sam? sam: i'm sam sweeney at the live desk, where we continue to follow breaking news out of detroit, where famed rocker chris cornell died last night after a show. in the last few minutes, we learned that he likely committed suicide. this according to our affiliate in detroit. the soundgarden singer tweeted a picture of the theater's marquee before his con
6:49 am
according to our affiliate in detroit, his wife called a family friend to check on cornell. when the family friend opened the hotel door, that is where they found him on the bathroom floor. the medical examiner is expected to perform an autopsy. that is the latest from the live desk. autria: really sad update, thank you. a 60 boy dead after getting hit by a car in southeast d.c.. the boy was taken to the hospital where he later died. the driver initially took off, but later called 911. the driver is being interviewed by police and it is unclear what happened exactly. arlington county police officer and a suspect in the hospital this morning after a confrontation ended in gunfire. officers stopped a driver yesterday. the license plate skin revealed that he was wanted by police. as officers approached
6:50 am
struck one of them with his pickup truck. the officers fired on him. the officer who was struck by the pickup truck is in the hospital with serious injuries. right now, theng anticipation boiling over for many d.c. residents trying to figure out who will be next to land on the new mural on the side of ben's chilly bowl. there is speculation that chuck brown will be featured. 20,000 people have voted online. are you ready to take the vacation of a lifetime? we have been hooking you up and giving you a chance to win a trip to go to "live with kelly and ryan" in niagara falls. you can qualify if you are caller number 7. you will become one of five finalists. tomorrow, we are going to pick that winner.
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fly that guest .o the show on june 5 we are also taking care of transportation and your hotel. one more chance to qualify tomorrow. what a great opportunity. larry: changes coming. veronica: changes coming on the other side of friday. we've got to get through this wave of heat first. we are tracking the clouds drifting through the area. yesterday, we had sunshine. today, clouds coming through. you will notice that as you step through the door. we've got very warm, humid conditions. temperatures higher than yesterday. we have a front coming our way for friday. then it warm front sunday could bring an isolated shower or thundershower to the area. for the next 48 hours, look at this. then back up to 94 tomorrow.
6:52 am
it feels like we are tropical. we don't have to go anywhere. there may be a few showers drifting through tomorrow morning. at 11:00 a.m., it will be cooler. julie wright on hand in montgomery county with that kicking off at 9:00 a.m., girls on the run. next weekend, memorial day weekend, dry right now come in the upper 70's across the area. beach locations even looking dry. hot today. let's toss to eileen whelan this morning. , it is off to a warm start. temperatures already in the 70's. commuters are happy about that. we are going to help you track the rising temperatures while you are on the go. 73 degrees already. through the afternoon, lunchtime
6:53 am
90's. i want to switch our location. we had some isolated thunderstorms later today. i switched our location to frederick. those areas may be more susceptible to seeing some thunderstorms develop later today. we obviously don't have any wet weather. if there is any severe thunderstorm warnings issued, they will be sent directly to your phone. what is going on on area roads? julie: a very busy commute on the highways this morning. we are still dealing with the water main break that has tied up a portion of macarthur boulevard. canal road really taking a beating as a lot of people are using that as a workaround. there is also the option of whitehaven parkway and foxhall road. delays on 66 into pharaoh.
6:54 am
, keeping a close eye on this emergency road work that was in place on kenilworth avenue. that is our traffic watch. back in 10 minutes, we will update your ride on 95. autria: we are starting something in little special on "good morning washington." a pet of the day. send us your pictures of your favorite furry friend. starting tomorrow morning, we will feature one lucky pet on "good morning washington" every single day. kidd:, it is so /wjla, it is soom easy to upload your photos. kerry washington talking about the next season of "scandal" big the last season. >> i think we are all a little sad, but we feel grateful to have the information. sometimes, you don't know when you are going to be out of j
6:55 am
season knowing because we are already talking about how it is going to be no holds barred, better than ever. kidd: can it ever get better than ever? get ready for a two-hour season finale tonight. we have your exclusive sneak peek. returns tonight. ♪ wait. are you seeing this? >> the inauguration parade route. kidd: mama hope is back. autria: maybe i should start watching this. [laughter] autria: that looks really good. kidd:
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only 100 episodes you need to catch up on. autria: i like being late to the party. kidd: all new "scandal" tonight. i think it is a must watch event. can't.r dvr if you coming up, we will have more in the now. right now, we want to give away $100 in free money to caller number 7. we continue to hook you up every 10 minutes in our 6:00 hour. if you did not win today, be back here tomorrow morning and we will do the same thing. autria: we are heading over to news channel 8
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good morning, america. breaking news, a new report about the trump campaign contact with russia. a special counsel takes over the investigation. former fbi director robert mueller now in charge. both republicans and democrats praising the decision. but the white house blindsided. the president bracing for a battle. >> you have to put your head down and fight, fight, fight. >> stocks plunge and the market facing its biggest drop since trump took office. now as he prepares for his first trip abroad, a top republican joins us on "gma." not guilty, protesters taking to the streets. >> no justice, no peace. >> after the police officer who shot and killed an unarmed manned in oklahoma. >> looks like a bad dude too. >> is acquitted in a case making national headlines.


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