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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  May 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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comey in way, shape or form to close or back down the investigation into michael flynn? also you look at back -- >> no. next question. there was no collusion. everybody, even my enemies have said there is no collusion. we want to get back and keep on the track that we are on. the track that we are on is record-setting. that is what we want to do. scott: we wanted to get the president on record with the particular question and did so. of course, that may be something that comes back into play as the investigation by former f.b.i. director robert mueller into what may have happened with the administration and russia moves forward. we will have more tonight at 6:00 on special prosecutors, special counsels. what exactly do they do? look at the history. where they have succeed and where they have not. that's at 62:00, larry. >> it's always nice to have less drama. but theoi
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make -- larry: thank you for that. good luck, mr. speaker. president trump started the day adding to the drama with the tweet calling the appointment of the special prosecutor the single greatest witch hunt of politician in american history. the situation changing by the minute. this is what happened. hours after saying that michael flynn wouldn't comply with the subpoena the chairman of the senate intelligence committee correcting himself saying that the panel hadn't gotten a response from flynn's lawyers yet. we learned that the former c.i.a. director john brennan will appear before the house intelligence committee next week to talk about the allegations that russia meddled in the u.s. presidential election. earlier in the day, utah congressman jason chaffetz announced he will leave congress june not but it is unclear what the early departure of the head of the house oversight and government reform committee means for the investigation. alison: in the midst of all the madness with the investigation,
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mike pence quietly formed a political action committee to let the great america committee accept donations from individuals up to $5,000. the sources close to the vice president says the p.a.c. will be used for the 2018 and the 2020 elections. >> the car just went the wrong way. heading to the severn river bridge dodging oncoming traffic. larry: it all unfolded last night in the 5:00 news. tonight a survivor of the horrific crash along route 50 in maryland is speaking out about what happened. brad bell is live with new information about the driver. >> the new information comes in part from the 911 calls. we understand from sources that police believe the wrong way driver got here to the frontage road. if you look down
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that. it could be an easy mistake. the big question is why did she keep driving. two miles weaverring in and out of traffic. a terrible crash. the the 911 calls came in a hurry. >> literally the entire road is covered. like the engine of the car is completely out and in the ground. brad: others reported a car heading in the wrong direction on route 50. the eastbounds drivers couldn't see the westbound car coming. >> just like that. >> before he could truly grasp the situation, the wrong way car hit the s.u.v. traveling next to tony stanley. >> i hadn't been to war, but you saw the debris. i saw the car flip over.
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impact killed the wrong way driver. 22-year-old laura ashley murphy and badly injured her 14-month-old baby max. firefighters worked for hours in the 90-degree heat to rescue the man that murphy hit head on. he has been identified as 66-year-old robert skidmore of annapolis. he, too, would die. >> this is a bad one. they mad communication with him. >> it was a difficult extrication and it hit the providers hard. >> how and why the driver was going the wrong way remains a mystery. >> even if you didn't know where you were going, i think when you saw the oncoming traffic you would have tried to at least pull over. >> the full-fledged police investigation is underway to try to answer the
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you can hear the 911 calls in the entirety at alison: now we turn to a story of chaos in the heart of new york city as a car goes out of control and hits a group of pedestrians. nancy chen at the "live desk." nancy: there are several blocks of times square is blocked off after the chaos around 12:00 noon. they are calling it an isolated incident and say there was no indication it's an act of terrorism. the driver 26-year-old richard rojas did a u-turn and jumped a curve to a sidewalk. he drove for three blocks hitting several people before crashing into a paircade. an 18-year-old woman was killed. >> we went around the corner and heard a big crash. we saw people running away. we went back to the corner and we
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sidewalk. around the corner. we saw a ticket person on the ground. police were running to help him. then the car started on fire. >> looking at the live pictures of the scene. the traffic is blocked off. rojas tried to run after the crash and reportedly punched an officer before a traffic agent tackled him and taking him into custody. they are working to determine if he had drugs or alcohol in the system. at the "n.f.l. "n.f.l. live -- e desk," nancy chen. alison: thank you. we have word of another possible safety violation on metro. this happened five hours ago. it was right outside the eisenhower avenue station on the yellow line. metro says three workers were on the tracks when a train started coming in to their work area. no one was hurt.
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break at q mccray street 25 hours ago. the 12-inch main predated the civil war. more than 150 years old. alison: wow! well, 7 on storm watch tonight because we have a slight risk of storms in the area. chief meteorologist doug hill is tracking the storm chances. doug: we have one west of north and west through frederick county. another patch to winchester. go to the big map and drill down in the areas. the first stop is coming out of winchester. showers and the thunderstorms are building there. this cluster betweengategate and frederick is moving north and north east. heading to howard county. and baltimore county at 5:4
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batch, this is headed to the berriesville, leesburg in 45 to 50 minutes. more chances of the isolated chances of the thunderstorms through the evening. you the activity tapers off quickly. muggy overnight. tomorrow is a better chance of the thunderstorms. we leave you with the current numbers that are ranging from the upper 7 o's to lower 9 o's. we will check the weekend coming up. alison: new information just in to our news room. heart-breaking story. a deadly crash we first brought you last night at 11:00, and 6-year-old xavier lucky died after being hit by a car on livingston road in southeast. they issued a statement saying it was the little boy's birthday. the driver did stop. there is
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the child was hit. larry: well, he stopped at a corner store to buy hisfyiance save her favorite county but it ended with another man who wanted to rob the story. he shoot him and paralyzed him. now five weeks later the popular swim coach is dead. sam ford is live after it happened after speaking with scott's family today. >> he was walking across to the apartment complex across the street where he lived when he was accosted by robbers who shot him. then he suddenly collapsed and died. >> my son is a good guy. a good guy. independent guy. >> he didn't bother anybody. it's so quick. i thought i'd see him tomorrow. >> the mother and the sister of 25-year-old scott said they were stunned it happened so
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quickly. he loved his family and fiancée and his job. he was a popular swimming instructor at the rumsy pool on capitol hill. >> of all the people on the earth who have the leave the earth early why my son? >> he went to rehab and he was doing well. then he collapsed moving from the wheelchair to a car. they say his fiancée did c.p.r. as did the paramedics. but he died. >> i'm thankful god blessed us to have time to spend with him. he could have been gone that night when we got shot. >> there was an outpouring of love from the students. the community. >> the kids came to see him. made cards for him. the go fund me page, a lot of love on there. >> the go fund me account for the masses expenses raised $17,000 of the $120,000 it was
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seeking. the fiancée says much will be used to pay for a funeral. >> the mother says she hopes that the son gets justice for the senseless act but then added the son is gone. >> thank you. >> we know who the arlington police opened fire on yesterday on the gleeb road. the police shot and killed danielle after he hit an officer with the truck. they tried to pull him over after realizing he was wanted on the outstanding drug warrant. he took off. when the police caught up with him, they say he struck the officer and that officer is expected to sur vive. alison: we are getting more information about the death of roger ailes and the soundgarden front man chris cornell. larry: a week after the tunnel collapse at the nuclear
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the facility are raising for decades. >> what is in a name? in fairfax county, apparently years of debate. how it could come to a head tonight at the j.e.b. stuart high school. >> do you remember lucky's bid the retired race horse abandoned in maryland? the thoroughbred is heading to his forever home. we have the u
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alison: 142 years. but that could soon be coming to an end. this aging track. so there are rumors about whether the preakness may one day be moved to laurel or elsewhere. >> no one wanteds to see it leave the state. it has a cultural value. alison: so governor hogan and the mayor say they are committed to keeping preakness at pimlico but say it would require a strong private public partnership with price tag of $300 million. larry: wow! hundreds of thousands of you watched or shared lucky bid's story after we told you about
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the horse this month. tonight, war admiral's descendant has a new home and ryan hughes has the happy update. >> we are happy for lucky. >> we are really going to miss him. >> a bitter sweet day at paradise stable. lucky bid, the retired race horse left abandoned in january found his forever home. >> he hit the lottery and he didn't know it. >> he has become a celebrity. they have fielded hundreds of calls since abc7 shared his special story two weeks ago. >> all across the country and a couple outside the country. >> lucky bid won more than $140,000 in winnings as a race horse. a descendant of war admiral but he is nursing a leg injury and was left at a boarding facility in damascus. now the horse is off to a sanctuary at sleeping fox farm in thoroughbred rescue in martinsburg west virginia.
5:17 pm
watching a horse recover and rehabilitate from the injury and starvation. >> angie and gary frank-hart were drawn to lucky bit's story. >> our hearts, our resources get sunk into bringing that horse back to health. >> they were selected by the shelter knowing this guy will not be expected to race again. >> not every horse gets save and the shelter hopes it will bring attention to all the other horses that get abandoned every day. >> after hugs and tears. >> he is a lucky boy. deserves every bit of it. >> living in the lap of luxury. ryan hughes. larry: i love a happy ending. alison: a nice story. we have summer weather but comes with it is the thunderstorms. doug: we are tracking the severe weather out west.
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this is a live look at the chasers at work. no funnel cloud. clearly we have a severe thunderstorm. probably i just see the bottom of it. probably a super cell. we are looking for the area to develop the rotation. nothing now. a big break out of the storms there in the area. weatherford and the northward. another big outbreak under a warning now. keep an eye on that. the skies change. we will start, the coverage from the weather camera. this is southern frederick county. we look up in that direction. a lot of cloudiness. that is the story for the afternoon. 71 for the rest of the afternoon. 71 now. cooling down a bit. you can see we cleared out in the morning and we will get you up to speed. it will change north and west. the clouds will build in. the
5:19 pm
horizon. you see the rain shaft. it will clear out quickly. then it's toasty near 90 in many area. 79 in winchester. they had a shower. upper 80's for the postpart. it feels like 95 in leesburg and frederick. isolated thunderstorms are possible through 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. this is the first patch. you can see this cell and another toward winchester. mainly along the i-81 corridor. these are moving east. they have been moving through purcellville at 5:40 and leesburg at 5:57. the forecast calls for the warm and the humid weather. afr
5:20 pm
end. 68 to 79 overnight. the wake-up in the lower 7 o's. in the day tomorrow, increasing chance of the showers and the thunderstorms in the afternoon as the next cold front comes in. close to 90 in many area. mostly upper 80's. we have a storm possibility through the night. cold front will move through. it will turn the west southwest north and northeast. that will bring in the cooler air for the weekend. there may be showers to start saturday. but after that a cloudy weekend. may be peeks of sunshine. temperatures are 20 degrees cooler than they have been for the past couple of days. the next ten side-by-side. 89 tomorrow. cooler saturday and sunday. the weather for the preakness should be fine. on the cloudy side. but comfortable. 72 in baltimore at the time of the race. more storms on monday. it will cool down a bit. the first look at the beginning of t
5:21 pm
weekend. sunshine and 80. sweet if we can hold on to the forecast. >> getting our hopes up. larry: fingers crossed. thanks. get ready for work along a local highway this weekend. alison: it laer. blocked in. why a local tow truck drivers are afraid to tow people blocking in other drivers in a local parking lot. larry: get glasses of wine ready. tonight is a two-hour season finale for "scandal." i'll be watching. alison: here is autria godfrey with a look at what is coming up on "good morning washington." >> thank you, alison. tomorrow on "good morning washington," don't miss the rapidly changing fire storm new developments happening every day in the trump white house. >> plus, expensive designer makeup worth it? keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes at 4:25 on "good morning
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larry: tonight, john mccain is calling for the turkish ambassador to go home and he believes that he should be kicked out of the country after the bodyguards led the attack. stephen tschida has the snowballing fallout from the incident. >> armed men in suits pummeling protesters near the turkish ambassador residents. nine people hospitali
5:25 pm
condemnation poured in afterwards and call for the u.s. government to take action. who wants the u.s. to give the turkish envoy the boot. >> i think that john mccain had truth to power and them bass dore should be kick -- ambassador should be kicked out. >> after a meeting with trump tayyip erdogan went to the am bess dore's residence. they believe that the turkish ambassador is the one that told the security detail to go after the kurdish and the armenian protesters. >> he may have provoked the security detail. peaceful protesters. >> further enraging the opponent of the turkish government, post on the embassy's website that states the demonstrators aggressively acted provoking the confrontation. >> this is america. you can protest.
5:26 pm
the right of every american. not the right of a turkish citizen. >> the point of erdogan's visit was to smooth over the strained relations. it's not likely what took place here on tuesday is helping that process along. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. >> coming up at 5:00, protests erupt after a verdict in a police shooting case. >> later the medical examiner is weighing in on what killed chris cornell. >> a movement to change the name of the high school named after a confederate general. but tonight the debate is getting political. we'll have that story coming up when "abc7 news at 5:00"
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to take on the "tom insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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alison: statues and other remnants has been coming down in the last few weeks. tonight debate over a high school named after a confederate general could heat up at a meeting at that school. our northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg looks at the debate
5:30 pm
jeff: since the beginning of the name change debate at j.e.b. stuart high, michael klein served on ad hock committee studying the pros and cons of a change. he is part of a group of mens boycotting the meeting claiming other committee members made it political inviting the local chapter of naacp. >> this is a prochange rally. >> according to the fairfax county school, a name change would cost nearly $70 o,000. the school signs, scoreboards and the uniforms would need a new look. >> there are so many things i think come first before the name change. it doesn't mean i think changing the name of the school has merit. it does. as far as the priorities go, i don't think that is where we should spend the money on it. >> the me fission to change name gathered 35,000 supporters. it was started by actress julianne moore and producer cowen.
5:31 pm
arguing that it should be named for supreme court justice thurgood marshall. >> where we want an opening reasonable discussion of the issue. >> stephen is an ad hoc committee member that believes everyone should be welcome at the meeting, including the naacp. >> we don't think it's appropriate to have a school in 2017 who fought to defend slavery. >> it's best for school to change the name. it will make everyone feel welcomed. >> if you change the name just because some people don't like it that is erasing history just because of people's opinions. jeff: it starts at 6:30 tonight at j.e.b. stuart high school. we got word late today that a so-called keeping the name meeting will be happening here on tuesday night at the school. the issue will be voted on by the fairfax county public school board next month.
5:32 pm
jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: anger in the streets of tulsa, oklahoma, overnight after a white police officer was acquitted in the shooting death of an unarmed black man. officer betty shelby said she shot terence crutcher because she thought he had a weapon. video, though, showed he had his hands aboves he head before shelby shot him. >> his hands for up. he was not an imminent threat. he did not attack her. he did not charge at her. he was not the aggressor. >> shelby was the aggressor. betty shelby had the gun. shelby was following him with his hands up. alison: tulsa's mayor says he accepts the jury's verdict but added more work needs to be done to address racial disparities. larry: new information after the tunnel collapse at america's largest
5:33 pm
waste site last week. the energy second was calling for attention but far from the first problem which the safety advocates battling against for decades. joce sterman is live to talk about the serious issues she uncovered that put the workers at risk. >> that is right. the workers we talk to are sidelined with the serious health problems after breathing in the chemicals. we know that clean-up could take another 30 years and cold taxpayers billions. >> his life is nothing like it used to be. he used to throwed mountains now he can barely breathe. >> every day i struggle to breathe and i wake up. i have to use the breathing machine and be careful everywhere i go.
5:34 pm
>> for years he worked at the site in washington state. the place that once used to make plutonium for world war ii. it's now the most contaminated nuclear site in america. >> if this is the most contaminated site in america, why is this not priority one. headlines every day about the problems. >> the government doesn't want it to be. >> there is attention paid now thanks to an emergency at the site you last week that has since been contained. advocacy groups like hanford challenge have been sounding the alarm for years about the problems with the clean-up effort. they say the government there the got report have been ignored costing some workers their health. >> they won't admit there is a connection between the chemical vapeer exposures and the health efficients. no. there are very long-term and lasting effects. >> report show the government
5:35 pm
test for or identify what workers are breathing in. >> every worker out there should know the ris and what they breathe in. >> we found a billion of taxpayers money spent on people who got sick. you will hear about that in the special presentation on the documentary that airs tomorrow night on newschannel8 at 8:30 and throughout the weekend. >> interesting. thank you. get ready for work along 95 in virginia.
5:36 pm
cruises are closing for work on the nebaesco creek bridge. larry: be on the look out for the bicyclists on the roads tomorrow in the bike to work day across the area. be mindful of those on two wheels if you travel on four. >> still ahead at 5:00, watching the bus. how it gets easier tonight. >> high school diploma decades in the making. we get advice, 105-year-old woman tonight you need to hear. >> new at 6:00, inmate on the run. with or without his pants. how the police got the fugitive back in custody.
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larry: opinion years ago on -- 37 years ago on this day mount st. helen erupted. it caused major forest fires and mounted the snow cap and that caused floods. the eruption killed 57 people and caused more than $1 billion in damage. alison: wow! graduation season is upon us. for a pennsylvania woman it is a feat that took more than a century to accomplish. teresa dropped out of high school in her teens to take care of her family because her mother got sick. after decades of waiting the 105-year-old put on her cap and gown to receive her high schooldy loma. in the -- high school diploma. she shared a secret for a long and happy life. >> lots of football games. alison: watching football games. a lot of fun
5:41 pm
well family and friends were on hand for the moment and they threw a graduation party complete with cake and a lot of ice cream. larry: absolutely! alison: what inspiration. larry: i wonder if she is a steelers fan or eagles fan? maybe both? 105, anything you want to root for. alison: ice cream helps, too. larry: always. no doubt about that. former vice president joe biden is going to be the commencement speech at cornell later this month. they are going to create a vanilla based ice cream filled with chocolate chips at their darely plant. that is his favorite flavor. the students will vote on the name. alison: coming up at 5:00, which bottle of sun screen should you reach for? we will tell you "consumer report" and the top pick. >> taking up two spots in a parking lot he is not allowed to be in. why isn't he getting towed? i'm vo: at dominion, we have a long history
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e energy and that'll never change. what is changing, is our name to dominion energy. it's a reflection of our commitment to energy innovation and renewable sources like solar, wind... and cleaner energy like natural gas. and we'll continue to innovate, upgrade technology, protect our environment and serve our communities. dominion energy. more than a new name, a new way of seeing energy.
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larry: it is called a new transit experience for folks in crystal city. today the multimodal opene
5:45 pm
improve safety and traffic flow around the metro station. it included new drop off points and a designated bike lane. it has been converted to two-lane traffic and the lighting has been upgraded along a dark walkway. >> the footprint is relatively small. the impact is tremendous. >> it cost $3. 4 million and paid for through state and regional sources. alison: covering metro now. word of when safetrack will be coming to an end. the last phrase will close the shady grove and rockville station for nine days. staytrack 16 will run from june 17 until june 25. you can sign up for the metro text alerts at larry: finding a place to park in this area. but in rockville some find themselves stuck when t
5:46 pm
find a space. kevin lewis explains. >> parking here in rockville is a mess. the problem is the construction workers not paying the peters or paying at underground garage. they park illegally. >> i have seen them double park, trailers, block other patrons. this morning there was a four-door truck in two spaces and a telsa sticking six feet out. >> randy used to tow vehicles from the lot daily but contends a new anti-predatory towing law makes it so arduous he stopped. >> this property and others pay tax money. but the council wants to delegate what you can do with your property. and how to enforce it. >> we have no space for your customers. >> at the
5:47 pm
restaurant the lunch crowd is down 60%. >> they don't have time to scour for a spot. this scene of the pickup truck. the leaders and the resting workers continues. >> if you brought a tow truck here and you began to pull the vehicles, you would see them run like roaches. >> well, today, we spoke with a manager of the construction site who told us he warned his workers at nauseam not to park in the lot. his suggestion is tow them. alison: a cancer diagnosis on the rise. not for a certain kind of cancer but the stage this cancer is in. senior investigateive reporter lisa fletcher is here to shed light on what some doctors around patients call a confusing diagnosis. lisa
5:48 pm
lisa: it's called "stage zero cancer." while the diagnosis has been around for soil time, the rate it is attacking is increasing. and some are scared thinking they are sicker than they are. it's seen to breast cancer but it is also attached to mem knowma and bladder cancer. she was told that the treatment was unnecessary. >> i have been overtreated, overdiagnosed, overscared. >> there are plenty of doctors who say aggressive tritement of the smallest detection of the precancer or cancer the best option.
5:49 pm
larry: sun screen is the best way to protect your skin. "consumer report" says the sun screen milk with spf 60 at the top of the list. trader joe's spray is second. and equate sport lotion is third. >> we suggest a essential call sun screen that has at least an spf of 40. >> consumer reports also says a third of the samples they tested did not match the spf listed on the bottle. >> wow! amazing. >> scary. doug: with the heat and the humidity and the sun comes up the storms. we have some north and east to gaithersburg to
5:50 pm
that is moving to east/northeast to carol county from moore to carol county. there is another batch that is active. this went through gaithersburg. there is the most lightning with it. moving east/northeast. there could be more popping up between now and later. not a super active atmosphere. this is the third round of thunderstorms. there could be more. forecast for temperatures to drop through the 80's and the 7 o's. with the isolated shower storm ending by 9:30 toker 10:00. it is low overnight. low 70's in spots like washington. 72 for wakeup temperature. same in dale city. upper areas are 60's to 70. three-day outlook. one more day in the three-day mini heat preview of summer. the weekend is not t
5:51 pm
it is what it is. early saturday shower. lower 7 o's for the highs. heading through the next ten days we will bounce back a bit to sunday and monday. a cold front to give us a chance of the storms in the afternoon and the everything. 78 on tuesday. more showers with a cold front on wednesday. the best news i can give you is the early outlook of if memorial day weekend. sunshine and near 80. let's hear happy sports news. erin: right after that good weather news. thank you. john wall did something no other wizard has done in over a decade. he received all nba third team honors today. the fourth player in franchise history to earn all nba third team honors joining king, howard and gilbert arena. this season he became the first in league history to
5:52 pm
rebounds, two steals and 0.5 blocks per game. on saturday three brothers from the d.m.v. all fight on the same card and one defends his title belt for the second time. by the way, they are all named gary russell. three gary russells. one night. >> i don't remember the last time we competed together. at least three of us. >> this is the first time the brothers will all fight on the same card. this weekend at the m.g.m. national harbor. >> it's not
5:53 pm
20-year-old kid. >> highers g.p.a. antonio undefeatedded and shows promise. junior is defending his belt. erin: gary antoine looks up to gary junior who will make his second defense of the title. >> i need me a role model. there he is. >> the may 20th bout is significant for the us russell family and it's their father gary russell senior's birthday. >> we plan to give him a gift. that you can't buy. >> what happens when they get in trouble? gary, go to your room! >> which one? larry: george foreman. erin: i love it. three brothers on the same card. i have seen two but not three. alison: thank you. coming up at 6:00 we will tell you what caused harrowing moments for passengers flying into dulles. larry: but first n
5:54 pm
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jonathan: new developments in the death of rock star chris cornell. the lead singer of sound garden hanged himself in detroit. he was one of the leading voices of the 1990's grunge movement teaming one pearl jam for the band temple of the dog. michelle: in the last hour we learned that roger ailes died of bleeding on the brain. as josh haskell reports the former chairman of fox news fell and hit his head at home last week and never recovered. >> roger ailes has died. reporter: roger ailes died thursday after being in a coma. the 77-year-old fell in the bathroom of his palm beach home last week. in a state, ailes' wife "roger was my best friend. the most wonderful loving husband and father to our
5:58 pm
zachary." ailes advised successful presidential campaigns and he later built fox news providing conservatives with a powerful voice. >> roger invented fox news. for 20 years has been fox news. >> "roger played a huge role to shape america's media in the last 30 years. he will be remembered by the many people on both sides of the camera he discovered, nurture and promoted." last year, ailes found himself at the center of sexual harassment allegations from fox news anchors including gretchen carlson and megyn kelly. he resigned last summer. following his death, president bush tweeted, "he wasn't perfect but he was my friend and i loved him. not sure i would have been president without his great talent, loyal help. rest in peace." after roger ailes left fox
5:59 pm
briefly to assist donald trump in debate prep against hillary clinton. a spokeswoman for trump called the two long-time friends. josh haskell. scott: did you encourage him to back down on the investigation into michael flynn? >> no. next question. michelle: a blunt denial as abc news pushes the president for answers. his reaction to the special council investigating the campaign. jonathan: plus, pure chaos as a car plows in a crowd at times square. the driver led away in handcuffs. what happened moments before and after the crash. >> it was going westbound in the lane of traffic. it was out of control. >> a survivor tells his story at "abc7 news at 6:00" from the devastating crash.
6:00 pm
6:00". on your side. jonathan: a busy day of news today. first, though, a strong denial from the president to claims he tried to end the investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn. michelle: that is moments after the president claimed the special counsel investigating his campaign is dividing the country. president trump: i respect the move but it's been a witch hunt. michelle: he denied any collusion with russia and he did not comment on the reports that general flynn while being paid by the nation of turkey opposed military operation against isis, operation turkey was against. abc7's chief political correspondent scott thuman was at the news conference and asked poignant questions about the campaign. jonathan: what do we expect? this is thursday. busy week.


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