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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  May 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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move east in the next 15 to 20 minutes. the future cast shows more of the same coming our way later tonight. the future cast for 6:00 has a lot of thunderstorms to the south. as we get through early everything we are seeing the signs that more storms will develop north and west of the area. this 9:00 tonight on the map. still active. it will settle down but not until after midnight when the cold front comes through the area. there is no widespread watch. with the air mass and the approach of the cold front there will be heavy thunderstorms forming. then one or two will turn severe with damaging wind, hail and lightning. by early tomorrow the temperatures are in 60's. the weekend will be cooler than in the past few days. we will keep you on storm watch. any more warnings come your way we will come back to you immediately. otherwise i will see you in 15 minutes. alison: doug, great. thank you very much. now we move to breaking news out of northeast washington where the police are on the scene of a shooting in the parking lot of the brooklyn catholic university
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station. we are told the person should be fine but the buses are being delayed. we'll let you know if we get any more information on the breaking news. >> we are in the area covering a fatal hit-and-run. we noticed an ambulance heading southbound on 210. then a few minutes later prince george's county police, maryland state police and the helicoptered were heading southbound as well. larry: tonight we are learning more about the man accused of stealing the ambulance from prince george's hospital center. and brad bell is live with the new video. brad: the man has a long and checkered criminal history and now something else to put on the record if he is found guilty. this escapade started at the prince george's hospital center. there is normally a line-up of the ambulances here. they are supposed to turn the motors off. that is the policy but it doesn't always happen. today we are told the crew
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the air conditioning running inside the ambulance. that gave the suspect an opportunity. [sirens] a sight to see. a shirtless man driving a stolen ambulance. led by the police, followed by police, on rims with the smoke showing and sparking firing. the police explaining they tried to surround the stolen medic unit to keep the speeds down and protect everyone else on the roads in the morning rush. >> this is a large vehicle. it has weight. >> the man identified as 43-year-old william person. he has a long criminal history. with guns, robberies and assaults. the family member who provided this photo says he is a troubled violent man. sometime overnight the police found person on the streets. >> suffering from an apparent injury and acting erratically. >> he was taken to the hospital for treatment. >> this morning when h
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released, apparently spotted ambulance 830 outside the emergency room. running. person jumped in and took off and figured out how to turn on the lights and the sirens. he drove for miles before the slow motion end to the pursuit captured on security camera. brad: when the dust settled the ambulance sat on its rims. batter and bruised. person brought back to the hospital in a different animal. this time as a passenger. we are told he was treated for minor injuries suffered in his apprehension. when police k9 let loose in the cab to bring him under control. he has now been released and he is facing a long list of charges. in cheverly, brad bell, abc7 news. larry: thanks for that. police just identifying the person struck
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hit-and-run driver overnight. horton struck on indian head highway after midnight. the driver didn't stop. they don't have the information on the car that person was driving. alison: we have new information tonight after a fire tore through a house in university park this morning. q mccray spoke with one of the university of maryland students who lost just about everything. q? q: she lost everything but the clothes on her back and her laptop. she lives here across the street on baltimore avenue with four other university of maryland students. you can see that this house is a complete loss. >> it was loud. you look out the window. it's orange. q: red hot flames lit up the night sky as they devoured the house leaving behind a charred mess. >> like ruined. >> she liv h
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the university of maryland. >> i didn't think it would be this bad. i expected some things to be intact. >> she was in the library when the fire start and the neighbors were asleep. >> we rush out of the house, neighbors were crying. >> when they tried to put it out, the roof collapsed on them. >> mayday, mayday. q: this is the chunk of the house that gave way. >> i'm walking out. i'm all right. >> two firefighters were hurt. they will be okay. the students saved themselves. >> one of the house mates graduating tomorrow lost her cap and gown in the fire. i just got off the phone with her and she tells me all is well. the university agreed to replace her cap and gown at no cost
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that is the latest. i'm q mccray. larry: good news there. thank you for that. president trump on a plane to begin the first foreign trip since taking office. he left two and a half hours ago. the president is set to visit several countries in europe and the middle east with the first stop tomorrow in saudi arabia. the trip comes at the end of an exhausting week of news in the wake of the firing of f.b.i. director james comey. in the last two hours, the "new york times" reporting that president trump told russian dim low matt -- diplomats firing the "nut job f.b.i. director" relieved great pressure on him. between the memos and the appointment of the special prosecutor, today's abc7's instapoll asking if your opinion of the president changed this week. let us know watch this report. reporter: a defiant president trump flat-out rejecting reports he interfered with any f.b.i. investigation asked by the sinclair
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correspondent. >> did you at any time urge former f.b.i. director james comey in any way, shape or form to close or back down the investigation into michael flynn? >> no. no. next question. reporter:the president on the record hoping to put the comey drama behind him as the russia probe intensifies. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein was back on capitol hill briefing the house members behind closed doors about the russia probe and robert mueller's role as special counsel. >> i'm satisfied with this. the special prosecutor will have the breadth of scope necessary to follow any and all leads directly and tan gental to the russian interference in the election. >> he knew trump was going to fire comey before he mote the memo contradicting trump's explanation for why he was fired.
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>> we are still puzzle who had gave the directive to fire comey and the reasoning for that. reporter: according to reports rosenstein is defending the comey mel mow. "i wrote it. i believe it. i stand by it." the white house says president trump will not announce a new f.b.i. director on friday. reporting indicate that joe lieberman is still the front runner. on capitol hill, i'm michelle macaluso. alison: we have an update on the chaos in times square. the man accused of mowing down a krout of peopled with the car made an appearance this morning. richard rojas told police after the arrest he wanted to "kill them all." he also allegedly told the police he was high. and added they should have shot him. one person was killed and 22 others hurt. larry: three teenagers accused of killing -- stealing a car and
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nancy chen? nancy: this is a terrible story from mississippi. 6-year-old in the back of the mother's car when it was stolen from a supermarket parking lot early thursday morning. nine hours later the abandoned car was found in a ditch with the boy's body inside. he had been shot. >> this is the worst day of my career. my 17-year career. >> senseless. heartbreaking. >> i cried. >> terrible. how can they do that. >> he was supposed to graduate from first grade today and was going to receive the school courage award. now two 17-year-old and 19-year-old could face the death penalty for killing him. we will keep you posted on what happens in the story. at the "live desk," nancy chen, abc7 news. alison: awful, nancy.
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of a care-giver who left a disabled man inside a van in 95-degree heat last summer. abhor was sentenced today to 18 months in jail. she left her client campbell inside a van while she shopped at a mall for two and a half hours. the father says his son had cerebral palsy and has seizures. >> i don't know what goes through someone's mind when they do that. he can't do anything, can't roll down the window or do anything for himself. larry: the police are looking for a man they say upskirtedded a woman and little girl while shopping. it happened last week at the wal-mart. the man recorded a 10-year-old girl and 36-year-old woman. the child's mother confronted
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gray cross tour. if you have seen him call the police. alison: coming up at 5:00, a tearful plea from a former congressman after several sex scandals. larry: later, while one state moves to remove signs of the confederacy another takes step to keep it strong. >> i cried, i laughed, been mad. >> remember this guy suing for $17 over a bad date? what the woman on the date says now about the whole thing. >> graduation ceremony just ended in prince george's county. we have a story of a graduate receiverring the salute from a line of police officers. i'm sam ford. that is next. >> a live look as we head to break. this is heavy rain in cheverly. doug hill is monitoring this and we'll get
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shots fired and they tried to pull a man over. he led them on a chase and he hit the cruisers. the 15-year-old female in the car at the time was not hurt. the teen shot is expected to survivor. alison: next month marks nine years since sergeant finley died in the line of duty. he was hit by a stolen vehicle. but today his colleagues came out in a show so solidarity for his daughter. sam ford is live in upper marlboro to explain the touching story. sam? sam: i'm outside the show place arena. we are looking at the remnants of a graduation ceremony as you said included young woman who was a little girl at the time this happened nine years ago. >> on maryland highway 4 they came with lights and sirens. dozens of officers, mainly prince george's county to remember one of the fallen and
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honor the daughter nicole graduating from high school. >> her father could not be here so we felt it was our honor, our honor, our duty to be here to show support on her special day. >> her father was a police officer and volunteer firefighter. on patrol in june 2008 he died trying to stop thieves in a pickup truck who struck and dragged him to death. his accused killer was arrested and found days later strangled in his jail cell. no one ever charged. >> they lined the highway applauding as an court where the family lives drove by. nicole waved on the way to show place arena for the southern high school graduation ceremony. >> long after the funerals are over and the ceremony ends there is a deep hole in the family we have to try and fill.
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>> nicole is 250 graduates of the class of 2017. her dad would have been proud. happy time for the family. they declined to do a television interview. you can understand. but certainly a happy day for them. reporting live from upper marlboro, maryland, i'm sam ford. larry: what a story. alison: turn to the weather. we have a stormy afternoon here. in time for the commute. alison: getting more so. most action south of washington. most will stay there but not all of it. there are heavy downpours. get you started with a look at the live cameras. this is chantilly. in the horizon that is dark, rain shield. that is middleburg. there are pockets of the heavy rain. we have a warning south of
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minutes or so. this is doppler radar. it's moving west to east generally. we will zoom in on these in a minute. the clearest cluster is south of fredericksburg where the warning is in effect longer until this afternoon. at 5:30. another batch is coming in. every time a cluster of the storm goes by they put out a boundary to develop more storms. popcorn thunderstorms we call them for the most part. they continue to pop. rain themselves out and move off. heavy rain in the city is east of town. that is stretching through cheverly now. on the east side of the beltway. we will keep an eye on that. watching farther west where there are more clusters and the individual storms. it's moving west to east as a cold front presses in from the north. even though it is 18 minutes after 5:00, it is so warm and humid we have several hours.
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showers and the thunderstorms will continue to be something we will keep an eye on. temperature wise we drop through 70's in the evening. showers and the storms persistent. another one or two could turn severe. a lot is what we call the splash and dash. not moving that fast. they drop the rain and they move on. that is in store tonight. tomorrow it will change across the area. much cooler as the winds turn north and northeast. look at the temperature forecast through the day at pimlico in baltimore tomorrow for the 142nd running of the preakness. 60's most of the day. we have cloudiness. maybe a peek of sunshine in a few spots but that is about it. so a big, big change coming our way. the taste of arlington upper 60's. clouds and a peek of sunshine. late sunday night that is when the next chance of rain will come in. meet jeff goldberg at the taste of arlington summed as well. let's talk about what will happen at the beaches. it's gorgeous today.
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we have been checking cameras. it's in the 80's with sunshine. this weekend not so much. look at the forecast for the delmarva beaches. low 60's for weekend. there will be sun tomorrow. monday is 71. with showers and the storms. definite changes are coming. the numbers for ten days. 73 tomorrow at best. 69 on sunday. we warm up on monday. cold front bringing the showers and the storms. warm on tuesday. more storms on thursday. turning cooler with the showers ending thursday. looking to friday, saturday, sunday and monday the entire memorial day weekend forecast. looking promising. some sun and temperatures in the upper 7 o's. we'll be back in a little bit. steve rudin will be in to check the weather again. larry: talk to you soon. back to the breaking news out of northeast washington. kevin lewis to the scene. what is going on? kevin: you can see here behind me the lot at the brooklyn c.o.a. metro station shut down, circled with the
5:21 pm
police tape. east side of the station. heavy police presence. this silver honda four-door car was just being searched through the open window there by an officer. k9 officer who had a flash light looking through the driver's side window. what we are told is the shooting left one victim with a minor cut to the ear. described as a graze wound. the individual taken to the hospital and expected to survive with the graze wound to the ear. the concern here is that it happened at 4:00 in the afternoon. just as the friday afternoon rush was getting underway. we will remain on the scene. suspect is at large. we are live in northeast, kevin lewis, abc7 news. >> an end of an era on k-street. a lot of people turned out to say
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alison: well, the stakes are high for preakness stakes in baltimore tomorrow. of course it is the second leg of racing's triple crown. but before that action, today is the black eyed susan at pimlico race course. in fact, this is the 93rd running of the black eyed susan stakes. today's card also includes several other races. larry: fun time up there. you may think k
5:25 pm
owner of the food cart that helps give power player energy for decades ready to call it quits. we explain why they are wrapping it up leaving them to swallow the sorrow. >> for two decades, john served up the burritos from the food cart on k street. pedro and vinnie started out well before the food cart craze. but now it is time to close. >> it's not as busy as it used to be. >> word of tim innocent closing has some devotees of the food cart wondering where they will eat lunch now. >> 20 years is how long i have been coming here. >> today his daughter helped out in a day that is bitter sweet. >> bye, guys. bye! >> a long line of people turned out for one last burrito to say goodbye. but he says it wasn't like this eve
5:26 pm
>> for john, it's retirement time. as it is for a lot of people, a time to wonder about the future and reflect on the past. alison: a little boy sent oregon governor kate brown a handwrite letter apologizing for stealing a hazelnut and a pen in a recent tour of the state capitol. governor brown tweeted out the letter with the pen and a dollar that samuel sent to replace the cost of the hazelnut. she also included the #cutestmaleever. she said she was sure that oregonians would be willing to forgive him. larry: i like it. on the official stationery. alison: imagine how i
5:27 pm
conversation with the parents. look what i brought home? how did you get that? larry: exactly. don't do that. great story. >> this is insane. i couldn't believe it. larry: remember the story? a woman sued over a bad date is going to put the whole thing to rest. >> our goal is to help anybody who has a desire to get back on the road. >> later, 7 salutes a marine. redefining himself after a devastating accident. >> a massive chemical weapons cleanup in d.c. but now a new wrinkle. we'll explain in a live report coming up.
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larry: for decades crews with the u.s. army corps of engineer worked to clean up the spring valley neighborhood. the area near american university was used to test chemical weapons during world war i. richard reeve is live tonight in northwest with a look at what the crews have now found. richard? richard: they have been working on this since 1993. but now a new wrinkle. take a look on the outside. you have a canvas cover here. we will walk in and let you see what it looks like through the fence. this is the culprit we have been talking about.
5:31 pm
the army corps of engineer says it is contaminated with low level of mustard gas. keep in mind the location was where the military tested chemical weapons in the world war i era. known as the american university extreme station. the discovery comes as the $270 million clean-up is wrapping up. the corps hopes to have the site restored by the end of the summer. the project is completely done. crews collecting the substance will have to wear protective gear. meanwhile, the clean-up will be put on hold until the end of this month or early june. >> this is the kind of stuff you don't want people handling. no, we have no reason to believe this would cause any concern to the surrounding area. >> this has been an eyesore. it affects property value in the area. richard: the army corps of engineers says it doesn't know
5:32 pm
substance is in there but they shouldn't be concerned with it dissipating in the air. they sound confident they will wrap up the clean-up project by the end of the summer. in north west washington, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: rich, thank you. former u.s. representative anthony weiner pleaded guilty today in frag court to a charge of transmitting sexual material to a minor. weiner crieded in court as he apologized to the 15-year-old girl who he exchanged the texts with. he agreed to not appeal any sentence between 21 and 27 months in prison and told he would have to register as a sex offender. his wife huma abedin who of course is a long-time aide of hillary clinton officially filed for divorce today. larry: millions of children are trafficked every year. many in the sex trade. if there is any doubt it is happening in the u.s. the law enforcement says look no further than popular online mark place called "back page." senior investigative reporter lisa fletcher is here with how
5:33 pm
law allowed it to continue doing business. >> on the same site to buy a lawnmower or a couch you can buy minors for sex. there is a law on the book decency act. it protects facebook and twitter and backpage from liability over what users post. many argue it is a necessary protection. but the law may provide cover for unscrupulous companies to facilitate the sex trafficking of the children. >> is it fueling the growth of sex trafficking? >> the numbers are there. absolutely. absolutely. this is criminal conduct. it is not protected. we shouldn't pretend any statute will give them some cover. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, how back page operates. who is trying to shut it down and why a senate sub committee concluded that the online marketplace knowingly facilitates child sex trafficking.
5:34 pm
11:00. thank you. meanwhile, julian assange says his legal team will contact u.k. officials to seek a way forward to resolve his status. today swedish prosecutors dropped the rape charge against the wikileaks founder but the british police say they still intend to arrest him on a charge of jumping bail if he leaves ecuador's embassy in london. he has been seeking refuge there for seven years. larry: update of new orleans and the statue of general robert e. lee is coming down. this is the a live picture. this is the last of the four confederate related sculptors removed in the city. the statue of lee has been perched on 16-foot fed stall since 1884. this is a live picture as they work to take it down. the city's mayor says taking it down will allow the city to heal. alison: while new orleans is moving away from thepass, alabama -- from the past, alabama wants to preserve it.
5:35 pm
sweeping protection of the monumenteds and the ememorials in that state -- memorials in that state. it precludes to remove, rename those on public property for 40 years or more. >> there is a great weight and symbolism of the name here. school not always had the best reputation and getting better. time to rebrand the name. school is existence for 60 years. why would you change a name? larry: 70 people attended a meeting in j.e.b. stuart high school. it was named after confederate general. the school board could make a decision whether to rename the school next month. alison: coming up at 5:00, a judge rules about who is prince's heir and who is not. larry: late, water main break to construction and a race. what you need to look out for the roads this weekend. alison: and at 6:00 tonight a
5:36 pm
charleston quickly becomes no laughing matter. how this all ended with a hurt carriage driver. and criminal charges at 6:00. now autria godfrey has a preview of monday's "good morning washington." >> all right. thanks, alison. monday on "good morning washington," don't let anxiety control your life. the symptoms and the new ground breaking treatments to relieve anxiety. >> you can win $100 every ten minutes. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes vo: at dominion, we have a long history of providing reliable energy and that'll never change. what is changing, is our name to dominion energy. it's a reflection of our commitment to energy innovation and renewable sources like solar, wind... and cleaner energy like natural gas. and we'll continue to innovate, upgrade technology, protect our environment and serve our communities. dominion energy. more than a new name, a new way of seeing energy.
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steve: the weekend is here. looking across the sky, thunderstorms are popping up west of d.c. from the camera in mclean. we have a severe thunderstorm warning well south of d.c. king george county until 6:00 this everything. let's talk about the weekend. a lot going on around here.
5:38 pm
chilly out there. upper 60's to around 70. a little bit of sunshine later in the day. if you are going to the delmarva beaches, cold. 6 on saturday. same on sunday. maybe a thunderstorm on monday. looking at the temperatures in the lower 70's. ten-day outlook from stormwatch7. we will warm up in time for memorial day next weekend.
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5:40 pm
alison: we have an update for you on the fight over prince's estate. today a minnesota judge ruled that prince's sister and five half-siblings are his heirs. the late singer, of course, died from the accidental opioid overdose in april of 2016. there has been a legal battle ever since because he did not have a will at the time. court filings suggest the estate is worth $200 million. larry: well, victory for one man. the amount of money we are talk about is smaller. he got the short end of the stick on a date. you may recall brandon from the story we told you earlier this week. he sued a woman for repeatedly texting in the movie date and walking out of the movie altogether. crystal cruz says that is an exaggeration but she is paying up the $17.31 that he spent. >> i leaned back over to him and i said, "well,
5:41 pm
going to go." i want to move over my life and do whatever it takes. larry: small price to pay. he has agreed to drop the lawsuit when she handed over the money. she said she will be more careful when dating. they hooked up on a dating website. bumble or something. alison: isn't it more unusual if someone isn't texting during a date these days? everyone is always texted and he was offended. larry: if you're not that interesting. just think $17 to have someone next to me. i didn't go by myself. alison: up next. a strong willed teen turns to kobe bryant for help at school. see how the star responded. >> i was in the backseat of a humvee. we rolled over an i.e.d. larry: at first, 7 salutes
5:42 pm
how that marine is moving on.
5:43 pm
to take on the "tom insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks... that's what tom perriello is about." progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello... and before and after congress i led non-profits to battle climate change, poverty and president bush's attacks on civil rights. now i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality. because together, we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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jonathan: in tonight's 7
5:45 pm
whose life drastically changed following an i.e.d. attack in afghanistan. what he has done with his life since is remarkable. >> all the vehicles are custom-fitted to that customer 's needs. jonathan: retired marine corporal is giving us a tour. >> our goal is to pretty much help anybody who has a desire to get back on the road. jonathan: from his wheelchair he provides others with disabilities freedom. a business he started after what he has gone through. he had a finance degree but he decided to sign on with the marine corps to make a difference. in 2009 he was in afghanistan as the first wave in the surge. >> we were under constant stress every day. in the last month of my deployment, i was riding the backseat of a humvee. we rolled over an i.e.d. jonathan: there was surgery,
5:46 pm
would go on. determination got him through it and the business background got him on the path to get him behind the wheel. >> coming back here is the shop. jonathan: now from the 3,000 square foot shop get he and those who lost so much on the road. pictures of the customers and the cars hang on the wall. some lost an arm, leg or more. >> if you have the will to drive we'll get you behind the wheel. jonathan: his can-do spirit got him behind the wheel and more than not others in six months. a spirit recently recognized. >> the 2017 military hero -- >> he was named this year's winner of the military hero award. >> if a veteran is injured they need support network for people to say your life will be okay. we care about you. we'll be there for you. josh does that. the foundation behind him helps him tell the s
5:47 pm
>> i accept this award on behalf of the 16 men who died in the battalion. jonathan: he is one of those people that thinks about solutions, fixing what is broken. what others couldn't do. but most importantly he is always thinking of others. his company called driver rehabilitation center of excellence. we linked it to the website at it was an honor to get to know joshua. thank you for the time. if you know a veteran or a group out there helping the veterans that deserves a salute let me know about it. message me. you meet a guy with unbreakable story like that that is so inspirational you think i am not doing enough. larry: absolutely. alison: he is deserving of the honor. gave you chills to see him on the stage honored. jonathan: he never has a negative thing to say about anything. what can i do to make it happen? that is the spirit you think to
5:48 pm
great stuff. jonathan: you got it. alison: crews finished repairing the water main break but the road repairs could last through the weekend. julie wright on traffic watch for other events this weekend. julie: everybody trying to get out and about this weekend. something to keep in minds for sunday. don't forget it's the capitol hill classic 10k. basically you have roads shut down through northeast between stan on the park and r. -- stanton park and r.f.k. stadium. 4 street at c street. c street is closed between 4th and 5th. and 5th blocked off between c and constitution avenue. more streets likely closed off for the ongoing race. keep it in mind. of course we are dealing with safetrack on the metro rail. and roadwork on 95. double whammy. southbound 95, the work at the neabasco creek bridge will take place again this weekend at 10:00 tonight through 6:00 a.m. monday morning. the lanes will be narrowed down to one lane
5:49 pm
through. metro with the red line single tracking. yellow line every 16 minutes. and more single tracking on the green line. safetrack surge 15 still affecting the orange and the silver line. that's the traffic watch. back to you. doug: still plenty of shower and storm activity popping up on the hot and the humid afternoon. most of the steadiest, heaviest areas south of fredericksburg. this is a live look in chantilly from the udvar-hazy center. a good shower over the dulles property. look at the doppler radar. the first thing that jumps out is the large area of the heavy thunderstorms over the area of fredericksburg south and king george county where severe thunderstorm warnings are in effect. most of the action there goes from west to east. there are other patches to keep an eye on, little shower and storms but no other warnings. we have in effect until 6:15, severe thunderstorm warning number one in this area. southeast of fredericksburg over king george county. the eastern extent, closer
5:50 pm
is in effect until 6:15. that is the hot spot for the storms. other ones over dulles south of leesburg. another cluster building. that will track to fairfax. that will keep an eye on for the next hour or so. additional ones lining up on the fronted edge of the blue ridge mountains. future cast continues possibility of the shower and the storms later tonight. overnight a few left over. after that, we will just hang on to the cloudy skies. but cooler temperatures as the winds go north east. look at the numbers tomorrow morning. upper 50's to lower 60's. sunday near 70. more rain sunday night. especially on monday with the next cold front. finally it will settle down heading through the middle and the end of next week toward memorial day weekend. larry? larry: thank you. larry: he retired last year but
5:51 pm
through with an assist here and there. high school student in indianapolis made a deal with a teacher. if he could get a retweet from kobe the class didn't have to take the final exam. kobe came through. retweeting and adding hope you have an a in this class. alison: how popular is he in the class how? larry: did you see this? i'm the man. erin: he doesn't normally do that. that is a big deal. often times life is better when you are laughing. that is what i tell myself. the saying couldn't be more true for a lacrosse player. not only is she shining on the field but doing it on the mic as well. scott abraham takes us to episcopal high school for a rising star. scott: liza. isn't the normal
5:52 pm
full of people laugh brings me joy to know i brought other people joy. scott: for the last four years, the episcopal senior lacrosse player is a standsup comedian. >> a lot of people cry at weddings. >> it was like lacrosse. love at first sight. i knew when i started that's what i'd do for the rest of my life. >> she is a fixture on the local comedy scene. performing at comedy clubs around the d.c. area. >> she has been watching the stars since she was a kid. if she wants something she will go get it. >> you don't find too many high school standup comedians out there. l.b. is taking this potential career seriously. in the fall she is attending cal berkeley located in the area full of talented comedians. her episcopal teammates says she is good at the comedy thing. >> she is really funny. she tries to bring a joke into everything she does. she is funny.
5:53 pm
weight. he is trying to do cross fit, which you would know if you talked to him ever. >> it's indescribable. the best feeling in the world. it makes me hungrier for more. >> thank you so much. >> coming to a stage near you. i'm scott abraham with our rising star. erin: i love that. it is awesome. it takes courage to do that. alison: you have to be brave. hecklers out there. larry: what if nobody laughs?
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
larry: workers at a federal nuclear facility are getting sick after warnings about the safety problems were ignored. this is the same facility where a tunnel collapsed last week. joce sterman explains how much taxpayer money they are spending to deal with it. >> we were out calibrating instruments. i just all of a sudden ended up with a
5:57 pm
felt like someone sitting on my chest. >> after seconds, his career was ended in one day. after he says he breathed in something strange. serious health problems sidelined him. >> this is half of the medical records. >> made his wife an advocate for getting his claims through the system. >> it's more than a full-time job. i can't keep up with it. >> this family one of many struggling with the new normal after working at stanford. this is they started to investigate after hearing of the problems ignored for years. >> this is a moral and a legal obligation from the country. >> the safety advocates think the feds have an obligation to acknowledge workers have been warmed. circa found since 200129,000 of them filed
5:58 pm
federal compensation. the records show almost 60% of the workers' claims don't get paid. but even with that, $1.3 billion has been paid out by a special government fund. the taxpayers split the bill. not the con tackers on the site. >> they do it because they have to. to satisfy the people who are giving them a hard time. do it for the right reason. it starts with the acknowledge. they have yet to acknowledge there is harm from the vapors. >> they have also written to rick perry to ask the department of energy to implement recommendations in several reports we highlighted in the investigation. you can read about that on tonight at 8:30 watch special presentation of the documentary on newschannel8.
5:59 pm
jonathan: right now at 6:00 -- >> mayday, mayday, mayday. we have collapsed and possible firefighters trapped. jonathan: two firefighters hurt. home destroyed and a planned family heirloom left in the ashes. michelle: the shocking video that proves a deadly crash in times square was no accident. what we just learned about the moments before the chaos. jonathan: look at this. paving around the problem. the bizarre scene that sparked outrage and now action. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. michelle: we begin with heavy rain and a storm watch weather alert as we start the weekend on a bumpy note. jonathan: we are tracking storms popping up around the area. michelle: stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill has the latest. how is it going? doug: for most areas it's what you describe. thundershowers popping up.
6:00 pm
fredericksburg through the northern neck of virginia where the severe thunderstorm warnings continue. give you a big screen look at things here. stands out. the lightning and the energy with the system in king george's county where severe warning is in effect along the potomac. close store the metro north and west. there are areas of the showers and the thunderstorms. we monitor those. this is the area that is running across the northern neck. across potomac to st. mary's shortly with rain and lightning. there are showers reston south of leesburg. a developing thunderstorm there. no overall watches for the area. just the idea that has the cold front comes in the area in the next few hours we will continue to have the areas of the showers and the thunderstorms. that will calm down overnight as the air turns cooler. the winds turn north. that will set the stage for a cool weekend. we have the weekend forecast and the ten-day outlook in 15 minutes. >> thank you. in tennessee, devastating floods. the water rising


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