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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  May 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kimberly: straight ahead, a contagious disease diagnosis triggers a health alert in d.c. and maryland. >> the initial reaction was shock. kimberly: a new graduate loses everything in a fire, but tonight she has reasons to celebrate. and a place no one cared about. left to7, a building rot is an eyesore in a d.c. neighborhood. the search for the owners and how they lead it deteriorate without taking action. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00 am on your side. 11:00, it hasat been a life-changing couple days for one university of maryland student, fire gutting the home that she s
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the graduation, but with a special gift she would be up to walk across the stage towards her future. >> the initial reaction was shock. she watched helplessly as her rental homes smoldered and burned early friday morning. the cause of the fire is still under investigation and everyone made it out safely. the fire started in the basement. was lucky.e she had changed shifts with a coworker and was at work the night of the fire. her old shift, she would have been at home, asleep. >> i finished at 2 a.m. my roommate texted me at 1:15, then a video of the fire taking place. it took a while for me to understand it was my house. reporter: she and her roommates lost everything, including something she had worked so hard to earn. >>
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graduation. i don't know why that was my first thought, but the cap, the gown, the hood, the tassel, everything in my closet. the university of maryland president replace the entire graduation outfit. >> he said, look, i will provide everything for you. reporter: the red cross provided additional necessities, and she was able to graduate today with the rest of her peers. >> it's kind of a dramatic new beginning. developing now, a crime scene on campus in the middle of a graduation festivity at the university of maryland. state student was stabbed and killed by a umd student. the victim was waiting with two friends for an uber when the suspect walked up and stabbed him in the chest. he is in jail tonight. students were shaken on a day met for celebratio
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very happy before, but my mood has turned, having a stabbing on campus. kimberly: the police have not released the names of the victim or suspect. the said it is fair to say suspect is facing first and second degree murder charges. a reminder tonight it is still spring. a cool night following a cool day. need the don't umbrella tomorrow come you do for the start of the week? josh: that's right, the clouds doing us a little favor this evening, keeping the temperatures comfortable. still a nice night at the national harbor. on the bigger picture, where we are with a cold front and the warm front bringing us the next chance of rain. we are just on the cooler side of this system. that is sagging all the way into north carolina. as we continue with this easterly flow, that brings all of this motu
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to cloudy skies. tomorrow morning, we could have a few breaks, some sunshine, but then the clouds thicken as the front moves back through tomorrow night. most of us start off in the mid-50's sunday morning. about 62 by 10 a.m., mid 60's lunchtime, and then close to 70, but i don't think we quite make it. it will be a cool day, much cooler than average. through the week, back into the rain, thunderstorms, and the temperatures back towards 80. coming up, i will outline when i think we will do the heaviest rain and a closer look at the memorial day weekend forecast in about 10 minutes. tonight, russian officials are countering reports president trump said firing james comey would ease the pressure on himself. the foreign minister told reporters today, "we did not touch this topic at all." tru
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mp's national security adviser are neither confirm nor deny the conversation turned to the firing during an interview with "this week with george stephanopoulos." the first meeting, the pressure is off because he is fire the fbi director. does that seem appropriate? to take a difficult few lines come a paragraph out what appears to be notes. the intent of the conversation was to say, i would like to move beyond all of the russian news so we can find areas of cooperation. kimberly: catch that interview tomorrow morning on "this week." of potential replacements for fired fbi director james comey shrunk tonight. the processose to says that james mcneely has withdrawn. --james mcfeely withdrew.
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trump today in saudi arabia. he met with the king and other high level saudi officials. they signed a big agreement for the kingdom to purchase $350 billion in u.s. military equipment and services over the next decade to help bolster their military prowess. the president called a one of his nine-day overseas trip a tremendous day. >> we want to thank you and saudi arabia for the hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the united states and jobs. melania: first lady trump drew attention for not wearing the traditional headscarf. former first lady michelle obama sparked contra seat in 2015 also. donald trump was among her critics, saying that many people say it is wonderful that
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mrs. obama refused to wear a headscarf and saudi arabia but they were insulted. the cofounder of twitter says he is sorry the social media platform helped donald trump with the white house. he told the new york times mp's risesrole in tru a very bad thing. the president credited twitter with his election win. take a listen to this -- a measles diagnosis leading to a health alert about possible exposure. local health officials say the patient visited d.c. and prince george's county and even used public transportation. anna-lysa gayle is live at prince georges hospital center with the latest developments. what have you found out tonight? anna-lysa: kimberly, health officials are asking people to check their immunization records if they believe they had a director with this person who was infected. doctors at children's hospital
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and doing well. >> concerned, that's for sure. diagnosed a patient with measles visited several locations in the area between may 8 and may 15. they are releasing details about the activities before him. >> the patient was admitted to children's hospital on the 13th and almost immediately put into isolation for concern of measles. prior to the visit to children's national medical center, the person also visited the following locations. may 8, the department of social services building in hyattsville. and then the social security building insulin. may 9 through the 13th, he or she visited the prince george's center before going to children's national medical center. the concern is mostly for those who have not received the measles vaccine. >> if they think
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sure if they are fully vaccinated, they should seek care from their physician before they get symptoms. anna-lysa: symptoms include fever, runny nose, coughing, itchy eyes, and a sore throat. a rash may also appear on the face in other parts of the body. symptoms, develop they should let people know they were potentially exposed to the measles. anna-lysa: kimberly, due to patient confidentiality, very little is known about the patient in terms of age or where they are from. if anyone would like a closer look at the locations, dates, and times, go to our website, live outside prince georges hospital center, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. kimberly: thank you. coming up -- left to rot. tweet caught a d.c. official's attention, leading to action on a condemned building. that is a store you will see only on 7.
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kimberly: abc 7 is asking d.c. leaders about an eyesore, a condo building left abandoned over a year ago. the-lysa gayle talked to deputy mayor and one man who had been living in the building, a story that you will see only on 7. >> everything fell apart. anna-lysa: for the last year and a half, richard was living inside of this abandoned condominium without electricity and water. >> neighbors brought me water and everything. i bought a generator. anna-lysa: he was recently asked to leave when city officials learned about the condemned building. >> broken windows, trash, feces, household items. burned-out cars. it literally was not only a place that people have forgotten but also do not care about. months, she drove by the condos at
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anna-lysa: she wrote a tweet about it, catching deputy mayor kevin hughes' attention. >> it was something i don't think we should never have in d.c., which is long-term neglect of a building. anna-lysa: he requested assistance from several agencies. boarded up the building and are trying to figure out a larger solution. our focus is on re-mediating the safety issues. this can really put financial penalties to the owners. then we will refer the matter to our city attorneys. anna-lysa: anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. kimberly: abatement notices were posted at the front of the condo thursday o morning. richard
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still trying to find a new home. to bea chilly night outside, especially after the 90 degrees. josh: exactly, after a few overnights where we were barely in the low 70's, this feels chilly. a lot happening this weekend, really nice weather. this is not the snazzy us map, but this is a big part of the story, why the weather turned out the way it did today. this is all about the easterly breeze. not too strong, 12 miles per hour in d.c., but it is really the one sure flow that makes a big difference through tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow morning, 56 degrees in d.c., 54 hagerstown, 52 winchester, fredericksburg 54. but a lott be cold, cooler than it has been the last few mornings. if you have been sleeping wit
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to close them a little bit with the chilly air moving in. tomorrow morning, sunday at 7 a.m., clear skies further to the east. to the west, that is where things are thicker. the clouds continue to build through the day. the sunshine will be on the way to church or early soccer games. that is when we will get some rays peeking through, but clouds build through the day. ultimately a few showers to the south and west. we are looking for those to pop up around d.c. closer to 8:00, 9:00, so pretty much all day long is drive. a heavier rain moves in overnight into monday morning. 7 a.m. monday morning, back into the flow for the work in school way, it will start off wet and cloudy, thunderstorms not even out of the question. a chance
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of rain through the first half of the day monday, breaking down the clouds from west to east through the day. tomorrow morning, girls on the run at montgomery mall, 50 degrees. 61 at 9 a.m. when the race kicks off, 63 degrees at 10 a.m. julie wright will be there, so say hi. the taste of arlington tomorrow at our noon -- tomorrow afternoon, just shy of 70 degrees. jeff goldberg will be there. really comfortable weather to do stuff like this. about 70 andrews, fredericksburg 72. monday morning is when we are dealing with the rain. grab the rain gear monday morning, 58 for the early commute, some dry areas, within a lot of us dealing with the rain. tomorrow, warmer monday with a good chance of rain. we hang on to some on an
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week, hanging in the 70's. just in time for friday and the holiday weekend is when it looks like we have the dry weather taking over. the temperatures heat up as the pools open, highs back towards 80 degrees. just in time. kimberly: what's going on with the nats? matter,the rain did not -- the rain did not help, but i should not matter. the nats could not get it together even with max on the mound. scalpel. i have no idea what i'm doing. i'm just a tv doctor. i never went to college. (scream) i don't do blood. but now, thanks to cigna, i can do more than just look the part.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. 142nd for mistakes at pimlico. here is the stretch call. >> and its classic empire, turning for home! cloud computing has moved into second! they are coming into the final furlong! classic empire, cloud computing to the outside! classic empire digs in, cloud computing alongside! they are going to finish together! cloud computing has defeated classic empire at the preakness! robert: no triple crown this year. alwa
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favorite, finished just behind cloud computing. even when max scherzer is on the mound, there is still a possibility of rain. rain today in the fifth inning, the nationals trailing 3-0, but they cut the lead. jayson werth, opposite way for the base hit. max scherzer scores, 3-2 atlanta. but then the rain came. after almost two hours, tyler flowers with the solo shot in the eighth. the nats drop their fort monroe, 5-2. o's-blue jays. bottom of the fifth, mark trumbo with a moon shot to left. a two-run shot. 4-1 o's after that. this one went back-and-forth. in the seventh, 5-4 toronto.
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shot, giving those the lead. they win 7-5. tonight the washington spirit got to check out their new shiny star. she did not see any time in the first half, but she got into the game. fc kansas city on the board. the nice angle, scores. k.c up 1-0. 54th minute come a huge ovation for mallory pugh. there and everyone was like, you got this. i could tell by the looks on the girls faces they believed in me. it was a great experience being able to play with the spirit. it was something really special for me, and the fans were incredible. it was incredible. just the whole moment was really special. robert:
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d.c. united against the chicago fire. second minute, no score, the past, the easy money. that is the final, the black and red fall, 1-0. women's college lacrosse, navy-north carolina. second half, may go donald finds the back of the net. navy upsets the defending 16-14,al champs, advancing to its first final four in program history. out to keriout russell junior, retaining his wbc featherweight title at the mgm grand at national harbor tonight. congrats. the whole family is named gary, the father, the brot
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kimberly: eight people were seriously after a plane wing clipped a utility crock at lax. -- clipped a utility truck at lax. the airplane was taxing to the arrival gate. all of the injured people were on the truck, nobody on the airplane was hurt. the crash did not affect airport operations. an
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back to the mid-1800s ends this weekend. [circus music plays] kimberly: that is kind of up-tempo. tomorrow is the final performance of the greatest show on earth, the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus. years of protests by animal rights groups took their toll in changing public taste. the final show will be in uniondale, new york, and streamed on facebook live.
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kimberly: a man is amazingly alive after a wild ride on top of a trunk of a car. the driver had no idea summit he was sleeping on their truck, got in, started driving down the interstate at 65


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