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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  May 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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county, maryland. non-severe but in the next hour or so as the storms approach the general i-95 corridor, they could again get stronger. this is a line of shower in advance of a cold front swinging through tonight. the front will bring us giant and pleasanter with tomorrow. we watch that and we update you on anything that turns nasty before it breaks. the full report in 18 minutes. michelle: see you then. alison: breaking news at the white house. sources tell abc someone tried to get over the bike rack but they apparently did not make it over the fence. that person has been arrested and we are working to get more details for you. pennsylvania avenue was closed for a time. but it just reopened in the last two minutes. larry: comedian kathy griffin had a picture
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severe head and now cnn is cutting ties with her. and we have more. >> everyone is talking about this. cnn called what griffin did disgusting and offensive. anderson cooper, griffin's new year's eve co-host of many years sides he is appalled by the photo. the subject of the stunt, donald trump, speaking out as well. the image of griffin holding the severed head of trump struck many as no laughing matter. a standup comedian thinks that griffin crossed a line at times is difficult for comics to determine. >> the level is if, if they don't laugh it's not funny. i haven't seen anybody laugh. >> since griffin posted the photo it's drawn widespread condemnation from republicans and democrats. president trump shared a stage with griffin in 2014 an episode of "the apprentice" tweeted kathy gri
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be ashamed of herself. my children, especially my 11-year-old son barron are having a hard time with this. sick. griffin tried to explain the joke on twitter before later issuing an apology. >> i sincerely apologize. i'm a comic. i crossed the line. i move the line. then i cross it. i went too far. i made a mistake. i was wrong. >> people we spoke to in fairfax county did not especially the stunt. >> it's disgraceful. >> a little sick. >> including emily. >> i'm not a supporter of trump. be may have crossed the line. the secret service is looking into the photo posted by kathy griffin. a spokesperson saying we don't have the luxury of knowing a person's intent. each threat has to be investigated thoroughly. live in newsroom, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: thank you. now to this. a tip led to the arrest of a guest staying at the trump international hotel in
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northwest. the pennsylvania police called secret service overnight and alerted them bryan moles was traveling to the d.c. hotel armed with weapon and ammunition. the car was found in the hotel garage. inside the car an assault style rifle and handgun were found. >> we say it all the time. the best way to prevent a disaster is see something and asomething. this illustrates how see something, say something actually works. >> there are concerns that president trump is too loose with the cell phone number. he has exchanged numbers with the world leaders asking him to call him directly. so far, only canada's prime minister taken trump up on the office. but the calls are nuller inable to eavesdropping from foreign governments. michelle: tonight, the
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are cleaning up around a 15-foot crater. this was left behind after a deadly bombing in afghanistan. nancy chen is in the satellite center to monitor developments in the war on terror. nancy: this happened at the height of rush hour on a busy road filled with the embassies the bomber was in a water truck that exploded killing 90 people. four others were hurt including 11 americans. the deadly actually attack. they condemned any attack against the civilians and we are told women and children are among the dead and the security guards at the embassies. this comes in the first week of the holy month of ramadan. alison: thank you. disturbing accusations about an incident at the arlington national cemetery on memorial day.
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unidentified man, this person in this photo. authorities say this suspect repeatedly inappropriately suched a young girl. a girl he didn't know. anyone with information is asked to call the f.b.i. larry: this video shows them dumping a patient from a wheelchair. the hospital is updating the training efforts to ensure it doesn't happen again. we have more at 6:00. alison: there has been movement today in a story developing for decades. in northwest washington. the clean-up of the world war i chemicals in the spring valley neighborhood. richard reeve is there live weeks after the discovery. what is
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>> the next thing is the clean-up of the mysterious black substance discovered a couple of weeks ago. it will take a few weeks to clean that up. a bird's vie view that began in 1993. >> they develop and tested chemical warfare material here. richard: the clean up put on hold after discovery of a substance with low level of mustard gas. >> we took a pause at the site to ensure the safety of the public and the safety of the workers. richard: this small slice of land containing the material is all that is left. the near end game of a $275 million project that dug up 500 munition items, 400 pounds of lab glass and 100 pounds of contaminated soil. >> we want to make sure that it's done right and it's remediated of any
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contamination. >> but it won't end there. workers will use metal detectors to search the 41 surrounding properties looking for munitions or anything else that could pose a hazard. chemical contamination? 30-year resident isn't worried. >> we raised our kids who are 30 plus living in l.a. they don't glow in the dark. richard: the glenbrook section is supposed to be finished by this fall. in northwest washington, richard reeve, abc7 news. >> thank you. >> we have a "7 on your side" consumer alert. this is about the skimming scam. alison: a device found on pump in exxon in tysons. the police are investigating
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but so far no arrest. larry: the ads violate the lease and it wants the ads taken down. a hearing on the matter is set for friday. alison: the golden state warriors aren't lebron james only problem in california it seems. this morning a racial slur was spray painted on the front gate of his los angeles home. james wasn't at the home at the time of the vandalism. they covered the slur but it still has the neighbors in shock. >> a wonderful role model when you think about it. the best athlete in the world in the game of basketball. he conducted himself with extraordinary dignity and extraordinary passion for what he does.
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>> james will be in oakland tomorrow night for the nba finals that you can watch on abc7. larry: bryce harper suspension reduced to three game instead of four after a fight with hunter strickland. the usa today is reporting that the suspension begins tonight. he will return for sunday's nats game at oakland. michelle: the kids getting out all over the summer. we explain that take. no more teachers, no more books. larry: later, she thought she had a buyer but now turn to "7 on your side" after it was a scam. conflicting reports on global
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me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. larry: all systems look like a go for tomorrow's spacex launch. for the first time they will launch a dragon capsule that has been to the space station once before.
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first mission. alison: the beatles may have coined the phrase "here comes the sun" but nasa is planning to touch the sun in the near future. marci gonzalez previews this historic mission. >> it's a mission of extremes. marci: it may seem like the trailer for a sci-fi blockbuster. >> humidity's first mission to touch -- humanity's first mission to touch the sun. marci: but there is nothing fictional about this. nasa's plan to enter the sun's atmosphere. >> it's a solar probe, the hottest, fastest mission. >> the parker solar probe named after hand on nowhering researcher dr. eugene parker. >> hooray for solar probe. >> will launch from florida in the summer of 2018. at the fastest traveling at 430,000 miles an hour. >> that is like traveling from north to tokyo -- new york to
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>> it will get closer to the sun than any time previously in history. to discover why the outer atmosphere is even hotter than the surface of the sun to get a better understanding how stars work and predict the major space weather events that impact technology and satellite. >> until you go there and touch the sun, you really can't answer the questions. >> they are questions nasa scientists have been trying to answer for 60 years. the testing is still underway ahead of next year's launch. marci gonzalez, abc7 news, los angeles. alison: wow! amazing. doug: when i was a kid my dad worked on material on the titan, the gemini series in the 1960's. if he was around today he wouldn't believe it. phenomenal. larry: incredible. doug: going into
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only this won't melt. good. alison: i wonder what we'll learn from this. any warnings right now? doug: just came out. severe thunderstorm warning in effect for loudoun, fairfax and montgomery county. this is in effect until 6:00. this is all radar indicated here with the severe thunderstorm warnings. the storms are moving northeast at 25 miles per hour. there could be wind gusts of 'miles per hour with the heaviest cells. that i are lined up now from along the potomac river along the fairfax county, montgomery county line. heads back to the southwest, east of warrenton to cull pepper. we will watch that. clearly this is the most active with the lightning strikes that are centered in the system. we will move in close. you see areas moving east and northeast until 6:00. 5:24 in rockville. gaithersburg at a:42. montgomery village eight minutes later. this system developed in the
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shenandoah valley and it continues to move eastward. strengthened and weakened. this strengthened again. this is the warning in effect for 45 minutes as it approaches the area. this one, the strength and the properties, the real action up to 20,000 feet or so. this is not a real high storm. likelihood not hail. but there is enough wind overhead to see strong winds that hit the ground. straight line winds. torrential downpours and the lightning. another line back across pennsylvania is electrified, too. this is ahead of the cold front proper. we will monitor that. most models weaken the system after the sunset before they come in the region. this is a weather bug live at the udvar-hazy center in chantilly. you can't even see the tower at dulles anymore because of the rain and the reduced visibility as the storms arrive. the future cast computer model takes the storms to the chesapeake by
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later this from hagerstown to woodstock along the cold front pushes east. but this shows signs it will weaken before it reaches the metro area. overnight, once the storms are out. once the front is through. skies will turn partly cloudy. and the northwesterly winds will bring in drier air. it will be less humid overnight. but this is a nice sign for tomorrow. we think plenty of sunshine. lower humidity. northwesterly winds. 82 for a high. no chance of rain tomorrow. a nice outdoor day. friday could be isolated shower late in the day. that is a possibility. but good outdoor weather. on saturday we have another forecast of partly cloudy skies. lower 80's. better chance sunday and monday and tuesday. it settles down next week. unsettled pattern.
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next week the temperatures are below average and dry weather. not finished with storms tonight. >> we have breaking news. the house intelligence committee issued subpoenas for several of president trump's advisors including michael flynn and attorney michael cohen. yesterday was the deadline for flynn to respond to the committee request for information. larry: coming up, a diving instructor landed in a dip he never landed in years. alison: we will tell you why this walk across the stage at graduation was an accomplishment in and of itself. >> some of the starter american students converge on washington, d.c. live at the
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hotel with a full preview coming up. alison: now a look at what is coming up tonight on abc.
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the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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alison: my goodness! that is more than confetti the seniors are throwing at a high school in arizona. this is tradition to gather up papers and throw them in the stairwell. some even slide down the virtual waterfall. don't feel badly for the janitors because they don't have to clean it up. the school's underclassmen do. larry: oh, my. they have to supervise it to make sure it's done. big task. slide down the stairs. alison: this week students from all over the country are out of the classroom and they are in maryland. larry: they are taking part in the national spelling bee. kevin lewis is live with more on that at national harbor. hey, kevin. kevin: hey there. round three is broadcast live right now behind those closed doors. the d.m.v. brought the a game with participants from anne arundel, frederick, howard, fairfax, prince william and loudoun counties. all still on the
5:23 pm
>> use it in a sentence, please. kevin: at the 90th annual national spelling bee. commonfolk like you and me take a whirl at tricky terms. >> "cinnamon." c-i-n-n-a-m-o-n. "cinnamon." >> well done! kevin: but behind the doors is the real deal as 291 america brightest children recite their way to the intricate english language. >> i got on my word. it was 0katio. >> 13-year-old charlie of rochester, new york. >> it's been good to have the experience. >> and 12-year-old of the martha vineyard massachusetts. both eliminated today. >> it's
5:24 pm
>> most participants are between 12 and 14 years old. >> are you a better speller than your parents? >> i think so. [laughter] >> but all new at 6:00, a closer look at this little girl from oklahoma. the youngest participant to qualify for the acclaimed bee. the champion will take home $40,000 prize and appear on "live with kelly and ryan" and "jimmy kimmel live." kevin lewis, abc7 news. larry: i can't wait to talk to you at 6:00 to hear her story. coming up at 5:00, mayhem on metro. what the problem was this morning out of the transit agency's hands. alison: later, the struggle is real. how a struggling hartist who thought she was getting a break ended up ended up taken for a ride.
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steve: update for part of the area. this is what it looks like now. lightning and hail associated with the storm as it moves on toward the north and east. 5:38 it will be around north bethesda. 5:40, rockville. gaithersburg at 5:49. they will probably re-calibrate the size of the warning area to move it north and east to include gaithersburg, germantown and rockville. hail, a lot of it. over dulles international airport. to reston. this is a strong thunderstorm. producing the gusty winds and heavy downpours. we will keep you updated on abc7. if we see additional warnings we will give you an update on that. larry: thank you. april showers may bring may flowers as the saying goes but what does may rain mean? 19 of the days included
5:29 pm
meteorologist josh knight is live in annandale with some of the silver linings to the gray clouds. hey, josh. josh: how appropriate. as you are reading that, we just made it day 20 out of 30 for the month. we're at the wakefield farmer's market in annandale. everyone is cleaning up. the chance of the thunderstorm gets better. with the rain this month you might not really think about it. when you think of berries but the season's temperature swings and some of the cool, cloudy days have been really good for strawberries. >> this is what spring is supposed to be like. sarah lived in alexandria for five years. >> the gray weather reminds me of england. >> but today she and a number of other people taking advantage of the sunshine. we are told it's days like this perfect for picking. >> hot and sunny, the
5:30 pm
>> despite the cloudy may, shannon said the strawberries are doing really well. >> every day it's a new fruit. as we go the ones that weren't totally right that didn't get picked are still fine. >> every day it could produce a different tasting strawberry based on the weather. sarah says these may be some of the best straw bers she has had since living in the u.s. >> this is the first time i pick the strawberries and say they taste like the good strawberries from england in the summer. if you want to pick strawberries holland farm says they have two weeks and three more weeks of plenty of ripe picking to do. so you can find them and i'll make sure that there is a length to the site in the web
5:31 pm
story online as well. in nanticoke, josh knight -- in annandale, josh knight, news gnaws. alison: bring some back. thank you. president trump says he has not made up his mind yet but this morning the white house aides said the u.s. will back out of the paris climate agree ment. karen travers tries to clear up the confusion in the story. >> there are deep divisions inside the trump white house about whether to stay in or withdraw from the paris climate accord. the president is hearing the arguments from the cabinet officials and the senior aides. there is also incredible pressure from overseas. no decision from president trump on paris. >> i'm hearing from a lot of people. but sources say he is 95% decided to pull out. america first may be america solo. at the g7, the u.s. standing
5:32 pm
the other nations affirming a strong commitment to the agreement. world leaders making aggressive in-person sales pitch to trump lobbying hard to stay in the 2015 accord. german chancellor angela merkel called the discussion intense and unsatisfying. newly elected french president and even pope francis. the pontiff encouraging the president to read writings on the environment and the climate change. the president promisalling to consider the request to remain in the agreement. and business leaders jumping in. elon musk tweeting i don't know which way paris will go but i have done all i can to direct potus that we remain. asked what he would do if the president does withdraw, musk said he would step down from the advisory council he sits on. if the united states does withdraw, it would join syria and
5:33 pm
the press said that the white house spent time on the issue and wants a fair deal for the american people. karen trarers, at the white house. alison: what is the agreement? it calls for the country to help limit greenhouse gas emission with the goal of limiting rise of the temperatures worldwide to fewer than 2 degrees celses you. -- 2 degrees celsius. by 2020 they will need to establish $100 billion for climate related financing. the pact has been a ratified by 147 nations. >> covfefe is a yiddish term for, "i got to go to bed now." larry: tonight the world is still buzzing about president trump's typo in a late night tweet. it appears to be unfinished and used the word "covfefe." do a quick search and you can find t-shirt and coffee mugs with the word for sale. lindsey
5:34 pm
of the other reaction online. lindsey: president trump is having some fun with this one. although he deleted the original tweet he did post this. it reads who can figure out the true meaning of covfefe? enjoy. people are having fun. we have a person who tries to translate it from russian and pretends it means "i resign." others believe it is a magic word to summon saucers and wizards. merriam-webster posted it means wakes up, checks twitter, regrets checking twitter and goes back to bed. others are trying to make a profit with the hats and even mugs. there is a twitter user who has a warning. it says don't be taken in by opportunists. covfefe isn't something you can buy. it's something you have to become. back to you. [laughter] alison: everybody pronounces it their own way, too.
5:35 pm
morning to go "good morning washington." went on twitter. what is this #covfefe whatever? i found an article and found the original tweet. now at least i thought i missed something. i didn't know what it was. alison: you learned a new word. larry: forever. use it for a long time. thank you, mr. president. alison: moving on to other news of the day. we will cover metro for you. a rough commute for riders this morning. metro says there was a lot of pepco's power feed. this is in the eastern market substation. that created delays of up to 30 minutes on the blue, orange and the silver lines that led to packed platforms. larry: marc is among the system receiving federal grant that will go to positive train control that is designed to stop a train if needed. it will continue from union station to perryville, maryland. alison: a high school stude
5:36 pm
in st. louis was not going to let anything come between him and walking across the stage to get his diploma. not even a wheelchair. look at that. brad bowers walk. the captain suffered spine injuries in spring break dive. he jumped in the water not realizing a sand bar was underneath. injury or no injury he knew he was walking at the ceremony. >> i ain't staying in a wheelchair. i got to get up and get back to where i was. that's how it has to be. they are helping me do that. >> if he wants to do something he will do it. if anyone could have done it, it's him. i'm glad he is able to. >> the classmates helped with the teen medical expenses telling t-shirts and wristbands. larry: inspiring. alison: what a strong guy. larry: absut
5:37 pm
still to come -- >> in difficult times i think we learn the most. larry: still ahead, how that teenager is using that attitude to inspire others. alison: he is the leader of one of the most -- rated martial arts -- decorated martial arts team in area but winning gold is not what he prize most. coach of the week is coming up. larry: flames swallowing a home. the simple mistake blamed for $3
5:38 pm
steve: all right. i want to give you update on the severe thunderstorm warning. loudoun is under it. you are in the clear. fairfax and montgomery county until 6:00. head in closer for you now. this storm is moving off toward the north and east around 20 miles per hour. rockville, wheaton, colesville in the next 25 minutes or so. gusty winds,
5:39 pm
still watching things south, around manassas, dumfries and stafford. stay with us. you are watching "abc7 news at 5:00". ba
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when one person in the family has cancer, everyone goes through it. that is
5:41 pm
recently. tonight, she shows us how her sister's fighting spirit gives her the motivation to inspire others. >> i know what it's like to be a sibling of a cancer patient. i want to give back to the community so no family has to feel like mine. michelle: when valerie isn't in class or studying for exams she is organizing next fundraiser to fight cancer. she started a student club called wildcats versus cancer while her younger sister cecilia was battling the disease. >> she had 0stecarcoma which is more common for her age range. it hurts me a lot to see her suffer. i feel like it takes, because of her i have been an advocate for child cancer. michelle: after several rounds of chemotherapy, cecilia's battle ended in october but her fighting spirit lives on in big sister valerie.
5:42 pm
you are able to take the challenges and turn them into something positive? >> i don't like to let my obstacles hold me back. i think of it as a way to challenge me. even though my situation is harder, it's helping me to prepare for things in college that might be hard that i might be stressed out. it will like i guess make me a better person. through the difficult times i think we learn the most. michelle: on june 10, this field will host the wildcats versus cancer club first annual two-mile race. uniting families like valeries and educating others about childhood cancer. classmate, teacher and the principle -- and the principal supporting her in the quest for the fight her sister started. >> i think of it as my second family. >> we have posted the information on the website. all the proceeds go to special love. a non-profit that helps families
5:43 pm
cancer. she is an outstanding young woman. she says through the battle that her sister was going through she never missed a homework assignment, never turned into in late. she knew it was just as important raising awareness. >> how amazing. >> what is also great even after she graduates the legacy lives on there because the student club will continue. they will continue this ongoing effort to alert them to issues. larry: it will grow from here. alison: making a difference. larry: awesome. alison: thank you. larry: michelle, thanks. >> one of my highlights. i was so excited to do it, i couldn't believe that it happened to me. >> the experience for the boat captain working to bring others the wonder of nature. >> a struggling artists look to make a huge payday on a painting only to find out she is being scammed. there are a lot of lessons for
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
republican leaders are to affordable health care. i'm tom perriello and in congress i voted for obamacare because it was wrong that a million virginians weren't covered while insurance companies held all the power. now i'm running for governor because it's wrong that most virginia incomes haven't gone up in 20 years. together, we can stop donald trump, raise wages and build an economy that works for everyone. and we'll make sure this never happens in virginia. i need the phone that's where i happen to be... to be the one that rings. i need not to be missed phone calls... to not be missed. i need seamless handoff... canyon software. from reception, to landline, to mobile. i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past.
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built for business. larry: imagine you are a struggling artist and someone contacts you and say they want to pay thousands for one of
5:47 pm
it happened to a viewer and it came with strings attached and ended up with her tangled in a web of deceit that almost cost her thousands of dollars. she contacted "7 on your side." horace holmes with a cautionary tale that all of us can learn from. horace: danielle smith is an artist with every stroke of her brush. there is a passion about what she creates. >> i'm very into textures so i exaggerate textures, curves or shapes. horace: she received e-mail that wanted to buy a painting for an anniversary surprise fast approaching. >> the gentleman wrote he noticed his wife used the computer to look at smith's website and wanted a list of available paintings between $1,000 and $15,000. this is the piece he chose. >> i love this one. >> priced at $12,000. the highest priced painting available in the price range. >> very exciting. i was a young artist. horace: they arranged details of the
5:48 pm
check from the painting. since he was at sea the shipping agent would arrange delivery. when the check arrived it wasn't for $12,000. it was for $21,000. >> he was requesting that i pay his shipping fees and his agent who is handling his shipment because he was an ocean engineer on a voyage out at see. horace: smith was to deposit the $21,000 check and write him a check for $10,000. when williams received this check from a school in california in the mail, she became suspicious and called the school. no one there had written the check. then she contacted the bank named on the check. >> they said the account was fraudulent. >> she said she knew at that point she was being scammed and called police. >> so you dodged a bullet. >> i did. $10,000 bullet. >> while this is increasingly popular scam directed at artists, law enforcement say it works on a
5:49 pm
bottom line, the scammer will send more money than the amount due and ask you to send some of the money back. if you receive unsolicited e-mail like our artist did, go online and research the address and name of the sender. always be cautious of asked to wire money or use a prepaid credit card. i'm horace holmes, abc7 news. alison: good lesson, thank you. minutes away at 6:00. police are calling it a potential crisis averted. the details of how police captured an armed man staying at trump hotel. plus abc7 broke the story. security guards dumping a woman right on the sidewalk outside of a hospital. leaving her there. now new actions taken as we learn what a new investigation has turned up. caught on video, a las vegas theft that you won't forget. it didn't involve a casino. we have that at 6:00. some people like the thrill of swimming with sharks. others aspire to something
5:50 pm
bigger. so this is a pod of 30 pilot whales. look at that. ari was 20 miles off the coast of florida and he decided to take a dip. >> i put on my mask. i jumped. the minute i jumped, i started to see a huge pod of whales. so beautiful. >> a little kid in a candy shop. screaming like crazy. i was diving with pilot whales. i'm like i don't even know what that is. alison: the dive instructor said he tried to communicate with the whales but they didn't seem interested in having a chat. larry: they all had their
5:51 pm
alison: they had the eye -- ipods in. good one. larry: i'm here all week. tomorrow is the start of the atlantic hurricane season. right now nothing is cooking in the tropics. forecasters expect between 11 and 17 named storms this year. next is named brett after arlene formed last month. alison: we have some storms cooking up out there. find out what the latest is at this hour. larry: doug has that. doug: a new thunderstorm warning issued until 6:30 over montgomery county. the warning extends to the north central prince george's county. the western howard county as well. looking at chillum and prince george's county at 5:47, just a minute ago. went through the area. berwyn heights at the top of the hour.
5:52 pm
they could have hail to half dollar coins there. wind gusts at 60 to 65 miles per hour. lightning and a significant storm. it's not huge but power packed as it moves east/northeast at 30 miles per hour. this is the history of the storm. look at the darker blue. heavy hail that crossed over 97. georgia avenue and moving well north. six or seven miles north of the wheaton/glenmont area. it will head up to the northeastern section of laurel and howard county as well. lightning and the hail is interesting. this is the biggest part of the storm. north side of the beltway at the height of rush hour. other storms to south and southwest. they are non-severe but they are packing a punch. in stafford, dumfries, occoquan, the whole area is rocked and socked with heavy rain around the area. but later this evening the rain will come to an end. the cold front will come
5:53 pm
bring in drier air. a beautiful day tomorrow. we'll see you at the top of the hour. alison: thank you. the italian stallion, this one is off limits for now. the area surrounding philadelphia's iconic "rockq" statue is being repaired so the tourists won't be able to take the photos with rocky for two weeks. the statue was off-limits in april in the nfl draft. larry: this weekend, i was going to jog up there and dance around like rocky did. i have to wait. robert: i don't think you want to do that. i'm sure you don't want to do that. you walked up the stairs a few weeks ago. it was a struggle. let's just say that. good news for bryce harper. no struggle there. the four-game suspension issued by the mlb has been reduced to three games according to fox sports. so bryce will miss out on the series
5:54 pm
giants. the first two games across the game against the a's. he will return on sunday. the giants pitcher, hunter stickland, no word on if his six-game suspension was reduced. never easy for a team that compete nationally and come home with several gold medals but sometimes the alpha omega teaian taekwondo team made it. this coach of the week has a little kick to it. take a walk through kim's karate. first place plaques. gold medals hanging from the necks. but when they are out of uniform -- >> they become win neshs life. robert: the master has groomed nothing but winners. his son and his daughter leila and the grandson jonathan.
5:55 pm
he says it is keeping the faith. >> i leave the rest to god. >> his grandson is fresh off the first place finish at nationals last year. the inspiration is his grandfather, of course. even off the mats. >> role model. i haven't had male figures. he has always been there for me. >> and a distraction from the discourse in the community. >> the school hours are critical. get out of school and then the kids can get in trouble. wi want the kids to be here. >> i wouldn't be who i am without him. robert: with the coach of the week, i'm robert burton. awesome. the parents are lined up. the kids are focused, discipline. alison: good stuff. >> i don't think you will see a better team in area. alison: thanks. larry: we're tracking storms in the area. update next at 6:00.
5:56 pm
stay with us for that.rrator: " to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare.
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jonathan: now at 6:00 -- >> the tipster coming forward averted a potential disaster in the nation's capital. jonathan: the big bust blocks from the white house and how it all went down. michelle: look at this. one simple mistake racks up $300,000 in damage for a local family. how to avoid a similar disaster. jonathan: remember this video dumped on the sidewalk like trash? this story, "7 on your side" broke is spurring action at a local hospital. >> now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. michelle: a line of storms with rain, wind and lightning rip across the area. jonathan: doug hill gets us up to speed. there is a lot of red and yellow on the map. doug: there sure is. it's a compact storm but packing a punch and movek quickly as well.
6:00 pm
warning in effect for 30 more minutes. in a minute or two the center will move in laurel, savage, columbia shortly after by 6:20. ellicott city at 6:28. catonsville on the southwest side of baltimore city. large hail and gusty winds and lightning. we have been analyzing the cell over the past 20 or 30 minutes. it's showing the lightning strike and the intensity and the number diminishing a bit. not a sign that the storm is weakening but the initial stages we think. we are tracking the other storm, producing heavy rain and the occasional lightning strike over the district and south of the i-95 corridor and southwest to stafford and the fredericksburg area. there is a lot of rain. the area is growing. but what is not growing is the severe component. this is spreading out to a good soaker with gusty winds. this is moving at a good clip toward the chesapeake by a. over the eastern shore later tonight. a second line of the showers coming out of pennsyl


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