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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 2, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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>> we have something in common, we're everywhere. >> cheers. >> two-time emmy award-winning "extra." >> this is so fun!
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>> who doesn't like tom cruise? >> "extra's" in london with tom. now, all aboard kenneth brannah's "murder on the orient express." talk about an all-star cast.
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players on a train as they traveled through europe to promote the movie. >> one killer cast. one world famous luxury locomotive, one international mystery. >> a passenger has died. >> and so many stars. johnny depp, michelle pfeiffer, dame judi dench, kenneth brannah and josh gad all aboard ready to solve -- >> "murder on t "murder on the expres express". >> globe hopping with the cast from my train ride from venice to paris with josh on the venice orient express. >> does it get any better than this, sir? >> it really doesn't. >> to johnny in l.a. with mario. >> what can we look forward to on the "murder on the orient express"? >> i had such a great time working with an incredible cast. >> and london with the rest of the a-list ensemble, brannah directing and starring as hercule poirot. >> i'm probably the greatest detective in the world. >> we built the train and we wanted to people it with the most amazing cast we could. and i think we did.
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>> josh saying all the actors took a back seat to the real star. >> the train itself. >> it was amazing to see the selflessness of people who have been doing this for years, like dame judi dench. >> what is going on? >> i heard you called her something else. >> the first day she was doing her own thing. and daisy was like, don't bother her. of course, me, being the idiot that i am, i went up to her and said, dame judi dench. >> she loved it. dame judi loving getting in on the fun trying to squeeze "star wars" secrets from daisy. >> who is the last jedi? >> those videos, that was once a week. >> you have plenty of weeks to prepare for this. >> murder. >> one of these stars did it. find out who, in november. well, you can call michael keaton an oscar nominee, and now you can also call him a doctor. oscar winner big screen hero, now taking on the le
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in what may be the biggest movie of the summer, spider-man homecoming. >> it's always fun to play bad guys. >> good guy keaton also taking on another real-life role in a cap and gown. >> whenever you see me, you have to call me doctor. >> inviting only "extra" to his pittsburgh hometown where he received an honorary doctorate from carnegie mellon university. >> you don't have to bow down. right now it's only one knee. if i get another degree, you have to get down on both knees. >> confessing to us he was not a very good student. >> terrible. i could have never gotten into cmu. they would have thrown me right off the campus. >> it was near campus where keaton launched his showbiz career doing stand-up comedy in a local nightclub. >> i'm within spitting distance of where i kind of got started. >> he credits growing up in the gritty steel town with giving him the thick skin to survive hollywood. >> this is the antidote for bull [ bleep ]. this is where people will straighten you out right away and tell you what's what. >> they don't ca
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>> but nothing ever prepares you to take on spidey. >> marvel movies, they're just giant machines. you just kind of climb into it and hang on. >> dr. michael keaton hits theaters in spider-man homecoming july 7th.
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before we go, candice nelson, founder of sprinkles cupcakes, what do we have today, love? birthday.arilyn monroe's did you know that? >> it is, 91 she would have been. >> she is a hollywood icon, and sprinkles are so excited celebrating her birthday with other special marilyn monroe red velvet cupcakes.
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we're offering them today and all month as part of our summer icon series. >> my weak spot is the red velvet and marilyn monroe. so cute, right? >> thank you so much. to satisfy your sweet tooth, all you have to do is go to i'm going to do it, candace, i'm going to do it. so good. next "extra," gear up for one monster thrill ride. >> no one does it like tom cruise. >> "extra's" in london with tom. next time. wecome home mr. t.! city. 2024 winner announced in september. >> game one of the nba finals goes to the golden state warriors. they had an eight-point lead at halftime last night against lebron james, cleveland cavaliers. >> and then, golden state started the
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13-0 run. and the rest of the game was pretty much academic. kevin dur anlt. led the warriors. with 38 points. curry helped out with 28 of his own. >> lebron james, scored 2 too. and it wasn't enough. gold in state won it, 113-91 t game two sunday night here on abc. we will hear from golden state star, steph curry in the half-hour. >> yeah, riri on the side line. gave kevin durant the opportunity. during the press conference. they said did you stare down rihanna after you hit one of your flees. steph curry was sitting there next to him. see, there goes riri. look at her. she was yelling at him. like the worst fan ever. but having the best time at the game. steph curry there next to her. and she was -- dabbed. >> and i like she dabbed. >> steph curry was like don't go there, bro. just leave it alone. just leave it alone. >> just leave it ale.
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steph curry in oiz own word. the warriors point guard. his life. off and on the court. including baby face, the playoff beard. >> and first look at jail video of tiger woods after his dui arrest. we'll let you take a look coming up. find us on face book -- you're watching "world news now." you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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back with road rage video here. this one with a twist. in houston, texas, awoman gets out of her car to start fight with a woman. after a fender-bender on the highway. while throwing blows. see that guy right there. check that out. he jumps into one of the women's cars, and -- drives off. >> does she realize her car is
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gone? >> busy taking care of business, whatever that's. >> that's what you want to call it. >> not clear if he has been found or the vehicle tracked down. >> they might still be fight right now for all we know. >> just imagine her going back to her car, like i took care of that. >> yet another reason to try to keep that road rage under control. >> yeah. >> we do have new perspective in the meantime about condition of tiger woods following his arrest. police released video over night, disoriented woods inside the blood alcohol testing center at palm beach county jail. it shows woods leaning against a wall and giving two breath samples, woods has blamed his condition on mixture of prescription drugs. that he is taking following his recent back surgery. he has a court date scheduled for, early next month. switching gears to frightening moments for united airlines flight just taken off from chicago's o'hare airport. >> one of the engines caught fire shooting flames after a bird strike. abc's d
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>> pulsating flames spit out of the united airlines jet. >> the engine was rattling. it was like moving back and fort. >> reporter: passengers unsure what was wrong. >> it was scary. i thought i was going to die. i am still shaking. >> reporter: the pilots knew when they took off from o'hare airport what had happened. >> we had a right engine failure. going to take it out run way. 1500 feet. declare an emergency. >> reporter: bird strikes on the rise. now more than 13,000 a year. most infamous. the flock taking out both engines of u.s. airways jet, forcing sully sullenberger to land on the hudson river. the jetliner landed safely on return to o'hair. passengers put on another aircraft and made it to miami. david kerley, abc news, reagan national airport. >> thanks to david there. coming up -- the clash of the nation's fiercest
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champions. we now have a winner for this year's scripps national spelling bee. >> can you spell the winning word? >> first. fresh out of golden state's blowout to the cavaliers. hear what steph curry has to say about getting back at that team. you are watching "world news now." nope. so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne, not so much on other teen ings. tand, our adulte children are here. so, we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms. anybody seen my pants? nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide.
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golden state
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the three line arc last night in game one of the nba finals. curry poured in six three pointers against the cavaliers. 18 of 28 points on the night came from downtown. the warriors dominant victory. 113-91. >> hours before that game, steph curry sat down with t.j. holmes and discussed life on and off the court. >> it didn't matter to you necessarily who you play. you are trying to win a championship. as a little part of you doesn't mind getting a chance to go back at cavaliers. >> had a pretty good idea it was going to be cleveland. for us to get back on top. i would say, it would be a good feeling to, to redeem ourselves from last year. and knowing it is going to be against cleveland. tough. >> cleveland is a city of champions. once again. >> redemption against a cavs team that made finals history in delivering heartbreak to the warriors.
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series heated between the warriors and lebron james in particular. what is your personal relationship like with lebron? >> i know him well. all the way back from my college days. obviously run into each other. and from time to time. and they have the battles on the court. all said and done. all careers are over with. there is is going to be looking back like we had good times playing the game we love. >> a game with renewed focus on player safety. that some argue has gone too far. >> do you agree that, that, maybe the league is a little soft. >> i think the way that -- they crack down on some of the basketball plays, makes it really tough. the situation. high alert, what is flagrant. curry dealt with the soft label his whole career. >> you and i talked about last year. the baby face assassin. >> don't know what is in people's minds, how they label me, perceive me.
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and how i view myself. and life. and play on the basketball court. whether they think i'm tough. they think i'm like, 16, whatever. we talk about baby face. >> still under there, i assume. >> under there some where. >> it's under there. >> it is, is there any chance that you are going to shave that beard before the nba finals are over? >> not a chance. >> so, as the title baby face back in college. i always wanted to grow a beard to say i could. i could never get it to connect on this side right here. had this piece. >> just this side was a prob policemen. >> just this side, six month as go, it started to connect. so i got, i got a little carried away with it. and -- made up my own reason to have a playoff beard. so this is look four months, of, of hard work. and perseverance. >> perseverance. >> there, for the -- thanks to t.j. >> shaves it now they start losing they will never forgive him. >> do
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>> no. >> star in the next edition of the scarlet letter with the beard. >> it's pretty fluffy. >> no it's not.
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so, not just humans are trying to get caught up with the late saes son of house of cards. even some dolphins, that's, not really the case. but this is in maryland, researchers installed touch screen tv unit there so they can test out and see how their dolphins will interact. see the dolphin there. just swimming around. touching it. this is what they're seeing on the 8-foot large touch screen. say it will help them further understand the dolphin mind. >> what if they want to zoom in, what do they do? >> it will be tough. >> little. >> yeah. i don't know. we will have to do research into that. >> all right. want to take you to massachusetts where a disgruntled former 7-eleven franchisee was
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to force him to serve hot food. he said no one wanted it. he came up with a creative decision. he lost his store and opened a store across the street, called 6 twelve. he says he estimates half of his current clientele follow him from across the street. there you go. >> thank heavens for 6 twelve. hope they sell the same good stuff at 7 eleven. >> gets a day off. it's 6 -- 11, i mean 7. you know what i mean. >> polka. ♪ politics and foreign wars all right weather all the scores that's the world news polka if you're an insomniac and a good night sleep you lack do the world news polka it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants so grab your world news now mug and everybody dance have some fun be a pal every anchor g
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this morning on "world news now" -- the world reacting to the u.s. going it alone on climate change. the president announcing his decision to pull out of the paris accord. the response has been overwhelmingly negative. what's next? >> one deal made bite obama administration struck down another hangs in the balance. what we are learning this morning about how cuba and president trump may look to roll back the opening to the u.s. >> secret meeting between jared kushner and a russian banker. >> hear what the bank is saying about the meeting and conflicting story from the white house. >> if you are busy watching game one of the nba finals you missed


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