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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 2, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- the world reacting to the u.s. going it alone on climate change. the president announcing his decision to pull out of the paris accord. the response has been overwhelmingly negative. what's next? >> one deal made bite obama administration struck down another hangs in the balance. what we are learning this morning about how cuba and president trump may look to roll back the opening to the u.s. >> secret meeting between jared kushner and a russian banker. >> hear what the bank is saying about the meeting and conflicting story from the white house. >> if you are busy watching game one of the nba finals you missed
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out on a real competition. yeah, this one. the national spelling bee. that was a true nail biter. since the producers love me they put all of the spelling words in the teleprompter. sorry, i can't read them. so, just, stay tuned. okay. it is friday, june 2nd. >> so many tough word. >> i don't know if that's anywhere near the right pronunciation. >> think it is baracuda. >> test our skills later in the show. >> all right. but we are going to start about the backlash growing this morning after president trump pulled the u.s. out of the paris climate agreement. >> the decision to withdraw from global accord denounced by countries closest allies. but the president says the deal is unfair to the u.s. economy. abc's correspondent reports. >> reporter: the president fulfilling a key campaign promise. >> the united states will withdraw from the paris climate accord.
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>> more than 190 countries signed on committing to cut green house gas emissions in an effort to combat climate change. only syria and nicaragua haven't signed the deal trump referred to massive redistribution of wealth. >> i was elected to representative the citizens of pittsburgh not paris. >> dozens of american companies, apple. citigroup, wal-mart, exxon mobile, urged president trump not to quit the agreement arguing participation would help. in the rose garden trump arguing the agreement is bad for the american economy. saying he is open to finding a way to make the accord more appealing. >> begin negotiations to re-enter either the paris accord or really entirely new transaction, on terms that are fair to the united states. >> the world reacting. paris city hall going green in support of the agreement. 61 u.s. mayors pledging to adopt,on
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paris accord commitment. president obama releasing a statement saying, trump joins a handful of nations that reject the future. >> but the leaders of france, germany and italy releasing a joint statement saying the paris climate accord cannot be renegotiated. the french president taking a direct shot at trump. >> make our planet great again. >> that unusual statement there in english from the french president. and, the u.s. president is also getting backlash from governors, calling a group of governors calling his move insane and deviant. >> hillary clinton reacted on twitter writing an historic mistake. the world is moving together on climate change. paris withdrawal leaves american workers and families behind. democrat senator, dianne feinstein called the president's decision a reckless choice. >> i believe it is going to cause enormous harm for the president to withdraw this
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we will be sponsoring legislation that says we disapprove of that. >> still house speaker paul ryan and other republican congressional leaders applauded the president's decision. ryan said the paris accord was a raw deal for the country. >> now the president is reportedly ready to roll back another signature accomplishment of his predecessor. sources say, the trump administration is planning to reverse the u.s. policy on cuba. president obama had initiated the process of normalizing relations after decades of diplomatic hostility. president trump set to increase regulations to make it harder for u.s. companies to do business with cubans and americans to travel. >> new questions emerging over a secret meeting between the president's son-in-law, jared kushner and russian banker. was it a discussion about u.s. russian policy or kushner's real estate business. brian ross' team tracked down the banker in russia. >> reporter: in st. petersburg,
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russia, a rare public sighting of the russian banker whose secret meeting with president trump's son-in-law, jared kushner focus of an fbi investigation. but the banker, trained as a spy, refused to answer questions from abc news about what he and kushner talked about. the meeting under investigation, took place as he rant russian bank's branch office in new york after the election. came at a time that the kushner family was racing to raise money for its real estate business. >> i think the question has to be asked, was this about you trying to get financing for your troubled real estate that you have in new york city. >> the troubled real estate is the skyscraper on fifth avenue. the 666 building. >> they borrowed $1.3 billion that loan has to be paid back in two years. >> the white house says the meeting between kushner and gorkov was about u.s./russian relations arranged by the russian ambassador. the bank says no a private
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>> you worry about white house policy being shaped in a way that benefits either the banks or russia at large. >> reporter: also in st. petersburg, acknowledgement from russian president vladamir putin that russian hackers may have targeted hillary clinton and the democrats. but he told reporters they're patriots who did it on their own. not for the state. >> putin appears to be on an interview circuit, driving with oliver stone, he said american spies have gone too far. but that russian spies always obey the law. former fbi director, james comey scheduled to testify before congress next thursday. legal experts say the president could try to invoke executive privilege to stop him, but that it would be a losing argument. especially because the president himself has spoken publicly so match of but his meetings with the former fbi director.
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brian ross, abc news, new york. we have breaking news from the philippines. 36 bodies have been found in a manila casino after gunmen stormed the building then started a fire. the gunmen went to the casino firing an assault rifle, torched the game tables. people started trampling each other trying to get out. police say all victims apare to have died of suffocation. police initially thought the casino was under attack by terrorists. they now say the shooter was likely mentally ill acting alone. he was found dead hours later in an apparent suicide. in a plea now to the supreme court. the trump administration asking for the controversial travel ban to be immediately reinstated. the ban affects travelers from six mostly muslim countries, across middle east and africa. it was met by protests at airports in several cities being before blocked by a federal judge. while the administration's new filing says an appeals court made several mistakes in ruling
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against a ban, it also claims the nation will be safer if the ban is put in place. supreme court justices took time. new group photo, first for neil gorsuch. sit in order with chief justice john roberts in the middle. stephen breyer gets to move to the front row 23 years. >> long time to wait for promotion. >> last one was taken in 2010 after justice sotomayor's appointment. >> creative paint job in milwaukee suburb. >> the village of sussex. >> oh! >> sprucing up its water tower. the contractor only painted over half. >> woops. >> left the letters, s-e-x, high in the sky. >> you can imagine more than a few cars pulled over to snap photos. the contractors swear this was an accident. they say, sex was supposed to be covered up by the end of the day yesterday.
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was a population boost that took place in sussex yesterday. tripled its population all in one day. >> these stories of people talking about one mother saying, that she is sitting there with her son on the baseball field. he starts looking up. says, mom, what does that say? does that say sex? oh, dear. oh, boy. >> kid. it's not that easy. >> ha-ha-ha. >> coming up -- the latest kid who is way smarter than us. >> just the latest. >> uh-huh. >> from 300 to just one. meet the nation's newest spelling bee champ. >> what janet jackson is about to do that she has never done before. we will have the details ahead in "the skinny." >> first, a look at today's forecast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by fisher investments.
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costume. fans parentally held no grudges despite another mets loss. >> oh. all right. well. >> changing of the person in the costume. >> didn't work for them. neither did changing pitching. >> speak of mascots. there is a little bit of an ugly incident at marlins game during a race. phillies receiver, hector narez, see him. he interferes with the orange stone crab. >> oh. >> by some estimates. interference was witnessed by the smallest major league crowd. since the late 1980s. typical marlins game then. >> lot of people dressed as empty seats. >> didn't want to charge the mount, so mascots instead. golden state warriors at their dominant best. kevin durant had six slam dunks in the first half alone last night.
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against lebron james and cavs. 3 points. easy 113-91 victory golden state. warriors haven't lost in this year's playoffs. 13-0. game two of the finals sunday night in oakland. you can see it here on abc. but we saw this last time. they were superdominant. >> up 3-1. that's why they play all seven games some times. but there was another intense competition last night involving just as much blood. sweat and tears. okay. maybe more tears. >> just a few. >> a clash of the nation's fiercest competitors, best of the best, face to face. lebron. no way. >> language of origin. >> part of speech. >> the national spelling bee. that grueling annual battle of the brains. the bee has it all. nervous kids. proud parents, old guys. trying to be hip. >> heathers brother suggested he post a tinder photo where she is not wearing it. >> round after round. kids taking a seat after hearing.
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[ bell dings ] >> dang it. >> the bell, means you are done. mogollon. correct. >> didn't even wait for the judges to confirm his confidence. he eventually got bounced. then the final two. 14 from oklahoma. the favorite book. charlotte's web. and from fresno, california. coincidentally, steph curry fan. >> that is correct. >> that is correct. >> that is correct. >> back and forth. way past their bedtimes. >> that's correct. >> man, that was really impressive. >> and way more entertaining than game one of the nba finals. one espn host, tweeting. there are people actually at the nba finals watching the national spelling bee on their phones. maram. >> the veteran. rowan takes a seat.
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ananya the 6th grard. marocain. >> that is correct. >> congratulations. you are the champion. >> is she relieved, shocked, happy? no, the steely glare of the true competitor. two wins for w nation on the night. but only one featured an entertaining match up. >> moroccan. >> act like you have been there before. you got the memo. and what? and what? >> maracain. >> maracain. >> one of mariah carey's sons. >> yes, exactly what it means. >> when we come back. we have mean tweets. an up close look at our newest correspondent. yes. you got to see it. ♪ ♪ being embarassed by her parents? nope.
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♪ skinny ♪ skinny so skinny >> very special post nba edition of "the skinny." and, jimmy kimmel also got in on the action with the mean tweets, nba edition. >> kicking off the game night specials for the finals. kimmel managed to draft a deep bench of nba stars. check it out. >> so bad at free-throws because his eyes are so close together. >> james harden always looks like he's just about to lead the israelites to the red seat. >> magic johnson becoming gm is just another reminder that any stupid person can do anything they set their mind to. >> i don't think shaq is dumb, but he sure sound like it. >> actually pretty good tweets there. >> wow, tough there.
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night of the nba final. >> next, the private janet jackson about to let us into her world. >> she experienced major highs and lows over the last three years from her marriage to qatari business magnate to birth of their son. now their impending divorce. >> so the pop star reportedly will pull back the curtain on all of that and her private life for a reality series on netflix. show said to run as a ten part documentary. will spotlight sessions, co-parenting with soon to be ex-husband. preparing for the european and asian legs of her tour. >> the premiere date of the series. still to be determined. >> the tour is expect to come this fall. maybe see the show then. >> next, we here at world news now are proud and happy towell cup the newest member of our abc news correspondent team.
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>> i bring you -- james longman. >> looks like a good guy. >> comes to us from way across the pond. >> let's talk about his cv, shall we. longman will join abc's london bureau as a foreign correspondent after spending five years reporting for the bbc from beirut. >> to cover attributes. fluent in arabic, french, english, expert in middle eastern affairs with a deep understanding of the middle east conflict. >> that's important for us here at abc. longman was also raised in london. and cairo. and his mother is of lebanese descent. >> and he has a very big social media following. 28,000 fans on instagram, clearly because they're impressed. >> with his cv. >> professional experience. >> he reported in war zones. really lifted up his team of of co-workers throughout his time there at the bbc. so, l
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his reporting. >> coming up, our weekly friday rewind. stay with us here on "world news now." world news now."
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>> very busy week. everything from hate crimes, missile launch to celebrities behaving badly. >> did end up with a brand new world. >> yes. >> our "weekly friday rewind." >> the mug shot showing the golfing great like we have never seen him before. charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. woods releasing a statement saying, i didn't realize the mix of medications affected me so strongly. >> i think this changes everything for tiger woods. really could derail any chance he's has to come back. >> watch as a 10-year-old boy launches down this 80 degree drop from three stories up.
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with only minor scrapes and bruises. >> we are going to do everything we can to make sure that doesn't happen again. >> that one didn't open all the way back there. >> 27-year-old, navy seal remington peter's parachute, the chute fails to deploy sending him plunging into the hudson river. the u.s. coast guard pulled him out he did not survive. >> jeremy christian started spewing hate at fellow passengers and stabbed three men who tried to protect them. >> i want to say thank you to the people who put their life on the line for me. >> north korea launching a test, scud missile. landing in japanese waters. >> the bottom line is that it would be a catastrophic war if this turns into a combat. >> president trump's top adviser, jared kushner caught in the cross hairs over trying to set up back channel communications with russia. >> some administration officials are saying that is standard procedure. i don't think it is standard procedure.
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pictures and video depicting comedienne kathy griffin holding the bloody decapitated head of president trump are no joking matter for the secret service. and griffin took to twitter to explain herself. >> i sincerely apologize. i made a mistake. i was wrong. >> the united states with withdraw from the paris climate accord. >> make our planet great again. >> covfefe. >> i think covfefe. >> can i get a hit of the covfefe. >> covfefe. >> covfefe. >> anyway. >> covfefe. >> anyway. >> on to something with the song. >> haven't figured it out. >> going to be huge. ♪ at the covfefe music and laughter ♪ not going to rhyme. ♪ at covfefe we met our love >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. covfefe we met our
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making news in america this morning, the landmark reversal. president trump's decision to withdraw the u.s. from the paris climate accord reverberating acro across the world. overnight the protest, strong reaction from world leaders and landmarks in green showing solidarity. we have live team coverage. breaking overnight, dozens are dead at a casino in manila after a man armed with a gun and gasoline stormed the building. we have new details from the scene. we have new video of tiger woods after he was taken to the police station. we'll tell you what it shows following his dui arrest. plus, a night of tense competition on two fronts. a new spelling bee champion and lebron james and steph curry square off in game one of the nba finals. but it was actually rihanna getting all the attention.


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