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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 2, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, the landmark reversal. president trump's decision to withdraw the u.s. from the paris climate accord reverberating acro across the world. overnight the protest, strong reaction from world leaders and landmarks in green showing solidarity. we have live team coverage. breaking overnight, dozens are dead at a casino in manila after a man armed with a gun and gasoline stormed the building. we have new details from the scene. we have new video of tiger woods after he was taken to the police station. we'll tell you what it shows following his dui arrest. plus, a night of tense competition on two fronts. a new spelling bee champion and lebron james and steph curry square off in game one of the nba finals. but it was actually rihanna getting all the attention.
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we'll tell you why. bad girl, ri-ri. >> showing her support. good friday morning. global reaction to president trump's decision to walk away from the paris climate agreement. >> yeah, the president said the landmark deal to reduce carbon emissions would have cut millions of american jobs and give other countries an unfair advantage. overnight buildings in the u.s. and beyond were lit up in green in a show of support for the paris agreement. among them, one world trade center here in new york city. >> and boston city hall also went green, the may choir said it's meant to show his city stands with the environment. >> we have live team coverage and molly hunter standing by in london with reaction from world leaders. we're going to start with kenneth moton live for us in washington. kenneth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president trump said that deal wasn't fair to the u.s. this morning, dozens of leaders in cities and states say they'll do what the president won't. this mo
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president trump's world power withdrawal. >> the united states will withdraw from the paris climate accord. >> reporter: trump called the nearly ee-nation agreement to combat climate change a massive redistribution of wealth to other countries saying it would hurt the american economy and worker. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> reporter: but the mayor of pittsburgh sharply disagreed on cnn sending a message to the president. >> what he did was not only bad for the economy of this country, but also weakened america. >> reporter: new york, california and washington state are forming the u.s. climate alliance to uphold the paris agreement. 61 u.s. mayors collepledging to the same. trump's decision sparked protests in d.c. and new york. several big business leaders also
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exit. this morning, one industry praising trump, coal. >> we will see if we can make a deal that's fair. >> reporter: big companies like apple and exxonmobil said 125iing in the agreement would make the world more competitive in business. president obama agreed saying in a statement the nation's remaining in the paris accord will reap the benefits and jobs and industries created. kendis and diane. >> that's kenneth moton, thanks. this morning many countries including many of our allies expressing deep disappointment. >> china said it's committed to the goals of the accord regardless of the president's decision. and the leader of denmark said it's a sad day for the world. abc's molly hunter has much more from london. molly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, diane. that's right. climb change is not the subject of partisan debate on this side of the pond. the paris accord is widely supported but president trump did speak with a number of leaders including british prime minister theresa may and all vowed to forge ahead without the u.s.
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this morning, global headlines taking aim at president trump. in germany, danke, donald, in france, good-bye, america. and here in the united kingdom from "the independent" america first, climate last. all reacting to the president's decision to remove the united states from the paris accord. an ambitious agreement from nearly 200 countries to fight climate change. many world leaders being blunt in their statements. the prime minister of belgium calling it a brutal act. former mexican president vicente fox saying he's declaring war on the planet itself and the united nations expressing its disappointment. >> it is crucial that the united states remains a leader on environmental issues. the secretary-general looks forward to engaging with the american government and all actors in the united states and around the world to build a sustainable future on which our grandchildren depend. >> reporter: president trump
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negotiate it all over again. >> we will try to make a deal that's fair f we can, that's great. if we can't, that's fine. >> reporter: but the leaders of france, germany, italy saying in a statement the paris climate accord cannot be renegotiated. and french president emmanuel macron speaking in english for three full minutes with this message for america. >> make our planet great again. >> reporter: now the only other two countries who are n nonsignatories, nicaragua who thought the agreement was too weak and syria, of course, in the midst of war. everyone else is on board. diane, kendis. >> all right, that's molly hunter for us live from london. molly, thanks. and president trump is also keeping busy reportedly planning to reverse the u.s. policy on cuba. >> yeah, sources say the trump administration is planning to increase regulations on cuba. you'll recall president obama initiated the process of normalizing relations, well, the move would make it harder for u.s. companies to do business with the island and make it more difficult for
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travel to the country. >> the trump administration meanwhile, is asking the supreme court to immediately reinstate its travel ban. the ban affects travelers from six mostly muslim countries and refugees from anywhere in the world met by protests at u.s. airports being before blocked by a federal judge. the administration claims a court made several mistakes. the date is set for former fbi director james comey appearance before congress. comey's testimony scheduled for next thursday in front of the senate intelligence committee. lawmakers are hoping to hear about his private conversations with president trump including those reports comey was asked to end a probe into former national security adviser michael flynn. well, the supreme court justices took some time out for their new class photo. a first for recently appointed justice neil gorsuch. the justices sit in order of seniority and that meant that justice stephen breyer gets to move on to the front row after 23 years. >> all right.
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finally got that promotion. now a look at today's weather. the radar shows some thunderstorms will roll into the northern plains today. those storms are expected to bring rain and strong winds into the midwest over the weekend. forecasters say they don't expect any widespread outbreaks of damaging wind but high temperatures today, phoenix is the hot spot at 103. it'll be in the 80s in los angeles and salt lake city. elsewhere we're looking at 70s and 80s pretty much across the map. boston is the only major city expected to stay in the 60s today. get the sunscreen. well, still ahead, highlights from game one of the nba finals. breaking news from overseas. dozens are dead after a gunman storms the casino and sets gambling tables on fire. we have new video coming in. this wall of water, people flee. a beach after a mini tsunami comes in.
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we're back with breaking news from the philippines where police discovered the bodies of 36 people hours after a gunman stormed the manila casino and started a huge fire there. police said the gunman spread gasoline in the gaming area and then torched the carpet and the tables. people trampled one another trying to escape all of this. investigators don't believe it was a terror attack. they actually think the shooter may have been a disgruntled casino gamer. he took his own life. investigators in manchester, england, have released new images of the man behind the concert terror attack and show
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blue suitcase in the days before the attack. they're hoping to find that suitcase and any potential information about potential conspirators. emergency crews recovered a second body from the rubble of a wisconsin corn milling plant rocked by an explosion. they're now searching to are a third person, a plant employee still missing. the blast damaged or destroyed much of the plant and sent nearly a dozen people to the hospital. state and federal investigators are at the scene trying to determine the cause of the explosion. the controversial dakotas pipeline is in service. four sioux tribes are still fighting it in court. the tribes and environmental groups are worried it could contaminate water sources. there have been three leaks reported just since march. none affected any water supplies. wall street hopes to build on its latest record high today. the dow opens at 21,144 after
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the s&p 500 and the nasdaq also reached record highs. the jump is credited to healthy signals from the economy. records come ahead of today's federal jobs report. early figures show the u.s. added more than 250,000 jobs last month. so, this is interesting. walmart is testing a new app that matches online order deliveries addresses with its employees' driving routes. 9 idea workers can deliver packaged ordered over the internet while making their way home. the program is being tested at three walmart locations. walmart says employees volunteer to make the deliveries and that they are paid for it. >> efficiency. >> yeah. when we come back, flames shooting from a packed airliner after hitting a flock of birds. we have passengers reacting this morning. and game one of the nba finals not even close. it was rihanna, 1, the cavs, 0.
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check out the striking new video from brazil. researchers in sao paulo say it's high speed footage capturing the impact of a lightning strike on a building for the first time. it is slowed down in order to see details shot for a study to help building engineers. a look at morning road conditions back here at home. there will be some wet pavement in the plains and the midwest. rain, as well, along the gulf coast and across most of texas into the southwest. if you're flying expect some airport delays in new orleans. and police in florida have offered new evidence about a condition of tiger woods following his arrest. >> they released new video overnight, take a look showing a disoriented woods inside the blood alcohol testing center at the palm beach county jail. it shows woods leaning against a wall as you see there and giving two breath samples which proved he had not been drinking before he was found asleep in his
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on a mix of painkillers that he's taking following his recent back surgery. now to a close call for passengers on a united airlines flight. the plane had just taken off from chicago when it hit a flock of geese shortly thereafter and damaged the engine and sent flames shooting. the pilots realized what happened right away but initially the shaken passengers had no idea. >> the engine was rattling so it was like moving back and forth. >> it was scary. i just thought i was going to die. i'm still like shaky. >> some passengers reported smelling the engine burning. they say landing was pretty rough, as well, but everyone landed safely. now to that unusual scene overseas, a big square for beachgoers at a resorts in the netherlands. like a mini tsunami as water came crashing onto the sand. the waves washed away beach chairs, umbrellas and small boat, as well and it sent panicked sunbathers
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fortunately no one was injured. meteorologists say it was a rare tidal surge. now to the nba finals. game one in the books. >> very close. >> the golden state warriors got huge efforts last night from their stars kevin durant and steph curry. >> lebron james and the cavaliers kept it relatively close until halftime. then the warsz went on a run 113-91 and t.j. holmes was there. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: well, kendis, diane, this seems all too familiar. cavs/warriors three and game one and once again we got a blowout just like the finals started last year. yes, the warriors/cavs three, the whole rubber match, we're seeing this thing once again and once again we're starting off like we started off last year, a few blow-outs at the beginning of the finds. turned out to be an epic seven series and game one
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big play, exciting plays through halftime but the warriors began to pull away and do their thing. as much as we talked about steph curry versus lebron james, these two guys are the faces of the nba right now, but, you know what, it was kevin durant, an mvp in his own right who stepped up. he's the new guy on the warriors and joined them after last season. well, he's the guy who stepped up, 38 points, put on a show. had more dunks than we're used to seeing him have. very aggressive and he absolutely was the star of the show in game one proving to be a differencemaker in joining this team. but, again, even though it was a blow-out by the warriors, don't get fooled for a second. this is exactly the format why saw last year when the finals started and that turned out to be an epic seven-game series so we are just getting started. game one in the book, warriors up 1-0 and their revenge tour, if you will, trying to get back at these kwafz who
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game two coming up on abc. we, of course, will be right here for it, kendis, diane, we will see you soon. >> thank you, t.j. kevin durant's old teammate, russell westbrook in oklahoma, he was watching sister act 2 on his instagram. he was like, no, talk about revenge tour. >> no thank you. up next in "the pulse," more from game one and rihanna sitting courtside creating quite a stir on social media. where to find free doughnuts. did somebody say free? it is national doughnut day. let's party. ♪ your body was made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz is right for you. xeljanz is a small pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz can reduce joint pain and swelling in as little as
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>> she was one of many celebrities in the crowd but then the fourth quarter watch as warriors player kevin durant gets a big three-pointer and then he looks like he's staring at someone in the crowd. >> it appeared he was looking right at rihanna. he was asked about it after the game. >> toward the end of the game you shot a three kind of putting the dagger and looked toward the crowd toward rihanna. was that on purpose or do you remember that or -- >> i don't even remember that. >> well, just let you know social media is buzzing about it. >> really? >> yes. >> don't get in that trap. >> yeah. i'm cool. have fun with that. >> don't get in that trap, bro. don't do it. >> one sports report said rihanna was heckling the warriors. >> she was. >> but this moment was great. the look between durant and curry when the reporter was asking that question. >> don't do it, bro. don'
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celebration. >> everybody, get ready because today is national doughnut day and we brought. >> doughnuts. lots of doughnuts. >> just for the occasion. this is started by the chicago salvation army in 1938. it was actually a way to honor women who served to soldiers during world war i. they used to serve them doughnut dmrts now it's an excuse for the big national doughnut chains to run specials and send us plenty of doughnuts from dunkin' donut, krispy kreme and many others, doughnut makers are giving away free or discounted doughnuts. if you have a sweet tooth today is your day. tomorrow is the day to hit the treadmill. >> and -- >> i have too many. >> we have quite a variety. i'm going with a little chocolaty one. before we get there we want to show you the man who once owned a 7-eleven franchise in south boston and now he is getting back or giving back, perhaps. >> he got so fed up with the parent company's rules
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quit and opened a new store across the street that he calls 6-twelve but still carrying a bit of a grudge. >> his goal to see the old store shut down and he's using what he knows in the business to get that done. >> he says he remembers the prices of everything in the 7-eleven so he's charging a lot less. >> but the can he is, does less mean free when it comes to doughnuts because did we mention, it's national doughnut day? >> shall we celebrate?up with gd morning washington. it's finally friday-- and meteorologist veronica johnson has lots of good news in her weekend forecast. that's coming up in just a moment but first, here is a quick look at some of this morning's top stories. a massive protest outside the white house-- in the wake of president trump's decision to pull out of the paris climate accord. the move bringing the u-s into conflict with nearly every other nation on the planet, who ha
4:25 am
agreement to decrease carbon emissions. president trump says he will try to negotiate a better deal with world leaders. that is something already being rejected by the heads of germany, italy, and france. the scripps national spelling be is over-- and for the first time in four years, a single champion has been crowned. 12-year-old ananya vinay took home the title trophy at national harbor late last night. this was the california girl's second time competing in the bee. this year she walks away with the 40-thousand dollars grand prize. good morning washington. toss to eileen - fabulous friday - still nice saturday
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sunday today mostly sunny to partly cloudy, beautiful highs: around 80 degrees winds: west 5-10 mph, a little breezy during the afternoon tonight: partly cloudy & cool lows: 56-62 winds: northwest 5 mph saturday: mostly sunny and comfortable highs: 76-80 winds: northwest 5-10 mph breaking in arlington
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underway right now for an attacker
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someone stabbed the victim along columbia pike near the intersection with washington boulevard. that victim rushed to the hospital with non-lifethreatening injuries. police believe the attacker was also injured. more on this as we get it. covering metro- safe-track finally ends this month- but riders are not totally in the clear. metro has announced plans for 3 more shutdowns this summer- and next spring. the first change- branch avenue and suitland stations will be closed in early august. to read the rest of the plans- go to in virginia-- a key grant will help survivors of sexual assault, get justice. 560-thousand dollars - toward adding more nurses to provide around the clock services for survivors across northern virginia. the 24-hour staffing is critical. without it: survivors often have to wait hours- or drive long distances for treatment. and that delay has a big impact. advociates say there's a strong need for services here.
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trump, sparking controversy here and across the globe. the president's decision to quit the paris climate accords, prompting both praise and protests. what this means for the u-s, moving forward. good morning washington. - fabulous friday - still nice saturday - rain looking later sunday today mostly sunny to partly cloudy, beautiful highs: around 80 degrees winds: west 5-10 mph, a little breezy during the afternoon tonight: partly cloudy & cool lows: 56-62 winds: northwest 5 mph saturday: mostly sunny and comfortable highs: 76-80 winds: northwest 5-10 mph


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