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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  June 2, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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with surprises hiding around each corner, and good times guaranteed. busch gardens and water country usa. a whole other world awaits. plan your two park getaway now, and eat free with select packages. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now, abc 7 news at noon. on your side. >> and less than two hours, this man who was found at the trump hotel with an arsenal in his guard due in court on federal charges. bryan moles is accused of carrying guns, ammunition, and survival gear and he was released after his arrest to stay in a hotel until the hearing and police claim he made several references to oklahoma city bomber timothy mcveigh
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today is the anniversary of the day timothy mcveigh was found guilty in 1997. john gonzalez has been following this story. crossing state lines with the weapons is one of the federal charges that 43-year-old bryan moles faces, a licensed physician in pennsylvania. he has been ordered by a judge to stay in his hotel room until his hearing in federal court this afternoon. that hotel room is no longer in this building. he has also been ordered to stay away from the trump international hotel and the white house. this is where he checked in on wednesday morning, parked in the garage and inside the car police pistol and an23 assault style rifle, 90 rounds of ammunition, and $10,000 in cash in his room. >> do you have a message for your family? >> i love them. john:
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police with a crucial tip, saying he was headed to washington with guns and he left strange voicemails. d.c. court documents show it said he said he would stay near the white house until he got a one-on-one with president trump. in a message company said his car look like timothy mcveigh and eric rudolph, were going on a camping trip. a police report indicates he but does notptsd take medication because it makes him suicidal and he seems to have an up session with timothy mcveigh, only living $4.19 in his bank account. the oklahoma city bombing was 04 -19-95. duncanation secretary devonte made another stop in the district, this one a much different scene than in february. suzanne kennedy was at the school in southeast when betsy
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>> secretary of education betsy devos spent a good portion of her morning at the eagle academy public charter school in southeast washington, this four year old serves pre-k, three-year-olds to third-graders, a charter school, and education model of which she is a proponent. ae visit was different than one to eight washington middle school that took place in february where protesters attempted to block her entrance to jefferson middle school to show their opposition to her education policy. after visiting both public and charter schools in the metro region, i asked the secretary what difference she sees between public and charter schools. >> there are many great schools in this area and all of them are trying to meet the needs of the students they are serving. studentis that every and every family can find the right school and the right fit for their students. >> this is
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the seventh school the secretary has visited and the washington area since she was appointed. in southeast washington, suzanne kennedy. >> reaction pouring in around the world following president donald trump's decision to pull the u.s. from the paris climate accord. we have the global ripple effect after his announcement. >> many republicans and the coal industry are packing -- backing president trump's pulling on the climate accord. >> almost every school child in america knows more about the climate challenge than the president of the united states. >> the move sparked protest in d.c. and new york, paris city hall and one world trade center when green, a show of support for the landmark deal with new york, california, and washington state forming a u.s. climate alliance to oppose the paris climate -- climate agreement and 61 u.s. mayors -- and u.s. mayors are doing the same.
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agreement signed by nearly 200 countries to combat climate itnge, a bad deal, saying would hurt the american economy, workers, and taxpayers. but dozens of american companies include apple, citigroup, walmart, an energy company exxon mobil urged the president not to quit the agreement, arguing participation would help. >> we will see if we can make a deal that is fair, if we can, that is great and if we cannot, that is fine. >> the leaders of france, germany, italy, saying that the paris climate accord cannot be renegotiated. the french president speaking in english, inviting american scientists to france to work on climate change, saying the united states turned its back on the world but france will not turn its back on americans. >> make our planet great again. caused a deep divide with any president's inner circle, the decision to withdraw seeing as a win for chief strategist steve bannon and a loss for a volcker
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>> turning to the beautiful weather. chief meteorologist doug hill is here to tell us about how great this weekend will look. doug: it is spectacular with plenty of sunshine. we will see, just a few fair weather clouds now and then with beautiful temperatures and low humidity. pretty impressive numbers at noon, 81 at reagan national and 76 in reston. 79 in annapolis. woodbridge at 80 degrees. we will go up a couple of more about the afternoon with a little bit of a breeze from the northwest but a dry air mass. very comfortable. the weekend will be pretty good. tomorrow, not concerned about much weatherwise, nice and sunny with sunday afternoon maybe a few showers and storms. ,or the moment
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closest action weatherwise is a few showers to the northwest coming up lake erie. those will not make it in our area. fest,rndon fast -- spectacular this afternoon and evening, 70's and dropping to the 60's late tonight. we will talk about the weekend in a few minutes. adrianna: we will see you then. a stabbing suspect is still on the run in arlington. police say the attacker stabbed someone near washington boulevard. they say the victim did fight back but the suspect may have sustained injuries to the hands or arms. the victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries and police are checking with area hospitals to see if anyone checked in with injuries that may match the description of the attacker. developing now, and best use try to dig up a motive in the deadly attack at a popular resort in the philippines. at least 35 people died from smoke inhalation when a gunman stormed the resort in manila and an attempted robbery and then set the casino table
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been a terror attack, the gunmen took his own life in a hotel room. happening tonight, a vigil to show support for victims of gun violence. today is national gun violence awareness day and from 8:00 until midnight, the national cathedral will be lit in orange. at 9:00, the morning bell will ring 93 times, represent the average number of americans killed each day by guns. a terrifying incident caught on camera, inflatable structures flying through the air and children going with them. the stereo video and how many people were hurt. it is a case that for a small town apart, a 16-year-old allegedly raped by the teenage boy tells a different story. the alleged victim talking exclusive to abc, what she is
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♪ >> you are watching abc 7 news at noon. on your side. video of aust-see scary incident in mexico. about houses go flying -- bounce houses go quite as children are inside them. video of a scaryone is thrown violently ine air and over a fence, landing in a parking lot. .our children were hurt new video of tiger woods at a police station in florida. this shows him taking a breathalyzer after being cold over for dui and it confirmed he was not drinking. the golfer was arrested on memorial day and police claimed he was asleep behind the wheel and failed to pass a field sobriety test. woods blames abreaction
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prescription drugs and his next court date is july 5. the cavaliers still feeling the burn from a rough loss last night, the golden state warriors dominated game one of the nba finals. kevin durant starting out fast, down the lane for the jam th. the cavaliers keeping a close -- keeping it close in the first cap, lebron had 28 points, not enough as the warriors take game one 113-91. 7me two is right here on abc sunday night at 8:00. many fans may have been watching the nba finals but there was another fierce competition. these scripps national spelling be at gaylord national resort and convention center. 112-year-old is still riding high after taking that crown. -- one 12-year-old is still riding high after taking the ground. >> the fierc
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and lebron james, no way. >> a definition please. >> the nationals spelling bee, the annual battle of the brains. nervous kids, proud parents, and even old guys attempted to be hip. >> they suggested he posted a tinder photo if she wants to get less creepy responses. >> hundreds of children taking a seat after hearing -- ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the dreaded bell means you are done. the final two. a 14-year-old from oklahoma whose favorite book is charlotte's web and a girl from fresno, 12 years old, a steph curry fan. >> that is correct. >> that is correct. >> back and forth, way past their bedtime. >> that is correct. >> that was impressive. >>
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♪ andhe veteran takes a seat the sixth-grader has to spell one more correctly. >> a-i-n. >> that is correct. >> congratulations, you are the champion. shocks, no,ieved, the glare of a smooth competitor, in the zone, just like steph. is here andug talking about how great the weekend will be an may be some rain late sunday but we can go to the pool today, tomorrow. doug: sunday, do it earlier, midday early afternoon because sunday afternoon early evening between 3:00 and 4:00, or maybe it will hold off until 6:00 or 7:00 but we will get showers and storms. the good news, look at the beautiful picture of the road in
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visibility with no phase. the -- haze. a few fair weather clouds and 75 degrees and we will go up a few more through the afternoon. with the sunshine and dry air, pollen count up and grass pollen really high. with the forecast we have, very five to the weekend and will scores will come down a bit -- mole spores will come down a bit. numbers wise, 77 -- 78 in culpeper. baltimore at 78 and 79 in annapolis. 81 degrees in washington. are the afternoon, plenty of sunshine and if you fair weather clouds. comfortable because of low humidity and the breeze, just enjoy every minute. through the evening, nice and clear and cool.
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with tomorrow much the same, northern western suburbs low to mid-50's when you wake up on lower-60 cells where. another rapid increase in temperatures tomorrow. outlook, sunshine, low humidity, 80 degrees and that is the story tomorrow. the average high is 81. sunday a bit more humid, 85. mid to late afternoon to early evening, we will start to see showers and thunderstorms, most likely west of the metro and they will start and move eastward. they will be with us at times through sunday evening and showers and storms will become a likelihood on monday. the beaches, down the coast to ocean city and farther south into places like cape charles and virginia's eastern shore. beautiful for the weekend with plenty of sunshine today, near 80 and 77 tomorrow, 78 on sunday and any showers will hold off until much later on sunday
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the la galaxy tomorrow night at 7:00 on rfk and watch it live here. storm chances increase late on sunday. cooler, 85 monday and 70 on tuesday. a cool stretch the the middle of next week but all indications is that temperatures will slowly climb and head back into the lower-80's by next weekend. finally getting back what seems to be a little bit of a turn in the weather pattern where it is not consistent chill but more longer stretches of sunshine and warmer weather. people seem to like for summer vacation. adrianna: for some reason. when you genuinely care about the people you serve, their safety comes first. that's why we ask you to put safety first. your life could depend on it. unplug devices that you aren't using. replace worn out extension cords, too. call 811 to locate any underground lines at least two days before you dig.
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around electricity. from safety demonstrations, to safety tips on our website, at novec, it's "safety first."
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creating jobs foreaner, reliour veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy.
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adrianna: happening tonight, and abc scores of on 20/20, a night of underage drinking in 2015 led to rape claims in the case of he said, she said, now in alabama town is completely divided, almost two years later. the girl who says she was raped at a party is talking to abc news correspondent ryan smith who is live now from connecticut to discuss the report. thank you for your time. >> how are you doing? adrianna: well, what can we expect from the report tonight? >> tonight is really an important thing for parents and teenagers to see because you will hear a young woman detailing what she believes was a sexual assault. perpetrated by a young football player in spanish fork, alabama. this started with a night of teenage drinking at a party, teenagers together and she claims she was very drunk and she does not remember what happened bec
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the football player says she was conscious and that they had a consensual experience. that is where the rub lies. you learn tonight that for teenagers it is very confusing for them, even though we think they know what sexual assault is, many do not. she details different things that happened after the experience. she did not initially think it was sexual assault because she thought she had some blame, even though she says she was unconscious. it took a little time for her to realize she thought it was sexual assault and that impacted this case in ways you would not believe. this is a very compelling story about what it is like in a teenager's mind when you talk about a sexual assault possibly occurring. adrianna: something that has divided this town two years later with people taking sides. ,> you talk about this story after part of her story got out in the
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town, the next football game, the young man was suspended in the town showed up at the football game and had public displays, including sign supporting the young man. town,his number on football pls uniforms, this was a big deal. she said it left her feeling alienated like a town pariah and people who supported him said it was about supporting one of our own who we believe was being wrongfully accused. this was something that polarized this town and in many ways it was because of confusion around the situation. we clear that confusion up tonight. adrianna: an interesting outcome to the case, i do not want to give up much but talk about what happened, how it shook out. , it endeds shook out up in a plea deal which we cannot discuss. because he was essentially granted status as a youth in the case. what really becomes critical in this case, no one comes out the winner in a situation like this
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people try to take sides as a one person's right and the other is wrong but there is so much in the situation where it seemed like people had good intentions or is seem like people thought they were doing the right thing and it ended up being wrong and lead to more hurt feelings and people just being hurt in general. the way this ended up was really a loss for everyone which is why i think it is important for parents and teenagers to watch this tonight, it happens for more up and then people think. adrianna: last question, what time does this air because it is important for parents and teenagers to see? >> see it tonight at 10:00 eastern on abc, it is for 20/20, an entire hour because we felt it was necessary to flesh out the situation and get her story out there, as well as its but also to show america what really happened in this small town. adrianna: thank you for your time. we will be right back with a final look at the forecast. ♪
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me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught
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ng asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. adrianna: back with breaking news, a metro bus and streetcar collided in northeast on it -- on 11 street and h street. people are treated for minor injury -- minor injuries but no word on what may have caused this accident. it is national leave the office early day and you are encouraged to head up when you finish your job if you get approval. it
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productivity specialist who found americans worked 350 more hours per year than europeans which can be detrimental for many reasons. go ahead and leave work early if your boss gives the ok to grab a donut on the way, it is national doughnut day. i think you should leave early with this weather, enjoy it. doug: are you giving me permission? adrianna: i am not your boss. .oug: it will be great a nice day and nights later this afternoon when you get out and all weekend long. 80 degrees today with plenty of sunshine and low humidity, gorgeous. the weekend, tomorrow, the better of the two days because no rain threat tomorrow with 80 and sunshine and late day storms and warm and muggy on sunday. adrianna: thank you for watching, we will be back on monday. have a great weekend. ♪
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