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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  June 4, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> now, abc 7 news at 6:00 30 on your side. pm may: it is time to say enough is enough. >> just stabbing everybody, whoever was near. tensions as witnesses relive the recurring nightmare of the terror in london. thank you for joining us. i am generally suitors. tonight, police in london are looking for anyone connected to the terrorist attack. seven people are dead and four dozen others are injured. london withus from the latest. ariel? riel: it ended up the borough market eight minutes later.
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killing the three -- firing 50 shots, killing three suspect. >> this is our city. we will never let these cowards when and we will never be cowed by terrorism. a night shattered by terror. a white van plowed into pedestrians on the london bridge. it was clearays the driver knew what he was doing. >> he was not scared, just focused. i would like to say the word demented. it was shrill, never heard feel like it. erielle: they ran into the nearby market armed with long knives, stabbing people at random. >> i saw loads of people running away from the market, and people lying on the ground. confrontedmed police the attacker, shooting
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all three were wearing suicide belts, but the bombs were fake. police say they are making progress identifying the men. to understandoing whether they were assisted or supported by anyone else. erielle: the investigation leading them to a london neighborhood. >> the first loud bang. i saw a couple of guys running around and armed police around. erielle: at least a dozen arrests. the bridge remains on lockdown. evidence team spending hours coming the rented vans evidence. this is the third terror attack in the u.k. since march. president trump has spoken to theresa may. pm may: terrorism breeds terrorism. there is far too much tolerance of extremism in our country. police do not believe that there wer
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suspects at the scene last night, but they continue to search or anyone connected to the deadly attacks. in london, abc 7 news. kimberly: what can you tell us about the conditions of the victims? we are hearing that some of the victims who passed away were from abroad. we know that of the 36 people who remain in the hospital, 21 are still in critical condition of the injured. we know two are police officers. one was off duty last night. happened to be in the area, and one was responding to the scene and ended up sending those three terrorists with just his baton. kimberly: thank you so much for that update. twitter responding today after prime minister theresa may said internet companies are complacent in terror -- complicit in terror attacks. pm may: we need to work with allies
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agreements that regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremist and terrorism planning. kimberly: google and twitter representatives issued statements saying they have been working to improve technology, to identify and remove inappropriate content, including posts that are terror-related. london police have not said what information may have played in last night attack. president trump is being criticized for some of his tweets in response to the attack after london's mayor said there is "no reason to be alarmed in terms of increased police ahead." in the days the president appeared to take their quote out of context adding "we must stop being politically correct." they came to the mayor's, praising him by name. the spokesman said he is too informedponding to ill- tweets. here at home, an outpouring of support for our allies overseas
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as well. ryan hughes continues our team coverage. he is at the british embassy tonight. keeping a stiff upper lip, as usual? and they arey are, getting support from people in the community. we saw d.c. police out your patrolling the area outside. some support here outside for london. you can see flowers being left behind at the union jack and this happening more than two weeks after people were showing appeared to honor the lives lost in manchester. >> it is tragic, and it is frightening to me that this is how normal this is becoming. reporter: chris was visiting d.c. from new jersey, but he wanted to stop by the british embassy to pay his respects. he has been to england five times and has walked across the london bridge during one of the scenes of last night's deadly attacks. >> the only way to respond to this is to put yourself in the shoes of the people to whom this
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be you tomorrow. erielle: >> bouquets of flowers have been left outside the embassy and the union jack is at half staff. man-made the sign of the cross and offered up a prayer to seven people killed and the dozens of others injured. >> ideals that draw the things happening, and i am sending a blessing to the people that have been true. d.c. police are closely monitoring the situation and can be seen parked outside the embassy. the mayor says she was briefed on the situation and reassured residents there are no credible threats to washington, d.c., especially as the city prepares for a surge of people >> >> during pride week and next weekend's parade. washington is ever vigilant. we are the capital. our police department works very well with our federal authorities to make sure that we are always watchful of our events and monuments. and we did check in
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departments in our area and they are reminding people to remain vigilant. as always, if you see something suspicious, call police right away. in northwest, ryan hughes, abc 7 news. ♪ ♪ hey now, hey now so cool to hear everyone singing together. ariana grande two weeks after the suicide bombing, outside manchester was back in the city on stage, hosting the one love manchester benefit concert. a star-studded lineup showing support and raising money for the victims of those terrorists attacks. you can catch the highlights tonight after abc 7 news at 11:00. stay connected with abc 7 and news channel 8, even when you step away from the tv. sign-up to get breaking news alerts on events like the terror in london at
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reiterating her disgust after a third noose was found in the city at a construction site near an elementary school in southeast on thursday. showing up in the national museum and in a tree. >> would have asked everybody in washington, d.c. that if they see something to say something so people who are using symbols of hate will be located and brought to justice. kimberly: a rally and vigil organized by black lives matter d.c. has just gotten underway tonight. participants plan to march from east washington heights baptist church to the location where the latest news was found -- latest noose was found. she is one of nearly 200 governors and mayors to do so. president trump withdrew the u.s. from the fact last
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paris climate pact last week. mayor bowser will reaffirm the city's support for that agreement. the paris accord and the issue of climate change were a major topic on the sunday talk shows. had harsh words for the trump administration. john kerry: he is what you find a better deal. that is like oj simpson saying he's going to find the real killer. >> see if he contributes to climate change. methane is important. i did not say that. i said it is a cause. kimberly: the white house has refused to say of president believes climate change is real. in the past, he has called it a hoax by china. coming up on abc seven news at 6:30, bill cosby finally goes on trial. why, even though he will not testify, his own words will still be used against him.
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kimberly: the sex assault trial against bill trial begins -- begin soon. cosby his accuser will take the stand this weekend to tell her story and public for the very first time. cosby's deposition details his sexual affairs with dozens of women over the years. he'd knowledge is getting many of them told or alcohol. coming
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a great day to be outdoors. unfortunately, josh has his eye on starts to start the week. he ties it out for you, up next. abc 7 and news channel 8 our media partners for the d.c. pride festival. join us as we march in next week's capital pride parade. it will air on news channel 8 from 4:30 to 7:30 today. ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow... ♪ for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine
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kimberly: the weather was picture perfect for today's teen reader d.c.'s annual sports festival. children and young adults packed the part for outdoor fun. activities included tug-of-war and optical courses and kickball. they are celebrating a quarter century of helping chi
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this morning, thousands of people took part in a walk to end diabetes. it is a fundraiser to help raise money for research to find a cure. so far, more than $700,000 have been raised. i want to give a shout out to abc 7, i think that's what he said. it was a beautiful day outside. josh: finally nice to have a weekend where all of the things going on, the weather cooperated. a lot of people getting to the pool for the first time this year and soaking it up. by tomorrow, that is when you need to get the umbrella ready to go again. for most of us, it is great to hold off to the morning drive, so the timing is not too bad, but more than likely, you will need the ember led some point tomorrow. let us start off with what is going on now. cloud cover filtering into the area but the sunshine is getting through and should make for a nice sunset for a lot of the area. lots of folks enjoying this warm weather at the national harbor.
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temperatures close to 90 degrees. 86 degrees for springfield. 85 degrees for d.c.. around the metro area, very warm outside, and we are slow to drop. it doesn't stick around for most of the evening. temperatures close to 80 degrees at 9:00. taking the dog out one last time before going to bed. temperatures mid to upper 70's, so it is going to be a warm walk for you no matter what time you are out there later on this evening. overnight lows sell down into the low 60's for some of us, hanging close to 70's. that is thanks to the cloud cover and the southerly breeze. some of us will be dealing with rain early tomorrow morning, but it is a few places. let me show you what this looks like. through theop this overnight hours through things are pretty quiet, but as we get to 6:00 the morning, a few showers start to show up for us closer to fredericksburg. most of the metro is dry for the morning commute
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favors areas farther off to the south, but by the time we get closer to 11:00, lunchtime, this low pressure is close enough that we are going to hang onto rain in the metro area. once again, not an issue getting to work. more likely a problem around lunchtime and on the way home, dealing with rain. as you get into the middle part of the week, we are going to get stuck with this area of low pressure that really does not want to move out of here. that keeps us on the cloud your and keeps the chance for showers in the forecast. tuesday, wednesday, and into thursday, that is going to be for the middle part of the week. as we go throughout tomorrow, dry in the morning as we get closer to 11:00. that is when some rain moves into the metro area. we hang onto it through the afternoon and temperatures, much cooler than today greatest topping out in the mid to upper 70's, but that is the beginning of the cooler weather. 76 degrees for your high on tuesday. we are in the 60's wednesday and thursday. the good news, just in time for the weekend, back
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on friday and mid and upper 80's as we get into saturday and sunday. right now, a slim chance for a few thunderstorms. watching the effort saturday. not a washout by any means, just extra humiditye and cannot rule out isolated thunderstorms. kimberly: a lot of eyes on a game tonight. >> big game tonight. golden state looking pretty good in the mba finals. we keep it going tonight in game two. all eyes open tonight for game two of the nba finals. lebron james and the cavaliers trying to even the series out at 1-1. no panic coming from the cleveland
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> it
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basketball fans your game two of the nba finals is just a couple of hours away on abc seven. it was announced a short time coachat steve kerr will the warriors tonight. an early statement by golden state reading up on cleveland in game one. however, that might not be a bad thing for the cavaliers. the loser of game one has gone on to win four of the last six championships, including last season when cleveland lost the first to bring games and oakland before rebounding to win in seven games. lebron james and company looking for a bounceback win tonight in game two. >> you cannot simulate what they have, so it was great to get the first game up underneath us. we made a lot of mistakes and we get an opportunity to get a couple of days to see what they did and we did wrong, and how we can be better in game two. >> you can watch game two of the nba finals tonight, right here on abc
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got to love that music. tip-off set for 8:00. well, he is back. bryce harper returned to the lineup today for the series finale in oakland. the right fielder served his three-game suspension for on monday.nter scrip the club is happy to have him back. we pick it up, top six. trea turner to deep right center , bounces off the wall. matt chugging around third. look at michael a. taylor. they both score. top of the eight, game tied at 3-3, ryan zimmerman, bye-bye. number 16 on the season. right now, the nationals lead the ninth. the washington mystics playing some good basketball of late. the team has won
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games. big challenge today at home, facing atlanta. look at her shake three defenders. with 23 points and 13 rebounds for the mystics led by nine at the break. fourth quarter, 66 to 64 -64, washington. the mystics win a close one, 78-72. college baseball, maryland and west virginia, ncaa tournament elimination game. they have eight straight runs. breeden drives in the go-ahead run. maryland moves 8-5. their season comes to an end. on the men's side at the french open, rafael nadal and novak djokovic advance with straight set victories. on the women's side, venus williams sent home early, so up next will be wimbledon.
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kimberly: it got pretty th hot this afternoon. -- it got pretty hot this afternoon. josh: tomorrow, to 78 degrees. you will notice farther north, frederick hitting 81 degrees. that is thanks to less cloud cover and a slimmer chance for rain. the rain is more likely the farther south you live for tomorrow. beginning.t the 78-76 degrees on tuesday. chance for wet weather to start the week, but then things look good heading into the weekend. kimberly: we will see you after the big game at 11:00. have a good night.
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dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live - game night"! tonight -- robert downey jr. and tom holland, andre drummond, caron butler, jalen rose, and glenn robinson iii. presented by flonase sensimist allergy relief. and now, in top form, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm jimmy kimmel thank you for watching. thank you for coming to our special sunday show. it is basketball night in america. a battle of the southwest airlines regional hubs. teams alternate between cities. game five would be in oakland. game six they go back to


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