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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  June 5, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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bell has the toxicology report but the investigation doesn't stop there. brad: a terrible crash and the 911 calls came in a hurry. >> it's literally the entire road is covered. the engine of the car is completely out and in the ground. brad: others reported a car in the wrong direction on route 50. >> it was totally out of control. brad: the may 17 collision happened at the crest of a hill. eastbound drivers couldn't see the westbound car coming and just missed tony stanley. >> i hadn't been to war but you saw all this debris. i saw the cars flip over and leave the ground. >> the impact killed the wrong way driver. 22-year-old laura ashley murphy and badly injured her 14-year-old baby max. the man she hit 66-year-old robert skidmore of annapolis also died. police believe murphy traveled at a high rate of speed for nearly two miles against the
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why she didn't stop became the focus of the investigation and spawned a list of theories from the start. now abc7 news learned toxicology test results for wrong-way driver came back clear. meaning drugs and alcohol were not factors in the fatal crash. so tonight the cause of that terrible wrongway crash remains a mystery. we are told that maryland state police crash investigators are now looking at possible mechanical issues as well as every potential human factor. long route 50, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: developing overseas we now know more about the men behind the terror attack in london that killed seven people saturday night as 1 people remain in custody by police and 48 injured recover. as we report from london, investigators believe this could have been a homegrown
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attack. reporter: british authorities released the name of two of the three men shot dead by police. rachid redouane and khuram butt are from east london. gray skies are a somber backdrop for the victims honoring the victims. london's mayor leading a moment of silence. mayor khan: london will never be broken by terrorism we will step up the fight against extremism and we will defeat the terrorists. reporter: heartbroken families grieving the loss of their loved ones. melissa mcmullen calling her brother an inspiration. >> words would never be able to match his effort. there will only ever be one james. reporter: stories of heroism from saturday. police and everyday citizens stepping up to attend the attackers in the eight minutes of horror. an american college student from brooklyn said he came out from under the table where he was hiding and rushed to help. >> i couldn't sit theres
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just let it happen. reporter: police are still conducting raids in east london trying to route out any possible accomplices in the attack and urging anyone with knowledge to come forward. >> we want to generate confidence in the community to make sure they feel support and encouraged and feel safe when they are talking to us. reporter: abc news learned the three men were likely planning the attack for several months. one of them featured in a british documentary about domestic jihad. jonathan: yesterday, british prime minister theresa may said enough is enough. here is why. three terror attacks since the end of march. this was on the westminster bridge on the 22nd. five people killed in this attack. two weeks ago 22 people killed. dozens of others wounded in the manchester bombing outside of the ariana grande concert as everybody was leaving. saturday the london bridge attack killing seven. british authorities claim to have prevented several other attacks over the same time period. alison: as jonathan mentioned
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bridges with sidewalks. now there is a barrier up at westminster bridge. in our area there are three major pedestrian bridges where sidewalks go right up to the roadway. the key bridge connecting virginia and georgetown has the jersey wall separating cars from people. the roosevelt bridge running next to the kennedy center, thats that a guardrail. but the arlington memorial bridge has just a cush. stephen tschida has a closer look at pedestrian safety here. what did you find? stephen: well, alison, the memorial bridge doesn't draw the crowds like london bridge but it has striking similarities. see the broad sidewalk behind me right night to the rush of traffic. the soft target. london bridge. potential victims on a sidewalk no clear escape route. washington, d.c. is a city of bridges and throngs of
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soft targets no matter where they are always are somewhat vulnerable. bridges in d.c. are outfitted with jersey walls or separating passing traffic except for the memorial bridge. we learn from the national park service there are no plans to install any kind of safety mechanism here. still, the crossing say they feel safe. >> why worry about something you can't prevent anyway? if it happened you react to it. if not, go on your way. stephen: we checked checked with several almost agencies. none are talking about the safety efforts in place. but all said they are monitoring intelligence information closely and responding accordingly. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. president trump reiterating his call for a travel ban. the courts blocking his first and second version. today the president taking to twitter saying the justice department should have fought
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what is being submitted to the supreme court for appeal. the argument has been the muslim ban. the white house says it's all about national security and keeping americans safe. >> the travel ban puts us more at risk. michelle: in another tweet the president said to call it what you want and, "i'm calling it what we need. and what it is. a travel ban." in all caps. jonathan: in the meantime, ousted f.b.i. director james comey is set to testify before a senate committee on thursday. today, the white house said that president trump will not use executive privilege in an attempt to block comey's testimony. let's turn our attention to the weather. if you got outside today, much different than over the weekend. it was beautiful and sunny and now gray and humid. when will it clear out? let's find out. chief meteorologist doug hill is in the storm center for us.
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tomorrow and come back again. for the moment, cloudy. the temperatures are holding in the upper 60's to the low 70's in most places near the water. just a little bit warmer elsewhere. rain across the eastern shore and the delaware. that is where the steady rain is. patches to the west and the southwest. over the next few hours the rain will come to an end and it will remain cloudy and also kind of damp throughout the everything hours with the temperatures in the lower 60's by morning. so you see plenty of rain. matter of fact, lower bay and southeast virginia, thunderstorms. the way things are moving, most of the heavy duty weather will stay south of the area. so we look for clouds and a touch of clearing. it will look nice tomorrow. we wake up to temperatures in the lower 60's. see sunshine throughout the day. a change in the wind direction will bring clouds and cooler temperatures and the chances of the rain back hear by wednesday morning. the weekend and ten-day in ten minutes. alison: doug, thank you. all right.
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gushing out of the road. this is the scene on allentown road in camp spring. wsse says this is the result of a blown hydrant. there are lanes being closed while repairs are being done. >> long-time teachers with the fairfax county public schools say they feel angry and betrayed after discovering something in the 2018 budget that was passed last month by the county board of supervisors. we spoke with heidi smith, driver's ed instructor at jefferson high school who has been with public schools for 30 years. she says in the next year's budget only teachers with masters degrees will get a cost of living increase and teachers with roughly more than 19 years experience will no longer be getting year to year raises. that will
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to 00 school teachers $2,000-$4,000 a year. >> they have taken the unity out of the community. those with the masts versus those who don't. >> in response the school district says the 2018 budget provides raises for $93% of teachers and $27 million total in funding to bring the salaries closer to market average. but the current funding realities in the failure of the meals tax referendum required more than $50 million in budget cuts including personnel reduction. coming up at 5:30, we speak to another long-time teacher who says he might quit because of the losses in raises. and why he says he thinks the teachers were kept in the dark over the very big changes. in falls church, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: all right, jeff. thanks. developing in florida, a deadly workplace shooting. police say a disgruntled former
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killing five people before he turned the gun on himself. police swarmed an awning factory shop near orlando which is 8:00 this morning when this happened. they arrived two minutes after the first 911 call. right now the police say there is no terror connection to this attack. alison: new developments from oakland, california, six months after the warehouse fire that killed 36. two people are now under arrest. the "associated press" reports two men will face involuntary manslaughter charges. the massive fire broke out in december. many people were trapped in a party in the warehouse, which was also a home to many of the artists inside. michelle: next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- bill cosby on trial. the opening statements as the embattled comedian faces sex assault charges. information emerging from inside the courtroom. jonathan: plus an 8-year-old girls soccer team disqualified from a tournament because one of them looks like a boy. >> when my hair starts to grow, cut it shorter because i
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jonathan: she is 8 years old. you won't believe the evidence the tournament organizers denied. that is coming up. alison: plus, the story behind this picture. have you seen this? mowing through a tornado? what that man's wife says about the picture she took next. jonathan: the grass won't mow itself.
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foa side effect ofuffer frtheir medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice.
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jonathan: a milestone in space flight as the space station locks in a refly capsule. that is not a big deal but this is the first time a returning vehicle docked in six years. the spacex dragon recycled. they launched and took a couple of days to reach the international space station. this is the first time they returned a supply vehicle to space. michelle: bill cosby on trial. accused of sex assault by dozens of women but the trial centers around one in pennsylvania. maggie rulli has the information coming out of the philadelphia courtroom. maggie: famed comedian bill cosby enters the courthouse for day one of the criminal trial. even tweeting a shout out to his costar. but america's dad spends the rest of his day facing a jury. the defense and the prosecution gives opening remarks in a felony case of
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aggravated indecent assault. andrea constand says she was drugged and molested her. >> this is an old case. not an easy case. maggie: the defense argues this is an attack to ruin a man's life and claims that the story has been inconsistent. that she reached out to cosby after the alleged sexual assault and they question why it took a year to come forward. the prosecution countered saying the inability to concept. that is what this is about. outside we meet lilly who accuses bill cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her in the early 1990's as a guest star on "the cosby show." she calls this rape culture 101 and there is a clear reason women wait to come forward. >> bill cosby. who is going to believe you? maggie: she is unable to take cosby to court because the statue of limitations ran
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for her claims. cosby denies the accusations. cons is planning to -- constand is planning to testify along with another woman who claims she was drugged and assaulted in a similar way. so far, cosby has no plans to take the stand. maggie rulli, abc7 news. alison: an 8-year-old plays soccer so well she is on an 11-year-old team but she got the team disqualified because they think she is boy. she likes to keep her hair short like a boy's. it was never a problem before until sunday when her team took to the field for finals of a tournament. her family says they showed her insurance card to prove she is a girl. it wasn't enough. >> they don't want to listen. they said the president made the decision. >> just because i look like a boy doesn't mean i am a boy. they can't kick the w
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out. alison: organizers declined to comment and said that the family can appeal the ruling to the nebraska state soccer association. jonathan: you have got to be kidding. it's not whoville. this is springfield, massachusetts. the first national museum dedicated to dr. seuss is opening in the author's hometown. the amazing world of dr. seuss opens saturday and the collection will have some of his belongings, the exhibits will explore how his childhood experiences shapes his books. you can even go through his own boyhood bedroom. talk about a creative guy. alison: what took so long? jonathan: c'mon! didn't they read the books when they were kids. michelle: check this out. this has us talking. incredible video of a tornado sweeping through canada. this is in a rural section of alberta. look at that. the storm happened on friday. if the funnel cloud wasn't cross enough, look at this next picture. it went viral over the
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weekend. that is a man mowing the lawn with the twister in the background. it looks so close but his wife who snapped the photo said it looks close but it's pretty far away. nothing to see here, honey. keep mowing. jonathan: he brought had headphones on and she finally said okay, do your thing. the grass does need cutting. >> it looks photo shopped. jonathan: doug, we have to bring you in. doug: i wouldn't say that is far, far away. jonathan: that will still throw something at you. doug: if it's move pag to 40 miles per hour -- 35 to 40 miles per hour. i would have been in the basement before this. that is one of the craziest weather shots i have seen. big change over the weekend, huh? sunshine and warm temperatures. still looking okay outside. breaks trying to develop. we will see it late tonight. tomorrow will be a nice day around here with plenty of sunshine. then it changes again on wednesday and thursday.
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around the area. this is the story at nationals park. time lapse. 71 degrees there now. all through the day we have clouds and light rain moving through the area. skies are starting to brightens up a little bit. it's later tonight before the showers end and the skies remain rather cloudy. overnight we will see improvement. temperatures in the 70's for the next several hours. satellite and radar shows the area of the heaviest rain in the past hour, over the lower bay. part of tide water. lower eastern shore of virginia. otherwise patches of showers before they end. any additional heavy downpours or thunderstorms will stay south and east of washington. by 10:00 tonight shows rain free and cloudy. what will happen overnight we will see clearing. the winds will try to turn in from the east/northeast along the shore. but notice in our area they are coming from the north west. so as long as the northwesterly or the westerly winds prevail we will have sunshine. get close to 80 degrees. but on wednesday and thursday, the winds off the ocean
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win the day. as a result, there is a change to cooler, cloudier weather wednesday, thursday, before it settles down here on friday. so here is the tuesday planner. more sunshine. less humidity. less calories, too. 65 in the morns. 75 in midday. 80 in the afternoon. beautiful weather. poof it goes away. as low clouds and the easterly winds develop. the patches of light rain and drizzle. we get to friday for celebrate fairfax and it looks great. on saturday, for the capitol pride parade. 85, partly cloudy. it could produce thunderstorms. isolate around the area. after that it looks like the hot weather will move in town with the temperatures climbing in the lower 90's as we get through monday and tuesday of next week. jonathan: all right, doug. thanks a lot. qatar is a small eastern,
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it's at odds with several neighbors. how 10,000 u.s. troops are suddenly caught in a middle east feud. we'll explain it to you coming up. sam: mayor bowser today signed executive order opposing one of president trump's executive orders. i'm sam ford. that story is coming up. alison: reminder that abc7 and newschannel8 are media partners for the pride festival. we'll march in the capital plied parade that airs on channel kansas and streams on from 4 -- newschannel8 and streams on from 4:30 to 7:30 this saturday.
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michelle: last week the president pulled out of the paris climate agreement. since then, several states and cities pledged to follow the international accord including virginia. d.c. mayor made it official. sam ford with the mayor's rebuke of the president's decision. sam? sam: yes, mayor muriel bowser came to the building across from the u.s. capitol today to sign an executive order that d.c. remains committed to the goals of the paris climate accord even though president trump pulled the u.s., of the deal last week. the mayor packed it with a room full of supporters and dismayed that the u.s. pulled out of the
4:25 pm
the mayor says it keeps d.c. in line with hundreds of cities trying to reduce greenhouse gases and global warming. d.c. officials turned city hall green one night and today held up a flag that turned d.c.'s red and white flag to green and white. mayor bowser: these are the things you hear mayors who really don't have the option of ignoring the facts or ignoring science. we are making decisions every day that affect how you will protect our earth. >> it's important we continue to work on climate change. >> it's important to stay committed to the environment. >> reactions from the d.c. president to the mayor's decision today. president trump pulled the u.s. out of the paris deal saying it would neg
4:26 pm
but they insist green job helps the d.c. economy. sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. overhauling air traffic control. the president's proposal to shift responsibility away from the government and in the private sector. that is up next. michelle: in 15 minutes, blocking robo calls. the three way major service providers step in to help stop the annoying spam calls. alison: then when i join you back at 5:00, the bride and groom's entrance to the wedding takes a turn. she goes to toss the bouquet but who showed up and brought down the house? that's new at 5:00.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: president trump advancing with one of the key infrastructure proposals. privatizing air traffic control on a nationwide scale. michelle: some airports have already done that. maryland bureau chief brad bell is in frederick with reaction from private pilots. brad? brad: yeah, you know, so there is two different kind of
4:30 pm
there are the airlines that we fly on the vacation and the business trips and then there is this kind of aviation. general aviation. while most everybody who flies says something needs to be done about the air traffic control, out here they are concerned that the plan could be too costly. at the frederick municipal airport, planes come and go from the tower paid for from tax on the fuel that the pilots use. tonight many of the pilots are closely watches the changes to the air traffic control system endorsed by president trump. the powerful aircraft owner and the pilots association is headquartered here and it advocates for general aviation. non-airline flights. tonight the organization's c.e.o. says he needs to see the bill but he is concerned to switch from taxes on fuel and the airline tickets to the
4:31 pm
wants may do more harm than good. >> what could it mean to the certain air space based on the equipment. we are not interested in additional fees from place to place or business. brad: that sums it up. pilots here in the united states doing general aviation have a lot of freedom. it's expensive and they say they pay their fair share but their concern is that the changes while perhaps good for the airline industry might be grippalling to them. we'll be back at 6:00 with more. brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. let's look live at the capitol out there. heavy cloud cover. we thought we had a nice pattern for the weekend, we pull a switcheroo. doug: we have one day and then back to not pleasant weather. 74 is a big number right
4:32 pm
around the area. the temperatures drop to the upper 60's this everything and slow clearing. ray of sunshine coming through part of the area now. satellite and radar is were than it is. the heavier showers are off the shore of the tide water, lower eastern shore of virginia and southeast of ocean city. most of the shower activity and the storms stay well south and east. overnight is cloudy and mild. 59 to 64 degrees. tomorrow no rain in the forecast. we have temperatures climb from 70's to the near 80 degrees. that looks good throughout the day. as we get to the latter portion of the week it changes because of a change in wind direction. out of the atlantic east and northeast to keep temperatures in the upper 60's. light rain and drizzle at times on wednesday. a little thursday before the sun breaks out. then friday looks like we will be around the 80 degree mark.
4:33 pm
changes coming our way. those changes indicate the temperatures mid-to-upper 80's. could be thunderstorms on saturday. partly cloudy. hot and humid, just like summer comes our way on sunday and close to 90. jonathan: thank you for that. in a scenario such as london, the public is often told to run. not fight back. but is there a need to do both or have the ability? one of those philosophies save more lives than the other? our chief political correspondent scott thuman takes a look and talks to those who chose to confront attackers until the police got there. >> yeah, here is a policeman commodding toward me. >> go! >> they want me out of the scene. scott: while chaos spread during the london attack, so did a specific message from officials to run, hide if necessary and if possible tell police. most did. this man fought back.
4:34 pm
the examples are adding up. in portland, oregon, last month after a man harassing muslim women on a train then stabbed those who came to her defense. chase robinson ran after him so he couldn't hurt others. >> i knew in that moment if i didn't follow this guy it would haunted me my entire life. in 2015, two u.s. military members and a friend stopped a gun wielding terrorist on a paris bound train. >> alec came up and grabbed the gun out of his hand while i put him in a choke hold. scott: we spoke to alex today via skype. >> it was stay there and die or try tok thal him and die -- try to tackle him and die. we found a third option along the way. >> they were hailed as heroes. >> i wouldn't recommend going up against the armed gunmen with your bare hands. you can run, i would run. scott: while impossible to know how many lives may be saved or lost by fighting instead of fleeing, the philosophy contr
4:35 pm
country. >> from france and england where it's run, hide and tell to the u.s. where the video on the f.b.i. web page has a run, fight, mind set. >> act with aggression. improvise weapons. disarm him. commit to taking the shooter down. >> the debate is likely to continue. in washington, scott thuman, abc7 news. jonathan: amid the heroism of police and other first responders saturday night there were acts of bravery. by ordinary people coming home from work or out for dinner or drinks. >> terrorist, cowards. i picked up a chair. trying to get him to chase me so i could get my hands, to get away so the police could see him. take him down. jonathan: there were more than a couple of people doing that. a bouncer was throwing bottles at chairs at one of the attackers. there is no doubt that the
4:36 pm
higher death toll. police were on the scene in two minutes. in eight minutes the attackers had been shot to death. michelle: hours after the attack in london, pop star ariana grande and some of music's biggest names took the stage in manchester for a concert benefiting the victims two weeks after the bombing there. >> i love you guys so much. michelle: she and justin bieber, katy perry, coldplay and many others rocked the stage. many raised will go to the families of the 22 victims killed in the suicide bombing. organizers expect to bring in more than $2 million. jonathan: qatar is getting cut off and brewing tension in a recently stable part of the middle east. several countries, saudi arabia, united arab emirates, egypt among those cutting the diplomatic ties over the qatar close ties to iran. this is key
4:37 pm
u.s. interest because the military has 10,000 troops located in quat tar. so far the u.s. is not changing its relationship with qatar. at least not for right now. still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00". blocking the spam robo calls. don't you hate that? remember this call? >> i was having a little problem with my headset. jonathan: that was so annoying. the three ways the big service providers are stepping in to prevent a call like that from reaching you. that is coming up. >> no one else will defend the world, i must. michelle: it takes a woman and wonder woman is doing more than saving the world. she is saving the d.c. comic movie franchise. the historic box office win next.
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4:40 pm
wonder woman lasoed a record $100 million at the box office this weekend in the largest opening ever for a film directed by a woman. highly praised by critics and movie-goers. jonathan: it outperformed several rival mar velamen captain america, winter soldier and guardians of the galaxy. good for her! early reviews people are raving about how good this movie is. michelle: hopefully the powers at be read into the success of
4:41 pm
female directors and lead roles with women as superheroes. jonathan: love it. michelle: all right. now to this. this was so hard to watch because this was so lop-sided. first, we want to talk about that situation. lebron walks in the tunnel but there was a situation where fans got into it. jonathan: james got help getting away from the scuffle next to him. his teammate j.r. smith pushed him out of harm's way. oracle arena hasn't said that started the me lay. it looks as -- melee, it looks like golden state fan pushed by a cleveland fan. you don't do it in golden state territory. especially after the shellacking. michelle: i watched it live. they cut away so quickly. i thought how are we going to ignore the elephant in the room. jonathan: do you think it's a sweep? michelle: it could be. i want to see the king
4:42 pm
another ring but the warriors have too many weapons and they are all firing. jonathan: abc7 the home for game three, in cleveland. hope you'll be watching. teenagers are not the only ones who can get the most out of social media. this 93-year-old woman turned to facebook on advice for her wedding dress. michelle: isn't she precious? sylvia martin chose four options at a score called bird's nest. when she couldn't decide what to choose, the store owners posted the option on their facebook page. i hope she goes with the last red one. jonathan: the first one looked nice. beautiful. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- how in the heck can you stop the annoying robo calls to your cell phone? the three ways that the big service providers are stepping in to block the calls like that from ever getting through. we have that coming up.
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michelle: serve people hurt today when a metrobus crashed in the northwest. everybody will be okay. we are told all the injuries are minor. jonathan: new video from the philippines casino attack that shows the gunman talking the floor in manila before setting game tables on fire and taking his own life. 37 people died due to smoke created by the fire. the police said it was not an act of terror. michelle: 100 people marched in d.c. protesting the latest noose sighting. this time found at a house under construction in southeast washington. construction workers say this isn't the first time a noose was found in the neighborhood. they found one last month working on a house down the street. >> horrifying. when i first heard it was there i
4:47 pm
way it was draped over and how elaborate it might have been to train it to the post. michelle: this is the fourth noose sighting in the district. but a cloing list in the area. jonathan: cell phone privacy is a top take the supreme court will take up next term. they can track your location via the cell phone and the cell phone towers to find the criminals but the police are doing that without a warrant. the court maintains that the fourth amendment does not apply here. john: will millions of cell phone users bombarded by unwanted robo calls the biggest carriers are taking notice. they are now giving the customers the free tools to block the calls. they ring the cell phone daily. callers that cla
4:48 pm
the i.r.s. >> from the investigation department of the i.r.s. john: or 2017 popular phone rep the headset girl. >> i was having a problem with my headset. >> they say it has gotten out of hand. >> it's very annoying. you pull the phone out of your purse and take the time to look at who is calling. if you don't recognize the number, you don't answer it. >> now major cell carriers are saying enough. verizon, at&t and t-mobile launched services to block the cell phone spam. they may go so far to call a scammer, a scaler. they check the number to see if it's a legitimate business or a known caller. if not it flags it as a scam. >> scam likely. the call declined. >> that would be a great idea. what do you think? >> i like it. >> i love it. >> this is free for the t-mobile companies. at&t vs. free for the wireless customers is called call protect and f
4:49 pm
numbers. verizon its computers are blocking known spam calls now. it has a partnership with the call blocker nomo robo were $5 a month. most agree something needs to be done. >> has it gotten out of hand? >> it has. >> if you provider doesn't offer row bow block caller. ask to so what they can do to help. you might consider switching so you don't waste your money. michelle: voting in the democratic primary contest are more popular for the absen see participants in virginia. requests are more than twice that for the republican contest according to the project access project research. in virginia you do not declare a party. you can choose which primary to vote in each time. let's go to larry smith at the "live desk" for a first look at "abc7 news at 5:00". larry: a man nearly so non-moe
4:50 pm
football" is poised to make a comeback. and the flyers popping up. how you can help a woman who woke up with her arm broken and fill in the blanks. that is coming up at 5:00. see you in a few. jonathan: thanks. "7 on your side" consumer alert. general is under the investigation. air bag computer failures in the jeep liberties, 105,000 vehicles are potentially affected. after 44 customer complaints that a computer that is supposed to detect crashes to control the air bag deployment didn't work. no injuries reported. in some cases the fix was as simple as replacing the computer. want to have lunch with warren buffett? now is your chance. his annual auction for charity is open on ebay. in the past 17 years he raced nearly $24 -- raised nearly $24 million f
4:51 pm
the homeless in san francisco. last year's winning bid was almost $3.5 million. the winner gets to bring serve friends to dine at the steakhouse in new york with warren buffett. michelle: nice. no happy meal here. an iowa woman lost her patience waiting for her fast food. take a look at this. video captured by a woman in a drive through at a mcdonald's. you see the woman there. the blonde woman, there she throws something at this woman. she was upset her mcchicken was taking too long. she throws a sandwich back at the manager's face. a fight breaks out and her friends egg her on. >> life's too short to get that mad over a chicken sandwich. michelle: the two men hold employees back as the woman pulls the manager's hair and knees her in the chest. eventually they are pulled apart and the customers leave before the police arrive. jonathan: she had a mctemper tantrum. michelle: she
4:52 pm
she supersized it. jonathan: get to steve rudin with a look at the forecast. the gray, gloomy thing? we are done with it. ready for tuesday. steve: more sunshine on the way. we have mostly cloudy skies. the shower activity is over with for now. that is the good news. head over to look at the weather bug camera. 495. moving toward springfield. route 7 there, the traffic beginning to build with the mostly cloudy skies. the temperatures are 74 at the reagan national airport. winchester 70. 74 in petersburg. forecast this everything, mostly cloudy skies. we may see a lingering shower or two. if you have barbecue plans or hanging out on rooftop terrace you may see showers. won't amount to a lot. the showers are exiting to the north and the east. show you the future cast. this is what it looks like as we move through the evening hours. f
4:53 pm
tonight. once again not expecting it to amount to a lot. this model wants to bring in showers but we are not expecting much here. it's worth dragging an umbrella with you. i don't think so. the temperatures that will make it to the upper 70's to around 80 degrees. here is your day planner in more detail. a mix of sun and clouds around 75 degrees by 11:00 in the morning. 80 for the drive time home. a lot going on around the d.m.v. moving in theup coming weekend. friday for celebrate fairfax. temperature around 80 degrees. mid-80's on saturday. chance for a few thunderstorms. sunday near 90 degrees. along with the increasing temperatures we will look for the higher humidity levels. here is the pride forecast for the parade on saturday. the temperatures are 3:00 around 8 a degrees. temperatures by 9:00 are 75. if you are going to any of the delmarva beaches 75 on saturday.
4:54 pm
80 on sunday. a nice way to end the weekend. jonathan? jonathan: all right. thanks. coming up next at abc7 news, a day without news. how the newseum is honoring journalists who died covering some of the hardest stories to tell around
4:55 pm
he's somebody who says,. i am going to make change. and i wanna make change not for the richest, not for the most powerful, i'm gonna make change to make this economy work better for hardworking families. that's who he is. i'm tom perriello, and as governor i'll fight to make sure every virginian gets a fair shot, that leaves no region or race behind. let's prove that donald trump's values are not virginia values.
4:56 pm
a sight r
4:57 pm
the famous frontline headline cages outside the newseum got dark. the museum is sending a loud message. this year this journalists who were killed in the pursuit to provide information to the world are being memorialized. if their honor, the newseum wants you to imagine what a world without news would be like. inside the newseum, the faces added to the collage of the journalists lost since 1847. 14 new names all killed in 2016 from syria to somalia, mexico to afghanistan. they all had one cause. find truth and distribute it. journalists this year faced more danger than ever before. isis chopping their heads off in syria and reporterring covering then candidate donald trump needing secret service protection. we honor those we lost. >> we call attention to the journalists we have lost everywhere. now we see the journalists not killed
4:58 pm
example in mexico this year already, five or six journalists assassinated. we see a tenor, a tone where they are labeled enemies of the people. by the president of the united states. they are not. they are representative of the people. most are ordinary folks making an ordinary living, representing the communities as anybody. >> more than 2,305 names line the memorial inside the museum. they are hoping that the black posters remind the public what the journalists gave enough the pursuit of the truth. larry: only on 7. >> i have physical consequences but no recollection of the actual vents. larry: this woman thinks she was hit by a car. the police don't agree. tonight the lengths she is going to, to get answers. after the bridge attack we examine the risks we face
4:59 pm
else is there? a local climber sets the sights and explains why he keeps aiming high. >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: a plea for help in the form of flyers tonight in d.c. a woman hopes one of her neighbors knows what happened to hev after she believes she was hit by a car. ryan hughes is live with the story that you see only on 7. >> she believes she was hit by a car. the police report says no so she hired a private investigator. they canvassed the neighborhood and posted flyers around the area to get more information. >> i would very much like to know exactly what happened. >> a mystery wracked her mind for thr w
5:00 pm
sling after breaking it in three places. a watch over her eye after suffering blurred vision and concussion. >> i have the physical consequences but no recollection of the event. >> she doesn't remember a thing. >> my first real strong recollection i already had my arm repaired. >> on may 16, she was walking to grocery store near 34th and porter street northwest in cleveland park. around 10:00, good samaritans found her face down in crosswalk and called 911. >> i think i was crossing the street. i was hit by a vehicle. >> but no witnesses have come forward. the police report says there is no evidence that she was struck by a vehicle or the victim of a


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