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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  June 6, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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announcer: this is a breaking news alert. adrianna: shot fired nearly notre dame cathedral in paris. this hour.coming in paris police saying the situation is under control. police say a man armed with a hammer attack the police officer near the notre dame cathedral. the man was shot by police and taken to the hospital. the severity of his injuries are unknown at this hour. we are seeing heavy police presencebu
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we do not know the motivation behind the attack. paris remains under high scrutiny after a string of islamic attacks. we will continue to follow developments through the afternoon. adrianna: london has released the names of all of the attackers and terror rampages. at least one of them was well known to authorities. new images were released of the three men responsible for the attacker the third man was a moroccan-born italian citizen. a 25-year-old who once lived in maryland faces charges for leaking information about russians in her fear and's in the 2016 elections. she is the first to
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for leaks under donald trump's watch. >> he promised to bring leakers to justice. now, a military veteran and part-time fitness instructor is facing the possibility of serious prison time. she is accused of leaking this intercept." ite notes that a cyber attack on a u.s. voting software supply company, the most detailed information of russia trying to hack the election. newsntercept is an online source none for -- source known for leaking
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documents. an investigator could tell by the creases in the document it a printed document. is amateur hour for the leaker in the news organization reporter. compromise the source and the document as far as where it came from. >> russian hackers sent fishing emails to more than 100 -- than 100emails to more election officials and try to spread the operation to local governments. students poised to graduate from northwest high school in montgomery county today, both gunned down overnight. suzanne kennedy has the latest on this investigation.
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suzanne: you can see the remnants of what happened here overnight. the window offrom the vehicle. of this is taking place in the 8200 block of this road. two people were shot to death in , dark blue-green honda. >> i came down. there were a lot of police. >> you cannot keep your doors open. you have to be aware of what is going on. to find out two individuals lost their lives, that is disheartening. suzanne: police have released the identity of the vick tends -- of the
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. both are from germantown. no suspect description has been released. adrianna: crews in camp springs are working to fix this. a broken fire hydrant has led to a collapse of part of allentown road and left the people without water. john: frustrations for customers, they will not have water for a second day. crews have installed these support beams to make sure the utility poles do not fall. look at the road. crater caving heavy machinery has been brought in. they are starting to excavate and soon they will get down below and start to make the repairs.
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when someone crashed into a fire hydrant. leak when they came to repair it yesterday. they found a valve was blown. one lane in each direction getting by. it will remain that way for much of the day. it will bebelieve done anytime soon. >> we have 135 customers. a hotel and a dunkin' donuts. our customer advocate is out. he is going to set up a water this work
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-- set up a water station. withnna: doug hill is here a look at our forecast. doug: lower 70's across the area right now. we will climb through the upper 70's, perhaps 80 in the afternoon. of cumulusion clouds. now, 76 at reagan national airport. we will see more sunshine around the region. shower activity will hold to the north. , coming from the northwest, will back around and come from the northeast. plenty of sunshine to talk
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about throughout the day. the wind is coming this way. we see the patches of light rain by tomorrow morning. no higher than 69 or 70. to be the end of the week or the weekend before we have a big turnaround. adrianna: we will see you in seven minutes. today marks 73 years since d-day . more than 160000 and allied troops stormed the beaches of normandy, france. >> a number of the heroes who stormed the beaches of normandy
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they shared their stories with us. they were some of the 160,000 troops who stormed the beaches of normandy 73 years ago today. it was the largest amphibious invasion. 13,000 ships, 5000 airplanes. men and women are being remembered and the living are being honored. the people who brought it shared some of the moments as the ramp came off the ship and they stormed the beaches. >> it was chaos. to the left flank of where i was supposed to. the 29thmy way back to division. people say, on memorial
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day, you think of comrades, but i think of them every single day. >> what was your job when you landed? >> to shoot as many germans as we could. kidd: they killed between 4000 and 9000 nazi soldiers, leading to the end of world war ii. adrianna: coming up, charges filed. facingl time two men are for their role in the deadly go ship warehouse fire in oakland. what were they thinking? the move that has harvard students packing their bags. let's get a check on traffic.
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you may want to avoid allentown road for the afternoon rush. our big picture map, mostly green. several midday work zones will tie you up. as we head to our cameras, not too bad at this site. we have had some southbound delays on interstate 95. authorities say hopefully by 3:00, they will be out of there. it looks like a nice ride for you northbound leaving germantown heading towards clarksburg.
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adrianna: two men have been charged in the warehouse fire in oakland, california, that killed 36 people in december. the founder and his associate face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. face up to 39 years in prison if convicted. it is the second day of the bill cosby sex assault trial. the mother of one of his accusers took the stand. she said in 1996, her daughter called her distraught.
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daughter and was afraid she was going to get her fired from her job area prosecutors hope their testimony proves cosby has a history or pattern of sex assault. now to a college admissions bombshell. harvard is rescinding acceptances for 10 students after they allegedly posted offensive messages on social media. harvard is renowned for accepting the best and brightest. the art side of a student chat room has caused administrators to revoke their admissions. crimson reports a group of 10 students accepted to the class of 2021 and meeting on the official faith book page official- a fissile -- facebook page created
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images and captions. one allegedly calling the fictional hanging of a mexican time."piñata why it hurt is one of the newly admitted -- why it hurt -- wyatt hurt is one of the newly admitted freshmen. >> it is good to see we stand by the moral values we were built on. thearvard posting they have right to withdraw an offer of admission is an invented student engages in behavior that brings into question his or her honesty, maturity, or moral
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some proponents of free speech are criticizing harvard for students for things posted in the chat room on their own time. adrianna: a driver crashes his car through a wall and into a backyard pool. the man behind the wheel was taken to the hospital, but he should be ok. homeowners were inside at the time, but nobody was hurt. still no word on what caused the crash. that is a crazy situation. what is not so crazy, the weather. been a nice has combination of clouds and sunshine. pretty radical change coming the next couple of days. a major warm up.
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70 degrees, lots of sunshine. lots of fair weather clouds. temperatures will steadily climb. 73 at dulles. 74 degrees in fredericksburg. through the day, we will watch the action to the north. cool temperatures across new england. most of the rain will be out of the picture. what will be interesting to watch is what happens overnight. northwesterly wind. showers make their way around the eastern seaboard. theh what happens later in day. we stay northwesterly. overnight, it switches out of the northeast, bringing in a different air mass. a good chance we will see spotty showers before sunrise. maybe a patch of
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by late thursday afternoon, things will bring up. the forecast for the -- for isolated showers. , there may be a little bit of sunshine. it celebrate fairfax. let's take a look at the next few days. a chance of light rain and spotty drizzle.
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85, more humid. we will have a bunch of days into the 90's. maybe a storm on wednesday. hot stuff coming back to town. adrianna: george clooney and his wife had their twins today. doug: i know what it is like to have twins. adrianna: so much more ahead. first, a preview of what is coming up tonight. s, they don'theck expire, right? yes and no. the incredible journey of a check issued in 1987.
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until she
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adrianna: seven is on your side today with advice about car maintenance. manning our help center with mechanics to answer your car care questions. out howat 4:00 to find you can participate. phone lines open at 4:30. the advice is free. we are getting prepared for d.c. pride. of the parade. we will carry
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newschannel 8 and stream it on we are airing the equality march from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. pictures. see your send them to us. you might see them on air. a beautiful day across the dmz. how warm will it get?
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.drianna: take a look at this near the rampsse in virginia. hope they made it across safely. let's talk about the weather for today. doug: 69 for a high tomorrow. a talk about the blues festival in falls church friday through sunday. the weekend looks fine.
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