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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 7, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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diane, kendis. >> thanks to our correspondent there in london for us. >> to hawaii now and this first state to put its support for the paris climate agreement in writing. the governor david egay signed bills putting portions of the accord knee effect. one msh to increases hawaii's efforts to decrease green house gas emissions and establishes a task force to capture and store carbon dioxide. in california governor jerry brown signed emissions deal with the chinese president. the pair met in a closed door session in beijing. the men agreeing to increase trade between china and california. the nonbinding deal calls for them to emphasize green technologies to address climate change. >> the city of pittsburgh showing off popular and rather large premature baby for the first time. >> this female elephant calf born late last month. she met the public though for the first time. >> so she was born a month early. and tipped the scales at 185
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but, while it may sound like a lot. 50 pounds less than average newborn elephant. >> two week old calf hasn't been named yet. zoo officials say they don't want to jinx anything. >> how cute is sunny? >> very, very cute. >> born 21 months. apparently normally elephants have 22 month gestation period. >> just a little shy. >> her mom was rescued from botswana in southern africa six years age. >> her mom was ready for her to be out. it's like, come on, you carry something that is 175 pound. ekes. all the. coming up, the tricky tax of folding those fitted sheets. the new video that is going viral, suggesting that so many of us have been doing the wrong thing. we are going to check out how well diane and i do it. >> they're now in charge of the trump brand. donald jr. and eric trump talk about their new venture and taking on their father's critics. first a look at today's temperatures.
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there are no reports of any injuries for damage. >> police in suburban washington, d.c. trying to figure out who killed two high school honor students the night before their graduation. the 18-year-old and 17-year-old males were found monday, both were shot to death inside a car. this was in montgomery county, maryland. police don't have any suspects. one of the victims was going to celebrate his birthday tomorrow. >> a courtroom drama unfolding outside boston in the case of a woman accused of using text messages rather to coerce her boyfriend into killing himself. >> now on trial for manslaughter. the question facing the presiding judge there can words really kill. >> reporter: michelle carter facing up to 20 years in prison for text messages she sent when she was 17. >> tonight is the night. it's now for never. >> the prosecution accuses carter of texting her 18-year-old boyfriend conrad roy, a series of messages encouraging him to kill him sef. three years
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words trigger tears in the courtroom. >> all you have to do is turn on the generator and you will be free and happy. roy locked himself in his truck in july 2014 trying to poison himself. at the time prosecutors say he was on the phone with carter, for 47 minutes. telling her he had second thoughts. they claim she then told him to get back in the car. roy died in this k mart parking lot. >> it is a suicide. not a homicide. >> according to court documents roy had attempted suicide before he met carter. and the defense says she tried to help her boyfriend get better arguing her text that day did nothing to convince roy's decision. previously the defense tried to get the case dismissed by insisting the texts are protected by the first amendment. but massachusetts supreme judicial court disagreed saying carter engaged in a systematic campaign of coercion. that targeted
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insecurities. and that her instruction to get back in his truck in his final moments was a direct causal lynn tubing his death. maggie ruly, abc news, new york. >> sad case overall there in massachusetts. thanks to maggie. airline passenger recovering this morning after being mauled on board a plane by an emotional support dog. marlene jackson seated next to marine traveling with the dog. other passengers say jackson first expressed his concern about the animal. then they heard growling and a scream. >> his face was covered in blood. around his eyes, nose, cheeks. it was, shirt, when he walked out he had a cloth over his face. and, it was just, completely bloody. >> jackson suffered several bites to the face and was hospitalized. marine wasn't charged. he and the dog were put on another flight. the dog this time in a kennel. >> coming up, president trump's son speaking out. >> donald jr. and eric trump weigh in on everythin
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♪ ♪ >> well the president's sons eric and donald jr. got experience traveling across the country during the campaign. now they're doing it across the country again for a different reason. >> yeah, comes as both of them speak out against their father's critics. abc's tom
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them. >> reporter: if this looks familiar, the trumps and their helicopter. >> this entrance looks familiar. >> it's because eric and brother don are back campaigning. this time for new business. >> well, you know we used to joke. we are going to get him elected so we can get peace and quiet. he is a tough boss. >> don jr. and eric say they're the bosses and working on a new project. budget friendly hotels called american idea. in trump country. as for their father and his role in the company. eric says they do discuss bottom line issues about the company with their father, including profit reports. >> we don't talk about activities of the business, don't talk what we are doing in the business, we just don't mix the separation. >> profit reports doesn't blur the lines. >> doesn't blur the lines. you are allowed to show that. remember the president of the united states has zero conflicts of interest. zero. >> the announcement of
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affordable hotel line comes as their father faces maybe the biggest week of his presidency. >> james comey is going to testify on capitol hill are you going to watch? >> yeah, sure, absolutely. >> both sons describe the investigation into russian collusion with the trump campaign as an effort to undermine their father's presidency. >> the greatest hoax of all time. i was there throughout the campaign. we have no dealings in russia, we have no projects in russia. we have nothing to do with russia. >> to me it is without a question, you know, read and smells like a witch-hunt. >> the day before president trump fired fbi director jam comey. don and eric met with fbi agents in new york. to discuss an attempted cyberattack on the trump organization. >> obviously as a company in america, we are susceptible like so many others to potential cyberattacks. that, that was the extent of what i can talk about. >> did you discuss with your father you met with the fbi. >> no. >> was the russia inv
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>> no. no. it is totally separate topic. totally separate topic, tom. >> the next day after the meeting your father fires james comey as head of the fib. did you discuss that initial meeting with your father? >> no, it had nothing to do with the subject. >> as the president now gears up for his biggest fight, his sons question if he has the best people working for him. >> are you satisfied with the team he has around him right now? >> you know, i am. but, the immediate team. but i do think there is plenty in d.c. probably still in the white house, holdovers, you know that aren't working in his best interest. >> you think there are people actively working against him? >> without question. >> but the west wing is a family business in one regard. >> what do you think abut jared and ivanka in washington, do you think they're enjoying their time there, regret going there? >> listen, i think they're doing what need to be done like my father did. my father didn't need this job. he chose to do
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he knows what comes with it. >> reporter: the president splitting with ivanka over the paris accord. >> there is no trump whisperer. listens to everyone and formulate his own mind. >> though the sons stayed in trump tower they're still the first ones to defend their family. on full display when kathy griffin came out with the disturbing image of the president decapitated. >> naturally i was pretty disgusted. everyone who is watch right now saw what happened. they saw my father's response. they saw the first lady's response, about her son and how it affected him. they saw my response. i don't think we have ever been so measured perhaps on a relative basis. i don't think we did anything inappropriate. but then to run and claim victimhood. she deserves everything that is coming to her. >> thanks to tom llamas there. coming up. a big debate. solved. the great national debate is going to end. >> how do you fold a fitted sheet?
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different answers. >> i didn't know you even folded them. >> a new video going viral. give it a shot. who do you think fold their sheets better?
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put those on dad! it's got to be tide. ♪ you have to know when to hold them ♪ >> it is one of those age-old questions that's been vexing man kind since man kind. how are you supposed to really fold those fitted sheets? >> now a new video is going viral suggesting many of us have been doing it wrong all along. check it out, shall we? >> she says you hold the sheet. and then inside out. okay. she goes. >> corner, corner, corner. >> okay. untwist the bottom. so right side out. >> untwist the bottom. how? what do you mean? >> the corner. corner to corner. >> the other
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then you do the hokey-pokey and you turn yourself around. its that what it is aall about? >> i got corner to corner. turn it exterior. >> final corner. okay. i did. the exterior. >> okay. >> reach under with your other hand. >> under. >> under what? >> the reach under. >> oh, boy. accordian style. >> accordian style. and then just fold it. fold it. see it looks -- >> is that? >> that's really. >> it looks a little bit. what are you doing? are you folding it? >> don't judge me. >> with your feet. >> i stomp wine with my socks on what do you people expect from me? >> very, very good point. it's sort of. keep crumbling it up until it looks some what presentable. looks like a sheet. >> that looks present bum. no. i mean there are millions of people
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when we are having our meeting so many theories how to do it. >> everybody was saying, no, no, no, do it this way. that way. by the way she makes this look way easier. >> because she is in time-lapse. >> is that why? >> ha-ha-ha. tell you the truth. ,000 this is how i usually, fold my sheets. >> better way? >> completely. any day now. >> let's see. >> your sheets. >> thank you. that's it. get it laundered. >> i like that. >> didn't you. >> i like that way the best. >> perfect. perfect. >> want to see the way i do it. tell by the outloon of the sheet. like this. >> ah. >> see. good to go. >> there you go. >> fitted sheet. underneath. nobody sees it. >> you're watching "world news now."
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this morning on "world news now." panic in the streets of paris. >> another terror attack. this time in front of the famous notre dame cathedral. assailant was caught on video, lunging before being shot as tourists were locked down unsure if the terrorist was among them. we have a full report from the scene. >> and surprising news coming out of washington. president trump anything reap with attorney general jeff sessions. the white house refusing to say whether the president has confidence in his own attorney general. our abc news correspondent, breaking the news, sessions offered to resign as well as ag. >> then the bombshell testimony in bill cosby's sexual assault trial. hear what his accuser said on the stand what we can expect in court today. >> high-speed catamaran making a difficult maneuver and capsizes du


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