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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 7, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- james comey prepares to testify before congress, abc news is learning what the former fbi director will say about his exchanges with president trump before he fired him. >> yet another terror attack. this time in paris. lone attacker swinging a hammer at police officers in front of one of the city's busiest tourist attractions. >> new this half-hour -- [ indiscernible ] >> frightening moments sheriff's deputy dragged by a suspect trying to get away from a traffic stop. show you how it all ended. >> the clooney household just doubled in size. we'll show you the new parents getting lots of advice from
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their twins. the story ahead in "the skinny" on this wednesday, june 7th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> apparently the kids, kids are doing fine. >> amal, happy, healthy, fine. >> george clooney apparently sedated. >> george is sedated should recover in a few days. >> he had a rough nine months. exciting news. congratulations. of course, the reactions are great. >> absolutely. >> we'll start this half-hour with the reactions in washington to the new details that we're learning about that much-anticipated testimony from former fbi director james comey. now just a day away. >> sources tell abc news comey will testify about an uncomfortable relationship with president trump. they say comey told attorney general jeff sessions he did not want to be left alone with the president. but comey is expected to leave out any allegations of obstruction to the special counsel.
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>> in preparation for testimony several bars around d.c. and only d.c. theme will open early thursday with their tv's tuned in to the hearings. some are actually having some specials some involving russian cocktail. >> you are upset you are not in d.c. >> so bummed not in d.c. for this. danya bachus gets us started from washington. >> reporter: all eyes on capitol hill thursday. it will mark the first public comments from former director james comey since he was abruptly fired last month by president trump. in his letter firing comey, trump writing in part "i greatly appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions that i am not under investigation." the claim the president has repeated. >> i said, if it's possible, will you let me know am i under investigation. he said you are not under investigation. abc news learning comey its expected to directly refute that claim. that conversation and others between comey and trump will take center stage at senate intelligence committee hearing. whether the former director took notes of the meetings. including one when trump is
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alleged to have asked comey to drop his investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. though sources say he will stop short of accusing the president of obstructing justice. and before the highly anticipated testimony that its expected to make the white house uncomfortable, the president saying this. >> as the the white house braces for comey's testimony, sources tell abc news, there is major tension between president trump and his attorney general jeff sessions. at one point, sessions recently even suggest heed could resign. sources say trump was furious when sessions recused himself from the russia investigation back in march. and the president blames the recusal for many of his current problems. danya bachus, abc news. >> ahead of comey's testimony. today is going to be a significant day in washington, d.c. first up, director of national intelligence, dan colts expected to be asked about his conversations with the president during his congressional
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"the washington post" reports that coats told associates the president had asked him to get james comey to back off of the investigation into former national security adviser mike flynn. that goes even farther than the earlier reports the president tried to get coats to publicly deny any evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. during his testimony last month. coats had refused to provide details of his interactions with the president. >> new details about government contractor accused of liking nsa document on russian hacking. 25-year-old reality winner had railed against president trump and his policies on social media. but the family of the part time r attorney says she is being as used as a scapegoat. >> my client has no criminal history, a veteran. served air force for sick years now pulled into this political wind storm where there is a much
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that this administration is choosing not to focus on. >> the document posted online says russian military intelligence tried to hack the software used for u.s. voting machines days before the election. the top democrats say it proves russian interference was broader than initially believed. but condemn the leaker, did not indicate whether they actually succeeded in that hack. >> turn our focus overseas to the latest terror attack. this one in notre dame, cathedral in paris. the man attacked a police officer reportedly claiming he is a soldier of isis. all call the on camera there. see the attack. he shouted this is for syria, struck the officer with a hammer, a cop shot and wounded the attacker. it sent tourists and others fleeing in panic. inside the cathedral. 1,000 people told to silt in the pews with their hand over their heads. it would be two hours before
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police searched for accomplices. officials say the attacker is a 40-year-old university student from algeria. a suicide bomber attacked the shrine of the late leader, ayatollah, two people were wounded. at the same time, men opened fire inside iranian parliament building killing a guard, wounding at least four others. tensions have been high in the gulf states in the last 48 hours. >> testimony in the trial of a massachusetts woman accused of encouraging her former boyfriend how to commit suicide. prosecutors say michelle carter repeatedly urged conrad roy by text message to take his own life. which he did nearly three years ago. carter's defense attorneys say roy was depressed after his parents divorce, and that carter urged him to get help. roy's mother testified that her son showed no signs of intending to harm himself hours before he died. carter charged with manslaughter. a judge not a jury will decide the verdict.
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>> sheriff's deputy in florida recovering from a frightening encounter with a suspect. the officer's body camera rolling after he pulled a male driver over for speeding. the man behind the wheel, had two open warrants, so the deputy ordered him out of the car. here's what happened. >> i'm asking you to step out of the vehicle, please. i don't have to explain to you. step out of the vehicle. step out of the vehicle now. >> what for? whoa, whoa, whoa. [ indiscernible ] [ bleep ]. well the deputy suffered some cuts and bruises. the suspect was arrested. and is facing several charges. >> also from florida, gas station surveillance video shows a 64-year-old woman pumping gas when a man gets out of a car and steals her purse. she tries to stop the theft and winds up getting dragged through the parking lot. no arrests in the case. the woman is recovering. >> uber fired 20 employees after an investigation into sexual
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the company says a law firm reviewed more than 200 claims, some of those fired include senior executives. reports say uber may take the further action next week. a second broader investigation by another law firm is looking into company culture and practices. >> and sears is reportedly closing 66 more stores. 49 k marts, 17 with the sears name as well as the seven auto centers. reports say most will be shut by september. sears will then have only a little more than half as many stores as it had five years ago. >> to a different store, of a different kind. liquor store in southern california in trouble. all because of a peacock. >> yep, a peacock. the bird got loose in the store and broke $500 of wine and
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spirits. all the expensive stuff, of course. it went for champagne, expensive vintages. all crashing to the floor. all the while the police officer trying to catch the bird. >> humanity. >> oh, the owner could probably have used a good stiff drink after this. but the peacock destroyed them all. >> couldn't got a stiff drink, yeah. >> oh. >> if you watch the video long enough you can hear the welcome sound, customers walking in and out. , my goodness.e on with my -- >> few things tear me up as much as the video. >> having nothing to do with the peacock. all the broken bottles. >> all the broken bottles. coming up the mother who intentionally allowed a snake to bite her baby. and she caught the whole thing on a video she then posted to facebook. so this morning she is in a bit of trouble. we are going to let you know the latest on that. why she did it. kesha, remember her, apparently another a-list star, an a lsh list star doesn't remember her.
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justin, get my gun. >> you might need a bigger justin, get my gun. >> you might need a bigger gun. a spearfishing trip went horribly wrong. an eight foot shark took a bite out of parker simpson's right leg while he and a friend in the keys. over the weekend. he thought the shark was going after fish on his line. then it turned straight towards him. simpson lost more than two pints of blood. >> record number of opioid deaths led to a warning for first responders. preliminary figures show 60,000 pele
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year. jump of 15%. but the doj says the use of fentanyl is creating a danger for emergency crews. a few grains of the drug on the skin scan be deadly. officials are cautioning responders to wear masks and gloves when they respond. reported on the case of an officer got a little on his shirt went unconscious. future of affordable care act in ohio suffered a blow. pulling out of exchanges next year. the company cited volatility of the market. anthem pointed to uncertainty over the white house and congress will reimburse insureds. it could leave 20 ohio counties and 10,000 customers without individual coverage option. >> three weeks after mother's day, we present this candidate for possible mom of the year. woman in florida. posting controversial video on facebook. it shows her 1-year-old daughter being bitten by a small snake. >> local sheriff's office investigated and determined that purposely exposing a child to the snake was enough to bring a child abuse charge.
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point of the thing was to teecht baby a lesson. >> it had bitten me and my son. didn't leave a mark. several times. i thought it was a good opportunity to introduce her without actually getting hurt. she is not scared of snakes. but she doesn't want to touch them either. that was my goal. >> she also says that people who know her realize that she would never purposely hurt her own child. >> i guess, the child learns to not touch that snake, then, she won't touch other snakes. >> uh-huh. >> how did you learn the lesson? >> not that way, thankfully. >> didn't have to be taught. >> not that way. when we come back, proud parents, george and amal clooney get parenting advice. >> orange is the new snack. "the skinny" is next. . who knewo idea. so, she said look for... that's shaped like a dental tool with a round... ...brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to...
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♪ skinny so skinny
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>> and skinny and huge skinny news on this wednesday. starting with the reaction to the birth of america's twins. no, beyonce still has her child right now in the womb. talking george and amal clooney of course. >> the power couple welcomed twins yesterday. boy and girl. alexander and ella, the couple's publicist sent an e-mail. >> it read, ella and alexander and amal are healthy, happy, doing fine. george on the other hand is sedated and should recover in a few days. >> meanwhile, clooney's good
3:49 am
friend, julia roberts who also has twins, had this advice for the happy couple on ellen. >> nobody is there with you at 3:00 in the morning when you are just going what are we doing? where did they come from? when are they going? then you sort of, you, you get through it. apers.nation, tequila, need >> tequila with your orange. >> good twist. >> new segment, orange is the new snack. joining likes of madmen, downton abby, game of thrones, orange is the new black, sesame street parody treatment. the arrival of piper snackman who introduces her students to healthy eating habits. often smuggling oranges in her
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>> mm, this is delicious. >> uh-huh. >> juicy, sweet. i love this snack. for that you get time out in the shoe. >> the shoe? >> but why? >> because you didn't tell me about oranges before the i could have been eating them for years. >> but i just met you. >> the sesame street parody days ahead of the premiere of season five of orange is the new black. >> orange is the new snack. i like the shoe. >> can somebody pass me an orrin orange. jerry seinfeld snubs keisha. >> two ran into each other on red carpet. the singer is a huge fan of jerry seinfeld. walked up and asked if she could give him a hug. didn't go so well. check it out. >> hard to sleep when you are tired. >> i love you so much. >> thanks. >> can i give you a hug.
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>> no thanks. >> please. >> no thanks. >> oh. >> i don't know who that was. >> keisha. >> okay. wish her the best. >> he had no clue. so, apparently seinfeld, no hugging, no learning credo, he made famous was way of life on the comedian as well. >> keisha, we will give you a hug, right? >> if i don't know her. >> what are you mariah carey. i don't know her. and finally, hugh jackman, his secret to long, happy marriage. >> celebrated his 21st anniversary to 61-year-old wife, deborah lee furnace, tells "people" magazine that the two regularly meditate together to keep their romance strong.
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♪ ♪ >> not today, satan, not tomorrow, ♪ ♪ >> not today, satan, not tomorrow, jesus. no. >> okay. so you, you won't be doing rope-free safety net free, harness free mountain climbing. >> i won't be doing any of that. >> the first time for the young man who made rock climbing history. >> seeing him there. alex honald. did something that nobody else has ever done before. then he told his mom, after the fact. and here's why. here is david muir. >> reporter: the famed el captain, 3,000 foot wall of granite in yosemite. nearly impossible to scale with safety equipment, it is fr
3:56 am
231-year-old alex honold of sacramento perfecting the ropeless climb for a dock aid. look at the breathtaking moment about to reach the 2,500 foot summit of el toro in tex-mex uses bare hand and feet to ascend. alex has been climbing all his life. what he told us two years ago. >> i go through the same calculation anybody else does with risk taking. its it worth taking this risk. i'm like yes it is. >> reporter: 60 practice climbs on el captain. alex told us what he was thinking as he reached the top. >> when you are climbing not like your mind is wandering. look at the drop below. >> yeah, see what happens. >> 2500 foot drop. i look down from time to time. enjoy the view. mostly looking up. pretty excited. charging pretty quickly. just kind of climbing ahead. >> reporter: 3:56 he had made it
3:57 am
to the top. becoming the first person to scale el captain alone without ropes or safety gear. what did his mother say? >> she said she was glad i hadn't told her beforehand. the historic climb filmed by "national geographic" films. >> never really dreamt of anything bigger. i can't imagine anything cooler than el cap. i don't know if there is anything better. >> which explains the smile after this american climber reached the top. david muir, abc news, new york. >> not sure i would smile at the top. smile back at the bottom. safe, safe and sound. >> i can tell you that my arms get tired just climbing the stair master. i can't imagine, you know, doing, doing 3,000 feet. >> good idea not telling mom though. we went skydiving on our honeymoon. didn't tell our moms until after. they thanked us. >> good move. that's it for this half-hour. check us out on facebook. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, breaking right now, gunmen storm iran's parliament. this is a shrine for the country's revolutionary founder also coming under attack. we have details coming in. countdown to comey's testimony. this morning insight into what the former fbi director is expected to tell the nation and why was comey uncomfortable around president trump and why he didn't want to be left alone with the president. the big scare at the america's cup. one of the boats capsizes tossing crew members overboard. hear why they blame themselves for what happened. talk about red hot. a baseball player's run with history. and we do say good morning


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