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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  June 7, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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announcer: now good morning washington on your side. we begin with a breaking news alert. adriana: breaking now, a townhouse catching fire in fair tax county. larry: sam is live with details. sam: on lake anna in reston. one firefighter injured and taken to the hospital. these are live pictures from the scene. we're told the firefighter fell through the first floor as it collapsed as he was working to put out that fire. everything now is under control. that firefighter is expected to be ok. these are live pictures. we're told they are working to put out hot spots right now on greenbriar court. john gonzalez is headed to the scene. and as soon as we get new information, we'll pass it along. the good news here, everybody inside that house made it out safely. at the live desk, i'm
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sweeney. now back to you. larry: right now it's not rainy though it's cool. adriana: a very chilly morning. 6:00 a.m. right now, straight up. veronica, how long will the chill in the air last? veronica: for today it's going to be cool, even tomorrow, guys. but today is really the day you'll feel it because of the gray skies across our area and because of the little spotty showers and mist that we have. not full-on rain today but kind of the nuisance kind of weather. for the weekend, sunday, heat wave starts, getting ready for a stretch of 90-degree days. something we've not had a chance to witness or feel yet this year and it all starts on sunday. 63 your temperature out the door now. we do have a low ceiling and clouds and patchy fog that could start forming before long but on radar, not much to >> the. -- not much to report. as we go from the afternoon, we'll go from the lower 60's to upper 60's, kind of a marine layer today is the air we'll have, ju k
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hanging low. tomorrow there could be more fog around the area, in fact, quite extensive. something to stay ahead of as we plan our day for tomorrow. 80-degree warmth by the end of the week. we'll be warming up and really heating up for the weekend. we'll have more on the heat wave in 10 minutes. julie: right now we're looking at problems for those traveling in virginia this morning. happening right now. wires are down blocking pleasant valley drive near braddock road. traffic is turned around at morgan court. we have reports of wires down across the highway and that's blocking pleasant valley. also in virginia, a 26-minute ride from 17 pushing north towards quantico. all the lanes are open simply due to volume. for those traveling in maryland, the fire hydrant repairs continue from yesterday. john lewis in mobile track 7 with a live shot there. you'll find allen town road is tied up between branch avenue and off road. some traffic is ae
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that's our traffic watch. in 10 minutes we'll update your ride south of the beltway but now we go to sam sweeney downstairs it. sam: 6:02. more breaking news out of baltimore county. where a police officer is in the hospital after someone tried to run him over. happened late last night in potapsco state park. the officer approached the car to ask the driver to leave and when police say the driver reversed and tried to run the officer over. not once but twice, even slamming the officer's cruiser. the officer opened fire but that driver got away in his s.u.v. maryland state natural resources officer is a 25-year veteran. officials say he's expected to survive. at the live desk, i'm sam sweeney. back upstairs. larry: one suspect dead, a los angeles police officer in the hospital. lapd saying the officer is in stable condition and we don't know what happened. we know the injured officer was
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car and the window blown out. they told their parents they were going out to sell a last ticket they had for graduation. their family and friend are left with many unanswered questions. >> a lot of their friends will be really sad walking across the stage without them. i feel really bad and they definitely should be here with us. >> at graduation practice we saw them. it's crazy for them not to be here. >> every time you saw him in the hall he was smiling or cracking a joke. you could count on him to be happy and be there no matter what. suzanne: ziberov was going to college. shadi was going to attend the university of maryland with his friend. there will be counselors on hand to talk to the underclassmen to ffer counseling to them. they are offering a $,0
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reward for any information leading to an arrest in this case. reporting live in montgomery county police headquarters, suzanne kennedy, "good morning washington." adriana: thanks for that, suzanne. an emergency response near north bethesda high school late last night. police responded to heavy smoke from a storm drain. two went to the hospital and one had smoke inhalation and minor burns. that is under investigation. larry: russian hacking, sufflet investigators believe hugs qatar and ked into placed a fake news report and created a crisis with our gulf allies. recently the u.s. sent a team of investigators to look into the alleged hacking incident. important things to know about the nation of qatar. it's a key u.s. ally and home to more than 10,000 troops and the u.s. conducts air operations
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ops center coordinating all combat missions over iraq and syria. adriana: president donald trump wishes fired director james comey luck when he testifies on capitol hill tomorrow. comey will testify as part of the senate intelligence committee russian probe. those close to him say he'll refute the president's claim that said the president was never under investigation. you can watch that testimony tomorrow morning at 10:00 right here on abc 7. more turmoil in the white house. we're learning attorney general jeff sessions recently offered to resign. his relationship with the president reportedly deteriorated after he recused himself from all matters having to do with trump's campaign and the russian investigation. the white house press secretary received to answer if the president still has faith in his attorney general. larry: a tragic warning this morning for parents as we head into summer. a young girl dead because of ticks. what happened and how you can protect your kids as they head outside to play.
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veronica: what you see is what you get. what you see outside your window, the gray and clouds hanging low and the wet roads is what we'll have. we'll keep it on the cool side with an east wind, not too strong but just enough to keep our temperature under 70 degrees. 72 the high forecast tomorrow. by the time we get to friday and the end of the week, we'll start warming up and we're trending towards some heat for the weekend and most of next week with highs that will be running in the 90's. take today and bottle it up because by the mid part of next week you'll go wish those 60's were back. 63 across our area with the east northeasterly wind at 7 miles an hour. we're seeing a
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rain, julie. walking forecast, you'll need an umbrella and jacket on today as our temperature tops out just under 70. i'll have more on the heat wave in 10. julie: we're looking at issues around town and we're starting off talking about fairfax county police the fact they're out on the scene, centreville and pleasant valley road, south of braddock road are shut down because of low-hanging wires. you see if you look closely in the picture, one of the pole is diagonal, hanging low with those wires. they've shut down this part of town along pleasant valley south of braddock road. no one able to get past the scene. northbound 95 in virginia, you're slow moving out of stafford heading northbound out of quantico but thankfully the lanes are open and the fire hydrant repairs continue between branch avenue and off road. john is there live. one lane of traffic is able to get by in each direction, not much of a delay to report at this time. that's our
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i'll be back in 10 minutes to update the ride northeast, dealing with a power outage but now let's say good morning to john gonzalez. john: two alarms called in reston, virginia. a tremendous amount of activity at this hour for this house fire. two adults were not home at the time. that's the good news. one firefighter has been rushed to the hospital. we'll tell you why coming up in a live report. right here on "good morning washington."
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>> good morning, we're live in reston, virginia, where two alarms were called for this fire an hour ago and we can tell you they're now starting to gather their equipment, getting some well-deserved rest after fighting the flames here this morning. i just spoke to the owners of the home offcamera, a husband
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they were not home at the time. the house was unoccupied but they are extremely shaken up. they're not sure exactly where to go from here. serious damage to their home. we're going to spin the camera around. even though many of the firefighters, over 50 of them, are collecting their things and starting to get their rest, there are still some firefighters busy at work hutting out hot spots. this is greenbriar court right next to lake ann and it's still unclear why this fire started but we can tell you that while firefighters were inside the floor of this town home collapsed and one firefighter ended up falling all the way to the basement. he was rushed to the hospital. we are told he suffered nonlife-threatening injuries but again a very scary situation. that firefighter collapsing with the floor and right now fire investigators are getting ready to sift through the home to figure out what exactly caused this fire early this morning here in reston, virginia.
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reporting live, john gonzalez, "good morning washington." sam: it's 6:17 and we follow breaking news out of iran. more than one is dead and a dozen wounded in two separate terrorist attack. the first attack at the you'reian parliament report four gunmen stormed the parliamentary building possibly taking hostages. look at the video just coming from from tehran. right now it's too early to tell what happened to all the gunmen inside the building but state media reports the situation is under control. these are images of the chaos that unfolded after the initial attack. 30 minutes after the first attack began, a gunman and suicide bomber attacked a shrine about 10 miles outside of tehran. images on social media showed severed body parts in that area and the last 40 minutes or so, the associated press now reporting that isis is
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responsibility for both attacks. this would mark the first major attack by isis within iranian borders. as we get new information, we'll pass it along. at the live desk, i'm sam sweeney. now back upstairs to you, larry. larry: a health health alert at 6:19. a tragic warning for parents in what is shaping up to be a dangerous season for ticks. a indiana girl died after a suspected tick bite and she picked up a possible bacterial infection which gave her a outbreak of rashes and spiked her body temperature to 104 degrees. we looked into what you can do to keep your family safe from ticks. if you're going to be outdoors, know what kind of environments ticks like which is mostly humid areas near woods or tall grass. if you are outdoors, spray yourself with repellents that contain deet and wear light colored clothing so you can spot a dark tick crawling on you before it makes it your skin.
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new report giving you thought to think twice about a second glass of wine. even a moderate amount of booze could be bad for an aging brain. people who have 8-12 drinks a week are more likely than abstainers to develop brain changes that might signal memory loss and found rapid declines in language fluency tests where you're given one minute to name as many words as you can starting with a particular letter. larry: that's not good. adriana: not at all. nd i like my pinot noir. larry: i thought wine was good. adriana: you can find a study for everything. let's go to julie. larry: we don't like the weather but know it's temporary. veronica: it's temporary. we've been stuck in the stubborn pattern with cloud and unsettled conditions the last couple weeks. finally a weather pattern is shifting and all bau
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stream running under it, all the heat and finally it will start building high for us in the eastern half of the country and what that means for us is 90-degree temperatures, consecutive days we'll see that across areas like d.c. and pennsylvania and certainly south. there it is. temperatures building for sunday and for early part of next week, we'll have highs topping out in the mid 90's on tuesday so next week this time, we'll be more than halfway to our heat wave. right now we've got a gray sky and arlington, virginia, look at the cloud hanging low and clouds across the area, crisisle -- drizzle and mist with of temperatures in the 50's and 60's. ot seeing much in the way of radar. you have to look in the way of slight showers and around d.c. and will be spotty and scattered. at the bus stop, a little on the damp side, 63 the temperature, under 70 i think most neighborhoods for today,
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keep the gray sky around for today. a little more sunshine is expected tomorrow. definitely saturday, a pride parade. here's a look at the numbers, 85 in the afternoon and by late 7:00, 9:00 we'll drop into the mid to upper 70's across the area. by the way, it will be broadcast leave over news channel 8. check that out. we'll be out there, too, all weekend long, celebrating fairfax with the heat rising to 92 sunday. adriana: i was making fun of adriana because she was so fancy with her pinot noir. julie: let's keep it real. veronica: i like my bourbon. julie: out on the beltway, 16-minute ride. don't get me talking about mad dog. outer loop, 16-minute ride from college park to 270, all the lanes are open. not a bad start to the commute early this morning but unfortunately, we do have some problems. we're still keeping a close eye on the fire hydrant repairs from
6:23 am
yesterday. our mobile track 7 john lieu cities outside checking that out for you. allentown road with one lane of travel getting by on branch avenue and auth road. back to the maps. this time in virginia, fairfax police tweeting out this picture of the low hanging wires, causing them to block off pleasant valley in each direction south of braddock road. also make note in northeast we're dealing with a power outage affecting 4,000 people. signal lights are reported dark along 17th street and braden sville. treat the light out as a four-way stop. the estimated time of restoration will be around 8:00 this morning. that's our traffic watch. back within the next 10 minutes we'll update the right
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you'busted tail.rd. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america. >> you're watching "good morning washington" on your side. adriana: a woman is facing manslaughter charges for allegedly convincing her woman to commit suicide. we have the details in the first look. adriana: in this morning's gma first look, 20-year-old
6:26 am
young man she said she loved to his death. prosecutors say carter, at the time, a high school student, pressured 18-year-old conrad roy iii to commit suicide in the 89 at the heart of case tens of thousands of texts, carter telling him, it's time and you need to do it. cell phone records carter telling him to get back inside the truck when he has second thoughts. carter's attorney blaming the behavior on the medication she was taking. >> it's a suicide even if somebody supports another individual in a suicide, it doesn't create a homicide. adriana: coming up at 7:00 a.m., nancy grace weighs in on the case. ith your first look, i'm adrienne bank earth -- adrienne bankert, massachusetts.
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me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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>> from abc's news, this is a breg alert. >> the capital of iran under attack. ultimate gun and suicide bomb assaults. within the hour, a claim of responsibility. adriana: flames tear through a fairfax county home and a firefighter rushed to the hospital. our crew is on the scene with brand-new information on what happened. i'd adriana hopkins. larry: and we've got a lot going on. first a check of our forecast with veronica johnson. a big change from yesterday. veronica: big change yesterday and a difference of what we'll see next week at this time. next week we'll be full on in
6:31 am
temperatures across our area today. very cool. we're seeing the numbers in the 50's. look at centreville, virginia. you see the low clouds and gray skies outside your window, very light wind but just enough out of the east where it brought in the moisture off the atlantic and off the bay. we're seeing showers now coming through fairfax county and even the district. we'll zoom in here tighter. look at this, heading towards franchione yeah areas, the dale crest area, light showers coming your way this morning. we'll see them scattered about all day long. light and a nuisance and pesky more than anything. your temperatures will ride through the mid 60's through lunchtime today and then stay under 70 degrees for today. we'll track this one area of low pressure moving just off the coast and then for sunday, starting on sunday, pattern change for us. it will turn out hot with highs in the 90's. tomorrow morning we drop to the 60's, our coolest morning of the next 10 days, julie. we'll talk
6:32 am
really see any appreciable rain coming our way. julie: around the capital beltway we're getting word from d.c. police the power has been restored in northeast washington where we had over 4,000 folks affected by the power outage. they're not showing outages at this time in northeast. however, some of the signals at the intersections may be on flash. you'll want to treat this as a fourway stop. let me move you back out west in virginia. fairfax police are reporting they're on the scene of the low hanging wires on pleasant valley south of braddock road. we're sending our crews to the scene there. pleasant valley remains shut down south of braddock until further notice. you'll find in virginia 234 northbound, the prince william parkway, a crash involving the left side of the highway. allentown road is still tied up between branch avenue and auth road with one lane getting by in each direction and due to the fi
6:33 am
that's the fire watch and we'll update you later but right now let's go to sam sweeney. sam: 6:32. this morning we're hearing from e parents of the 25-year-old woman accused of leaking documents. her name is reality winner and she was arrested for leaking those documents yesterday in georgia after prosecutors say she printed off the document and sent it to an electronic online news site. they say after she sent it, she admitted to authorities she did it. her mother and stepfather voiced their support for her when they spoke to anderson cooper last night. >> i don't care what they accused her of doing. she served her country, she's a veteran in the united states air force and served with distinction for six years. she's a patriot. >> i know if she did something wrong, she's always come clean with it and she's always
6:34 am
willing to accept the consequences. but i'm terrified for her right now. sam: winner lived and worked in fort meade before moving in february. she's still in custody with a hearing tomorrow and is now facing a decade in prison. at the live desk, i'm sam sweeney, now back up to you. larry: new developments with a chevrolet mother pleading guilty to suffocating her two children. she covered her two toddler head with plastic bags and duct tape. she was released from a hospital and was under evaluation after threatening to harm herself and her children. she faces up to 45 years in prison according to her plea deal. adriana: the man behind five armed robberies including this one, is due in court. jarvel kent is accused of holding up three store clerks, a delivery driver and
6:35 am
police are looking for an accomplice. larry: today nasa will graduate its new astronaut class. this year's pool is more than 18,000. nasa hand said how many astronauts have been chosen but only eight were selected to the most recent class in 2013 from more than 6,300 candidates. mike pence will help mat announcement at the johnson space center in houston. an incredible achievement being celebrated in fairfax county this week. meet george. adriana: the springfield man who made it to the top of mount everest. e're talking about an enduring 60-mile-per-hour wind and temperatures 30 below zero. he's back home now and he says it was hard to eat, sleep and recover each day but it was all worth it and she says she's not done with the adventures yet. >> to literally be staying on top of
6:36 am
incredible feeling. there's definitely a lot of challenges out there that i'd like to continue to do and just adventures to look forward to. adriana: he's got his eye on climbing the highest mountain in north africa. we'll talk to him later. don't miss that interview at 8:15 when we all move over to news channel 8. all this week "good morning washington" is celebrating fairfax, abc 7 and news channel 8 are proud sponsors of this weekend's festival and we're giving tickets away every day this week. all the number on your screen. 703-528-7334. caller number seven wins four general admission tickets. if you don't win right now, we have even more to give away next hour and of course we're doing it all week long. -- : we celebrate fax fax fairfax this weekend and we head out our cup of joe color sheets. color him in and take him
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trips with you and take pictures with him and send those to us when you do. we've got one we're putting up today where cup of joe was today. check that out. it's cooler today but the heat is not far behind. veronica johnson is tracking when those temperatures will rise and what else is coming with it. that's coming up next.
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veronica: dismal drizzle across the area, i'm calling it a drizmal kind of day. highs in the 60's. our average low temperature this time of year is at 64. only a few degrees above that for today. gray sky with spotty showers on tap for later today. cool everywhere from east to west and tomorrow morning there could be some pockets of fog around. another gray start to our day but it's not staying that way tomorrow. our temperatures will start out in the 50's. quite cool. we'll push up to 70 degrees by late morning. notice a little blue sky trying to peek through. tomorrow we'll fare much better, less rain. drying conditions expected by the afternoon and tap out in the lower 70's across the area. friday right now. if you're headed to a concert, t wolf trap we have wilko, but dierks bentley playing at jiffy lube and it will be a delightful evening. humidity on tap for the weekend and especially ear
6:41 am
humidity tracker, see the moderate levels of humidity through the weekend. sunday we're higher but next week, tuesday and wednesday especially it will feel quite oppressive. more like 95, 96 by midweek. your saturday now, 85 to about 87 across the area. wait until you see the 90's coming our way for the weekend on sunday, julie, back in 10. julie: on the roads this morning, we're reminding folks the power outage according to pe pco has been restored and affecting the commute out of northeast washington, especially along the arboretum. keep it in mind across the area. you may encounter the signals on flash and you want to treat it as a four-way stop. 66 eastbound, lanes are open, a 40-minute drive out of manassas. the story is in fairfax where we have the police on the scene where they blocked off a portion of pleasant valley south of braddock road because of low hanging wires and nobody able to get through at this time. we have the crash
6:42 am
the wires along 234 and the prince william parkway, north side of university boulevard the left side is blocked. like yesterday, keeping an eye on allentown road between branch avenue and auth road. one lane of travel is able to get by in each direction along allentown road. that's our traffic watch. back within the next 10 minutes and update your ride on the top stretch of the beltway. back to you. larry: thanks. at 6:42, an active investigation now in montgomery county. adriana: suzanne kennedy is following this one for us. suzanne: the question being asked this morning, why would someone kill two teenagers on the eve of their high school graduation? authorities are trying to figure that out. i'm suzanne kennedy outside police headquarters, a live report is coming up. >> we're also keeping a close eye on the situation in reston, virginia. a house fire and firefighter in the hospital after the floor he was standing on collapsed.
6:43 am
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sam: coming in from fairfax county. adriana: a firefighter falling through the floor as a fire rages. john gonzalez is live at the scene. john 12347 john: adriana, a hundred firefighters on the scene and some packing up and pulling out. they'll keep crews here because of hot spots flaring up. this is the scene in front of the home. you have ladders up on the windows there. the good news is the home was unoccupied. the two residents and husband and wife were not home when the fire started after 5:00 this morning. i got a chance to talk to them off camera. very shaken up. they were on the phone with their insurance agent trying to figure out what the next step is while they try to still assess how badly damaged their home is. we can tell you that firefighters arrived very quickly and once inside, the floor, the main floor of this town home collapsed. one of the firefighters falling
6:47 am
basement. we're told that firefighter suffered serious injuries but nonlife-threatening injuries. he was rushed to reston hospital where he's being treated at this hour. those hot spots still flaring up but fire investigators are going in. we've seen firefighters with shovels. they're going in to try to figure out exactly what caused this fire early this morning. reporting live in reston, john gonzalez, "good morning washington." sam: 6:47. we're staying on top of the breaking news out of iran. seven people are reported dead and more than a dozen injured in two separate terror attacks early this morning in tehran. the first attack happened at the iranian parliament. reports say four gunmen stormed the parliamentary building, possibly taking hostages. in the last few minutes, report all the an say assailles are dead inside that parliament building.
6:48 am
gunman and suicide bomber attacked a shrine for the ayatollah about 10 miles outside of tehran and this morning isis is claiming responsibility for this attack. this would mark the first major attack by isis within iranian borders. at the live desk, i'm san sweeney. back to you. adriana: thanks for the update. at 6:48, police are digging in and trying to figure out what led to the shooting deaths of two teenagers, honor students, just hours before they walked the stage for graduation. suzanne kennedy is live in montgomery county with the latest on this investigation. suzanne? suzanne: good morning, we're outside police headquarters where we were hoping perhaps we'll have new information for us this morning on this case. these were two young men who seemingly were doing everything they were supposed to be doing. one of them, an eagle scout. both of them honor roll students and both of them bound for college. authorities say now instead of that
6:49 am
families are now mourning their loss. we want to show you their side by side pictures. take a look at them, shadi najjar and artem ziberov. they were found shot to death in montgomery village monday night at 8:00 and their bodies were found in najjar's honda and the car idling with the windows blown out. the teens told their parents they were going out to sell an extra graduation ticket they had as their friends graduated late yesterday afternoon, family and friends are left with many unanswered questions. >> why? why would somebody kill my boy, my beautiful boy two days before graduation? as a father i need to know what happened to my son. why would someone shot him? what did he do wrong? why? >> at graduation practice we saw him and everything. so crazy for him not to be here. >> every time you saw him in the hall he was smiling or cracking a joke. you can always count on him to be happy no matter what.
6:50 am
suzanne: ziberov was going to maryland and najjar was going to community college and then join his friend. they will have grief counselors to help students deal with the tragic loss. as for montgomery county police, now they have no information about a suspect and no information about a motive, but they're hoping that the public will lead them to some information in this case and they're offering a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. reporting live this morning in gaithersburg, suzanne kennedy, good morning washington. larry: this morning at 6:50, all eyes on a brewing battle on capitol hill. james comey will testify before the senate about the russian investigation and his conversations with president trump. sources telling abc news comey felt the president was being so inappropriate he asked attorney general jeff sessions to make sure the two
6:51 am
together. ahead of the hearing, the president had a message for comey. reporter: what message do you have for comey ahead of his testimony. president trump: i wish him luck. larry: the questions will start before he takes a stand. several security officials will testify. rob rosenstein will start, the deputy attorney general. adriana: ariana grande will resume her dangerous woman tour in paris. she canceled tour dates following last month's terror attacks. 22 people were killed in an explosion as they left her concert. grande returned to the stage once since that attack and that was during that emotional benefit show sunday in manchester. and it raised $2.5 million for the victims. larry: tonight on abc 7, can lebron james and the cavaliers turn this thing around in the nba finals? the cavs down 2-0 in the league's
6:52 am
golden state warriors. they've been here before. last year we thought it was over when the cavs were down 3-1 to the warriors but we were all wrong. the cavs would win that title. they look to do the same beginning tonight. all the action at cleveland's arena. our coverage starts 7:30. game 3 tonight in cleveland our coverage starts at 8:30 with ip-off for 9:00. adriana: kidd says the cavs are pulling it out, right? kidd i said russell, it's done, not happening. adriana: here for the warriors? kidd: i know nothing about sports, you shouldn't talk to me. but i do like the city of san francisco so i'll go with the warriors. adriana: russell told me you're a hater. he's going in everyone's ear. kidd: warriors are going to win
6:53 am
the series, sorry. i said that before the series. larry: weather, we're not winning today, but we will. veronica: i'm calling it something in between where it will be reasonable, the temperatures out there. more than a week ago i told you i thought our pattern would break about this time. here we are, talking about the 90's, finally headed our way and sticking around. look at sunday's temperature, 92. we'll stay there, up around 90 degrees with the heat peaking tuesday, wednesday of next week. one hot week coming our way. first we have got to get through the 60's and 70's for today and tomorrow. seeing showers on radar. one area here southbound, light showers headed towards franchione yeah and out of the cameron area and towards the can't berry woods. umbrella for today and should see a few peaks of sunshine and more friday, going up to 80 degrees. tomorrow our washington
6:54 am
the makeup game should be fine, dry and comfortable with lower humidity but saturday, 85-88. fredericksburg, stafford with sticky conditions and keep it in mind if you have plans saturday night, it will be dry and muggy under a mostly clear sky. julie yorks your temperature, taking it up to 90 degrees with an extended forecast that will be higher than 90 on tuesday, wednesday of next week, dry but we'll see showers and storms that could be strong on thursday and talk about the heat on news channel 8. julie: on the roads now you'll find it's a slow ride especially for those traveling on the bottom side of the beltway leaving 210 trying to get across the wilson bridge. we're dealing with the fire hydrant repairs take that tie up allentown road and auth road. there's john lewis. one lane of travel is able to get by in each direction with very little delay at this time but definitely something to make note of working your way through allentown road. back to the
6:55 am
ride. top side outer loop is where we have the stalled car near colesville road. lanes are open but back in virginia we're dealing with the low hanging wires that closed off a portion of pleasant valley south of braddock road and according to fairfax county police they're on the scene redirecting the traffic. that's our traffic watch. back within the next 10 minutes to update the ride on 270. back to you. larry: five till right now as we celebrate. the pet of the day. adriana: this is cobalt from gainesville. cobalt is clearly a ravens fan, sporting a number five quarterback joe flacco jersey. so your cat, dog, bird, snake, guinea pig or iguana could be our next pet of the day. upload the picture to and we'll crown our pet of the day. kidd: don't know he's really a ravens fan.
6:56 am
george and amal clooney welcomed twins, ella and alexander. they're happy and doing fine. george will be 74 when the twins graduate from high school and put them in the class of 2035. you have to wonder what things will be different in 2035. if we look back to what's changed in the past 18 years, it takes us back to 1999 which was preiphone and prei pod and prefacebook. you can only imagine how it will be when the clooney kids graduate from high school. when you put it in perspective like that, a lot is about to change, besides george clooney becoming a father finally. chris hemsworth wasn't in last year's smash hit "captain america" so he brought the hammer down in the video that went environmental after he -- vire value -- viral a
6:57 am
liam: look, i'm captain america and smashed like a fly. kidd: viral because of what he was doing but because of hemsworth and his muscles. i'm going with the tank top. now that "wonder woman" has conquered the bad guys at the box office, how about a sequel. the star and director are signed on for a follow-up. patty jenkins telling entertainment weekly she'll move the action from europe to the u.s. and fans are excited about that. much more after news channel 8. larry: make the switch. adriana: see you there.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, twin terror attacks overseas. isis claims responsibility for two deadly assaults in iran. terrorists storming parliament as lawmakers meet. security forces help save this child and a suicide bomber blows himself up at a famous shrine. the attacks injured dozens this morning. the bombshell new report. did president trump ask the director of national intelligence to intervene in the fbi's russia investigation? he is testifying this morning as fired fbi director james comey gets set for his own big showdown tomorrow. ♪ we're not going to take it >> and the major new questions about the trump family's charity. breaking news details on that government contractor arrested for leaking top secret information. about russia's role in hacking the


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