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tv   ABC 7 News 11  ABC  June 7, 2017 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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the mummy. rated pg-13. the opportunity is right there. but we haven't won a game three on the road in cleveland before. >> pound the chest. beat the best. >> mike: kcurry gets inside. and the foul. klay thompson, lighting it up. irving spins, drive, lay-up -- oh. sensational move. irving, to the basket -- lay-up, puts it in! some spectacular individual performances, again, incredible shot-making here in game three. kyrie irving and lebron james have given the cavaliers just a one-point lead. remember, game three in 2015 in the finals, cavs with a wire to wire win. last year, game three in the finals, cavs won by 30. they are desperate for the victory tonight, as a foul call on
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only the second team foul. >> jeff: all those back screens are very difficult not to switch. >> mike: third foul on steph curry. i meant, obviously, golden state now in the penalty, my mistake. that's their fifth team foul. >> mark: you're right, those back screens, because there's shooters on the floor. same offense that the warriors run so effectively. they put you in a tough predicament. >> mike: 38, eight assists, eight rebounds. >> jeff: for them to finish it off, it going to have to be lebron james at the free-throw line and in the paint.
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gets away from korver. fakes. still dribbling. shot clock at seven. back up top, durant. durant on the drive. finds inside to iguodala -- lay-up won't go. poked away. picked up by cleveland. somebody got a piece of it. james to irving. >> mark: you have to get the basketball, make a play. >> mike: james drives on thompson, lay-up, missed it. here comes durant. and durant fouled by irving. that's his fourth. the cavs not in the penalty. >> mark: good offense by the warriors. unselfish play by kevin durant. wide open shot for iguodala. how about love and james not giving up on the play? that's championship effort. >> jeff: and i thi
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get excited world. hello moto. moto is here. the moto z with moto mods. get 50% off moto z" droid or moto z™ force droid. >> mike: espn's 30 for 30 takes you on a trip into nba history. celtics/lakers, best of enemies. kron kms the rivalry between the two storied franchises, culminating in their epic '80s battles. that's tuesday at 8:00 eastern. 3:43 remaining. lebron james and the cavs down 0-2. they've been hearing the word sweep. lots of people have talked about it, after golden state dominated the first two games. right now, clinging to a three-point lead. thompson. fires a three --
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given tyronn lue some very good minutes. irving. crossover. head fake. back out to korver. durant is on irving. james splits the defense, kicks it out. j.r. smith for three -- bang! >> jeff: can you believe that pass? across his body on target. >> mike: durant tries to answer. comes up short. rebound, james. it's bedlam here in cleveland. >> mark: coach, they're doing a better job controlling the pace all game long. you don't have anything, run your offense. >> mike: irving shut off initially by curry. five on the 24. smith finds some room. throws up another -- rebound,
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his tenth rebound. drives inside, finds love -- lost the handle. picked up by green. >> jeff: this is where you have to convert. >> mike: curry down the lane and finishes. and it's back to four, with 2:19 remaining. under two to play. irving. razzle dazzle again. scoo lay-up -- just falls off. gets the rebound! and they get a new 24. an electrifying performance from kyrie irving. even when he misses.
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james falling away -- durant pulls it down. and kevin love's shaken up. slow to get up. durant drives -- and he's fouled on his way to the basket. love limping, still in the back court. after that last exchange. love with 13 rebounds, six steals. looks like he landed on one of the warriors feet. grabbed that right leg. >> mark: i like the substitution, mike, bringing in tristan thompson right now, for defensive purposes. you need a stop. >> mike: steve kerr calls time-out. we'll take a break. warriors ball, down four, 1:24 remaining. owowown... look, there's pizza man with cheesy bites pizza...
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>> mark: lebron james. witnessing greatness. foot on the gas pedal. attacking early. big-time finish. gets it going. wide open jump shot. knockdown. making plays in the half court set. the drive-by with the finish. not just for himself, but the great ones make other guys better. puts j.r. smith in position to knock down the jump shot. james putting on a clinic. >> mike: he's played all but 2:30. and there you see the time-outs remaining. each team with multiple time-outs. neither team with a foul to give now. james guarding durant. thompson on the switch. durant drives. gifts a great look and finishes. >> jeff: just too easy after the switch. >> mike: and now tyronn lue will use one of his two time-outs with 1:15 remaining as it's back to two. 26 points for kevin durant.
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>> jeff: well, they got the switch they want. tristan thompson isn't square on the ball. durant would rather go to his left here. that's too big a gap and too easy for the great durant. we, the device loving people want more than just unlimited data. we want unlimited entertainment. so we can stream unlimited action. watch unlimited robots. watch unlimited romance. if you are into that. but we also want more like... unlimited hbo. can i stop dying now mark? no can't do mi amigo. it's unlimited. besides you are really good at it james. don't settle for any unlimited data plan. only the at&t unlimited plus plan comes with hbo included at no extra charge.
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>> mike: kevin durant, obviously, excelling on the nba's biggest stage. he did it with okc, though they lost in five games. he has been magnificent in these finals, as well. his team, down by two. coming up on a minute remaining. cavs have just one time-out left now. james with eight to shoot. james pulls back. drives again. kicks it out,
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corner three. can't get it to fall. rebound, durant. >> jeff: incredible opportunity. >> mike: durant for three -- it's good. kevin durant from downtown. and golden state takes the lead. >> jeff: they should get a two for one here. >> mike: irving guarded by klay thompson. one-on-one. irving. pucks back. steps back, three-pointer -- off the rim. won't go. rebound by steph curry. there's only about a second and a half difference between shot clock and game clock. >> mark: you have to double and force him to get rid of the basketball and then foul. >> jeff: they have to foul green. >> mike: durant has it. and there's the foul. kevin durant, a great free throw shooter. and suddenly, this building, stunned by a quick turn of events. the three-pointer from durant. >> jeff: that's bad basketball right there. kevin durant, though, so gifted. comes down and just pucks up
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knocks it in, but at the other end, they had to get the two for one and then they had to foul the moment it hit draymond green's hands. >> mike: durant, 88% from the line in the playoffs. and the first one rattles around and drops through. two-point game. cleveland still has one time-out left. >> mark: i thought the cavs did a poor job not going for a quick two for one with the opportunity. instead, stretched the entire clock. >> mike: durant, 13 points in the quarter. now 31 for the game. nine straight points from golden state and with 12.9 remaining, they lead by three. we'll take a break. cavaliers will have the ball when we return.
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>> mike: 12.9 seconds remaining. kevin durant. look at those numbers here in these nba finals. and a big fourth quarter to give golden state the three-point lead. all right, guys, here's the strategy again, three-point game. do you even let cleveland attempt a three-point shot and at what point, if you want to, do you foul? >> mark: to me, i do not. i'm looking to foul initially. not allowing them to take a three. and if you're the cavs, you don't have to settle for a three. >> jeff: it's interesting. kyle korver, out of the game on this possession. >> mike: love to inbound. finds james. james blocked by iguodala.
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state ball with 10.4 remaining. >> mark: actually james got away with contact on the strip by iguodala. the best hands in the business, if you ask me, and iguodala. >> mike: and curry is fouled. >> jeff: they would have been better off if that foul had been called on james, because it was against iguodala. >> mike: iguodala, the nba finals mvp, because of his defense on lebron james, makes the defensive play of the game right there. and steph curry will go to the free throw. curry, who has made his last 30 free throws in these playoffs. again, cleveland, as curry hits that, cavaliers are out of time-outs. >> jeff: mike, this game came down -- cleveland got a lot of good looks from three, only shot 12 for
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>> mike: curry. remains perfect at the line. 9.6 remaining. 11 straight points now for golden state. smith poked away, picked up by durant. gotten back. wild shot -- and that will do it with 1.5 remaining, all golden state has to do is inbound. what a stunning turnaround in the final couple of minutes. cleveland had a seven-point lead here in the fourth, but golden state stays perfect. a crushing loss for the cavs. as the warriors take a 3-0 lead in these finals. last three minutes and ten seconds, 11-0 run for golden state. and they are now 15-0 in the 2017 postseason. kevin durant, magnificent.
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and that huge three-pointer. he's with doris. >> doris: kevin, the defending champs threw their best punch in what was a must-win, but you guys scored the final 10 or 11 points, so, take me through the poise it took to win this one. >> well, we -- first quarter, we were up eight points, seven points and we -- we were excited about that, because we knew -- we watched film of last year's team, they came out and blitzed them early. we wanted to stay around. we knew they were going to bring a lot of energy. third quarter, they blitzed us. we settled down and we got stops when we needed them. >> doris: can you tell us how you walk to confidently into the three when you're down in a finals game on the line? >> i was looking at the bottom of the net and i seen he was planting his heels behind the three-point line and i've been working on that shot my whole life and, you know, for that one to go in, you know, that was liberating right there, man. so, we got one more
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we have to keep going. >> doris: what is it like as a teammate to watch klay thompson break out? >> we're just excited for everybody right now. we want everybody to do well. we know we can't win this thing unless we do it together, so klay was huge. we going to need that in game four, if we want to close this thing out. >> doris: kevin, perhaps the best attribute of this team is the sunselfish nature from it. where does it stem from? >> we practice it every day. coach talks about it. in the third quarter, we went a few possessions without moving the ball. he chewed us out. we just try to go out there and move the ball in the fourth and we got some stops and was able to make some threes. >> doris: thank you for not correcting my math mistake tonight. mike? >> mike: doris, 38 in game one, 33 in game two and 31 here tonight. as golden state takes a commanding 3-0 lead and now the cavaliers in a position that no team
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and the fans in oakland at oracle arena watching game three on the big screen celebrating as their team stays perfect in the postseason, including on the road. so, now, we've got game four back here in cleveland on friday night. we'll have it for you on abc. "nba countdown" kicks off our coverage, 8:30 eastern. tipoff shortly after 9:00. golden state will go for history, and try and become the first team ever to be perfect throughout an nba playoffs. final score, 118-113. "sportscenter" currently airing on espn. we'll have full postgame coverage. for producer tim corrigan, director jimmy moore, jeff van gundy, mark jackson and doris burke and our entire abc crew, mike breen saying thanks so much for watching here on abc, home of the nba finals.
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four. three, two. one. >> dubs and cavs. game four, friday at
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alison: criminals on a mission in prince george's county. jonathan: freedom of speech or over the line? a teacher in hot water. alison: and a free drink for every tweet. the d.c. bar that is pulling at the stops for comey's testimony. >> now, abc 711:00 am on your side. about 10 in just hours, fired fbi director james comey will testify. he released his opening statement saying that the president asked him for loyalty, and the president toni
11:54 pm
alison: this is the most anticipated testimony on the hill in years, maybe decades. tim barber is live on capitol hill tonight. tim? tim: the president wants to move forward, but the russian andstigation is still open the james comey is expected to testify on capitol hill that he met with the president and talked to the president on five occasions, all of which the investigation came up. new details about the unusual meetings between the president and his former fbi director. james comey first briefed the president about russia's meddling in the election in january. during that meeting comey told the president he was not being personally investigated. later that month, a private dinner at the white house. therding to comey, president asked if he wanted to stay on as fbi director, then asked for loyalty. comey said he did not reply. the next month, during an oval office
11:55 pm
president said, "i hope that you can see your way to letting this go, letting flynn go." comey took detailed notes about each conversation and is expected to go into details of the conversations tomorrow on capitol hill. live on capitol hill, tim barber, abc 7 news. alison: some people will watch in person, but you will have to get to the heart office building early. once the doors open to the public at about 7 a.m., you can line up outside. you may be lucky enough to get a seat in the hearing room. if not, there is an overflow room with monitors. jonathan: and if you don't get into the rooms, there are options because bars and pubs may be opening early for comey's testimony, holding watch parties. many will serve politically-named drinks. at union
11:56 pm
the house every time the president tweets during testimony. >> is very similar to a game watch. we open for the inauguration and the women's march and the debates. jonathan: they will be serving a lot of drinks. bars in san francisco plan to open really early as the hearing starts at 7 a.m. in the morning on the west coast. we have a special report at 10 a.m. see the entire hearing here and online at alison: this is video that everyone is talking about tonight, criminal stealing construction equipment, then using it to try to steal an atm. the keyword, "try." these guys tried and failed. the police are looking for them tonight. this atm earlier was working like it should. although right now it says it is temporarily out of service,
11:57 pm
is still doing a lot better than a few days ago. have you ever seen anything remotely like that? >> never. tom: prince george's county police have never seen anything like that either. a man try to smash his way to cash. >> did he get the money? tom: no. >> he was probably crying. tom: the police say he managed to do 10 grand of damage to the bank of america atm as great as the story is, it gets crazier when you learn where the back cocaine from. backhoe camere the from. it was stolen from this worksite early last thursday. the man drove it on city streets nearly five miles. >> i'm surprised he made it that far. tom: the police think that the same guy and two others, without a backhoe, still an atm last year. that time he succeeded. this time, not so
11:58 pm
>> i don't know how he planned to get away. he is a dumb criminal. at a bankyears ago, of america in potomac, a similar incident with a backhoe. in prince george's, they are still trying to identify the guy who smashed this machine. if you have information that could help, please call the police. tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: developing in maryland, video captures on a cell phone camera a terrifying moment as a man gets off a bus and opens fire on police officers. nancy chen joins us with the latest. nancy: this video came into the newsroom just minutes ago, showing the man walking out of the bus, firing several shots at police officers. it started with a call about a man robbing two people. police cornered him inside of a bus and the shooting ensued.
11:59 pm
leg. >> the next thing you know, bullets were flying. >> i was crying. bystander who was involved is said to be in serious condition but will survive. the police have body camera footage of this as well as footage from the mta bus as the investigation continues. steve: the first forecast on this wednesday evening, skies are finally beginning to clear out a little bit. and means more sunshine warmer temperatures on the way tomorrow. highs in the lower to middle 70's, sunshine later in the day. and get ready for a heat wave, a real heat wave on the way with heat and takes values at 100 or above. i will tell you when in a few minutes. alison: look at this unbelievable video from north dakota. a tornado caughthththtn tape lae
12:00 am
for 10 to 15 minutes. that is amazing. the good news, there are no reports of damage or injuries. and happening now in fairfax county, the police are warning residents to be on the lookout for tire thieves. tires and wheels were stolen off accordsrand-new honda in alexandria. another record was hit as well. that followed a theft targeting a lexus a few streets over late saturday night. jonathan: the government contractor accused of leaking classified documents is expected to plead not guilty. , that's her name, was arrested this week with documents pertaining to possible russian interference in the election. she faces a decade in prison if she is convicted. alison: an alexandria man convicted of trying to help isis. a jury found the man late this afternoon
12:01 am
he traveled to syria and iraq because he "wanted to check things out." prosecutors say that he strategically plan the trip come even encrypt thank you medications. jonathan: according to state mediators, attackers dressed as women entered a building in iran when one of them detonated a suicide vest. [gunshots] remainingthe attackers were shot and killed after an hours long standoff and gun battle. 13 people were killed in the attacks which also included a suicide bombing at a religious shrine. isis claimed responsibility for the attacks, but iran blames saudi arabia and thousand revenge. alison: the number of people killed saturday on the london bridge has grown to eight. the police have found another body. more than 40 people were hurt when the van rammed to pedestrians and then the
12:02 am
market. all three suspects were killed by the police. a dozen people i been questioned and released without charges. jonathan: friends and family at home saying goodbye to one of two teenagers killed the night before their graduation in montgomery county. he and his friend were killed in an ambush-style attack monday night while they sat in their car. three days later, no arrests, and the families are pleading for answers. >> i don't know if they were in the wrong spot. set up. i don't know. jonathan: sources say the victims were holding cash. detectives are still searching for a motive. alison: $13,000 is how much d.c. mayor muriel bowser's campaign must pay for excepting too much money in campaign contributions. anna-lysa gayle reports. >> the staff made a mistake. we regret it. anna-lysa:
12:03 am
campaign chairman is admitting to a mistake after she was fined at $13,000 for excessive campaign contributions in 2014. candidates for mayor are only perwed to accept $2000 country grecian, but several donors went over the limit. the investigation started as a result of a complaint filed in march. idea of having campaign country should limits is so elected officials are not beholden. anna-lysa: the city's office found that bowser's team receives 13 excessive contributions totaling more than $11,000. some of that came from developers and contractors. >> when you are running for office, it also is how you will. act in office anna-lysa: will this affect your chances every election? >> this is a problem that we the staff did. anna-lysa:
12:04 am
money that exceeded the legal limits. in 2014, mayor bowser's campaign raised more than $3 million. at the wilson building, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: for the second day in a row, the woman accusing bill cosby took the stand in court. during cross-examination, she denied any prior romance between herself and the comedian. the defense mentioned a romantic dinner by fire, but she said the mood was just friendly. she felt that her friendship was important to temple university where she managed the women's basketball tame. a high profile court case in boston, michelle carter charged with manslaughter, accused of texting her boyfriend, encouraging him to kill himself. he did so, killing hit -- killing himself with carbon monoxide. a friend of carter's testified after he died, she said she could have stopped him but told
12:05 am
the judges hearing the case will decide her fate when arguments are over. meant ford donations sick children go to the trump family businesses instead? that is the claim and a bombshell report by ford. issident trump's son eric adamantly denying the claims and had this to say in an interview with fox news. million for the greatest hospital in the world, saint jude, and i get attacked for it. the fundraisers included 18 holes of golf and nighttime entertainment. he said most of the costs were covered because they used trump facilities. raisedmagazine questions, sing the expenses went from $59,000 in 2012 to $230,000 in 2015. jonathan: double fisted gesture outside of the white house.


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