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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  June 8, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> the president of the united states was not under investigation? is that a fair statement? >> yes. i was fired because of the russian investigation. >> the president also never told mr. comey, "i need loyalty, i expect loyalty." >> i have seen the tweet about tapes. lordy, i hope there are tapes. michelle: fired f.b.i. director james comey testifies. abc7 has life team coverage. i'm michelle marsh from the white house. jonathan: i'm jonathan elias from capitol hill. we have our chief political correspondent scott thuman who will breaking down the highlights from today's hearings. we have our maryland bureau chief brad bell talking to some of the supporters of president trump to get their reaction. michelle: stephen tschida and sam sweeney shows us the ways people watch the hearings. later on, our i-team looks at just what obstruction of justice actually means. we begin with chief political correspondent scott thuman. there is so much here to discuss. not
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questions that are rising as a result of today's testimony. scott: a lot to unpack, michelle. this is the first time we have heard the former f.b.i. director say that the president lied, that the administration lied, that he was pressured. that there were inappropriate requests. that the record needed to be set straight. james comey always knew the president could fire him for any reason at all. and he believes this was that reason. >> i took the president at his word that i was fired because of the russia investigation. something about the way i was conducting it, the president felt created pressure on him they wanted to relieve. scott: that despite the repeated instances of the president phrasing the f.b.i. director performance, including this moment when president trump told him, "i really look forward to working with you." when the president asked comey to publicly lift the cloud of his involvement with russian interference he refused. >> in the press conference on may 18, the president
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shut down the investigation into michael flynn. the president responded -- >> no, no. next question. >> is that an accurate statement? >> i don't believe it is. scott: what would have happened if comey had pledged his loyalty the president allegedly sought? >> we would have closed any investigation of general flynn in connection with his statements and encounters -- statements about the encounters with russians. scott: that did not happen, of course, and the investigation continues. one, the president outside counsel characterizes this way. >> it's now established that the president was not being investigated for colluding with or attempting to obstructed any investigation. scott: so if the president wasn't under investigation while comey was still at the f.b.i., why didn't he make that announcement publicly as the president supposedly wanted? he said for a couple of reasons. one, if that changed, if in
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duty to correct that publicly. also, would he say for example if the president were clear of any investigation. if the vice president were clear of investigation. it's a slippery slope. how far down the line do you go in absolving people? there was a lot he said he had to be careful of. coming up at 5:00 tonight we'll talk about what former director comey had to say about possible recordings at the white house and what he would want done with them. jonathan: scott, we look forward to that at 5:00. it goes back to what you asked the president a month ago. the whole thing about this, there are a lot of moving parts. we are looking for obstruction of justice. you asked the president was he asking for director comey to wave off the investigation of flynn? in his testimony, in comey's testimony he said, "i hope that you will make this go away." hope and ask are different things. scott: they are different things. you will get in the legalese
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justice in a bit so i won't do that. however, that was a central point of the questioning with senator king of maine. he expressed that is in direct contrast, what the president told me, to what director comey said. he said that was not what took place in the oval office on february 14. that instead he was pressured. that could qualify as obstruction. although comey did not want to go that far. he said that is for bob mueller and the special counsel to figure out. jonathan: his testimony today was unflattering on a lot of fronts for different people, people that got dragged into this that thought maybe they wouldn't, newspapers, other candidates. was there a smoking gun that ever developed in all of the testimony we can look at and say ah-ha, that's what we are looking for? scott: i don't know there were was. there are a lot of dots to be connected but a lot of what may be the smoking gun you are looking for if it were to exist would have taken place behind closed doors. there was a private session, closed door, classified
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setting where the exact same question got to grill former director comey at 1:00 this afternoon. so they moved down the hall and had a private one to discuss things more freely, not in public purview. if there was a smoking gun, it might have been there. jonathan: all right, scott thuman. chief political correspondent. thank you for that. appreciate that. bring in somebody who used to work at the f.b.i. for more than 20 years. our own brad garrett. he works as an analyst for us at sinclair. let me ask you this question. did you come away from this say yes, there was a smoking gun and this was it? was there that moment? >> no. i think what you got was a confirmation of what director comey has i guess initially said in messages where he picked up in the last couple of weeks and what he released yesterday or had a friend release. to let you know that look, these are what occurred in the conversations. i documented them. i was concerned about them. he went through all of the
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he is a very thorough guy, he is confident and very bright. if nothing else he got that point across today. look, these are troubling conversations. i was worried about them at least to the extent, even the very first conversation on the 6th of january to start documenting them. jonathan: let me ask you this, question, too. i think what a lot of folks the armchair lawyers out there are trying to find if there is some law that was broken? is there some part of his testimony that said yes. this right here is what is going to hang somebody. right now it doesn't appear from everybody that you hear, he asked one time of director comey to make it go away and he phrased it with "i hope this goes away." he never said your job is jeopardy or had the other folks from the white house talk to him. does it change the tenor and tone of this? >> i think you are right. you couldn't walk away fm
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these conversations and make a decision that the president broken the law? are there ethical and protocol issues going on here? of course there are. is it appropriate for him to can for loyalty from an f.b.i. director? the answer is no. but having said all that, is any of that against the law? no. i think what this goes to is more how the president appears to be. if you are caught up with him, these are some of the realities you might face. the russian investigation is a separate thing. we have to see how it sorts out. nothing i think occurred today or was released yesterday that would suggested that someone is headed to charge the president or anybody around him in the foreseeable future. jonathan: brad, quickly, one last question for you. it isn't really a shock that the russians are meddling in our elections. they meddled in a lot of elections. so has the united states in other elections around the world as well. >> of course. this is
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situation. have we done the same thing in other countries? of course we have. but the real key is we have got to acknowledge that this does occur. and we have to go after it aggressively. he made that point today. he is telling the rest of the country, which i can tell you i talk to a lot of people in the midwest. they are not convinced this is a big deal. they need to accept that part of it, exclude president trump, is a big deal. jonathan: yeah. absolutely. brad, we appreciate your time. thank you. that is the latest from the capitol side of things. now to white house where reaction and michelle is. michelle: there were fascinating moments throughout the testimony. we'll walk you through all of them in the two and a half hour news block we have. james comey was asked about the dinner he had at the white house. there were questions who initiated the dinner. it was an
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moment when comey began to explain how that meeting came to be and who initiated it to begin with. take a listen. >> i said whatever works for you, sir. i hung up and had to call my wife and break a date with her. i was supposed to take her to dinner that night. >> one of the all-time great excuses. >> in retrospect, i love seconding time with my wife. i wish i had been there that night. michelle: you can hear there are a lot of laugher in response to that. you don't expect to hear it a lot in hearings like this on the hill. we want to hear from you. our instapoll question is whose story do you believe? the president's? james comey's? neither of the two. go to to participate. the results will show up in real time at the bottom of the screen as you vote. the president has very ardent supporters just like any
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president out there. maryland bureau chief brad bell is in eastbound which went -- in easton who went majority trump. he is talking to trump supporters. after the testimony, are the supporters still backing trump? brad: yeah, you know what? that is exactly what we're hearing. people with him are still with him. people opposed to him are still opposed to him. that is what it was all about. battle for the heart mind of voters. easton was carried by donald trump last fall in the election. carried easily. what we're finding today is a little bit of diversity of opinion. easton, maryland, 73 miles and a world away from the white house. no watch parties. people here mostly don't stop what they are doing to watch a congressional hearing. >> i am not. i've got work to do. i have to put food on the table. brad: but he and plenty of
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have strong feelings. there is strong support for the president. >> i just wish that as a country we all move on together. and get past this. do i think he has done something to be impeached? no, i don't. >> like a bunch of little cry babies. i'm getting sick of it. brad: that as former f.b.i. director comey spoke. we also heard of this mind. >> it's extremely important that the american people know what happened in the oval office and whether our president tried to interfere with the legitimate judicial process or not. brad: we are still talking to people. when we come back at 5:00, we will take you inside a barbershop that had the tv on all day long, the opinions there strong. in easton, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan? jonathan: all right, brad.
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obviously, social media is a big way a lot of folks now get the information throughout the day. perhaps they couldn't get to a television and they followed it. the president actually did not tweet at all during former director comey's testimony. there were bars out there who would give free drinks had he done that. lindsey mastis joins us from the social media center with the latest of what people were saying online as the testimony was happening. lindsey: as you mentioned, the president didn't tweet. but his son donald jr. did. at one point tweeting this --" "i'm pretty sure that comey's testimony put his own character on trial. leaks, admitted weakness, lynch, double standard. c'mon now." democratic virginia senator chris van hollen tweeted "comey hearings reveal disturbing pattern by the president. loyalty to trump, not the constitution." according to twitter there were millions and millions of tweets. the three most tweeted topics are senator mccain's questions, the quote, "lordy, i hope there are
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comey saying there is no fuz when it comes to russian interference in the u.s. election. now back to the white house and michelle marsh. michelle? michelle: thanks. no doubt. this was a big event. a lot of folks packing in the hearing hall. networks cutting in for special coverage. of course, a lot of people out here who are sightseeing to visit the white house from all across the world also watched the testimony before making their way out here. a political sporting event of such. super bowl of politics. for a super bowl, you have a watch party. same deem -- same deal here. stephen tschida was at the saw tavern watch party where a lot of folks poured into there. this wasn't your predictable boring hearing on the hill. stephen: oh, no. it was not boring at all. i have to tell you, the excitement level here was off
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morning at shaw's tavern. that is earlier than usual by an hour and a half. we have video to show you of just how many people showed up here. they lined the sidewalk down the block, trying to get in here. within moments of opening there was a capacity crowd inside. the atmosphere filled with anticipation, excitement and hope for what mr. comey would say. here is what one person had to say about why she thought it was so important to be here today. >> they want the camaraderie and the moment. the positive energy. the moment of taking it to the streets. liberal activism that started sd with the women march and the march for science. that we are all a part of right now. stephen: laughter, cheers and dead silence whenever
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the situation here was repeat aid cross the nation's capital at restaurants and barse and coffee shops. the establishments had big screen tv's. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. abc7 has continuing coverage from capitol hill, the white house, outside the beltway. jonathan: we should let you know michelle and i will let you know if anything should happen or break. a lot of moving parts with the story today. there is a lot to cover today. in fact, coming up for us at 4:30 we bring you highlights from inside the hearing, analysis on what comey said and the white house's official response. we will break down three key bullets what constitutes obstruction of justice. that is what folks were looking for today in the testimony from the former director. that will do it for now. in the meantime, more information. when we do, we'll get back to you. back to the studio where we find aliso
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nancy: good to see you. next at 4:00, the comey hearing was the toughest ticket in town to get. just how long some people waited to get a spot in the room. alison: and the new developments in the case of the government contractor accused of leaking classified documents. also this -- >> it turns out how you pay at the pump could make you vulnerable to scammers. coming up, the new crime that police are warning drivers about. doug: temperatures started to warm up today. it will ramp up in a hurry. the heatwave is on the horizon. we give you the numbers coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00".
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nancy: welcome back. if you're just joining us, james comey testifying on the hill today. he touched on everything from the russian investigation and the michael flynn investigation to his dismissal by president trump. when asked directly if he thinks president trump's alleged statements amount to obstruction of justice, comey said, "i don't know. that is bob mueller's job to sort it out," referencing the special counsel. now on the investigation, our active 7 instapoll going on now. results at the bottom of the screen. alison: we will cover this throughout the evening but we want to tell you about a crime alert in fairfax county. be careful when using a debit
4:20 pm
jonathan: the criminals are using the high-tech skimming devices that are hard to detect. jeff goldberg has a new warning on an old crime. >> many drivers get to the gas pump and take out the debit card to pay. >> convenience. jeff: kim from fairfax county is one of the drivers. >> i use it without thinking. jeff: but the police identified a serious problem. scammers are using high-tech skimming devices to steal bank card information from gas pumps. >> it's frightening. >> that is horrible. nobody wants the information taken. >> they have removed 21 skimmers from 15 locations across fairfax county. they are using jetblue technology that is in -- bluetooth technology that is inside the bump and difficult to detect. >> they can duplicatehe
4:21 pm
drain your bank account. jeff: a way to avoid being a victim is simple. instead of using a debit card use a credit card. or the credit option with your debit card. they recommend avoiding oster gas pumps which are easier to infiltrate. >> i always use my credit card. jeff: eugenia avoids use the debit card at the pump because she knows scammers are out there. >> i want to make sure that i always have myself covered. jeff: fairfax county police hope other drivers will do the same. in fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: there is still a chance to win the power ball. no one picked the numbers in last night's drawing and the jackpot is now $435 million. it was last hit april 1 when someone in arizona chose to re
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the biggest was $1.5 billion from people in three states in 2015. nancy: i remember that. this time around we have an office pool going. see who is on air when we come back on monday. alison: when we all win. doug: i can't even dream that big. alison: crazy! the weather is beautiful. doug: gorgeous now and will be for a day or so when the heat starts and the humidity will build in. look at the campus in rockville. 71. look at the background. we are looking east. there is solid overcast. west of the by a we enjoy sunshine. slow and steady ramp up in the temperatures. the nats have a makeup game from a few weeks ago. 71 degrees and partly sunny skies. through the day, sunshine, comfortable and low humidity. highs of
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we start out in 50's. celebrate fairfax kicks off tomorrow. we have told you about for a long time. big deal at the government center. open friday through midnight. 6:00 p.m. through midnight on friday and saturday and it will be gorgeous. the temperatures are 80 degrees for highs late in the afternoon. capital pride parade saturday afternoon, plenty of sunshine. plenty warm. but the humidity levels are low. we need a sidebar into the forecast here for saturday for the metro area and around. there is a weather disturbance overhead and there could be an isolated thousander or storm. the exception rather than the rule. 82 and comfortable tomorrow. comfort on saturday. sunday is hot and humid, hot and humid all way through a long stretch of heat and humidity. we call it a heatwave here. we will probably see more this
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the next chance of rain is wednesday and thursday with the scattered showers and thunderstorms. look at next weekend. we cool off to upper 80's. nancy: looks like summer. thank you very much. next at 4:00, our coverage of comey's testimony continues. including the hottest ticket in town for quite a while. wait until you hear how long they waited to grab a seat vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy.
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nancy: welcome back. while millions of americans watched comey's testimony online or on tv, thousands here wanted to be inside the hearing. alison: they want to be here for history. between between shows us only a few were lucky enough to snag a seat. >> before the sun came up over the capitol, the line for the 86 most coveted seats in america stretched down the sidewalk. at the second street entrance they began lining up at midnight. >> we want to be part of everything in washington. some of the staffers have been telling us this is the biggest day since watergate. >> this is what it looked like at 7:30. everyone in line allowed in. none of the people got a seat. the doors open for the public at 7:30 but the lucky enough to have a congressional i.d. went in overnight and snagged all the seats. the line outside the hearing room hundreds if not
4:28 pm
long. most had no chance. many on capitol hill comparing the interest to the monica lewinsky-clinton days. >> this is a big hearing. we want to participate in democracy. >> if you are in the area this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see it in person. nancy: sam sweeney was reporting there. but waiting until midnight, you are hardcore, big time. alison: take off work, too. jonathan: the continuing coverage is next. alison: michelle marsh at the white house. michelle: still ahead we will break down the three key points that define obstruction of justice. a term you probably heard a lot today. i talk to visitors at the white house to hear what they think about the testimony. jonathan: at the capitol we break down how we got here in the first place. do you even remember how we got here? we have that for you and more highlights from the hearing.
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scott: did you at any time urge f.b.i. director james comey to close or back down the investigation into michael flynn? >> no. no, next question. >> the president responded "no, no, next question." is that an accurate statement? >> i don't believe it is. michelle: abc7 asking tough questions. the was chief political correspondent scott thuman may 18. that was the center of king's question today from comey who disagreed with the president. we continue the live team coverage from the white house and the capitol with jonathan. jonathan: what we'd like to do is reset the whole situation. this started in the 2016 campaign when the f.b.i. director drawing bipartisan ire for the handling of clinton e-mail
4:33 pm
closing, reopening and leading up to the election day. a couple weeks in the tenure, michael flynn resigned, raising question about the russia investigation. white house maintains it's for withholding from then vice president mike pence. march 20, james comey testifying before congress dropping a bombshell. the f.b.i. had a counterintelligence investigation into russia's meddling in the election that included the trump campaign. may 9, almost one month ago we all know what happened here. that is when the f.b.i. director james comey was fired. we have heard of the leaks of the notes he took with meeting with the president that led up to today's testimony. so many people are waiting to hear a little bit more
4:34 pm
expand on it. we have more. >> president comey was cool, calm and collected as he shared his side on capitol hill weighing in on his controversial firing. the administration blamed on the f.b.i. rank and fire losing confidence. >> those were lied. i take the russia at his word i was fired because of the russia investigation. >> he asked for his loyalty. a conversation that comes up is when comey says he asked him to let go of the investigation into michael flynn. trump saying, "i hope you can say your way to et willing flynn go." a claim the president denied. >> the president never in form or substance directed or suggested there mr. comey stop investigating anyone, including the president never
4:35 pm
go. >> he admitted he never memorialized conversations with presidents in the past but did so with trump. he did so to protect himself. >> i thought me might lie about the nature of our meet something i thought it important to document. >> a stunning riverlation. admitting the tweet from trump that comey better hope there are no tapes. that prompted him to organize strait the release of the memo organization with the friend. >> i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter because i thought it might prompt appointment of a special counsel. >> the president speaking today not directing comey but saying he will not back down from doing what is right. >> we know that the truth will prevail. >> today the president's lawyer says president trump feels vindicated by the admission he did tell trump he wasn't investigation. and the white house weighing in saying, "the president isn't a liar."
4:36 pm
con capitol hill -- on capitol hill abc news. jonathan: we are joined now by the political director rick klein. rick, i am curious your take-away. you watched the testimony. what were your thoughts? rick: i was blown away by the stark nature of what director comey said. he basically called the president a liar, saying he is a manipulator and trying to gain advantage over him to put his thumb on the scale of justice. those are stunning allegations coming from the former f.b.i. director under oath. it puts the onus on the white house and the president himself. is he going to back up his version of events to suggest that comey is the one lying? jonathan: that is the interesting part. james comey was the hated man in washington when he reannounced the investigation in hillary clinton's e-mail. and then the most hated man by the republicans with the actions for trump and the russia investigation. this is now a he said, he said situation.
4:37 pm
>> that is a great question. something that the director tried to put head strong. he said today based on the entirety of things don't cherry pick information. we polled this week at abc news and found that 70% of the americans doubt the word of the president but 55% doubt the work of comey. an immediate question is about the tapes. a month ago president trump said comey better hope there are not, quote/unquote, tapes out there. he said on twitter. we still don't know if tapes exist. comey said he wants them out there. lordy, he said, "i want the tapes to exist." so does the white house give tapes of their own to rebut what director comey is saying? jonathan: some suggest it might have been hyperbole on the part of the president. michelle is over at the white house and we are curious to see the reaction from the white h
4:38 pm
michelle: on any given day there is a steady stream of people passing by the white house. an gorgeous day today you will see it as well. taking pictures. the president is not here and not inside. all the buzz is about the testimony. we spoke to people across the country. take a listen. >> i don't think there is a smoking gun like everyone is saying. >> confusing. didn't clarify a lot of anything. trump may have been right to get rid of him. >> do you think it hurt or helped trump? >> i don't think it did either. it proved maybe there isn't as big of a collusion connection as people thought. >> there is a lot of russian connections. if comey is documenting everything then that is a red flag
4:39 pm
michelle: right now the president, president trump; back to speaking before the faith and the freedom coalition in northwest. but a steady stream of people stopping by. one of the things that a lot of people are curious about the term "obstruction of justice." we have heard it over and over today. we sent our chief investigative reporter lisa fletcher to dig into what truly constitutes obstruction of justice. what did you find? >> the federal statutes are broad. witness tampering or the obstruction of record is obstruction but many say it's a matter of the interpretation for the grayer areas like the conversation between trump and comey. title 18 constitutes obstructor of justice is someone who influences, obstructs, impedes or endeavors to influence the administration of justice. corruptly is a
4:40 pm
mind. they have to show spent to impede the investigation. another question does pressure equal obstruction? particularly if it's applied by the president of the united states. the former u.s. attorneys i spoke to say it's unlikely if they would be prosecuted and impeachment is a likely scenario. both richard nix xon and bill clinton were impeached for obstruction of justice. the threshold for that determination is far different than in court. it's a lower standard. it's an interpretation by member of congress whether it is >> translator, bribery and other misdemeanors. lisa fletcher, abc7 news. >> thanks. that interpretation is key here. it's too soon to draw any
4:41 pm
conclusions. the live team coverage continues here at the white house and the capital. jonathan: thanks very much. there is a lot to digest. if you watch the hearings you know that. there is a tame overroasters covering every angle and -- we have a team of reporters covering every angle and scott thuman will take us through the hearing moment by moment to break down the highlights. brad bell will take to us a county where a majority voted for president trump to see the reaction. and the big tv event for some that got sidetracked in the offices today. they were watching the hearings. michelle: all right. of course, we're out here until 6:30. continuing over coverage. at 6:30, mauer with -- david muir will continue the cove
4:42 pm
now back to the studio. >> we have following breaking news out of montgomery village. skytrak7 above a two-car crash. the roads are blocked off. this is on apple ridge road and watkins mill road. that is something to keep an eye out for in montgomery village. coming up ahead, explosive device thrown on the grounds of the u.s. embassy, overseas. introducing fios gigabit connection. superfast internet at an incredible price. with speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster than most people have. and, it's just $79.99 a month online for 1 year. and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years.
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nancy: overseas, someone threw explosive at compound this morning. it didn't reach the building and no one was hurt. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- new information in the double murder of the two high school students killed on the eaves of the graduation. the clues that the police are trying to key in on next. steve: i'm steve rudin live in college park. if you are ready for dinner.
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nancy: reminder, comey testifies. abc7 has team coverage. continuing at 5:00, with the words and the response from the political spectrum. it continues through abc7 at 6:00 and "world news tonight" with david muir. reminder that the instapoll is going now. who do you believe? look at the res
4:49 pm
screen. 90% say they believe comey over president trump. go to to weigh in. it's open all everything. now montgomery county and the murder of two high school students on the eve of graduation. police don't know who did it. richard reeve sat down with the chief of police who is joining us with what he is saying. richard: the police say this is an active investigation. a lot of physical evidence. there is no motive and no reason why the teens were here. friends and the northwest high school principal came do the home to pay respects to the family of artem ziber
4:50 pm
>> it's shock. i don't think he was ever in trouble. he seemed like a good kid. >> the friends shadi najjar were found shot to death in the honda, parked in the neighborhood. engine running, lights on and the window shot out. >> they recovered evidence. two or three gunman shot the shots in the car and it mad the makings of an ambush after a planned meeting. the two teens holding cash as if expecting to pay someone. the number of gunshots is unusual in montgomery county. >> there is some kind of anger or beef involved. we are
4:51 pm
that is something we are trying to run down but we just don't know. alison: the services are to be held at a church in germantown and the police are still posting the $10,000 reward for information. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. looking ahead to weekend. we are getting you prepared for d.c. pride. we are proud sponsors of the parade and we will carry it live and stream it on starting 4:30 saturday afternoon. then sunday we air the aquality march. we want to see your pride pictures. you can send your picks to you might see them on air. and i will be there and steve rudin will be
4:52 pm
joins us live from college park. what do you have going on there? >> we have dinner cooking. we are having a lot of fun. this is unique con september. music venue and a great restaurant downstairs where we are now. >> this is fantastic. we make everything in-house. this is a hangover burger with apple smoked bacon, chili mayo and sunny side egg on top. we partner with a local farm, local, urban, sustainable normal is less than five miles from here. this is straight from the farm. >> you can eat those. the feature menu is the burgers, right? >> we are in a college town. you h
4:53 pm
everybody. the burger is a great sell ir. >> you opened a month ago at this point? >> we just went over a month. the university has been great to help us get this underway. the town has embraced this as well. steve: busy week with the hot weather. it will heat up. thank you so much. this is fantastic. there is a lot going on around the d.m.v. through the evening and the upcoming weekend. the temperatures fall in 70s and then the 60's tonight. it will be 87 on saturday and near 9 a on sunday. we have a capitol pride parade for saturday. it's hot for that. upper 80's. starts at
4:54 pm
the temperatures are 87. there is a heatwave next week. the feel like temperatures are above 100. head back inside to the studio. nancy: steve, thank you. next on abc7, seeing double. twins dominating on the pitch leading the battlefield bobcats to three state titles in virginia. coming up where our team players are taking the twin talent. live look at the white house. alison: comey testifies. the continuing coverage from there, the capitol and outside tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate.
4:55 pm
virginia that works for everyone. when you genuinely care about the people you serve, their safety comes first.
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to put safety first. your life could depend on it. unplug devices that you aren't using. replace worn out extension cords, too. call 811 to locate any underground lines at least two days before you dig. novec wants everyone to be safe around electricity. from safety demonstrations, to safety tips on our website, at novec, it's "safety first."
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nancy: a double dose of the soccer stardom for the team's players. erin hawksworth introduce us to the twin talent of shannon and emily. >> having emma around pushes me. erin: battlefield high school all met defender shannon lee loves playing soccer with her twin sister emma. >> it's interesting. we have been playing together since we were 3. i like having someone there to be with me. we have been moving around from team to team. i always know someone there to train with. >> we know how to push each other's buttons. >> now they
4:58 pm
george mason next season. >> it's pretty cool. we are going to room together. >> coach said he wanted both of us so we can stay together. >> soccer runs innary blood. >> it's a family thing. whole family thing. >> it's cool. me and my sister and my brother have all played soccer. my dad played soccer. he has worked for d.c. united and won a up canal world cups. pretty cool. erin: congratulations! you are this week's team players. >> do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god? >> the president never sought to impede the investigation in the interference. >> the president was asked whether he urged you to shut down the investigation. >> no. no. next question. >> is that an accurate
4:59 pm
>> the administration chose to defame me. i have seen the tweet about tapes. lordy, i hope there are tapes. >> right now a closed session of the senate intelligence committee wrapping up on capitol hill. >> those men and women hearing answers from the former director director james comey. some of which he declined to give in the public hearing this morning. jonathan: comey was on capitol hill in the hot seat for two hours and 40 minutes. >> we have team coverage including the reactions from the watch parties in d.c. and the reaction from the trump supporters in maryland. >> the administration chose to defame me and the f.b.i. scott: determined to set the record straight, james comey described a series of
5:00 pm
inappropriate meetings with the president and the perceived requests. notably to drop the russia, michael flynn investigation. >> i hope you can let this go. those are his exact words. is that correct? >> correct. >> he did not direct you to let it go? >> not in his words, no. i took it as a direction. >> you don't know of anyone who has been charged for hoping something? >> i don't as i sit here. >> but he summarized the behavior as disturbing. >> why didn't you stop to say mr. president, this is wrong? >> i was so stunged by the conversation. i have seen the tweet about tapes. lord, i hope there are tapes. >> the unease prompted him to take detail notes after exchanges. >> i was alone with the president of the united states and concerned that he might lie about the nature of the meeting. >> a stark contrast highlighted by a recent exchange. >> the press conference on may 18 the president was


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