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tv   ABC 7 News 11  ABC  June 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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some have it, some don't. when the odds are stacked against you, you either hide or stand up. at strayer university we've seen it in our students for 125 years. and if you ever think of quitting, our success coaches will be there to pick you up and work with you every day to put you on the right path. it's time. strayer university. let's get it, america. news at 11:00 starts right now with breaking news. jonathan: breaking news from adams morgan, five people take and the hospital after being run down by a truck, among them two police officers, one in critical condition. major: there is a response in northwest and all of our crews are covering this. would begin with tim barber who has the latest. do they have
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for this? tim: they do, two people in the white pickup truck. we heard the commotion because we were just a few blocks away. this happened on 18th street and columbia. this unfolded in the front of the mellow mushroom come if you are familiar with adams morgan. the white pickup truck after hitting a few people sped up the street and crashed into this dump truck. this is the white pickup truck with the doors open. in the car, ae driver unconscious after the crash, and a passenger who walked away from the vehicle. we talked with a witness to actually heard this, she heard the people who were hit. policetold at least two officers were hit, one in critical condition, one in serious condition, as well as a pedestrian. they were all transported to the hospital. a witness heard this
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another witness who was a doctor ran over to treat the people in the white pickup truck. the doctor did not want to show his face, both described what they heard and saw. >> we heard a loud crash, and next thing we heard was screeching tires, like somebody was speeding or slimming on brakes. >> jumped over the rail and ran over to the truck to see if everyone was ok. to make sure he was breathing, checked the pulse. so notot smell gasoline, afraid anything would explode. tim: the crash site is still here, several blocks of 18 straight blocked off right now. if you are trying to get to this area, the entire section of 18th street is blocked off, causing quite a mess for people trying to get home. a very
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situation, two officer struck the vehicle, one in critical condition, one in serious condition, as well as the pedestrians. we are working to get more information about their conditions and the charges the suspects could face. tim barber, abc 7 news. alison: tim, thank you. is in one officer critical condition, the other is in serious condition. anna-lysa gayle is live at washington hospital center where they are being treated. we are also awaiting an update from the chief of police and the mayor. have you heard from them yet? anna-lysa: alison, at this time we have not, but at washington hospital center, there are several police cruisers surrounding the emergency department, showing their support. we are waiting for the mayor and chief newsham come in were both expected to provide more details in this hour. more details of what happened after the pickup truck struck
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injuring one and injuring the other in serious condition. a couple pedestrians are also here in critical condition. the driver is also here. mayor bowser is expected at any minute and we will bring it to u.s. soon as we get it. the officers here surrounding the emergency department, showing their support. back to you. alison: anna-lysa, thank you. jonathan: team coverage continues from the scene with the jay korff. this is a busy neighborhood. you look at the crash and the force of the impact, the truck must have been going really fast , if you really cannot go that fast in that neighborhood. a verydeed, this is vibrant part of washington, d.c., many people still out and about. we are a couple blocks from where tim barber was live. it was a hard thing to see, and very sobering, a lot o
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we are 18th and columbia, and down the road is a crumpled bicycle. we don't know who was on the bicycle, but there are officers around the bicycle in front of the bus, and they are taking a lot of pictures, a number of evidence markers. there is a tremendous amount of debris on 18th as we speak as technicians are taking pictures and there is a fairly large e, but primarily officers here to assess the situation and investigate what happened. i can tell you from looking at the bicycle in the middle of the crumpled, mangled mess, and we pray for whoever was on the bicycle. it is our general understanding -- we literally found out moments ago the vehicle in question came this way, struck the bicyclean
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18th, and that is where tim barber is. we will continue to stay here, a developing story. we have not heard anything at this location yet, but if we get updated information we will be right back. jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: a lot developing on this and we will go back to any of our reporters as soon as we learn anything new, especially any motivations and of course the conditions of the victims. will keep you updated threat this newscast. you can also sign up for breaking news text alerts at jonathan: the other big story tonight, this is far from over. that is what a top intelligence committee member said after the big hearing on capitol hill. one-on-one dinners, awkward silences, questionable requests, james comey said all of back at your beaded to his bottom line, which is that president trump is a liar, his words. we are breaking
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starting with chief political correspondent scott thuman. rare moment ona capitol hill, the former fbi director contradicting the president of the united states and his administration, saying they lied, plain and supple. >> you believe that donald trump colluded with russia? >> that is a question i don't think i should answer in an open setting. scott: in other replies, james comey let loose. he painted a picture of several awkward, uncomfortable, and some potentially criminal conversations. you can let this go. those are his exact words? >> correct. >> he did not direct you to let it go? >> not in his words, no. i took it as a direction. scott: he said he took detailed notes after the exchanges. >> i was con
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about the nature of our meetings. scott: highlighted by recent exchange with the president. >> in his press conference on may 18, the president was asked whether he urge you to shut down the investigation and the present responded no. >> no, next question. >> is that an accurate statement? >> i don't believe it is. >> why didn't you say, mr. president, this is wrong? >> i was so stunned. words for now, comey's against the presidents. >> i heard the tweet about tapes. lord, i hope there are tapes. scott: that is something that the special commission will be looking for. meanwhile, president trump was all smiles at a meeting with governors today, making no comment about the testimony, both hours of the hearing -- but within hours, the lawyers had a response. >>
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completely vindicated and is a to continue to move forward with his agenda, with the business of this country, and with this public cloud removed. alison: what happens next? this is not over. as of now the special counsel robert mueller is investigating russian matter as the senate intelligence committee is working on their probe. those entities have not spoken at this time. sources tell cnn they believe lawmakers will find a way to get comey's memos side-by-side with mueller. jonathan: folks were tuning in everywhere today, airplanes, bars. today's hearing was a spectacle. we want to hear your reaction by w, andto we have results at the bottom of the screen. here is what lawmakers are saying tonight. >> this is a classic scandal. it is not the same as watergate or iran-contra, but it has the same
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revelation every few days. >> the president needs to address the various allegations that were made. if you does not feel they were accurate, he should say so. but if he cannot rebut what was said, that is damning. >> the president is new to government. thes not steeped in long-running protocols that establish the relationships between the doj,, fbi and white house. he is new to this. alison: a reminder to stay with abc seven four breaking news and updates after this historic day. and tell us what you think on facebook, twitter, and steve: the first forecast from stormwatch 7, clouds beginning clear skies, mainly overnight, and a warmer day tomorrow. tomorrow, high temperatures eventually into the lower 80's. if you like it hot and
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wait until the weekend. better yet, next week when we are the middle of a heat wave. more about that coming up. alison: steve, thank you. we are still following the breaking news and northwest d.c., five people struck by a truck in adams morgan. a busy, crowded area on a thursday night. this all happened outside of a pizza restaurant. policehe injured, two officers, one in critical condition. we are told one person is in custody, but still a lot of questions and we expect to hear from the police and mayor in just moments. we'll bring
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award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer. back to thetting breaking news in adams morgan, five people taken to the hospital after getting run down by a truck. among those taken to the hospital, two police officers, one of whom is in critical condition. alison: tim barber is live from the scene with the very latest. tim? tim:
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in the heart of adams morgan, 18th and columbia. the focus point of this investigation right now, we will get about as close as we can, by the wells fargo bank on 18th street. is thete pickup truck pickup truck at the center of this investigation. it slammed into that dump truck, only after it slammed into two police officers and some pedestrians. all of those people were taken to the hospital, including the driver of the white truck, in critical condition. of the two police officers hit, one is in critical condition, the other is in serious condition. the police chief and mayor are on their way or already at the hospital and will be briefing us shortly about the details of this case. according to witnesses, this happened at about 9 p.m. people were walking along 18 street, eating outside. when theice night, pickup truck slammed into some people along
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including a lady walking across the street, then sped up the street and crashed into the dump truck. we talked to a doctor who rushed over and he said the passenger of the pickup truck walked away, but the driver is in critical condition, taken to the hospital. we are waiting to figure out work on of charges those people may be facing. as we get the details, we will bring them to you right here on abc seven news. tim barber, abc 7 news. alison: thank you, tim. we will keep you updated on the situation through the newscast. suspected leaker pleading not guilty in federal court, bombshell new information about government contractor reality winner, that is her name, accused of leaking possible information about russian election tampering. investigators seized a notebook from her home in which she wrote , "i want to burn the white house down." she was denied
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nancy: a police cruiser targeted with anti-gang graffiti, as pride celebrations kick off in the district. this happened outside of the third district police station. >> doing that type of vandalism shows insecurity as opposed to acceptance. nancy: officer said they witnessed anti-gay graffiti. the police report said that he admitted to writing on the cruiser. nancy chen, abc 7 news. have: the temperatures fallen nicely as we move through the evening and overnight, mainly clear skies, 57 dulles, 59 winchester, middle 60's at reagan national. the stormwatch 7 satellite and radar, skies clearing out nicely around the media metro. to the west, scattered showers in garrett county and allegheny county, not amounting
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morning, looking good, although a bit of considering the time of year for stop mid 50's bethesda, woodbridge about 54. the futurecast, looking fantastic. through the morning, a bright sunrise, 5:45, sunshine and the forecast for the midday. 12 noon looks perfect, with temperatures around 80 degrees. tomorrow night, and outdoor activities, it will be a firm go. if you like it hot and humid, you will love what is on the way for the end of the weekend and into next week. high's tamara rebound into the late day, but it stays dry. 87 saturday. look at 70, near 95 degrees, heat index values closer to 100. maybe you will escape to the delmarva beaches, rehoboth beach,
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looking wonderful and dry, middle 80's, lots of sunshine. download the stormwatch 7 weather app. you'll want to watch the temperatures. capital pride parade this saturday, dupont and logan circles, middle to upper 80's at the start of the parade, slowly cooling towards the end of the parade. the high pressure will be the dominating forecast feature next week. alison we are going back to the breaking news, five people hit by a truck in d.c. we go to mayor bowser now giving the briefing. mayor bowser: we are at the washington hospital center. we are here to give you some information about the incident earlier today in adams morgan, where three of our employees were struck by a vehicle. two officers are being treated here, and and a third employee who works for the department
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the district department of transportation was also injured. mpd, of course, is investigating exactly what happened, and we look forward in the coming hours to put what happened together and be able to give you more information. but i am going to ask the chief to say a little more about what we know. all we really have come in this is preliminary, subject to change, all we know is we have a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed in the adams morgan area, struck two of our bicycle patrol officers who were working on duty at the time, and also struck a department of transportation, district department of transportation traffic control aide. one of the officers is in very critical condition at this point. the other two have serious injuries, but they appear to be non-life-threatening.
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officers, it proceeded through the intersection and struck a vehicle that was unoccupied, looks like a truck that was struck, and both occupants of the striking vehicle were placed under arrest. reporter: your officer seem to be looking at a second scene in dupont? chief newsham: there is no second scene. there was a weapon recovered in the suspect's vehicle. reporter: can you rule out terrorism? look newsham: we have to at that close, but we do not have a motive at this time. reporter: how are you feeling right now, two of your officers? chief newsham: i feel horrible. we had two officers doing exactly what we ask them to do in the adams morgan community. they were struck. thankfully, nobody else was injured, but i have two of my officers unnecessarily in
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a chief of police wants is to come to the hospital when one of their officers is critically injured. reporter: any pedestrians hit? chief newsham: we don't have any indication of any other injuries other than the officers and suspects. reporter: and the d.c. government employee? chief newsham: yes, sir. we are in the process of doing that right now. we will let you know further as this moves along. reporter: the adams morgan area is very busy. are you stepping up security following this? chief newsham: we always have a significant number of officers in the area. that is why the officers were down there tonight. reporter: can you elaborate on the weapon that was recovered, connection to the suspect? chief newsham: all i can say is there was a weapon recovered at the scene. there are t
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ok, thank you very much. mayor bowser: thank you. jonathan: that was chief newsham wrapping up the news conference. the truck that ran down five people in adams morgan, officers,two police one of whom it is in bad shape. there is no motive right now. when asked if this was an active terrorism come he did not say no, just that they don't have a motive and the investigation is just getting started. alison: also a weapon recovered, and they have two suspects in custody after five people in total were injured by this truck. we will continue to follow this.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: the nationals hosted the orioles tonight, a makeup game from a game that was rained out in may during the battle of the beltway series, and it was great to see joe ross bounceback can a terrific outing tonight with a career-high 12 strikeouts. nats had a big first-inning, michael taylor drove in two with this double down the line. adam lind and stephen drew score. outstanding, and his defense backed him up.
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stop, grounder up the middle, spins and fires. that gets mark trumbo. the next ta
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alison: the breaking news tonight, two people arrested after two police officers were hit by a car in adams morgan. a weapon was found in the truck. terrorism has not been ruled out, but it is early in the investigation. jonathan: a total of five people run down by the truck, the truck slamming into a trash truck. the policeo an end, quickly got to the vehicle and arrested both the driver who was unconscious and the passenger who did not put up a fight. we don't know the motive behind this. we are following this closely to figure out what happened. we will have it online at
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nice to meet you. you're going to hell. >> thank you. i know. >> let's get this over with. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, zac efron. from "wonder woman," connie nielsen. and music from zac brown band. and now, all at once, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. welcome. very nice. that's beautiful, thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.
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