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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 9, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," breaking news from the uk, voters deal a stunning set back to the prime minister there. the cause for her resignation, growing louder now. we'll bring you the latest. >> bombshell of the day in washington with former fbi director, blasting president trump and the white house over what he calls "lies." what's next in the russia investigation? we'll have the answers. >> new this half-hour, chaotic and tense moments at a grocery store. >> man turning against his co-workers killing three people. the chilling video he posted just before it happened. >> and we'll switch gears, and turn to "the skinny." if you thought they were ready to bury the hatchet, think again. the bad blood is still real.
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shade overnight at katy perry. on katy's big day. the big breaking news in "the skinny." on this friday, it is june 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> say good morning to you everybody. >> i'm in door diane macedo. >> i'm in for diane. >> i'm kendis gibson. looking at the headlines this morning. overseas in the uk. you get the sense, theresa may heading for a bad morning. the gamble that backfired. another one calling it mayhem on may. >> may's poll nightmare. she called for the election lo and behold may not have worked in her favor. >> doesn't help when your last name its may. the headline. >> may not have worked out. >> headliners have a field day with that. >> true. dicate the country is heading towards a hung parliament. after conservatives and prime minister, may, failed to get an ou
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>> conservatives will likely remain the largest party but won't have an absolute majority. a stunning setback for the prime minister who is already facing calls for her resignation. as the we mentioned, may ordered, the elections to build her power base expecting a landslide. now the prime minister and her party weakened by the recent wave of terror attacks. >> could muddle negotiation for britain. the pound has taken a major dive overnight on the election results. may is vowing to govern and provide stability regardless of the results there. but, still a lot of the results are still coming in. there are plenty of meetings planned overseas now in london with theresa may and her cabinet members. some c
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tense moments ahead for one of the strongest allies. >> big story for sure. e michael flynn probe. derail special prosecutor robert mueller is set to meet next week with the leaders of the senate intelligence committee who are seeking the review of comey's memos and interview witnesses. >> comey's former boss, attorney general jeff sessions will go before another senate panel next week. the white house now says it has confidence sessions after days of dodging that critical question. abc's correspondent has more on that dramatic testimony. >> reporter: in his first public appearance since being abruptly fired, james comey described growing unease with president trump. so much so he documented their conversations. >> what was it about that meeting that led you to determine that you needed to start putting down a written record? >> a combination of things. i think the circumstances, the subject matter and the person i
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was interacting with. i was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting if i thought it really important to document. >> one of the documented conversations when comey says trump asked him to let go of the fbi criminal investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. trump allegedly saying i hope you can see your way to letting flynn go. >> the president never in form or substance directed or suggested that mr. comey stop investigating anyone. including the president never suggested that mr. comey "let flynn go." >> comey admitting this tweet from trump that james comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. prompted him to orchestrate the release of his memo of the flynn conversation through a friend. >> so i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo
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i asked him to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. >> testifying if there are tapes, he looks forward to their release. >> look, i have seen the tweet about tapes, lordy i hope there are tapes. >> the lawyer focused on comey's admission he leaked information about the flynn conversation, suggesting he should be investigated for other leaks. ariel, kendis. >> james comey made it clear he lieves he was fired because of the russia investigation. saying president trump wanted to change the way it was being conducted. >> the president has called the investigation into the meddling by russian officials interference. a views and witch-hunt. under oath, comey said there was no question russia was involved. >> the russians interfered in our election during 2016 cycle. they did it with purpose, sophistication, did it with overwhelming technical efforts, and it was an active measures campaign driven from the top of the government. about as unfact as you can possibly get. it is very, very serious. it is so refreshing to see a bipartisan focus on that
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>> comey said the president was irritated because the investigation was putting pressure on him, but he decleaned to say if the president's action, constituted obstruction of justice. >> so, near the end of that hearing, there was a moment when senator john mccain caused some confusion. it was a little strange. there was also concern over his questions to comey during the hearing. the senator was pressing comey on his investigation into hillary clinton's use of, private server, while secretary of state. now despite comey's confusion, mccain continued to ask about the clinton investigation. at one point he referred to, president comey, several times, in fact, and suggested there was a double standard. listen. >> you are going to have to help me out here. in other word we are completing the investigation of anything that former secretary clinton
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had to do with the campaign is over we don't have to worry about it any more. >> with respect i'm a little confused. with respect to secretary clinton, we investigated criminal investigation and connection with her use of a personal e-mail server. >> i understand. >> we were all confused bite as we were watching it. the 80-year-old senator blames bizarre line of questioning on lack of sleep. he says in a statement here, quoting, maybe going forward i shouldn't stay up late watching the diamondbacks night games. what i was trying to get at was whether mr. comey believes that any of his interactions with the president rise to the level of obstruction of justice? >> i think all of us can understand how lack of sleep can affect us. >> yep. >> president trump's son-in-law, white house adviser, jared kushner may be in the hot seat. committee staff are planning to interview, jared kushner behind closed doors. federal officials have been looking at multiple angles related to kushner. most notably efforts to establish a back channel line of communication with russian president vladamir putin. >> meantime, the republican-led house has taken a major step in
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obama's signature post recession legislative achievements. lawmakers cleared the financial choice act, which dismantles much of the dodd frank wall street reform and consumer protection act. a lot of acts here. the bill now faces a stiff fight in the senate. republicans argue rules designed to prevent a banking meltdown are making it harder for community banks to operate. >> critical vote yesterday. while everybody was distracted by the comey hearing, a major move that took place in washington. back to the uk election. where the conservative party failed to regain majority of seats in parliament. >> a lot of drama. election day in britain tending to bring out plenty of laughs with its fringe candidates shall we say who all get to be on the stage in their districts while results are announced. the prime minister's district -- those fringe candidates were right there with mrs. may. they included sesame street's elmo, picked up
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yeah. three votes. >> wow. >> caped crusader, lord buckethead, got 249 votes. >> lord buckethead. i, i, i -- >> i vote for elmo. >> i like lord buckethead. stands for things. >> carry a tune in a buckethead. >> that cringe worthy moment when jerry seinfeld turned keisha away three times from giving him a hug on the red carpet. now speaking out telling us why he did that. >> the t-swift/k-perry feud heating up. what perry said in an interview. and why swift is apparently not ready to shake it off. first, a look at today's forecast. ♪ ♪ shake it off i shake it off ♪ ♪ i, i shake it off >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by fisher investments.
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>> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by fisher investments.
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in pennsylvania near scranton, a grocery store employee kills three co-workers before turning the gun on
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himself. authorities say the gunman, randy staird, detailed plans in a chilling video posted online. police say, he blocked store exits before the deadly shootings. a fourth co-worker escaped and called the cops. the store was closed at the time of the early morning shootings. >> nebraska state soccer association is now apologizing to an 8-year-old girl for disqualifying her team from a girls' youth soccer tournament because they thought she was a boy. the parents of millie hernandez say that even after they proved her gender, it still wasn't enough. the soccer association says it was a clerical, clerical error that had listed millie as a boy. and now, soccer association officials say that, disqualification of her entire team does not represent the association's core values of team work and inclusion.
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theme in this year's stanley cup finals. pittsburgh and nashville split the first four games with the road team coming up empty. game five was more of the same, back in steel town, the penguins scored early. and often. on the predators there. pittsburgh won, 6-0. the pens are now a game away from their second consecutive cup. game six sunday in nashville. see the theme there. nashville might pull out. >> moving back to soccer. united states/trinidad. who wasn't watching this in world cup qualifier in colorado. actually a lot of folks there. in the 52nd minute of the scoreless match, the cross find a sliding christian felicic, made it 1-0. u.s., 18-year-old takes the bass. buries the second of the night. u.s. wins 2-0. next up, mexico sunday night. that kid is actually regarded to be pretty good in u.s. soccer. like the future of u.s. soccer here in the u.s., right?
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yes. jack. >> peanut gallery sleeping. >> still supporting france? >> still supporting france. hoping trinidad and tobago force in soccer worldwide. huge. huge they would have come up. >> you're still supporting france. >> viva le france. >> let's move it back to our country, shall we, tonight's fourth game of the nba finals about sweeping for the cleveland cavaliers and survival. >> cavs hope to extend the series and season one more game. game three was their best showing. but they still ended the night, down 0-3. lebron james says the guys are trying. the warriors are just really, really good. >> it has been times throughout my career, where i played teams that just in the midst of something that can last, for a long time. and -- obviously this team is built, you know, to be able to do tt
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you know, so -- we see what happens. obviously never know what is going to happen. but as it stand right now they look pretty good as far as the future. >> the cavs won their crown by becoming the first team to win the finals after being down 3-1. >> to repeat they would have to become the first nba team to ever come back from 0-3. >> there is a chance. tween taylor swift and katy rry. why must you play with our ions emotions? >> why are you doing this? >> and playing with our emotions in "the skinny." >> why must you play with our emotions? >> why are you doing this? and is absorbed by your body three times better. so one megared has more omega-3 power than three standard fish oil pills. new megared advanced triple absorption.
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♪ skinny so skinny >> do we have the breaking news banner. we have breaking skinny news on this friday.
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yeah, it's from a familiar story line. superstars, taylor swift and katy perry still not friends. help us decide. >> katy's album "witness" is out day. busy promoting with colorful music videos look this one for bon appetit and doing press, one-on-one questions, she is getting. no one can avoid, what's the beef with her and t swift? >> in an interview, perry said, honestly like she started it. and it's time for her to just finish it. it looks like taylor is trying to finish katy that is. >> in a surprise move, overnight, taylor released her catalog of music across all streaming services platforms. something she had originally fought against. swift's team announcing the move in honor of swift's 1989 selling 10 million albums worldwide. but -- >> the album included "bad blood" which many believe a diss on katy.
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purpose to hurt katy on her big day? >> specifically on her big day. >> i think so. taylor is like, here, hold my beer. >> ha-ha. mike drop. >> boom. >> next, a follow-up to this week's highly controversial hug-gate. >> if you haven't seen it. >> here it is. again. jerry seinfeld giving an interview on the red carpet when singer keisha comes up for a hug. denied. everyone was wondering is there some sort of beef between the two? why? can't keep track. >> extremely awkward. jerry is now speaking out telling "extra" no beef, he
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>> would you hug her now? >> in the middle of an interview. it was off. just a little off. >> not the first moment of two first, he is right.g.oves -- on first reference, not a, not a hug. like a -- like a handshake. and, and shoulder. >> but then. yeah. >> anyway. next, jay-z, speculation over potential album. >> been four years, you know since his last album. all of a sudden people have been noticing ads all over the place, reading, 4:44. lot of folks thinking viral campaign for potential new album. or maybe just illuminati number. any way, we have what 4:44 is? >> new film starring lupita nyong'o, and mahershala ali, we don't know all that much about what it is going to be. other than a boxing film, rated nc-17. my 2-year-old will not be watching it. >> all it is? not a new album. >> no, that's it.
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>> not a list of his 100 problems? >> it's 99.
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♪ ♪ ♪ loyalty loyalty loyalty >> you don't know the song? of course, "loyalty." >> where do we find these? >> in the mad brain of brian the producer. >> in the vault. >> loyalty a theme in comey's hearing as well. also a theme running through many of the other headlines this week. >> here now is our weekly "friday rewind." >> stronger than i've been before, ariana grande returning to manchester, 50,000 fans and millions watching around the world.
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i think the kind of love and unity that is here, this is the medicine that the world really needs right now. >> less than 24 hours before she took the stage, a terrorist attack. >> isis claim responsibility for the brutal assault on london bridge. where three men ran over tourists with a van, jumped out stabbing and slashing victims. >> this bloodshed must end. this bloodshed will end. >> surveillance cameras trained d confident during seven hours of testimony, spanning two days the 44-year-old appeared unflustered recounting what she says happened in 2004 at cosby's pennsylvania home where she says the now 79-year-old, drugged and assaulted her. >> the united states of america versus reality lee winner. winner accused of leaking this top secret national security agency document, providing the most detailed account yet of
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november election. we are talking about a foreign government, that using technical intrusion, lots of methods. tried to shape the way we think, we vote, we act. that is a big deal. >> how are you supposed to really fold the fitted sheets. do the hokey-pokey and turn yourself around. >> you have a better way? >> completely. >> let's see. >> any day now. >> oh, thank you. that's it. i get it laundered. >> james taken away by curry! >> the golden state warriors have taken a 3-0 lead on the nba finals. .a dramatic situation to be but it is what it is. we have got to get ready for game four. >> big week ahead. so the game tonight. >> yeah, that -- i went be watching that. >> okay. >> she is still bitter over the okc thing. >> i will watch it. >> belmont stakes tomorr.
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making news in america this morning, the fallout from james comey's powerful accusations against the president. the former fbi director calling donald trump a liar and admitting he leaked his own memo after he was fired. >> the partisan reaction after comey's testimony, lawmakers mostly sticking to party lines. today we could hear from the president himself. we're live in washington. breaking overnight, shocking results from the general election in britain. america's strongest ally in political turmoil. the calls for the prime minister to resign growing. caught on camera, texting trouble for a woman walking down the sidewalk. this one no laughing matter. good friday morning,


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