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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 9, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, the fallout from james comey's powerful accusations against the president. the former fbi director calling donald trump a liar and admitting he leaked his own memo after he was fired. >> the partisan reaction after comey's testimony, lawmakers mostly sticking to party lines. today we could hear from the president himself. we're live in washington. breaking overnight, shocking results from the general election in britain. america's strongest ally in political turmoil. the calls for the prime minister to resign growing. caught on camera, texting trouble for a woman walking down the sidewalk. this one no laughing matter. good friday morning,
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erielle reshef in for diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. the comey testimony reverberating especially his depiction of the president as a liar. >> he talks about his distrust with the president and gave his take on why he was fired. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: former fbi director james comey for the first time since he was fired giving his views on the investigation he led into russian meddling in the november election. the question looming, how did that investigation put him so much at odds with the trump administration that the president ended up firing him? >> the administration then chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi by saying that the investigation was in disarray, that it was poorly led, that the workforce had lost confidence in its leader. those were lies, plain and simple. >> reporter: comey made it clear that as he sees it, the president's goal was to derail the russia investigation first
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>> my common sense told me what's going on here is he's looking to get something in exchange for granting my request to stay in the job. >> reporter: ultimately by firing him. >> why do you believe you were fired? >> because i don't know for sure. i believe the -- i think the president at his word that i was fired because of the russia investigation. something about the way i was conducting it, the president felt created pressure on him that he wanted to relieve. >> reporter: comey testified. the president invited him over for dinner at the white house. in an interview with nbc news the president insisted comey invited himself. >> that dinner was arranged. i think he asked for the dinner. >> did you initiate that dinner? >> no. >> reporter: it was at that dinner that comey claims trump asked for a pledge of loyalty. comey says he deferred promising the president honesty instead. >> it got very awkward and i then said you'll always have honesty have me. he said, honest, loyalty, i exceeded
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the awkwardness prrt the president suggested comey better hope there are no tapes of their conversations. >> i've seen the tweet about tapes, lordy, i hope there are tapes. >> reporter: he admitted after his firing he leaked the content of his own memos in an effort to ensure the justice department would appoint a special counsel. >> i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with the reporter. didn't do it myself but asked him to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, new york. >> that special counsel is robert mueller. he plans to meet with leaders. the senate intelligence committee looking to review his memo. >> president trump stayed off twitter and declined to address the testimony himself. abc's lana zak has the latest from washington. >> reporter: toward the end of james comey's testimony, president trump took the stage at an event with christian conservatives and while he didn't mention anybody by
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he did level some of the same charges at his political opponents as they have leveled against him. >> they will lie, they will obstruct, they will spread their hatred and their prejudice. but we will not back down from doing what is right. >> reporter: at the white house, abc's jonathan karl asked him about the hearing. >> mr. president, any reaction of comey's testimony? >> thank you very much. >> reporter: any reaction at all? do you think he told the truth? >> reporter: while the president was mum his personal lawyer marc kasowitz has not. >> he has confirmed publicly what he repeatedly told president trump privately, that is, that the president was not under investigation as part of any probe into russian interference. >> reporter: after comey finished lawmakers were treated to their partisan corners. democrats saying they heard evidence the president tried to end the russia investigation. >> i'm not a criminal lawyer but that certainly sounds lik
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obstruction of justice to me. >> reporter: but republicans disagreed. >> did you see any evidence of that? >> i didn't see and comey i think was very careful to say there were awkward conversations. there were conversations that were uncomfortable and inappropriate. all those terms were used but never anything that was a legal term that he ever used. >> reporter: defending those interactions the speaker of the house. >> the president's new at this. he's new to government. and so he probably wasn't steeped in the long running protocols. >> reporter: and many people were watching social media during the testimony, but the president didn't tweet. he will hold a news conference this afternoon when he meets with the president of romania. kendis, erielle. >> yeah, so that means two opportunities for questions there. lana zak, thank you. senator john mccain is blaming a lack of sleep for his confusing questions to comey. the 80-year-old republican senator pressed comey on his probe of hillary clinton's e-mail use. but at one point he even referred to president comey and suggested there was a double
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he left comey and millions watching at home confused. mccain blames the bizarre line of questioning on a lack of sleep saying, quote, the statement here, maybe going forward i shouldn't stay up late to watch the diamondbacks. >> the senate intelligence committee will be hearing from jared kushner, a source close to the investigation telling abc news that committee staff are planning to interview president trump's son-in-law and close adviser in a closed door meeting. kushner is expected to be asked about a wide range of issues including his efforts to establish a back channel with russian president vladimir putin. the republican led house has taken the first step in rolling back dodd/frank. the financial choice act now facing a stiff fight in the senate. republicans have long complained that dodd/frank is hurting banks and slowing economic growth. to the breaking news and that political stunner that is hitting one of america's closest allies. prime minister theresa may says that she has no pns
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after that stunning election result. no party won a clear majority causing political chaos in britain. may called for early parliamentary elections expecting a landslide victory for her conservative party. it was a bold political gamble aimed at strengthening her power. she now vows to lead despite the uncertainty. >> the country needs a period of stability and whatever the results are, the conservative party will ensure that we fulfill our duty in ensuring that stability so that we can all as one country go forward together. >> the election results are also raising questions about britain's negotiations to leave the european union. those talks were expected to get under way in ten days. back here in this country a look now at your friday weather. so the radar is focused in on the northern plains where heavy rain, hail and damaging wind
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expected to pound most of north dakota stretching into minnesota and that record rainfall in florida isn't letting up. these scenes, thunderstorms will hit central and south florida for most of the day. the threat of flash flooding is decreasing but streets are still swamped. in fact, it's still so deep in some spots these guys got around ft. lauderdale by hooking their surfboard up to a truck. still ahead, shocking new evidence about the government contractor accused of leaking classified documents. >> and also washington, d.c. police officers run down by suspects in a pickup truck. now the search for a motive. and that woman on the sidewalk texting and falling through an open hatch. an update on her condition coming up.
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the ntsb is looking into the deadly crash of a church bus filled with high school students. it hit another vehicle on the way to atlanta's hartsfield jackson airport. reports say a teenage girl was killed. ten others injured. the students from huntsville, alabama, were heading to a mission in africa. the government contractor charged with leaking classified u.s. documents has pleaded not guilty. the woman named reality winner appears to ca-- appeared in a courtroom wearing an orange jumpsuit. prosecutors presented new information in their case against her. that includes notebook entries saying she wanted to burn down the white house and that she wanted to meet with taliban leaders in afghanistan. attorneys also warned the judge that winner may have stolen additional stolen secrets. she was denied bail. a houston area deputy and his wife are charged with murder. sh
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indicted in the death of john hernandez. a bystander did this recording of terry thompson restraining hernandez in a whoekhold-out side the restaurant. hernandez died three days later, a medical examiner ruled he died from strangulation. detectives say deputy thompson helped her husband. a washington, d.c. police officer is in critical condition after being hit by an out-of-control pickup truck. witnesses say the truck was speeding when it slammed into the bike patrol officer last night. a fellow officer and a traffic control aide were hurt. the two people in the pickup were arrested. police found a weapon in the truck but did not give any more details. >> the fbi was on the scene of that accident overnight. a new study out of belgium is offering new reassurance to breast cancer survivors who want to have children. >> the study finds that survivors who later got pregnant were no more likely to see a recurrence in their cancer than those who did not have a baby. the study involving more than 1200 women is the largest so far
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you knmegared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers mega support. a fizzy mess after a freight train hauling corn collides with a coca-cola truck. witnesses say that collision caused it to slam into several vehicles parked nearby. bottles of soda flew out. no serious injuries reported. heading out on your morning commute be on the lookout for wet conditions in the pacific northwest stretching into minnesota and parts of the northeast. also expect some flooded roadways in central and south florida. and if you're flying, those relentless storms could cause airport delays in miami. day five of bill cosby's sexual assault trial willet
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philadelphia area courtroom. one day after jurors heard cosby's version of that encounter with andrea constand back in 2004. >> but it is definitely a tale of two very different stories. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: for the first time jurors are hearing bill cosby's side of the story. but not from him directly. excerpts from a 2005 police interview transcript were read to them by a pennsylvania police sergeant. cosby's responses to questions about his relationship with andrea constand drastically differ from her account of their interactions. the sergeant read aloud, did she tell you to stop. no. did she push you away. no. was andrea conscious and awake? yes. while she told jurors she considered cosby a mentor, cosby told police they had engaged in petting at least four times in his home and that she only asked him to stop once and he did. >> has a pattern of behavior that is consistent throughout all of the 60 women.
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news, norristown, pennsylvania. >> this is a lesson for any of us walking with a cell phone. a terrifying accident for a woman distracted. she fell six feet down a cellar opening in plainfield, nblg. watch this. oh, the 67-year-old woman may have been texting or playing a game when she tripped over that door. emergency crews rushing her to the hospital after they rescued her. she is in serious condition. also caught on camera, a man's best friend defending her turf. watch this video carefully when an intruder kicked in the door of this home in arlington, texas, he was frightened off by a barking dog but her bark may have been a little bit worse than her bite. a chihuahua, after all, named sadie chasing off a man police describe as 5'1" and 225 pounds, still on the lookout for him. >> that dog weighs all of 2 pounds. i love it. a painting tuck add way in a garage in arizona since the early '90s may be worth a
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original jackson pollock and it's expected to fetch up to $15 million at auction. >> the owner is the brother of a new york socialite. when she died he shipped her belongsings to his home and stowed them away in his garage. he had no idea what the painting was worth. >> wow. >> now some sports and this morning we're talking a lot about cups. >> that is, the stanley cup and world cup. highlights from espn. >> good morning, it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett, neil everett. i gave him the choice hockey or soccer. >> yeah. all right, let's go to pittsburgh, man. tony, our producer, big penguins fan stressing, not for long, though because they got three in the first, pittsburgh, pekka rinne was awful. evgeni malkin right there and, you know, bar, tender, top shelf. re rinne got pulled. game seven at
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"star wars" is my favorite movie, man. world cup qualifier u.s. taking on trinidad and tobago. both need key points to qualify. deandre yedlin and christian put listic f -- pew listic for the sliding goal. here he comes again. how about that? >> yeah. that kid is good. >> pulisic. >> pulisic. >> pulisic -- >> you say tomato, i say tomato. >> 2-0 u.s. wins. >> they say nil. >> this out of control. brack to you. >> 2-0 is what it is. 2-0. >> 2-0. up next in "the pulse," the oddest scenes from britain's elections, yes, people actually voted for a guy named lord bucket head. >> i love his policies. plus, lordy, that one word from james comey and the effect it had on the internet and on
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save 40% on paints and stains, june 9th through the 12th. color is just around the corner! find your neighborhood store at ♪ your friday "pulse." we're going to start with a viral moment from james comey's testimony. you see it there. the internet went into overdrive when he spoke about president trump's tweets suggesting there may be secret recordings of their discussions. comey saying, lordy, i hope there are tapes. >> mer yam-webster tweeting lordy is an interjekz used to make a statement or question more forceful or express surprise. actor chris evans tweeting that he ne
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are tapes on a t-shirt. >> well, chris, your wishes have been answered. those t-shirts are out online. adele saying lordy i hope there are tapes is going to be my senior quote. way to dream. now to lighthearted moments from britain's general election. while the results are read fringe candidates go et to appear on stage in their district. >> yeah, so that creates awkward scenes like this one. a candidate named lord bucket head and a guy in an elmo suit. on the same stage though as the prime minister, we should say elmo picked up three votes, lord buckhead got 249. >> 249. a bucket of votes. there was this failed high-five from labor party leader jeremy corbyn. pretty much -- >> going for the high-five and instead -- nope. oops. wasn't supposed to be like that. a big surprise from taylor
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catalog across all streaming services. swift has been notoriously known at odds with those services over how they pay their artists. >> and pulled all of her music a few years ago from those services so swift's big return to streaming is timed to celebrate the milestone of her album "1989" hitting 10 million sales worldwide. >> or is there another reason. her ash nemesis katy perry also dropped herup with good morning washington. it's friday-- june 9th. and get ready for a very sunny weekend forecast. that's coming up-- but first here are some of this morning's top stories. capitol hill still reacting to capitol hill still reacting to bombshell revelations during james comey's testimony before
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director accusing the president of lying multiple times. the white house responded saying comey's testimony vindicates president trump and makes it clear that he is not the subject of an fbi investigation. a truck plows into pedestrians in northwest, sending 5 people including 2 police officers-- to the emergency room. it happened last night in adams morgan. two people inside the truck that struck the officers were taken into custody. police tell us the victims appear to have non-life threatening injuries. one officer remains in critical condition. police now saying this is "not" terror related. good morning washington. toss to veronica - gorgeous & warm
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saturday - suddenly summer sunday - heat peaks monday & tuesday (record heat) - heat wave : all of next week today: mostly sunny and warm highs: 80-85 winds: west 5-10 mph overnight: mainly clear lows: 56-64 winds: south 5 mph saturday: mostly sunny, 20-30% chance evening isolated t-storm (6-10pm) highs: 83-88 winds: west 5-10 mph breaking overnight. a historic decision
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a historic decision in japan as lawmakers pass legislation to allow emperor akihito to step down. the 83-year old will become the first monarch to abdicate in more than 200 years. traditionally, the emperor serves for life. emperor akihito made the request as he battles lingering health issues. under the current law-- the 57-year-old crown prince naruhito will become the next emperor. back here-- it's already tough to find a parking spot on the national mall. and now- you'll have to pay for it! parking meters are being installed at 11-hundred spaces- that used to be free! soon - it'll cost you 2 bucks an hour during the day. the hope- more visitors will use
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transportation. enforcement starts monday. good news for people in fairfax county. 15-hundred new jobs are coming to town. governor terry mc-auliffe says amazon web services is expanding to a new campus in herndon. virginia beat out texas and washington to be home to the project. it will focus on providing cloud computing services to major organizations. and remember-- abc7 and newschannel 8 are proud sponsors of this weekend's "celebrate fairfax" festival. there are plenty of activities and performances starting today and running all weekend. for more information visit our website, it's xx and we're just getting started. we are following breaking news this morning. an accident in adams morgan-- sending 5 people to the emergency room, including two police officers. sam sweeney is at
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what we know right now. a terrifying scene there last night... as - suddenly summer sunday - heat peaks monday & tuesday (record heat) - heat wave : all of next week today: mostly sunny and warm highs: 80-85 winds: west 5-10 mph overnight: mainly clear lows: 56-64 winds: south 5 mph saturday: mostly sunny, 20-30% chance evening isolated t-storm (6-10pm) highs: 83-88 winds: west 5-10 mph


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