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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  June 9, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> now "good morning washington ." we begin with the breaking news alert. larry: following breaking news. chaos in adams morgan. a pickup truck careening out of control and slamming into to police officer's. the change of those officers conditions overnight and how the new developments at the scene are this morning. adrianna: a horrific crash in prince george's county. lanes just reopening. let's get straight to john gonzalez for more. john: good morning. you're absolutely right. literally a minute ago, police opened up the roadway with crews. there will be some delays here on 210 indianhead highway because of this crash. for five were closed
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up and running. take a look at the video of what this looked like. police responded before 2:00. two vehicles involved, six people taken to the hospital. the video, you can see how horrific this was. the white pickup truck, the volvo badly damaged. a medevac was used. serious and critical injuries we are told. investigators were out here for several hours. with the county's collision road construction team working to establish the circumstances leading up to this crash. right now we are told there is at least one person in critical condition, and again, the roadway here, northbound and southbound of indianhead highway now back up and running in fort washington. that is good news because you live in doing a great job detouring everyone. angela:we've had to
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detour people for the last five hours but even with the opening of the north and southbound lanes of indianhead highway, there will be a lot of gridlock. sky track 7 is still over the same. as traffic is starting to filter through the intersection with palmer wrote. i-- road. i want to show you what is happening around the capital beltway. we have been dealing with an accident in annandale. two lanes remain blocked on the inner loop between gallows road and arlington boulevard. princesh we had in george's county. look at the outer loop especially, leading up to the baltimore-washington parkway where we've got a couple of lanes blocked. another collision on the outer loop. we are being told this is an overturned field. at route one in college park past good luck road. heading into the accident location, there are delays. keep in mind
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into the district, we have got the police investigation going on at columbia road. lanes remain blocked for the investigation that adams mill road. veronica: pretty good out there. we have got sunshine. a few wispy clouds. potomac, maryland, your temperature 53 degrees at winston churchill hospital. -- high school. it's going to be a turnand a sharp point towards summer. suddenly summer on sunday. temperatures high into the low to mid 90's. in terms of rain, we will have to wait until we get towards the end of next week he forget any substantial rain across our area. you will have to get out and water if you plan on doing any guarding. thators today, 82 the high will put us near average for today but well above average in the coming days. this weekend, the
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start climbing. on sunday, you notice it as we get up to 95 degrees. but monday, tuesday, especially wednesday of next week with a lot of moisture in the air and temperatures quite high, it will start to feel uncomfortable. for today, much of the weekend, this area of high pressure will control the weather. we will track the next big weather changed and the next weather system in 10 minutes. >> crash. we weren't sure what was going on. then we heard the screeching of tires. it sounded like somebody was slamming on the brakes. >> didn't smell any gasoline. adams morgan.s in a pickup truck slams into multiple people. larry: two of them d.c. police officers. the question -- what was going on? adrianna: suzanne kennedy is live along 18th street with more on the situation. good morning. suzanne: this is where this came to an
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this was the trash truck that was the vehicle that was struck by the pickup truck. this is where this came to an end. you can see this garbage truck has been pushed up onto the curb. the force with which that pickup truck hit the garbage truck. taking place around 9:00 last night. the crash taking place actually at 18th and columbia. that is where the dodge pickup struck two bike officers as well as a d-dot traffic aide. shortly after the incident took place, the police chief and mayor muriel bowser were at washington hospital center. here is how the chief described the accident. >> after the vehicle struck the it proceeded to the intersection and ended up striking a vehicle that was unoccupied. it was a truck that was struck.
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vehicle were placed under arrest. herene: the fbi was overnight assisting mpd in this investigation. right now they do not know the motive. they're exploding -- exploring the idea it could be terrorism. two people arrested in that pickup truck. both of them taken from the scene last night. there was a weapon recovered, a gun inside the vehicle. the conditions of the police officers, that is a little bit of good news this morning at one of the officers was transported to washington hospital center in critical condition. we understand that person's condition has been upgraded to stable. the other police officer also in stable condition as well as the d-dot employee. traffic here, we have one side of the roadway blocks, one lane is getting by. authorities telling us they are not certain when the garbage truck will be removed to get things back to normal, but again, we are waiting word from mpd as to what kind of charges those
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striking vehicle will face this morning. sam: following breaking news from the live desk. a violent night in other parts of the district. one person was shot on clay street in northeast. police telling us three people were shot in a separate incident on 16th street. also in northeast washington. this just in from the hs treet corridor. all three men are expected to be ok. let's move to southeast. the scene minutes after a serious stabbing. the victim was in the car on chesapeake street. victim got out and was stabbed. they were taken to prince georges hospital center. no update on their condition this morning. as soon as we learn more information, we will pass it along. adrianna: thanks for the update. right now you still have a chance to be richer than your
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the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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but it took a twist of fate to find a high-end curler at such a head turning price. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ♪ adrianna: welcome back to "good morning washington.:" angela: want to start you out with a live look at what happening around the capital. we have this early morning accident in annandale. inner loop, a couple of lanes remain blocked after gallows road on your approach to 50, arlington boulevard. you are going t
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our other live shot is showing you the capital beltway in prince george's county where we are dealing with two accidents on the outer loop as you approach the baltimore-washington parkway, a couple of lanes remained blocked because of this one. also, an overturned vehicle at u.s. 1 college park. i want to show you a map very quickly just to let you know for folks traveling in the district number we are shut down on columbia road. be prepared adams mill road. now veronica johnson lets us know with the weekend forecast is like. veronica: it has been a busy morning for you, for our weekend, nice inquiry -- and quiet but hot. to switch things around, maybe make your full day sunday versus -- your pool day sunday versus saturday. few highs with a clouds at 61 degrees right now in d.c. by the way, our morng
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morning, 75 degrees will fail to drop in d.c. under 75 degrees. yesterday wase 76. war mornings and hot afternoon coming our way. pattern changes on sunday and by the time we get to next week, maybe a little bit of rain. for today, 82, nice and comfortable today. we will talk more about the humidity on the rise in 10 minutes. larry: enjoy this while i can for the high heat comes. warning this morning not to text and walk. the incredible video caught on camera in the quick response from rescue crews. to have to hear vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. sam: breaking news coming into the newsroom. we are hearing from the president. we can confirm he is awake and tweeted for the first time since former director james comey testified before congress yesterday. take a look your screen. this is what the president tweeted. " despite so many false statement sand lies, total and complete vindication. wow, comey is a leaker." just coming from the president at 6:15. awaiting reaction from lawmakers by yesterday james comey took to the -- to congress yesterday and more or less called the president a liar. now the president is fighting back. much more coming up on "good morning washington." adrianna: we knew
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that twitter break would not last long. some of james comey's reaction setting social media on fire. trending in particular -- the 'srd lordy, as in comey response to the present recording their conversation. "lordy,i hope there are takes." the dictionary noted that other less used words were getting quite the workout, fuzz, dazed and contemporaneous. we are digging into the new responses coming out of the hearing and responses from the white house. larry: a stunning setback for british prime minister teresa may. her conservative party being dealt a crippling blow in yesterday's elections but this plans toay says she seek permission from the queen to former government despite her party lostes. -- losses. devon calls for may --there have been calls for may to resign. now the conservatives no longer
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expecting a landslide. that was not the case. ok, here is a warning about what can happen if you text while wal king. a woman is in the hospital this morning in serious condition after falling 8 feet through an open cellar door. this happening yesterday in planes will, new jersey. a surveillance camera capturing the incident. the woman walking down the street, never saw what was ahead of her and plunging into that cellar head first. >> my god, it's unbelievable. something that could happen any minute, because everybody is texting. larry: crews arrived to rescue the 67-year-old woman. in stabled to be condition despite those serious injuries this morning. adrianna: today the first of seven rainbow colored css
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the lgbtq community and will run along 17th street from r to p street. it's designated frank tammany way. of the the painting first crosswalk, a public event is being held at 10:00 at the intersection of 17th and church street. the rest of the crosswalks will be painted throughout the weekend. this week, we are on your side getting you prepared for capital pride. are proud sponsors of this year's parade and will carry it live on news channel 8 and st ream it on you can catch all the festivities at 4:30 p.m. saturday and sunday we are airing the equality march from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. we want to see your pride pics. send them to us. larry: ok. 6:19 n ow. we want to get you back over to angela foster. boy, in
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you paint a busy -- you pikccked a busy morning. been trying to figure out everything that is going on with all of the closures. i want to start people off by telling them that 2010 is open. indian highway -- indianhead highway has reopened. on the map we have got quite a bit of color going on to annandale where we had the early morning accident coming from the bowl. that has cleared off the roadway with one exception -- we have a couple of lanes still blocks. traveling the capital beltway to prince george's county, that is going to create some problems. justluck road, where we reopen the travel lanes. had an earlier accident on the outer loop. as you get closer to the baltimore-washington parkway, and even with the lanes open, we are still looking at some major gridlock through this stretch. heading into the district right now, you get there from the capital beltway's
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accident, over tuned outer loop in college park. we have got accident investigations tying us up in adams police activity is going to close us off at adams mill road. you will have to detour around that intersection. very busy friday morning on the roadways for now. veronica: with the forecast i'm giving today, five stars. that's right, five stars. get outside and enjoy things today. for tomorrow, also five stars. 82-80 seven degrees. sunshine on both days. by sunday, i'll take it all the way down to four. and three stars through the early part of next week with a higher humidity. something we are not used to. congressional country club in bethesda, maryland, a beautiful sky. great day to hit the greens today. only getting up to 82, maybe 84 degrees. here is your 5:00 temperature
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nice and comfortable. we will see those numbers rise quickly. going up tomorrow, purple stride at 10 temperatures, 76. a fairly fast run. with only a little bit of humidity. by first pitch we're taking on the texas rangers, in the mid-80's to 87 by the time you head home. to 95 forward, 94 will feel quite oppressive, running their record temperatures by monday and tuesday of next week. more on the heat wave when "good morning washington" returns and the crazy traffic day.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington." larry: jurors have heard some riveting testimony in the sexual assault trial of bill cosby. reporter: for the first time, jurors are hearing phil cosby's -- bill cosby side of the story. but not from him. excerpts from a 2000 five police interview transcript were read by a pennsylvania police sergeant. no cosby's responses to questions about his relationship with andrea constand differ from her account. the sergeant read aloud, "did she tell you to stop? no. did she push you away? no. was andrea conscious and awake?" cosby told police they had engaged in petting and she only asked him to stop once and he did. >>
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that is consistent throughout all of the 60 women. reporter: coming up at 7 a.m., nancy grace weighs in live.
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>> now "good morning washington ." we begin with the breaking news alert. sam: we continue to stay on top of that breaking news from adams morgan where police towed away the truck that mowed down two d.c. police officers. -- latest from the hospital the officer taken from the scene in critical condition has been up traded to serious condition. d.c. police chief says that truck sped up 18 street and ran the officers over and kept going. eventually the truck crashed a few hundred feet down the road. this morning it remains unclear what the motive was or is that driver was impaired. suzanne kennedy is on the scene, gathering more information. we will check back in with her in
6:31 am
larry: 6:30. glad you are with us. i'm larry smith. adrianna: i'm adrianna hopkins tracking a painful drive into work. angela foster is here, filling in for julie. as larry said, this is a very, very busy friday. angela: it has been incredibly busy this friday. we starting the morning with a closure on the capital beltway, were blocked as you travel from the springfield mixing bowl to annandale. look at this stretch pretty can see the red. we are gridlock as you make the way toward interstate 66. a live look on our cameras of what that is like. we have reopened a couple of those lanes. the accident is between gallows road and arlington boulevard. that is a very busy stretch headed into mclean and tysons. please be prepared. you are going to run into more delays. back on our maps, following a closure in the columbia heights area. we had columbia road
6:32 am
that police investigation at adams mill road. hopefully, that will reopen shortly. of course capital beltway delays through prince, we have been accidents with two heading into greenbelt and college park. both have cleared off of the roadway but be alert. your going to run into some volume delays through that stretch as you continue into silver spring. that's the latest from traffic watch. happy friday. veronica: what a friday it is going to be weatherwise. when you look at the weekend, start planning things out, today is going to be the most comfortable. he has been fairly nice the last couple of days, almost delightful. a green light today all the way through -- you will want to take it all in because the humidity and the air quality all good today. we have got the go. calling it gorgeous. little bit of fog far to the west in cumberland, maryland. the low lying valleys but that has been the only issue. a w
6:33 am
during the overnight. well east in areas of delaware where we're left in temperatures in the mid-50's in the north. hagerstown 54. ton-herndon. your high today, low-to-mid 80's. very comfortable. tomorrow, get ready for more heat, more humidity. we will take it into the upper 80's. it is going to feels sticky. we'll talk about sunday's change and i will give you the forecast of your headed to the beach. that is all coming up in 10. adrianna: thank you so much. the time now is 6:33. growing fallout after james comey's blockbuster testimony. hisy: laying out first hand interactions with president trump and the president's personal attorney refuting the testimony. adrianna: we have more. reporter: the bom
6:34 am
spate of headlines. >> i was concerned he might lie about the nature of the meeting. i asked a friend of mine to share the contents of a memo with the reporter. lordy, i hope there are tapes. reporter: he painted the picture of an fbi director trying to navigate murky waters. comey calling a meeting in which the president said of the michael flynn investigation, i hope you can let this go. >> this is the president of united states with me alone saying i hope this. i took it as this is what he wants me to do. reporter: the president's attorney disputed comey's testimony. >> the president never told mr. comey, "i expect loyalty." reporter: while the speaker of the house came to president trump's defense. >> he's new to government. he was not steeped in the long-running protocols. reporter: comey did
6:35 am
had reassured the president he was not personally under investigation but he did not save his job. >> it was my judgment that i was fired because of the russia investigation. that is a very big deal. reporter: the president is keeping mum for now. >> any reaction to comey's testimony? reporter: that silence on the part of the president is unlikely to last long. the white house announced he will hold a joint press conference scheduled for 2:45 later today. adrianna: so, the question now is what happens next? because this is far from over. as of right now, the special counsel robert mueller is investigating the russia matter. the senate intelligence committee is working on their probe as well. those two entities have not spoken at this time but sources tell cnn they do believe lawmakers will find a way to get comey's memos and work side-by-side with robert mueller. abc 7 is your source for any new developments from the hill. stick with us on air and always online at
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heading to mit. tim cook will deliver the commencement address this morning in cambridge. the school's president said tim cook was selected because of his brilliance as a business leader. that he's 1500 new jobs coming to fairfax county p governor terry mcauliffe says amazon web services is expanding to a new campus in herndon. virginia beat out texas and washington. it will focus on providing cloud computing services to major organizations. adrianna: a great weekend ahead outdoors. veronica johnson breaking up your weekend forecast.
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adrianna: right now "good morning washington" is celebrating fairfax. abc 7 and news channel 8 are proud sponsors. we are giving way tickets every day this week. call the number on your screen right now. 703-528-7334. caller number 7 wins four tickets. larry: celebra
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oring sheets. color him and take pages with him. we might show the money air.-- show them on the air. ok, let's start first with v.j. veronica: i was moving to the music. let's go, right? well -- ♪ thanks. that is not the only thing going on this weekend. you've got capital pride parade taking place at dupont circle and logan circle. the weather could not be better for this. lucky it is happening on saturday and not sunday. news channel 8, mid to upper 80's between 3:00 and 5:00. it gets sticky, but is not going to be quite the day that sunday and monday and tuesday will be. at lease someplace to catch a brief. -- breeze.
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82 by 4:00. good-looking day for us. there is your heat for tomorrow at 87 degrees. the mid-90's for sunday. so, good evening to be out, if you want to head somewhere near the water. 74 degrees by 11:00. looking at temperatures for sunday, mid 90's. the heat up into new york city and boston. i will show you when we will cool down when we look at father's day weekend in 10 minutes. aoads, on thers, closure on indianhead highway has been reopened. capital beltway in annandale. let's go to sky track 7, because all of our lanes are not open. we had an overturned vehicle between gallows road and 50, arlington boulevard. with the lane closure, traffic is squeezing by.
6:42 am
gridlock on the approach to the accident scene. let's go quickly to our maps. had a couple of accidents around the capital beltway in prince george's county. clear those out of the way at the bw parkway and route one. now dealing with a couple of stalled cars. inbound new york avenue on north capitol street, a stalled car in the middle of the roadway. the disabled on the suitland parkway. inbound before alabama avenue. an existing delay that starts around stanton road heading towards south capitol street. that is the latest from traffic watch. larry: 6:42. following breaking news in the district, two officers last night run down by a pickup truck. suzanne kennedy is live in adams morgan with the latest now. suzanne? suzanne: authorities remain on the scene this morning. a patient update on this three government employees injured overnight. a live repor
6:43 am
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nendorses dr. wralph northam. mr. northam uld make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights,
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creating jobs foreaner, reliour veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy. >> you are watching "good morning washington." larry:
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210 reopening after that violent wreck overnight. involving two vehicles and leaving both mangled. that white pickup truck completely missing the roof. six people were hurt. one in critical condition. no word yet from police on what caused this accident. now to a violent scene in adams morgan. two police officers and a city worker run down by a pickup truck. adrianna: 7 i son your side digging deeper for a motive. suzanne kennedy is at the scene. good. morning suzanne: good morning. you can see that this remains is still a closed off roadway, the result of what happened last night. that is the garbage truck that brought this to an end. because a pickup truck ended up slamming into it after it hit those three government employees. want to show you some video from overnight, around 10:00 last night when this happens near 18th and
6:47 am
you can see there is debris and the roadway, including bicycle and helmet. this video from moments after the crash. that white dodge truck, the is the vehicle that hit traffic control officers. on a budsy thursday night. went toriel bowser the hospital to check on the government employees. the chief talks about arriving at the hospital last night. our officerswo of doing exactly what we asked them to do in the adams morgan community. they actually were struck. thankfully, nobody else was injured but i have two of my officers unnecessarily in the hospital. it is the last thing in the world the chief of police wants to have to do is come to the hospital what one of their
6:48 am
suzanne: the chief starting out that statement by saying he felt horrible. the fbi did respond along with mpd to the scene last night trying to figure out if this was terrorism related a more of a hit-and-run situation. authorities telling us now that the two police officer are listed in serious condition. that is good news, because one was in critical condition overnight. that d-dot employee listed in serious condition. we are awaiting an update from mpd about charges filed against the two people arrested in that dodge pick up. as soon as we get that information we will pass it along to you. we are following breaking news from overseas. a stunning setback for british prime minister theresa may. her conservative party dealt a crippling blow in yesterday's elections. but this morning, may is
6:49 am
pushing forward, saying she plans to seek permission from the queen to form a government, despite her party losses. there have been calls for her to resign the british media are reporting she will not step down. right now it remains unclear where brexit talks will go now that conservatives no longer hold a majority in parliament. special election expecting a landslide. that was not the case. may is scheduled to meet with the queen at 7:30 this morning eastern time. i'm sam sweeney. breaking in and the last 30 minutes, president donald trump ending his twitter hiatus, tweeting for the first time since james comey's hearing. the president says he feels vindicated and called comey a leaker, which comey did say that. adrianna: bombshell information about a reality -- about reality winner. investigators now say they have
6:50 am
georgia home. 'i want torote, burn the white house down." winner was pleaded not guilty and was denied bail. larry: take a look at this scene in ashburn. that's not smoke. it's gas. a construction crew struck a gas line. thosecked for you, closures did clear overnight at washington gas said the situation was quickly brought under control and no one had to be evacuated. tonight the golden state warriors look to close out the nba finals in cleveland. golden state needs one more win to capture their second title in three seasons. the cavaliers hoping to stay alive. no team has come back from a 3-0 deficit to win. theeam has gone 16-0 in playoffs. the warriors trying to do that. tip-off is at 9:00. coverage begins at 8:30 on abc 7 . adrianna: nats
6:51 am
night. the nats had a big first inning. mikmichael taylor gave a double. a 4-0 lead. ross was outstanding. 12 strikeouts. the nats take care of the orioles easily 6-1. and pric bryce harper tore the cover off a ball. in the second inning, he the tore the top off, but it looks way worse than it sounds. that ball only when a couple of feet away from home plate. larry: today, ryan zimmerman will help kick off the d.c. public libraries a summer reading program. he'll visit capital city public charter school. the nationals are deeply rooted in the summer reading program since becoming involved, the number of participants and completion rates have nearly doubled.
6:52 am
with the texas rangers. tonight the first game, first pitch 7:05. a special giveaway for the first 25,000 fans. again?we do it i'm just a big kids. . that's all you need. and good weather, too. perfect night for a game tonight. veronica: absolutely. but then -- these to know, temperatures starting on sunday, does it make you feel uncomfortable when you see it? when you know it is going to be 95? i'll be ath the pool sam: same here. veronica: we are going to be some stories on the heat, early part of next week. here it comes. it is all about hot weather safety. 94 degrees forecasting on sunday.
6:53 am
monday, even tuesday, 95, 96 degrees. the 90's all week next week. today, again, pretty pleasant, sticky for saturday. then uncomfortable conditions for sunday. right now some clouds at the beach. this is from ocean city, maryland. few clouds. the beach area quiet, 58. later today going up to 81. for the weekend, 88 on sunday. but it will be dry. that means higher water temperatures at 65 degrees for this weekend. mainly sunny today. we carry it up to 82. i'll be heading to celebrate fairfax. but the weather for celebrate fairfax celebration going up to 94 on sunday. maybe you want to get there early. things will be wrapping up. we will report live at all of the action-packed days they have planned for you. 94 on sunday. there is the heat. father'
6:54 am
on sunday.for dads could change but as we compare the weekends, this weekend is dry but hot. next weekend, unsubtle. eventful morning for your friday morning commute. let's get you started on what is happening. sky track 7 remains over the accident that closed our inner loop lanes on the capital beltway. we have reopened a few lanes. it looks like we are slowly getting back up to speed. the problem with this is traveling to annandale with his early-morning accident and closure, we are now also dealing with a second collision through annandale on the inner loop. this one is on the express lanes. as we go to one of our traffic cameras, you will see a left lane going to be blocked on the express lanes. as you approach braddock road. we have gridlock through the springfield mixing bowl through and into heading up to merryfield towards interstate 56. want to update you on what
6:55 am
beltway elsewhere. prince george's county not doing too bad after clearing a couple of accidents. but a couple of's stalled cars. new york avenue at north capitol street. we continue to see gridlock traffic in adams morgan. the closure on columbia road continues to tie us up at the intersection with adams mill. follow police direction. adrianna: thank you. happy to have you with us this morning. time now is 6:55. we want to say morning to our pet of the date. -- of the day. here they are enjoying the sunshine. thanks to melissa for the sending the picture. we want to see your pet photos. air.ight see thmem on sam: they are enjoying the nice day. larry: if you do not have your powerball tickets, is not too late. the chance to win $435
6:56 am
million. $273 million cash price. it may not be worth it. the odds of winning the grand prize are one in 292 million. in the words of lloyd christmas, you are saying there is a chance. sam: if we are not here monday, you know what happened. larry: are you ready to do some ginbinge watching? kidd: the new season of oranges the new black. it takes place against the backdrop of a prison riot. 13 episodes take place over three days following the riots. are you excited about this? adrianna: i cannot wait. last season was so good. kidd: i got lost in three and never came back. adrianna: three brought me back, that cliffhanger? kidd: maybe i will have to get back in it. got plenty of t
6:57 am
if you love taylor swift and waking up to good news. at midnight, taylor swift music returned to spot of five. taylor pulled her music from all streaming services in 2014 during the release of her album 1989 saying sites like spot if i do not fairly compensate artists. she said i'm not willing to anture beat my life work to experiment. now her management team is saying this is the same cue to fans after 1989 sold over 10 million copies. this is all business. katy perry's album also drops. we'll have more coming up after 7:00. larry:
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. president trump lashes out at james comey. his first response just moments ago to that dramatic testimony. after the fbi director accused the trump administration of lying. >> those were lies, plain and simple. >> the major questions this morning. did trump obstruct justice? and are there really tapes of their private conversations? >> i've seen the tweet about tapes. lordy, i hope there are tapes. >> where does the russia investigation go next? president trump's former campaign manager here on "gma." breaking news, uk in chaos. the shocking election results just in. prime minister theresa may suffering a huge blow at the polls. now struggling to keep her job and the country together as officials demand she resign. may rushing to meet the queen, the global fallout this morning. caught on


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