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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  June 9, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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we have team coverage. d.c. bureau chief sam ford with update on the officers. michelle: and q mccray with witnesses who saw it all unfold but we begin with sam ford and an update on the injured. sam? sam: yes, one and possibly two d.c. officers remain hospitalized at washington medstar after the driver struck them last night along with a ddot worker around 9:00 in adams morgan. >> two of our four-year veteran police officers and one of our districts, department of transportation control aides was struck as they were doing their job in our community. sam: chief peter newsham came to the kickoff of pride week to give the latest on the two officers and the ddot traffic worker struck by a wild driver last night. the worst reportedly was struck and dragged. >> right now we have an officer in critical but
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condition. so our officer, we are concerned about the prognosis for that particular officer. sam: the worker that did not want to be identified who saw it said the driver was impatient waiting in traffic. swervedded in the oncoming lane and started hitting people. >> ran them over. took him 25 feet up the street. sam: dragged him? >> dragged him up the car. >> under the car? >> on top of the car. sam: the driver stopped only when he hit a trash truck at high speed. the police arrested the driver and passenger at the scene and recovered an assault rifle. a witness took the images. the driver is from prince george's county virginia and was charged with assault and intent to kill and possession of a firearm. the passenger also from prince george's county dwayne taylor with just the firearm charge. >> from what we have seen so far there is no indication this is terrorist related.
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they do it all the time out here. sam: chief newsham said one of the officers was scheduled to be released today. no word if it has happened. the other officer is definitely here in the hospital. the ddot worker was released we understand last night. the suspect, one of them is still hospitalized and the other was scheduled to be arraigned today on firearms charges. reporting live from northeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: wild scene. sam, thank you. adams morgan is a busy neighborhood. 18th street can get packed, especially late at night. so when you hear about a speeding truck it's understandable, it can be impossible to get out of the way. q mccray continues the team coverage with the witnesses describing the terrifying moments. q? q: yeah, we have been out here all day. we spoke to a number of witnesses. many who were yards away from where it happened. this area of 18th street
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the orange market as you are looking -- the orange markings that you are looking at is where the collision happened. there were plenty of witnesses on 18th street northwest last night. this is proof of that. dozens of onlookers in shock, many trying to figure out how it happened. the crushed bicycle, the heavy police presence and the officer under the bus being helped by paramedics. witnesses tell us they heard a big boom and ran to the scene. >> me and the woman in front of me i was taking the order for looked over. we saw him on the floor. >> it was commotion, and mayhem. a lot of businesses locked the front doors so we couldn't get out. q: others stepped outside and even capturing one of the suspects. mormon in cuffs. a horrific seen they won't soon
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won't soon forget. we spoke to a dozen witnesses and you will hear more in the 5:00 hour. i'm q mccray, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. many of you heard about the crash first through a text alert. don't miss breaking news, even when you are away from the television. describe at also developing at this hour, the virginia attorney general's office appealing a federal judge's decision to throw out the two life sentences given to d.c. sniper lee boyd malvo. last month a judge ruled that the life sentence would not stand ruling mandatory life sentences for juveniles are unconstitutional. michelle: today, president trump tweeted he felt vindicated by the testimony of the man he fired. former f.b.i. director james comey. then he faced reporters a short time ago. now it's a matter of who you believe. lindsey mastis at the "live desk" with the news he broke an hour ago. lindsey: president trump received pointed questions
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james comey's testimony including whether he had comey to let the flynn investigation go. here is president trump's response to that and more. president trump: i didn't say that. >> so he lied about that? president trump: well, i didn't say that. i will tell you i didn't say that. >> did he ask you to pledge -- president trump: there would be nothing wrong if i did say according to everybody i read today but i did not say that. >> did he ask for pledge of loyalty from you? >> no. >> he said the things under oath. would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version -- president trump: 100%. i didn't say under oath. i hardly know the man. i'm not going to say i want you to pledge allegiance. who would ask a man to pledge allegiance under oath. think of it. i hardly know the man. it doesn't make sense. i didn't say that. i didn't say the other. >> so if robert mueller wanted to speak to you with that. >> i'd be glad to tell him. >> you seem to hinted there are
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president trump: i'm not hinting anything. i'll tell you about in a short period of time. lindsey: president trump received followup questions about whether there are recordings and he wouldn't answer but at one point he said, "you will be disappointed when you hear the answer." michelle: thank you. president trump's son-in-law and advisor jared kushner will meet with senate intelligence committee staff members in the coming days. at least that is on the schedule. they want to hear about the meetings with the russian ambassador to the u.s. nancy: in indiana today, 12 people accused of submitting fake or fraudulent voter registration applications last year. members of a voter mobilization group now facing criminal charges. if convicted each person faces up to 2 1/2 years in prison. in the meantime, happening now, we are staring down at the first heatwave of the year. a real sweltering weekend you could say. stormwatch7's steve rudin with a first look for us. steve? steve: a little break.
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if you have plans this everything it is fantastic there. a lot of sunshine until 8:30. the temperature right now is 83 at reagan national airport. 80 at dulles. 77 in winchester. the cool spot on the map, oakland, maryland. they are now at 64. show you what is going on with the stormwatch7 satellite and radar, why we have hardly any clouds? high pressure. that is the big dominant forecast feature for several days. for this evening, the temperatures slowly fall to the 70's. if you are going to the baseball game it looks fantastic. a quick look at the temperature trend. a heatwave is on the way with the daytime highs in the middal 90's. heat index values are hotter than that. more on that coming up in a few minutes. michelle: thank you. he is the mayor who broke bad. scott silverthorne, formerly the leader of fairfax busted in a meth-for-sex sting. today, northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg spoke to silverthorne moments after he got to jail. jeff: scott
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smiles and hugs with family and friends moments after being released from the fairfax county jail. >> i want to thank the community for standing by me. it has been incredible. jeff: dozen of supporters many wearing silver bows to support him packed a courtroom for silverthorne's sentencing hearing for a crime committed nearly a yearing a. last july at the crowne plaz, he was busted accused of trading methamphetamine for sex with other men. >> i'm thankful i am alive and for my health. i made some decisions that were in poor judgment. jeff: prior to today's hearing, he had already served three months in jail. the judge sentencing the former mayor with five years with all through three months suspended meaning his time in jail was over. >> at the end of the day i'm on the road to recovery. i feel good about that. >> silverthorne will be on probation for threeea
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community service. coming up at 5:30, why scott silverthorne says he was living a double life. in fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. nancy: chelsea manning speaking out. as bradley manning he was convicted of leaking classified documents. in her first interview manning says she leaked thousands of documents to wikileaks because she started to see it differently. >> get the information. death, destruction, mayhem and i stopped seeing statistics and the information and i started to see people. it's not as simple as good guys versus bad guys. it's a mess. nancy: manning's 35-year sentence was the longest in history for a leaker. five months ago president obama commuted her sentence. next at 4:00, a warning from the park police about the reflecting pool on the naon
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killing the ducks there. michelle: also this -- not in my house. the new internet star for how she handled an unwelcome guest. >> we are live at the fairfax county government center where celebrate fairfax kicks off tonight. we'll preview the stages, the activities, the food and the fun that you can partake in all weekend long as "abc7 news at 4:00" continues after this. >> thousands descend on the nation's capital for a fired up pride weekend. the story in a moment.
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shington the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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nancy: capital pride is underway. busy weekend in the district. michelle: that is one of many events taking place. stephen tschida has a look at what is ahead for the busy weekend. stephen? stephen: boy, there is a lot ahead for this weekend. the city is so fired up for pride. check out the crosswalk? colors of the rainbow over there. if you look around the city, everywhere you look you will see something like what we have behind me. the rainbow banners hanging off of the buildings and up an
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a lot of people are more politically motivated than in years past. gay pride is about celebration. this year some who came to washington this weekend say there is something else motivating them. the organizers expect the weekend to take a more serious and a political turn sunday because of donald trump. >> i just came from seeing the constitution. to think that that man is supposed to uphold all the principles. he has no clue. stephen: we are in the capital, deep blue country. everyone with whom we spoke today was a deep blue thinker. pretty hard to see p
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this event now. if you want to watch the parade, both of the parades, keep in mind they will be on our facebook page, and you can tune in and watch them as well on newschannel8. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. nancy: we will be there. thank you very much. right now some of the crosswalks in d.c. are already covered with pride. stephen showed us some of them. a closer look at the gay community leaders join mayor bowser this morning at 17th northwest to paint a crosswalk the colors of the rainbow. it will coincide with the d.c. pride week, of course. after president trump did not declare june lgbt pride month. bowser says that, however, does not affect how d.c. feels about the gay community. mayor bowser: we know a lot changed on election day last year, didn't it? i know what didn't change. that's us. that is our commitment to the values that make us inclusive and
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nancy: tomorrow all the crosswalks of 17th street will be painted with the colors of the rainbow. from our street to p street -- from r street to p street. michelle: newschannel8 are proud upon sors so this year's parade -- sponsors of this year's parade. we will carry it live and stream it on catch the festivities at 4:30 p.m. on saturday. on sunday we are airing the equality march. that is on newschannel8 from 11:00 in the morning until 2:00 p.m. now to a "7 on your side" consumer alert. recalled birth control. mibella 24 fe products have been recalled because placebos are packaged as the active pills. the first four days of tablets are the wrong pills. go to to see which set of the pills are being recalled. we posted all that information on the website. nancy: another sign of struggling department stores. the owner
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taylor are cutting jobs. 600 people are being let go. oh, dear! yep. that is a doe leaping through a store window. poor guy. once in he slipped on the floor for a while but got out. the only damage was to that window. i mean he looks pretty scared just going through the store trying to find his way out. michelle: supermarket sweep. running through the aisles there. nancy: trying to get as many deals as possible as fast as he can. michelle: tough spill. [screaming] michelle: we don't know what she is saying but look at what she is doing. there is nothing this mom can't do. nancy: my gosh. michelle: this north carolina mom proved it. look at sunshine mccurry taking on a more than five-foot snake that she found slithering in her kitchen. all she needed was a pillow case and toughness. the feat went viral on social
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media. she lives near a creek and raises chickens so this isn't her first encounter with snakes but she took it on. nancy: girl power! michelle: yeah! she is very passionate. nancy: all right. meantime here at home, celebrate fairfax now getting underway. michelle: a big concert tonight. the festival is at the fairfax county government center on government center parkway. that is where we find brian van de graaff. he is there for us tonight. what time does it start? >> the concert starts tonight. the headliner is bush. take us back to the '90's when i was in college. the festival doesn't kick off until 6:00 so we are meandering through to find folks. one of the folks we ran into is john wood from 29 diner. good to see you here. 29 diner, an historic diner if you don't know on 29 in fairfax. you will be celebrating how many years? >> 70
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since 1947. the 29 diner has been in the city of fairfax. we are honored we are celebrating 70 years in july. next month. brianne: all right. not only are they out -- brian: you are out here for food and a good cause. tell me about first person. you are helping bring in kids, disadvantaged kids from the community. we have tickets for them. you are doing something for veterans. talk about that. >> absolutely. we have the suicide prevention campaign with the american foundation for suicide prevention. we are out in the community looking for folks to join the walk out of darkest in, which is in september -- darkness, which is in september. community awareness to prevent suicide with the american foundation of suicide prevention. brian: awesome stuff. what is your food here? diner food. when love it. i have been here many times. what are you serving at the fair? dine food is not fair festival food, is it? >> well, it all depends. we have our dry rub hickory smoked barbecue
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beef brisket, pulled pork, the whole shooting match. collard greens, mac 'n' cheese and all the goods. 29 diner brought out the hand-crafted hickory smoke barbecue to celebrate fairfax. brian: that is just one of the many things going on out here. music, food and everyone drinking. there is a craft beer festival we talk about coming up for sunday. if you get tickets ahead of time you can get in with a discount. we will get the folks here to open up the rides. maybe let us take a try. maybe my photographer ron hopkins and i can do the ferris wheel next time we see you. not too crazy. not too craze. but it's getting ready, getting geared up. we are here, not just us but all of your friends in abc7 and newschannel8. nancy: i don't think he knew it. michelle: the camera said no. you might be on your own. brian: i want to see the salt and the pepper shaker. michelle: we will see how that goes. >> they talk about the food
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nancy: barbecue and the fixins. steve: the weather is awesome this evening to kick it off. we will crank up the heat moving in the weekend. this everything if you are going to celebrate fairfax, if you get out there early, you can meet brian. 81 degrees at 6:00. 75 by 9:00 p.m. by midnight it's still open around 70 degrees. a lot to do out there. a lot to do around the d.m.v. this weekend. forecast for the overnight, 58 to 64 degrees. mainly clear skies. comfortable out there. low humidity. winds out of the southwest at 3 to 5 miles per hour. tomorrow morning light jacket if you get up early to walk your dog and go exercise. upper 50's to low 60's. the temperatures won't stay there long. if you are a late riser, going to a farmer's market at 9:00 or 10:00, the temperatures will be in the 70's. here is our future cast. 7:30 in the morning. a lot of sunshine out there.
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county, frederick county. once again it will stay dry. later in the afternoon we may see a few showers, sprinkles. isolated thunderstorm pop-up. limited to a to a 30% chance. most of you will not see anything at all tomorrow. but just be forewarned north of d.c. a few showers may pop up in the pride parade. be on the lookout for that. highs tomorrow are 86 to 87. it's cranking up the heat bit by bit each day. sunday we turn up the heat here. pool outlook around 95 degrees on sunday. added humidity. heat index value in upper 90's. don't forget about the capital pride parade tomorrow at 4:30. dupont and logan circle. a lot of fun. temperatures will be in the middle to upper 80's. it will move out of the coast. winds turn out of the south/southwest to bring us highs in the 90's.
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there is record challenging heat monday and tuesday. upper 80's for thursday and friday. looking ahead to father's day weekend. next weekend, temperatures are in the middle 80's. ideal picnic weather but we can't rule out a chance for thunderstorms. michelle? michelle: thanks. coming up -- >> i'm thankful someone helped me. michelle: next at 4:00, it wasn't oprah but a police department giving the woman a new car. taking community policing to the next level. nancy: still ahead, this x-ray shows a b.b. lodged in a 5-year-old's brain. amazingly he is okay. doctors are explaining just how close a call i introducing the italian collection from subway. head in now to grab the five dollar footlong spicy italian. loaded with salami and pepperoni.
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nancy: welcome back. the leesburg police department recent facebook post getting attention. they gave a single mother keys to a honda accord. anna-lysa gayle talked to her about the gift she is calling a blessing. >> i'm thankful someone helped me. >> over the year, the single mom of five tomeika nibblins has been without a car and since february she has been without a home. she is currently living in a hotel. >> no one is immune to the trial and tribulations of life. anna-lysa: now she has less to
4:27 pm
leesburg police department and the dealership. several officers arranged for the dealership to donate the 2004 honda accord. >> i'm glad we could make it happy for her. >> i love them. i told them all that. >> she had been going through a rough patch ever since her 4-year-old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. they were found in 2015. they said he had a to% chance to live. >> the car will be helpful for bringing him back and forth to his doctor's visit. >> his hospital is an hour away. can you imagine not having a car and having to worry about appointments? >> nibblins said the car is a reminder having faith pays off. >> all my friends ask me, i don't think i would have made it with my kid having brain cancer. i told them it was only god's grace that carried me through every day. >> anna-lysa gayle, abc7 news. michelle: a wonderful story all around. nancy: next at
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. nancy: welcome back. 4:30 on friday. we have news for you. we are looking at a heatwave. steve: we are but it hasn't started yet. no one needs to freak out and say there is a heatwave this second. it will gradually build. tomorrow we have warmer temperatures. sunday it will become noticeable to monday and tuesday. meantime tonight it looks fantastic. baseball game weather. nancy: enjoy it! steve: have you been to the baseball game yet? nancy: i need to go. >> it's a fun park to go to. 74 in the seventh inning and 73 by the time you head home. then you can turn it on abc7 because it's the end of the basketball game and you can catch our full newscast. nancy: i like you are always talking about our next
4:32 pm
newscast. steve: if you have anywhere to go, it is fantastic out there. a lot of sunshine. comfortably warm. humidity levels are low. there is nothing going on out there now. i don't expect to see anything as we move through the overnight hours. the forecast temperatures as we move through the early everything hours to the overnight. slowly falling through the lower 80's. the 70's. by 2:00 a.m. for those who get home really late the temperatures around 67 degrees. the skies are mainly clear. the strawberry full moon is tonight. there is excellent viewing for that. the heatwave is on the way tomorrow. noticeable for sunday. the temperatures are in the middle 90's. 95 to 97 for the highs. the heat index value is close to 100. we could see a few heat
4:33 pm
advisories. talk more about the ten-day outlook. we'll rejoin brian van de graaff in a few minutes. michelle: thank you. bill cosby is back in court after a week's full of testimony comes to a close. we have the developments from inside the pennsylvania courtroom. >> comedian bill cosby said he will not take the stand in his own defense in the criminal trial. they red excerpts of the previous testimony and in it he describes phone calls with andrea constand and her mother. "i was thinking and praying i'm not being recorded," he said. "can mother is coming at me for being a dirty old man." in the phone calls, the mother asked cosby what was in the pills he gave her daughter and the comedian refused to answer saying he would send them in the mail but never did. he said he apologized to the women a year after constand
4:34 pm
assaulted her. "i'm apologizing because i'm thinking this is a dirty old man with a young girl." prosecutors are trying to explain constand's initial problems recalling the dates and events around the to 04 sex awault. putting a doctor on the stand that testify sexual assault victims especially those attacked by someone they know and trust often express confusion over the details and don't immediately report it to the police. what is more telling is the fact that cosby's wife of more than 50 years has not been in the courtroom to support him. >> it would give the impression that camille cosby does not believe her husband. and she is angry over this felony prosecution. >> scott goldberg, abc news, new york. michelle: terrible scene in georgia. bus carrying high school students on the way to the airport kicked over killing a student.
4:35 pm
21 others were injured in the crash including ten on the bus. none of them are considered life threatening. nancy: [audio interruption] this is as the protests grow for her to walk away from the top local spot in the u.k. may has aligned with the smaller parliaments to give her a ruling majority as the minister. but the big surprise is the resurgence of the labor party. michelle: spain giving the highest civilian honor of the man that fought back against the men behind the deadly london attack. nancy: witnesses say he used a skateboard against the attackers trying to save a young woman. he was killed with seven others. granting the grand cross of the order of civil merit. michelle: this is the first time the f.d.a. asked
4:36 pm
removal of opioid painkiller from the market. stepping in to try to stop abuse targeting a major pharmaceutical company. they want endo pharmaceuticals to stop selling the painkiller and they blame the abuse of the drug on the 2015 outbreak of hiv and hepatitis c in indiana. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- nancy: that x-ray, the spot in 5-year-old's brain is a b.b. michelle: lodged in there. >> all you hear was pop. >> firecracker. >> the kid amazingly did fine but you won't believe how close the fraction of an inch away from tragedy this was. nancy: still ahead, our rising star return game. overcoming a devastating diagnosis. kidd o'shea has a first look of what is coming up on "good morning washington." that is on monday. kidd: hey, guys. monday on "good morning washington," is your man in th
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what you need to know to help him stay on top of his health to keep him fit and thriving. >> plus, ladies a chance to get answers to the super tough questions you always wanted to ask your guy. >> stay with us for traffic and w
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michelle: this is great video. nancy: an oklahoma man likes to use bowling balling. michelle: a lot of them. there are 3100 of them. that is why people call chris barbie the bowling ball man. he uses different balls to create unique props. >> if they want to take pictures, a lot of people do. i will hear it go off. i will know somebody is here and where they are. nancy: like a doorbell. michelle: those are a couple of his bowling ball creations. right now barbie is searching for any basketball hoops to help him build a rocket. i can't wait for the follow-up. nancy: i'm from oklahoma, this is what we do in oklahoma. michelle: this is so unusual. he has a lot of yard space. that makes sense. we want to draw your attention to this. look at the x-ray. that spot is in a young
4:41 pm
brain. nancy: the boy is okay. but the thing is another millimeter and he could have died. that is according to the doctors in indianapolis. according to the mother the family was together when the bullet came out of nowhere. >> all you heard was a pop. sounded like a firecracker. looked around and he started screaming. the b.b. there. nancy: the doctors expect him to make a full recovery. young teen was arrested after the shooting with the b.b. now he faces several charges. michelle: glad he will be okay. ahead on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- our rising star back on the court after a battle for his life. >> why was it me? why was i the chosen one to go through this? >> the diagnosis that nearly derailed his tennis dominance and his return game next. brian: brian van de graaff live at the fairfax county
4:42 pm
celebrate fairfax. we talk about the things you can check out this weekend. one is our own storm track 7. climb all around check out the instruments and also meet some of your favorite friends from abc7 and newschannel8. we will tell you more on the
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michelle: the reflecting pool by the lincoln memorial will be drained this weekend. nancy: a parasite is deadly to ducks. brianne carter on the mall right now. you have been reporting that the water has also been treated here? brianne: it has but not enough to rid the problem for good. so the national park service says they will have to drain it. the water here behind me may look normal like on any other day but there is a problem lurking here in the water in the reflecting pool. the national park service says between may 20-21, 80 ducks were found dead in the reflecting pool. tests showed a water borne parasite was the cause. now they have to drain it thoroughly, clean it and refill it. a prose that will take about -- a total process that will take a week. folks are not
4:46 pm
in the water but the park service is warning folks that come in contact with the water they could develop a rash. known as swimmer's itch. officials say the risk to the public is very, very low. >> the parasites that affect the ducks don't live in humans. only thing people could get is a mild rash. brianne: back behind us there are ducks in the water. the reason that the national park service believes they will be okay and any new ducks who come in contact with the water drained on sunday, we have more at 5:00. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. nancy: let's go live to larry smith at the "live desk" to get a look at what is coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00". larry: good to see you. business slow for d.c. native tour business but it changed yesterday with the coverage of comey's testimony. that is coming
4:47 pm
and a working woman taking care of a special group of kids on their special day. that and much coming up at 5:00, when alison and i join you in studio. michelle: a tennis prodigy returns to the court of after winning a much different fight. scottscott abraham explains. >> climbing the rankings. >> top 30 for boys 14 and under and top 15 for boys 12 and under. scott: that changed in 2014 when the doctors found a cancerous brain tumor. >> why was it me? why was i the chosen one to go through it? steve: the sophomore began a battle different than one on the tennis court. nine months of chemo and radiation, he took it head on using the playing days as a catalyst. >> the thought of me playing before treatment started on the tennis court and uh-oh i was playing at high level, really motivated me to
4:48 pm
harder throughout my treatment. scott: he worked his way back to the tennis court. his endurance and the agility coming back. his journey has had an impact on his life and he hopes to pay it forward and get in the medical field himself. >> i want to do something along the lines of medicine and giving back to the community of what they have done for me. do things for kids like me who are going through the same thing i went through. >> right now he might be a shadow of himself on the court, but that won't last for long. he is getting better if day. >> i could be the one challenge i did before. the challenge on the tennis court and a challenge to face and i can do it, too. >> one step at a time remembering where it started. i'm scott abraham. with our rising star. nancy: a great attitude. taylor swi
4:49 pm
she pulled her music from the streaming service three years ago because it wasn't paying enough but swift's management team made the announcement online saying it will stream on title, pandora and amazon music. apple is the loser in this. they are no longer exclusively carrying swift. michelle: the powerball jackpot is $435 million. that is a lot of money. the 8th largest jackpot ever. if you take it once it is only $273 million. but i think we could get by on that. there is 1 in 92 million when it comes to winning. nancy: so you are saying there's a chance? we have our office pool going. so we see if we will show up on monday. michelle: i don't know how the station would operate. nancy: fingers crossed. go back out to brian van de graaff now. michelle: he won the lotto with t
4:50 pm
we count down to celebrate fairfax. >> yeah. the doors opening. if we don't win, ladies, we are still rich with love. i want to talk about this. set up on the main strip. we are putting out the goodies and the swag that you can pick up when you say hi tonight and all weekend long. next to us we have off-leash. my buddies we met that are the tent mates. what is your name? >> danny. >> you are? >> tank mosley. brian: tank. what are you promoting? >> we are promoting the business. we specialize in the offlash reliable obedience, protection training, detection and tracking. brian: you work with dogs of all sizes? >> any age, size or breed. >> this is teddy. 8 months
4:51 pm
he is a 2-year-old english mastiff. >> i think watson's head is bigger than mine. you can meet them. they are next to us at the newschannel8 booth. take a look at the forecast for the weekend. we have pretty good weather headed our way. plenty of sunshine upcoming weekend heading to the next couple of days. the fairfax fair tonight -- the celebrate fairfax rather temperatures drop from 80's to 70's so they will drop back in the evening and be comfortable in the 70's. maybe 60's before it's all done tonight. this might be a good weekend to hit the pool. you can take a dip. capital pride kicks off tomorrow between 4:30 and:30. weather wise we are
4:52 pm
dry and hot this week. if you want to meet steve rudin, he is also fun to meet in person, he is live at the pride parade tomorrow. meet him and others from the abc7/newschannel8 family. we are all over the d.m.v. all weekend long. brian: i want to meet teddy. nancy: thank you. as brian mentioned this is not just celebrate fairfax but pride weekend also happening. michelle: eventses across town, 5k parade and march which means street closures. julie wright has traffic watch. julie: we have a lot going on this weekend you need to keep in mind. starting off with the capital pride parade. everyone is showing colors tomorrow. street closures go into effect at 1:00 until 7:30 tomorrow
4:53 pm
street. making its way to dupont circle and r street. then on 17th. south to p street. ending up around 14th to t street. but earlier the purple stripe 5k walk/run at 8:00 across the mall from 12th street to third street north west. also some additional closures between independence avenue and estreet in southwest. of course, on sunday, the equality march for unity and pride. 17th street along constitution avenue, closures there and pennsylvania avenue. 15th street and constitution avenue. have a great weekend, everybody. back to you. michelle: all right. a remindser tonight the golden state warriors look to close out the nba finals in cleveland. warriors can complete the sweep to capture their second championship in three seasons. it would clinch a perfect undefeated run through the playoffs. no team in nba history has come back there the deficit to win it all.
4:54 pm
9:00 on abc7. nancy: looking forward to it. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- yard sales season. ten items to avoid the best deals you might find next.
4:55 pm
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4:57 pm
michelle: planning to hit a yard sale this weekend? don't go before you see this. consumer reporter john matarese shows us dangerous items to avoid so you don't waste your money. john: june is the time of year many people throw a yard sale to clear out old junk and the time we shop garage sales. but some finds are no bargain at all. we dream of a great garage sale find. old silver tea set or a vintage oil lamp for a couple of bucks. >> you can always make an offer. john: "reader's digest" maggie: says beware. some of the deals you found could jeopardize your family safety and released a list of things to never buy at a garage sale. among them bicycle helmets, child car seats, tires. in all three cases they could be damage and unsafe. beds, think bed bugs. cribs too, many recalled. shoes, poor fitting. hats, no one washes hats. swimsuitsec
4:58 pm
buying used underwear. from the doesn't that stink file two electronics to avoid buying at yard sale laptop unless it's almost free. all old laptops have been banged up or dropped. when it won't work you'll say "doesn't that stink?" about l.c.d. and l.e.d. tv's unless it's a giveaway. fixing one can cost more than a new one. if it's a safety related item don't buy it used period. like buying a seat belt out of a wrecked car. don't risk it and don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. larry: coming up at 5:00, a stunner in the rose garden. there is an answer to the question -- >> are there tapes, sir? larry: it comes with a promise. also -- >> nobody knew. i lived a double life. larry: disgraced mayor back in the headlines and why he is now a free man. ocean city, a topless beach? new directive for police and concern for
4:59 pm
>> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: it was a horrific night in d.c.'s adams morgan neighborhood. today, terror was ruled out. larry: two d.c. police officers and a d.d.o.t. employee sent to the hospital. the two suspects in the pickup that rammed them now in custody. we have team coverage beginning with sam ford live outside medstar hospital in northwest. what is the latest on the officers, sam? sam: well, larry and alison. i'm outside of medstar where one of the officers is in the hospital. critical condition. the other officer has been released. the third person, ddot worker hit released last night. they were all hit by a white pickup truck that was driving like crazy last night. in adams morgan. >> the markings today on 18th street represent a wild incident in which two men from prince george's county virginia came to ada
5:00 pm
last night. apparently grew tired of waiting in traffic and sped in the oncoming lane. hitting two bicycle officers and a ddot traffic worker before crashing into a trash truck. chief newsham said both were injured, one critically and the suspect had a gun in the pickup truck. >> we have an officer in critical but stable condition. the officer, we are concerned about the prognosis for that particular officer. sam: the other officer is expected to be released. the ddot worker released last night. >> traffic control officer. been with the agency for five years. she is part of the nightlife task force. sam: a witness took the picture after the crash. the driver of the striking pickup truck is identified as brandon figure-mormon. the passenger dwayne taylor. figure-mormon is still hospitalized. taylor is expected to be arraigned today. >> we have done interviews and


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