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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 9, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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another driver struck by the driver they thought would be released today. people who witnessed what happened said it was incredible. >> i couldn't believe what i was seeing. i thought it was from a tv show. >> this man didn't want to be identified but saw it all last night. a pickup truck driver grew tired of waiting in traffic and sped out of his way to on coming lane. carrying the officer on the hood before he fell off. then it spun in the intersection into a trash truck. >> right now we have an officer in critical but stable condition. >> the other officer due to be
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last night. they also found a weapon in the truck. >> we recovered an assault rifle in car. they are illegal in washington, d.c. >> a witness took the pictures. driver is identified as brandon figure-mormon of prince george's county, virginia, charged with assault with intent to kill three people and having assault rifle. he's hospitalized. they crashed in fronted of brian weaver's home. >> a maniac. didn't have time to wait for traffic to move faster so he jumped around in the opposite lane of traffic and struck the people. >> we told you the driver is in the hospital facing charges and the passenger identified as duane
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george's county, virginia, charged with a weapons charge. he went to the court and the attorney general that prosecutes the cases in d.c. no paper the case. so that means they drop the charges. the explanation was after reviewing the evidence it i lechted not to charge duane taylor. i'm sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. get alert anytime news breaks like what happened last night. go to to sign up to have alerts sent to your phone. michelle: new fallout tonight. alison: after holding his tong for 24 hours president trump is lashing out calling comey a leaker and a liar. the president emphasized he never asked for a loyalty pledge. and never asked comey to drop the investigation into michael flynn. >> so he said those things under oath. would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version? >> 100%. i didn't say
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i hardly know the man. i'm not going to say i want you the penal a -- pledge allegiance. who would do that? i hardly know the man. >> president trump was coy on whether tapes exist of his conversation with comey. he twice said he will reveal the answer to that soon. but he never gave an exact time frame. michelle: just in tonight a scare at the prince william county public school after a mountained lion was spotted nearby. seen near chris young elementary school this afternoon. skytrak7 over the scene a short time ago. school leaders say they secured the children inside until they could be picked up. in hours the lincoln remoral reflecting pool will be drained after pair site was -- parasite was found aimed to kill 80 ducklings. we are told it
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rash for humans but only if they had a lot of contact with the water and that is unlikely at the reflecting pool. alison: by sunday we will really feel the heat. we are on the verge of the first heatwave of the season. not there yet. brian van de graaff joins us live from celebrate fairfax. how does it feel out there tonight? >> it feels good. you will feel the heat for sure. the temperatures bubble in 90's. there is beautiful sunshine. hydrate, the sun tan lotion. don't overexert yourself. look at this. the booth in full force. johnny gonzalez is with us. josh knight. the crowds are lined up to spin the prize wheel. all kind of swag to win. what do you want to win? >> a mug. >> she wants a mug. let's see. we're waiting, we're waiting. it's stopping. one of m
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meteorologist there. oh! she won a cell phone cleaning cloth. still just as good. bush takes the stage at 8:00. this happens all weekend long. we'll have the weekend forecast but tonight is a fantastic evening to be outdoors. that is the latest. back to you. alison: michelle thinks you should give her a kiss anyway. michelle: just for playing. nancy: all right. having too much fun. thank you. the capital is colorful right now in honor of gay pride weekend and equality marge for unity. the district is covered in rainbows. >> but the events are taking on a more serious tone. stephen tschida with the story. >> even the crosswalks have pride. or the colors of the rainbow flag. thousands descended on washington to participate in
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>> people are super excited. pride is an opportunity to live authentic self. live proud, live true. >> this year the celebration and the concert will provide entertainment. but some say there is an undercurrent of anxiety and they site the trump administration and the stand on gay rights. >> we are realizing that a lot of the gains we made are not permanent if we don't fight for them. >> saturday will see pride sunday, another march. this one is more politically charged. >> it's important to come out and celebrate diversity. >> this this political election cycle why aren't we marching again? >> a lot of people came here out of political motivation. this is a weekend of fun,
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the festival and everyone miley cyrus. michelle: abc7 and newschannel8 are proud sponsors of the parade. we will carry it live and stream it on catch all the festivities at 4:30 p.m. on saturday. sunday we are also airing the equality march. on newschannel8. from 11:00 in the morning until 2:00 p.m. >> the beach season underway. one woman is starting a battle to go bare chested. her reasonings and how ocean city is responding. michelle: new video of the moments after a crash that killed five people. the punishment for the man behind the wheel who fled justice once already. coming up at "abc7 news at
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the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second.
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and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. alison: kelly was speeding and driving drunk when he crashed in a car stopped at a traffic light in oxon hill in 2014. police dash cam video shows the scene where five people died including two children. michelle: the former mayor of fairfax city is now out of jail after s
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to sell method in exchange for sex. a judge sentenced richard scott silverthorne to five years but suspended everything except for what he already served. last august he was arrested for trying to sell meth for sex to an undercover cop. something he calls a wakeup call. >> nobody knew. nobody. people might have suspected but nobody knew. i lived a double life. secret life. michelle: silverthorne will spend time with family and friends but in the future wants to help less fortunate inmates get help. michelle: virginia's attorney general is appealing a judge's decision to throw out convicted sniper lee boyd malvo two life sentences. alison: malvo, the judge said, is entitled to new sentencing hearing because the supreme court rumed mandatory life sentences for juveniles are unconstitutional.
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it only achingses his sentence not the conviction for the beltway sniper shootings which happened when he was 17. still to come, bare chested beach bathing to ocean city. michelle: caught on video. gunshots ring out and kick off an hour long standoff. look at how the police responded next at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. michelle: mattic video shows the beginning of an intense standoff with police and a man with a gun in ohio. >> shots fired. michelle: more than a dozen shots rang out when they arrived at the house. they were called when a man saw a guy in street with a gun yelling about killing demons. here is what happened next. >> what is wrong with you? >> you are not permitted to come on the property. >> we're not coming on the property. >> you are on my property. >> i am not on your property. >> sir, put the gun down before you get killed.
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you are going to die. >> nobody wants to die here. >> you will die. michelle: after all of that officers pull back and call in the s.w.a.t. team. after a five-hour standoff the man was arrested with no one being hurt. >> now we turn to the health matters for you. birth control pill that might not work. f.d.a. issued stationwide recall. the problem with mibelas 24 f.e. product. not the pills are inpected but they were packaged wrong so the first four days of pills are placebos. we are more information at michelle: take a look at this video from north carolina. this is a mom who knows no near. here is why. she found a five-foot snake slithering through the living room.
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she grabs it with a pillow case and pounces. in 30 seconds she has the reptile tied up ready to get out of the house. a tough momma. let it go in a nearby creek. nancy: can you believe that? michelle: no. i don't know what i would do. nancy: would you be that calm? >> i'd call her. from north carolina. nancy: more animal hijinks. alison: this deer jumps through the store window and sends glass everywhere. and does laps around the floor. slipping and sliding like on a frozen pond. in a minute after a couple of bumps it pushes it open and runs off. back locally, beach season is kicking off with a big buzz at a local beach. that is after they said the lifeguards wouldn't stop women
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brad bell found the issue is far from settled. brad: a bathing suit battle on the beachment one side an activist for female bare chestedness. whose reading of the law prompted supporters of the law. >> i think it's great. >> we should be fine to show each other's bodies. >> others say women should keep tops on. >> i wouldn't want to see it. >> those that wish to go in that direction. we hope they would go elsewhere. >> that is the mayor. he says the police will enforce beach standards on a case-by-case basis. he is waiting for a ruling from the attorney general. he wants to make his opinion clear. >> ocean city
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beach. we don't plan to become a topless beach. we'll do everything in our power to prevent it. brad: in the walk on the beach today i got to tell you we did not see any toplessness. according to the beach patrol it's a rare occurrence. the mayor wants to keep it that way and eager to get the attorney general's opinion. it's a work in progress. brad bell, abc7 news. nancy: nice of brad to check for us. big step for him. michelle: beautiful day out there. steve: this is the weekend to stay in town. it will heat up a lot but the beach forecast isn't much better. the temperatures are in the 80's. wear what you wish! all right. let's talk what is going on out there. the sun will be up for two hours. beautiful evening. if you have plans out
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humidity levels and the warm temperatures. big changes on the way. we hit 84 at reagannable arch. the record was 102 not too long ago. 2011. that was the summer where it did not let up. 80 it a dulles. 81 in fredericksburg. show you the stormwatch7 satellite and radar. not a lot going on. mainly clear skies for the overnight. we will see the clouds wigle in across western maryland. the temperature trends fall in 60's. upper 50's for the northern and the suburbs. waking up is a cool start to the day. temperatures in the upper 50's to the lower to the middle 60's. by 9:00 or 10:00 we warm up well to the 70's. and well to the middle to
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added clouds in the afternoon. may squeeze in isolated shower or isolated thunderstorm. but i don't foresee it becoming a problem. the capital pride parade tomorrow at 4:30. temperatures from 85 to 87. start of the parade. dupont, logan circle and a lot of fun out there. we'll be there. abc7 with a fun group of my colleagues. hope to see you. celebrate fairfax this everything is 75 tonight. midnight is around 70. high pressure will move off the coast and signal a big-time warm up. so next week monday and tuesday with temperatures in the middle 90's. the heat index values are close to 100. wouldn't be surprised to see heat advisory for the
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after a hot start to the weekend we cool down toward the middle of next week. flag day 90 on wednesday. upper 80's thursday and friday. the following weekend father's day weekend. temperatures in the middle 80s and a chance for a few thunderstorms. "abc7 news at 6:00" continues after this. vo: delivering cleaner, reliable energy... creating jobs for our veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy
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erin: the golden state warriors have a chance to sweep the cleveland cavaliers tonight. i know. i remember last season. the cavs became the first team in nba history to come back from a 3-1 finals deficit against the warriors. by out wasn't this same -- it wasn't this same team. this golden state team has kevin durant and won 30 of the past 31 games. >> right now we are 40 minutes away from realizing our goal. who cares how we got there? or the unblemished record. >> we are a confident group. we are not guaranteeing four victories in a row but we will come out and play hard and go to the next game. >> nationals fist baseman zimmerman is having a comeback season of the ages. the rejuvenated 32-year-old is healthy which is a major key. his start to the season has
6:26 pm
major league baseball for batting average and he just took over the lead among first basemen in all-star voting. but he is always ready to deflect the attention away from himself. >> most importantly the team off to a good start this year. there is a ways to go. a ways to go as a team. i have a ways to go individually. it is nice to be off to a good start. that is all it is. a good start. erin: we'll take it. you can watch tonight's game four of the nba finals on abc7. tip-off at 9:00. coverage at 8:30. i think warriors. >> i want cleveland to win. i want to stay up late on monday night. >> we want good weather this weekend. >> nice. hotter
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nendorses dr. wralph northam. mr. northam uld make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way.
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the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really
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for everyone. tonight, president trump hits back, taking on james comey. >> no collusion, no obstruction, he's a leaker. >> the president saying the ex-fbi director lied under oath, denying he asked comey for loyalty. and now offering to testify himself. as our reporter, asking the question everyone wants to know. >> when will you tell us about the recordings? highway standoff. the high-speed chase involving an 18-wheeler, up to 100 miles per hour. the heavily-armed standoff shutting down an interstate. workplace rampage. the supermarket employee locking the doors of the store then killing three of his co-workers. the abc news exclusive. chelsea manning's first tv interview since her release from military prison. convicted for the largest leak


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