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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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horace: coming up, the capital pride parade, celebrate fairfax, and the nationals. and this just in -- the man behind the wheel of the truck that hit two d.c. police officers and a ddot employee appears in court. london couldror in have been so much worse. disturbing new details about the attackers plans. >> now, abc seven news at 6:00, on your side. horace: we start tonight with an update on the d.c. police officer and ddot employee hit by a truck in adams morgan thurs
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appearance in court today, is charged with assault with intent to kill an activity that assault. he is being held in jail until a preliminary hearing june 20. safety first a big theme during the pride weekend, parts of the district raped in rainbows to celebrate, -- parts of the district draped in rainbows to celebrate. all7 and new channel 8 are proud sponsors of the parade. this year's parade includes more than 180 floats and vehicles and thousands of participants. people we talked to said celebrate pride is more important than ever since the trump administration has not recognize june as pride month. just oneride parade is of many events happening outdoors as we crank up the heat, but that is not keeping crow
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the celebrate fairfax festival with more. yeah, you could not ask for a better day out here. there is a lot going on, and we had so much fun bouncing around from events. we got here to the celebrate fairfax festival a few hours ago and noticed a lot of people heading over to the fairfax water park. on a day like today, staying hydrated is the name of the game. sunshine and plenty of sunscreen. the 36th annual celebrate fairfax festival is attracting crowds, but people are finding creative ways to keep cool. >> it is definitely hot, you can definitely feel the burn. sunscreen is important. ryan: the heat is not keeping kids off the rides or their parents from digging into the delicious food. >> the breeze feels good.
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ryan: and before the capital pride parade kicked off from dupont circle, we caught sheer d.c. warming up -- we caught cheer d.c. warming up. all of the work will definitely break a sweat. waterl have people with and ice, making sure we are hydrated and ok on the parade route. ryan: man's best friend also needed water at the stadium for pups at the park. the nationals and rangers goalie next innings in a game that started at noon. >> don't go anywhere without water. >> it is a perfect day for a baseball game. we are excited to be here falls more excited to see all of these dogs here. ryan: back live, a steady flow of water leaving the tent. earlier today, the crowds were not as big, but organizers say they are expecting more people as the evening goes on.
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is expected to take the stage later tonight, expected to be a big show. there is a lot more fun to be had tomorrow. live in fairfax county, ryan hughes, abc 7 news. horace: we definitely got a taste of the summer weather, two weeks before the first official start to the summer. meteorologist josh knight has the first look at the forecast. happy summer, josh. lot: pretty much, horace, a of places it into the upper 80's, well above average. stunning tomorrow was when we work our way into the 90's. nats park, 87 degrees. after a few clouds this money come really turned into a sunny day pretty much the rest of the afternoon. this is all thanks to the high pressure taking over for us, but it's the same high pressure that is really going to start to pump in the heat tomorrow and then the humidity picks up as well. today was hot, but not too muggy.
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at the southwesterly breeze for just about everybody. 88 degrees fredericksburg, leesburg, 90 frederick ,d.c. 85 degrees. we stay very mild the rest of the evening. the temperatures go from about 85 at 7:00 to the mid-70's closer to midnight. tomorrow morning, a lot of us in the 70's. these numbers are probably the more important ones. the next three days, 94, 95, 96 by tuesday, all the while the community going up. the timingthat and of that and what it means for weekend plans going to the nats game. it will be hot. horace? horace: josh, thanks. watch the weather wall you are out and about by downloading the stormwatch app. it's available in google play and the apple store. breaking news from
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brussels -- a car hit pedestrians outside of amsterdam's main train station. eight people were injured, two seriously. driver is in custody. the police say there was no indication this was an extremist or terror attack. londoners being urged to go out and enjoy the sydney tonight one week after the terror on the london bridge and park. this as we learn about new arrests and disturbing new details about how the three terrorists planned more carnage. last week's attack could have been much worse. reporter: new evidence a could have been so much worse, photos from the investigation into last weekend's london terror attack. first, one of the weapons used, a pink ceramic kitchen knife with a leather grip around the handle. >> if anybody has information about these knives, please contact
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at the van used as a battering ram to hit pedestrians on london bridge. the police say one attacker initially tried to rent a larger truck but his payment was declined, so they went with the smaller vehicle. inside, bags of gravel to add weight. they also found a dozen wine bottles filled with flammable liquid rags, along with blowtorches. the police announced two new arrests linked to the plot, bringing the total to 18. one week after the rampage that killed eight and injured dozens more -- >> london carries on. reporter: officials are urging residents to get out and enjoy the weekend. parts of the market where the attacker stabbed random people remain closed. >> we want them to get back on
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reporter: the officials hope the market will be open and entire week or so, but security is priority one. >> please don't give in to terrorists. horace: new tonight, a dog family an upper marlboro to a fire in their townhome at 5 a.m. prince george's county fire said the fire on marlborough lane cost about $50,000 of damage. they are trying to determine how it started. four adults and one child were displaced. paving equipment at logan drive and persimmon tree road in potomac, the intersection closed while firefighters responded and cleaned up. toing up -- saying goodbye batman. remembering adam west's life and legacy. plus, preventing topless this.
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has agreed to go before the senate intelligence committee next week, on tuesday. in a letter sent to senator richard shelby, session said his decision came in light of former fbi director james comey's testimony. sessions had recused himself from the investigation between russia and the truck campaign. attack on annsider afghan army soldier opened fire on u.s. soldiers, killing two and injuring a third. the shooter was killed in return fire. this happened today in afghanistan, the eastern part of the country, during a joint u.s.-afghan military operation. the soldiers' identities have not been released. batman adam west died in his sleep last night after a short battle with leukemia. boosted reruns turbo adam west to global hero status, long
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it. -- long after his original season ended. >> i think i have the record as the actor who has weight at the longest to get his star on the walk. horace: west said he had trouble getting roles after the batman series ended because he was typecast, but he played himself in cartoons including "the simpsons" and "family guy." coming up, celebrating failure? inside the museum celebrating times when things do not go quite as planned. and the forecast is also coming up.
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considering thewhether women sho be topless on ocean city beaches. this is a live weatherbug look. ahead of the ocean city beach patrol recently said lifeguards would not stop women from sunbathing topless, but the held and city council special session and passed emergency legislation banning public nudity, including topless this for women. violators may be fined up to $1000. there is a new museum in sweden celebrating failed products called the museum of failure. a plasticn display, bicycle that was supposed to revolutionize the industry. but it wobbles when you ride. another failed item, a facemask that is supposed to make you beautiful. >> this is a facial mask. it straps on your head and shocks your face with electrodes. after 15
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minutes of electrical shock coming you will be as beautiful as you can possibly be. trump thealso game, a board game that did not take off. coke black is also one display, a mixture of coke and coffee. the museum curator said he wants people to be aware that failure is a necessary part of innovation. 430 happening tonight, the $ million powerball drawing. the jackpot has been growing since april 1. the lump sum is $273 million. your chance of winning, one in 292 million. so there will be a lot of failures there. the weather was a winner. josh: this weekend, you have to be ready for the summer, but stayed dry, as busy as we are this weekend. a picture
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having a great time. bigtoo humid, one of the takeaways. that starts to creep up the next few days. a nice crowd come everyone enjoying it. about, that out and rs actually at the fairfax fai and festival. everybody having a good time, enjoying the warm, dry weather. one of the things we are getting a measurement from the truck is the dew point. the dew point is actually in the mid-50's. switching back over, the wind has been blowing a little bit, making things comfortable, but this area has been the magic number for the day. it is not too muggy. similar story at reagan national, dew point in the low 60's. that is the number we can watch to see how humid it feels on these hot days. today has been between 55 to
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just starting to get sticky. tuesday and wednesday, we are closer to the top category, which is really when we feel the muggy weather. through the rest of the evening, sunday, a nice full moon tonight, a nice evening, the temperatures to about 80 degrees by 9 p.m. very warm, but still not too muggy. tomorrow morning, waking up close to 70 degrees. areas,e coolest martinsburg 61, 62 manassas. you could open the windows tonight, but starting tomorrow really watch the heat cranked up. this area of high pressure has really built-in, and because it is so consistent, it's six around today, tomorrow, monday, tuesday, continuing around with the southwesterly low with all of the sunshine and the wind out of the south, allowing temperatures to move up. for most of us in the mid-90's.
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comfy category. tomorrow it goes up a little more. tuesday and wednesday is when we really feel the humidity. by 8 a.m.,bout 76 warming quickly. before noon, almost 90 degrees. the high temperature about 94, sunny skies pretty much all day. 94 tomorrow. i don't think we will have any trouble getting to that record. tuesday., 96 oath of those records are a possibility. we don't bring back any rain chances until wednesday, 60% chance. if youike next weekend, have plans, watching out for a better chance of thunderstorms. planscancel father's day or anything like that, just watching out for the thunderstorms next weekend. horace: thank you, josh. robert: you had the warriors in what? horace: five. robert: and why was this play so im
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: nats in afternoon action, facing the rangers. top of the ninth, 3-3, robinson chirinos with a fly ball. bullet toer throws a the plate. initially ruled say. but he never touches home and they changed the call. chirinos-3, strikes again. leaps but cannot get it. rangers win, 6-3.
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nba finals last night. 24 three-pointers, a record. and things got physical, as they should come it's the nba finals. lebron james and kevin durant getting into it. words were exchanged. and of course green did not keep quiet. he was upset because he wanted to celebrate in the cavs locker room. >> some of the other guys told -- they wantedt to celebrate on our floor once again and spray champagne in our locker rooms. . think it came from green >> we did not expect them to come out and lay down. we did exactly what they thought they would do. i cannot foresee them coming to oracle and winning. robert: you never know. abc 7 is
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finals, game five monday in oakland, tip-off the virginia 6-a boys lacrosse state championship. wt woodson against south county. after three. 10-4 the fourth quarter, a serious come back. now it is 10-8. the cavaliers punch back. diving in scoring. let the celebration begin. wt woodson beats south county, 11-9. the cavs are the champs. >> coming together as a team, just the camaraderie, that's the reason we won. i cannot put it into words. it's amazing. >> no matter what we did during the game, we are already champions. robert:
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mullet, party in the run at the cinderella french open. third set, tied at 3-3. sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. title.r first grand slam and the orioles have a primetime matchup tonight against the yankees, hoping to snap a two-game skid.
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josh: tomorrow, into the 90's. most of us
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80's. significantly warmer. sunscreen and water. tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone. nendorses dr. wralph northam. mr. northam uld make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights,
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donald trump stand in our way. tonight, breaking news. the violent protests here at home over islam. demonstrations igniting into all-out brawls. the protests and backlash. one side warning about the dangers of islamic law. the other side calling that racism. russian contacts. the spotlight now turning to attorney general jeff sessions. new questions raised from comey's explosive testimony. disturbing discovery. never before seen video. police rescuing a woman held hostage in chains by a south carolina serial killer. tonight, inside the makeshift dungeon. summer danger. it's known as secondary drowning. the new warning for parents and children who love to swim in the summertime. what one family says saved their child's life. and, the original batman.


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