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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 12, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, one year later, overnight people gathering at the pulse nightclub remembering the victims. live in orlando with the ceremonies happening right now. president trump is back in washington this morning and so is the first lady and their son barron. the first family has officially moved into the white house as attorneys general make an unprecedented move and announce a major lawsuit against the president. emergency landing. a plane forced to turn around after a gaping hole opening up in one of its engines. what caused it to take place. and chance again. the penguins win the stanley cup. see the winning goal and celebrations happening right now in pittsburgh.
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a good monday morning. we begin with overnight ceremony marking the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. >> it was exactly one year ago today that a gunman killed 49 people. some live images right now, you will you'll recall 58 were wounded up side the pulse nightclub in orlando. for the past fuhr hours people have been gathering at the scene. an earlier procession of angels capped off a private ceremony for survivors and their families. >> that ceremony including a reading of the names of all 49 of those victims who will be remembered in three other events today. abc's maggie rue de charonne has been there all morning and maggie joins us now. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: diane and kendis, good morning. that memorial you saw outside the pulse nightclub continues to grow and all night long we've been seeing people come here around the clock to pay their respects. >> the other victims won't be forgotten. >> reporter: family and friends are stepping back inside the pus nightclub exactly one year after
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worst mass shooting in our country's history. 49 people died. more than 50 others injured. >> the city is showing support and showing love and i think that's extremely important. it makes people like me feel more comfortable. we're accepted at places that we may have not have felt we were accepted after before. >> reporter: coming together for united orlando today described as a day of love and kindness triumphing over the horror and hate of that night. recently released video from police body cam is a gruesome reminder of how a saturday night at orlando's popular gay club quickly turned into confusion and chaos. >> hurry up. >> reporter: victims screaming for help. gunshots still ringing out. the gunman barricading himself somewhere in the club. police finally taking down the shooter. 29-year-old new
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mateen pledged his allegiance to the islamic state. for those here in orlando still grieving, today is about the lasting legacy of the 49 people who lost their lives. >> even though it's devastating i think there's a lot of beautiful things that come from this. i think it has changed the way people view the gay community and gay people in general. >> reporter: there are more events planned for throughout the day and diane and kendis, police tell us they expect thousands of people here filling the street. >> quite a sign of support for those people, maggie rulli there in orlando, thank you. >> a beautiful tribute. now over to washington where president trump is facing a new lawsuit over his business dealings. he's also facing growing calls to turn over any tapes he may have of his talks with former fbi director james comey. >> the president is back in washington after spending the weekend at his new jersey golf club. arriving last night with first lady melania trump and his son barron there with a t-shirt that says the expert. they have officially moved into the
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kenneth moton joining us from washington. new neighbors. >> reporter: good morning. today at noon in washington, the big announcement by d.c. and maryland, the attorneys general expected to say president trump's hotel is impacting local business and should not be accepting foreign money. this morning, the first family all under the same white house roof. late last night president trump moving the first lady and their son barron into the executive mansion. >> i, donald john trump -- >> reporter: the day the president moved to washington and took the oath is now the center of a major lawsuit filed by the attorneys general of d.c. and maryland. abc news has confirmed today the top officials will sue trump accusing him of violating the constitution by accepting money from foreign governments. the first of its kind lawsuit targeting trump international hotel in d.c. and the fact the president never fully gave up his business. "the washington post" reports the pennsylvania avenue property has hosted officials from kuwait and saudi
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the suit similar to one filed by a watchdog group. friday the justice department demanding it be dismissed arguing president trump's private business has nothing to do with his office. tomorrow the man leading doj attorney jeff sessions expected to testify on capitol hill on his contacts with russia. and the firing of fbi director james comey, days after his blockbuster testimony an alleged russian collusion. >> no collusion, no obstruction. >> reporter: the president urged him to let go of the probe. >> is there evidence there to begin a case for obstruction? >> i think there's absolutely evidence to begin a case. >> reporter: trump is now being pressured to turn over any tapes he may have of conversations with comey. the president's legal team says trump will reveal whether the tapes exist or not this week. kendis and diane. >> we'll finally get an answer to that question. kenneth live from washington, thanks. the pentagon is investigating the deaths of three american soldiers killed in afghanistan over the
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those troops were on a mission to support u.s. special forces when an afghan soldier turned his gun on them. insider attacks in afghanistan have been blamed for the deaths of more than 150 coalition forces over the past decade. u.s. air strike has targeted islamic extremists in somalia. an unmanned drone killed at least eight members of al qaeda affiliate al shabab, the first conducted under new authority from president trump to carry out precision strikes in the area in support of somali forces. back at home a look at your weather. umer-like heat is gripping the country. 94 in chicago today and here in new york city 92. and the extreme heat is hitting very far north as well. record highs fell in burlington, vermont and caribou, maine, yesterday. could happen yet again today. the heat will likely trigger severe storms in the
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once again, this was the scene yesterday in lena, wisconsin. wow, the powerful wind ripping a roof off a home and sent it flying into a naeb's yard. what a scene. quite a scene aboard a commercial flight as well. it's not very often you see someone who once had access to air force one there. >> yeah, passengers on a flight from atlanta to washington, d.c. got to shake hands with former president jimmy carter. the 92-year-old greeting everyone prior to takeoff. >> mr. carter didn't say much. he said he didn't want to delay the flight but made time to shake all of those passengers' hands. >> maybe running for office in 2020. >> ah. >> i kind of want to see him run down the aisle and do a hi high-fi high-five. an emergency landing for a hollywood megastar after both plane engines fail. another scare for passengers. see how this plane was able to land with a hole in the engine cover. and, man, they're partying in pittsburgh after winning the stanley cup again.
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into the morning hours.
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puerto rico has voted overwhelmingly to become the 51st state but some say it actually shouldn't count. yesterday 97% of voters said yes to statehood. but turnout was only 23%. now, the island's worst in 50 years. opponents say the low turnout should invalidate the as a result and claim it doesn't accurate reflect the wishes of puerto ricans. an investigation is under way into two home explosions both believed to have been sparked by gas leaks. this home in new jersey was destroyed sunday that was so powerful it knocked out power to
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the homeowner is hospitalized in critical condition with second-degree burns. and then this other home explosion near chicago damaged 50 surround homes from blown out windows to entire houses being knocked off their foundations. the homeowners were reportedly out of town at the time of that blast. only two people in the neighborhood suffered minor burns. today a judge rules if there's enough evidence for a trial in the penn state hazing death case. timothy piazza died in february after a night of heavy drinking the a frat house. 18 beta theta pi members face hundreds of charges, eight are charged with involuntary manslaughter. surveillance video shows it took nearly 12 hours for anyone to call 911 after piazza was found unconscious. uber may soon see a major shake-up. its board of directors is reportedly considering place its embattled ceo on temporary leave and comes as board members unanimously voted to adopt a series of recommendations from former attorney general eric holder in the way of complaints of
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discrimination as well as bullying. when we come back a man is released from prison after serving 17 years for a crime he did not commit. we have new details about the mix-up involving his look-alike and how some interns made the discovery. caught on camera, a deer comes crashing through a window hitting a store employee. the average family's new, but old, home: it stood up to 2 rookies, 3 terrible two's, and a one-coat wonder named "grams". it survived multiple personalities, 3 staycations, and 1 tiny announcement. behr. number one rated interior paint, exterior paint and stain. protecting and perfecting since 1947. only at the home depot.
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this is what happened over the weekend at a parking lot in ocala, florida. that sinkhole swallowed up an entire car in just minutes. luckily it was after its owners managed to get out unharmed. a city official says it appeared the lime rock under the parking lot's drainage system eroded causing the pavement to collapse. a look at other morning road condition, flooding will stretch across the northern tier of the nation from e
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the great lakes. roads will also be wet across the southeast from eastern texas into south florida. if you're flying airport delays possible in new orleans and atlanta. a man from kansas city has been freed after serving 17 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. >> he was released after authorities found his doppelganger. a look-alike who they say committed the crime. richard jones was charged with aggravate add salt accused of trying to steal a purse in a parking lot. despite having an alibi and no physical evidence linking him to the crime, he was convicted after witnesses picked his photo out of a lineup of six mug shots. but it was two law interns digging deep who found these photos of another inmate at the same prison. >> once i seen his picture beside mine and i seen the resemblance that me and him had, i just knew, you know, that it was understandable why, you know, other people said the same thing. >> well, a judge ordered jones' release after witnesses including the robbery victim
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richard jones apart from the other guy who also shared the same first name. ricky. the faa is investigating an emergency on a private plane carrying actress jennifer lawrence. the oscar winner, another passenger and two crew members were flying from louisville to teterboro, airport outside new york city at 39,000 feet. the pilot reported an engine problem and diverted to buffalo, new york. lawrence's representative says both of the plane's engines had failed. a huge hole in an engine forced a pack jetliner to make an emergency landing in sydney, australia. the china eastern airlines plane was heading to shanghai 30 minutes into the flight. passengers said they heard a loud noise and smelled something burning. the pilot's declared an emergency and returned safely to sydney. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. no one on board was injured. check out this incident caught on dash cam of a blast in japan. a speeding car goes airborne slamming into the bus after crashing through a median. the car's drive
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that wreck. but no serious injuries among the nearly four dozen people on that bus. and here's video of a deer making quite an entrance into a paint score in scranton, pennsylvania. the animal nearly plows into the store's very surprised owner. he said when the glass broke he was expecting to see a rock. the deer got to its feet and wandered around a little before heading out the main exit and right back into the woods. just wanted to check things out. make sure everything was in proper order. >> those door buster sales. so they're planning a big party in pittsburgh now that the penguins are the stanley cup champs yet again for the second year in a row. >> thousands of fans flooded into the streets last night to celebrate after their team beat the predators in nashville. a building in downtown pittsburgh was lit up announcing the win and let's get highlights now from our guys at espn. >> john buccigross, john anderson. so the hockey season is done. 'tis no more. we have
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tennessee, what a site. look at all those fans in downtown nashville. the rink is downtown. paul pritchard keeper of the cup getting it ready. look at this. we thought we would have overtime then patric hornqvist, he was the last player taken in the 2005 nhl draft, you know who the first was, sidney crosby. malmall cut his nose in that celebration. hit the skate. penguins repeat as cup champions. >> in six there, nba finals working on game five could end there for the warriors. >> tonight on abc. >> could end up going back to game six. we shall see. i wonder what kevin durant and lebron think making news in america this >> the situation we're in, we know anything can happen in this league and know that, you know, champions don't die, that they just don't lay down and die so you know they'll play with a sense of urgency. >> have to bring our best game every game against this team. we can get blown out the window.
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>> we learned of his passing at age 88. he had quite a sense of humor as demonstrated by a prank he orchestrated in a sun valley, idaho, phone book. >> follow these entries from the top here. the name west adam prompts you to see wayne bruce millionaire. >> when you go to bruce wayne it says please consult crime fighters in the yellow pages which says see batman. when you look at batman it circles back to see adam west. >> a very convoluted joke. >> finally in the bat cave. address to be determined. >> yeah, so many people have been mentioning what a nice guy he was. his former co-star robin still alive and said they were friends for some 50 years. >> even said before his passing i'll probably just be remembered for batman but that's okay because the role brought so much joy to seem people and not many actors get to say that. next for sale a real fixer upper. >> historic 1782 colonial with solid granite
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there's a catch. >> okay. >> it's actually located in two countries. like literally straddling the border between the usa and canada. >> the located in derby, vermont and standstead. >> the 3,000 square foot house divided up into five separate apartments and needs about $600,000 worth of repairs as well as upgrades. >> but it could be all yours for just $109,000. so which count do you pay taxes to. >> yese and say you have a kid born in one wing. >> dual citizenship automatically. automatic dual citizenship. i don't know if that's true. just my take. >> it's great. i will see you in canada. okay, hey. in colorado in the meantime, why did the bear cross the road? >> turns out no one really knows but participants in a ten-mile run weren't asking any
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they just stopped dead in their tracks, maybe backed a way a little bit. the bear ran right across the route in colorado springs. it didn't stop but one person wrote on facebook that he and his fellow runners were a little bit scared. >> he says dent know why the bear crossed the road but it ruined my perfect finish line. >> i'm running the other way. no finishing the race for me if i'm on that track. >> more news after this.12th.. and we are in store for another hot one out there! good morning washington. toss to eileen - code orange air quality alert - record highs possible today - heat wave breaks
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wednesday through sunday today: mostly sunny. hot and humid. highs: 91-95 winds: nw to sw 5-10 mph tonight: partly cloudy. mild and muggy. lows: 66-74 winds: w 5 mph tuesday: sunny to partly cloudy. isolated pm
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highs: 91-95 winds: sw 5-10 mph breaking overnight.
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a deadly double shooting in vienna. right now investigators believe it is a domestic incident. the shooting has two separate scenes -- one on the 100 block of ross drive..the other on oak street. there is no word on an identity of either of the victims or why the shots were fired. john gonzalez will have a live report on this coming up in our 5'oclock hour. also breaking overnight. a deadly motorcycle accident that stalled traffic in prince george's county. it happened on the inner loop of 495 in temple hills around last night. police confirm the victim was an adult male. the crash shut down 3 of four lanes on the beltway. they have since reopened. the cause of the crash in under investigation. and new this morning. a scare on the rooftop deck of the uproar night club in northwest. fire officials say
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group of patrons on the rooftop exceeded the limit, and the wooden part of the roof began to bend. it never broke. the club was evacuated and inspectors were called in to evaluate the building. no one was injured. happening today.. the district is paying tribute to the victims of the pulse nightclub in orlando. today is the one-year anniversary of the attack. and d.c. mayor muriel bowser has declared today "orlando united day: a day of love and kindness." omar mateen killed 49 people at the gay nightclub, before police shot and killed him. he was heard on 9-1-1 recordings pledging allegiance to isis. it's xx and we're just getting started. right now at 4:xx sadness overnight remembrance of the 48 lives lost one year ago at the pulse nightclub in orlando. plus - celebrations as the penguins take home the stanley cup in game six of the nhl playoffs. good morning i'm
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for larry smith. and i'm autria godfrey. - code orange air quality alert - record highs possible today - heat wave breaks wednesday - t-storm chances wednesday through sunday today: mostly sunny. hot and humid. highs: 91-95 winds: nw to sw 5-10 mph tonight: partly cloudy. mild and muggy. lows: 66-74 winds: w 5 mph tuesday: sunny to partly cloudy. isolated pm t-storm. highs: 91-95 winds: sw 5-10 mph
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right now. nationwide - many are remembering the victims of the pulse


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