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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  June 12, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone. >> now, abc 7 news at noon -- on your side. >> mother nature is bringing the heat. there is a code orange alert today as temperatures keep creeping up. the big question is how long will it last and will we break a record? doug hill will help us answer those questions. doug: it is definitely heating up in a hurry around the area.
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a few reporting nations. 90 in fredericksburg. frederick at 90 one. 92 at reagan national. our average high is 83. we are well above that already in the temperatures will keep climbing. we are calling for temperatures between 91-95. there will be a warm breeze and up.dity levels will be wherever you are in the afternoon hours, whatever the local temperatures, you can count on it being a couple of degrees above that for what it really feels like outside. game against the atlanta braves, 80 eight degrees just after 7:00. 80's for thein the game. definitely a summer feel all day and all night. and maybeore humidity an isolated shower or thunderstorm ia
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we will talk about that and the heat in about 15 minutes. within theeaking, last hour, attorney general jeff sessions will testify in front of the senate intelligence committee tomorrow about the russian probe and he wants the hearing to be public. sessions recused himself from overseeing anything to do with the investigation into russia and the trump campaign in march. right now, a press conference .icking off the attorneys general of d.c. and maryland bringing lawsuits against the president. why they are suing and what is happening now. kevin, good afternoon. kevin: good afternoon, adriana. the press conference is set to begin any moment. it's taking place inside this d.c. government building. the two plaintiffs are the d.c. attorney general and maryland
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together, they are alleging the president trump has accepted millions of dollars in payments and benefits from foreign governments since the first move it into the oval office five months ago. in alawsuit is the latest pile of legal issues that president trump is handling. in essence, will claim that there are a number of constitutional offenses. recall that he shifted assets of his business into a private trust to be managed by his two adult sons. the commander-in-chief remains -- and i am quoting -- deeply a mashed with a legion of foreign and domestic government verse. routinely being briefed on his company's eyes and lows. if a federal judge gives the green light
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and lows. if a federal judge gives the green light, the documents will be made public. trump has been fighting publication of those documents for months. this dress conference is set to get underway at any moment. -- press conference is set to get underway at any moment. on a local level, a major piece of this lawsuit includes the trump international hotel. attorneys in maryland and easy say business is in flash from other hotels, including the four seasons, and that trump is using his position as the president to better his business is at the same time. and this lawsuit says this is a violation of the u.s. constitution. adriana: thank you for that update. noon, police used flash bangs to get a man in a room out of it
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this started this morning with a person being shot in a hotel. that's all that's being released right now. when we get more information, we will bring it to you. more breaking news, two people are dead in a three vehicle wreck and foster county. police are telling us the chain reaction happens this morning and a cost one car to catch fire on northbound lanes of route 29 in remington. now.s all we know right attorneys say they are investigating what led to the deadly wreck. flames.ook at these here is a photo of a two alarm fire in hagerstown. that happened this morning on little elliott drive. you can see how intense it was. flames shot into the sky. the fire is now out. no one was injured. most of the damage was to the roof and balcony. at twople are dead different crime scenes in vienna. people believe
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we have details -- police believe they are connected. we have details. >> for residents in this community, this is too sudden. cameran't want to go on with us. but off-camera, they describe a woman who was found dead here last night as an amazing mother of 3, 1 child severely disabled. you can see the handicap ramp here in the front yard. as of this hour, that ramp was covered in blood. this woman, according to sources, was stabbed to death in her own home. she and her children have lived here for two years. this is just down the road about half a mile away. a man was found shot to death. inside his home. the deaths appeared to be connected. police describing it as a domestic situation. fairfax county's crime unit is assisting,
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vienna taking the lead role in this investigation. the people involved have not been identified. both roads were closed for several hours. both scenes have now cleared this afternoon, but we are told at some point to tactics will be back out in this neighborhood at both homes collecting -- to texas will be back at in this neighborhood of both homes collecting evidence -- thistives will be back in neighborhood at both homes evidence. adriana: tomorrow, virginians had to the polls for a primary election. both candidates are trying to a massively. -- pulls openh tomorrow at 6:00. now to new developments in the bill cosby trial.
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minutes witness and six of testimony, the defense has wrapped up their case. the prosecution had 12 witnesses in five days of testimony. cosby did not take the stand. his wife made an appearance for the first time. the jury could get this case as soon as this afternoon. memorial services are being held throughout orlando to honor the 49 victims of the pulse nightclub shooting. today marks the one-year anniversary of the deadliest mass shooting in american history. memorials are expected to continue throughout the night. man, oneuld one person, kill so many people? >> one year ago, 49 people were killed in the pulse nightclub massacre, the worst mass shooting in our country's history. today, orlando remembers every single one of them. >>
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>> remember the victims. foroday, thousands gathered ceremonies of remembrance, honoring those who lost their lives in the popular club. s try to divide us. it ended up doing exactly the .pposite >> candles and flowers in an ever-growing memorial. >> look at how many people are loveto show compassion and . >> marking the exact time those deadly shots rang out one year ago. now the community leaning on each other for support. >> that is really what this is about. we want to make sure people know they are not alone. >> and coming together. >> the one light in all of this
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tears that everybody has for each other. onlymorials happening not here in orlando but across the country. even if you cannot go to one of the planned events, go perform an act of kindness. that could create a lasting legacy. >> let's take a listen to the d.c. in maryland attorneys general. >> why did the framers include these clauses? it was all about corruption. as alexander hamilton wrote, one of the weak sides of republics among their numerous advantages is that they afford to easy and to foreign corruption. the framers knew that government entities, foreign and domestic, would, of course, try to use things of value to influence or induce the president to do their bidding
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american people. and now we see it everyday. my office window is just a few floors above where we are sitting today, and i can tell you that as i look out the window and see the tower of the trump international hotel, we know exactly what is going on every single day. we know that foreign governments in spending money there order to curry favor with the president of the united states. just one example. the kingdom of saudi arabia, whose government has important business and policy before the president of the united states, has already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at the , and anternational hotel hotel is but one example of how president trump's vast global businesses and that empire he has is entangled with foreign and state
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, and no nation of laws one, including the president of the united states, is above the law. no one, not even the president, can be allowed to endanger our democracy and erode our faith in our institutions. but just at the time they are needed the most, traditional .hecks and balances are failing first, by not divesting from businesses -- his businesses, the president has chosen to put our country and the situation we find ourselves today, and every time the president has open about drawing a line between his presidency and his businesses, he has walked his losses back -- his promises back. second, the republican-controlled congress has wholly failed to fill its responsibility of serving as a check and balance on the president. they
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the president a total pass on his business entanglements. state attorneys general answer to the people of their jurisdictions, and we have a duty to enforce the law, and that is why we are taking action today. more on this coming up at 4:00. stay with us.
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this hour, police are investigating to house explosions at two separate states. one happened in new jersey not too far from new york
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the other in northern illinois northwest of chicago. both happened yesterday. one person was critically injured in the jersey blast. two others were hurt in illinois. more than 50 homes were damaged and gas leaks are suspected in both cases. a warning now from pulled -- from police. as temperatures go up, so does crime. there is already a surge of auto thefts in the region. >> the morning starts with a roll call. >> as the weather starts to get warm, we notice a jump in theft of autos. there is already a surge this year, up 14%. around
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750 5 a.m., the first a.m., the in -- 7:55 first call comes in. the victim says he accidentally left his windows down and/or unlocked. his radeon papers world stolen. -- radio and papers were all stolen. mostly happening overnight, crooks smashing windows, popping locks, and like this case, victims are making themselves an easy target. time, the the valuable or left out and open. anything from wallets, watches, jewelry. >> police are the best way to prevent these that's is to be -- be proactive. police are adding more patrols on the street and educating the public. >> we are getting out there in the community and letting people know they need to lock their doors. hide their valuables.
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unplug for $100? d.c. school principal is offering cash to get kids to cut down on screen time over the summer. stayto any student who can off every device on a tuesday during summer break. no phone, television, computer s or television for a full day. before have to confirm kids can get the money. that's something i could do. i would say put your kids in camp, maybe? send them outside? >> i have 220 euros who would two 20 year $100 -- olds who would not take the $100. i would take it right now.
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the second day of this heatwave. tomorrow is day three. then we get a break. we will get through it. this is a little warm-up, a little practice heatwave. numbers wise across the air area, we're looking at 87 area the rockville at campus. humidity levels are pretty high. does she met the conditions with the current temperatures. we need to go up a few -- combine humid conditions with the current temperatures. ass going to be in the 90's the afternoon wears on. 94 in new york city. boston at 93. the heat is widespread. detroit, 91. columbus, ohio, 93. we are not in this alone. but there are signs it will break down on schedule on wednesday. in the metro area are in the 70's.
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search for signs of rain. nothing today. nothing tomorrow. as we get through the afternoon, there is some indication we could get a few isolated thundershowers popping up. this will take us until noon and when showers and storms the cold front gets closer. a better chance of showers and thunderstorms. mid 80's.tomorrow, upper 70's. back to 80's. when you get to the middle of june, there is no way to hold temperatures this low for long. it's just a matter of time before they pop back into the mid to upper 80's, probably the 90's again. let's see how it looks father's day weekend. friday, highs of 80 degrees. mid-to-upper 80's for saturday and hyundai. we cool off a bit
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week. end of next week, our average high will be 84, 85. trust me, we are not finished with these heat waves.
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adriana: that is a wrap. the pittsburgh penguins are riding high after another stanley cup win. this reboundame, for the go-ahead goal. the penguins win their fifth stanley cup championship in franchise history.
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the third cup in the sidney crosby era and crosby got m.v.p.. tonight, the warriors have a chance to close it out at home. nba finals action is right here on abc seven. the and warriors going at it warriorsn -- cavs and going at it once again. tipoff is at 9:00. our coverage begins at 8:30 p.m. should be a good one. the first heatwave of the season showing no mercy. we are closing in on a record high. doug
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nendorses dr. wralph northam. mr. northam uld make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way.
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z2e2dz z1a2z y2e2dy y1a2y creating jobs foreaner, reliour veterans... helping those in need save money on their energy bills. it takes 16,000 dominion energy employees doing the job. and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping
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adriana: move over, italy. california is the new pizza champ, setting the record for longest pizza. 3630 three feet, to be exact. it beat out last year's chefs from neighborly by 500 feet. how do you cook that? by 500 feet.i how do you cook that? doug: i don't know, but we have heat today. it looks like it will be 95, hot and humid. we could set a record if we hit
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>> it's a simple game, really. i set them up, they knock them down. and they walk away with a very big check. let's get this party started. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right. for the last four years, our first contestant has been collecting fun facts and making a trivia spreadsheet to help prepare for this exact moment. from corona, california, please welcome to the show j.d. lape. [cheers and applause] what's up, jd? >> chris. >> hey, brother. >> good to see you, buddy. >> welcome. >> thank you. it's great to be here. >> the spreadsheet. >> yes. >> yeah? >> yeah, i have spreadsheets for


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