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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 12, 2017 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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>> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live: game night"! tonight -- charlize theron. and nba hall of famer karl malone presented by sensimist allergy relief. and now, no time left on the shot clock, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow. welcome. i'm the host of this nba game night primetime special. i just want to say right off the bat -- i know it's monday, if you're tuning in looking for the bachelorette, i'm sad to say the hot tub is closed tonight. it tested positive for every possible std. you'll have to wait until next week to send rachel another personal trainer named chad home. because we have basketball
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we advanced to the if necessary portion of the series. tonight from oakland, game fey of the finals between the golden state warriors and cleveland cavaliers. i'm not sure we call it the finals when the same two teams are going to be in it next year. did you see game four? was that some game? [ cheers and applause ] >> the cavs won the game on their home court to avoid the sweep. for for warriors, if they won in cleveland, no one wants you celebrating in their establishment. cleveland hoping to push it to game six. or at least a game five-esque. cleveland, you know, actually they've been in this situation before. they were down 3-1 last year, but the warriors are much tougher this year with the addition of kevin durant. they had an amazing
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dropping game four. they're so very good. they even captured the well-worn imagination of 230--year-old host of the 700 club. >> have you seen those basketball finals? i have never seen basketball like in my life. i thought michael jordan was incredible. these guys are just awesome. they run a full speed up and down the court and dump in three-point baskets. it is incredible. [ cheers and applause ] ing. >> jimmy: now, it's that caliber, i can't believe espn fired that guy. [ laughter ] the cavaliers may be trailing in this series but they have the upper hand when it comes to pre-game hand shakes. have you seen their -- tristan thompson said and is this a quote, we go home and sit on the toilet and figure out how we can be creative. just like the president tweets. it's the same thing. but they put a lot of
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into these. [ cheers and applause [ cheers and applause ] i have to say it's easy to make fun. but all that hard work on those handshakes is paying off. >> from akron, ohio, number 23, lebron james! tyronn lue! [ laughter ] >> make some noise for your cleveland cavaliers! >> jimmy: you know what, when you make friendships like that who cares about a championship ring? [ cheers and applause ] the cavaliers have creative fans. is this sculpture of lebron james, made out of drier lint. it's the work of a cleveland fan and artist, there she
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calls this lint lebron james. those fans should keep in mind, sandy also make this sculpture of hillary clinton. so, no, it doesn't bring good luck. [ applause ] . the real question to me, how much lint accumulates in this woman's dryer. we have a good show tonight, we have charlize theron with us. charlize is going throuo attemp three-point shot, if she makes it, each one of you wins a pair of kevin durant nikes for your feet. [ cheers and applause ] hey, maybe, you ought to give that to your dad, because father's day is on sunday. i know,
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we now-i famous youtube challenge. we had people make their dad breakfast and dump it on them in bed ♪ happy father's day to you [ laughter ] >> are you kidding me? >> jimmy: that went well. one year, we had kids serve dad breakfast in the shower. >> [ bleep ]. >> happy father's day. >> jimmy: another year, we asked children to spray their fathers with a hose. [ laughter ] >> jimmy kimmel told me. >> jimmy: and last year, we encouraged kids to surprise dad with an impromptu game of catch ♪ happy father's day to you >> catch!
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[ applause ] >> jimmy: it was a good catch. he caught it with his face. folkses tonight, i'm proud to announce our latest and greatest youtube challenge. this year, i want you to quietly sneak up on your father and yell, i love you dad, while he's sleeping, don't do it while he's driving or shaving. tell him you love him in a very loud voice. upload it to youtube. all right, let's make this a father's day to remember. we'll take a break, still to come -- charlize theron is here. when we come back, karl malone. stick around. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ can get rewarded for all kinds of things... like walking.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello, again, and welcome back to our game five special in prime time show. charlize theron is on the way. she'll track a three-point shot. if she makes that shot everyone in this audience gets a prize. but first, the most fascinating man in basketball for me is karl malone. karl malone has a unique perspective on most everything. so, i sat down with karl for a series of chats to find out just what the heck happened in karl malone's brain, this is all alone with karl malone. [ applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: we're here with karl malone. when you're the mailman, i mean there's nobody else, let's be honest, nobody else would want that nickname because it's a weird nickname to have. >> no. >> jimmy: when you're at home. >> yes, sir. >> jimmy: and the mailman comes to the house, i assume it's a guy -- >> okay. >> jimmy: do you know your mailman. >> no, sir. >> jimmy: that's odd. a big thing for him, i'm the mailman delivering to the mailman. >> the real ones? >> jimmy: yes. you feel no kinship with the u.s. posttall service at all? >> absolutely. >> jimmy: you do? >> i have a question. >> jimmy: what is the question? >> do you think the mailmen and women fault --
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>> who do us our postal service lose billions of dollars -- >> because you as a mailman make a lot of money, you didn't lose money. >> how do you know you make a lot of money? >> jimmy: i read it in the newspapers. >> you believe what you read in newspapers? >> jimmy: in this case, yes. >> here's the rule, don't believe nothing you read and half of what you see, because your eyes could be lying to you. >> jimmy: you're not making any money? >> i did not say it. >> jimmy: i said you're making money. you said, how do you know it. i said, i read it. you said, don't believe it. i said are you making money? you said, yes. in this case we can believe it. you don't understand how the postal service is in a way disgracing your name by losing money every year. >> well, i guess -- >> jimmy: would you be wil
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>> yes. >> jimmy: you would? >> any way i could. >> jimmy: i hope the postmaster general is listening. how would you help the postoffice. >> why do we get brand-new postal service trucks every year. >> jimmy: my postal trucks on my block seem to be 30 years. >> you're talking about a one-legged postal -- >> jimmy: he's got two legs, there's no door on the thing. oh, karl malone. we're miscommunicating. how did you know that? did you read that, i'm going to hell. >> no. >> jimmy: i said -- >> how did you say -- >> jimmy: it's like riding a
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skateboard. you're right, i'm going to hell. thank you, karl malone. [ cheers and applause ] thanks karl, i'll see you in hell. we'll be right back with charlize theron. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪since i came to know you baibe ♪i've been telling you how sweet you're.♪ ♪i've been telling you how good you're.♪ ♪please tell me how i look. ♪you look so good, fantastic man.♪ ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: welcome back to our second half of our game night special prime time. by the way, we're also working very hard. we have a new show in late night tonight with lonzo and lavar ball, diane keaton. now, time for our first guest, a deadly british spy who kicks, struggles her way in her new movie "atomic blonde." >> i've been dying to ask you a question. ♪ >> let's go someplace quiet.
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>> jimmy: atomic blonde opens in theaters july 28th. please welcome charlize theron. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] very good to see you. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you know, the last time you were here -- [ cheers and applause ] >> wow. oh, my gosh. >> jimmy: they're all fired up that flip. the last time you were here, your tooth was cracked. >> oh, my gosh. >> jimmy: you had gone to the dentist earlier in the day. >> the day before. >> jimmy: you cracked this while shooting this movie. did you crack during the makeout scene we just saw. >> that's how it happened and the baby gets made inside the crack. >> jimmy: is that right? >> the last time i was here, i have to
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a little loosy-goosy. i had surgery the day before and i was on, you know, pain medication. because it was rough and my peiro dontist was like, saw you on "jimmy kimmel." he was like, i wouldn't be talking about stuff. he said don't be talking about your teeth and don't go on when you're on pain medication. >> jimmy: you have a 12-minute, a great fight scene in the movie where you beat up like two dozen german guys. you do a lot of the stunts. is that you throughout the whole thing? >> yeah. yeah, i mean, majority of it is we set out to do
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that's what we trained for. and, you know, yeah, it was like 2 1/2 months of training. by the time i got there i could do a lot of that stuff. >> jimmy: if your kids ever misbehave, you should pop that dvd in the player and that will settle that. >> you know, my first was on that mad max. at a very young age, someone asked my eldest, what does your mom do for a living. she was like, she does halloween for a living. and i was like, it was awesome. that's what i play with. i have blood all over my face, i'm like, i'm plague halloween. >> jimmy: they think you're rambo or something. >> i don't need to show them the video. i think it's burned into their brain. >> jimmy: this is our nba special tonight. you
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time. you go with your mom. >> yes, because she's a sports fanatics. she appreciates sports and she loves doing sports and watching sports. if you're fortunate enough to get those tickets you should take somebody who really appreciates it. >> jimmy: do people talk to you at the games? >> she's not ashamed to tell you a lot of it has to do with their physique and they're so nice and they're like the nicest guys. they'll come up and say, hi, she loves that. >> jimmy: does she have a favorite player? >> i don't know if she has a favorite player. but we had a experience -- we went to beyonce/jay z concert and we were in the green room and lebron james was there and she lost her [ bleep ] mind. we're at a beyonce concert and jay z. she's like, lebron james! >> jimmy: how did lebron take
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so nice about it. i had to walk around and, you know, put a gag in her mouth. >> jimmy: did you play sports growing up? >> yeah, i liked sports. yeah, we have very unusual things. >> jimmy: what are some of the unusual sports you played in south africa. >> we have two, south africa, a similar game that's played looks like basketball. is only played by girls. boys don't play it. it's lice vice versa. one is called netball and -- and only girls play it. it looks like the court -- the court looks like a basketball court and netball you do bounce and the other you don't move, you play static.
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the ball? >> no. you can only throw. >> jimmy: do you shoot at a basket? >> you shoot in a most embarrassing way. >> jimmy: we call that a granny shot. it's the best way to make a shot. because you get the most arc on the ball and the most backspin on the ball. >> no way to do it gracefully. >> jimmy: we'll witness whether or not you can do it gracefully. this audience is really counted on you. when we come back from the break, if you're willing, i'd like you to attempt a three-point shot, okay? >> okay. >> jimmy: charlize theron is here. her movie is atomic blonde. it opens july 28th. we'll be back with the celebrity three-point challenge. needing others.e into d
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: well, hello and welcome back. we're on hollywood boulevard with charlize theron. you faced aliens, you faced kidnappers, biker gangs and now your greatest challenge of all -- making a three-point shot for our audience. okay. >> okay. >> jimmy: tell them what will win. >> dicky: if she makes the shot, everyone goes home with new kevin durant nike zoom kdx. >> jimmy: if she misses. >> dicky: if she misses, every one gets a stamp. mail a letter any time with the forever stamp from the u.s. postal service. >> jimmy: the stakes are high. are you ready to make this shot. >> yes. >> jimmy: instead of a basketball, we got you something very
8:27 pm
it is, do you knwant to use thi? we got this from south africa. we got at the store. they have them now. >> am i making a -- let's try this. here we go. here we go. time to make the shot. come on. you can do it. you can go like that. sure, you can. it's totally legal. >> we're not in south africa. >> jimmy: in a way we're not. >> aim it and then you go. >> jimmy: all right. let's give it another -- why don't we make it a foul shot, i think, would be even better. step right up to the foul line. there we
8:28 pm
pretty close. >> all right, i'm going to go old school. >> jimmy: all right. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: congratulations. unbelievable. let's look at the instant replay. it was absolutely perfect. charlize theron wins everyone a pair of nikes. i want to thank charlize theron, karl malone and not matt damon. but first it's game five of the nba finals on abc. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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game four. was everything it needed to be. >> let me get my money's worth, if i'm going to get some techs. ♪ well ♪ yeah yeah >> with their legacy at stake, the cavs were determined to defend the land, by any means necessary. >> james. pass to himself, and he throws it down! >> records were shattered. emotions grabbed control. and controversy fueled the most physical game of the playoffs. >> cleveland is still alive. ♪ my left stroke just went vira


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