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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 13, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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an unprecedented glimpse into every corner of her world. >> i'm about to meet katy perry. >> as she drops her new hit now called bon appetite. katy inviting "extra" to join her as she live-streamed everything for 96 hours straight on youtube. >> this is mario lopez, everyone. >> what's up, everyone. >> one thing about mario is he looks good, he smells good. he is just a guy. >> oh, my god. >> sorry. i just want to touch him. >> what's going on right now? >> by the way, you've gotten hotter. >> oh, my god. >> enough about mario. this is katy's world. >> my whole goal is to be as authentic as possible and maybe what it means to me.
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>> more than 40 cameras capturing perry's every move. >> hi, "extra". how are you guys? >> from accidentally flashing her butt during a massage, to a beyond candid therapy session. >> i don't even want to look like katy perry anymore sometimes. >> katy debuting her new song swish swish. on "snl". some speculating it's about her feud with taylor swift. katy said she's ready to put it to an end. telling air arianna huffing ton -- >> i really truly want to come together and in a place of love and forgiveness. >> sometimes you just need to let it all go. ve it. hair down if you still >> katy getting all kinds of sitors. like james corden. he managed to get her to rank her lovers from worst to best. >> this one? >> yes. >> and then bloom? >> she was nothing but love when she belted out her hit "roar". at
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manchester benefit concert. >> how was that experience? >> it was really important for me to stand in solidarity. because, you know, with music it's like i don't just love one artist. i love all the music. >> which makes her an ideal job judge for the new "american idol". the rest of the judges still a mystery. >> lots of other names are being thrown around right now. >> rihanna and tim mcgraw would be my dream. >> katie working to help kids enjoy their dreams with culpepper and the boys and girls club. >> amazing. >> and donating a portion of proceeds from her upcoming "witness" tour ticket sales. >> for every ticket bought, $1 goes to boys and girls club of america. >> you can volunteer on ♪ extra
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jennifer lawrence flying from her home state of kentucky to new jersey saturday when one of the engines failed. "extra" came to the audio moments before she landed. the second engine reportedly failing as the pilot on attempted to land despite the terrifying ordeal, everyone on board arrived safe and sound. bill maher back on tv. >> thank you for letting us in your midst. after last week's real-time episode using a shocking racial slur. confronted by this week's guest ice cube. >> when i hear a white person say it, it feels like a knife stabbing me even if they don't mean it. >> maher apologizing. >> it doesn't matter that it wasn't said in malice if it brought back pain to people. >> right. >> and that's why i apologize freely, and i reiterate it tonight. >> that's sincere. >> right. >> here comes th
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jessica chastain's italian i-dos. jessica stunning in a strapless gown designed by riccardo tisci. her a-list guest included emily blount, anne hathaway and her husband adam shulman. chastain says gian luca's family owns the estate. she's been dating the fashion exec since 2012 #. >> we're just private. we've been together almost five years. ♪ extra >> scarlett johansson and michael kors just one of the stars turning heads. we have all the looks and must-see moments you didn't see on the show. it is tonight's loreal paris get the look. >> olivia wilde and her plunging neckline. in her own michael kors number. chrissy teigen gorgeous.
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tina fey she is taking a fashion risk. >> lapointe. i've never worn anything like that. >> but the tonys red carpet really all about the blue. >> who are you wearing this evening? >> christian siriano. >> josh gad. >> cynthia nixon asking for a dress by rosie. >> amanda would never wear anything like this. it is completely charlotte. i went all charlotte. ♪ >> kevin spacey killing it as host. >> i love the theater. i love celebrating. >> telling us how he prepared for broadway's biggest day. >> i try to see every show on broadway. >> sense of humor poking fun of rumors about him coming out of the closet. ♪ i'm coming out -- no. wait. no. >> and this show-stopping moment. note to show producers, don't tryo
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musical with bette midler. >> shut that crap off. >> chrissy and her husband john legend packing on the pda backstage after his big tony win on stage. for everything you didn't see and all the gorgeous gowns, a full gallery at up next, new pics. the first shots of christina el moussa with her new boyfriend. >> how does her ex tarek feel about her moving on? from prison bars to baby bumps. "orange is the new black" star laura revealing how she's getting ready for her little girl with fiancee ben foster. plus, kerry washington on the final season of "scandal." >> go big or go home. >> "extra" brought to you by loreal paris. because you're worth it.
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coming up, why kerry washington says it's time to go big or go home on "scandal". and jamie foxx's go-to jam in the car. it's all coming up. ♪ extra, extra
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♪ extra, extra all right. now let's send it across universal with tracey and charissa are getting help breaking down all the items on social media today. >> thank you very much, mario. today we have a superb guest mark wright covering stories with us. today you will help us with the "extra" feed, right? >> i'm in. >> already. >> let's do it. >> kate beckinsale and husband coming together for their daughter's graduation. >> i know you know michael, right? >> yes.
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played in a soccer match with him last year. i was playing for england. pretty good goal to be there. pretty good. i lived with him for a week. he's a great guy. >> that smile and hand holding pretty clear hgtv's "flip or flop" star christina el moussa has found a new love. >> safe to say she's doing flip-flops today. look at those boots. >> i love those boots. i'm sure her new man doug loves those boots too. >> tsome z is reporting that tarek, her ex, said he's not jealous at all seeing his ex date other men. if she's happy, he's happy. >> "orange is the new black" finally on netflix. the entire cast coming out to celebrate. and excited to see laura prepon growing a baby bump. she is having a baby with fiancee ben foster. >> she'll be coming to work with
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haven't watched already. >> it is over three days. the energy is very condensed. they usually end up getting into some trouble. >> i'm a huge binge watcher of "house of cards". are you, mark? >> i love the crown. >> of course you do. >> the queen. >> there was absolutely no time for a.j. to binge watch anything over the weekend. he was at yankee stadium with his whole family for jerry and jessica seinfeld. >> the seinfelds are good friends of mine. i'm more than honored to be here with a $50,000 check from bank of america for his foundation. >> later mark will take you on a new interview with jamie foxx. what is one word to describe him? >> funnest bunch of people i have ever met. >> fantastic. kerry washington is in the driver's seat. at the "cars 3" premiere. >> pretty in pink and revving up the re
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>> how are you? >> i'm good. how are you? >> i'm really good, thank you. >> kerry washington with our carrie seymour. >> oscar de la renta. >> and giant "cars 3" premiere. >> it is so fun to be in something that my kids can watch. because "scandal" is not appropriate. are you listening, kids? you're not watching my tv show. this movie, tune in. >> in the latest lap around the pixar track. >> i never get to the end. >> playing a car who is a racing analyst. >> 1.23%. >> i saw the movie with my daughter and my mother. so it was really fun to be able to watch it with, you know, all three generations. >> kerry saying hello to the "cars" franchise, preparing to say good-bye to "scandal." >> we get to lay it ll on the table. go big o
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in the driver's seat. >> oh, is that right? >> just hoping to get his 3-year-old son into the disney racers ride. >> i think he's a little short for doing this. maybe we can, you know, bend the rules and let him ride it. >> and bringing his family to the premiere, playing the ultra fast, super sleek jackson storm who races it out with lightning mcqueen. >> would you be up for it? >> oh, yeah. i'll be way more expensive then. tell the pixar guys, they're going to have to pay up. >> "cars 3" shoots into theaters friday. coming up, "extra"'s new a-list interview with jamie foxx. aka -- >> i'm denzel washington. and wall scaling and celebrity competitors. "american ninja warrior" is back tonight. and a sneak peek and challenge for mario. look out, blair. the new "extra". >> is on trend. >> on point. >> on top. >> you heard it he
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>> done differently. >> yeah! >> the new ultra-connected "extra". only one show is your ultimate source for emmy award-winning entertainment news. >> extra, extra. >> dude. >> we have something in common. >> we're everywhere. >> cheers! >> two-time emmy award-winning "extra". >> this is so fun.
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next "extra", scarlett's summer shenanigans. >> this is so much fun. she is showing off her wild side in her raunchy new comedy, next "extra".
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♪ extra, extra mark wright is back with me now. you're welcome, ladies at home. i know i just sat down with the stars of "baby driver." i can only imagine how cool it is. >> they are all so cool. jamie foxx was so immense 37. jamie foxx made me feel so comfortable when i first walked in. >> barbie and ken get it? >> barbie's mom. >> it is an action-packed drama. in baby driver kevin spacey is the crime boss. jon hamm is part of the crime scene. >> i'll work out when i'm done. >> and the getaway driver known p>> baby. >> baby. >> and of course, this guy. >> i'm denzel washington. >> all of them, including jamie foxx. bad guys on
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>> you mean barbie's ken? >> you're making me blush. >> lily plays baby's girlfriend. >> baby. >> making me feel like an old friend. >> good to have a grip. >> your name is diamond in this movie. >> yes. >> we would say hello, darling. >> hello, darling. >> yeah! >> music with a starring role as baby come back by listening to tunes while he drives. ♪ >> tequila. >> which is why the cast spent so much time -- >> karaoking. >> we did a lot of karaoke. >> karaoke. >> elvis. >> it brings us to our rapid-fire quiz. if you have to listen to a song to get you in the car mode, what would it be? >> get out. >> romantic mood. >> i don't like words to distract me.
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>> i have to end this. >> catch "baby driver" in theaters june 28th. ♪ extra >> new obstacles, new cities await competitors on americ"american ninja warrior". here's what we can expect. what's going on? >> good to see you. this is season 9. unbelievable. >> we thought we had to make it a lot bigger, a lot better. so we have done that with new obstacles. >> are you still shooting at night? >> yeah, we are. we shoot all through the night. that makes it extremely difficult for the competitors to compete at 3:00 in the morning, 4:00 in the morning. some are nocturnal ninjas. >> those are club hours back in the day. >> now you also have some celebs competing, right? >> yes. >> who impressed you.
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>> the red nose challenge. this is the guy that plays the green arrow. he has a ladder in his cage. and he comes out and absolutely destroys it. >> who would you like to see come out there in the future? >> i've been calling you out for a long time, man. >> i'm ready, man. i'm ready! they asked me last time, but i couldn't schedule wise. look out, player. look out when i get there. >> i want to see you there. >> well, congrats. >> thank you so much. >> great to see you. please be sure to catch him on the season premiere of "american ninja warrior" tonight on nbc.
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extra, extra ♪ >> that's going to do it for us today. for the latest entertainment news go to see you tomorrow, everyone. bye. >> next extra, scarlett's summer shenanigans. >> this is so fun. >> how she is showing off her wild side in her raunchy new comedy. next "extra". >> welcome home, lisa g.
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love/hate, romance. >> how do cars do that. >> yeah, scandal's, kerri washington bringing r rated sensibility to an interview about a squeaky kids film. plays stats obsessed sportscaster. >> ability to
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racing line every lap. >> lightning mcqueen getting older. >> mentor role. >> in the same way doc hudson was a mentor for him. >> i don't know. i got nothing. >> larry the cable guy, beating heart of the franchise. >> my why said watching mater is like watching me around the house. wouldn't say there is much difference. except weight, outweighs me by 200 pound. >> only 200 pound. >> only 200 pounds. >> i put on weight to do this, you didn't know that. >> this little cocktail party is coming alife. >> quick movie review, the 6-year-old i watched "cars 3" with loved it. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> his own kid there, nick is talking about. >> no, found a stranger. wanted excuse to see the movie. >> what are you doing? disney is behind cars 3. >> first one was great. got to see 2 now. watch 3 be caught up.
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making news in america this morning, the warriors victorious. golden state taking home the nba championship trophy dominating lebron james and the cavaliers. the moment between mvp kevin durant and his mom. look at that excitement. plus, fans still celebrating right now. jeff sessions heads to capitol hill today to answer questions about his relationship with russian officials and the white house is firing back overnight after a friend of the president said he is considering firing robert mueller who is in charge of the russia probe. we're live in washington. record heat gripping the country. where the oppressive temperatures are today plus the powerful tornado caught on camera. check out this woman's seemingly relaxed while riding on the road of a car speeding down a highway. we have the details behind the


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