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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 13, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. attorney general jeff sessions in the hot seat facing a high stakes senate hearing. questions about his secret meetings with the russians and his role in firing james comey. now the startling headline from one of trump's closest friends. he says the president is considering firing robert mueller the man leading the russia investigation. breaking news, former nba star dennis rodman landing in north korea overnight during a period of high tension. his spokesperson saying he'll use his friendship with both trump and north korea's leader to, quote, open a door. how the state department is responding this morning. 30 tornadoes reported in the heartland. >> oh, no. >> this powerful twister leveling a house in seconds as a record-breaking heat wave scorches the country. new highs from the
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the northeast. some cities feel like 100 degrees forcing schools to close early to beat the heat. ♪ redemption for golden state. >> and golden again. the warriors, the new nba champs getting revenge on the cleveland cavaliers and king james. mvp kevin durant as steph curry connected for a huge night and the big mystery. what did durant whisper in curry's ear with his daughter riley right there. now the mvp is sitting down with us right here on "gma." >> good morning, america. from your 2017 nba champion golden state warriors and finals mvp. and good morning, america. what a night, what a season for kevin durant and the golden state warriors, second title in
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because of the champagne all flowing in the locker room after. it was a true family celebration. that's the mvp's mom. enjoying the moment with her son. i love when she yanked on his goatee. of course, what about riley? yes, always stealing the show dancing with daddy. >> you know, of course, the team was so excited, they were going crazy in the locker room. that's what the goggles are for as you said earlier, robin and the fans, they were celebrating as well as they should with a fireworks show outside oracle arena last night and t.j. holmes was lucky enough to be there to witness it all. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you guys. yes, talk about that champagne. well, you can still smell the champagne. this is the actual trophy we're celebrating with last night and what a night it was. like you say what a season. this is something that the bay area actually has been waiting 43 years to see. this is something that the golden state warriors have been waitinno
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back and this was also something that one player in particular has been waiting a lifetime for. he got it last night and he could not wait to celebrate with his momma. this finals victory was a family celebration for kevin durant, stephen curry and the warriors who got their redemption and revenge against the cleveland cavaliers. the warriors shut down any hope of a finals comeback this year and finished off the cavs in game five to win their second title in three years over cleveland. >> the warriors are nba champions again. >> reporter: durant and his first year with the warriors had 39 points and was named finals mvp. >> i told you when i was 8 years old. we did it. yeah. >> reporter: he was overcome with emotion before the final buzzer. >> how about kevin durant over here, emotional. >> reporter: in the end holding back tears, he gave credit to his mother who he calls the real mvp. >> look at
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>> reporter: spectacular plays were mixed with some bad blood in game five. >> all the way to the rim. >> reporter: with their backs against the wall the cavaliers didn't back down hoping for a repeat of last year's historic comeback but lebron this year just didn't have enough. >> curry, three, bam. >> i have reason to put my head down or look back on what i could have done better for the team. i love everything i had out on the floor every single game. >> reporter: the warriors capped off an historic playoff one losing only once and what's a celebration without a fan favorite, riley curry. all right, yes, riley and his younger daughter ryan talked to stephen about his younger daughter. they were bouncing up and down and looked like he was going to drop her for a second but joked he had enough turnovers, i wasn't going to have another with my daughter. you'll hear more from kevin durant a little later when we talked about why that celebration wit
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championship wasn't the biggest one he's had with his mom in his career, guys. but what a night for the golden state warriors. >> we remember when he won the mvp that one year and how he talked about his mother and was so emotional talking about all that she means to him. >> only his mom can grab him by his face on national tv and say you did this, boy. we'll see more of your interview later on in the next half hour, t.j., so thank you for that. over to you, george. >> we move on to a high stakes day in our capitol. president trump heading to wisconsin with ivanka. it's part of what the white house calls workforce development week. more cameras focus on jeff sessions appearing to testify about the russia investigation. abc will air that as a special report this afternoon and this morning, major questions about the man leading the investigation. is the president considering firing special counsel robert mueller. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega has the latest on all that. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning to you.
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story here. a close friend of president trump says he is considering firing robert mueller. but the white house says this friend did not meet with the president and that he does not speak for him. this morning, a bombshell from a longtime friend of president trump's, chris ruddy, newsmax's ceo and abc news contributor says the president is considering firing special counsel robert mueller, the man leading the investigation into possible ties between russia and the trump campaign. >> i think he's considering perhaps terminating the special counsel. i think he's weighing that option. i mean, robert mueller, there's some real conflicts. >> reporter: but the white house is pushing back. a senior white house aide tells abc news there are no private conversations happening about firing mueller, a spokeswoman says ruddy speaks for himself. today all eyes on what is expected to be yet another explosive hearing on capitol hill. the attorney general will publicly testify before the senate intelligence
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dealings with the russians during encounters like this, the russian ambassador at trump's first major foreign policy address at a d.c. hotel last april, jeff sessions there too. sessions recused himself from the russia investigation during his testimony last week, former fbi director james comey hinted there's more to it. >> we also were aware of facts that i can't discuss in an open setting that would make his continued engagement in a russia-related investigation problematic. >> reporter: sessions was right there in the white house monday for the president's first full cabinet meeting. >> you set the exact right message and it's being responded -- the response is fab around the country. >> reporter: the cameras allowed in too and cabinet members taking turns to one by one lavish praise on their boss. >> mr. president, we thank you for the opportunity and the blessing that you've given us to serve your agenda. >> greatest privilege of my life is to serve as vice president to a president who's keeng
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>> reporter: the president gave himself high marks too. >> i will say that never has there been a president with few exceptions, case of fdr, he had a major depression to handle, who's passed more legislation, who's done more things than what we've done. >> reporter: we've never seen a cabinet meeting like that but a major question, will sessions limit his testimony by invoking executive privilege? sean spicer told us it depends on the scope of the questions. the president, he is tweeting this morning on his favorite topic, take a look saying the fake news media has never been so wrong or dirty. prurpsly incorrect stories and phony sources to meet their agenda of hate. sad. george, no indication of exactly which stories he is fired up about. >> seems like that was probably the story about the special counsel and chris ruddy sent me a text where he said sean spicer didn't deny my claim then he goes on to say memo to
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focus your efforts on expo exposing -- >> when jeff sessions goes before the senate intelligence committee this afternoon, these are some of the key questions he'll likely face. how many times did he meet with russians? did he perjury himself in previous statements about his russia contacts? and why did he stay involved in the firing of james comey? and will he contradict comey's testimony which could set up another showdown. for more let's go to mary bruce in the room where that hearing will get under way. good morning, mary. >> good morning, robin. in just a few hours jeff sessions will be sitting right here. this is his first appearance before a senate panel since becoming attorney general and it is going to be a high-stakes spotlight for sessions but one he welcomed and specifically offered to appear before this panel so that he could address these mounting questions about russia and he wanted to do it here, in this room, in this panel before the american people.
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now, while he is eager to address these matters head on he could also decline to answer questions about those private conversations he had with the president and, robin, that is not likely to go over well in this room especially among democrats. >> we know in that room last week, comey faced some tough questions, and that's what's going to happen perhaps with jeff sessions today. who should we be looking for, the senators. >> reporter: sessions is going to be appearing here before at least 15 ♪ come home early after class of his former senate colleagues but that does not mean they will go easy on him. he is likely to be grilled here today. now, two people that we'll keep a close on, kamala harris, the freshman democrat from california. the former prosecutor and at last week's hearing with james comey she spent the bulk of her time focused on questions about session, possibly laying the groundwork for some of what we'll hear today. now, over on the other side, marco rubio, the republican from florida, look to see who are the fiercest defenders of the president. harsh on comey defending the president. see if he'll do more of that here today.
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robin. >> we will see. mary, thank you. george. >> okay, thanks, i'm here with the former speaker of the house newt gingrich a sounding board for president trump with a new book "understanding trump." let's begin with robert mueller. you've been critical of mr. mueller as well. a couple weeks ago you said -- actually on friday you said republicans need to focus on closing down the independent counsel because it clearly isn't independent. you believe president trump should order -- >> i don't think trump should do anything but the congressional republicans ought to look into it. his first four hires were all democrats. one of them had worked for the clinton foundation, one of them -- two cases deliberately hid evidence from the defense, one of which was repudiated by 9-0 by the supreme court. these are bad people. >> bad people. >> bad people. i mean, these are people who are going to be after trump. >> ken star -- >> he did not hire a single republican in the first wave. >> i had ken
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independent counsel and said this is a fantastic team of complete professionals. >> well, ken starr and i live in two different universes then. when the first four people you hire all donated to the democrats and hillary when one case, they were basically represent prix mappeded by the supreme court for hiding evidence in a case which cost 85,000 people their jobs, i am very dubious about the team that mueller is -- >> you bring up this issue of political contributions back when ken starr was independent counsel he himself had given a lot of political contributions to republicans yet you and others supported that effort. >> that's right and i think we're in a different world and i think if you look at the intensity of where we are right now, whether it is somebody holding up the bleeding head of the president or a new york play showing the assassination of the president, we are in a period where if people think this is going to be a neutral, professional investigation, i think they're delusional. >> you yourself a couple weeks ago had a tweet where you said
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choice to be special counsel and his reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. media should now calm down. appointed to senior positions by five presidents including ronald reagan and both bushes. >> and i began to change with comey with an arrogant statement pointed out that he felt he had the right to leak to "the new york times" specific -- he said this is his words, specifically in order to get a special counsel. a special counsel happens to be his close friend. >> this was a decision by the president's own attorney general, deputy attorney general. >> deputy attorney general. >> deputy attorney general. >> which -- >> how is that called into question. >> which comey said he deliberately set out to force and the first four people mueller hires are all democrats. now, i understand that in the world of washington we have these fancy terms, this is part of why i wrote "understanding trump," because i think trump represents a different world. i think establishment has been traumatized b
7:14 am
and i think things go on right now that are unthinkable. i'm operating -- doesn't seem to affect the news media. i'm operating in a world where someone can hold up the head of a bleeding president and -- >> neither one of those is robert mueller. >> no, but they set the tone. 97% of the political contributions in the justice department went to hillary clinton. now, if i'm looking at a culture where 97% of the donations went to clinton, do i think maybe that culture might be biased. >> you're? us saying if that's your point you're saying anybody cannot be -- cannot investigate the president. >> comey appointed fitzpatrick back when comey was assistant attorney general and comey knew at the time that there was no crime involved and he knew who had leaked. obscure case except that case then let fitzpatrick for a year during the bush -- i'm telling you -- here's what's going to happen. they're going to go out and not going to get trump. they'll annoy him but
7:15 am
poor person exactly like scooter libby who -- >> the president did not wrong, what does he are to worry about? that's my whole point. scooter libby did nothing wrong and ended up going to jail. he did nothing wrong, was not part of the case and the independent counsel was trying to flip him to get dick chainsmokers. independent counsels are very dangerous. >> the book is called "understanding trump." thanks very much. i'll anchor our live coverage starting at 2:30 eastern. you can get breaking news alerts on the testimony throughout the day by downloading the abc news app. that breaking news former nba star dennis rodman in north korea visiting amid high tensions. let's go to our chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz, and, martha, we know rodman has met with the north korean dictator before. he says he's, what, going to try to open a door with this trip? how? >> reporter: yeah, robin, rodman's publicist says the former nba player is in the rare position of being friends with the leaders of both north korea and the united states, rodman was, indeed a
7:16 am
seasons of president trump's "celebrity apprentice" and while walking through the beijing airport rodman was asked if he had spoken to president trump about this and he said, well, i'm pretty sure he's happy with the fact i'm over here trying to accomplish something we both need. but a state department spokesman said while they are aware of the rodman trip and wished him well, he also reminded everyone that this comes at a time when americans are being warned not to travel to north korea, robin. >> very well. because this is a very threatening time, martha. >> reporter: it really is, robin. it is a threatening time with kim jong-un testing missiles and on the verge of once again testing a nuclear weapon and donald trump has said the u.s. will not put up with that, robin. >> all right, martha, thank you. now amy has the morning's other top stories starting with a very difficult story. a police officer being killed in the line of duty. >> that's right. we are just getting word this morning that a suspect has been captured in connection with that killing of an arkansas police lieutena
7:17 am
was shot during an encounter with the suspect northeast of little rock on monday. weatherford, a 15-year veteran, leaves behind a young family. well, more than 1500 people have been arrested during protests against government corruption in russia. some chanting, putin is a thief. a top putin critic has been sentenced to 30 days behind bars. new images of alleged nsa leaker behind bars reality winner. she was caught on camera doing some yoga poses at the georgia jail where she is being held right now pleaded not guilty to leaking a classified document on russian hacking. look at that. in houston a woman was riding on the hood of a car driving quite fast down the highway. police are now trying to locate the vehicle's owner. well, for an explanation. the white house has a new fashion trendsetter. 11-year-old barron trump has sparked a run on t-shirts at j. crew. th
7:18 am
now completely sold out. giving new meaning to the word expertise. >> barron is tall. >> yeah, he is tall, right. >> oh, boy. i need to get one of those t-shirts now. we'll turn to the weather, the wild weather. there are dozens of tornadoes reported across the plains and as that record heat here in the northeast and to rob marciano and, rob, is there more heat on the way? is that possible. >> it is. today will be another hot one. as a matter of fact, it's 78 degrees but humidity levels are high and feels like 80. check out the record temperatures tomorrow. burping up the screen here in times square. 95 in d.c., 95 in providence, tied a record or broken in worcester, mass, 90 there. feels like 100 in many spots, caught and heat advisories in effect for philadelphia and parts of the new york city metro area. cooling centers have been set up and some schools closing because of that severe weather yesterday. dozens of tornadoes reported. there were injuries and another on i
7:19 am
more severe weather coming today. - cooler, less humid thursday - hot and very humid for father's day weekend today: hot and humid. isolated pm thunderstorm. highs: 90-95 winds: w to sw 5-10 mph tonight: partly cloudy. warm and muggy. lows: 68-75 winds: wsw 5 mph wednesday: partly to mostly cloudy. not as hot, still humid. highs: 83-88
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why needs a great how. >> anchor: good morning, washington! i'm melanie hastings. here is a check of your stop stories. in a few hours attorney general jeff sessions will testify. he'll answer questions under oath about his involvement in the firing of genomic james comey. sessions could claim executive privilege to avoid questions. the hearing is set to standard around 2:30 this afternoon. for the second time in 3 years the gold state warriors are the nba champions. a large rogues, prince georges county native kevin durante finished game 5 with fifth straight 30 performance. he continued with 39 points, warriors win 129 to 120 taking
7:24 am
his first narrator: the washington post endorses dr. ralph northam. mr. northam uld make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way.
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>> reporter: good news is today is the final day of our heat wave. it will be another hot one, even higher humidity forecast for today. going for a temperature of 94. the record, 96 will cool off after that. look at the heat index values for the afternoon starting around 11:00 a.m. to lunchtime, over 95 degrees for several hour s so really, you'll need to take it easy today. cooler temperatures tomorrow, but tracking some showers and storms fairly likely tomorrow, even on father's day there is a chance through monday, cooling down next week. >> reporter: sounds like a great afternoon to be pool side. you need the ac on the ride in. we have heavy volume delays for folks about everywhere, earlier issue inner loop beltway between branch and st. barnabas road, heavy volume from at least branch avenue toward the wilson street bridge. 270 southbou
7:27 am
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life's as big as you make it. welcome back to "gma" and that is last night's finals mvp kevin durant accepting his finals trophy holding it up there proud of himself and his team, the golden state warriors after they won the nba championship. >> yeah, then he went one-on-one with t.j. holmes and said, you see there, that he was praying for a champagne shower in the locker room for a long time. you can see he got his wish. we'll have a lot more of that interview with t.j. coming up and more on the celebration. >> thinking of that moment since he was a child, he said. >> good for him. a big day on capitol hill. jeff sessions preparing to testify about the russia investigation this afternoon. as president trump and his daughter ivanka head to milwaukee where he will lead a business round table on job training as part of what the white house says workforce development week. we are feeling the heat from the rockies to the
7:31 am
temperatures soar into the 90s. schools in philadelphia, new jersey, connecticut closing early because of the forecast. bill cosby's fate in the hands of the jury after the defense rested their case calling just one witness before launching a dramatic closing argument. our linsey davis is outside the courthouse in pennsylvania. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. dramatic, indeed. bill cosby's lead attorney is a master showman. during closing arguments he pounded the table and pointed his finger. he shouted, he whispered but will it all be enough to keep bill cosby out of prison? the jury deliberated for four hours last night, so far they've asked two question, both of them prosecution friendly. this morning, bill cosby's fate is in the hands of a jury. the comedian opted not to take the witness stand in his own defense, the defense called only one witness to testify, a police detective before quickly resting its case after just six minutes.
7:32 am
like people to know about your husband? >> reporter: monday morning camille cosby, the mwife of the man once revered appeared showing the same calm demeanor as when she escorted him in head up with a demure smile. >> she came here holding his hand. you got to see her. it wasn't a show. it was real. it was real love. 53 years that they have been together and she was here to show that i'm not going to stand for this, i stand by my husband. >> reporter: mrs. cosby sat in the front row seeing no emotion while the defense gave a blustery closing argument painting her husband as an adulterer but not a criminal. at one point her husband's lawyer gestured at mrs. cosby shouting she deserved better. across the courtroom, andrea constand set composed and calm. she's the woman at the heart of this trial who accuses cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her in 2004.
7:33 am
cosby's own words incriminate him referring to a deposition from 2005 where he admitted to obtaining quaaludes prior to sexual encounters with women. the d.a. attempted to explain away any inconsistencies in constand's statements saying she spent more time trying to forget what happened rather than trying to remember. deliberations continue this morning. the jury is now asking to see excerpts from cosby's 2005 deposition. if convicted he would have to register as a sex offender and the d.a.'s office is already saying they would ask for him to be put behind bars immediately even prior po sentencing. >> linsey, thank you. we bring in veteran trial lawyer mark geragos, always good to spend time with you and get your perspective. you've been involved in a lot of cases like this. when do you expect we will hear back from the jury and what do you expect that we'll hear? >> well, i wld
7:34 am
that the questions that they're asking and the fact they've been out for more than four hours indicates that at least there is a split or that they're going through the evidence in a very deliberative manner. generally in a case where the defense does not put on a defense and in effect that's what happened here, they basically tried the case within the prosecution's case. so it used to be a saying it's a rare case that gets better for the defense after the prosecution rests. this case is exactly that. you can already see that the jurors are talking about what did he say? and that's almost always the case in a criminal case. it doesn't matter what the prosecution's case is. they always want to know what did the defendant say. >> a hung jury? a possibility here? >> i think it's entirely -- yeah, i think it's entirely possible there is a hung jury here. i think given the age of the accusations, given the political overtones of the filing of the case which i think everybody is aware of and the
7:35 am
composition of the jury, i think that if you were to do a bell curve of results here that the great majority would fall within the idea that there could be a hung jury which is just as legitimate as a guilty or a not guilty. i mean, there's nothing that -- i suppose it's unsatisfying to people but a hung jury is just as legitimate. >> you mentioned the defense's strategy. only calling one witness, lasting six minutes. not putting cosby on the stand. you agree with that? >> yes, absolutely. i didn't think that -- i know there was speculation last week he would be put on the stand. i didn't think there was any chance they would put him on the stand. once you have that deposition, once that was entered into evidence, there was no chance that any real trial lawyer was going to put the client on the stand at that point because that's just going to -- it's going to -- it can only be downside. there's no reward in that situation, especially somebody at his age and given that the amount of
7:36 am
problems that could be brought up by a cross-examination of him and potentially leading to other accusers being admitted as rebuttal evidence so there was no chance he was ever going to take the stand in this case. >> yeah, a lot of people felt that way, mark, always good to get your perspective. thanks so much. we'll see what happens. >> good to see you, robin. >> take care. coming up in two minutes outrage growing over megyn kelly's interview with alex jones. the huge backlash this morning.
7:37 am
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now to the backlash over megyn kelly's interview with joins jones. parents of children killed in the sandy hook shooting are outraged because he said they were a hoax. paula faris here with the story. >> good morning. fury and fallout over this interview and it's not just parents of sandy hook victims who are asking for the story to never see the light of day. alex jones is saying he was lie
7:39 am
should have never done the interview. this morning, megyn kelly facing a wave of fury over an upcoming interview with popular far right radio show host and conspiracy theorist alex jones. >> the whole thing is a black hole of lies. >> reporter: families of some of the victims of the 2012 sandy hook shooting outraged the nbc journalist is providing a platform for jones who in the past has called the sandy hook massacre a hoax. >> sandy hook is a synthetic completely fake with actors in my view manufactured. >> well, sandy hook is complex because i've had debates where devil's advocate said it's true and debates where i said that none of it is true. >> when you say parents faked their children's death, people get very angry. >> well, they don't get angry about the sanctions or --
7:40 am
>> that's a dodge. >> reporter: christina hassinger whose daughter was killed in the shooting tweeting this piece of actual garbage encourages people to call my mom's death a hoax and harass other sandy hook families. shame on you. nelba tweeting photos. here you go, megyn kelly. her name is ana grace. say her name, stare at it. in response to critics kelly tweeted president trump has given the website a press credential saying many don't know him and her job is to shine a light. >> they said over the phone we don't want to go there. we might just briefly ask you about it. >> reporter: jones responding to the controversy overnight apologizing for trusting kelly saying he was deceived. his words twitted. he's also calling for the interview which is slated to run on father's day to be shelved. >> in the interest of the families of sandy hook
7:41 am
with them. that this piece not air because it misrepresents what i stand for and what i've said and uses me as a sock puppet out of context with edited video to hurt people's feelings and drive a wedge in this country. >> alex jones has long backed off his theory sandy hook was a hoax and reached out to him as well as megyn kelly and nbc and have not received any comments but kelly's executive producer tells cnn, quote, as journalists it is our job to interview newsmakers no matter -- >> what other backlash. >> one advertiser pulled out, j.b. morgan chase pulled out of all local tv ads and she was supposed to emcee an event tomorrow in washington, you guys, for sandy hook promise, an advocacy group for gun violence and no longer will be hosting and asking she not air this interview as well. >> let's talk to dan abrams, more about this. you run the media websites and going to put on your news analyst hat and
7:42 am
jones say megyn kelly is using him. are they using each other? >> sure, but i don't think this is a close call. i mean what alex jones says is often reprehensible. sometimes it's crazy. he's also incredibly influential. he has a lot of followers and the president of the united states himself has cited him favorably talked about how much he supports alex jones. the notion that the answer to that is to ignore him is absurd. i mean, what journal i haves do every day is to take someone like that who is influential and who is controversy and to ask hard questions. we haven't even seen the interview yet. if she does a softball interview let's criticize her but until then the notion that nbc shouldn't even put him on the air, i've interviewed murderers before, so has every major network and we don't get this kind of backlash. >> the question comes down to how influential is he and how important is he. she was using
7:43 am
saying most people don't know him. is it right to give someone like that a platform even if you are questioning -- >> but the key is you have to expose people like this. you have to challenge them. i think he is a big enough deal. i mean, look, the fact that we're talking about it and so many people are talking about it, why? because i guess he's a big enough deal. he is influential enough that i think that people -- >> talking about it because it's going on the show. >> yeah, but the point is that he is -- he is influential. is it a small group comparatively? yes, but what he says ends up mattering to a lot of people and i think it's really important that megyn kelly ask very tough questions of him. try to point out inconsistencies, highlight some of the flaws in what he says and say to him, hey, what are you doing a lot of the time and let's wait and see if she does that. >> it's clear that alex jones thinks she's -- >> alex jones is loving the attention for this so now he's -- this falls right into hi
7:44 am
corrupt. he knew it was going to be edited when he did it. of course, it was going to be ed edited. >> dan abrams, paula faris, thanks very much. michael. thank you, george. coming up in two minutes we're going one-on-one with mvp kevin durant after his huge win last night. and we'll hear what he's saying about the moment with his mom and the trophy he's wanted since he was 10 years old. summer took a hit this morning when frankie popped the alligator floaty. plus, the snacks and drinks are gone, people. and one of us used up all the sunscreen! i wonder who... . we're gonna need some reinforcements...quick. copy that. walgreens makes it easy when summer needs a little help. your summer base camp is just around the corner so you can get in, out and back to those summer shenanigans. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy®. this week, redeem balance wards points and get a coupon for 10 times everyday points.
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the simple blood test. it's the only way to know for sure. ♪ we are back now with nba finals mvp kevin durant who went one-on-one with t.j. after golden state's huge win last night. good morning, t.j. what's up? >> reporter: yeah, stra, let me clarify. when you say go one-on-one, that's daunting when you think about doing that on the court with kevin durant. he lit up the cavaliers in the series. in five games scored 38, 33, 31, 35 and last night 39 points and last night he got the moment he's been waiting for since he was a kid. when he came out to talk to me he was carrying a new piece of hardware.
7:47 am
around. >> man. >> ain't going to sit it down. >> it smells like champagne. >> i've been praying for a champagne shower in the locker room for a long time. experience is next level. >> how long have you been waiting for this? think back. how long? >> since i was 10, 11 years old, man, and first watching the finals as a kid and seeing how important it is to basketball, you know what i'm saying. i achieved a lot of individual success in this league and -- but this is a team sport. i'm not playing golf. i'm not playing tennis, you know, this is a team sport and i just try to do my best for the team. >> have you ever had a moment in your career that you shared with your mom like the moment you shared with your mom? >> i've shared so many moments with my mom that a lot don't realize that are way more important than basketball but to win, you know, to do something i love to do and she knows i love it so much and she knows how much i come home at night and
7:48 am
play the game and there's so many different emotions she sees in me as my mom. you mom can sense anything but to experience this with her and she knows how important it is to me, you know, it's something we'll talk about for the rest of our lives. >> so much of the debate about whether or not you are now -- should be considered the best player in the world. >> that's -- >> no, not at all. i know who i am and what i can bring to the table as a basketball player. that's all that matters. i'm going to enjoy this championship with my team. it's not about me. it's about the group. it's about the golden state warriors. >> what's the conversation that you and lebron having on the court? >> that's the -- me and lebron became friends but when you become friends you become even bigger competitors and you compete against each other on another level. he appreciates what i bring, i appreciate what he brings to the table. >> what are y'all sayin t
7:49 am
other. >> it's nothing serious. >> what are you saying. >> i told him we're tied 1-1 in the finals after the game. he beat me in 2012. i beat him in 2017 and he said, let's do it again and we'll see what happens next season but for right now, i got the leg up this year so i'll ride this wave for awhile. get back to work when i'm ready. >> congratulations. >> thank you. thank you. >> i don't know if you can tell but kevin durant was shaking when he came out to talk to me. i said, is that nerves? still on edge? he said, no, man, i'm drenched in champagne. i'm cold right now. another moment that a lot of people were talking about last night, he whispered and leaned over and whispered something close in steph curry's ear and everybody has talking about this moment and steph curry just cracked up laughing. now, we don't know for sure what he said but what would you all guess he could have possibly said to stephen curry that caused that
7:50 am
>> i -- >> i have no idea. >> i have no -- >> tell us. >> do you know? >> do you know, t.j. >> we don't know for sure. i'm guessing he said you know t.j. will have to buy a place in the bay area because we'll be back every year for the next five years. they are that good, guys and we'll probably be back again. a lot of people think, yes, we will be right back here. >> they'll enjoy this one first. just enjoy this. >> he wasn't concerned about being the best player in the league but he is part of the best team in the league. thanks for covering that. >> you're the best. >> you're the best and safe flight back home. >> you can take him on one-on-one. >> no, he can't. and when we come back we'll talk with "bachelor" host chris harrison about what went on with "bachelor in paradise," that scandal and ginger takes us inside the late carrie fisher's home and the "star wars" director's chair and so much more ahead. comen
7:51 am
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7:54 am
welcome back to "gma." the cooldown. the last day of heat and temperatures rapidly drop off to 70 here over the next couple of days. snow in the bitterroots of idaho. this weat tom went to washington to take on the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work.
7:55 am
to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone. "good morning america" is brought to you by atlantis, paradise island bahamas. visit now.
7:56 am
>> anchor: good morning, washington! i'm melanie hastings. today is primary day for governor in virginia. on the republic side, there are 3 candidates. former rnc chairman, ed galeeps py. board of supervisor chairman corey stewart, and state senator brian wagner. on the democratic side, a tight race between lieutenant governo0 p.m. tonight. new overnight, the remains of 3 fallen soldiers killed in afghanistan arrived at dover airport base. vice president mike pence was there for the dignified transfer among the soldiers killed sergeant eric houck, the 25 years old along with 2 other soldiers, one from california and another from north carolina were all members of the 101st airbornedi
7:57 am
record setting heat. here is veronica johnson with your forecast. >> reporter: good news is today is the final day of our heat wave. it will be another hot one, even higher humidity forecast for today. going for a temperature of 94. the record, 96 will cool off after that. look at the heat index values for the afternoon starting around 11:00 a.m. to lunchtime, over 95 degrees for several hours so really, you'll need to take it easy today. cooler temperatures tomorrow, but tracking some showers and storms fairly likely tomorrow, even on father's day there is a chance through monday, cooling down next week. >> reporter: temperatures dipping into the red which means we're certainly in store for a hot day. lots of red on the map , means you'll see lots of brake lights on the ride. 270 southbound, earlier incident near 28, has been cleared to the right shoulder. still stowing stop and go for trips out of german town. a steady trip fm
7:58 am
field mixing bowl, inner loop 495 all the way to the american legion bridge. 66 stacked up eastbound against the beltway, 234 in manassas. >> anchor: thanks. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. we'll see you narrator: the washington post endorses dr. ralph northam. mr. northam uld make the better governor. and virginia progressives agree. ralph northam is the only candidate who stood up to the nra after the virginia tech shooting. dr. northam led the fight to stop the republicans' transvaginal ultrasound law. ralph is a leader for education, expanding pre-k for thousands of families in virginia. ralph northam: making progress means taking on tough fights, and as governor, i won't let donald trump stand in our way.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the attorney general in the hot seat this morning for a high stakes senate hearing and his role in firing james comey, he says trump is considering whether to fire robert mueller, the man in charge of the russia investigation. trouble in paradise. a bachelor scandal, shocking allegations of misconduct on the set of the summer reality show. shooting now suspended. all the contestants sent home. an investigation now under way. host chris harrison speaks out this morning. ♪ what incredible treasures exist right inside princess leia's home. the amazing "star wars" prize possessions that only she could have. we'll take you live inside this morning. ♪ let it go
8:01 am
look at "frozen's" next chapter, olaf, ella, the debut of the trailer right here. and martha and snoop. you've got a front row seat to their dinner party and they're saying -- >> both: good morning, america. ♪ good morning, america. happy tuesday. very happy tuesday for my girls. last tuesday of the school year. >> exciting. >> are you prepared? are you and ali prepared. >> we are ready. >> we're ready because we have a very special guest ahead. we'll give you the first ever live tour of carrie fisher's home. >> yeah. going to be -- there's a picture right there. intimate look at the life of the woman known as princess leia. ginger is in beverly hills with the actress' very own c3po. >> she had an incredible collection and lived on the same property as her mom and s
8:02 am
you're getting a look into hollywood history. >> one of the largest collections of memorabilia in hollywood. >> ginger is doing that. then we have other tough to talk about but i know -- >> amy has to do the morning rundown. >> a lot of news to get to. good morning and the big story attorney general jeff sessions getting his turn in the hot seat. sessions is set to testify this afternoon in a senate hearing open to the public. he's expected to face some tough questions about the russia investigation. abc's mary bruce tells us what we can expect, good morning, mary. >> reporter: amy, good morning. just a matter of hours before jeff sessions will be sitting right here before this panel and the american people addressing those questions about russia head on. he is likely to be grilled about his contacts with the russians during the campaign. those meetings that he initially failed to disclose and also about whether he played any role in james comey's firing even after he had recused himself from the russia investigation. and he'll also be asked how he responded to comey's request that sessions not leave him alone with the president and one
8:03 am
question will sessions be forthcoming or decline to discuss his private conversations with the president. and if he does that is not likely to go over well with the panel. >> thanks so much. senior white house aides are denying a claim that president trump is considering firing robert mueller, the special counsel in the russia investigation. it was made by the president's longtime friend chris ruddy, meanwhile, the president is still not saying if there are tapes of his conversations with james comey. but the secret service says it has no such recordings. former basketball star dennis rodman has arrived in north korea. he is one of only a few americans to ever meet kim jong-un. rodman says he is, quote, just trying to open a door in the communist nation and see some friends and he does not plan to discuss the americans being detained by the regime. surveillance video has been played in court for the first time in the penn state hazing case. 18 former fratern
8:04 am
face charged after timothy piazza died after a night of drinking. that video captures the final hours when prosecutors say the students poured beer on his head and sat on him. piazza looked like a corpse but the brothers still delayed calling 911 and then hid evidence of alcohol. well, today is the first full day of deliberations for jurors in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. they appear to be focusing on part of cosby's deposition in the civil lawsuit brought by his accuser andrea constand. finally the emojis we use to communicate apparently depend on the state we live in. a new study finds the smiley face with hearts is tied for the most popular emoji especially popular in the midwest, maybe a sign of that region's optimism. the thumb's up is another one and florida tend to use loudly crying face the most and then the fire emoji is number one in texas where, you know, it gets hot so makes sense, i'm interested in the bronze
8:05 am
winner, can you guess what emoji that is. >> we've been asked to guess a lot. you do it. what is it? >> it's the poop emoji. >> i knew it. >> happy tuesday. >> we had to ask. >> i was afraid to say that. i had an idea. i just didn't want to say it. >> you were thinking it, weren't you? >> i didn't want to say it. >> that is amy. >> we always have the big smile emoji when it's "pop news" time. >> "pop news." [ applause ] a lot going on today. good morning, everybody. great job here and good morning to you. time now for "pop news" and forbes released its list of highest paid end takeners and beyonce is up there number two making $105 million last year alone. j.k. rowling number three, $95 million but the number one spot might be hard to get. >> don't make us guess. >> how about sean p.
8:06 am
combs. i'll tell you what, the endurance of his career, he was on the cover of the very first list two decades ago and there he is back in the top spottering $130 million last year alone. >> that reunion tour. >> his "bad boy family reunion" tour and deal with the vodka company. >> i don't know anything about it. i know nothing. >> this vodka you speak of and sold half his clothing line sean john for $70 million. congratulations to our friend p. diddy. [ applause ] p. money. new name. >> how much are you going to sell your clothing line for? hey. >> that let's move on. in "pop news" this morning, for years people have speculated if oprah winfrey would run for the highest office in the land and give our country a real aha moment, well, finally she's making it crystal clear, in a
8:07 am
hollywood reporter" she says she is living her best life exactly where she is right now. when asked if shy thought if she could pull off a victory over trump if he sought a second term winfrey said she didn't know the answer nor did she need to because, quote, i will never run for public office. that is a pretty definitive thing, end quote. done. you can hear the whole interview which covers a wide range of topics on"the hollywood reporter's" podcast. a great conversation. she says she has not been out without being noticed or spotted since 1991. she said that everywhere -- not saying in a braggadocious way, just saying that's the way it goes and so many really great revelation, we just love our oprah so check it out. >> i can remember the first time she was on the johnny carson show. how long ago it was and watching and seeing this woman, this beautiful dynamic black woman on that show and just thinking, anything w
8:08 am
what she's been doing. >> now we know one thing that's not possible. >> broke right flew. >> one thing not possible. >> can you imagine the speech it she was president and you save on taxes and you save on taxes. >> i teed you up, baby. >> that's a good one. and then a quickie, we saw in this morning. my producer thought this was funny local police showed up to a mcdonald's and a woman refusing to move her car demanding free chicken nuggets because she felt she had waited too long for her order. one of the officers writing on facebook, yes, we tied up two officers on this call. no, she did not get free chicken nuggets. and that, everybody, is something -- please, we ask you, don't do that. we're lovin' it. that's "pop news." >> all right, thank you, lara. everybody, coming up
8:09 am
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we are back now with those shocking allegations about sexual misconduct on "bachelor in paradise." production has been stopped and abc's mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: this morning, trouble in paradise. production on "bachelor in paradise" suspended in definitely after an allegation of sexual misconduct. contestant demario jackson and a fellow contestant engaging in a sex act reportedly both intoxicated and now concerns that the female contestant was allegedly too drunk to concept. >> word among the cast is that the woman involved in the situation did seem severely intoxicated and they did raise eyebrows as to whether or not someone should step in. >> reporter: the alleged incident reportedly taking place on the very first day of sh
8:14 am
the spin-off of "the bachelor" and "the bachelorette" where former contestants are isolated in mexico. they had reportedly been drinking all day when jackson and a female contestant began an encounter in the pool but she was allegedly so drunk she didn't remember any of it the following day and after watching the footage a producer was so disturbed they filed an official complaint. in a statement, warner brothers saying we have become aware of allegations of misconduct. we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations. >> this is going to raise a lot of questions internally about whether or not "bachelor in paradise" can continue not just for the summer but ever. >> reporter: sunday jackson seeming to address the current controversy on twitter. after a user tweeted we need answers jackson responding simply alt facts. the female contestant reportedly in touch with jackson. the two said to be on good terms. in an exclusive statement to abc ws
8:15 am
harrison saying the safety and care of the cast and crew of our show is of the utmost importance to us. it is with this thought in mind that we made the decision to suspend filming. now, as for the future of the show this a statement harrison adds it is my sincere hope we can come to a quick resolution on this and get back to work very soon. abc news did reach out to jackson and the female contestant for comment but did not get a response. real questions about the future of the series. >> i can understand why there would be questions about that right you. all right, mara. thank you. when we come back we'll take you live inside the home of "star wars" princess leia, carrie fisher, for the first time. you can see that only right here on "gma." lfer. i'm karen, i'm a teacher. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra can be a sign of existing joint damage
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we got folks from new york city. a lot of folks not only from texas and louisiana who said- cd thursday - hot and very humid for father's day weekend today: hot and humid. isolated pm thunderstorm. highs: 90-95 winds: w to sw 5-10 mph tonight: partly cloudy. warm and muggy.
8:20 am
winds: wsw 5 mph wednesday: partly to mostly cloudy. not as hot, still humid. highs: 83-88 winds: n to e 5-10 mph now to our exclusive live look inside the home of the late carrie fisher full of amazing "star wars" collectibles and memorabilia. some of those items are about to hit the auction block and ginger looking like a movie star herself is there outside the home. good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you, robin and thank you. yes, i'm standing on carrie fisher's porch. our cameras are about to give you a live exclusive look into really not just the home but the mind of the late and brilliant carrie fisher. this is her brother todd fisher and joining us on the tour will be joe maddalena, the ceo of the auction house of profiles in history and you guys before we get to the tour that has so many amazing things, check out a little history. >> may the force be with
8:21 am
>> reporter: princess leia in the movies lived in a galaxy far, far away but on earth carrie fisher called this beverly hills hacienda style estate her home. >> my house, i love it. it's like scavenger hunting. >> reporter: fans caught an intimate glimpse during the 2017 hbo documentary "bright lights." >> this is the bathroom. it has as a lot of bathrooms should a player piano in it. >> reporter: her house even once occupied by another silver screen legend. >> this is bette davis when she lived here. >> oh, there she is. >> reporter: for 16 years america's sweetheart "singing in the rain" star and fisher's mother debbie reynolds lived next door and now the late mother/daughter duo's items are hitting the auction block including meme beal ya from "star wars." oh, and, todd and joe, we are so grateful to have been incited into this home.
8:22 am
eclectic doesn't describe it. >> not at all. >> can we start -- in the living area and loved to have people over and loved these paintings. >> she collected what she called ugly children. so on the right we have richard dreyfuss, you know, it's pretty obvious. kevin spacey on the top, you know and over here, of course, we have ross perot and shia laboeuf down here. debbie and i bought this for carrie but were not able to give it to her because she never made it home for christmas. we're asking you guys, if carrie was here she would name the child. >> you name it. tweet us @gma. this chair is special for many reasons but can i sit in it. >> absolutely. you're the only one besides carrie that sat in it. >> it's her directary chair from "return of the jedi." day after day she'd sit there and scripts and do her side, her
8:23 am
notes. >> not just in film but so special in life and i think seeing the christmas tree, this was a year round thing. >> a silent film star by the name of harold lloyd and my mom used to take it over to his house and he had this giant christmas tree living in his living room and he said, why can't we have christmas all year round. >> you should have. >> you should and so that's what happened and so consequently it affected carrie psychologically and now we have a christmas tree year round. >> so many rooms to see. >> well, the whole house is filled with her life. kind of like being inside her head. here's her yoda and we all have to rub yoda's head. it's worn. this came from our house in greenway where carrie and i grew up but the whole house has fireplaces each room. that was the tradition of carrie too to have the fireplaces going. not eke logically friendly. >> it is so alive. >> but all of this stuff literally ranges from our chi childhood right up to her last
8:24 am
constantly have more stuff to show. >> this is how she left it. not much has changed. this room is special. her office. >> yeah, this is her writing room. her creative room although she did go around the house. she spent a lot of time in here and this was her assistant would stay at this desk and the house is also filled with gifts from her fans. a lot of -- she didn't buy "star wars" stuff. she -- she lived it. >> like had si great thing. a picture of carrie on the set of "empire" being carried by two stormtroopers and harrison ford but the idea of the context that "star wars" was kind of like this fun ride, right and she was part of it and she was princess leia but i think -- >> never been seen before. >> never been seen before and this is in the auction, lots of these? let's move on. i know the gold bikini is there in ah, yes? a very famous painting. >> these are -- when we were kids these were in our palm springs house, cucina dolls and everywhere you go there's a piece of memory and a life.
8:25 am
her as. >> and speaking of memories and life, james blunt, the songwriter lived here for a time and carrie inspired him and back and forth and he wrote "you're beautiful" on this piano that was in her brattroom. >> and that's the thing, the pieces moved throughout time but this picture real quickly. >> ef russian. >> i took this picture of her and paul simon. it wasn't here for decades but for some reason it came out. maybe she was feeling good about him. her dog. now we're heading into her bedroom which also has another sitting area, writing area. >> she would hold court and loved having people in her bedroom within her home. >> inside her mind. the cool thing you're seeing who she is as a person and the "star wars" things that are all throughout, the great lego "star wars." >> this was one of her favorite pieces too which is -- was the pez dispenser she talked about it. her daughter could pull her head back and
8:26 am
neck and george lucas owned her likeness and when i looked in the mirror, she said, i had to give him a couple of bucks. >> r 2 dk came out and this is something a fan made. so everything you can imagine is in the house. >> at the auction. >> many of these things in september will be at the auction. we are so grateful to have this opportunity to come into this home and now you all have been here. a lot more on social media and guess what, tomorrow we go to debbie reynold's' home. so much more to come but stay with us on "gma."
8:27 am
>> anchor: good morning, washington! i'm melanie hastings. here is a check of your stop stories. attorney general jehovah session s will testimony -- jeff sessions will testify in a few hours, answering questions about his involvement in the firing of james comey and his contacts with the russian ambassador during the trump campaign that. hearing is set to start around 2:30. abc news will air a special report when sessions against his testify, you can see it all here on abc 7. another sweltering hot day but the end of the heat wave is in sight. >> reporter: good news is today is the final day of our heat wave. it will be another hot one, even higher humidity forecast for today. going for a temperature of 94. the record, 96 will cool off after that. look at the heat
8:28 am
for the afternoon starting at around 11:00 a.m. to lunchtime, over 95 degrees for several hours so really, you'll need to take it easy today. cooler temperatures tomorrow, but tracking some showers and storms fairly likely tomorrow, even on father's day there is a chance through monday, cooling down next week. >> reporter: goodic, we do have an end to the heat wave in sight. this morning feels like no end to delays and issues on 27o we had quite a few, southbound direction earlier crash, hugging the shoulder. maryland 28. earlier report of a vehicle fire southbound 270 after 370. also report of a stall blocking the left center lane, near 124 making the ride. still heavy and stacked up most of the way from father hurley boulevard down to the spur. also still very heavy trying to make it on the inner loop 495 from springfield to the legion bridge. >> anchor: thank you.
8:29 am
you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. we'll see you in 30 minutes.
8:30 am
♪ 24 karat magic in the air welcome back to "gma," everybody. we have a great audience. thank you guys for coming in. we appreciate it. we even have a family reunion back there. >> from mississippi. mrs. >> more members to this family reunion coming out right now. two great guests we bring to the table, the very talented and funny actresses stars in the new movie "rough night," please welcome kate mckinnon and jillian bell. [ cheers and applause ]
8:31 am
>> mwah. how are you? >> how are you? >> george. [ applause ] >> all keep hugging the whole segment. >> a lot of love to go around this table. >> wow. >> skipping out there. >> yeah. >> you know, welcome. welcome. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> for having us. >> each time you talk -- >> but what a cast for this movie. i mean you two, of course, scarlett johansson, zoe kravitz and i hear with that there was a lot of singing on the set. >> there was a lot of singing which the crew did not enjoy. >> why is that? >> because it was constant. it did not stop. >> it was high pitched and constant and, yeah, we would just -- i would turn to jillian and go -- ♪
8:32 am
and that was on loop all day. >> we didn't stop. >> oh, we rift. . >> you have a musical background and play several instrument, kate. >> i do. i don't sing as good as jillian sings but -- >> that's the biggest lie you've ever told on "good morning america." >> beautiful voice, she sings in the film actually. >> jillian and i decided backstage that we would at some point just go, ha, ha. and we messengered to work it in. >> it's, again, brilliant. it's funny. it makes us laugh. >> thank you so much. >> and i love the whole premise of it because we all have friends. we get together after some time, but we're going to play a little clip and the characters, you guys didn't really hit it off at first. >> not at first. >> let's take a look.
8:33 am
friends, i am jess' best friend so we're already best friends. >> i'm sorry to interrupt but jess were freshman year roommays so it's kind of like family. >> i'm going to grab a chair. feel free to jell. >> i'm famished. [ applause ] >> that was us. >> i know you're from long island. fellow long islander. talk to us about the australian accent. how did you perfect that? >> through a series of demanding physical exercises, i was able to transform my gullet into an australian gullet. no, i listened to a bunch of podcast and would walk around the streets of new york with headphones on going, hello, hello. and people walking by me must have been very confused because
8:34 am
an australian accent. >> kate mckinnon said hello to me today in a very odd way. >> a lot of physical comedy too. but some kind of encounter with a planter. >> hh-oh. >> oh, it was bigger than a planter, mr. s. it was a big pit of brambles that i rolled into and -- >> but so slowly. we thought it was a joke and then we're like kate is seriously hurt. she's also like -- and she's laughing. >> you're laughing. >> and you are such a hero and she rescued me like a fire woman and just pulled out -- then all the girls just gathered. >> just all day. >> and picked little brambles out of my skin. it was very, you know, summer camp 1992. i loved it. >> little picking party. and, jillian, you led
8:35 am
routine in a movie. >> did she ever. >> to show here on "gma" but what is your go to move? >> oh, my go to move is a step touch. it's just a quiet little side-to-side step touch. >> i like that. >> keep it simple. no one asked me to dance. >> if you see the dance in in movie you're going to just rewind. rewind, rewind. keep watching. >> that was the scariest thing i've ever done in a movie. >> why? >> i'm not a natural dancer. i don't have rhythm, so that was terrifying. at one point my friend was helping me with the dance and she goes, actually just skip that move because your body is not doing it. [ laughter ] but it worked out. >> honey, you did it. you did it great. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> thanks. >> we were all loving your "snl"
8:36 am
had a bachelorette party which characters would you invite? >> you know what, that's interesting. that is a fun question. you know, i play a character who is like a chainsmoker who call gets abducted by aliens. >> oh, i love that. >> my favorite. [ cheers and applause ] >> this is a nice audience. this is a really good audience. >> i love that character. >> i think she would -- >> oh, man, she'd be great at a party. >> just sit with her legs -- i can't do it right now because i'm in a dress. i i'm in a short dress. >> every time you play her whoever you're with in the scene bursts out laughing. they cannot keep it together. >> you know, it's a fun show. we have a good time. >> but i tell you what we love having you both here. you're both so fun yourselves and i think you got rhythm. that two-step is hard. >> you got it see the dance. she's incredible. >> if you want to laugh, the best medicine, we
8:37 am
"rough night" it hits theaters on friday starring these two. >> oh, my gosh. >> kate mckinnon. and when we come back we'll take you behind the scenes of tv's odd couple. martha stewart and snoop dogg.
8:38 am
the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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back now with martha stewart and snoop dogg. bringing their very different worlds together on tv's most unusual cooking show called martha and snoop's potluck dinner party." >> reporter: they're back for season two because it works. >> i'll start throwing dishes unless we get going. >> yeah. >> backstage. >> did we find lobsters. >> reporter: cameras, controlled chaos. i thought it was hamburgers. >> it is. that is for the [ bleep ] burger. >> for the who -- >> [ bleep ] burger. the most expensive hamburger. >> you thought she made that up. >> reporter: because it's so expensive. you see where the show is going. >> what you putting together. >> snoop's uncle rio is here, his culinary inspiration. >> you're double dipping, snoop. the formula involves good food and guests. today rupaul. >> it's always interesting to se
8:41 am
come together and meet in the middle. >> had is the weirdest group of people ever on a stage together in they've aligned their frequency and i think that's a lesson for everyone in the world today. >> snoop, look at this. >> martha, let me try that again. >> they actually are really friends. i won't put a different chef in or a different rapper in. this is the new formula, it's not like that. >> he wants green brownies. greenish brownies. >> the greener the better. >> it's the country code for the check republic. >> 20, baby. >> roasts together, now this. >> who was the worst guest? >> i would say your friend from atlanta. >> oh, wow. rick ross. >> you talk a lot but you don't do. if you don't do -- i'm not interested. >> which ones you want? >> he has a crush, celebrity crush on martha. yeah. >> we like him, though,
8:42 am
very talented. >> cheers. >> it does sometimes gets a little boozy. >> we have different ways to cope with our alcoholic intake, right? >> uh-huh. okay. >> all right. i have a nap. he has something else. >> yeah. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, snoop and martha. >> you can see martha and snoop's potluck dinner party when it returns on july outside to rob. >> look at this crowd. a lot of folks from florida, north carolina. they can take this heat. not a problem. we have something special for you this morning. the debut, the word debut of the trailer for the next chapter in the "frozen" story, "olaf's frozen adventure," it's a 21-minute disney holiday featurette you can see in theaters november 22nd along with the new disney pixar move "cocoa." have a look. >> let the holidays begin.
8:43 am
elsa? >> i'm sorry, anna. it's my fault we don't have a family tradition. >> we're going by the best tradition that elsa and anna have ever seen. are you with me? ow. we're going door to door looking for family traditions. >> we make candy canes together. >> mm-mm. sugar. you cut down a tree and then you dress its corpse with candles. i love it. breaking and entering. okay, on christmas. ♪ ooh. look another reindeer. hi. wow, we're making really good time. ♪ ♪ we're together it's a -- >> let's go find a tradition. ♪ when we're together >> nothing like
8:44 am
clothes off once in a while. you know what i mean. ♪ ♪ it's fruitcake. >> whoa, gross. >> that went right through me. ♪ and when we're together it's my favorite time ♪ ♪ of year [ applause ] >> oh, do we have some "frozen" fans out here. elsa or anna. who is your favorite. >> elsa. >> elsa or anna. >> anna. >> anybody for olaf? all right, olaf.- cooler, less d thursday - hot and very humid for father's day weekend today: hot and humid. isolated pm thunderstorm. highs: 90-95 winds: w to sw 5-10 mph tonight: partly cloudy. warm and muggy. >> got another olaf fan out here. olaf will be doing some melting. that's for sure. michael, back inside to you. >> we are here
8:45 am
mota, a social media media superstar with 25 million followers and more than a billion views on youtube and now revealing how she did it all in her new book "make your mind up." bethany, welcome to the show. >> i'm happy to be here. thank you so much. [ applause ] >> and, you know, a lot of people would go it's a memoir, she's so young. you speak to your generation, to this generation and one thing about the book you talk about having a rough time growing up. and if you could give yourself a version of this book grown up, what out of this book would you have taken from that. >> one of my favorite parts of the book and one of my biggest gomes was to speak on bullying and body image and self-confidence because when i was 12 years old i was cyberbullied which is what got me into youtube so i would say the overarching idea even though it has lifestyle stuff as well to face your fears and remember to love yourself and to accept
8:46 am
learned. i still have a lot to learn but i think the number one thing i've learned is that challenges are really an opportunity to grow and learn. and i think that my experience online is a great representation of that so that's what i want to show to the world and hopefully inspire other people with is my story. >> and that's important message especially for the kids being bullieded and you've taken it and made it into a positive thing for yourself. one thing, you're very creative. >> thanks. >> i'm wondering what tools do you use to come up with these creative ideas. >> well, i use a lot of like boards like i like to create vision boards because i feel for me i'm a very visual person so even if i'm coming up with video ideas i'm always pinning stuff and i also use an app called realtime board. it's like endless. you can scroll forever and add sticky notes and photos and also music is kind of like number one thing for me whenever i'm brainstorming. if i just have music on,
8:47 am
have my headphones, i feel it gets me in this creative mood and it just affects my mood in general. >> you have 25 million followers. over a billion views as we said earlier and your followers are ca called mot-ivators. alyssa, what do you have? >> so, sometimes i can feel disscourged when i want to pick up a camera and connect with others, so i was wondering how you gained the courage to create your own voice on youtube. >> it took me honestly a couple of months before i made the first video and what was holding me back was fear and i told myself, nah, i'm not afraid. i don't want to do it. sometimes we do that where there's something we really want in life but we tell ourselves, oh, that's just not for me or i wasn't meant to do that when in reality it's fear of
8:48 am
because i was shy and scared of being criticized. then i reached a point where i just didn't want to be controlled by that anymore and i realized that i didn't have to be and so i embraced the fact that i could make the decision to just do it and it was scary and uncomfortable but any time i've just done something regardless of fear i've always grown and learned from that and now i try to -- i try to continue that every day in my life by doing even small things that scare me. >> well, you know what, you're a motivator for real and bethany, thank you very much. i really appreciate it. congratulations on the book and everybody, "make your mind up," it is out this morning, very good lesson to be learned in the book so everybody check
8:49 am
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8:53 am
too young ♪ ♪ yeah you'll understand when you love someone when you love someone ♪ ♪ come home early after class don't be hanging around the back of the school yard ♪ ♪ and if we're crying on the couch don't let it freak you out it's just been so hard ♪ ♪ sometimes moms and dads fall out of love sometimes the best intentions just ain't enough ♪ ♪ some things you can't tell your sister 'cause she's still too young ♪ ♪ yeah you'll understand when you love someone
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♪ are have a good day. big thanks to james tw and ruth b. >> anchor: good morning, washington! i'm melanie hastings. today is primary day for governor in virginia. there are 3
8:57 am
republic side. on the democratic side there are 2 candidates. polls close at 7:00 p.m. tonight attorney general jeff sessions is scheduled to testify before the senate intelligence committee at 2:30 today. he will answer questions under oath about his involvement in the firing of james comey, and in contact with the russian ambassador during the trump campaign. heat wave goes on for another day. here is veronica johnson. >> reporter: good news is today is the final day of our heat wave. it will be another hot one, even higher humidity forecast for today. going for a temperature of 94. the record, 96 will cool off after that. look at the heat index values for the afternoon starting at around 11:00 a.m. to lunchtime, over 95 degrees for several hours so really, you'll need to take it easy today. cooler temperatures tomorrow, but tracking some showers and storms fairly likely tomorrow, even on fathe
8:58 am
chance through monday, cooling down next week. >> reporter: sounds like a great afternoon to take your lunch pool side. we still much heavy volume delays four folks bw parkway, southbound, earlier crash with this inside the beltway near 410 heavy for the ride from 198 to loral into the green belt corridor. 270, can't get a break. still stacked up, 270 southbound from father hurley, 3 incidences along the way between german town and the rockville direction as you make it toward the spur. melanie. >> anchor: thank you. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. hope you have a ter
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new movie "rough night," kate mckinnon. and one of the stars of "orange is the new black" ," uzo aduba. plus, direct from the inbox, your comments and questions. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> kelly:


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