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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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doug: it's still 90 degrees at reagan national. it's 95 in leesburg. 91 at quantico. this is not impossible that a single shoizer could develop. so we will keep most of the forecast dry. partly cloudy. warm and muggy. 68 to 74 by morning. the shower and the storms bubbling up tomorrow. even in the morning and then in the afternoon the showers and the thunderstorms with a front could be more widespread and cool it down a bit. we will check the father day weekend forecast and the ten-day outlook in 15 minutes. nancy: see you then. thank you. new developments in the
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two local teenagers the night before the high school graduation. according to sources the investigation is now focusing on the activity. the authorities believe that tim owed someone money. days before the murder they tried to collect from the teen. who it is and what the money was for is a misery. michelle: we learned a toddler drowned today and the police are calling it an den. sam ford is there live with what he has learned. brad: we are behind a daycare center that the woman diane has run for 30 years.
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in the pool. there was a 2-year-old boy who drown. they got a call and they came here and the employees were doing c.p.r. a friend of the day care worker has known here for 30 years. >> if you care for other people and their life is if your hands and you know you have done everything you can do to keep them safe and something happens it's devastating. >> you don't think she is irresponsible person? >> not at all. never has been. >> that is the situation. imagine you drop your kid at daycare and come back to this. one of the parents a
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i told him and he said he had a 1-year-old child at the daycare center and shook his head and walked away. nancy: jeff sessions testified in front of congress and scott thuman has a highlight. scott: this is another twist in the growing investigation. another big name regarding russia. many of the questions stemmed from the statements last week by the former f.b.i. director james comey. senators want to know why he recused himself and why was there a role in the firing and they are curious why sessions left the oval office to leaf comey and trump
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did he meet with the russian ambassador more times than he previously disclosed? could it have been to affect the elections? sessions a fiery response to the notion. >> the suggestion that i participated in collusion or i was aware of any collusion with the russian government to hurt this country which i have served with honor for 35 years or undermine the integrity of the democratic process is an appalling and detectable lie. scott: the appearance doesn't end the scrutiny. a couple of senators asked the f.b.i. to investigated to determine if sessions committed perjury in january when he said he hadn't had any meetings with the russians. >> a university of virginia student held in korea has been released. however, h
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otto warmbier's parents say the 22-year-old serving 15-year prison term had been in a coma for more than a year but they just found out about his medical condition last week. north korean officials say he tried to steal a propaganda banner in 2016. sources saying that the student had botulism and is being thrown back to the united states. nancy: you have an hour left to vote in the primary. michelle: voters are heading to the polls to vote on a number of races but the high profile ones are governor and lieutenant governor. ralph northam and tom perriello are battling for the democratic nomination. ed gillespie was leading in the recent polls.
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voting had to be moved outside after this hazmat incident. there was a chemical spill in the building. everyone is okay. whooping cough surfaced at a school in northern virginia. they sent out a letter saying a student was diagnosed. the symptoms start with runny nose, mild cough, low grade fever. then after two weeks a high pitched cough to give it the whooping name. it is contagious but there is a vaccine most people get. >> nationwide search is underway for inmates that killed two guards on a transports bus and hijacked a passing vehicle. >> the car drove up behind the bus. the victim suspected it
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then two prisoners come out armed with handguns and ordered him out of the car. >> i saw two brutally murdered corrections officers. that is what i saw. i have their blood on my shoes. nancy: the driver of the stolen car was not hurt and none of the other prisoners on the transport bus escaped. but the verdictses are now looking into how the prisoners got in a gate inside the bus. michelle: next a massive tornado caught on camera. not the only one spotted. nancy: news crew was there to cover a car crash but instead caught a dog rescued from the lake. what the dog did moments before. michelle: "7 on your side" to ask the insurance agents. they are taking questions about the life insurance, car insurance and anything in between. call 703-236-9220.
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when will this future arrive? it's already here, with the 18 million americans who rely on the public-private partnership of medicare advantage. medicare advantage.leading the way. michelle: breaking news. skytrak7 is above a search, an active search for a missing swimmer in burtonsville. no other details are available right now. when we get new information about the age of the person and what they were doing on the waterway to begin with we will pass
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>> oh, no! nancy: terrifying moments. that was a moment a tornado tore through a home of storm changes. it was spotted in wyoming and colorado. no word of injuries. michelle: nebraska forecasters believe it was a tornado that ripped up a barn. caught on camera. first the roof goes and then you see it right there. no word if anyone was hurt. michelle: it's the first few days of the bill cosby sexual assault trial. the jury asked to review deposition made by cosby and they also asked the judge to clarify the language of the accounts against cosby. he faces up to ten years in
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nancy: "rolling stone" maggie: agreed to pay phi kappa psi. the lawsuit centered on a debunked story of a rape at the fraternity. they plan to donate money to groups that help sexual assault victims. another defamation case brought by an official named in the story settled for undisclosed account. michelle: an old ashburn schoolhouse finally gets a historical marker. how the middle schoolers made it happen. see what happens after a police rescued a dog that fell ♪
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michelle: investigators are looking for the cause of a food truck fire near metro center this morning. no one was hurt when the d.c. doner truck burst into flames at 12 and g street. firefighters kept the fire from spreading to nearby vehicles. early indications are that the fire started in or around the generator. michelle: "7 on your side" in the help center. you have about 15 minutes left to get all of your questions in about insurance. so if you have a question about life insurance, car insurance, or home or
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call 703-236-9220. agents will take your call until 6:30 tonight. nancy: most mid-size s.u.v. headlights don't cover enough headway or a blindingly bright. the insurance institute saying two of the 37 vehicles earned a good rating. 12 were acceptable. a dozen rated marginal. get this, 11 models were deemed poor. the lowest rated s.u.v. amongst all of them was the 2017 kia serrento. we have the results of the testing online at the national park service wants the public input on plans to rehabilitate the lincoln memorial. the project would allow visitors to go underneath the memorial to improve accessibility and expand the visitor services. open house that is scheduled for june 27 at the park service national capital office and you can weigh
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michelle: the historic ashburn school now has an official plaque marking the historical significance. thanks to a group of seventh graders. richard reeve explain what is drove the students to take action. >> on this site stands ashburn public school, a one-room public schoolhouse. richard: for 12-year-old ashley brown -- >> it looks amazing. richard -- this designates the school as an official landmark. >> hard to make real. it's all in the past. richard: nine months ago students in the social studies class learned about markers like this. in october after five teen boys painted the school with racist graffiti the class became determined to get a a historical marker for the building. >> what happened months ago routed in hate has done the opposite. >> the students dug in. confirming records. the school was built in 1872 in segregation and served african-american students until 1958.
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certainly the building's appearance has changed. for the students this is much more than a historical place. this is a legacy they can pass on to their own children. >> they wrote texts for the marker, secured a $1,600 funding granted and finally approval from the virginia department of historical resources. ashley's mother went to church on this site as a child. >> i get to tell my grandchildren, children, you know, generations pass down. richard: a place of history good and evil. >> things like this have to be remembered. everyone the darkest times in american histories should be remembered. richard: now it's official. in ashburn, richard reeve. abc7 news. michelle: that is the kind of thing you remember long after all the tests. doug: lifetime memories. michelle: we are m
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inching our way to rain. doug: chances tonight but better chances tomorrow. it will cool down tomorrow and friday. we need the rain. i don't think we have any measurable rain to speak of since the 1st of june. we will make up for that and get some relief. looking live at the hyde regency and tysons corner. it's hazy, hot and humid at this hour. it's currently 95. that is leesburg. 92 in manassas and joint base andrews. 90 in washington. 93 in hagerstown. 88 in lexington park. at the joint base andrews whatever it's called. it feels warmer, too. it feels like 100 in leesburg. 94 in fredericksburg and 93 in washington. this is day three the final day of the heat. didn't set a record at washington but we did in washington dulles and tied in baltimore.
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we hope at the end of the game it's a curly w. i'm a hometown rooter. i'm not a sports person. i'm a weather person. i can root for my team. it will be warm and muggy throughout the night. doppler and radar show shower and storm activity to the west. it will live out there until it diminishes tonight. there will be because of the warm and the humidity a slice chance of isolated shower popping up somewhere. the better chances tomorrow. you will see that it will diminish in the next hour or so. the temperatures are warm and muggy. thursday is a cloudy day. it's only 83 for a high. on friday, partly cloudy skies. chance of showers and storms and 83. heading through the holiday weekend, father's day, this is what we expect.
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chance of storms is 86. 92 with a chance of showers and storms. after this the temperatures will settle down and it will be more customary weather for the third week of june. summer begins wednesday at 12:21 p.m. not 12:22. but 12:21. michelle: don't be late. nancy: you can root for whoever you want to. thank you. all right. everyone needs water when it's this hot outside. that is what a dog was trying to get to when something went wrong. a news helicopter in chicago catching the scene. caught the dog trying to get a drink. when he fell in lake michigan. the dog was struggling to get out. lucky for him a police officer was responding to a car crash nearby. he ran over and pulled him out. they think the dog was involved in one of the cars that was in the nearby crash when it ran over there. they are now looking for its owner. cute little guy. michelle: it all worked out. i'm sure the owner is very
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erin: the redskins promoted doug williams to senior personnel. he had a chance to check out the mandatory session in ashburn. after opting to stay away from redskins park in the voluntary session, left tackle williams and tight end jordan reed joined the teammates. seeing the full team bag together again is making players like deangelo hall who is still rehabbing envious he can't join them. le anglo: it's contagious watching them compete. i am jumping around. i get hyped watching than when i'm playing. i can't wait to get back out there. we are all learning. quicker i get out there thetic requester i'll pick it up. -- the quicker i'll pick it up. erin: we need some help big time. that is what nationals skipper dusty baker said last night after
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season long trend of blowing games. jacob turner gave up two runs in the eighth and matt albers gave up three in the ninth to collectively turn what had been a late three-run lead into a loss to the braves. despite the bullpen struggles, washington still has a comfortable hold on first place in the n.l. east. you know bullpen issues have to be addressed if they want to be successful in the postseason. nancy: hopefully they will turn it around. thank you. michelle: looking forward to relief. doug: it's coming. check the satellite and the radar. there are a number of storms, a lot well west but tomorrow as the cold front approaches the cold front approaches and the chances showers will increase. steve will have more when he sees you at 11:00. michelle: very good. thank you. "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. nancy: join us at 11:00. have a wonderful night,
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tonight, the attorney general in the hot seat. jeff sessions before congress and the american people. the combative moments. sessions pressed on meetings with the russians. grilled on that moment in the oval office when the president asked everyone to leave except for james comey and is he asked, is the president recording conversations also breaking tonight, the young, american prisoner on his way from north korea. the urgent manhunt in this country. armed and dangerous, two escaped prisz ners on the run the invisible danger, dozens of people sickened. a woman collapses. they fall ill. emergency teams rushed to the scene. and the major break, the murder spree, the mother and her two daughters from college, and another couple


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