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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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alison: we begin tonight with breaking news from london, england. these are live pictures come and massive fire burning right now at a high rise apartment building in london. we are told evacuation's are still underway. at least two
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people are being treated for smoke inhalation, but these are early numbers. the injuries are not known at this hour. the situation unfolding. we understand there are concerns the building may collapse. we will keep a close watch on this breaking news from london. stay with abc seven and for updates. back at home, other breaking news, too close to call primary night in virginia. a close race. with republican side nancy: democrats not as close, lieutenant governor ralph northam declared the winner. alison: on the gop side, gillespie and stewart only separated by about 4000 votes. is live inayle woodbridge. stewart says it is too close to call? [no
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audio] all right, obviously anna-lysa having trouble hearing us. she is with the corey stewart team. we will watch these numbers very closely and get to anna-lysa with the latest. let's listen. >> there's a lot of people who voted for me as governor, by the way. a lot. rest until we defend our history and heritage and stop this politically correct insanity. >> that is not outside of the realm of possibility. a recount would be within the bounds of the draining of the swap. alison: that is the latest from stewart's headquarters. on the other side, ralph northam
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winning the democratic nomination, beating out his competitor with 56% of the vote. nancy: tom roussey is live in arlington, where they are watching the polls. has he spoken to the press yet? tom: this was supposed to be the side with all of the drama, but in the end it was a relatively easy night for ralph northam. the party is still going on here. video, it was a real who's who of virginia democrats who came out tonight. doubt, of support, no the virginia democratic senatorsment, two u.s. were here, and also the current governor terry mcauliffe. he said this was an election about virginia, not national issues. he still referenced the presidential election from last year. >> what we saw in 2016
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, really a campaign run on hatred and bigotry and fear and discrimination. people don't want that. that is not the commonwealth of virginia. people ask to me, ralph, are you going to continue doing what governor mcauliffe is doing? i said, damn right i am. northam not running from being an establishment democrat, but there are some folks not too happy about that, protesters taking the stage before his speech, staying for about five minutes, protesting pipelines northam has not taken a position on. perriello tookm a stand against the pipelines. tom sent out a tweet earlier tonight, congratulating northam on his victory. in addition to the tweet, a lot of speakers spoke out and congratulated tom on a
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try to unify the democratic party, which is a little fractured in virginia, trying to unify it in advance of the november elections. tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: thank you very much. we are going back to the republican side, the tight race in a moment. nancy: for the results and to read more about the winners, go to alison: new at 11:00, an historian accused of stealing artifacts and selling them on ebay. items, military dog tags belonging to service members involved in a plane crash in world war ii. anna-lysa gayle has the shocking investigation. anna-lysa: the national archives houses some of the nation's most priceless artifacts. >> the declaration of independence, the constitution. it is a hallowed building. anna-lysa: investigators say that in historian try to
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of the national archives in college park. he was charged with stealing government records. court documents show the historian stole dog tags and other documents belonging to servicemen whose airplanes crashed in world war ii, then allegedly selling the tags on ebay. at one point, he went as far as to give a tuskegee airmen's dogtags to a virginia museum in exchange for being able to sit in an aircraft. they released a statement that said, "the theft of our history should anger any citizen, but as a veteran i'm shocked that the allegations an historian would show such disregard for records and artifacts documenting those captured or killed in world war ii." he faces up to 10 years in prison. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. alison: developing now, an investigation after a toddler drowned at a home daycare.
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home on 17th street northeast d.c. the child was found in a small inflatable backyard pull. a longtime friend of the person who runs the daycare. >> there are really no words to describe how i feel. when you are caring for other people's children and something like this happens and you know you've done everything you can possibly do to keep them safe, and then something just happens, it's devastating. alison: the daycare was licensed. at this point, the drowning appears to be accidental. the boys name has not been released. a drowning investigation in a much country county waterway. nancy: the police believe the fisherman was trying to cool off in a gorge when he drowned. jay korff's life the scene in burtonsville with the investigation happening now. very close to where
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all unfolded. the latest information we are hearing from authorities is the 21-year-old man at about 5 p.m. was fishing year with some friends along the patuxent river commonly referred to as rocky gorge when he decided to take a dip into the water to cool off from the oppressive heat. for some reason, he did not resurface and around. the authorities believe this is an accidental drowning. two near-drownings in montgomery county. a five-year-old and a 22-year-old. tonight, many thinking as we move into the summer months about water safety. live in burtonsville, maryland, jay korff, abc 7 news. steve: the first forecast from stormwatch 7, we broke and tied a couple records today with highs in the middle to upper 90's. we are cooling slowly right now, 84 at
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a high of 95. tomorrow, improvements on the way. we have a cold front we are tracking during the midday and afternoon. likely to trigger a few showers and thunderstorms. the temperatures will be a little cooler. talking daytime highs in the upper 80's as opposed to the middle 90's. week, up, the rest of the father's day weekend, and temperatures climbing back into the 90's. more on that in a few minutes. nancy: new at 11:00, immigration advocates honoring a mother. she was presented with the reward. ice after detained by a routine check in. she is an undocumented immigrant from el salvador and had a misdemeanor conviction for driving without a license. governor terry mcauliffe pardoned the conviction, but ice denied her appeal to stay in the united states. >>
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are powerless. we are powerless and we are watching families being torn apart. the only thing we can do right now is stand in solidarity with her and her husband and offer support. is being held in louisiana, where many are usually held for deportation. alison: attorney general jeff sessions today under oath today, a key phrase. asked about collusion with ansia, he said it is appalling and detestable live. michelle marsh has some of the moments that happened today. michelle: at times the testimony was contentious. attorney general sessions adamantly denying collusion with the russians during the campaign. listen to what he said under oath. >> the suggestion that i participated in any collusion, that i was aware of any collusion with the russian government to hurt this country, which i have served with honor fo35
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to undermine the integrity of our democratic process is an appalling indigestible lie. he also denied meeting privately with the russian ambassador at the d.c. mayflower hotel, even though they attended some of the same offense. sessions refused to reveal information about private conversations with president trump. in one exchange, sessions telling a senator he felt rushed and that made him nervous. alison: we continue to follow declarations -- deliberations in the bill cosby case. then i, the issue the jury is seeking clarification on. nancy: the urgent manhunt for two escaped inmates.
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nancy: we go back to the breaking news out of london, england, where there is a massive fire burning in a high-rise apartment building. evacuations are under way right now. we are told
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several injuries already and there are concerns this building may collapse. it will be looking at the structural integrity of the building as they tried to get the fire under control. for with abc 7 and updates as soon as they are available. alison: closer to home, an apology from the man who walked into comet ping-pong in northeast d.c. and fired a gun. edgar welch apologized in a letter to the judge will sentence him next week. he realized how foolish and reckless his actions were. he faces up to 4.5 years in prison. nancy: a manhunt for a pair of inmates who killed two prison guards during an escape this morning. authorities say they killed the guards and a transport bus and carjacked a passing vehicle. >> at approximately 2 p.m., there was a residential burglary and evidence at the scene confirming to us that they
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were at the house. nancy: the other 30 prisoners on the transport bus -- none of the other 30 prisoners escaped, but they are hoping that video from the bus will show them how they escaped. alison: a uva student back in the u.s. after being returned from north korea a short time ago. he has been in a coma for more than a year. north korea said he had botulism and then somehow took a sleeping pill. he was sentenced to hard labor last year for stealing a propaganda poster from a hotel. his releaseted that coincided with a visit from dennis rodman, but the state did hartman -- the state department denies that. nancy: a jury of five women and seven minute trying to come to an agreement on the case against bill cosby, asking for a few clarifications. one of the charges involves cosby giving pills without the alleged victim's
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the judge told the jury they would have to figure out "clear knowledge" themselves. and sign up for breaking news around the clock at /text. alison: another big trial in massachusetts, the young woman accused of sending text messages encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself, and he did so in 2014. she is stars with manslaughter. closing arguments wrapped up today. we are waiting on the judge to decide the case and will keep you posted. uber is becoming a company in chaos. the company ceo taking a leave of absence. tonight he said he is grieving his mother and felt he is also working on making himself a better leader, this afternoon depended firm found a toxic culture at uber and issued a list of recommendations. a former engineer accused uber execut
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alison: sky track 7 flying over the scene earlier today. a man armed with a rifle held up a truck outside of the navy federal credit union on route 198. no one was injured. but a scarynjuries seen as a food truck caught fire at the metro center today. burst into flames this morning, shutting down the street just before the busy lunch hour. investigators say that it looks like the fire is connected to the generator of the truck. nancy: developing now, a controversial restriction of borders reversed. the senate committee said they would bar reporters from filming in senate hallways. the journalist were not happy, saying it would reduce press access, and many senators tweeted their unhappiness with the new rule as well. hours later, the decision is on hold. the hallway conversations will
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state warriors have not decided whether they will visit the white house. as of right now, they have not been invited, and that a say they will make the decision when they are. this after reports the team had voted already against making a trip to d.c. the team's coach criticized president trump after the election. today, dayas hot number three, and the final day of the heat wave. not enough to tie the record at reagan national, but still 95 degrees. 95 broke the record at dulles, 97 tied the record at bwi marshall. the temperature slow to cool down, 84 degrees at reagan national at this hour, still hanging onto 77 manassas, 72 luray. the average this time of year is 84 degrees.
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middle of the day. 90 is the feels like temperature downtown d.c. keep the ac or fan going, you will need it. stormwatch 7, earlier we had a few showers and thunderstorms, mainly to the west, around i-81. those have fizzled out. 5, meaninglows 68 to 7 a warm and humid start wednesday. grab the umbrella heading out the door. we will not stay in the low 70's very long. sunshine in the morning, boosting temperatures well into the 80's. futurecast, it is dry going to work and school early tomorrow morning. by midday, showers and thunderstorms likely on the radar. some of these could become strong. gusty wind come heavier downpours, mainly to the west of d.c., but cannot rule out the immediate metro. we will see a cold front moving across the region. once that moves by,
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a noticeable drop in temperatures and not quite as humid. highs tomorrow in the upper 80's. value stillex near 90. dress for comfort and drink plenty of water. the beach forecast looks nice, upper 70's saturday and sunday. may see a storm saturday ocean city, rehobeth, bethany. father's day looks dry and beautiful. 86 saturday, closer to home. father's day, may dodge showers and thunderstorms, highs around 92. next week, middle to upper 80's come as we have officially welcomed the start of summer. alison: sounds good, steve, thank you very much. it looks like a lot of people are taking fashion cues from president trump's 10-year-old son. nancy: the shirt he wore, next. ♪ ♪
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alison: it is usually the first lady making headlines for her clothing choices. nancy: this time it is president trump's youngest son becoming a fashion icon. he arrived sunday with his parents. turns out the shirt that he was wearing is a hit. alison: the t-shirt is from j.crew, and the company says that it is sold out. it retails for just under $30. nancy: that did not take long. alison: not at all. funny how quickly that happens. hi, erin. stop it seems nothing can ryan zimmerman. he took a few days off, then he had two dingers tonight. i just saved a bunch of money on my car insurhuh. with geico. i should take a closer look at geico...
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you viral local toyota dealers. erin: the nationals hoped to put their bullpen struggles behind them and also looked to end their four-game losing streak that it against the braves. they took command early. daniel murphy, solo shot, number 11 on the season. 3-0 nats.
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doing just fine. to leftes this one center, his second home run of the game, his league-leading 19th long ball. rero fortied vlad guer most home runs in exp os/nationals history. the redskins promoted redskins legend doug williams to senior president of player personnel. he checked out some of the players today during minicamp. after a few stayed away from volunteer practices, others join their teammates today. seeing the full team back together again, making players stilleangelo hall rehabbing, a little envious he cannot join in. >> i'm jumping around watching them compete. i get more hyped than when i'm out there playing.
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are all learning. erin: he is ready to be a coach. d.c. united
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alison: just to recap, a very close race in the gop gubernatorial primary and virginia. the associated press is calling it for ed gillespie. nancy: stewart not conceding, saying it is too close to call. we will keep you posted on and "good morning washington." alison: one last look at the weather? wave, a break in the heat a cold front and thunderstorm and a few showers tomorrow. alison: jimmy kimmel's next. nancy: have a good night.
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tonight's "jimmy kimmel live" is brought to you by pokemon go. remember that? that was stupid. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, johnny knoxville. jessica st. clair and lennon parham. from "mr. robot", rami malek. and music from band of horses. and now, sure enough, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thanks very much. welcome. that's very kind. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thank you for coming on this beautiful night here in southern


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