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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 14, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," the breaking news, the overnight inferno. huge apartment building of concrete engulfed in flames. people heard screaming for help. now the race to try to find everyone inside that building. we're live on the scene in london. >> attorney general jeff sessions defended himself in front of congress what is next for the russia investigation. we'll tell you what sessions revealed about the president's intentions, fired fbi director james comey and could the special counsel receive similar fate. >> states slammed by severe storms. >> tornados are ripping through the northern plains, see where the extreme weather is today and who is getting relief from high temperatures. >> is this the greatest talk show in trance ever? kate mckinnon dances out of her stilettos.
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wednesday june 14th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you. the breaking news first of all in london. the massive fire at an apartment building home to hundreds of people. >> it has burned throughout the night. flames engulfed almost the entire building. witnesses said they saw and heard people screaming from inside. as well. london fire officials say 45 engines and hundreds of firefighters are at the scene. attempts to reach anyone who at home as the fire spread continued for hours. >> those pictures at the height of the fire. and this is a live picture this early morning hour right now. the sun is up there in london. as you can see the flames are still there. and the smoke is still smoldering from the fire. it can be seen for miles around. people who watched fire burn, say the building was completely engulfed within an hour of the time it started. >> when we first seen it w
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then it just spread up all the building. and then on to like the adjacent side of it. just spread all across. >> down there about, five-minute walk away. and we could hear people screaming, help me. help me. and, flashing their phone lights to let people know they were there. >> unbelievable scene there. abc's molly hunter is live in west london for us. molly, we keep looking at these images just as it looks like they're getting this fire under control we see new pockets of flames coming out. what's the lateest? >> reporter: that is exactly right. diane. i am standing literally on a balcony. probably at the level of maybe like the 10th floor of the building. couple block as way. and it is incredibly, close, water spout in front of me as you can see on live pictures. exactly right the minute that we think one of the sides has gone completely black smoke and into charred, no more flames, so
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side. you can see just hundreds of firemen on the ground, still just trying to get this out. we are six hours later, diane, kendis, starting to see daylight through this building, the building is starting to lean. police of course for the last couple hours, warned every resident to get back because this building could collapse. police and fire have not given us updated numbers, people trapped, people died, people at hospitals. we know at least 30 people at local hospitals. you guys if anyone was trapped in the upper floors it is nearly impossible to imagine them actually getting out. >> molly, of course seeing on twitter. there are many people looking for their loved ones. what sort of stories are you getting? i know you are still a few block as way. imagine there are many people in
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looking for their loved ones. >> that is exactly right. speaking with eyewitnesses, neighborhood residents. in the area. many of them obviously new people, had family, or, friends in that building. and they describe chaos in immediate hour after the fire. running around. screams. and, screaming for fire department officials to get in there to rescue their family. we heard from one man named kennedy, he described a family of four on the 20th floor, who are waving flash lights, screaming for help. and he said he could watch as the flames actually engulfed the building, crept up the building and eventually that family case peered. that's exactly right. a lot of very, very confused people waiting to hear whether their loved ones were taken to hospitals. or, of course, the worst. >> molly, any sense of how long it will take them before they can finally enter the building to try to look for any one inside. >> i don't thing there is any
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sense. because we seat flames burning, of course, fire department officials are still staying back. that water is coming from about a block away. definitely no one has entered the building. again as i said. police are very, very worried that actually that building will now collapse. which of course would make entering it incredibly unsafe, diane. >> make sure you stay safe it out there. molly hunter live. headline. monitoring. you have a building went up in flames, 7:00 east coast time. while many people were asleep. the potentially for this to be horrible situation. >> moved so quickly. >> moved quickly. >> 120 apartments in the building. keep an eye on it. we move on the to the other news back here locally, attorney general jeff sessions, defiant, defensive at times as he faced off with lawmakers under oath. >> sessions denied inclusion with russia and disputed allegations of another one-on-one meeting with the russian ambassador. but question as but sessions interactions with president trump went unanswered.
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mueller. lana zach with more on the hearing. >> and the suggestion that i participated in any collusion is an appalling and detestable lie. >> at times the testimony of attorney general jeff session was heated. >> mr. comey said there were matters with respect to the recusal that were problematic and he couldn't talk about them. what are they? >> why don't you tell me. there are none, senator, there are none i can tell you for absolute certainty. >> accused of stone walling the senator telling me he wanted answers for the american people. >> we are the committee with the legal obligation to do vigorous oversight. and the officials can't just say they're not going to answer because nay don't feel like it. >> among the tough topics question as but russia including
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sessions meetings with the russian ambassador. >> i recuse myself from any investigation into the campaign for president. but i did not recuse myself from defending my honor against scurrilous and false allegations. >> meanwhile at the white house. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> president trump decleaned to dispute the comments of one of his long time friends who said that president trump is considering asking for the firing of special counsel robert mueller. but deputy attorney general, rod rosenstein the one person who could fire mueller testified the white house was not going to make that call. >> if there were good cause i would kid it. if there weren't. it wouldn't matter what any body says. >> sessions was asked if the president had tapes of his conversations with james comey. sessions said he did not know. remember it was more than a month ago, kendis, diane that the president tweeted that out. and to date, the white house still has the not confirmed. >> that's right. so many questions left there. lana zach from washington. meanwhile, copies of the mem
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and notes that james comey wrote to document his conversations with president trump are now in the hands of the fbi comey's friend, the law professor, who leaked information to the media says he has turned over all relevant materials to the bureau. comey testified last week that he orchestrate the that leak to prompt the appointment of special counsel. >> breaking overnight. american college student, otto warmbier, is back in the u.s., he has been rushed to a hospital in cincinnati. the 22-year-old fell into a coma a year ago during his imprisonment. he arrived in ohio overnight. his parents say they had not been able to reach otto for a year. only learned he was in a coma a week ago. he was arrest ford stealing a propaganda poster on a tour of north korea. you see the surveillance video there. he confessed was sentenced to hard labor during televised trial. >> please, i have made the worst mistake of my life. but, please, you have to save me. act to savme
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>> warmbier's release comes as former nba star dennis rodman is visiting north korea. the state department denies that had anything to do with the release. and, two tornados touched down in western minnesota last night. there was practically no damage in the rural area. just some trees and street signs uprooted and no injuries as well. >> here in the northeast, summer heat wave is over after three brutal days. the temperature at new york's la guardia airport set a record of 101 degrees. and that wasn't the only record. newark, new jersey, 99. baltimore, 97. philadelphia set one at 96. providence, notched one as well 95 degrees. today the temperature here in new york will reach 81. but chicago's, high, around 92. that is even hotter than it is
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86 degrees. >> should come up this way. that will feel cold, 81. >> miami. miami bundling up. >> in "the skinny," oprah giving a definitive answer whether she will run for president in 2020. >> the hottest song of the summer. ♪ despacito so why does justin bieber not know the words? >> words, words, words. >> to his song. fans aren't having it anymore. we'll show you what is happening coming up in "the skinny." ♪ ♪ ♪
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we are watching what is definitely a desperate ♪ we are watching what is definitely a desperate effort. life or death effort there in london to try to save residents of a 24-story high rise residential building west side of london. burning for several hours now. we are told by molly hunter there on the scene, the building is starting to lean. >> we have heard that that fire spread within an hour engulfing pretty mucth
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there are hundreds of firefighters on the scene now. there are fears this building could collapse as well. so firefighters have evacuated the surrounding areas, but, a big effort now to try to save that building from collapsing. and possibly save anyone still stuck inside. we are going to continue to monitor that developing story. >> now, to another breaking story for us. the search for two dangerous inmates from georgia. there is a 70,000 reward offered for information leading to capture of donnie russell and they killed two correctional officers in a prison bus yesterday in eatonton outside of atlanta. reports last night came out they may have been spotted. but the reports proved unfounded. authorities are now warning the men to turn themselves in. >> they need to surrender, before we find them. i saw two brutally murdered correctional officers, that's what i saw. i have their blood on my shoes.
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>> the correctional officers are are identified. authorities say after the killings, the suspects carjacked a green honda, both suspects described as armed and dangerous. >> quite a sound bite there from the sheriff in georgia. uber's co-founder and chief executive is taking time off as the the company tries to navigate through scandal. the ceo isn't giving a return date for his leave of absence. when he returns, reportedly will have less control of uber. meanwhile the ride haling company is announcing sweeping changes to work place culture based on recommendations from former u.s. attorney general eric holder's law firm. >> now that both the nba and the nhl playoffs are over. time for the celebration. the new nba champion golden state warriors will party with their fans in oakland tomorrow. >> but today, it is pittsburgh throwing a huge celebration for the stanley cup champion, penguins. members of the team brought the cup to the pirates game last
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night. captain sidney crosby threw the ceremonial first pitch. and delivered a strike by the way. >> the mets could use that. look at that. >> that's pretty good. check out the, the effect that crosby had on a young man, he just met after arriving home. >> i got my t-shirt signed by sidney crosby. >> why are you crying? >> because it is the best day of my life. >> ha-ha-ha. >> oh, my god, that is amazing. >> how cute is that. >> the moments that unite people of all ages. because the it just, just everybody can relate to that moment. >> there would be grown men crying as well if they got, t-shirt signed by sidney crosby. >> the one next to me. >> congratulations. absolutely. >> when we come back, scarlet johannsen meets her doppleganger. >> as justin bieber learned the lyrics of his hit song yet. >> des -- des -- i know it. it's some where. >> coming up in "the skinny" next. -- i know it. it's some where. >> coming up in
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♪ skinny so skinny >> time for a jam packed "the skinny." we have breaking political news to start things off. the 2020 race for the white house is wide open now with the rock and kevin hart leaving the door open for presidential run. and now we know one person who is not running. >> kanye? >> oprah. >> oprah. going to be my next guest. the 63-year-old media mogul shut down rumors going so far as to say she would never, ever run for any public office, ever, ever. for never, ever. so there i guess we have it. definitively. i don't know. doesn't seem super sure.
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curious to hear how that worked out. >> moon whieanwhile, kate mckinl star ready to appear live with kelly and ryan, told backstage there are award for the best end of the year walkout. >> accepted she went for it. busting a move to joe jonas' song, dancing out of her shoes. there you go. one way to kick off the show and the shoes. >> very cool. to the part of the "the skinny" where i say i told you so. >> fans are desperate to hear justin bieber sing sdespacito. he doesn't know the word. exhibit, a, b, c the tried to sing the song, doesn't note word. this weekend in stockholm, a fan took action, throwing a water bottle at bieber. the crowd was crying out for despacito. he said i can't sing the song. i don't know it.
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>> despacito. >> he doesn't know the word. sing b more than parts a and b here's why. medicare only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. . .
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♪ ♪ ♪ laid back with my mind on my money and money on my mind ♪ >> america's most influential couple is back. >> the obamas? >> no. they're still enjoying life in new york and d.c. >> the trumps. >> still in d.c. jay-z, beon zbla. beyonce. bert and ernie. >> this is obvious. close. talking about martha stewart and snoop dogg. the clue being the song that brought us in. >> oh. so abc's nick watt, met up with the odd couple. takes us on a look behind the scenes. >> yeah. >> welcome to martha and snoop's potluck dinner party. >> tv's odd couple back for season two because it works. >> going to start throwing dishes unless we get going. >> reporter: and backstage. >> did we find lobsters?
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>> chef's cameras, controlled chaos. >> that's for the -- the [ bleep ] burger. >> for the -- >> the [ bleep ] burger. the most expensive hamburger. >> thought she made that up. he was like, the what? >> so expensive. the show is going. good food and guests today. rupaul. >> always interesting to see people from different worlds come together and, and, meet in the middle. >> the weirdest group of people ever on a stage together. >> they have aligned their freak when see. i think that's a lesson for everyone in the world today. >> snoop, look at this! >> martha, let me try that again. >> it's interesting. they actually are friends. not going to put a different chef in or different rapper. this is newt formula. >> snoop was a guest on martha's daytime show. >> he wants greenish brownies. greener the better. off awe on game show. >> the country code for the ec
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now this. >> who is the worst guest last season? >> i would say -- your friend from atlanta. >> oh, wow. >> rick ross. >> if you don't do. if you don't do. >> which one did you want? >> crush. celebrity crush on martha. yeah. >> you like him, he is very talented. >> cheers. >> it does some times get a little boozy. >> we have different ways to cope with our alcoholic intake, right? >> okay. >> i have a nap. he has something else. >> yeah. >> nick watt, abc news, on set of snoop and martha. >> wonder what the something else is. >> i want to hang out with snoop and martha. >> can you imagine in the dressing room. snoop's dressing room. snoop's uncle is on the show. he also cooks with them. >> oh. >> a family affair. we want to be part of the family. >> yes, it is. a popular show. >> 100% of rotten tomatoes. of the family. >> yes, it
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a popular
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a massive fire tearing through a london high-rise apartment building. flames racing up 24 floors as hundreds of people slept inside. the survival stories and the race to save those trapped and the dramatic video coming in. we're live at the scene. also breaking overnight an american detained in north korea is back in the united states but several questions remain this morning. like why was he suddenly released and why is he in a coma? >> the attorney general grilled on capitol hill defiant and on a mission to clear his name. we're live in washington with the details. and we do say good morning to you, everybody, on this busy wednesday and srt


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