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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  June 14, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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taped off. authorities, investigators with local and federal are on site. we say federal because the attack took place against member of congress and the colleagues. federal crime. the f.b.i. is in charge. they plan to have a news conference in just about 30 minutes' time. around the corner from us. we'll listen closely to see what if any political motivations may have had to do in this really charged timing. >> have i still got shots being fired? >> we got one in custody. we need medics. scott: chaos as republican members of congress came under fire practicing early wednesday morning for a charity baseball game. representative mo brooks was feet away. >> i thought it was a car backfiring at first until i see the rifle barrel. a white male taking careful aim at congressman, staffers, whoever he could get ahold of. >> he had a lot of ammo. i think he must have been secured behind the third base dugout for a while. tough to get to him.
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scattered in every direction. filling a dugout or hopping the fence to get away. >> it went on for what felt like ten minutes. >> a guy, i don't know who he was but he was out here on the field. he was shot early on and he was just laying there and he wasn't really moving. scott: it was congressman steve scalise of louisiana, majority whip. due to his high ranking the reason the security detail was already on site. >> it could have been much worse. even a massacre some members here say if capitol police had not quickly jumped into action. they say maybe none of them would be alive. in an extensive exchange of gunfire two of the officers were shot and the suspect james hodgkinson killed. abc news says the 66-year-old is from illinois but had been living in alexandria for the past few months. a facebook page that appears to be his indicates he is a member of an online group called "terminate the republican party." president trump: we may have our d
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in times like these to remember that everyone who serves in our nation's capitol is here because above all they love our country. scott: u.s. capitol police as you might imagine sending out advice and an alert to all the members essentially saying if you see something, say something. knowing that threats need to be taken very, very seriously at this time. last note to point out from here at the ballfield. congressman joe bar on the -- joe barton was one of the members on the field today. he brought his young son to watch practice and he was in the dugout with others seeking protection. kind of put him underneath the bench there in the dugout. everyone was trying to protect him. he said i had 25 fathers that day. not just one. so you can see some of the perspective here as for moving forward. it was joe barton who said they would be playing tom
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happened here today. "it's play ball." back to you. nancy: incredibly touching. thank you very much. steve scalise is the majority whip and third in line for house leadership. the security was increased today on the capitol hill and behind me in the house and the senate office building. a minute after today's shooting, stephen tschida also joining us from the hill with reaction from today. stephen? stephen: nancy, security always tight around the u.s. capitol. but today, especially in those moments after we learned of the shooting it grew dramatically more intense. >> they stepped it up outside the u.s. capitol. while inside they strode into a briefing on the shooting at a congressional baseball practice. congressman joe barton's voice cracking at times when describing the scene. >> our prayers are for the people who were wounded. our thanks are to the police
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can't emphasize this enough, they attacked the shooter. that saved our lives. thank you. in doing so injured themselves. stephen: calls for unity echoed through the capitol as words spread through the shooting. congressman jeff duncan recounted his conversation with the man who opened fire just moments before the bullets flew. >> i know he asked me and i know how i answered and what happened. i will take it he was targeting the republicans this morning. stephen: despite the security presence tourists flocked to the capital. in the -- flocked to the capitol. one guard saying he wanted to make sure that the area was clear as possible. if someone opened fire. >> i'm shaken up.
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stephen: but it appeared to diminish as we learned more about the gunman here. more people became convinced that this was the work of the individual and not organized attack. stephen tschida. jonathan: everybody is asking why, what was it about the 66-year-old man to take out his anger or frustration in the form of violence against republicans. lindsey: what we found is common in these situations is that people are sayin
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but we found things in his personal life that may have caused problems with his deeply agitated state about u.s. politics. of 6-year-old james hodgkinson ran a home inspection business for a decade but dissolvedsolvee company j.t.h. services at the end of last year. a neighbor told us hodgkinson left his wife and they hadn't seen him for some time. he has reportedly been living in alexandria for the last two months. he was outspoken on social media about the dislike for the trump administration. only march 22 he posted "trump is a traitor. trump has destroyed our democracy. time to destroy trump and company." a neighbor we spoke with who asked not to be named had this to say. >> he was a big liberal. when trump got in, he might have gone off the deep end. high in politics. i thought he was a
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lisa: hodgkinson supported bernie sanders for president and was a volunteer on his campaign in iowa. upon hearing the news, sanders had strong words from the senate floor. >> i'm sickened by the despicable act. lisa: hodgkinson has a history of run-ins by police, mostly for traffic violations dating back to the 1970's. but there -- they are trying to determine motive and hodgkinson mental state and if he shared his intentions with anyone else. live in the newsroom, lisa fletcher, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. alexandria police chief says the first responders arrived at the ball field in three minutes of the first 911 call. two of the people shot were taken to the medstar washington hospital center and that is where sam ford joins
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sam: the condition of steve scalise is critical, according to latest report at medstar. they said he was shot in the hip. the hospital said another shooting victim brought here is in good condition. it could be, could be a special agent crystal griner shot in the ankle according to a statement from the u.s. capitol police in the battle with the shooter. the statement said another special agent david bailey treated and released from the hospital for minor injury. there is no confirmation griner is the second person here but definitely congressman scalise is here and in critical condition. the f.b.i. said another member of congress suffered minor injury. but they did not say the
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jonathan: thank you. back live at simpson field in alexandria. the f.b.i. directors were going shoulder to shoulder a second ago. they are covering every square inch not only of the ball field but past the fence, toward the third base line and the dugout. they are retracing the steps of the gunman and the capitol police officers who came running at the gunman. he had rifles and they had pistols. he had the advantage with the range of the rifle. but one of the officers even after being shot was able to fire a shot in excess of 50 yards. hitting the gunman in the chest. and bringing this to an end. nancy? nancy: reaction coming in from
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from gabrielle giffords who posted to twitter this. she posted "my heart is with my former colleagues, their families and staff and the u.s. capitol police, public servants and heroes today and every day." she was shot in the head as a man opened fire as she met with constituents in arizona six years ago. six people died in that attack. also congressman nancy pelosi among many praising the capitol police for the actions today. she paid tribute to officers who died in a shooting two decades ago. >> i want us to remember every single day the capitol police protects all of us, takes risks for us. this is a time to focus on it so sadly and it doesn't mean that other days are not as challenging. i want to call
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detective gibson and officer chestnut, who 19 years ago -- 1988 it was in july, lost their lives protecting the congress, the capitol. jonathan: today the heroics playing out again. two officers both wounded in a gunfight and both coming away taking the gunman down from a long distance with a pistol. obviously one of the capitol police officers at last check was released from the hospital. that is very good news. the other four people including the majority whip are still in the hospital. he was last listed in critical condition. but right now at, our web page, if you were to go there you will find something we put up there. you can see the whole video of that gun fight. somebody was rolling and recording and you can hear it. you will find out if a congressman on the field is changing his mind about gun control after what he went through today. that is the latest from
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alison: thanks to both of you. we will check back with you soon. we are tracking developing news on the west coast as well where a gunman opened fire at a u.p.s. delivery warehouse in san francisco. six people were shot there and three of them are dead. including the gunman. the police are working to figure out the motive. we will keep you posted as we find out more. larry: 7 on storm watch as the storms pop up around the area. doug hill is tracking them from the weather center. doug: for the fourth day in a row we hit the 90-degree mark or higher in washington until a cold front came through. now we are starting to settle down and there are still showers and the thunderstorms popping south of the metro area. most of the day the activity has been and will remain well south and southwest of metro washington. a few showers here and a few showers along route 1, i-95 corridor but majority are to
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83. partly cloudy and maybe isolated storm. same deal for friday. then the warmup and the heat and the humidity return for the father's day weekend. we will check it out in a few minutes. alison: thank you, doug. coming up at 5:00, fall out in flint. find out who is facing manslaughter charges after the city's water was contaminated. >> scream, help, get me out. larry: the dramatic fair in london. what investigators learned about it so far. >> messages of love along mount vernon avenue. how del ray has dealt with this violence. we'll explain in a live
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unreal. unreal. i have been here for close to 20 years. never had any problems. you barely hear police sirens. nancy: absolute shock tonight from a lot of the people living in the del ray section of alexandria where five people including a u.s. congressman were shot this morning. jonathan: this is a bucolic area. this is the most idyllic location you have to raise a family. you heard the guy say they rarely hear sirens here. when neighbors heard gunshots this morning at first they thought it was a
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accident. when the shots didn't stop, they knew what was happening. now behind me you can see the f.b.i. agents are scouring every inch of the field looking for more bullet casings from this morning's shootout. richard reeve is joining us live. richard, you spent the day talking to neighbors in this neighborhood. they must be absolutely floored with what played out this morning in the neighborhood. richard jonathan, a lot of folks seem shelf shot clocked, almost in -- shell-shocked. there are messages of love here even after the difficult day. crime scene tape and unfamiliar sounds of gunshots. >> i heard a bunch of what appeared to be shots. pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow. richard so loud he heard the sound over the roar of his lawnmower. 30 sho
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>> you don't want to get shot mowing the grass. you go inside so you have some protection. richard this is unfamiliar territory for this neighborhood. >> when you have the acts of violence it calls for prayer. richard along monroe now blocked off by the police. the father decided to continue on with the midday mass, needed now more than ever he said. >> i told them to pray for everyone. all of them. we even pray for the people who perpetrated the acts. richard on the streets you will see the signs like this. along the sidewalks the residents left coolers that said, "free water." >> i think people coming together is a good start. richard: along mount vernon avenue, this art project called "soar" is attracting messages of love amid it is violence. >> i don't know
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together. richard: there is a neighborhood walk in my location and down the street, the first responders, many ebbs of congress and staff will do a run/walk to honor the police officers who were wounded today. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. larry: we are watching the developments from london after the deadly fire ripped through a high-rise apartment building overnight. today, government officials ordered inspections at other buildings in the area that are undergoing renovations after concerns after install at a recent remodel helped the fire spread quicker. the witnesses report hearing people screaming for help and a woman throwing her child to safety. >> the baby i think was wrapped in some sort of a bed sheet, a blank. and she threw the baby. the baby came down. this is from the ninth or tenth floor. then a gentleman ran forward and miraculous held the baby. larry: 12 people were killed.
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official cause is still under investigation tonight. doug: even though the cold front came through this afternoon it's hot and humid. lower 90's for the fourth straight day. now things are starting to change. rather cloudy look now, looking live at national harbor. no rain locally. but the rain not far from the metro area. as the front continues to sink south. notice the influence of the east/north easterly winds pushing the rain as it develops to the south and southwest. so stafford, a little downpour now. a few more crossing the potomac in charles county. numerous storms. heaviest one over the northwest side of richmond. all the action to the southwest. i suppose the next hour or so until sunset. we could see additional pop-up shower. most of the activity staying away from the area and the temperatures are cooling off a bit overnight. i still feels like 93 in warrenton. 97 in culpeper. feels like 90 in washington. 91 in annapolis. through the evening, we will go fru partly to most -- go from partly to mostly
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it's dropping slowly tonight to upper 70's. the future cast has a handle on the movement of the showers. overnight we will be partly cloudy. we will see a touch of fog. break into sunshine in the day. watch for a few more showers in the afternoon. majority is west of the metro area. head to the day on friday it looks like the cold front will come back as a warm front and another chance, increasing chances of the afternoon thunderstorms moving through the area. after that, we head to the father's day weekend, temperatures rise, humidity rise and we keep a chance of showers and storms. so for the next 48 hours, 70 overnight with morning fog. 83 tomorrow and friday and chances of isolated showers west of town tomorrow. better chance area wide on friday. weekend, 86 on saturday. scattered storms. father's day, hot and humid, 92 with the afternoon showers and the thunderstorms. finally a look at the next ten days here as the numbers stay down for a couple of days and then head up.
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better chance of storms as another cold front comes in. that will only drop the temperatures a few degrees. we will be in the third week of june. so it is hard to keep temperatures down. but you can see the summer arrives on the first day of next wednesday. first day of summer. still in the upper 80's near 90 on friday with more showers and storms. summary pattern. a month or two ago we were hoping for summer to come through. larry: we want to tell you about four big birthdays. the oldest, the u.s. army formed 242 years ago today. two years later congress adopted the stars and stripes as the official flag of this country. not as old but significant, president donald trump. he is 71. maryland congressman peja steny hoyer is 78. larry: till ahead tonight,
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pro tip: gianraspberries for prices on produce. john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. alison: developing now, a substitute teacher charging with arranging to have sex with a minor. he was arrested last night in the herndon area. he is a substitute teacher in the fairfax county school system. tonight investigators are asking anyone with information
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larry: a second full day of jury deliberations in bill cosby sexual assault trial. this afternoon the entire testimony from cosby's accuser was read back to jurors at their request. cosby faces up to ten years in prison on each count if convicted. alison: we are tracking new developments in the flint water crisis today. five people who work for the city or the state have been charged in the death of an 85-year-old man. now the head of michigan health department is among the five now facing involuntary manslaughter charges. the man who died had legionnaires' disease which has been linked to the poisoned water supply. >> after allegedly being informed of the growing situation in flint, nick line failed to inform the public of the health threat, a threat which cost the life of robert skidmore. alison: the other four officials are already facing other charges. michigan attorney general says he is not
5:27 pm
snyder because right now they have no evidence against him. larry: the food and drug administration has indefinitely postponed next year's planned overhaul of nutrition labels. the goal of the revised labels was to make serving size more realistic and it would include sugars added to the food and drink. the trump administration says companies need more time to comply. no word if or when the rules will take effect. >> after today's shooting members of congress say it is important the game go on as scheduled. i'm tom roussey with the story coming up. brad: with regard to the alexandria shooting we are awaiting new information from the f.b.i. and we will also tell you the story of the hero police being credited with saving
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the emotional shock of seeing your friends shot where you are helpless. you have a baseball bat. they have a rifle. you're defenseless. >> absolute chaos playing out this morning on the ballfield behind me. this is where the representatives from the house and the senate, republicans out here practicing for a big game that will take place tomorrow night at nats park. after 7:00 when the batting was ongoing. taking batting practic
5:31 pm
third baseman. outside the fence and asked somebody, "hey, is are these republicans or democrats playing?" they said republicans. he went back to a sack on the ground, approximatelied out a long rifle and opened -- ground, pulled out a long rifle and opened fire. one of those hit was steve scalise, the majority whip. he was hit in the hip and crawled to the outfield to get away from the gunman. also crystal griner and david bailey came from parking lot and opened fire on the gunman and both were hit. lobbyists matt mika hit and joey bartolomeo is on -- zachary barth was hit and he is on staff. we will get an update on the investigation. we understand james hodgkinson, the 66-year-old, confronted by the capitol police officers and he was shot to death. let's go to brad bell staying in the neighborhood covering the investigation angle of everything going on. bring us up
5:32 pm
brad: we are on east monroe avenue, a few blocks from where you are standing now. what we can see behind me is the f.b.i. and the police coming to the microphones. we expect to get a briefing from them in a second. we hope to get information about a motive. but one of the things we know right now is people are really talking about the police officers, saying how much they saved lives today. it was an ambush. members of congress and staff members happily practicing for the annual congressional charity softball game. they were sitting ducks for the gunman, armed with a semi-automatic rifle. dozens of shots were fired. representative steve scalise, the house majority whip, two staffers and a lobbyist were hit, with two capitol police officers assigned to steve scalise despite being wounded themselves were able to bring the shooter down.
5:33 pm
>> they were taking on a man with a rifle. they had pistols and he had a rifle. that is not a fair fight. both were wounded. the bravery they showed is incredible. brad: we want to go to press conference now from the f.b.i. >> their action saved lives. this is an active investigation and details continue to unfold. i stressed this earlier and i am going to underscore it now that the f.b.i. is not going to talk about the character or nature in which we are investigating this case. other than to say we continue to work this as an active investigation and an ongoing matter. there has been some confusion about the injuries involved. our statement sent out earlier
5:34 pm
actually, identified the number of victims and their injuries. let me just review that quickly for you. five individuals were shot. a congressman, a united states capitol police officer, a congressional staffer, a lobbyist and the suspect. additional two individuals, a congressman and a capitol police officer obtained secondary injuries at the scene and were transported to local hospitals and treated. as for the subject, this is the only time that i will be referring to him by his name. this afternoon we released a statement noting that the subject's name was james hodgkinson. 66 years of age of
5:35 pm
illinois. he succumb to his injuries at the hospital. and the d.c. medical examiner has issued the cause of death as multiple gunshot wounds to the torso. the f.b.i. i.d a seeking information poster identifying the shooter that can be found at while the subject is deceased, we continue to actively investigate the shooter's motive, acquaintances and whereabouts that led to today's incident. we will continue to have presence as we process a scene here in alexandria and f.b.i. agents are searching the shooter's home, his residence is belleville, illinois. the subject's vehicle was located on scene and has been swept by alexandria
5:36 pm
we will be processing with our f.b.i. evidence recovery team as well. obviously we are looking to glean what we can from the contents regarding his electrical devices that he owned. law enforcement has reason to believe that the shooter has been in alexandria, virginia, area, since march of this year. the f.b.i. has issued again seeking information poster located on the website asking the public to come forward with information on the shooter. to the local alexandria community, we believe that the shooter has been living out of his vehicle in the fa sinty -- vicinity of east monroe street. therefore, asking you to report any interactions that you may have had with him. likewise, the suspect traveled from his residen
5:37 pm
with individuals who know him personally or who may have encountered him on his travels. if you have information, please call the f.b.i. 24-hour tip line at 1-800-call-f.b.i. select option one. or visit so again, the 24-hour tip line at 1-800-call-f.b.i. and select option one or visit all tips will remain confidential. no amount of information is too small to report. law enforcement will remain on scene until processing of the scene has been completed. we ask that the local community for your patience and cooperation as we complete this task. further updates will be shared via written statements unless law enforcement collectively stand behind me advises
5:38 pm
otherwise. i'll open it up for a few questions in a second but i want to turn it over to chief brown from alexandria p.d. for a couple of comments. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. it's mike brown, b-r-o-w-n for the alexandria police department. i want to give back and give the status of what we are doing in the community to try to reassure the community in terms of the safety and the security of our residents. we are canvassing the immediate area doing door-to-door with the colleagues from the sheriff department and the fire department. so that we can reassure people in the community we believe this incident today is over. although the investigation will continue in this area for a while. we are also working with some of our other departments in the city. for example, the department of community and health services to make services that are generally available for these kind of situation, available to our community over the next couple of days.
5:39 pm
we care very much about our residents and the people that come to visit us in the city. we are doing everything we can to reassure them that this is a safe community and that your government and your public safety personnel care deeply about it. that said, you will see a lot of law enforcement, fire personnel working this area trying to reassure them of such. i thank you for that. as part of the department we will continue to work with the f.b.i. as they move forward on their investigation. thank you very much. >> special agent, did he have a vendetta against republicans? >> i have no commented on that. >> do you know whose shots brought him down? >> it was a multiple local law enforcement response. i do not know at this time. >> was it both the capitol police and alexandria who responded and shot at him? >> i'm not going to comment on who it was. multiple agencies. >> your released talk about the weapons. can you give us an idea of what you are trying to run down on the weapons?
5:40 pm
>> the only comment i'll make about weapons is one handgun and one rifle. >> what are you trying to learn about those? >> where they came from, who bought them, how he acquired them. the logical investigative questions. >> county officers interacted with him in march in illinois. was it shortly after that he came here? you say he has been here since march? >> we believe he has been here since march. i won't comment on specifics of that. >> were the capitol police officer shot in the original round of gunfire or when they exchanged gunfire? >> i'm not sure on that, ma'am. i don't have a commented about that. >> is there anything for people who have may have seen him is there anything to say what was he doing in the couple of months that may help update recollection of where they may have seen him? >> no. that is what we are asking the public to help us with. we are just not sure at this time. >> have you spoken to his wife? >> i won't comment on that. that is part of an active
5:41 pm
investigation. >> [inaudible question] >> so i won't comment on that either. so really, we are exploring all angles and we are not going to be limited. we will let the facts take us where it goes. jonathan: the reason the f.b.i. is taking over the investigation is because the attack took place against federal officials, members of congress. they are letting people know if they had any interaction with james hodgkinson or know about the motives for being here, they would love to hear from you. that gives us idea that perhaps he was a ghost on the radar screen as far as having background with the law enforcement to raise red flags with them to interpret what happened this morning -- intercept of what happened this morning. to get an idea where belleville is. this is close to st. louis. it's a small area. it's unclear what would have made james hodgkinson a 66-year-old man that used to look for mold inside homes to come here and live in his car here for a few months unless this was his plan all along.
5:42 pm
station kdnl and he is giving us an idea what is happening there. what are people saying about james hodgkinson? andy: well, jonathan, hodgkinson has lived here for a decade. right now his home is the scene of a large police presence from f.b.i., a.t.f. to the local authorities trying to figure out how and why this happened. so, i met with a friend of his from high school, dale walsh, who says that he is surprised to hear this but he says there is some political frustration he had from the state level and the national level that could have been a tipping point. >> it got me upset he did this. i don't know why he did thousand but aapparently in his mind this was something he had to do. andy: now i tried to speak with family here but no one would talk to me just yet. jonathan? jonathan: all right. andy. thank you very much. nc
5:43 pm
his way to illinois for more on that side of the story. meantime tonight, members of the democratic congressional baseball team also had a practice. they paused in tribute of their colleagues when they heard about what happened. now we have 7's tom roussey joining us live from nats park with the future of tomorrow's big baseball charity game. tom? tom: you know, nancy, initially a lot of folks thought it might be canceled but in the end, both sides, republicans and democrats decided perhaps it's more than ever that this go on. right now at i peek -- as i speak there is a major league baseball game going on at nats park. this is the site for tomorrow night 7:05 p.m. of the annual baseball game that has been going on since 1909. it raises money for charity. that is one of the reasons that members of congress thought it was important for it to go on. now in addition, the coach of the democratic side says today'
5:44 pm
us all we need to take a hard look at the tone of things right now when it comes to politics. >> when the leadership of the country is civil toward one another, maybe the public will start being civil to one another, too. and the news media will be civil toward members of congress and the public. we can change the mood in this country. so that people don't get filled up with this kind of hate -- hatred. tom: earlier today it was announced on the house floor that the game at nats park would go on, there was a standing ovation. so obviously, member of congress in a bipartisan way felt it was important that the game go on. with partisanship suspected as a possible motive in the shooting it is important to note this is partisan that the republicans play democrats it's long known as a time when the two sides come together to raise money for charity. in a very good natured way. reporting live outside nats park i'm tom roussey,bc
5:45 pm
news. nancy: tom, thank you. a big night ahead tomorrow. we have more reaction from other members of congress as well as people all around the world reacting to this horrific shooting today. you can see all of that at we have dramatic audio from the scanners as all of this unfolded. you can watch video taken from the shooting. now head back inside to larry. larry: great work out there. coming up next forget the attack of the ill caner
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larry: developing tonight a mining accident leaves one person dead in west virginia in boone county. authorities say the victim was using a machine to extract coal at the time of his death. they are investigating but for now the mine is not active. records show this is the eighth death at a u.s. mine facility this year. alison: a bizarre story. deli clerk suffering broken jaw after they threw avocados at him. they also smashed watermelons and threw bananas. started over a confusion over a f
5:49 pm
the attack happened on memorial day but the police hope the new surveillance video
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east monroe, receiving report of shots being fired and there are people running, possibly victims involved. jonathan: that is a snippet of one of the calls this morning from the ballpark ambush in alexandria. chaotic situation. five people shot, including two u.s. capital police officers and the -- u.s. capitol police officers and majority whip in the house, steve scalise. nancy: police and other emergency responders do what they can to be prepared for exactly this type of situation. one of the biggest tools they have is an active shooter training drill. in an odd coincidence of timing, horace holmes was invited to be part of exactly such a kind of drill today in prince george's county. horace: the call goes out. >> shots fired. horace: police jump to duty. >> powerful second shooter on scene. >> it's the most dangerous, stressful situation that a police officer is ever involved in, an active
5:53 pm
situation. horace: at a two-story office building to a barricade, hostage situation. what they witness with every step is frightening. frightening but not real. this is training planned months in advance and conducted today for prince george's county patrol officers. in the lights of the events today this is training they are glad to go through. >> we look around the country and we look around the globe and we know there are threats out there that could show up on our front door. [sirens] horace: we wear head gear for protection not knowing what we will encounter as we enter the building. [gunfire] >> stop the killing and then stop the dying. we want to stop the people killing people, hurting people. then we he
5:54 pm
dying. anybody that is injured we have to start rendering aid. horace: the idea is to put the officers in stressful and dangerous situations. this is about as realistic as it gets. there are injuries everywhere. a gunman holding hostages downstairs. another gunman upstairs with every step we walk in the unexpected. finally both gunmen are captured, the injured taken to safety and the incident ends. the officers take a sigh of relief. >> they need to ask themselves at the end of the day, am i prepared and what are the things i need to know to get through a situation like this? larry: that was horace holmes reporting. developing now, although he has yet to concede the republican primary for governor of virginia, corey stewart is already looking toward the future. stewart telling the "associated press" he is considering a run for senate next year. democratic senator tim kaine is up for re-election in 2018. stewart nearly
5:55 pm
election. alison: a former journalist could be the first transgender member of the house of delegates. democrat rome will face republican delegate marshall in november's election. marshall has represented the 13th district that includes part of prince william county for 25 years. last year he introduced a bill limiting what bathrooms transgender people could use. larry: okay. well, middle of the week looking ahead to the weekend now. pretty consistent fairly for the weather. >> yes. still hot out there. what is the latest, doug? doug: for the fourth consecutive day over 90 degrees. a cold front came through and now it cools down for a couple of days. showers and storms fredericksburg, south and west. more to interstate 81 ahead of the cold front. so for the region tonight it's partly cloudy and maybe fog by morning. partly sunny. tomorrow is 83 for a high. looking ahead to a taste of reston for the weekend, all the areas are about the same. partly cloudy, low 80's friday. weekend is warming up. t
5:56 pm
for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice.
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
for at least two to three minutes it was absolute chaos. >> i bet you there were 30 to 50 shots i heard. it went on for a while. >> you can see steve scalise out in the field. he dragged himself after he was shot. >> the emotional shock of seeing your friends shot, you are defenseless. we would have been his next victims. >> our lives were saved by the capitol hill police. had they not been there, it would have been a massacre. [gunfire] [bleep] >> stay down! michelle: the sound of some of the dozens of gunshots fired. ten minutes of terror. congressman and staffers ambushed during a morning baseball practice.
6:00 pm
the gunman was taken out. among them house majority whip steve scalise who is critically hurt. abc7 has team coverage tonight led by nancy chen at the capitol and jonathan elias at the scene of the ambush in del ray. jonathan: it has been 12 hours since the shooting at the simpson field behind me. earlier this morning this is where the member of congress, republican members were gathering for a practice to get ready for a charity game tomorrow night at nats park. after 7:00, a busy place. a lot of folks walking a dog, getting a walk in before they headed to work. that is when it was interrupted by gunfire. not a couple of shots. a lot of shots went off in the park right now. the game we understand will go on despite what took place on the field. let me show you a mass cam version, a bird's-eye view of the field. you can see house majority whip steve scalise was on second base. the gunman was over by the third base line standing in the grand stand to shoot over the fence. that is where we understand he


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