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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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capitol police. had they not been there, i think it would have been mass murder. [gunshots] jonathan: a hail of gunfire at the congressional baseball practice. i'm live in alexandria, where this played out. when it was over, five people were left wounded on this baseball field. among them, the majority whip, steve scalise, who was shot while plank second base during batting practice. wo capitol police officers, a congressional aide come and a lobbyist. scalise and lobbyist are the worst off right now. scalise has undergone at least two surgeries. death, an was shot to 66-year-old shot to death by the capitol police officers who were on the security detail of the majority whip. tim barber
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the hometown of the shooter in illinois, but we start team coverage with tom roussey medstar washington, where the congressman is being treated. understand that he has received several pints of blood as well. still in critical condition. tom: that is the latest information we have heard from the hospital. he underwent one surgery immediately when he got here this morning. he will need more. whoot a visit from the man holds the highest office in the land earlier tonight. this is video of president trump and his wife walking out of washington hospital center. they spent some time with scalise. afterwards, the president tweeting basically he is in pretty tough shape, scalise, and asked everybody to pray for him. he said that scalise is a fighter. everybody hoping that everybody makes it out ok. the shooting itself happened about 16 hoursgo
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ray neighborhood of alexandria, where everyone described it as a scene of absolute chaos. tonight come fbi crime scene investigators are still trying to put the pieces together. >> heard the first shot and you think, was that with that sounded like? tom: ohio congressman brad at the baseball practice when he saw house majority whip steve scalise get hit. >> bullets were flying everywhere, and here is one guy just lying there. [gunshots] tom: nobody could get to scalise as suspect james hodgkinson fired dozens of shots over 10 minutes. >> five individuals were shot. tom: they include a legislative correspondent who was released from the hospital and a tysons food lobbyist, matt mica. two officers were injured.
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are being hailed as heroes. after hodgkinson was taken down by repeated shots in the upper body, a former combat surgeon in .raq lanran to scalise >> i never saw the exit wound. are many in congress convinced it was his apparent hatred of the president and republicans. >> we are far better than this. we have a history of being far better than this. we need to start acting like it. besides representative steve scalise who remains in critical condition tonight, matt food lobbyist, is the other person was seriously hurt. he is at gw hospital. the latest we have heard from his family is he is in critical condition as well. live in northwest d.c., tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: tom, thanks.
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as bucolic as it gets, very quiet in alexandria. this is an exclusive neighborhood where they hardly ever hear sirens. today after the shooting, they are coming back for vigils to give their prayers for the victims of the shooting and to also come against hatred and via olence. hundreds events, poured onto the streets in alexandria to say that hate does not belong here. >> this is a walk of healing for this community. jay: hundreds on the streets in two separate solidarity walks. >> courage under fire, literally. courage under fire. rounds and rounds of gunfire. jay: the shooting unfolded only blocks from the heart of del
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alexandria bound by a strong sense of community and a deep and abiding disdain for intolerance. >> we will not fall for your hate and ignorance. we are celebrating life and we will pray together tonight. ay: others participated couple miles away in a run to show pride in community and country. >> this probably did not become real until i saw the video. i said that is my dog park and that is my kids' field and that is my ymca. then it became an attack on my community. coming together helps us feel whole again. >> this is not something that a community or country sees every day, or in a lifetime. jay: the alexandria police chief michael brown told the crowd that even hours after the shooting, officers
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neighborhood to make sure that everyone in their homes was physically and emotionally ok. jay korff, abc 7 news. jonathan: jay, thanks. live again at the ballpark, yellow crime scene tape around the park. people played here with their kids and dogs. the ymca is next to the ball field. i just ran into the former mayor of alexandria, and he said while working out at the gym, he had bumped into james hodgkinson sitting in the lobby with his computer, struck up a conversation. they talked on a daily basis. the mayor was shocked to find out this was the gun man today. here is what he told me. >> he would only have a conversation with me and one of the staff members working in the front. jonathan: work on of conversations? >> restaurants to go to, good places to eat, where to eat. jonathan:
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combing the ball field and picking up evidence and clues and also retracing the steps of james hodgkinson who had been in the area for a few months. there try to figure out what run him here, his motive, and what caused him to snap and open fire on the republican members of congress playing baseball. he comes from a place in illinois not far from st. louis. we sent tim barber to the area. you have been there a short time, tim, what have you uncovered so far? tim: no warning signs from neighbors. i'm at the edge of the property of the suspect. the lights are still on at the house. this is where the fbi agents were all day, and this is where investigators say he was practicing firing a gun just months ago before the rampage. the sun sets over a crime --cornfield lined with crime tape. [gunshots] tim:
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hodgkinson open fire in alexandria two months after he moved from this rural property in bellevue, illinois. hodgkinson's facebook page is filled with angry political posts against president trump and the republicans. democratic senator bernie sanders said the shooter volunteered at his presidential campaign. >> i condemn this action in the strongest possible terms. tim: hodgkinson was arrested for domestic battery in 2006, but the case was dismissed. in march, deputies responded to his property for gunshots, where he was legally using a hunting rifle for practice. but three months later and hundreds of miles away, the 66-year-old opened fire on a group of congressional republicans until two capitol hill police officer shot back and killed him. this area is still blocked all. as soon as we figure out what
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you know. in southern illinois, tim barber, abc 7 news. jonathan: tim, thanks. one thing we know about james the areas, one of that he frequented, a bar, a barbecue bar called porkbarrel. they remember him. >> when his picture was released , it was like a punch to the gut. guy,initely served this had spoken to him. it's crazy. jonathan: the bartender said hodgkinson was not friendly, a strange,nd a little but she had never engaged him in political conversation. this is a very quiet neighborhood. one neighbor said when he or the shooting start this morning, the first shot was fired by itself. he thought it was a construction accident, perhaps somebody dropped something in the street.
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with much more frequency and he knew what was happening. he and his wife were diving for cover in their own harm that borders the park. the dispatch calls, he called 911 come he was not alone. listen to what dispatch was up against when the shooting took place. >> east munro, receiving shots fired, people running, possibly victims involved. jonathan: stunning scanner traffic detailing moments of chaos. >> the field in front of the ymca. there is a victim down on the baseball field. jonathan: responders finding five shooting victims. >> i have one injured. jonathan: the democrats were also practicing not far from here at the same time. when word of the shooting happened here, they rounded up the democrats for their protection and came together in said prayers for their republican colleagues who were being shot at in this rampage.
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capital. i understand there were a lot of messages of unity from both sides, reacting to what happened, nancy? nancy: absolutely. good evening, jonathan. evening, a packed bus cheered and applauded a capitol police officer when they were stopped at a red light. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle reached across the aisle, from the capital and down the street at the white house. knoweve, i want you to that you have our prayers, not only of the entire city behind you, but of an entire nation. and frankly, the entire world. you ands praying for america is praying for all of the victims of this terrible shooting. >> we are not one caucus or the other in this house today. i think we
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other in saying that we send our thoughts and prayers to our colleague, steve scalise. >> we are united. we are united in our shock. we are united in our anguish. an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. be on that unity sure to display tomorrow night at the congressional baseball game, which will go on as planned at nationals park. on capitol hill, nancy chen, abc 7 news. jonathan: a preplanned event in d.c. taking on new significance. it was planned to remember the victims of the sandy hook massacre. advocates trying to reform gun violence. anna-lysa gayle has the emotional event. anna-lysa? anna-lysa: hours after four innocent people were injured in a shooting in alexandria, the sandy hook promise foundation was reminded nonviolence is a problem -- gun violence is a problem. >>
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another act of gun violence, the pain of the day that i lost dylan comes rushing back. anna-lysa: wednesday mornings shooting brought back painful memory. her six-year-old son was one of 20 children in the sandy hook shooting nearly five years ago. >> the shooting in virginia was the 154th mass shooting so far this year. we have only had 165 days. >> for everyone of those bullets fired on the baseball field this morning, thousands are fired around connecticut and this country. representative tim murphy says mental health awareness must be part of the solution to the issue of gun violence. >> we have to wake up and do something about this as a nation, on all levels. accepting anile award at the annual event, senator joe manchin said,
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sense and gun cents should go hand-in-hand. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: tomorrow's congressional baseball game will go on as scheduled at nationals park. organizers say it is the best way to honor the victims. it's tomorrow night at 7:05. donations are being accepted. some of the money will go towards the victims of today's shootings. to ensure safety, president trump will not be there because of last-minute security requirements. media,u go to social thoughts and prayers are pouring in from around the country and all over the world in regards to what took place this morning for stop lindsey mastis joins us with that side of the story. posted: national star this on twitter, "my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families affected by this senseless act of violence at the congressional baseball practice." the nats released a statement that said, "it
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to host the congressional baseball game and the team is looking forward to hosting the game tomorrow night." said thatue baseball it fully supports the decision to play and hopes tomorrow night's game can play a constructive role in the healing process. support pouring in from lawmakers as well as gabby furred, who survived being shot guiford,ll as gabby who survived being shot in arizona couple years ago. jonathan: we will keep you updated and we will have updated information on, facebook, and twitter. we have 24 hour updates. also get breaking news updates on your phone or tablet. just go to we will be back from this neighborhood next.
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molly: welcome back. upper 70's, low 80's and hagerstown. we are
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goodbye to the heat as we go through the day tomorrow. still a mild night, mid 60's, low 70's, partly cloudy skies. a few thunderstorms earlier this evening mainly west of the d.c. area that have fizzled out. the daytime highs the past couple days, low 90's. certainly a well-deserved break coming into the area. temperatures pretty close to where they should be this time of year, low to mid 80's, a mixture of sunshine and clouds. through the afternoon and evening tomorrow, another round of showers and thunderstorms popping up off to the west, a slim thread of thunderstorms getting into the d.c. area. as we get ready for the weekend, father's day sunday, a lot of activities around town. on baseline, the nationals playing at the mets, but you can go to nationals park and enjoy brunch with dad. the temperatures back into the 90's. although we are catching a break from the
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the weekend. the extended forecast, 30% chance of showers and storms through this weekend. i don't think any day in particular will be a watch out, but we are allowing for showers and thunderstorms to fire up. looks like the best chance of heavier rainfall could arrive monday. that is when the cold front moves through, the temperatures still in the upper 80's. tuesday and wednesday, the sunshine returns coming getting ready for the summer solstice next week. look like it will be feeling like summertime with daytime highs in the mid 80's and bright sunshine. alison: molly, thank you. great to have you here with us tonight. also following other developing story tonight, including the tragedy in london. what investigators are saying about the cause of the deadly apartment fire. and late-breaking reports that the president is now under investigation for possible obstru
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"the washington post" is reporting special counsel robert mueller is investigating president trump for possible obstruction of justice. he met with the chairman and vice chair of the senate intelligence committee. mueller and the committee are looking at a possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia. new developments from london were smoke is still glowing from the blackened shell of the 24 story apartment building. at least a dozen people died, dozens more hospitalized tonight. investigators say the death toll will climb. there is no word on what sparked the fire, but residents had previously complained about fire hazards. police in sanast, francisco are looking for a motive behind today shooting at a ups facility. an employee killed three workers and hurt more before taking his own life. reports
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had previously filed in overtime grievance. at 9:00berations ended tonight in the bill cosby sexual assault case. after a dinner break, jurors asked to review the testimony of the defense's sole witness, who is a detective. cosby faces 10 years in prison for each of the three counts against him. we will be back with a li
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jonathan: i'm jonathan elias, live from alexandria with the date on this morning shooting. we know that two people remain in critical condition after the gunfire the congressional baseball practice with republican members. -- gopp steve scalise whip steve scalise and a lobbyist were critically injured. the shooter was identified a whoear-old james hodgkinson lived in this area for several months in his car. we are told a congressional baseball game will go on as planned tomorrow night at nationals park, the organizers saying this is the best way to honor the victims. lawmakers began out with thoughts and prayers and messages of unity. abc 7 will
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y2e2hy y1a2y alison: molly has a final look at the weather. is a cooling off a little bit? molly: we are tracking a little cool down, falling into the 80's tomorrow. friday, a lot of thunderstorm icons on the extended forecast, but no day in particular will be a washout. father's day plans, it will be hot, back into the 90's, and some of those thunderstorms are possible. alison: it definitely looks like a summertime forecast. thanks, molly, and thank you for joining us. jimmy kimmel live is next. have a good night.
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donald trump is a very nice person. i'm really rich. putin called me a genius. i know words, i have the best words. society loves me. i'm one of the smartest people in the world. i'm much richer than almost anybody. i've made billions and billions of dollars. i have so many websites, i have them all over the place. donald trump is maybe the best interview there is. i was the best golfer than all the rich team. i'm a smart person. i have a store that's worth more money than mitt romney. i think i'm much more humble than you would understand. happy birthday to me. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight - jamie foxx. nba champion draymond green. and music from trace adkins. and now, without further ado, here's jimmy kimmel!


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