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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 15, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," the chilling moment gunfire rang out on the baseball field, leaving a congressman in critical condition as so many ran for cover. >> that horrific shooting is bringing some unity to the nation's capital with democrats and republicans coming together for a special baseball game. and this half-hour, >> the parents of otto warmbier expect discuss their son's condition. he is home in a coma after being in north korea for a year. >> and the time, the battle between the two nicest humble fighters in the world is officially happening. mayweather/mcgregor. trash talking under y.
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plus mayweather's social media challenge that nobody is talking about. or actually taking seriously. it is thursday, june 15th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." we can say good morning to you, everybody on this thursday. a busy one. start the half-hour with the show of bipartisan support after that attack on republican lawmakers during a batting practice in, in, suburban washington, d.c. >> annual charity baseball game preparing for between democrats and republicans will go on as planned tonight. president trump stopped by the hospital last night to see republican congressman, steve scalise in critical condition. >> police are now looking into the past of the deceased gunman who had railed against president trump on social media.
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members of congress racing for cover as police then engaged the gunman in a shootout. >> here is some of what the people in the park saw and heard. [ continuous gunfire ] [ gunfire ] [ gunshots ] >> everybody get down! [ gunfire ]
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[ gunfire ] >> that was video captured by a man who happened to be walking his dog at the time. it is just unbelievable how long it goes on for. >> yeah. just so you know that was about a minute and a half that we, we played out there. it is longer than that. it just gives you a sense of how long that, that, that encounter was. couple of thoughts about it. you can hear the man breathing heavily. and then you see all the folks scurrying around. imagining how trapped the
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congressional members might have felt. >> you can hear, police officers saying put the gun down. put the gun down. hearing all the shots. means the gunman is still armed at the time after all the shots fired. >> investigators are now looking into every aspect of that gunman, james hodgkinson's life. the 66-year-old home inspktor had not been working recently. >> his social media posts demonstrated hatred for republicans. hodgkinson once called president trump a traitor online. and belonged to a facebook group called terminate the republican party. the fbi believes he had been in the washington area since march. and was living out of a van. he was familiar to the staff at a bar a few blocks away from the shooting scene. >> he would come in and -- watch golf a lot. middle of the day, typically. and he would always come in by himself. the first time, i met him, he was -- he was a little bit odd. he would -- just sit there by himself real quiet.
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person. and, rubbed me the wrong way. >> hodgkinson had a series of runins with the law two months ago received a warning from police at his home in illinois after neighbors come planned of him firing dozens of shots. >> despite at take. the house will be in session. >> victims who were wounded are starting their long recovery journey. mary bruce tells us more about them. >> reporter: congressman, steve scalise was looking for wrd to the big game. >> couldn't make my high school team. kind of bloomed later in life. >> reporter: the louisiana lawmaker, raging cajuns fan calling his wife before surgery. also hit, zach barth, congressional aide, posting he was in the hospital but okay. lobbyist matt mika one of the team's coaches shot in the chest. in critical condition. an those two heroic officer,
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ankle. david bailey, nine year veteran of the capital police suffering minor injuries. both there to protect scalise but protecting so many more. >> scalise gets security because he is in leadership. had scalise not been there it would have been a massacre there would be no we to defend yourself. >> reporter: congressman, rodney davis of illinois the team catcher was at bat when shots rang out. we show him the shooter's photo. >> makes me nauseous to find out he may be from my home state. the hate just over political differences has ratcheted up to where it becomes entertainment value. and that has to stop. it's my breaking point. i'm going to do everything i can to make it stop. >> reporter: and moments of untee. the imagine the dugout. democratic team praying for their republican colleagues. and in the halls of congress.
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attack on all of us. >> reporter: that congressional baseball game will go on tonight. that show of unity extending to the baseball diamond here in washington. democrats and republicans feeling it send a strong message that americans will not back down to fear. one republican who was on the field explained it, we all agree, we need to play ball. mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. and the democratic baseball team did more than just pray for their republican colleagues. >> they invited members of the republican team to have dinner with them last night. louisiana democrat, cedric richmond brought crawfish in honor of scalise from louisiana the two are good friends. the republican team manager, gentlemen barton of texas called the dinner invitation a gracious and generous offer. >> this baseball game tonight at nationals park in d.c., one that goes back for more than century. first one in 1909. and that time they said it had been brewing for weeks.
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of them in their republican and democratic outfits. classic 1909. you would imagine. >> the moments we often dent see in washington. we look at division, all the heated moments. all the rhetoric, we often don't see the fun moments where people from both parties come together. and just enjoy something as simple as a good baseball game. in this case, of course the game is going to take on so much more meaning. instead of the usual tradition to wear opposing uniforms as most baseball teams do. they will be wearing the same uniform in an effort to show unity. >> l u.s. all right. well we are tracking all the latest developments in the changing story with updates through out morning. >> special counsel investigating russian interference in the election reportedly looking into whether president trump tried to obstruct justice. sources tell "the washington post" robert mueller is planning to interview the director of national intelligence and head of the nsa following reports that the president had asked them to intervene in the russia
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abc's cecelia vega has more. >> reporter: yeah, this report says essentially president trump its now part of this investigation. personally. that they're looking into, possible obstruction of justice of course former fbi director james comey recent leap testified he told the president he was not personally part of the investigation. under his tenure. this seems to have changed. we did get a statement from the president's legal team. they're calling this a leak that is outrageous, inexcusable and illegal. >> thank you. robert mueller was on capitol hill yesterday. meeting with the leaders of the senate intelligence committee. aides say they want to make sure that their parallel investigations on russian interference and possible collusion with the trump campaign don't interfear with one another. >> ups driver in san francisco killed three of his co-workers before turning the gun on himself. he burst into the morning meeting before drivers left to make deliveries. and then opened fire. two other drivers were injured.
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a union official says lamb had filed grievance earlier this year. complaining that he was working too much overtime. but sources say, lamb was a loner who had mental health issues and was estranged from his wife. >> authorities in london are se apartment tower almost high completely scorched. the death toll is up to at least 12 people. officials say that number is all but certain to rise. more than 70 other people have been treated for injuries. churches and mosques near the building provieding services for residents who escape with virtually nothing but what they were wearing. the landlord of the building says they're cooperating with fire investigators. >> we have individually to show you now of a special save involving a buy and his dog. >> 2-year-old buy and puppy were strapped in a steaming hot car in new jersey. the toddler's grandmother accidentally locked them inside. you can see, pair of state troop ears rife on the scene. and they tell grandma, smash the
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window. >> she did. and they got the boy. and his puppy. everyone is okay. >> just need to get the car fixed. but it is understandable. >> sure they're happy to do that part. >> coming up the latest problem with united airlines. the packed airliner here leaking fuel. see how this ended. >> dodge ball its back. how a charity campaign has reunited the cast of the 2004 cult classic including, ben stiller and vince vaughn. could we see the sequel? coming up next in "the skinny." first, a look at today's forecast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by fisher investments.
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learn more at treat excess mucus with mucinex 12 hour and enjoy living well. fuel leak you are seeing stopped a transatlantic flight before it started. this is video from inside united flight 170 tuesday evening. scheduled to fly from newark, new jersey to venice, italy. the crew was alerted to the problem. flight was canceled. no word on what caused the leak. >> we'll learn more today about american student, otto warmbier, the 22-year-old in a cincinnati hospital after returning from north korea in a coma. he snt
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overnight, north korea said it released warmbier on humanitarian grounds. his parents are holding a news conference this morning. where they're likely to accuse north korea of terrorizing and brutalizing their son. the hospital will update warmbier's condition this afternoon. >> federal reserve raising short term interest rates by .25%. the nation's central bank says the economy is doing well and showing increasing strength. the fed's move will have greatest effect on credit cards and adjustable rate mortages. auto loans and interest paid on savings won't change all that much. >> former vice president joe biden might be out of office but still slaying hearts. >> check out his latest instance of pda going viral. shall we? >> oh. oh, look at her excitement. so we are not sure which
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commencement speech this was. >> ah! >> but we do know, spoken at a few this year. this is what is going down. good for joe and good on her. she's excited. >> really committed. >> people try to pose for a photo. coming up, floyd mayweather's social media challenge. >> dodge ball part ii. you are watching "world news now."
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♪ ♪ skinny ♪ ♪ so skinny >> all right. it is "the skinny" time. we are focusing on sports this morning. >> well, kind of. at least, we are talking dodge ball. the hit film starring ben stiller and vince vaughn. and whole bunch of oth v
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>> yesterday, stiller released video promoting, his charity, reprising role of obnoxious dwight goodman. >> before crossfit, before paleo. >> before -- >> long time, pal. sticking with the hair choice, strong move. >> yes, i am sticking with the hair choice. hello, kate. you are looking sensual. >> are you okay? >> i just threw up in my mother a little. it happens. i'm good. >> by the way, christine taylor, stiller's soon to be ex-wife. they were in the original together. recently split after 17 years of marriage. they're in hollywood. >> clearly keeping a good sense of humor. good on them. >> still spending screen time together. >> i love this movie by the way. my favorite line. >> what is your favorite line. >> ouch. >> if you can dodge a be
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can dodge a ball. >> that was in a wrench. harder than a wrench. a pen. >> dodge a pen. >> not very good at dodge ball or pen ball. speaking with the sports theme here, the big news, match between two outspoken and most humble guys in the world, is on. >> yeah. unstoppable boxing champion, floyd mayweather jr. and ufc bad boy connor mcgregor officially facing off. a mega fight people. going down in vegas on august 26th. >> mcgregor shared excitement on social media talking trash and making fun of his opponent's age with a pic of floyd mayweather the senior. >> meanwhile, mayweather jr., who has a lot of money, has issued a new social media challenge. >> tired of people on social media, like they live a certain lifestyle when they really don't.
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so the mayweather challenge is, showing the people how you really live. the mayweather challenge. let's go. >> so, let's go. anybody answering the call to mayweather challenge. let's check in with the big ballers, the shop callers, here is, kyle, keeping it real with his 2012 honda civic with 103,000 miles needs to be watched in front of his parent any house where he lives. #mayweather challenge. here is another person showing off their gourmet dinner, eating, eating good with some raman, think from bowwow. actually. his dinner in coach class. >> got a mayweather challenge for you. >> check out this stack. >> $1. >> 2, 3, 4. >> where are the benjamins. >> hamilton? >> it's all right. this, this -- this could get you in the champagne room some where. probably not. >> gene simmons of legendary rock group kiss, known for business and prowess.
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♪ ♪ >> music means, you don't, time for our in box. there is plenty that you our viewers have been sounding off on social media about. >> right. first take this opportunity to thank you guys for showing us some love for our new promotional images? >> graphics folks, do a great job of making us look as if we are likable individuals. and you guys agree, right? allison comments on facebook. frank is awesome. diane and kendis are great too. >> gee, thanks, allison. frank is in promotional clip.
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>> valerie ann says, i think we need a polka dedicate to frank, our favorite wnn addition. >> why is frank getting all the love. >> seeing a pattern here. >> not everybody into frank. ray posted, not the bunny! with a clip from monti python's holy grail. can't trust the rabbits. cold-blooded killers. >> what, frank is a sweetheart? >> look. not the bunny. >> yes! exactly. >> got to train fran tubing do that when you get out of line. >> how is that different than every day. >> let's move on to hair. >> sure about that? >> from hair to hair. that might have been inspired by frank. >> had a little fun on a slow news night. decided she want to mix things up a little bit. >> makeup and hair. >> apparently though. >> what? >> it's a good look. new style. >> i toed to use something similar to that to get fox tv back in the 80s. >> little rabbit ears.
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>> antenna. >> some one on twitter pointed out the new loki look. the norse god from thor. who wore it best? >> i would have to say because you are my co-anchor, loki. >> thanks a lot. >> all right. some of you look to use socialed me y to point out our mistakes. much as we appreciate the attention to detail, feel free to let some of those slide. >> and you all know your names, sam, but beyond that. there is this. the geek alabama tweeted this to us saying. something tells me it is not 999 degrees outside, or we all be dead. here's the deal, it really was 999 degrees. a heat wave. >> hot out there. >> did you not hear us talk about the heat wave all week long in 3/3 of the country.
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real news.
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making news in america this morning, a congressman fighting for his life after a gunman opens fire on a baseball practice. this morning all the victims are identified as members of congress unite. an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. >> overnight the president and first lady visit the hospital as the fbi searches the scene. plus, new details on the shooter. his support for bernie sanders. the facebook post explaining why he hated republicans and the heroic capitol police who stopped him. president trump is being investigated for obstruction of justice. overnight the white house is reacting to the new report. and hang on. a woman clings to a vehicle while it drives down a highway. what led up t


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