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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  June 15, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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announcer: now, abc 7 news at noon on your side. adrianna: an update on the shooting that targeted congressman as they practiced for their charity baseball game. still inlise is critical condition and the shooter is dead. we begin with sam sweeney, live in alexandria with an update on the investigation. sam: it has
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on the scene, fbi agents are blocksere, entire city are still blocked off and likely will be until tomorrow. you can see the fbi agents have been combing the field and outside the baseball field, including the playgrounds, inch by inch, since early yesterday. you can see what it looks like all morning long. we are learning more about the suspected shooter. man from66-year-old southern indiana and he came -- roughly in march. the former mayor of alexandria had a lot of run-ins with him. they spoke regularly. he would spend a lot of time at the ymca on his laptop, but also in the song and in the showers. last week, he startedri
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ask the mayor which restaurants had the best happy hour in town. the mayor tells us he would not have expected this man to be the next mass shooter. strange.g he only spoke to me and talked to me on a daily basis. he never interacted with the other members. he displayed nothing that showed burning insideuy over issues. he never talked politics with me. i was surprised and shocked by what happened. a number of people in the gunman's hometown are echoing the same message, saying there were no warning signs they saw. field, police telling people who work here they will not be able to return to their businesses until at least
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that is what is happening here. i want to send it to suzanne kennedy. she is at the hospital, giving an update on the survivors. doctors and nurses have been monitoring the two patients who remain here, steve scalise and special agent krystal g riner. the vice president and his wife came to the hospital and talked to doctors, thank them for their service, and talked with members police.ol hill it is unclear if they were able scalise or not. last night, the presidents weeded the congressman was in tough shape, but he is a fighter. we want to update you on the conditions of the patients.
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steve scalise is listed in critical condition. he underwent surgery yesterday. more surgeries are in his future. griner was shot in the ankle and she remains here. zack barthy and were treated and released. >> i am ok. the leg is going to be ok. the bullet went clean through. i am blessed to be alive. and gi agents bailey riner, it would have been much worse. we are thankful to have them on our team. suzanne: we know of no scheduled press conferences or updates from either hospital
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as we get new information, we will pass it along to you on our 7 news, as well as abc at 4:00 and 5:00. ryan hughes is at nationals park. ryan: the game will go on. members say it is the right thing to do. partisanship will be on full display. 7:00.pitch is at you can express -- can expect an increase in the police presence. part to ensure everyone attending the baseball game. this is a long-standing tradition.
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more than 50 members of congress putting aside their differences and uniting for charity. donations are being accepted. proceeds will go to the capitol police memorial fund. both teams, republicans and democrats, will wear lsu shirts to honor steve scalise and his home state of louisiana. the coach of the gop team said it is important not to back down and to play this game tonight. take a listen. >> if we do not play this game, we let these people who want to change the way we live in this country forever. we are not going to allow that to happen. when america gets punched, america punches back. in america, not days off. ryan: trump will not be at the game
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security concerns. at 5:00.l open first pitch is at 7:05. adrianna: thank you. ryan, sam, and suzanne reporting live for us. updates tog news your phone, sign up for alerts at news in the bill cosby sex assault trial. after 30 hours of deliberation, the jury is deadlocked. the judge ordered them back to their room until they can get a unanimous decision. cosby is accused of molesting andrea constand. if convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison. arm parents of otto w
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since his return from north korea. he came back in a coma. now.e rulli has more >> i hugged him. >> wearing the same jacket his while while being -- wore being interrogated, his father the first time. >> we went for 60 months without a word about otto. he has been in a, for about a year. >> they are terroristic. we do not believe anything they say. held prisoner in north korea, sentenced to 15 years hard labor for allegedly trying to steal a political poster. >> i made the worst mistake of my life. >> the
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secret talks last month in norway. from received a nice call mr. trump. letorth korea said they warmbier go for humanitarian reasons. state department officials do not know what caused his,. the hospital says warmbier is in stable condition but has suffered a neurological injury. adrianna: trump is firing back after a report surfaced that he is under investigation for possible obstruction of justice. this is part of robert mueller's investigation. the president calls the story phony. the post reported mueller is interviewing three top officials and is doing
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week. police in montgomery county are searching for the two men seen here robbing a verizon store in olney. partner goes to the back to steal phones. the suspects made off on foot --ards only lanes mill road olney laytonsville road. a comfortable, dry day across the dmz. is -- across the dmv. doug hill is here with your forecast. will holdof the rain west of metro washington. temperatures cooler than this time yesterday. 82 in leesburg. 80 and hagerstown.
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or 91 at noon yesterday. the next several days, we will look at the heat index. humidity levels will creep up again. wise, 86 today, 96 on saturday. father's day is the worst of it. there could be afternoon storms and monday is very muggy. futurecast shows a few showers and thunderstorms possible. ridge, probably not making it much farther east than that. most of the rain and storms stay well to the west. washing out totally before reaching the metro. you can donate online to support d.c. charities.
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days and about six minutes. adrianna: coming up, london inferno. investigators are searching for a vick runs after flames tore through a high-rise. for victims after flames tore through a high-rise. a world record broken. first, let's get a check on traffic. we have road maintenance operations tying us up around the region. if you are traveling in southern maryland, traffic is tied up. single line, alternating traffic. not seeing a lot of color. we are looking at the parkway with -- the bw parkway with some color.
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a look at the capital beltway, at the american legion bridge, had an earlier collision tying us up off the span of the bridge. have been reopened. you may run into residual delays. into bethesda, chevy chase, a bit slow.
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announcer: you are watching abc 7 news at noon on your side. death toll from the inferno at a high-rise apartment building in london stands at 17. crews say it will be a miracle if more people are found alive. molly hunter is
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inland and, where investigators are trying to find it will caused that blaze. structure, scorched by the raging inferno that burned for more than 15 hours. residents say the fire broke out just before 1:00 a.m. and 13ulfed the tower within minutes. >> there were people downstairs, screaming. trappeds and smoke people inside. arrived within six minutes, but were blocked by the heat and falling debris. >> i have never seen a fire of this nature. >> residents doing anything to stay alive. sheets down tong try to get out of the building. windows exploding. pieces of debris falling to the floor. >>
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they had no other options. >> people were screaming. there was a fireman going get out, get out. missing friends and relatives. it was chaos. 's sister and nephew are unaccounted for. what started know the fire. >> it will take time before we andrstand what has occurred the investigation will be complex. >> this is the material that investigators will be looking at whether or not a contributed to the speed of the blaze. tonight, surviving residents just want answers. in london, molly hunter, abc news. adrianna: a woman spotted holding onto the side of a car on a freeway in california.
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the driver kept going and then slowed down and moments later she was able to walk away. it is unclear how this transpired. must-see video this noon of daredevil-- of a hovering over or shoe falls off of a helicopter, hanging by a rope some 300 feet in the air. the record ofe her husband. you can do, i can do better. face. doug: i cannot do things like that.
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glad it was successful. kind of muggy and the heat and humidity will come back over the weekend. 82 at nationals park. kind of cloudy and muggy. the flag is barely moving. that will be the story through the day. muggy, warm, but not blazing heat. pretty good weather conditions at the ballpark tonight. pollen count today, grass pollen has spiked. tree pollen is moderate. satellite and radar shows features off to the west of the area, more cloudiness and developing showers. think east of the appellations is where most of the action will stay.
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mountains. probably no closer than that during the afternoon hours. goespitation pretty much away, a foggy and hazy start. tomorrow,change things will change eastward so we have a better chance of showers and storms through the metro. that will be the story and that will move out. we have additional shower and warm chances over the weekend. for friday, a taste of reston at the reston town center. on father's day, hot and humid. 30, 40% chance of afternoon thunderstorms on sunday. both of these days, the weekend will feel warmer. thunderstorms likely with a cold storm later. celebrate the official arrival of
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wednesday afternoon. stay with us. want to update everyone on the shooting yesterday. steve scalise went to surgery this morning. it is his third procedure.
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adrianna: the biggest videogame convention and the country is happening now. marcy gonzales has a look at the excitement at e3. >> playing is serious business. where the future
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video gaming becomes the present. the annual electronics e3ertainment expo, known as underway in los angeles. here are some of the biggest names in the industry, including nintendo and sony. from titles geared towards true gamers, to family-friendly fun with classic characters. >> it is something you play with a smile on your face. >> there is a lot of buzz over microsoft's newest console. latest as the technology. with a virtual reality. >> i am going to show you what wireless can do. >> for the first time ever, the doors are opened to fans as well. they are giving
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when you genuinely care about the people you serve, their safety comes first. that's why we ask you to put safety first. your life could depend on it. unplug devices that you aren't using. replace worn out extension cords, too. call 811 to locate any underground lines at least two days before you dig. novec wants everyone to be safe around electricity. from safety demonstrations, to safety tips on our website, at novec, it's "safety first."
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adrianna: if you want to show support, come down to nats park to sign a banner for all of those injured in the shooting. that is it for us.
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