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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  June 15, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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now. we'll have more on that. but first kick things off with brad bell who is live for us in alexandria with the latest on the investigation. brad? brad: well, it is still very much a crime scene here. you can see the tape is up. they are keeping the perimeter. look back here, you can see the f.b.i. agents with their dogs. they have been sniffing around, presumably looking for evidence, shell casings. as we look across the ball field to the left, toward dugout, where so many of the potential victims were hiding out. you can see even more members of the evidence recovery team here trying to piece together exactly what happened and why. according to a fellow member of congress, representative steve scalise endured a third surgery today. his condition still critical. lobbyist matt mika and capitol police officer crystal griner also listed as critical. they were the three most seriously injured in yesterday's amsh
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ensuing shootout. today for the first time we are also hearing from one of the injured. how staffer zack barth was shot in the leg. he appeared on "good morning america" with his boss, texas representative williams. >> i was in center field and shagging fly balls when the shooting began. i ran to right field and i just hit the deck. at that point, the shooter trained his rifle on me and everything around me just started to pop. i felt the bullet hit my leg. i decided that wasn't the place i needed to be. brad: so many shots were fired yesterday the f.b.i. evidence team was this morning still combing the grounds of the alexandria ball field and surrounding park for evidence. discovering this bullet hole in a ymca van, more than a hundred yards from shooter james hodgkinson's position. the van hodgkinson had been living in, still in the middle of the crime scene. the f.b.i. announcing they found his laptop, cell phone, camera
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the hope now is the contents will shed light on the terrible crime. well, backs live now looking at the scene. a few moments ago, they came and brought in a tow truck and they pulled that van away. they finally towed mr. hodgkinson's van away from the parking place, which was just off the third base line into the outfield here at this ballpark. we are continuing to work the story. when we come back at 5:00 and 6 of:00, we'll have -- 5:00 and 6:00, we'll have what the community is saying about what happened here and much more about the shooter's activities in and around this town over the last three months. all of it could yield clues to why this went on. in alexandria, brad bell, abc7 news. nancy: brad, we'll check in with you then. thank you very much. meantime at nats park, a lot of interest in this game which first started in 1909. a storied history that continues tonight. with the first pitch set for 7:05. gates opening at 5:30. other notes for
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admission is $10. the bullpen for food and drinks opens at 5:00. most proceeds from the bullpen are going to charity tonight. another thing to pass along here. we have, abc7, a get well banner for you to come and sign. we will be taking the banner to capitol hill once everyone has signed it. so make sure to come by and stop by and see us for that. the game if you are not able to make it down here to nats park will be live on the sister station, newschannel8 at 7:00. a big night ahead. jonathan: nancy, a quick question for you. i know security in years past has been minimal. is there an increase in security tonight? nancy: that is what we understand given yesterday's events. earlier this afternoon, i saw capitol police here scoping out the park, taking out their k9's making sure tonight is as safe as possible for all of those who are coming out here. jonathan: nancy chen at nats park. that news on newschannel8. we'll have complete coverage for the results and what happens in the game. there should be interesting moments in light of what has happened yesterday. michelle: we hav
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on the story at including interviews with plenty of the witnesses that saw all of this and congressional reaction. we also have the full video of the shooting posted in its entirety. jonathan: we are following breaking news right now out of maryland. this is a huge fire burning at a commercial complex. black smoke can be seen for miles. this happens to be on main street. that is about all we know at this time right now. but you can see the fire crews have it surrounded. they have ladders up and shooting the fire hoses from up high down on the fire. but it looks like it has burned through the building quickly. all the roads in the area as you can see are completely closed off. as soon as we get an update on what is happening we'll let you know. michelle: he was a main stay on the d.c. council for 16 years and a pioneer for the gay community. this afternoon, people are remembering the life of jim graham. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live in ward one with reaction from some of his constituents. sam? sam: yes,
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street in adams morgan. main street for ward one and jim graham land for so many years. according to his friends, he had been sick a lot in recent months. perhaps in the hospital more than out of the hospital. he was 72. he was a main stay of the d.c. council for many years and one of those who looked after his many constituencies in d.c. ward one. news of his death stunned many and brought back memories of things he had done. >> when i was working with the clean team up here for a couple of years. every saturday morning he would come by and buy all six of us, eight of us breakfast. every saturday morning. sam: for many years he was on the metro board as well as the d.c. council. issued raised by his metro tenure likely caused his defeat in the 2014 election. even those who politically opposed him, admired him. >> one of the few politicians that compared about the invisible c
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his chief of staff was a returning citizen. his other chief of staff was an immigrant. sam: openly gay councilmember, maybe his greatest legacy came as the first director of the whitman walker clinic that saved lives and brought attention to the hiv cause. he is seen here with the late actress elizabeth taylor. >> he saw the need in community about stepped in and said we have to do something locally and get people engaged. his engagement cut across all aspects of society. jim felt like we had to find every resource we could to bring compassion to bear on the aids epidemic. sam: mayor bowser issued a statement calling jim graham a fierce champion for d.c.'s ward one. particularly, on issues like affordable housing. while i was standing here one of the shop owners noticed i was here. he didn't know the news. he just said, "well, he was very responsive." reporting from north west washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks.
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resentence lee boyd malvo. he was just 17 years toed when he took part in the -- years old when he took part in the sniper shootings that terrorized the area. stephen tschida reports a recent ruling could change his punishment. stephen: a judge ordered resentencing for lee boyd malvo. he is now 32 years old and he was 17 at the time of the sniper shootings that claimed ten lives and injured three others in 2002. the elder sniper was executed in virginia in 2009. today in montgomery county, attorneys argued backed a forth. malvo's defense attorney stating that his client was just 17. he was too young. he was immature, malleable, moldable. and for that reason, those reasons he should not face a life without parole sentence. the prosecutor says he was just four months shy of 18. that this was the worst crime ever in montgomery
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and the six life sentences which malvo currently is serving for the killings here in montgomery county should stand, even though they are without parole. one thing which is clear regardless of how the sentencing hearings play out, lee boyd malvo will not be a free man anytime soon. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: all right, thanks. he just told us too that the judge should rule on the request in the next 60 days. jurors deliberating bill cosby's case say they are hopefully deadlocked. the judge in the comedian's sexual assault wants them to keep working, wants them to reach a verdict. they are deciding if cosby drugged and assaulted a woman in 2004. michelle: we are keeping a close eye on a story developing now in montgomery county. that is where residents found a noose in a tree this morning. that is the picture of it. this happened in the coach -- in the heron's cove
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figure out who robbed a verizon wireless store. we have good pictures. the guy inside, faces and hand covered appearing to hold weapons as two employees were holding up. one held up the employee. the other made his way to back of the store stealing phones. both ran out of the store toward olney. michelle: 7 on storm watch with a chance of showers tonight. but the bigger risk is tomorrow. chief meteorologist doug hill is in the stormwatch7 center monitoring the forecast. it looks gorgeous now. doug: it is. warm, and muggy but not as intense as the past four days that were in the 90's. beautiful now. looking at nationals park. the weather is ideal for the congressional baseball game coming up in three hours from now. there are showers and storms today but they along and west of the i-81 corridor. the cold front that came through yesterday is now out here. so, this is where the action is. we are a little more stable. during the day tomorrow the storms will press
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the day friday afternoon and everything. maybe heavier downpours here. then we get the hot and the humid weather over the weekend. that is the storms to the west. baseball game weather fine. 78 at first pitch time. 7:05 at nationals park. we will stay in the 70's throughout the game. the future cast shows quiet weather. haze or fog. showers should wash out before they arrive in the metro area. but a different story tomorrow. i think the storms are something we'll have to watch closely. meantime overnight partly cloud did and muggy. 65 to 70 by morning. the weekend, ten-day coming up in about eight minutes. >> thank you very much. now a developing story out of the u.s. open where a blimp, a small blimp caught fire and crashed a half mile from the golf course. the blimp was advertising over the wisconsin tournament but the pilot is seriously burned. they don't know what caused the blimp to go down. michelle: seven people are dead and about 60 others are injured after an explosion at the entrance of a kindergarten school in china. this all happened at the end
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picking up their kids. the blast was so strong it sent people flying in the air. investigators are trying to figure out if the blast was a deliberate attack or an accident. jonathan: a criminal investigation now underway in london to figure out what caused the deadly fire at the high-rise apartments. if you haven't seen this video, it's tough to watch. the death toll currently 17. but as many as 100 or more still reported as missing. the massive fire quickly spread throughout the 24-story building. police are using drones to search the top floors because much of the building is not safe to enter. angry people confronting the mayor, some claiming that the fire could have and should have been avoided. no other family should have to ensure what the warmbiers have. michelle: coming up at 4:00, the family of the u.v.a. student just released by north korea speaks out about the whole ordeal. >> the state of virginia announcing a hard stance against opioid marketing and
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addiction. >> two u.s. capitol police officers being hailed as heroes. how do they do it?
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north korea is a perryia perryia -- pariah regime. they're brutal and terroristic. we don't believe anything they say. jonathan: strong words from the family of the university
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warmbier. they spoke out for the first time since their son's release from a north korean prison. he was there behind bars for 17 months. doctors now say that warmbier has severe neurological damage. north korea claims he slipped in a coma after contracting botulism. michelle: in the last hour, turkey's president slammed the u.s. decision to charge a dozen turkish guards after this attack on protesters here in d.c. the warrants were issued this morning. three of them are turkish police officers, nine are agents, and two are canadians. we'll have much more on the story coming up tonight at 5:00. >> we are all alive because of the capitol police. had they not been there, we would have all been killed. >> if they wouldn't have been here, we would have been sitting ducks. nancy: of all accounts steve scalise's detail made the difference of life and death when the bullets started flying at the alexandria base
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some of the officers will be here tonight at the baseball game. richard reeve joining us live with more. these are true heroes. richard: yeah, that is right. this is about raw courage in the face of withering gunfire. those officers facing down that gunman. let's take you back now to simpson park where the shots were fired. it was decidedly a horrible situation. round after round of rifle fire by james hodgkinson, pulling trigger behind a chain link fence. senator rand paul called the baseball field a killing field. that is when special agents david bailey and crystal griner, part of house majority whip steve scalise's security detail jumped into action. the two officers with the guns out placed themselves between congressional members hiding in a dugout and hodgkinson. witnesses say griner shouted, "drop your weapon" before she was shot in the ankle. bailey, a nine-year department veteran hit by shrapnel. hodgkinson
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the exchange of gunfire. the u.s. capitol police have been around a long time protecting congress and visitors since 1828. at the time they had just four officers. now they number more than 1,700. since then four u.s. capitol police officers have died in line of duty. two of them in 1998. this time, fortunately, things turned out differently. >> it's heroic. sacrificing themselves for the others. from what i understand it could have been a lot worse if they did not step in and actually be there on site. richard: bailey treated and released. griner in good condition and at an area hospital. coming up at 5:00, how do they do it, all that training? we hear from the experts. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: got to believe they will pin medals on them. thank you, rich. new developments in the plans for arlington county to swap land with arlington national cemetery. the
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of the land exchange. instead using the land at the annex site along colombia pike. michelle: we are looking at the sky, keeping an eye on the weather because we have a ballgame. doug: no worries. michelle: safe? doug: it will be warm. showers are way west. i don't think they have a chance to come in the area tonight. tomorrow is a different story. showers and thunderstorms could be more widespread. the heatwave is over. no more 90's. but we made it as high as 85 so far at reagan national. looking live along the potomac river. national harbor. hazy out there. muggy side. 85 and muggy is better than 95 and muggy. this is my opinion, anyway. see how the temperatures shape up. 84 at reagan national in baltimore. 85 at manassas. lower 80's to the west. with the winds coming in out of the east and the southeast, a cooler source. we have super hot weather with the southwest and west component here in the summertime. when it
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you get a break but it is also unlimited source of moist air. it's muggy. look at the satellite and the radar. lines of showers and storms. this is swept in from the northeast and hanging out here. some of the showers and the storms are trying to move eastward but they will dissipate by sunset. probably not mick the metro area. tomorrow a better chance that more will develop and move in the region. the forecast for most of the area this evening unless you are west of the blue ridge, best of the shenandoah valley it's partly cloudy and muggy. temperatures in the 70's. through the evening, even 74 at 9:00. we go to the future cast tomorrow. according to this model it may be active as we head to the mid-and upper 80's in spots tomorrow. muggy again with the showers and the thunderstorms. this is just one model. if this is close to telling the truth here, we will see significant shower and the storm possibilities through the middle of the area. the i-95 corridor at a:30 on friday rush hour. not a good
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we will clear out a bit heading to saturday morning. the weekend outlook warmer and humid again. 88 on saturday with afternoon thunderstorms. 92, very muggy afternoon thunderstorms on sunday. the way it shapes out, better storm chances saturday. slightly lower chances on sunday. we will let you go with a look at the ten-day here and a reminder that summer begins next wednesday. it's just a date on a calendar. it means nothing as far as the weather. you decide for yourself. upper 80 to near 90 every day, that sounds like summer to me. his goal is to really start to poke at the question whether or not there is life on mars? michelle: how nasa is planning to get the answer, still ahead at 4:00. jonathan: but first, fried food isn't always good for you. find out why french fries
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switch now at they also know you need to getg your annual check-up. now with one touch using the mycigna app you can find a doctor in your plan's network to save money. need to be thorough. michelle: a "7 on your side" health matters alert. here is something to think about before eating the next french fry. a new study says people who eat fried potatoes two or more times per week are at double the risk of an early death. it examined the association between eating fried and unfried potatoes and concluded eating fried potatod increase the danger of dying. jonathan: terrible study. opioid addiction is on the rise across the country. virginia's attorney general says the station is doing something about it.
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melissa has more on how they target this. reporter: mark herring announced that the c'mon wealth will look at the deceptive marketing of opioids. >> i have spoken with so many people who battled addiction. who are struggling in recovery. i talk to followlies that lost a son or daughter or brother or sister. it's heart-breaking. we have to work together. reporter: the opioid overdoses quadrupled nationwide since 1999. the c'mon -- commonwealth will use investigative tools to find the right course of action in addressing the opioid epidemic. at this point, officials can't say which companies will be targeted or the punishments will be doled out. but mention
4:25 pm
possibility. >> we will make sure that if there are people who and the companies that have prolonged the crisis or helped create the crisis we hold them accountable. >> in the past, public health officials pointed the finger at aggressive painkiller marketing and lax prescribing for creating the epidemic to suggest those who became addicted to opioid painkillers moved on to harder drugs. >> we'll be relentless in our investigation. every investigation that our office is a part of, we take seriously. we are very thorough, this is no different. >> melissa duponte, abc7 news. >> so just how many people have purchased tickets for tonight's congressional charity baseball game? we have the numbers still ahead. michelle: plus, how you can he this cat avoid another trip on the treadmill. it's obvious he doesn't enjoy it.
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within hours of yesterday morning's ballpark ambush there were calls to let member of congress carry weapons. there has
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of debate whether or not today's culture lets violence or acts of violence become more accepted as part of political rhetoric. a live debate has been going on this online, on tv and here in d.c. some saying perhaps it's too soon. others saying this is the time to talk about it. we shall see about that. meantime, chief local correspondent scott thuman looking into whether or not it will end with more recent discourse. scott: look, a lot of the talk on capitol hill has been about how do you move past this? there is so much rhetoric. this is a mittcally charged time. question is how long does this last? the moment of civility. can they make it something more substantial? we have seen in the past, the incidents like after the sandy hook elementary school shooting a moment of unity. then a fight over gun control.
4:30 pm
then they are back at odds. will it change the conversation and make it a substantive one moving forward? have the passions of politics reached a new level of alarm, whether it's riots outside speeches or rushing the stage to interrupt them. >> if you don't listen to her, your event will be shut down. >> the angst increased over the professor who has written extensively about the social influence of politics. assess for me the political tone right now. >> more poisonous than ever. more aggressive than ever. more intolerant of other viewpoints than ever. a dangerous time. >> some wonder if what happened in alexandria wednesday was inevitable based on the buildup? >> campaigns now for over two decades vilifying the opponent's characters and positions.
4:31 pm
members tried to rein in the rhetoric, over recent weeks have seen mocked president in a play and beheadings on social media. it's only causing more division. >> steve in his own way may have brought unity to the long divided country. >> so can the politics turn the corner and find a civil discourse? if so, will it be fleeting as we have seen after other tragedies. there they have a shelf life. but the difference is members of congress lives were threatened. >> although we have already seen in some instances the members from both parties criticizing the other side for how they reacted to this shooting, and pointing blame in their direction. there are still questions on capitol hill.
4:32 pm
tonight's congressional baseball game at nats park is usually an annual show of unity with people reaching across the aisle. interest in this game has soared ever since what happened yesterday. our kevin lewis joining us. he is also here at nats park. across stadium from me at the box office. kevin? kevin: hey there. all day long people have been purchasing tickets online and at the center field box office. at this hour, more than 20,000 tickets sold to put it in context. that is twice last year's total attendance numbers. the annual charity game has been a political staple here in washington since 1909. raising million of dollars for organizations like the boys and girls club. following yesterday's shooting the capitol police memorial fund was appropriately added to the list of charities. so far organizers say more than $1 million has been raised for tonight's game alone. a number of big wig politicians expected in
4:33 pm
won't be in attendance. he said there wasn't enough time to comply with the protocol. we talked to several people in the crowd. one hadn't been since 1980's and the other didn't know it existed. not until yesterday's ambush. >> i would like to see the leaders come together, 'em after what happened yesterday. >> the stadium might be full. i remember when ten people showed up for this game. stadium might be full tonight. >> i want to say general admission. didn't want lean either way. hate to be on the losing team. >> the first pitch is 7:05. if you can't make it to the ballpark, that is find. newschannel8 will air the game in its entirety.
4:34 pm
live outside nats park, kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. yes. a full house would be a great sign. the weather is a good sign. warm and muggy, though. doug: but it's summer baseball and about perfect. the air temperatures are running cooler than yesterday. good shape. michelle: you can feel the difference. doug: it's muggy but not as intense. hagerstown, cloudy out there. that is the part of the region getting the best chance of showers tonight. not in the d.c. metro. talk about the temperatures and the rain chances that increase around here the next couple of days. 84 in washington. that is better than the low to mid-90's. 84 in baltimore. 82 in annapolis right now. doppler radar shows nothing in the metro area. however, if you get far enough west you pick up showers. in the region, in the mountains, showers and storms. they will dissipate, rain themselves out long before they get close to the metro. but good downpours out there. petersburg, southwest to west virginia. that is the story for a
4:35 pm
more showers. tomorrow, the showers and the storm chances increase around here. again, the first pitch. weather will be fine. partly sunny. muggy. 78. temperatures will hold in the 70's for the rest of the game. look ahead to friday forecast here. we will start off in the low 0's. we will see the temperatures climb to 78. in the early afternoon. maybe by 3:30, maybe as high as 85 or 86 in some areas. showers and thunderstorms become more of an issue here as we head through the late afternoon. the weekend forecast, warmer, humid, 88. scattered storms. good bet on saturday. father's day, 92. maybe just a few isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. but definitely the heat and the humidity team up again heading in to the upcoming weekend. jonathan: thanks. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. fiat chrysler recalling 297,000 minivans in u.s. and canada. dodge van caravan from 2011-2012. there is a wiring problem and it could cause the
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inflate unexpectedly and affect the air bag warning light, windshield wipers and the speed control. owners will be notified by mail next month. michelle: after weeks of work, pedestrians can dance through a busy columbia heights intersection. the barn dance opened today at 14th and irving street. that is what it is called when the pedestrians are allowed to cross diagonally while cars wait at all four parts. jonathan: they call it dancing. michelle: you have moving. jonathan: i do. michelle: moving on. jonathan: moving on. the washington humane rescue alliance is hoping to help a cat lose weight before it gets adopted. a big fellow. simba. of course. the 6-year-old weighs 35 pounds. won't hunt mice. i'm sure it doesn't move that fast. pictures take then morning then a few hours later video on simba on the treadmill. he's saying really?
4:37 pm
getting a cat to walk on a treadmill. trying to teach a cat to do anything is not the easiest trick in the world, especially at 35 pounds. michelle: just probably needs to scale back on the meow mix. jonathan: probably stealing the dog food. i'm sure they have a dog. michelle: i bet! jonathan: that is how it works. michelle: all right. still ahead -- >> it's almost like a time capsule. to be able to visit another time. imagine who is the person that originally made the photographs. michelle: at 4:00, the search for someone who left a piece of history undeveloped for 40 years. jonathan: but first, why an 11-year-old is already being wooed for his college
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michelle: apparently being a daredevil runs in the nik wallenda family. check out his wife erendira. she is dangling from a helicopter using just her -- wait for it -- teeth! and toes. she completed the death-defying stunt over niagara falls. she hopes her amazing feat can inspire women around the world. >> i have three children. i had to sort of put my career as an aerialist on the side so that i could raise my children. but i never stopped, you know, dreaming. if a guy can do it, a girl can do it, too. michelle: i am all about
4:41 pm
motto, but this i don't know. it comes five years office her daredevil husband became the first person to walk across niagara falls on a wire. jonathan: how about this? >> cross fit, before paleo, before soul cycle. there was only one name in business. hello, losers. miss me? jonathan: he's back! ben stiller returning to his role as dwight goodman for a charity dodgeball game. it's not charitable, trust me. doneers can get a chance to play dodgeball with stiller and vince vaughn. they will share post game pizza with the stars and take a team us if toe in custom dodgeball jerseys. but if you win, be careful, they cheat. michelle: they want this guy. a fifth grader who has his sights set on playing college football. the 11-year-old is already being
4:42 pm
titan is a wide receiver. he is the youngest recruit in the university of hawaii's history. he says it's already one of his top three schools but he might not have a choice. >> do you think you lend up going to u.h.? >> yes. my mom is going to force me to go to u.h. she doesn't want me to leave home. jonathan: that is cool. michelle: his dad is one of the coaches, so, so far he has not weighed in on whether he agrees with his wife. jonathan: you know why he's so good? it's the hair. michelle: yeah, cool haircut. jonathan: very cool. the kid has moves. michelle: 11 years old? jonathan: i know. it's young. michelle: parents don't worry about the tuition. nice feeling. jonathan: any parent that doesn't have to worry about tuition is a good thing. in an hour and a half you have a chance to weigh in on where arlington county should put another 1,300 high school seats. they have approved in the last school bond issue public hearing scheduled tonight at 7:00, education center board room. at
4:43 pm
they are trying to figure this out. >> they want to come out and make a difference in their community. that is a beautiful thing to see. michelle: coming up at 4:00, what young men across the country are doing that is becoming a beautiful sight. jonathan: also come up, a mission to mars. we sit down with one of the foremost experts on the red planet to find out when we
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michelle: a trip to mars is now not only possible but on the schedule. how soon will americans set foot on the red planet? what will it be like when they get there? the smithsonian's john grant gave our lisa fletcher a glimpse into where humans are headed next in the cosmos. lisa: john grant works 34 million miles away from home. >> i can tell you where we are. we are right there right now. >> grant is one of the foremost experts on mars. and an operator of the two rovers currently roving the red planet. "opportunity" which landed in 2004, and
4:47 pm
since 2012. is there another rover being built? >> there is a rover being built that will be launched in 2020. it will make the next step beyond curiosity. the goal is to start to poke at the question if there is life on mars. >> a question humans pondered for decades. and that hollywood build into blockbusters. fueling the box office and the imagination. >> we are on the threshold of understanding if there is life. >> propelling us forward is work on the international space station. the creation of a new deep space launch vehicle for the manned visions to the moon and beyond and a planned trip to one of jupiter's moons. >> how likely is it that we will get to mars? >> we will get to mars. it's a matter of having the right tools to carry humans.
4:48 pm
>> stephen hawking said we have a hundred years left on the planet. is mars a viable exit strategy? >> mars is not a nice place right now as far as humans is concerned. it would be living in domes and living beneath the surface. we could live there but it gets back to the question of the technology of the resources we need to do that. >> not since the 1960's has america seen support for space. last year congress agreed to fund nasa with $19.6 billion, specifically steered to interplantory travel. with a mandate. get humans near or on the surface of mars in the 2030's. lisa: let's say we have the resources necessary to put a human on mars for the next years. what do we get out of that? >> you get something about the humans leaving the home planet. we are no longer bound to a single planet around a star. we are branching out and starting to
4:49 pm
interplanetary species. that in and of itself says something about the humans making a step beyond where we are right now. lisa: perhaps that includes a step beyond conflicts on earth. in space, the u.s. works closely with europe and russia. recently here in d.c., leading space agencies came together to discuss space diplomacy and world peace through space initiatives. lisa fletcher, abc7 news. michelle: you said you would be interested in going the -- jonathan: they had the nfl, pizza, dunkin' donuts. otherwise it's a scratch. scratch. talk about a blast from the past. portland woman discovered an undeveloped role of film that captured the moment that mounted st. helen erupted in 1980. she has an unusual hobby of checking the old film camera for undeveloped rolls of film and that helped reveal images from the
4:50 pm
it dates back to the 1930's, the camera does. >> it's funny to think someone shot images of mount st. helen's erupting, such an iconic experience and then left the film in the camera and forgot to get it developed for 37 years. jonathan: wild. what a cool hobby, too. the camera contained the photo of a family that she hopes maybe somebody will be able to recognize. that is why we are leaving it up. do you recognize anybody there, from 1980? maybe she can touch base with them and get back them the undeveloped role of film. she clearly developed it now. michelle: so many folks all people have these days is the cell phone. camera phone. jonathan: if my phone shuts down or i'm in trouble. michelle: let's get a check with larry smith for the live desk at what is coming new at 5:00. larry: ahead at 5:00, we continue the team coverage of the ballpark ambush. plus, you heard from otto warmbier's father. later on
4:51 pm
update of the u.v.a. student detained in north korea. his conditions ahead. if you are not taking a summer vacation, you are not alone. the top three reasons for staying put for the summer of 2017. that is coming up at 5:00. i'll see you in the studio in a few minutes. jonathan: thank you, larry. "7 on your side." before you book a summer vacation you probably heard americans don't use all their vacation crime. that is a crime. new poll giving insignature to why they leave it -- insight to why they leave it on the table. the public affairs research found 43% of the americans won't take vacation this summer and 49% of them say it's just because it costs too much. another 11% say they can't take time off from work. 3% say they don't like to be away from their job. michelle: we can relate to that last one. a young man has just one state to go as he tries to visit all 50. but he is not playing tourist, folks. he's mowing
4:52 pm
outside cutting his grass. he looked like he was struggling. from that day i decided to cut grass for free for elderly, veterans, disable and single mothers. michelle: he began that mission two years ago and calls it raising men lawn service. right now there are 120 kids signed up in eight chapters around the country. the only state he has left to visit is hawaii. jonathan: what a great thing to do. good for him. michelle: a lot of folks mowing the weather. jonathan: hot and humid but nothing compared to what we had a few days ago. doug hill is in the weather center. it would nice to get rid of the humidity. we are not going to complain. doug: no. it's summertime. we did the job here getting the cooler temperatures in town for four days. ending yesterday we had temperatures in the 90's. now we are looking good temperature wise. 84 right now in washington and fredericksburg, woodbridge. 82 in annapolis. 83 in reston. yes, the humidity levels are up a bit. muggy
4:53 pm
80's than the low 90's. at least i think so. no shower and storm worries tonight. for everybody going to the nats park and congressional baseball game or you're watching it on newschannel8, the weather is fine. showers and storms restricted to the mountains. they will rain themselves out in the next few hours but tomorrow, some of the showers and the storms could be more widespread. we wake up tomorrow, hazy sky. 70 in dale city. 60's to 70's in the rest of region. the highs tomorrow are kind of like today. 83, 84, 85 in that range. humidity levels are about the same. maybe a touch higher tomorrow. the thunderstorms in the afternoon are a possibility. we look at the future cast here to show you evidence, computer model wise. we could see the showers and the storms move in. this model has some early 2:30, 3:00. others continue the story until 5:30 or 6:00. later in the evening, more showers or storms could last until tomorrow night. we
4:54 pm
weekend outlook. warm, humid on saturday. showers or thunderstorms likely, 88. father's day is hot. 92. humidity. isolated thunderstorms. that is it from the weather center. back to you. jonathan: thank you, doug. coming up, grab you are you controller. a trip inside the biggest video game conference of the year. the must have if you are a gamer.
4:55 pm
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jonathan: what is called the super bowl of video gaming is happening in los angeles. e3 convention, the biggest of its kind in the country. revealing the newest in game and technology. with a look inside, here is abc's marci gonzalez. marci: a place where playing is serious business. where the future of video gaming becomes the present. >> a lot of people won't be able to play these games for another year, sometimes a year and a half. marci: the annual electronics entertainment expo known as e3. >> this is like the super bowl of all video game conventions. marci: underway in los angeles. here are some of the biggest names in the industry, including nintendo and sony show off the newest products and games. from titles to true gamers to family-friendly fun with some classic characters. >> it's something that you play with a smile o
4:58 pm
face. marci: this year there is a lot of buzz over microsoft's newest console. >> xbox 1x. marci: as well as the latest technology -- >> you can wave up, down, dodge it. marci: with virtual reality. >> showing you what wireless can do. marci: for the first time ever doors are open not just to media and gaming insiders but to fans as well. >> it's an amazing feeling. >> they are giving it high score. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. larry: right now at 5:00, democrats and republicans get ready to play ball, investigators search for evidence and a motive. what they found inside the ballpark shooter's fan. d.c. remembers a pioneer politician who championed equality in the nation's capital. hundreds of thousands of minivans recalled. the unusual warning your air bags are about to go off. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 5:00".
4:59 pm
[bleep] [gunfire] larry: tonight, house majority whip steve scalise still in critical condition after the ball pac ambush yesterday morn -- ballpark ambush yesterday morning. michelle: steve scalise underwent a thursday surgery. they are going through the gunman's person items to figure out what motivated the violent outburst. larry: the congressional baseball game is going to be played in a couple of hours. we have team coverage. michelle: we begin with brad bell and the investigation. good evening, brad. brad: good evening. we are at the ball field, at the scene of the crime. this is still a crime scene. we have been watching as the f.b.i. agents, evidence recovery specialists have been going over the area with a fine tooth comb literally looking for any little bit of evidence, bullets shell casings. this is a time where they know what happed,
5:00 pm
it happened, they know who did it. the big question tonight -- why? a day after the attack, everybody who survived it says the same thing. it could have been far, far worse. staffer zack barth shot in the leg. >> the leg will be okay. the bullet went clean through. i'm, honestly i'm blessed to be alive. it was a very scary moment. brad: more than a moment. [gunfire] the shooting went on for at least five minutes. barth's boss williams hurt his ankle diving for cover. >> i heard a pow and i thought it was a car that was backfiring but then they started to come at rapid pace. brad: three of hose hit are hospitalized. representative steve scalise undergoing a third surgery today listed in critical condition. lobbyists matt mika


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