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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  June 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it happened, they know who did it. the big question tonight -- why? a day after the attack, everybody who survived it says the same thing. it could have been far, far worse. staffer zack barth shot in the leg. >> the leg will be okay. the bullet went clean through. i'm, honestly i'm blessed to be alive. it was a very scary moment. brad: more than a moment. [gunfire] the shooting went on for at least five minutes. barth's boss williams hurt his ankle diving for cover. >> i heard a pow and i thought it was a car that was backfiring but then they started to come at rapid pace. brad: three of hose hit are hospitalized. representative steve scalise undergoing a third surgery today listed in critical condition. lobbyists matt mika
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also in critical condition. at the scene of crime the special f.b.i. team gathering evidence. the van belonging to the shooter james hodgkinson surrounded with police tape. they found the illinois man's laptop, camera, cell phone inside. all possible clues as to why hodgkinson opened fire. he had been living in a van for months. hung out on a drugstore bench. drank and ate in the local barbecue restaurant and everyone gotten to know the former mayor of alexandria. >> if there were two people you put in front of me and said pick the person most likely be to perpetrate the incident, he is not on my radar. brad: a few moments ago we watched them tow the van away from the parking lot. the f.b.i. will be going over it at an indoor location somewhere. really looking if there is anything more they can find in there. if we come back at 6:00, we will tell you more about the man's a
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leading up to this shooting. fascinating story. so now we want to head back to nancy chen at nats park. nancy: brad, thank you very much. see you then. meantime, interest in tonight's game is really at an all-time high. if you are coming down to nats park for the game, or if you are just in the area and you want to send your well wishes, i want to show you something. abc7 and newschannel8 has put together this banner for those who were injured in yesterday's incident. so you can sign it. leave a message of well wishing and we will send it over to the people who are affected on capitol hill. so please come by and see our abc7 team for that. some notes, though. if you are heading down here, security is tight. just like at any other event at nats park. there are metal detectors. all bags will be checked. tickets are going fast. you can expect a big crowd tonight. also, give yourself extra time to get down here. kevin lewis is already down here. he joins us also from the stadium. people really want to come together
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especially given what happened yesterday. kevin: absolutely, nancy. no doubt about that. more than 20,000 people have already purchased tickets for tonight's charity ballgame. to put that figure in to better context, that is twice the number of the spectators who attended last year's game. despite obvious security concerns, there is a noticeable sense of excitement over political parties coming together at nats park. >> they are $10 plus fees. kevin: jeremy never heard of the congressable baseball charity game until -- congressional charity baseball game until yesterday's shooting. he bought three tickets for his parents visiting from akron. >> i said general admission. didn't want to lose either way. hate to be on the losing team. kevin: dennis last attended the congressional ballgame in the 1980's.
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i remember when there was ten people would show up for this game. the stadium might be full. kevin: a number of big wig politicians are expected tonight. in the crowd of 20,000 plus. president trump, however, won't be present. the white house saying there simply wasn't enough time to follow secret service protocol. >> this is my first one. after what happened yesterday i felt the need to come down here. kevin: edward jones like so many hope tonight will lead to better bipar tanship. >> the comrade -- bipartisanship. >> the camaraderie, that's what i'm looking forward to. kevin: the organizers tell us tonight's game raised more than $1 million for various charities. a late but a very appropriate addition to that list, capitol police memorial fund. live outside nats park, i'm kevin lewis. back to you. nancy: $1 million. that is incredible. thank you very much. meantime, if you are coming
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you dress properly. because while we have finally broken the heatwave, i got to tell you, it's still very humid out here. the technical term is a case of the muggies. chief meteorologist doug hill joining us now from the weather center. what is the latest for forecast? doug: it will still be muggy tonight, nancy, but an improvement in the temperatures. it's just as muggy so feel of summer here. looking outside to tysons corner, mclean, hazy sunshine there and all over the area. nats park, the first pitch temperature at 7:05 will be about 78 but it will feel a degree or two warmer because of the moisture in the air. no rain worries at the ballpark tonight. tomorrow afternoon rain is a little better chance. we have on doppler, clear here. showers and storms to the west over the mountains. quick look at the satellite and the radar shows most will stay out that way. the future cast shows the chances of the showers increase tomorrow. especially by tomorrow aftern
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latest computer models late tomorrow night. so, day with the showers and the storms. muggy wake-up. on to a warming trend through the weekend, which we will highlight in ten minutes. meanwhile, back to the park. nancy? nancy: all right. thank you. see you then. meantime, if you are coming down to the park, reminder to come see us and sign the banner of the well wishes for those affected by yesterday's shooting. now, if you aren't going to make it to the game we want to let you know we will be airing it on our sister station newschannel8. first pitch at:05. our coverage begins at 7:00. at the bottom of the hour i'm at the park as the gates open coming up soon. we will have a closer look at the capitol police department and the heroic acts by the officers yesterday. plus show you who the real winners are tonight. local d.c. charities. for now back inside to larry and michelle. larry: thank you. reminder to stay with abc7 for instant
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are away from the tv. subscribe to the breaking news text alerts at we have breaking news where a fire is still going at a business. skytrak7 over the scene. firefighters have been battling the fire since 3:00. the commercial building on main street. the fire crews say there is a part of the building that could collapse. they are in a defensive mode right now. happy to report that no injuries have been reported. we will watch it for you there. jim graham has die and we have more on his passing. >> he was a visible presence here on the nation's capital for decades. prominent player on the city council but perhaps here at the wittman-walker health where his legacy is most
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remembered. he spent his life as an advocate, representing ward one on the city council. jim graham fight tirelessly for low income housing, the poor and those left behind. >> known as the mr. d.c. guy. you always saw him in the car. drops off with a bow tie on. cool guy. interesting man. >> the dark days of the aids epidemic thrust graham in public eye. he spent 15 years at the helm at the whitman walker clinic when bigotry stirred hatred. he battled for those afflicted with education. >> he was everything we needed. he was tough, smart, difficult. he demanded answers. he demanded action. >> whiteman-walker on 14th's street. the way we deal with hiv/aids education, care, prevention. you name it. jim's fingerprints are all over it. >> jim graham served on the city council for 16 years. losing his seat two years
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as word of his passing spread, recognition of the efforts to help those least fortunate poured in. >> what a pity. you need more flavors like that in the city to really make it work. >> graham had been battling cdif, a bacterial infection of theco lone. -- of the colon. very hard to treat. he had been in and out of the hospital in recent weeks. stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. new twist in the bill cosby trial. today the jury telling the judge they are deadlocked. after that, the judge ordered them to continue deliberating in the sex assault case. the jury has now spent 30 hours weighing cosby's fate this week. if they reach a verdict, we will bring it to you right here on abc7. u.p.s. workers in san francisco returned to work today, one day after one of their coworkers opened fire in the building. the investigators are still trying to figure out what prompt j
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and kill three drivers and injure two others before taking his own life. in march, lam filed a complaint about working too much overtime. larry: president trump is under investigation for possible obstruction of justice. according to the "washington post." well, today he took to twitter to fight the report saying it's, "phony." the department of justice brought in the former f.b.i. director robert mueller as special counsel to investigate meddling in the 2016 election. president getting back to business. literally. signing executive order to double spending on apprenticeship programs. $200 million now. that is to train people for specific jobs and the labor department will issue broad standards when it comes to training. alison: the white house has started the overhaul of the government to merge the agencies and streamline the operations. michelle: one of the first steps is removing symp outdated memos and planning for y2k glitches. yeah. the time has come for that one. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" --
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embassy last month. the arrests, accusations and the stunning response from turkey's president. an international incident. larry: caught on camera, a blimp going down in the u.s. open. the scary moment as the golfers and the fans could only watch. michelle: still ahead, inside the high-rise for the first time. incredible video of this tower in london burning. the criminal investigation and why the search for those missing is still delayed. larry: a live look inside nats park. reminder at 5:30 we will continue our ballpark ambush team coverage. you can see here the gates at nats park open in 20 minutes. you can get a live look as the players are stretching and getting ready for tonight's big congressional baseball game. i feel it every day. but at night, it's the last thing on my mind. for 10 years my tempur-pedic has adapted to my weight and shape, relieving pressure points from head to toe.
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and wake up ready to perform. even with the weight of history on my shoulders. find your exclusive retailr at
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larry: take a look at this scene near the u.s. open. the second major golf tournament of the year in wisconsin. a blimp crashing down near the course with the pilot still on board. it fell in the first round of the tournament that was today. the pilot by the way serving some serious burns. f.a.a. and the ntsb are investigating just what caused that crash. michelle: who could forget this brawl outside the turkish em
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president saying what kind of law is this regarding the charges? michelle: d.c. bureau chief sam ford shows us the new pictures detailing what happened last month. >> that -- sam: chief peter newsham spoke turkish today, reading off the names of 16 turks, two canadians of turkish descent and two citizens one from virginia who have already been arrested. most from president erdogan's personal security team when he was here for a state visit. they are wanted for beating up peaceful protesters in the may 16 across from the turkish residence, where some erdogan watched. >> we saw the violence perpetrated here in washington, d.c. this is something we won't tolerate. sam: the targets were kurds and armenians who opposed turkish government. nine people were injured, including two seriously.
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of braising attack -- brazen attacks on washington, d.c., from foreign government, bodyguards no less, ever. sam: will they send people back to face charges? >> when a crime is committed we charge them with crimes. sam: but if they don't come back voluntarily the bodyguards should stay away from the united states period. they will face arrest if and whenever they return. reporting from north west washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: virginia's attorney general thinks drug companies might have contributed to the opioid crisis. he plans to do something about it. mark herring today announcing he will work with other states to investigate deceptive opioid marketing. public health officials partly blamed crisis on lax prescribing, suggesting that the painkiller addiction leads to harder drug use. >> we are going to make sure there
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companies that have prolonged the crisis or helped create the crisis, we will hold them accountable. michelle: herring said nationwide opioids were involved in more than 33,000 deaths in 2015. opioid overdoses have quadrupled since 1999. doctors are turning to smartphones in the fight against the opioid epidemic. app released in december allows doctors to practice talking to patients who are using opioids. through the app, they are taught how to talk to a patient who gets angry about getting unlimited dosage. larry: "7 on your side" consumer alert, facebook is working to advance the artificial intelligence. it has its top techs teaching chat bots to negotiate. features include scheduling and bartering. facebook wants the bots to learn your preferences and work on your behalf. a test run resulted in the human-like negotiating. hmm. perception is reali
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perhaps that is what has happened in the airline industry. complaints skyrocketing in april. total of 1,900 passengers filed complaints about the trip. nearly 70% jump between march and april. that is a 70% jump from april of 2016. 1,400 of the complaints were against airlines in the u.s. michelle: make sure you get out there and enjoy today's sunshine. larry: that is right. michelle: changes are on the way. >> warmer, huh? doug: it's always changing. we have an eight or nine-degree break of temperature. humidity levels are high. tomorrow is similar to today. the heat and the humidity build back in. it's summertime that is the way it will be more times than not. let's get it started to get a time lapse from the weather perch along idaho avenue and northwest washington. 81 degrees now. cloudy skies, hazy sunshine through the day. that has been the pattern. now very few clouds out there. just a haze layer. but temra
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lower than they have been this time of day for the past several days. thanks to the winds coming from the east/southeast. air temperature is 81 in annapolis. joint base andrews. 84 in washington, dulles. 86 in frederick. winchester is 82. 83 in martinsburg. through the evening for most of the metro area it's fine. sunshine, partly cloudy. hazy. charities drop through the 70's in the next several hours. the rain chances will stay well west where they are falling right now. this is the satellite and the radar. state college to the east of pittsburgh. through the eastern panhandle of west virginia, farther south. most of these will rain themselves out this evening. however, tomorrow, we are going to see things shift eastward a little bit. shower and the thunderstorm chances around the area tomorrow afternoon through tomorrow everything. closeup right now of the storms from petersburg southwest to the stanton area west of interstate 81. showers and the storms there. i think we are in good shape heading through the overnight. muggy. any showers
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will be out farther west of the metro area and with the humidity levels and patchy fog as well. tomorrow, fair amount of cloudiness in the area. this depicts the area of the light showers. probably, not likely. in the day, things will start to get more interesting as we head to the mid-to-the late afternoon where the showers could develop as the warm front starts to head this week at the same time we have more moisture from the south and southeast. showers and they could could hold off until 8:30 in the metro area. in the weekend, the heat and the humidity build with a change in the wind direction. looking ahead to tomorrow through the weekend for taste of reston at the reston town center. i will feel like summer. scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and everything. chances saturday and sunday. difference over weekend becoming warmer and more humid saturday and sunday. highs near 92 on sunday. the beaches, w
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place to go. maybe a few storms on saturday. otherwise a lot of sunshine and 82. partly sunny and no rain in the forecast for sunday. high of 84 degrees. the next ten days tomorrow, 85. we have a 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms. 30% chances for saturday and sunday. obviously warmer and more humid. monday an 80% chance of showers and storms with a significant cold front coming in. even though we are four days out there is already indication there could be heavy to severe weather over the part of the mid-atlantic on monday. we will cool down a couple of degrees and get in the summer mode. 80's, 90's. typical summer stuff through the next week and next weekend. back to you. michelle: very nice. thank you. next on "abc7 news at 5:00", a criminal investigation into the london fire. >> we are stuck on the 24th in floor! hello >> we take you inside the building and the search for the missing
5:22 pm
a child left in a hot van. how the good samaritans were able to reach in and save him. a look at what is ahead in primetime followed by abc7 news at
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snee a horrific deadly crime -- larry: a horrific deadly crime in
5:25 pm
the still missing. >> escaping from the top floors seemed unimaginable. now the fist video from inside. >> we are stuck on the 21st floor. too many people stuck upstairs. >> fire spreading in 30 minutes from the fourth to 24th story. more than 36 hours later many still missing. still unaccounted for. >> we are angry. it could have been prevented. lives didn't need to be lost. they are lost. people are looking for their children and it's unfair. >> people are still hopeful. >> hopefully the uncle is somewhere in a hospital. they just haven't identified him and he is okay. >> the fire brigade saying that this is a recovery operation no longer a search and rescue operation. >> dozens remain in the hospital and that death toll expected to rise. >> sadly i can confirm that
5:26 pm
is now 17. we do believe that the number will increase. >> drones overhead to gain visibility in the top floor because much is not safe to enter. >> we are going to utilize the specialist dog training teams to go through the building and the surrounding area to look for identification of people. >> prime minister paying respects to the victims and the city firefighters. >> they are still at work. the real scope of the tragedy is unknown. larry: wow! next at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the daring robbery. >> storming a verizon shop. how you can help in the search for the bad guys next. nancy: plus continuing coverage from nats park. gates are about to open at 5:30.
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five minutes from now. we have the latest on the investigation in the ballpark ambush up next. as the players and the fans get ready for tonight's game down the street from the capitol.
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"abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. [gunfire] [bleep] nancy: that was the moment shots rang out at a ballpark in alexandria yesterday morning. congressman steve scalise is in critical condition tonight. he has undergoing three surgeries since being shot in the hip. tonight here at nats park, the congressional baseball game for charity will go on as planned. that is, of course, what they were practicing for yesterday. in that ballpark in alexandria. you take a live look inside this ballpark. people are getting ready for the game. lana zak has the latest on the investigation that continues at this hour. lana: congressman scalise is in critical condition after being wounded by a lone wolf shooter at a ballfield. president trump: it's been much more difficult than people thought at the time. he is in some trouble. he is a great fighter. lana: while 26 members of congress and their staff practice for the charity baseball game, they came under attack. zack barth a congressional aide among those people
5:31 pm
there. i made a run down the right field line. third base line rather. i ran into the dugout. literally running for my life. lana: also wounded capitol police officer crystal griner who rushed into action at the first sound of gunfire. and matt mika, a lobbyist is in cit can condition. they are trying to piece together the motive of james hodgkinson who had a history of anti-trump and anti-republican rhetoric. but lawmakers are coming together before continuing tonight's game as scheduled. >> we are going to go to the game today. we will play our hardest to win. each team will. throughout the whole game we will all be team scalise. lana: all of the increased attention means increased security but it also means increased ticket sales and more money raised for charity. $1 million. twice of what was raised last year. reporting from outside nationals park, lana: lana,
5:32 pm
lana zak, abc7 news. nancy: who capitol police officers were injured in yesterday's shooting. they are there because they are part of scalise's detail. as high ranking member of congress he gets extra security. we look at the force that is the u.s. capitol police. richard: the sound was terrifying and unmistakable. round after round of rifle power. >> it's heroic. sacrifices themselves for the others. richard: as gunman james hodgkinson fired again and again, special agents david bailey and crystal griner jumped into action. with the guns out, they placed themselves between members hiding in a dugout and the gunfire. >> there is no question that they acted courageously and heroically. richard: witnesses say griner shouted request it drop your weapon" before she was shot. the actions were quick enough to fatally wound hodgkinson. >> mobilize and move quickly with intense focus on
5:33 pm
mission. richard: the u.s. capitol police had only four officers when the department began in 1828. now there are 1,700. four u.s. capitol police officers died in the line of duty. two of them, detective john gibson and officer jacob chestnut killed in 1998 after a man diagnosed as sczes frennic went on -- schizophrenic went on ad shooing rampage in -- shooting ram page. >> every day they take risks for us. >> but yesterday will be long remembered. >> i think all the people there were fortunate they happened to have had a detail there. richard: bailey has been treated and released. griner in a good condition at an area hospital. both officers praised for their bravery. back to you. nancy: thank you. we have seen the capitol police officers here at nats park ahead of the game making sure that everyone is safe and secure as
5:34 pm
come stop by. we have a banner of well wishes for you sine. -- you to sign. we'll pass it along to capitol hill. one of the teams will win tonight but the reason the game goes on is for charity. the real winners are the washington literacy center, boys and the girls club of greater washington. the washington nationals dream foundation. tickets range from $10 to $15. 20,000 ticketeds have been sold. half of that today. that would be double of last year's crowd. there is still time. we heard estimate of $1 million raised for this. if you can't make it. you can still watch the game live on the sister station newschannel8. beginning at 7:00. a night to remember. i'll be back at 6:00 with the latest from nats park but back to you in the studio.
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reminder to stay with abc7 through breaking news even when you are away from the tv. we are always updating the content on the social media platforms and at tonight police are asking you to identify two men that robbed a verizon wireless store. the pair you see in the video rush in with the faces covered. hands in their pockets. that appear to be holding weapons. one of the guys hold up the employees and the other one goes in the back and takes some phones. if any of this look familiar, give police a call. >> this is the final safetrack surge. today metro officials gave update on the from progress made in more than a year of track work. general manager paul wiedefeld said the work done reduced smoke and fire by more than 16% and reduced the number of the wood rail ties to just 2%.
5:36 pm
safetrack ends on the 5th. we will begin the maintenance inspection program that is done in overnight hours. we have expanded hours to do that work. that is a first for us. larry: there is one final surge on the red line saturday. shady grove and rockville station is closed for nine days. you can subscribe to the abc7 metro alerts. go to to sign up. michelle: another example of how see something, say something can save a life. a customer heard a baby crying in the backseat of a hot car. they called police while a group of good samaritans jumped in action. >> a customer's, hands were enough to go through the window, drenched in sweat. >> the child was in the care of the grandmother. the boy's mother called to pick up
5:37 pm
no word how long the boy was in the car or if the grandmother faces charges. larry: a former swissbacker admit he is played a role in the scandal involving fifa. he pleaded guilty to money laundering in new york. admitting he opened the fraudulent accounts used to transfer bribes to fifa officials con controlling marketing contracts. michelle: nike is giving the boot to 1,400 employees. the job cuts are part of a restructuring plan. they want to reduce the number of the sneaker style it offers by a quarter. the job cuts represent 2% of the nike job force around the world. they hope it will offer more products to customers faster. for us at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- this cat needs a workout. hey, you can help. we will introduces you to simba and fite how you can adopt him. larry: if you are not taking a summer vacation. you are not alone. the three biggest reasons
5:38 pm
of us are staying put for summer 2017. michelle: at 6:00, a wrongway crash caught on video. what happened moments before and what the wrongway driver did the moment the car stopped moving.
5:39 pm
doug: kind of muggy out there today. temperatures are somewhat lower and they will stay lower tomorrow, too. it will be muggy with sunshine. temperatures climbing to 8 a. good chance we deal with thunderstorms in the afternoon and everything. looking ahead to the weekend. it will be warmer and more humid. 88 to 92 saturday and sunday. looking at mown vernon. great activities 9:00 to 5:00 throughout the weekend at mount vernon. thunderstorms most likely on saturday. isolated on sunday. definitely a warm weekend. the beaches are going to do better. 82 on saturday with a few afternoon storms. a lot of sunshine on sunday. high of 84 degrees. we will start to warm up more again next week. we get ready for the first day of summer officially begins at
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the weather ahead for the weekend, practice. warmup for summer. stay with us. "abc7 news at ooooooh snap!! stevery truck guy has their own "way of conveying powerful. yeeaaahhh boy. kind of looks like a monster coming to eat ya. holy smokes. that is awesome. strong. you got the basic, and you got the beefy. i just think it looks mean. incredible. no way. i'm getting goosebumps. get 17% below msrp on all silverado 1500 lt pickups in stock. that's over eight thousand one hundred dollars on this chevy silverado. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. introducing fios gigabit connection. superfast internet at an incredible price. with speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster than most people have. and, it's just $79.99 a month online for 1 year. and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years.
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switch now at every second of life adds up. you a little advice: so make sure they're filled with the good stuff. ( not the have-to-do's, but the love-to-do's. tickle, and be tickled. play a little. dance alot. enjoy your home. the loving. the living. discover the hive smart home and do more of what you love. hive. let's get living larry: d.c. is full of fat cats but not literally until now. this big fellow is 5-year-old sinba. michelle: he is not a small guy at all. he is about 35 pounds. his owner moved and couldn't take him so now he isp
5:42 pm
adoption with the humane alliance. >> yea! michelle: that was their attempt to get him to walk on the treadmill. he is not digging it. larry: a couple of steps. michelle: frenchman was arrested over the weekend after he tried to smuggle this. four pounds of meth in his underwear. federal agents at los angeles international airport says the drugs were hidden between the groin and upper thigh area. larry: okay. he wasn't alone. agents got suspicious and pulled his two friends off the plane. a woman had more meth in her underwear and another man had some of his carry-on. all three were arrested. michelle: it must have been an interesting pat down. larry: yeah. walking a little easier to the squad car. if you are not planning a trip this summer, guess what, you are not alone. michelle: a new a.p. poll finds almost half say they won't. among them 50% say it just costs too much. larry: more than 10% said it's because they can't get the time off of work.
5:43 pm
cherish it. not everyone gets that. if you are going on a trip back your things in your suitcase. michelle: yes. not your underwear. next for us at 7, on your side. 300,000 family vans being recalled. the bizarre warning sign that something is wrong next. larry: plus, otto warmbier. the u.v.a. student detained in north korea back in the united states but in a coma. >> we went for 15 months without a word or about otto. larry:
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
larry: added urgency on the inmates that escape and killed two prison guards. now the reward to help in their capture is increased to $130,000. the f.b.i. expanding the search in the southeast tonight. shocking finds at a montgomery village newspaper. noose in a tree outside condo building. this is a short walk from watkins mill high school. rope has since been removed but brianne carter spoke with people there who are concerned
5:47 pm
brianne: in this montgomery village condo complex, distressing discovery. >> it was just, it was shocking. brianne: residents woke up to find a noose hanging from a tree. >> couldn't believe it. i kept staring at it because i could not believe it. then it got, it got to the point where i just don't feel that me and my daughter is safe. >> the large rope was found tied to a branch outside eugenia king's window. >> it could have been anybody to come on the campus. we are not fenced in. you can get in that way or that way. anyway. you can get in. >> the rope was cut down by police and there is no indication it's directed toward a specific individual or related suspicious activity in the
5:48 pm
of other similar incidents in d.c. but they didn't expect it to happen outside their own front door. >> all of a sudden, it is happening more frequently. now they feel less safe than 24 hours ago. some are saying they are packing up and moving. >> i'm not moving. i'm not thinking about it. i'm moving. up here looking try to move. >> anyone with information is asked to call police. in montgomery village, brianne carter, abc7 news. larry: "7 on your side" consumer alert. borrowing to buy a home is getting more expensive. average 30-year fixed rate mortgage is up over 3.9% after reaching seven-month low. freddie mac top economists believe the rates could fall again soon. michelle: family van being recalled. 300,000 dodge grand caravans from 2011 and 2012. the driver side air bag deploying without
5:49 pm
minor injuries reported but no crashes. sign something is wrong is the air bag light coming on and windshield wipers going on. if you don't know already the notices are going out by the end of the month. tonight just a little more than an hour from first pitch for the congressional baseball game for charity. watch on the sister station newschannel8. if you are going we have a get well banner set up outside the home plate gate for you to sign. larry: the gift from doug hill is a nice evening for baseball. michelle: a great evening out there. doug? doug: typical summer baseball weather in the capitol. the temperatures will drop from the lower 80's to the 70's. good feel to the air. beautiful shot from the national harbor. light winds, warm and muggy weather.
5:50 pm
it's cooler in jointed base andrews, 81. 84 in washington. 86 in leesburg and frederick. at the ballpark tonight, right around the 80 degree mark. the first pitch is 7:05. 75 degrees the seventh inning stretch and heading home is warm and muggy and 72. we look forward to the next couple of days and there will be changes here. things we will watch. shower and storms west of 81. lightning with this batch southwest of harrisonburg that will diminish. tomorrow the chances of the showers and the storms increase. check the timing. the showers will go away from the area but overnight a couple of showers are left north and west. muggy with fog. once we start tomorrow morning it will be cloudy and hazy. fog. temperatures in lower 70's. the showers and the storms will become widespread through the afternoon and the evening. wakeup temperatures are mostly in upper 60's to 70 in the metro area. planner tomoow
5:51 pm
likelihood of showers and storms. late afternoon and everything. weekend is warmer and more humid still. 88 on saturday. 92 on sunday. father's day. scattered storms are likely saturday. still a chance getting through the afternoon hours. quick snapshot of the next ten days. look at the highs. 85, 92, 88. hot and humid going forward and we welcome in summer officially at 12:21 next wednesday morning. that is the latest. back to you. larry: thanks. erin has a look at sports and a big day for a parade. erin: we were just talking about the trash talk still going on between the warriors and the cavaliers. good stuff on social media. for the second time in three years, steph curry and the golden state warriors are mlb champions. the -- are nba champions. they celebrated in a victory parade in oakland today. m.v.p. and d.c. native kevin durant celebrated his first nba title. as good as the
5:52 pm
is, this right here could be a familiar scene for years to come. and he recently tore his labram playing baseball but thankfully it wasn't his throwing arm. the osborne park pitcher underwent surgery yesterday and hopes to be back on the mound very soon. meet osborne park pitcher kyle whiten. >> my last four years have been amazing. erin: in his senior season with the yellow jackets he received all conference player of the year, first team all region and first team all met honors. >> i couldn't ask for better four years. great friendships. i will miss it. erin: he loves it so much he dislocated his shoulder in a playoff game but continued
5:53 pm
>> i had adrenaline. >> he didn't want to come out and the teammates didn't want him out either. >> he could have gone in the mlb draft this year but decided education was too important. and committed to play at the university of virginia next year. >> my dad is an elementary school principal. so he is always reaching academics to me. that is a big thing. the coaching staff, a great program. it was all three. lined up as perfect for me. i knew it was my home. >> congratulations, kyle. you are this week's team player. erin: i just spoke to him. he is doing well. in a little pain but overall the surgery went well. larry: great news. erin: rooting for him. michelle: still ahead on abc7 news, u.v.a. student back in the u.s. larry: detained in north korea. now in a coma. his father speaks out while doctors provide an update on his
5:54 pm
continuing courage from nats park. congressional baseball game for charity coming up tonight.
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5:57 pm
michelle: otto warmbier the university of virginia student detained in north korea returning to the united states in a keyma. today his father is speaking out. update there doctors who just spoke this afternoon. maggie rulli has more. >> i knelt down by his side and i hugged him. maggie: wearing the same jacket his son wore while being interrogated in north korea. otto warmbier's father speaks for the first time since otto came home. >> we went for 15 months without a word from or about otto. maggie: they learned last week their son had been in a coma for more than a year. >> there is severe injury to all regions of the brain but
5:58 pm
sensitivity we are going to refrain from discussing what the future holds for him. >> north korea is a pariah regime. we don't believe anything they say. >> the 22-year-old was being held prisoner in north korea, sentenced to 15 years hard labor for allegedly trying to steal a political poster if his hotel. >> i have made the worst mistake of my life. maggie: warmbier's release come after secret talks between u.s. and north korean officials last month in norway. >> we received a nice phone call from president trump. maggie: warmbier's father credits the current administration for his son's release. they say they let warmbier go for humanitarian reasons. warmbier's father pleaded for the release of the three other americans detained in north korea.
5:59 pm
36 hours after a ballpark ambush, there is new information emerging about the suspected gunman. we are now hearing from his wife. and congress showing unity and coming together on a baseball diamond. >> now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: drastic scenes from gunfire. followed by a show of love and unity from community that is refusing to give into fear. tonight it's that show of unity taking center stage. we have team coverage for you. nancy chen will leave the coverage from nats park where the congressional baseball game is about to begin. we will get through with brad bell at the scene of the shooting in alexandria. the search that is going on for answers. start there.
6:00 pm
brad? brad: the f.b.i. are going over the crime scene, usings do and looking for anything. they are even climbing the chain link fence looking for pieces hit by bullets. it's an interesting investigation from their perspective. they are looking for physical clues. what they want to know is what was the big clue. why did this guy open fire? at home in illinois, alexandria ballpark shooter james hodgkinson made clear his distaste for donald trump and republicans. >> 99% are getting pushed around. 1% are just not giving a damn. brad: at home he had brushes with the law and had been warned about firing a gun near his home. but he gave no clue he would attempt a mass assassination. >> nothing different in the personality characteristics from the past few weeks


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