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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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nancy: 20,000 strong. proud.ght, we are all nancy: the congressional baseball game showing support for the victims one day after a gun man targeted a practice. informationan: sensitive of the vice president found on the floor of a cafeteria. nancy: and giving back
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that is not even his. the bizarre scandal. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00 am on your side. jonathan: we begin with a show of unity at nats park. nancy: tonight the congressional baseball game takes on new meaning after the ambush. gop practice targeted by a gun man who injured several people and leaving a congressman in critical condition. jonathan: we start with jay korff, live at medstar hospital, where representative steve scalise is being treated. we heard that things were improving a bit? jonathan, theght, very latest update from hospital officials a short time ago is encouraging. while the congressman remains in critical condition, they said in the last critical 24 hours his condition has improved. also tonight, begun man's wife speaks out.
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hoskinson, fighting back tears in illinois, said that her husband james sold his possessions and left her moving to washington. he had a deep disdain for politics. his wife said her husband was expected home soon because he had run out of money. >> i cannot believe this. just please go away and leave my neighbors in peace. i don't deserve this and they don't deserve this. jay: the gun man lived in this van, still parked near the alexandria ball field where wednesday hoskinson ambushed republicans preparing for an annual charity baseball game. four injured during the shootout, three remain hospitalized. congressman steve scalise improving, mica in serious condition, an offic
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she was shot in the ankle. she was in tremendous pain and bleeding, but she put her life on the line. that's why she is a hero and are still here. jay: hospital officials are telling us the congressman, due significant internal injuries, faces more surgeries in the coming days and will be in the hospital for some time. live in the district, jay korff, abc 7 news. jonathan: let's get to the game, racked up just a short time ago for stop this year was not just about baseball. nancy: tom roussey is live at nats park. what a night. tom: you know, it was unbelievable to be inside tonight, particularly at the pregame ceremony.
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for attendance at the congressional baseball game was 10,000, set last year. tonight, a new all-time record, more than doubled that, 23,000 people came. this is the 80th time they have played this game, since 1909, but there has never been a night like this. before the game, both parties knelt to pray. the republicans' second baseman in the hospital after being shot, but he was not forgotten. then a moment that gave goosebumps, a surprise policence by a capitol officer who throughout the first pitch. he was injured in the shootout. >> i've been at games here, but this was not louder than that. tom:
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who was shot. >> he turned his rifle and i started to hear and feel pops all around me and he struck me in my leg. tom: the game itself featured a lot of scoring chances for fans from both sides to cheer. >> to the extent we respect one another, hopefully the american people respect us more. maryland isoyer of the democratic house with. he was wearing a team scalise shirt and support of republican house with steve scalise. the democrats won 11-2, but in the end of this game raised more money for charity than the game ever has before. live outside of nats park, tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: so nice seeing the officer on the field tonight. abc 7 and news channel
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game to make him a for the victims. we will deliver that to capitol hill. a maybe this will bring reason for the sides to get together, one purpose,, one unity, and realize we are all americans. jonathan: for everybody who signed the banner tonight, thank you. do stay connected. we are tracking the investigation and have updates on the conditions of the victims. connect with us on facebook, twitter, and nancy: the man accused of having guns at the trump hotel back in custody. the police say he had guns and 90 rounds of ammunition in his car. he was released in order to stay away from d.c., but tonight word he has not done that. investigators say he came back to the city and used drugs. the police uncovered disturbing
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ambush. his parole has been revoked and he is back in custody. jonathan: sensitive information about the vice president and secretary of state found on the floor, a security breach at florida international university. nancy: this could put lives in danger. anna-lysa gayle explains. anna-lysa: this new information coming after vice president mike pence's visited to florida international university. the seating chart was discovered prior to his visit, found yesterday by a reporter. they chose not to air the picture until after the visit. it appears to show where the vice president and secretary of state rex tillerson and several other officials would be sitting during the event. the secret service said the chart does not belong to them or the fbi agents. they said it was a breach of security protocols that should be
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would be a very closely guarded, confidential document that would only be disseminated from the secret service down to any individual on a need to know basis. it would not be a document that would be published for the public and it would only be given to those who would need to know where these individuals are seated. anna-lysa: the secret service did not have any further comment. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. jonathan: anna-lysa, thanks. the secret service is aware of the findings but did not have a comment. developments,king this from the white house -- the u.s. officials say the pentagon is planning to send 4000 service members to afghanistan. an official announcement could come as early as next week. michelle: michelle marsh at
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the live desk with breaking news, the two inmates who escaped custody in georgia have been captured. they escaped tuesday by overpowering two guards and killing them with their service weapons. they then carjacked a honda civic and then later a pickup truck. they were caught in the stolen truck in tennessee. the police chased them but it did not last long until they crashed and try to run away. they are back in custody. the $130,000 reward was being offered for information leading to their arrest, but it is not clear yet if anyone is eligible for that award. michelle marsh, abc 7 news. molly: we have been tracking showers and thunderstorms earlier this evening. as the sun goes down, we lose the heating of the day and the storms are fizzling out. left over showers north of hagerstown. the next couple days, the chance of storms will be
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overnight lows in the mid 60's, low 70's, partly to mostly cloudy skies and stray showers not out of the question. the friday forecast, tracking thunderstorms after about 2:00. notice the daytime highs in the low to mid 80's. it will definitely be heating up as we head into the upcoming weekend. more on that in my extended forecast, so stay tuned. jonathan: d.c. police trying to identify eight people of interest in last month's attack on protesters outside of the turkish ambassador's house. today,e releasing images hoping somebody will recognize these guys. they have announced that criminal charges have been brought against 20 people from the attack. the turkish president security detail beat up protesters come injuring nine, two seriously. nancy: we have been standing by for a verdict in bill cosby sexual assault trial.
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judge they are deadlocked. after 30 hours of deliberations, they have not really -- have not reached an answer. the judge's response, keep trying. >> this deadlock shows the not guilty bill cosby has been saying the entire time. >> this is not an indication and it is not the end. it is not over until it's over, and it's not over yet. jonathan: still ahead -- leonardo dicaprio giving back the oscar and it's not his own. nancy: and a bombshell yesterday, the president being investigated for obstruction of justice. how the president is firing back.
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jonathan: dramatic moments at the was open in wisconsin. -- at the u.s. open in wisconsin. the blimp came crashing to the ground and burst into flames. and you was a fireball could hear the explosion and you can see it going down. jonathan:
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board was the pilot. he was pulled to safety just moments before the explosions. he was hurt, helicopter to way, but expected to recover. was not affiliated with the tournament and was never ties and blimp. the cause is under investigation. leesburg detectives hoping to catch a killer. a family for many years seeking closure and hoping this renewed effort will bring it. nancy: tomorrow will mark 25 years since the murder at a popular intersection. anna-lysa gayle spoke with his daughter and investigators about case. >> there is not a day that goes by that i don't think about dad. mike's daughter still remembers the day that her father was membered -- murdered 25 years ago. a police dispatcher asked us not to show her face. >> just the wron
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on his way back home for dinner. was-lysa: in june 1992, he 55 years old and his daughter was 27. tsell was driving along the street when other drivers notice he lost control of his car, causing him to hit a fence. emergency responders noticed he was hit by a stray bullet. he died two days later. leesburg police are still trying to find his killer. ofthere have been a lot presumptions it was an accidental situation, which is a possibility. i think really what we are hoping for is giving the family some answers. anna-lysa: as father's day approaches come his daughter is hanging onto hope that she will one day get closure. would say tohing i whoever did it is please come forward and tell us why you did it. jonathan: president trump is firing back at reports he is under investigation for possible obstruction of justice.
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post," special prosecutor robert mueller is investigating president trump for his relations with the fbi. mr. call the investigation the single greatest witchhunt in american history. when given a chance to say more, he declined. >> do you believe you are under investigation out? jonathan: according to "the looking intor is whether he fired fbi director james comey because of the russian investigation and whether he suggested the fbi drop the investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. nancy: more than 100 families were trapped inside of the devastating fire in london, the death toll is officially 17, but the total number is still unknown because parts of the building are still not stable enough to search. tonight questions about the structure, including whether the fire alarms were working. jonathan: a uva
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american soil after being held captive in north korea. he has been a coma now for more than a year. doctors say there are severe injuries to his brain, but are holding back details about his prognosis. north korea said he had botulism and had a reaction to a sleeping pill. u.s. doctors dispute that claim. >> north korea is a pariah regime. they are brutal and terroristic. we don't believe anything they say. his father thinks the administration for his release. he was sentenced to hard labor for trying to steal a propaganda poster from a hotel. nancy: leonardo dicaprio giving back and oscar originally won by marlon brando. producers of the movie gifted him the oscar in 2013, but there are allegations the movie was financed by an ill
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alicia. -- from malaysia. dicaprio decided to give the award back. also tonight, claims that "a man home" 2" and " daddy's also were financed by the scheme. hagerstown, 74 d.c. metro, lower 70's andrews and towards fredericksburg. we were tracking showers and thunderstorms earlier this evening, but the back door cold front has been keeping the d.c. area from the storms. we are getting in on the action tomorrow through the weekend. the friday forecast, mid-80's, partly sunny skies, and humid. after about 2 p.m. is when we are likely to see thunderstorms fire up. 3:3in
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reds, orange, yellow, which is heavy rain come in a short time. so amid and uncomfortable, the atmosphere has a lot to work with -- humid and uncomfortable. friday night plans come especially south of town, could be hindered by wet weather. have the rain gear ready to go. likely to see thunderstorms saturday and sunday, but no day is a particular washout. if you have outdoor activities vernond planned, mount sunday brunch, looks like we are tracking not only the showers and thunderstorms threat but also another warm-up, low 90's by sunday, and just keep an eye to the sky for the isolated thunderstorms. the better chance of heavier rainfall looks to be monday, with the actual front moving through. we are tracking stronger thunderstorms and ponding
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us through the rest of the week, mid to upper 80's, low 90's through thursday. jonathan: up next, a cat in need of a loving home. nancy: three times the size of your average fee line.
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jonathan: normally adopting pets is something we don't do 11:00, but we are spotlighting an unusual cat in need of a home. nancy: he weighs 35 pounds. he is six years old, up for adoption at the washington humane rescue alliance. group has been working to slim down simba. jonathan: that is a cat treadmill. you know what he is saying, really? nancy: they a
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find a forever home where he can continue his weight loss. jonathan: you know it's bad when the mouse walks by and the cat says, nah. my dog was getting chubby and i had to put him on a diet. nancy: did it work? jonathan: they were body shaming your dog? erin: let's talk sports. have nevers as you seen him before, and the nationals offense returns.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you buyer local toyota dealers. erin: the nationals in new york tonight. on theirwere 2-5 homestand and the mets were busy winning five of six. washington made a statement tonight. bryce harper unleashes a home run that gets to the seats quickly. his 17th of the season, 1-0 washington. the nats scored five in the fifth come and this was the taylor michael a.
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the first round of the u.s. open underway in wisconsin. while the scores may say the rough was not as tough as usual, time and again the world's best golfers looked like weekend hackers. kind of like jonathan. jonathan: yep. erin: i'm teasing, jonathan. one guy who do not have an issue was rickie fowler, the latest best player to never win a major. he had a terrific day, firing a bogey free round 65. lebron james showed off his new do. notice anything different? andent bald on instagram says he is energized and ready for a new title. strange. that is just erin:
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warriors had a little to say, so they were teasing each other on instagram. he said, the warriors finally made you go bald. depressed, bro. nancy: we all get makeovers afterlife does not go our way. jonathan: those words will not be forgotten. erin: they were having fun with each other all day on instagram.
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nancy: really humid today, but need the umbrella tomorrow? molly: showers and thunderstorms often on through the weekend. it would not be a complete washout, but we have isolated showers and storms. the summertime feel sticks with us. jonathan:. jimmy kimmel's next nancy: have a good night.
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