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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 16, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, republicans and democrats taking to the field coming together after the shooting rampage during practice. the first pitch by one of the capitol police heroes. there it is. the accused shooter's wife speaking out. more trouble for the president's inner circle. the new report about jared kushner being under investigation. and the new attack from the president aimed at hillary clinton. plus, what he's expected to announce today about u.s. relations with cuba. breaking overnight, captured. the escaped inmates accused of killing prison guards back in cuss dichlt how they were found. a blimp falling out of the sky not far from the u.s. open golf tournament. the fireball after it crashed and an update on the pilot's condition.
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and we do say good morning, everybody. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm adrienne bankert in for diane macedo. >> we're going to get to those other stories in a moment. first breaking news right now and what could potentially be a big development in the fight against terror. russia this morning claiming it has killed the leader of isis in an air strike. the russian defense ministry says al baghdadi was killed three weeks ago along with other top militants. the u.s. has not confirmed this. >> this comes as isis continues to lose territory in iraq and syria. for years al baghdadi was one of the most wanted men. a $25 million reward from the u.s. for information leading to his capture. the last public video of baghdadi was from a mosque in mosul in 2014. >> he has been on the run quite a bit since thenment russia this morning says it has killed the leader of isis, of course, we'll continue to stay on
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breaking story and bring you the very latest if and when we get confirmation. now to something rare in the nation's capital. true bipartisanship on display at last night's congressional baseball game. there were ball, strike, runs, of course, scored. in the end the democrats defeating the republicans. >> not as important as the unity they showed on the field following wednesday's attack at a republican practice and stephanie ramos reports. >> reporter: the annual congressional baseball game in washington pitting democrats against republicans hit a home run last night. the first pitch thrown by capitol police officer david bailey. he was hit by gunfire wednesday morning when 66-year-old james hodgkinson started shooting at republican congressmen and staff gearing up for batting practice at a ballpark in alexandria, virginia. the suspected shooter reportedly angry with the republican party and the president. firing at congressman steve scalise who remains
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condition. >> steve scalise, this hat is for you. >> reporter: the injured showing up to support. the first family also there, but the president making his appearance on the jumbotron due to security concerns. >> tonight's game is taking on a much deeper level of meaning. >> reporter: the game is a 108-year-old tradition. this year's event raising more than a million dollars for charity and trying to send the message of unity despite the divisive political times. >> when the speaker announced we were going to do it, every republican i know and every democrat said that's the right thing to do. everybody wants to play. >> we want to beat those guys and they want to beat us. afterwards we'll give each other a hug and drink beer together. >> reporter: the shooter's wife in illinois emotionally speaking to reporters. >> i had no idea this was going to happen and i don't know what to say about it. >> reporter: the shooting has raised concerns about lawmakers' security. house minority leader nancy pelosi says if there were any changes that will be up to the
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these when there is a group of lawmakers around she says security should be present. kendis, adrienne. >> and security was certainly tight last night. stephanie, thank you. to you to the expanding investigation into allegations of russian interference in the election prompting president trump to unleash on twitter. >> as the special counsel reportedly tries to determine if the president obstructed justice, sources say investigators are now looking into the finances of one of his closest confidants. his son-in-law. this morning a key figure of president trump's inner circle, possibly under investigation. "the washington post" reporting special counsel robert mueller is looking into the business dealings of jared kushner, the president's son-in-law and senior adviser as part of the probe into russia's interference in the election. curb they're lawyer saying we do not what this report refers to. he previously volunteered to share with congress what he knows about russia-related matters. the new revelation comes after the president himself slammed a "post" report that he'
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mueller for possible obstruction of justice. the president on twitter calling it the single greatest witch-hunt in american political history led by some very bad and conflicted people. he was asked about the report in person. >> mr. president, do you believe that you are under investigation now? >> reporter: and ignored the question but the president did call for unity following the shooting that injured congressman steve scalise. >> and i have a feeling that steve has made a great sacrifice but there could be some unity being brought to our country. let's hope so. >> reporter: but hours later, a far cry from that plea, back on twitter and on the attack. this time going after hillary clinton. tweeting, why is it that hillary clinton's family and dems dealings with russia are not looked at but my nondealings are? we should mention the president has a busy day ahead heading to miami to change course on cuba expected to roll back some of the
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when he restored diplomatic relations. the revised policy will restrict travel and business with cuban companies many owned by the military but the u.s. embassy in havana will remain open and americans can continue to bring back rum and cuban cigars. >> the u.s. military is sending more troops to afghanistan. a trump administration official says the pentagon will deploy almost 4,000 additional troops into the war-torn country hoping to end a stalemate in a war that's now been passed on to a third u.s. president. the decision could be announced as early as next week. the american college student recently released from a north korean prison remains in a coma this morning. doctors say otto warmbier is in a state of unresponsive wakefulness at an ohio hospital and still not sure what caused his severe brain damage. his relatives are angered. the 22-year-old's condition was not revealed sooner. his father speaking out
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the jacket his son wore when he was taken into north korea. >> we're thrilled that our son is on american soil and i'm able to talk to you on otto's behalf and i'm able to wear the jacket that he wore when he gave his confession. >> north korea claims warmbier fell into a coma as a result of botulism and a sleeping pill. doctors say they have not found any evidence of botulism. now, let's take a look at the nation's weather. we're watching two storm systems, one right now is in the east, moving toward the coast. it'll bring showers and possibly thunderstorms toward the coast this morning and heavier rain later. the other stretches from oklahoma up into iowa. some very strong storms are likely today in the central plains. and they're cleaning up in
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northeast wisconsin from the second largest swarm of tornadoes ever in northeast wisconsin. in a single afternoon, nine of them, twisters uprooting tree, tearing off roofs, as well, as you can see there. and still ahead a verdict watch in the bill cosby trial. what the judge told the jury after they said they were deadlocked. breaking overnight an end to the massive manhunt for two escaped inmates. where they were found and a new picture after being captured. plus, a missing navy sailor found alive. wait until we tell you where he was for seven days.
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so, just what was he thinking? new jersey state police would like to find this guy and ask. several drivers phoning in to report a shirtless young man hanging out the window of an suv as it was racing down the atlantic city expressway going 80 miles an hour. to pennsylvania now and the bill cosby sex assault jury returns this morning for a fifth day of deliberations. the seven men and five women have told the judge they are deadlocked and cannot reach a unanimous decision on any of the charges. they have already spent 30 hours in deliberations and worked until 9:00 last night. cosby's accused of drugging and molesting a woman 13 years ago. he claims the sex was consensual. a grand jury will decide whether to indict
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45-year-old george brinkman broke down in tears in court yesterday as prosecutors accused him of murdering suzanne taylor and her two college-age daughters. the three women among five people he is accused of killing over just a three-day period. friends say brinkman and taylor were long-term friends who graduated high school together but he wanted more from their friendship. in london two separate investigations are under way into the deadly high-rise apartment fire. crews were able to access some parts of this scorched tower. the search for the victims remains continues. we know there are at least 17 casualties. many people are still unaccounted for. officials say they may not be able to identify all of those killed. a taifal technician thought to be missing at sea has been found on his ship. peter mims' disappearance triggered a massive man overboard search in the philippines sea that lasted for several days. mims was found yesterday hiding in the
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the "uss shiloh." he was being mistreated and wanted to leave the navy. when we come back a blimp deflates and bursts into flames while flying over the u.s. open golf tournament. what we're learning about the pilot. plus, a high-flying stunt over niagara falls. the daredevil hanging on by her teeth. gone, people. and one of us used up all the sunscreen! i wonder who... . we're gonna need some reinforcements...quick. copy that. walgreens makes it easy when summer needs a little help. your summer base camp is just around the corner so you can get in, out and back to those summer shenanigans. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy®. this week, redeem balance wards points and get a coupon for 10 times everyday points.
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charlotte, atlanta, you get it, the east coast. >> and all the biggest airports. >> avoid the east coast. well, breaking overnight the nationwide manhunt for two escaped georgia prison inmates is over. >> donnie rowe and rickie dubose captured by a tennessee homeowner as they allegedly tried to steal his car. >> right before that police say they had terrorized an elder i couple with a home invasion and led police on a high-speed chase then a chase on foot. officials say rowe and dubose escaped from a prison bus earlier this week by killing two security guards there. sergeants christopher monica and curtis blue. federal investigators are in wisconsin this morning looking into what caused a fiery crash of a blimp over yesterday's u.s. open golf tournament. >> the pilot who is now hospitalized in serious condition reportedly told authorities he had heard panels ripping off the side of the airship before it deflated and crashed. abc's alex perez with more. >> reporter: federal investigators working
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out what caused this advertising blimp to come crashing down exploding into a ball of flames. the aircraft crashing into this field about half a mile from the u.s. open tournament golf course in aaron hill, wisconsin, around 11:15 thursday morning. thousands of spectators watching the competition, many finding themselves watching this instead. in disbelief. >> we saw the whole thing going down and three explosions on the ground. >> reporter: on board the pilot trevor thompson. rescue crews pulling him from the wreckage moments before several explosions. crew chief matt schmidt told espn he was calling for help but couldn't move. thompson placed on a stretcher and carried on to a waiting medevac helicopter. alex perez, abc news, aaron hill, wisconsin. >> wow. well, a wallenda has broken another dramatic record by a wallenda. erendira wallenda, wife ofik
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wallenda, but 300 feet over niagara falls. her stunt breaking her husband's previous record for highest suspension which he set six years ago hanging from his mouth over bronson, missouri. why by the teeth. now to sports and golden state warriors can look forward to next season now that they've officially celebrated recapturing the nba title. the scene there on the bay hundreds of thousands of fans coming out for the team's victory parade in oakland. >> yes, now let's get more highlights from espn. good morning, it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett. neil everett here. you take the baseball. i'll ham golf. >> i thought he should go first. he said i should go first so i'll go first. jeff samardzjia, wait, why is jeff samardzjia batting in the top of the ninth? because the giants had run out of players trying to make a comeback coming back from eight runs down late and winning. hunter strickland folded. that's your walkoff. that's your win. bud black was happy.
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u.s. open opening round from erin hills. rickie fowler missed the cut at the last two u.s. opens. he's pretty set. he was great on thursday. second on the par 4, his second hole. got that within eight feet. first of four birdies on his first nine holes. third shot on the par 5 first, his tenth. made that to get to 5 under then the par 5 7th, birdied all four of the par 5s. and fowler has the lead by his lonesome after a 65. in the first round. >> so more action coming up there on friday. a lot of big names back to you. >> all right. thanks, fellows. next in "the pulse" former president obama's revelation about what he listened to in the oval office. plus they say a picture is worth a thousand words. a man sends a city a message by making a hot tub out of a pothole.
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♪ all right, time for your friday "the pulse" and start with a major first for a rapper. >> yes, jay z, mr. shawn carter has become the first rapper ever to be inducted into the songwriters' hall of fame. he has penned well over 100 songs over his career. he wasn't there for the ceremony last night in new york but the highlight was a very special message from a former president. >> i had to brush some dirt off my shoulders during a campaign, so i'm pretty sure i'm still the only president to listen to jay z's music in the oval office. that may change at some point but i'm pretty sure that's true now. >> so also in that video he also mentioned that he and jay z both have wives who are significantly more popular than
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on twitter thanking than 90 friends. 90 fellow rappers. >> lots of rappers. lots of love going around. he was congratulatory, excited. celebrating. >> possibly inebriated. the golden retriever is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the u.s. gentle, friendly, and they instinctively love water. >> 9-year-old buddy was a late bloomer. he never had gone swimming until now. oh, my gosh. he wasn't having it. oh. look at that. buddy. >> okay. >> way to go. >> nice job. >> that is huge. you guys have no idea how -- >> now the mutt goes swimming just about every day. then there's this adult golden retriever who perhaps doesn't realize he's no longer a small puppy. >> oh, my. >> he creates his owner by jumping on the man's lap, around and around wagging his tail in the guy's face,
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and ending as he plans to watch tv or read the paper. >> probably weighs as much as his owner. a mississippi man's neighborhood pothole no longer runs over and thought he would bring awareness to a pothole in jackson by using it as a hot tub. >> he posted the photo on instagram and the embarrassing shot worked. crews were out yesterday filling up the pothole. yes. >> good work.morning washington. it's friday june 16th. we have almost made it to the weekend. but if you're heading to the pool, you may need to bring a poncho along. good morning washington. toss to eileen - hot & humid through monday (feeling the worst sunday) - more numerous
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today & tomorrow - stormy monday - less humid & nice tuesday today: am clouds. pm thunderstorms. hot & humid. highs: 84-88 winds: se 5 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. isolated t-shower. patchy fog. lows: 67-74 winds: ese 5 mph saturday: partly sunny. hot and humid. pm thunderstorms. highs: 86-90 winds: sse 5-10 mph
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developing now--
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thousands of american troops are preparing to head into afghanistan. the white house announcing the move last night, saying almost 4-thousand additional troops will be on the ground as early as next week. the bulk of the additional troops will train and advise afghan forces, according to a trump administration official. despite the surge-- u.s. troop levels in afghanistan are far lo
4:28 am
were under presidents barack obama and george w. bush. right now-- the man -- charged with bringing an aresenal to the trump hotel - is back in police custody. we first told you about bryan moles, last month. police say -- he had guns... and 90 rounds of ammo, in his car parked at the trump hotel. he was released -- and ordered to stay away from d-c. but police say he hasn't done that. moles reportedly came back to the city, used drugs, and made disturbing facebook posts about this week's ballpark ambush attack. mole's release has been revoked -- and he's back in custody. in the day ahead-- jurors will continue deliberating in bill cosby's sexual assault trial, despite telling a judge that they are deadlocked. after 30 hours of deliberations - they hadn't reached an answer on any of the charges against cosby. the judge's response -- keep trying. cosby could face a decade in prison if convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand back in 2004. also happening today-- one of the suspects charged for this violent brawl outside the turkish embassy is due in court for a hearing. sinan ni
4:29 am
felony and misdemeanor assault charges for his role in the melee last month. the mclean man has been in jail since his arrest wednesday. police say turkish personnel attacked peaceful protesters demonstrating outside the turkish ambassador's residence. congress unanimously condemned turkey following the incident. don't be surprised if you start seeing some interesting costumes on the streets of the district today. the fifth annual "awesome con" kicks off today at the walter e washington convention center. the event celebrates comic books, movies, games, and all things pop culture. and you can expect to see a lot of "cos-players" and celebrity guests as well. around 60-thousand people are expected to attend. awesome con runs through the weekend. it's xx and we're just getting started. new questions and few answers following the ballpark ambush on congressional lawmakers. as police learn more about th shooter-- lawmakers come together to honor the victims. good morning washington.
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- hot & humid through monday (feeling the worst sunday) - more numerous afternoon/evening t-storms today & tomorrow - stormy monday - less humid & nice tuesday today: am clouds. pm thunderstorms. hot & humid. highs: 84-88 winds: se 5 mph tonight: mostly cloudy. isolated t-shower. patchy fog. lows: 67-74 winds: ese 5 mph saturday: partly sunny. hot and humid. pm thunderstorms. highs: 86-90 winds: sse 5-10 mph


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