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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  June 16, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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with details. quick-moving storms or are these going to linger? brian: these are slow-movers. that is the problem. in some places four plus inches of rain in the last couple of hours. it's gray, not so pretty outside. 85 at belle haven. take you outside to show you the radar. we look at the bigger picture, there is a lot of rain heavy south and west. rockingham county, to the suth and the west, flash flood watches and warning for many areas. for us here a fairly calm evening now. but later as you sleep some showers could move in. we will talk about that more coming up. michelle: thank you. now is a good time to download the stormwatch7 app for the tablet or the smart phone to stay a step ahead of the forecast. nancy: in the last 40 minutes, doctors at medstar washington hospital center updates us on congressman steve scalise's condition. the congressman was visited by house speaker paul ryan this morning. richard reeve is live at the hospital. rich, what did the doctors
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richard: right now they are saying that the congressman is improving, but he is still in critical condition at this point. he is now under sedation. he is able to understand when somebody speaks to him. but apparently that is the extent of the situation right now. he first arrived here in critical condition, imminent risk of death was the word used. we have video we can show you of the scene from wednesday at simpson park where all of this unfolded. now they are saying the risk of death is substantially lower. now the congressman was hit in the hip, at the park, that was a single high velocity rifle round. it's called a transpelvic wound. the bullet penetrated the left hip and went to the other side, damaging internal organs, bones and blood vessels. the biggest concern was the loss of blood. you may recall he was lying in the field for several minutes because everyone was pinned down by gunfire from
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gunman james hodgkinson. the bullet and fragmenteds are still inside. they are describing this as hundreds of bullet fragments inside the congressman but they sound optimistic. >> the congressman's status is critical. we are encouraged by improvement in his condition in the last 36 hours. we have controlled the internal bleeding and his vital signs have stabilize. he will require additional operations to manage abdominal injuries and other bone injuries. richard: the bleeding they said was the biggest issue. you just heard the doctor say they believe it's under control. they say possibly at least a couple more weeks in the hospital. by the way, his family send out greetings to the two officers who pinned down and killed that gunman back on wednesday. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. nancy: thank you for the update. we want to take a minute to say thank you t
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our banner over at nats park last night during the congressional baseball game. a lot of people leaving behind well wishes. we will take the sign to capitol hill. jonathan: another story we're following closely. we have new information in the search for the killer or killers who murdered two high school seniors the night before they were to graduate. brad bell has the latest and what clues do investigators have to work with? brad: a couple of big headlines. investigators are telling us they believe that people in the community and perhaps the northwest high school community have information about this crime. police are also telling us this crime was even more brutal than we knew. nearly two weeks have passed since shadi najjar and artem ziberov were murdered the night before their graduation from northwest high school. no arrest has been made. so today, police revealed stunning new information about the crime in hopes that it
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first, they recovered a total of 30 shell casings from the montgomery village crime scene. 30 shots fired from at least two different guns. one victim was hit ten times. the other four. for the first time, police are saying this was not a random crime. >> we do believe that the suspects and the victims knew each other. more importantly we believe there are people out there who have not come forward yet and have not given us information that they know about this case. brad: the police want those people to call in. they say the police are the only ones that can protect those with information from killers as brutal as these. now, when we come back at 5:00, we are going to tell you a little bit more about one of the possibilities as to
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the link may be between the victim and the killers. you are also going to hear some emotional words from one of the victim's fathers. at montgomery county police headquarters, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: developing now, another possible recusal in the investigation in the russian possible interference in the last u.s. election. today they are reporting that rod rosenstein told the associate attorney general privately he may need to recuse himself from that investigation. but it's unclear right now why he would say that. that revelation came just a few hours after president trump somewhat confirmed he is the subject of an investigation in the firing of former f.b.i. director james comey. with this tweet. he tweeted this morning --" "i am being investigated for firing the f.b.i. director by the man who told me to fire the f.b.i. director. witch hunt." he is referring there to rosenstein who wrote a memo
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go. rosenstein also helped select robert mueller as the special counsel investigating the claims. so far mueller hired 13 lawyers for the investigation and is expected to hire more. jonathan: today the president took another step in undoing his predecessor's legacy. if you were thinking of maybe heading to cuba for vacation, think again. melissa dipane now with the live desk to look at how he is rolling back the relations with cuba to make travel difficult. >> a huge uptick in cuba since regulations were loosened by the obama administration. american tourists could file for visas but today trump is limiting the nonacademic educational trip to group travel. individual travel will not be allowed. trump says t
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americans and have cuban people in mind. president trump: effective immediately i am canceling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with cuba. melissa: the changes are not immediate. the treasury and the commerce department will have 90 days to draft a policy. at the live desk, melissa dipane, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. marriott letting you change how you change your travel plans. they are doing away with the 24-hour consolation policy. instead now you need to give the hotel at least 48 hours notice if you plan to cancel a reservation. i applies to hotels in the united states, canada, latin america and the caribbean. michelle: coming up at 4:00 -- angry protesters break out in the wake of the deadly fire in london. find out what the people want. >> although we are pleased with the verdict in reality, there are no winners here today. >> coming
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verdict in the woman who encouraged her boyfriend to kill himself through text messages. nancy: but first, perhaps a new definition for amazon prime. a look at the big merger between the online (woman) when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth. and now with victoza®, a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal.
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arrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. nancy: breaking news. acquittal for minnesota police officer accused of killing a black
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the officer pulled castille over for a broken taillight. in the video by his girlfriend you could hear her and castille telling the officer he was carrying a gun, a fun he had a permit to care. this went viral when it first happened. the officer shots him moments later and the prosecutor argued he overreacted shooting castile. update is an acquittal for the police officer. sign up for breaking news text alerts at jonathan: developing now. no food for you. that is if you are looking to buy groceries a it the target in columbia heights. prince of petworth first reported the store wasn't able to sell anything until later today or tomorrow. we reached out to the d.c. department of health and we found out that the problem was rodents. so the store cannot sell food until they get the issue completely worked out. michelle: a massive merger in the making today. amazon is going to
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foods. sam sweeney looks at what it means for shoppers. sam: good afternoon. samson could be close -- amazon could be closer to the pantry if the buy-out of whole foods goes through. it's a $42 are a share. that is 27% higher than whole foods stock closed yesterday afternoon. this is a big change for whole foods. they have been pushing, investors had been pushing the struggling retailer to sell for quite some time. now it appears that it is going to happen. 430 stores across the country would feel the impact but amazon says it will be bringing the innovation and the technology to the stores. but they haven't given us very much specifics. we can tell you that the c.e.o. will remain the same. whole foods will continue to carry the name and still be based out of austin, texas. not seattle where amazon is based. we caught up with the customers today to see how they feel about the impending change. listen to what they had to say. >> it's great. it's a merger of my two fa
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get your food and i think it's great. >> two big major companies. it is cool. amazon is real progressive and they know what they are doing. it will be cool. sam: as most people know, whole foods and amazon have radically different business models. whole foods prices are higher and amazon known to have the lowest prices so we'll see what happens when the two combine. reporting in northwest washington, you sam sweeney, abc7 news. nancy: big news there. that is a day after jeff bezos turned to twitter for ideas on how to give away his money. he sent this tweet asking for ideas for a philanthropic strategy to help people now. for an urgent need and lasting impact. at last check he had 23,000 responses and 7,000 retweets. jonathan: give away some of his money. not all of it. as with most things, twitter did go crazy with the timing of
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announcement of amazon and whole foods. lindsey mastis has a look with some of the fun going on, online. lindsey: there are jokes. some are mean and some are funny. imagine bezos saying i need a suggestion for money. the crowd says pay your workers more. and bezos heard "buy whole foods." another imaginary conversation. bezos asking amson echo to buy some milk from whole foods but the echo saying, "buying whole foods." a big mistake there. another imagined conversation. this is what i get for $13 billion, jeff bezos says, staring at three bags of groceries on his desk. another person says i too spend $13.7 billion at whole foods. someone else going if i had a nickel for all the whole foods is expensive jokes i have seen today i could probably buy some peanut
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foods. we did the math, no, he still can't buy peanut butter. >> it's called whole paycheck for a reason. they do have a nice hot bar. jonathan: sweetie, go to the whole foods and get me something? come back with whole foods. thank you. talk about what is happening. this is a busy weekend weather wise. brian: it's every afternoon and everything. not all day. there is plenty of time to be outside and time to be good to dad. michelle: looking out for you. brian: we have a threat daily. outside right now the heaviest in the valley. i think slowly overnight it may approach us. we could see heavy rains tonight. head outside and first things first. show you the beach at at rehobeth. it's not the prettiest day at the beach. talk about the beach. if you have plans head to the shore. in the afternoon the temperatures in the 70's. heading to the
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saturday is in the middle 80's. sunday is middle 80's as well. a threat of showers and storms in the afternoon. watching the radar to the west. light rain. if you head out in the valley well south and west, the flood warning and the watches up through a chunk of the area. this is down toward luray, madison county to the south and west. we are watching this closely. we have had flood reports through harrisonburg. there is several inches of rain. the greenish areas meaning they are on guard for flooding. the areas in red, those areas have flooding at this moment. the clouds around here basically held the temperatures back to just below average. 85 is typical for this time of year. we are only at 83. the numbers are below because of the clouds. we will watch showers. this is one model that tries to bring heavier rains after 7:00, 8:00 tonight. there could be pockets of heavier rain after dark if it holds together.
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much at all. tonight, truckaroos at nats park through 11:00. all the fun food trucks are out to enjoy. head over there and know you may have to duck inside briefly. tomorrow looking for something fun to do, invasion of flight happens at the udvar-hazy center. temperatures are in the 80's. there could be storms by the afternoon. once again they will be limited. not everyone will get in the action tomorrow. there will be more hit or miss. again, duck inside briefly and head back out. as far as sunday, father's day. hit-or-miss showers or storms in the afternoon. the best shot for the next couple of days is monday. notice sunday we are at 92 degrees. with the humidity on sunday it will feel like 100. it will be intense. tuesday after a morning shower we dry on out. look at wednesday. the start of summer. summer kicks off wednesday morning. a few showers and then more heat builds in by the latter half of next week. fitting as we start su
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are alive with your weekend kickoff. we'll take a look at some of the events happening this weekend. q: we covered a lot of graduations this season. the group i'm about to introduce you to made history this year at a local high school in southeast. finds out how coming up.
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jonathan: "7 on your side" for health matters. a new study raising concerns about a chemical used to kill mosquito with zika. the chemical has been linked to delayed motor skills in babies. people in south florida protested the use of the chemicals at the time they were using it but the e.p.a. and the c.d.c. weighed in saying it posed no health risks when sprayed in low concentrations. michelle: teenagers are finally getting the message about the dangers of smoking. a new government survey show the number of teens use e greats dropped from -- e-cigarettes dropped to 2.2 million in the first decline since 2011 according to the c.d.c. media campaign and the bush to ban sale of e-cigarettes to minors are credited for the decline. nancy: last fall, a high school made history with every senior sending one application to college.
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now we learn how it worked out. q mccray with the breakdown as we put the "spotlight on education." q: there have been dozens of graduations at ballou high over the years but this one is historic. >> i'm the first to graduate high school and college. >> you are looking at three members of the record-setting 2017 graduating class. for the first time in school's history, 100% of graduating seniors received at least one college acceptance letter. randy got 14. he is on his way to penn state. >> i never seen myself going to a big university. i realized how many opportunities i had, i wanted to push toward toward it. q trayvon is getting a full ride to a college in florida. >> a win-win situation. not only am i going to college but it's in florida. it's like learning in paradise. q: quite a change from southeast washington where the school is located. th
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with crime and poor test scores. the principal changed the culture here. >> to me, this was the dream for them. my entire career has been about giving black children to the next level. q: in march, the staff motivated them all to apply for college. now the graduating rate is also the highest it has been in years at 86%. compared to 57% last year. >> seeing them feel proud and confident that college is for them, it means a lot. >> ballou isn't the same it used to be. ballou is college bound. q: the celebrations here are far from over. an additional 20 students are expected to graduate come august once summer school is over. from ballou high school i'm q mccray, abc7 news. nancy: with a principal like that, it's incredible how much she cares about the students, too. jonathan: anytime you motivate kids to want to aspire to do it and achieve it, may will look back at the
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high school and remember them more than any other teacher they had. nancy: legacy. michelle: it's likely to be a ripple effect. freshmen see the seniors going to college and say i want to do that. jonathan: congratulations. enjoy college life. coming up for us at 4:00, one day after the fiery blimp crash at the u.s. open. more problems at one of golf's biggest tournaments. nancy: when i return for "abc7 news at 5:00", a world leader gets a sudden surprise in the form of a wasp. there it goes. jonathan: ouch! nancy: what did he moments after swallowing it.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: well, we are in travel season with the summer. we are warning you about a potential travel scam. two dozen people thought they paid thousands of dollars to travel abroad only to show up at the airport to find there is no reservation for them or their family. consumer investigator kimberly suiters joins us and that would be the bummer of all bummer. kimberly: can you imagine? some of the 26 people, most living in northern virginia paid $2,000 for each family member in cash for a trip of a lifetime to saudi arabia. this is supposed
4:28 pm
special sacred islamic pilgrimage to mecca. but when they arrived at dulles international airport monday afternoon, some passengers found the airline had no reservation for them. others learn the tickets would only be one way. you paid him $7,376. what did you get? >> nothing. >> we have bad apples in the community. this is a despicable act taking advantage of innocent people. >> this is ridiculous. they cheat people. they got the money. leave the people behind. kimberly: now in a moment you will see a photo of the man they say took their money. you can see he is holding their cash. many in the group of 26 asked "7 on your side" to intervene to try t
4:29 pm
of dollars back. we went to the travel agency office. we went to the home of the man who sold them the travel packages. we will show you everything we found coming up tonight at 6:00. jonathan, michelle, back to you. michelle: thank you. turn now to the weather. we are keeping an eye on the line of storms moving in. brian: this is well down south and west. the folks who live down that way, some places picked up four to six inches of rain this afternoon. michelle: packing lightning? brian: it's pretty well south but will it move eastward? some will come in later tonight. probably not a ton of thunder and lightning but heavy rain could be an issue. turn around, don't drown. that's the mantra. look outside here and i'll show you the big picture. we look closer here, this is the area to the west and southwest that is pummeled with the rain. you can see the red boxes here from luray and paige county. westward, those are the areas that have seen the most rain that are under the gun even for now. some of the waterways are coming out of the banks.
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tributaries. some of the areas could see the flooding for the evening. plus they see rain coming down right now. looking outside tonight. look at this. the temperatures in the 80's. slip to mid-70's by 10:00. 1:00 we are still in the 70's. we will keep the showers and the thunderstorm chances tonight. we will see the rain pushing through. tomorrow, weekend, there is dry time. starting off tomorrow through the morning and the midday. the temperatures warming to the mid-to-upper 80's. humidity returns and some could fire to the afternoon. we'll repeat the process on father's day. it's next week before we will see things calm down next tuesday. definitely going to continue to feel summer like around here with the daily shower storm threat and the humidity, which was low yesterday is going to creep up. by the time we get to sunday it could feel 100 or greater. be prepared. doesn't officially start until next wednesday but it already feels like it's august around here in some spots. michelle: it sure does, brian. thank you. now to new developme
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massachusetts. a woman faces up to 20 years in prison after being found guilty for encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide through text messages. as michelle franzen reports she even continued him to continue when he had second thoughts. >> having reviewed the evidence, and applied the law thereto, now find you guilty on the indictment charges you with the involuntary manslaughter of the person conrad roy iii. reporter: judgment day for michelle carter. a judge finding the 20-year-old guilty of involuntary manslaughter. carter accused of encouraging her boyfriend conrad roy to commit suicide so she could get attention. carter's case was tried in juvenile court because at the time of roy's death she was 17. 18-year-old roy took his life, dying from carbon monoxide poisoning while loxed inside his truck. >> there is one message sent to miss carter. it's a screen shot of a
4:32 pm
reporter: carter sent dozens of text messages to roy telling him things as, "there isn't anyone can do to save you. not even yourself. you have hit that point." but defense lawyers maintain she isn't to blame for roy's death, making the case that roy had long con stem plaited suicide -- contemplated suicide partially because of physical and ver billion abuse from -- verbal abuse from the family. >> he was placed under arrest for assault and battery, domestic. reporter: a forensic investigator took the stand for the defense testifying that roy googled suicide by cop, visited a website to explain easy quick and painless ways to commit suicide and researching which medications would kill him in his sleep. michelle: the jury in the bill cosby case is still deadlocked. cosby's attorneys asked the judge to declare a mistrial. the judge says there is no limit, no time limit for jurors to wor
4:33 pm
resolve the deadlock. the jury asked to review his 2006 testimony about giving quaaludes to women he wanted to have sex with. it also asked the judge to define "reasonable doubt." jonathan: there is new information coming out today as theresa may pledging 5 million pounds to help people displaced by tuesday night's horrific fire in a london apartment building, a high-rise. move came as london's mayor criticized may for ignoring the residents and demanding she announce how she plans to support the community. this morning, hundreds of angry protesters descending on kensington's town hall chanting "we want justice" in what is now a criminal investigation. >> special investigators and the experts have examined what we believe is the original location where the fire started. there is nothing to suggest the fire started deliberat
4:34 pm
and the victims met with those gathering supplies displaced for the fire. there are a lot. 30 people we know are dead. 24 hours still being treated for the injuries. there are a lot more that are still unaccounted for. it's unclear how many bodies could still be in that building. michelle: last night, prince harry visited borough market. it came a day after they opened for the first time since the june 3 terror attack. a sweet from kensington palace said the prince was hoping to support the businesses impacted there. jonathan: the man who are you united germany after the cold war is remembering. he is one of the longest running german chancellors and president clinton called him one of the most important statesmen since world war ii. helmut kohl died today. michelle: over the last week
4:35 pm
cleaned to get rid of the parasites that may have killed 80 ducks in the last three weeks. the reflecting pool should be full and reopened by monday. jonathan: stop for a second and look at the television set. check this out. pictures out of the world. amazing pictures. latest pictures from the juneau spacecraft. look at the color, detail and the contours. the image enhanced a little bit to show the differences in the colors. there are so many colors. gas clouds they surmise from up there. very cool. michelle: impressive to see the detail. >> she might be in a wheelchair or she is not the perfect runner. by golly she is going to be a star. michelle: coming up, the unlikely friendship blooming between these fine feathered friends. jonathan: cute! all right. later, "7 on your side" with a look at whether it is worth to wrap your car so that you don't waste your money
4:36 pm
julie wright with a look at what is coming up monday for "good morning washington." julie: thanks, guys. monday on "good morning washington," one of the busiest metro stations shut down for the final stretch of safetrack. we are live to help you navigate your commute and get you to work on time. and giselle bryant from real housewives of potomac here is here live.
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michelle: one day after the blimp caught fire and crashed at the u.s. open, more bad news. drinking water station is closed after e. coli was found. so far there haven't been reports of anyone getting sick. no e. coli were found at other stations but they are offering bottled water. jonathan: sometimes you just need a buddy to help you get through the rough times. that's what a lucky duck in illinois got. snuggles, born with just one leg making it impossible for him to walk around. the duck was being treated at a rehab center. that is where she met her best buddy buttercup. the pelican. despite the feathery differences, one is a pelican, one a duck, buttedercup makes sure to keep snuggles company. >> he found snuggles and he went over and he is just, he has
4:40 pm
he sleeps by her. he grooms her. he does not stray far from her. jonathan: it's true. birds of a feather flock together. soon the feathered duo they take walks together. the rehab center is getting snuggles a new rechair. raising money for prosthetic leg to walk for the first time. you may think prosthetic leg. now they have the 3d prohibiters and they have done beaks for bald eagles. >> dog legs. jonathan: incredible stuff. not long before snugglals will be up and running around. michelle: i love the story. love to see them bonding. coming up for us at 4:00, something to make your mouth water as we hit your weekend kickoff.
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and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. we are the tv doctors of america. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. learn your key health numbers, and take control today.
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jonathan: jumping jellyfish, batman. the sky in l.a. bathed in the bat signal last night. there it is. tribute to the late actor adam west who played the cape crusader in the original tv show. west died last friday rat the age of 88. well, right now another superhero is dominating the box office. michelle: just about two hours ago television's first "wonder wo
4:44 pm
film version of the amazon princess. stephen tschida was there and joins us live from the library of congress. stephen? stephen: yeah, a big crowd here. some of them dressed as wonder woman. and wonder woman lynda carter showed up and gave her thoughts on the new "wonder woman" movie but had serious things to say about the challenges facing women and girls. [applause] wonder woman. lynda carter spoke to a packed house at the library of congress. >> "wonder woman" has come full circle and she is still so relevant. stephen: her talk coincides with the library of awesome. a comic book display here. >> it's great! stephen: tv's wonder woman offered up her take on the new wonder woman movie raking it in at the box office. >> my heart was pounding. taken up, because the
4:45 pm
of who that charactered is for so many of us and for so long, there is a goodness, there's a heart. stephen: carter spoke about the "wonder woman" comic book, the tv series and the movie. but much of her discussion focused on empowering women and girls. >> she is my idol. i love her. it was really good. stephen: carter did say if there is a good part for her in the next "wonder woman" movie, she'd be willing to appear in it. stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: quite a tease there. that would be fun. jonathan: every guy in this country had a crush on "wonder woman." amazing abilities. that's what it was. michelle: now another celebration of pop culture happening a few miles from the library of congress this weekend. jonathan: kidd o'shea has details on that and other events for the weekend
4:46 pm
kickoff. kidd: all right. geeks rejoice. it's going to be an incredible weekend in the city. it's awesome con this weekend with a wide assortment of comic books, collectibles, toys, games original art and more but the costumes to keep an eye out for. special events are discussion panels, costume contest, trivia contest. gaming tournaments and tons of activities for kids. awesome con takes place at the convention center through sunday. beer, bourbon, barbecue. doesn't that sound incredible? all taking place at national harbor this weekend. you can enjoy unlimited beer and bourbon as you stroll from table to table and tent to tent. i said unlimited beer and bourbon. don't forget to eat and pig out on great barbecue. plus pulled pork. a whole hog. ribs, brisket, sausages and any fixing you could imagine. finally "the sound of music" at the enikennedy cente
4:47 pm
it will have the tony and oscar winning score in the brand new production directed by three-time tony winner jack o'brien. the showtimes are 1:30 and 7:30. whatever you do this weekend, i hope you do something that makes you happy. i kidd o'shea. have a great weekend. jonathan: check in with larry smith at the "live desk" to see what is coming up next at "abc7 news at 5:00". larry: ahead at 5:00, a change just in time for beach season. how maryland is fighting a push to fight women going topless at a local beach. plus, a local police department's warning about toys they fear can get a child killed. what parents need to know when i join you at 5:00. see you in a few. jonathan: thanks. they are calling it black friday in italy. the country's transportation workers now are on strike. it's impacting everything from the country's airlines to bus service. there were long lines for taxis across the country. italian unions often strike on fridays in the summer. so this is not that unusual. michelle: hopef
4:48 pm
this weekend. julie wright is on traffic watch with a look at potential trouble spots. [no audio] jonathan: it always works so much better with sound. we'll get that fixed. you could say it's party time for john fishman, drummer for the band phish. he is going into the government. he won tuesday's election in lincolnville, maine, where he lives with his wife and five children. no word if he is bouncing around the room about the results. michelle: this sunday is father's day. day to celebrate all that dad has done for us. it's also a day of pride for our fathers. and what nay have done for the families and in their lives. this week sharyl attkisson with "full measure" caught up with the first daughter who is proud of her father in chief.
4:49 pm
saudi arabia, muslim country, were you under the impression perception of america was changing around the world and if so, how? >> it was the first time you had 54 muslim and arab leaders come together. and highlight the problem. and agree to work collectively toward a solution. it was a remarkable experience. it was an amazing thing to see. i'm incredibly proud of my father for having been able to accomplish that. michelle: you can see more of sharyl attkisson's interview with ivanka truck at 10:00 -- ivanka trump at 10:00 a.m. on sunday on "full measure." jonathan: turn back to the weather. it could get bumpy. we have issues of flash flooding. michelle: heavy rain. brian: we will jump into that but the trend for the next couple of days is a hotter trend. we talked about today being below average in the low 80's but in the next few days the te
4:50 pm
up. heading to sunday, that is the warmest day out of the next few. if the 92-degree reading may not sound that hot but you when factor in the humidity it's intense. talk about the flooding concerns from fauquier county. friends to virginia you have a watch up. right now, active warnings. the one for paige county, luray, not active anymore. through madison county, this is the periphery to rockingham and shenandoah. they are under the gun now. the heavy rain is staying south. but the models indicate as we continue to go in the evening the heavy rain should slowly start to drift to the east. basically it's been hanging out along an old stationary front hanging out to the west of us along the 81 corridor. as long as it is shifts eastward as it appears some of the rain should move in our neck of the woods. if this continues to hold true later tonight, probably after dark. we will see the showers moving in
4:51 pm
some could be heavy. the heavy downpours are some of the biggest concerns because we have so much moisture. the atmosphere is juiced up. when we see the rains occur. there is a lot of rain to tap into. and the system is not moving that fast so they will sit over the same area and continue to rain down on them. that's why we have flooding concerns. clouds tomorrow waking up on saturday. through the afternoon we are looking at the improving conditions for us by tomorrow afternoon. mid-day or so. we should get the sunshine back. 88 for the day on saturday for the start of the weekend. by sunday, father's day. 92. each and every afternoon there could be a storm or two. but this is not a widespread event. i'm not saying to cancel any plans. you can still have your plans. you may have to duck inside briefly. sunday, the hotter of the two days the rain chances on sunday are slightly less than what we see on saturday. less of a chance. head out, take in the pool. head to the ocean. let dad relax. it's his weekend. a look at the forecast. more coming up in a bit. jonathan: keywords. let dad relax.
4:52 pm
twist to an old scam. "7 on your side" if you decide to wrap the car. michelle: we will get you to the report of the trouble spots this weekend when come back. sign up for traffic text alerts anytime at
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michelle: hopefully it will be smooth-sailing around the area this weekend. julie wright on traffic watch with a look at potential trouble spots. julie: guys, it looks like a busy weekend, especially from metro rail riders as we kick off safetrack surge 16 tomorrow. five-mile stretch of the red line will be shut down between shady grove and twin brook. with the shady grover and twin brook station closed. shady grove and rockwell station will be closed. free shuttle bus is available. you can seize twinbrook, white flint or glenmont or wheaton to start. columbia heights tomorrow, beginning at 6:00 a.m. the road closures along 11 and lamont street is in place until 9:00 tomorrow night. another fan favorite will be the columbia pike blues festival. the walter reed drive. portion blocked off. ninth road and ninth street will be shut down until 9:00 tomorrow evening as well.
4:56 pm
bay bridge and to ocean city, the best time to leave if you didn't hit the roads early this morning before 10:00 a.m., tonight after 10:00 p.m. or tomorrow morning early before 7:00. that is our traffic watch. back to you. nancy: all right. thanks. michelle: imagine earning money by driving the car. not talking about becoming a uber driver but mobile billboards. consumer reporter john matarese has a caution before you sign up so you don't waste your money. johnson: what a great way to earn a few hundred extra dollars this summer. advertising popular sports drinks on the side of the car. wait until you hear what happened to one man who tried to sign up. we have seen the cars wrapped with ads. maybe you spotted one a mini cooper or a van advertising monster or rock star energy drink. he saw an ad pop up an facebook. why not? >> it was an advertisement to advertise energy drink and they would pay $4
4:57 pm
looked good. john: fuller applied. in days he received an envelope saying he had been selected and it came with a check to pay a detailer to place rock star logos all over his honda. >> i would cash the check, take out my first week's payment and pay the detailer the remainder of the check. john: but it's how he wednesday supposed to pay the detailer set off the alarm bells in his head. rather than drive to local detail shop the instructions were bizarre. money gram the rest of the check to the detailer and gave me the address in puerto rico. john: this is another version of the phony check scam according to better business bureau. the big check you get. it's fake and will bounce in a week after you send your money to the bogus detail shop. the b.b.b. says energy drinks don't solicit people with e-mails or facebook ads. they advertise on their own vehicles. not greg fuller's honda. not your
4:58 pm
it's rare for a company to have nonemployees advertise with their logo because there is a risk of speeding or running into other cars. larry: at 5:00, a congressman's battle to recover afternoon an ambush. and new details about the bullet's destructive power. and cust e a retail -- customers lament after grocery buyout. first tonight, sunshine for now but a big change on the way. meteorologist brian van de graaff tracking rain in ther withster. brian: we are watching this. this is heavy to the friends south and west through southern portion of the shenandoah valley and central virginia. let's talk about what is happening outside. the temperatures did not climb too high. 84 is the highest today. average is
4:59 pm
but with the humidity you can feel it right now. to the west of loudoun county, northern fauquier county. a couple of light sprinkles and heavier showers to west virginia. south and west of charlottesville, they have had flooding concerns because they have seen the heavy rain. we are watching as this shifts eastward and some should move in later tonight. we could get the heavier pocket of rain. maybe rumble of thunder. in the weekend we will repeat the progress and we talk about that and look ahead to father's day coming up. nancy: thank you. doctor, expressing optimism that steve scalise will recover after being shot in the hip while members of congress were practicing at the baseball field in alexandria off. this as the f.b.i. reveals new information on the weapons used. richard reeve joining us live from washington medstar hospital where doctors spoke an hour ago. rich? richard: that is right. we will talk about the congressman's condition in a mont
5:00 pm
the images. we got them from the f.b.i. just minutes ago. now these are the kind of weapons that were used by the gunman james hodgkinson. one is a .9-millimeter handgun and the other is 7.62-caliber rifle. they were purchased legally with a federal permit. they have forensic evidence to connect the weapons with the gunman. back live we just finished a briefing about an hour ago with the hospital officials. they do say that the congressman stap us the has improved. he is still in critical condition. but in better shape. improving but in critical condition. he is under sedation and he is able to understand when people speak to him. he arrived at the hospital in critical condition with imminent risk of death is how the doctors described it. go to the scene in alexandria, back on wednesday. a very difficult day at simpson park in del ray.


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