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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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destroyera u.s. navy and a crash, sailors missing. over $7,000, and what does you get? >> nothing. nancy: the man who left dozens high and dry. jonathan: and a happy ending for this tubbt tabby.
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a second chance, next. nancy: breaking in st. paul minnesota, a major protest after a police officer was cleared following a controversial shooting, the aftermath caught on facebook. this is a live picture. we will take you there in a moment. jonathan: we start off on storm watch because parts of the area are getting storms with a chance of rain continuing into tomorrow and sunday. nancy: meteorologist brian van de graaff is here. brian: the storms are isolated, so there will be dry hours. outside right now come across the area, showers pushing through right now. live doppler showing showers right now through central virginia come heavier showers on the east side. through the evening, the showers continue to dissipate. we are in the mid-70's, not dropping much.
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day, afternoon shower and storm chances. thanks very much, brian. the breaking news from st. paul, minnesota, were a massive group of protesters are walking through the streets after it officer was acquitted in the shooting death of a man whose girlfriend was streaming live on facebook at the time the officer was questioning her boyfriend and then opened fire. these are live pictures from st. paul. the officer was cleared of manslaughter just today after charges in the death of castille, who was shot and killed in the traffic stop july 6 of last year. opened fire moments after castille told the officer he was carrying a gun, he was a licensed gun owner who had every right to carry that gun. all of this was on facebook live coming shortly after, the governor of minnesota got
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television airwaves and apologized for the actions of that officer. after the acquittal today, protesters have been gathering. these are live pictures from st. paul, minnesota, the crowds growing as the hours go by. we will keep watching this. if anything changes, we will get back to it. japan,off the coast of seven crewmembers may be missing after a u.s. navy destroyer collided with a merchant ship. michelle marsh has been monitoring the story. michelle: i want to show you this map, which highlights the area we are talking about. it happened off the coast of japan, the approximate collision site right here. the u.s. navy is working with japan to medevac at least two injured sailors from the uss fitzgerald that began taking on water after colliding with a philippine merchant ship hours ago. the ship is not in danger of sinking at the moment, but a military expert is concer
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the ship clearly in danger, taking on water, low on the water line. vessels: other navy around the way. jonathan: there is good news tonight about the condition of's diva skelly's -- of steve scalise, the congressman who was critically shot wednesday. doctors late this afternoon said they are optimistic. >> the congressman status remains critical. we are encouraged by improvement in his condition the past 36 hours. we have control the internal bleeding and his vital signs have stabilized. jonathan: those are all good things. doctors say that scalise will need more surgeries to repair damage to his abdomen. the update as the f dei is releasing new information about the gun used in the ambush. one was a nine millimeter handgun, the
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caliber sks rifle, both purchased legally. also from the fbi, they hope to as earlyhe ball field as monday to the city of alexandria. special ceremony is scheduled monday evening. policecy: montgomery county looking for the people responsible for firing dozens of shots into a car, killing two teenagers the night before graduation in montgomery village two weeks ago. the night, friends and loved ones gathered to pay tribute to their lives as investigators raise new information about the crime. tom: on a friday night, hundreds came to a northwest high vigil and shadiziberov najjar. earlier we spoke with the
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pictures and awards that the university of maryland eagle scout had won. >> it is tragic and hard to believe. tom: they will fly his remains to russia for burial. >> tonight new information. policentgomery county say that 30 shots were fired, nearly half striking the sat inrs as in they the car. at least two guns were fired and the police believe the teenagers knew the shooters. william is concerned with the reports that one of the teenagers owed money and someone he had come to his house days before the shooting looking to collect. >> that was not here, that was not me. tom: he echoed calls by the police for people to come forward. >> anyone that is hurt after this
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shoulders if they don't come forward. tom: the vigil tonight lasted about two hours. montgomery county police really believe there are folks in the community who have information who have not come forward and remind everyone reward is up to 20,000 dollars. jonathan: jurors in the bill cosby case will not get the weekend off. after another day of deliberations, the jury announced it is still at a standstill. the judge sent them home just after 9:00 telling them to come back tomorrow morning. now spent more than 50 hours deliberating. cosby is facing charges that he drugged and assaulted a woman in 2004. nancy: a massachusetts judge found a woman guilty of manslaughter. carter sent text messages to her boyfriend encoag
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carbon monoxide poisoning. the prosecution said that carter instructed him to stay of the truck even though he said he did not want to die. carter faces 20 years in prison. new information about the death of actress carrie fisher. the corners said she died from accommodation of factors after suffering a medical emergency on a flight. jonathan: russia is claiming it has killed the founder of oasis -- of isis. they say that he was killed in an air strike in syria last month. however, the u.s. military is urging caution over the reports. that several similar reports turned out to be false and they have seen nothing to indicate this one is true. nancy: the white house is not confirming president trump is under federal investigation, but earlier today the president took to twitter saying
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investigated for firing the fbi director by the man who told me to fire the fbi director. to deputy reference attorney general rod rosenstein, raising concerns about that-fbi director james comey. rosenstein later appointed robert mueller as the special prosecutor to investigate possible russian meddling in the elections. jonathan: nearly two dozen people thought they paid thousands in cash to travel to saudi arabia. when they went to the airport this week, no reservations. the trip was supposed to be part of a secret islamic pilgrimage islamic -- sacred pilgrimage to mecca. >> this is a very despicable act, taking advantage of innocent people. jonathan: this is a picture of the man who took the money. we knocked on his door. a family member said he was not front to scam anyone and he was not home. he himself was in saudi arabia. nancy:
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celebrating an amazing accomplishment by high school seniors. for the first time in school history, every signal graduating senior received at least one college acceptance letter at this high school at ballou. >> my entire career was about getting my children to the next level. nancy: that was the school principal, credited with changing the culture at ballou. another recent to celebrate, the graduation rate is the highest it has been in years, now 86%, compared with 57% just last year. congratulations to a wonderful group of students. jonathan: enjoy college. that is a bigot, placement. simba the cat -- that is an accomplishment. simba the cat now has a new home. nancy: he weighs 35 pounds.
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home. jonathan: and now he has found both. since the humane rescue alliance posted this video on youtube earth day, they received more than 10,000 views. it shows the six-year-old five pound cat trying to burn calories. the cat was sent to the shelter after his owner went to a retirement home. his name is simba, a fitting name considering his size. >> i've never seen a cap this big. i saw him and decided we would get him. anna-lysa: she and her fiancé are now the proud new parents. but already have two cats, decided to expand the family. they plan to help symbol on his weight-loss journey. >> the first order of business is to get to a vet because they have been feeding him some weight
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will need some advice. anna-lysa: with all his new followers on social media, they plan to share up dates as simply enjoys his new forever home. >> i might start a facebook page for him and post pictures once in a while so people can see what kind of exercise he is doing. anna-lysa: anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. nancy: glad to see it worked out. a church devastated by hate-fueled vandalism. >> shocked and mortified. jonathan: and it was not the first time. the story, next. and an unexpected snack. jonathan: also monitoring the situation in st. paul, minnesota, a huge crowd of protesters gathering following the acquittal of a police officer after a traffic stop in it with the shooting
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black motorist.
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we told you about the church in annandale targeted by vandalism, but what you probably did not know what is it was not the first encounter with rage-phil hate. jay korff reports. alison: spray-painted words and symbols of hate at a christian church. >> it is hard to describe. when a vandal hit little river united church with vile messages, little did we know this remarkable back story. >> i was shocked and mortified about what happened, worried about how to minister to the church and community. i also was not surprised because we had been through this before. jay: every time pastor dave once he travels, he is reminded of a haunting past.
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slaves once worked this land for the gooding family. their burial plot is only a stone's throw from where the church is today, it is believed some of those slaves are buried nearby. nearly 100 years later, the church originally called the congregational christian church broke ground. some may wonder why this church was built so far back in the woods. the pastor said realtors refused to sell the church founders land along busy little river turnpike because the congregation was progressive. >> nobody wanted to see us in those days. jay: they faced threats for being among the first integrated churches in northern virginia, performing racial and same-sex marriages before they were illegal, and now they probably fight for social justice. >> i felt i was welcomed. jay: 94-year-old
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believes that she and her husband were the first african-american members who joined in 1964. they faced rampant discrimination when they moved to the area. he will go into real estate himself and build his own house. only did he build his own home, he built the entire subdivision. he passed away several years ago, but his legacy remains along the intersection near the schreiber home in alexandria. >> the police made an arrest in connection with vandalism. jay: while the police believe the hate crime culprit has been arrested and the graffiti cleanup, those who worship here know that after all they have been through it is a work in progress. >> we have more to work on,
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this is still going on. korff.y jonathan: amazon is buying whole foods for a whopping $ 13.7 billion. the whole foods stores will stay open and jobs will not be cut. the question is how the online giant will use their new toy and incorporated into amazon. brian: outside right now, across june has had the second longest stretch after 15 dry days, ending this evening picking up .01 inches of rain. in may we had 5.5 inches, so we are only a little behind. tonight, a few showers lingering and rumbles of thunder to the west, 66 towards manassas and beyond. overnight, showers and storms taper off
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not drop much, low 70's this evening. patchy fog possibly developing towards dawn. tomorrow, innovations in flight will have a big display of airplanes at the air and space museum near dallas. it runs from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. at 1:30, a stealth bomber will do a flyover. pretty cool stuff. sunday with dad, brunch at the baseline. the nationals are facing the mets in new york, but you can have brunch at the outfield and -- brunch at the park and watch on the big screen. saturday will be in the upper 80's, feeling like mid 90's. isday could feel less warm 100 degrees. both days feature a chance of showers and storms, not widespread, but a chance each and every afternoon. 10-day outlook, the best chance of showers and storms pops up
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cold front comes through that will erase the humidity 10 tuesday -- tuesday and wednesday. the official start of summer is wednesday. the latter half of the week, the temperature start to come back into the weekend. jonathan: here is video that you need to see to believe. the costa rica and president was talking to reporters when suddenly -- look closely -- a wasp flew in. sucks it in, does not even get bit, right from the mouth to the stomach. nancy: we zoomed in and slowed it down so you can take a big, long look. , thend, i ate the wasp took a drink of water. i guess all's well that ends well. weekend, it is all about an event. jonathan:
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jonathan: comic book fans, you are in luck. all weekend, there is awesome con, d.c.'s version of comic con. >> i personally like seeing all the different costumes. you don't really get a lot of opportunity to do that outside of the show. you could to see a lot of great people. >> i got her autograph. she touched my soul. jonathan: she will never disinfect that phone again. awesome con runs through sunday. scott: love the excitement. another night on the diamond for the nationals looking for another win against the mets.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. scott: the washington nationals have not exactly been playing their best baseball of late. last night just their second win in seven games. aat said, the nats still have 9.5 game lead in the national league east. scherzer on the hill, serving up another terrific performance, eight
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one run ball with 10 strikeouts. that is 50 straight games that he has reached double digits. anthony rendon drove in three, two in the sixth on his 12 home run of the season. nats win 7-2. the twins were partying like it was 1999, prince night at the ballpark. the team honored the minneapolis native, sporting purple batting practice jerseys and giving away 10,000 free purple rain number of us. bit ofonsin, there is a a crowd of the top of the leaderboard, four players tied at seven under par. the first round leader rickie fowler, one over today, but still in the hunt. long birdie on number seven, chirp-chirp
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of the leaders. and don't forget that you can watch d.c. united take on toronto tomorrow night on news channel 8. coverage
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y2e46y y5yy jonathan: that is interstate 94 in st. paul, minnesota, as many as 2000 protesters blocking the interstate, very upset about the acquittal of a police officer earlier this afternoon to do it shot a black motorist that he had pulled over for a broken tail light. the officer was acquitted this afternoon and there has been outrage outside of the courtroom from the victim's mother and purchasers began to gather and the numbers continue to grow, thousands blocking interstate 94. we will let you know if there any changes. nancy: that is the newscast tonight. iq for joining us. jonathan: have a good weekend.
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