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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> abc 7 news at 11:00 starts with breaking news. kimberly: breaking news in the case of two montgomery county teenagers murdered hours before their high school graduation. three people have been arrested in connection with the shooting death of shadi najjar abnd artem ziberov. the police gav
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reporter kevin lewis for the details. this is a story we have been following closely, and there must be some relief for the families there are rest in this case? after absolutely, 12 days the murders took place, major crime detectives with a major break in the case, the arrest of three individuals, all montgomery county residents. they include 19-year-old roger garcia of germantown, ofyear-old erin edgar garcia gaithersburg, and jose canales-yanez, all three facing charges of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. during thesay wintertime, one of the murder victims in this case, 17-year-old shadi najjar, reportedly robbed the 25-year-old suspect's
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of her ipad, and the three men arrested today conspired to murder shadi najjar in an attempt of revenge. what is not clear is the 18-year-old student also killed in this, artem ziberov, if you targetintended car are caught in the crossfire. dozens of shell casings were recovered at the scene. at one of the homes of the suspect today, ammunition that match the evidence at the murder scene in montgomery village. here now the police chief. >> a number of leads were developed over the last couple weeks. gainre starting to i think some
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that looked promising. but it was information that we learn from the community that helped us get to the point where we were able to make an arrest in these cases. we think there is more information the community has that can move us even further along with this case. earlier today, we stopped by the homes of roger and edgar garcia, one lives in gaithersburg, the other in germantown, and we spoke with family members at both homes. what do you have to say about the arrest of edgar? >> i don't to talk about it. kevin: how come? the community is very interested in this case, very concerned. >> i'm sorry. kevin: can we talk outside?
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garcia. they say that he lived here. how do you know him? did you know anything about the murders? chief not telling us if these three better suspects had any ms-13 or other gang connections. they also would not say if any of the three suspects are in the country illegally. reporters asked if the weapons had been recovered and if any of these suspects had revealed anything to the police, made any confessions. those are unanswered questions at this hour, but the silver lining is the police believe they have the three suspects who committed this double homicide that has had the entire county and the d.c. metro area pretty shaken. live at police headquarterin
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news. kimberly: hard to believe it was all over a stolen ipad. kevin lewis, thank you for the update. we have sad news to report from japan, a number of u.s. sailors originally believed missing after the destroyer fitzgerald collided with container ship are reported to be dead. the pentagon said the bodies were found in the flooded sleeping compartments when the ship docked and the water was pumped out. search-and-rescue operations are ongoing for any sailors who may still be missing. the container ship made a sudden u-turn before hitting the fitzgerald. back to montgomery county for another developing story -- the search is on for a missing teenager that has just come to a tragic end. they spent all evening searching a lake in gaithersburg. about an hour ago they recovered the boy's body. q mccray is live with what we know. it has been a tragedy for this family.
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q: i did, kim. the boy's mom made her way past us several times this evening, and it was heartbreaking, the devastation as she walked across the street from where her son was found. me,police cruiser behind this is maple lake park. youave some video to show , this boy's body recovered. just a sad story all around, kim. we know he was first reported missing friday afternoon, but his belongings were found this morning at maple lake park on washington road.
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backpack and clothing by the dock of the lake, that is when they rushed in with search and rescue, boats , divers, a cadaver dog, and sonar. when it comes to maple lake park , it is private property. i spoke with a neighbor who tells me only residents from the town are allowed access to the park and lake. there is a special code to use to get into the park. the boy's body who was found tonight was not a resident. >> it is private property and not open to public use. it's unfortunate he may have come in here. the community started out as a summer camp in 1873, and we are 200 acres, and half of that is forest. q: right
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the missing persons notice montgomery county police sent out yesterday with a picture of the boy. it is believed they found him a short time ago. he recently graduated from gaithersburg middle school. live from washington grove, q mccray. kimberly: heartbreaking. new information and good news about congressman steve scalise. doctors say that his condition is improving. he is now listed in serious condition, which is not great from critical. his family sent day tweet, saying the congressman was watching the lsu baseball game and rooting for the tigers. today, the police took down the crime scene tape at the park in alexandria where scalise and four others were shot wednesday. the roads are back open, and although windows are boarded up at the ymca, it is open as well. the se
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>> it has been very painful for to see the constant reminder of what took place. kimberly: a lobbyist also injured in the shooting, matt ka, is still hospitalized. he underwent another surgery and is expected to be in the icu through the weekend but is expected to make a full recovery. pretty miraculous when you consider what happened. count on abc seven to stay with this investigation every step of the way. we'll bring you new developments on air and online at turning now to the forecast, some areas saw rain tonight, but for the most part you to full. what is father's day going to look like? let's head to stormwatch 7 meteorologist josh knight. ? is the golf games still on josh: the golf game will be hot and
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many places will deal with rain until later in the day. a nice afternoon and evening. this time lapse from the national harbor, nice sunset, the temperatures not dropping too much even as the sun sets. still close to 80 degrees. we are talking about cloud cover, but in general dry weather overnight. i don't think we will be dealing with any more rain until we get into tomorrow, late afternoon and evening. there is one shower hanging further to the west of winchester, but that is moving out as well. tomorrow, 9 a.m., almost 80 degrees. 92 the high. as we get into the afternoon, that is when we are most likely to get thunderstorms. the humidity is still here tomorrow, so the feels like index,tures, the heat some of us could be looking at triple digits, 100 frederick, leesburg, quantico, d.
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c. about 98. chances of thunderstorms monday, some of them severe. we will break it down and futurecast coming up. kimberly: wow, 100 degrees, thank you. foundnight, another noose in the d.c. area, this time in northwest near the national gallery of art. this was spotted hanging from a lamppost at third and pennsylvania avenues this afternoon. it was taken down. the park police are investigating again. the show finished early for hundreds of moviegoers and montgomery county tonight, smoke and a mysterious odor forced the closure of the regal cinema rockville. no reports of injuries tonight. still ahead, the final safetrack surge is underway. what you need to know for your commute, and what comes next once the work wraps up.
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in the skies near dulles today.
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kimberly: returning to the breaking news from montgomery county, three people under arrest, charged in the murders of two teenager shot and killed the night before they were set to graduate high school. three suspects are all facing first-degree murder charges. it was almost two weeks ago that shadi najjarand artem ziberov were found shot and killed in a car. thatwere the teenagers dozens of shots were fired at, and the police say the death appears to be retaliation for a robbery committed against the girlfriend of one of the suspects, i robbery of a stolen ipad. the prosecutor in the bill cosby sexual assault trial says the comedian will be tried again for sure. today the judge in the case declared a mistrial after jurors were not able to prod
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deliberations. outside the courthouse, the legal team was defy at, reading a statement from cosby's wife. >> how do i describe the judge? overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorney. how do i describe the counsel for the accuser? totally unethical. >> we will evaluate and review our case. we will also take a hard look at everything involved, and then we will retry it. as i said in court, our plan is to move this case forward as soon as possible. kimberly: this is not over by any means. prosecutors are preparing a new case. cosby also has to contend with 10 civil suits brought by women who have accused cosby of sexual assault and say he defamed them. he has denied all the accusations. covering metro, the 16th and fil
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red line riders will be impacted this next week. there is no train service at shady grove or rockville stations. buses will be provided. if you can, metro says to avoid the area. those changes will be in effect until next sunday, the 25th. ofle that is the end safetrack, it marks the beginning of new service hours one step, so stay ahead by signing up for metro alerts at sight, josh,a cool a rare sight in the skies over dulles international airport. it looks like darth vader would be piloting that. those who saw this was a sleek flyover by the b-2 stealth bomber. days part of flight family at the bar heisey -- at
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and space museum at dulles. josh: no wonder it escapes radar and everything else. pretty cool. a nice day for something like that today. tomorrow, just take today and add about eight degrees. it will be a pretty hot afternoon. right now, still almost 80 degrees across the area. the dew point is the most important number. that is how we are able to figure out just how muggy it feels. today it was in the 70's. that is how will be tomorrow and monday. the dew point meter puts us into category, almost more of a tropical feel. oppressive humidity tomorrow, and tack on a few extra degrees, that is how we end up feeling like triple digits. for a lot of us it will be dry. just afternoon, rain close to i-81,
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but a lot of the day is dry. the best chance of rain is later. 4:30 sunday, closer to dinnertime, 6 p.m., showers fire up. if these pop up, they should not last too long. the one thing you have to watch tomorrow is they could dump a lot of rain quickly before they move on. in general, not a bad day, just hot. monday, a cold front coming through, providing extra lift in the atmosphere. as we get to about lunchtime, already starting to pop up strong thunderstorms, especially close to hagerstown and winchester. around 4 p.m., that is pushing across interstate 95. into the evening, we are still dealing with strong storms and potentially severe weather. sunday is the hot day, monday is the day with a bad weather. tomorrow, just know that it gets warm very quickly. 11:00 a.m., close
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the 5k run with dad at southlake high school, anything early with dad, just keep in mind it will be hot fast. spotty thunderstorms, about 92 at at 5 p.m., but the heat index close to triple digits. monday, watching again for the thunderstorms later. the storm production since -- reduction center has us in the middle of a severe risk. most likely heavy rain, gusty wind, and a chance of flooding. we have a weather alert day on monday. the middle of the week, nicer weather takes over, and a few
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foa side effect ofuffer frtheir medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: washington trying to go up 3-0 in their four-game series against the mets
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strokes when down the right-field line. anthony rendon his horse, trying to score from first. he is safe. nats up 3-0. top of the eighth, adam lind versus one deep into right, upper deck. nats win 7-4. united -- excuse me, the u.s. open, golf -- no, d.c. united on the road. 60th minute, still no score. the pass ahead, he shoots and scores, 1-0 toronto fc. they add another goal late, 2-0. women's soccer, the spirit on the road facing the red stars. the pass, she gathers, finds the back of the net.
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minute to tie it and the game would end in a 1-1 tie. a big weekend of tennis in the district. wildcard qualifying at the citi open. men's and of the women's competitions will each receive a wild card the qualifying rounds of the tournament. incoming navy's sophomore kaylah hodge competing in her first citi open wildcard tournament. she is been pulling since she was 4. every time she goes on the court, she picks about her father, who passed away when she was just 11. she is always trying to make data proud. >> i was the youngest in my family, but i put them on my back with tennis and the opportunities that it came with. it kind of put a fire to my flame and pushed me and continues to push me. robert: a deal
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the sixers to trade their number three pick to the celtics for the first pick in the draft. coming up, not your average rubber ducky.
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kimberly: the maryland zoo, baltimore zoo welcoming a new giraffe born thursday. they hope to come up with a name for the six foot tall calf, but for now mom and baby are bonding in the giraffe house. here is a story sure to "quack" yopu up. that is the world's largest rubber duck. it looks like a lego -- robert: it is big. kimberly: the so-called mama s 15 tons and is six stories high. robert: are we going to sing it? kimberly: maybe at the very end of the show for the people who love us. robert: if you want to see it,
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