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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  June 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kimberly: straight ahead, a teenage girl attacked with her friends before their ramadan fast. and a body pulled from a nearby pond. the police have charged a man with murder. and happening now in london, a van driver runs down worshipers outside of a mosque. we are tracking breaking
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as the investigation stretches into a fourth hour. the nationalert at mall a massive tree snaps and falls at a popular memorial. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. kimberly: good evening and thank you for joining us. 'm kimberly suiters. the teenaged girl was attacked and then went missing on her outing with friends in herndon. hours later, fairfax county police found a body in a nearby pond, then made an arrest and charged a man with murder. melissa has been following this story and is live in sterling with the very latest developments. heartbreaking and senseless, melissa. melissa: it is just terrible. the police say the girls body was found in the pond behind us.
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center not far from here, praying for ramadan, and they stopped to get a bite to eat, and sadly she did not return. >> she was humble, very nice. i'm very sad. grief gripdness and people who knew the girl. she and friends had left the center after a late-night ramadan center for a late-night meal at mcdonald's before their fast. >> the investigators told the father and the mother he hit her on the head and then put her in the car. shortly after the incident, the police noticed a car driving suspiciously and began a traffic stop stop darwin martinez-torres was taken into custody as a suspect and later charged with murder. >> they are very upset.
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she is remembered as a devout muslim and good person. >> she came here for the month of ramadan. the police say this has religious implications, but will not say if that is part of the investigation. the medical examiner's office will confirm the identity and the cause of death. less than an hour ago, a statement from your genia attorney general -- from the virginia attorney general who said the community always welcomed him. we all have to do the best we can to surround them with love and support that they have always shown each of us. news into breaking london, a van crashed into a group of pedestrians on the streets outside of a mosque.
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police have only called an incident so far, being careful with their words. q: that they are ,kim. the latest is it was a van that crowd -- plowed into the crowd. drivershipers held the until officers arrived come in a seen it really similar to the london bridge incident. according to the police, worshipers were leaving the mosque at midnight ramadan prayers, so there were dozens of people in the block and on the area at the time of the incident. some of the pictures we are getting into the newsroom show a number of people on the ground. just tragic scenes all around. at least a dozen police cars have been sent to the area with armed officers on the scene as well. the police will not say how many casualties there are, only that people did in
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they have confirmed they have one person in custody. we also have live pictures to show you from london. the big question remains right now, as hundreds of people are on the streets looking for answers, they want to know if this was an act of terrorism or not. the investigation continues. we will let you know what we find out, but this all happened about four hours ago, so this is still a developing news story. we will keep you posted with the details as they come into the newsroom. that's the latest from the live desk. q mccray. kim, back to you. kimberly: authorities in the african nation of molly are searching for gunmen in a resort. urists died in the seas. counterterrorism forces killed several terrorists.
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also injured and taken to the hospital in mali. get notified of breaking news on your phone by subscribing for breaking news text alerts at take a look at this huge tree that snapped in phil, feet from where visitors were at the world war ii memorial on the national mall. there were reports him but he was trapped in the tree, but turned out not to be true. the soaking rains i think have loosened the soil come a lot of large rains falling. let's turn now to meteorologist josh knight. the rain could be on the way? josh: quite a bit of it. not going to rain all day tomorrow, but we have the weather alert in effect tomorrow thanks to the line of thunderstorms that are developing into the afternoon and evening. a really nice day around the d.c. area, but now we are getting
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the next thing we need is this cold front to come through, providing the lift to get the thunderstorms going tomorrow. tomorrow morning, it is already very warm and muggy. at0 a.m., 80 degrees, 86 noon, dry at lunchtime. about 2 p.m., rain and thunderstorms develop in the shenandoah valley and march into the area, later around the d.c. area. one thing i want to point out is the enhanced risk of the storm protection center. montgomery county, rinse william, d.c., to the bay, we are in the middle category. i will talk about a specific threat and the timing coming up. kimberly: if you're headed to the pool or beach, keep track of the rain and storms with the stormwatch 7 app, available for download. new information from the pentagon, the navy has released the names of the seven sailors who were kle
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the coast of japan. among those killed, a 24-year-old specialist first class xavier norton of baltimore. officer say the navy sailors were found in two flooded sleeping compartments. the fitzgerald will be repaired, a process that will take months if not longer. in montgomery county, a painful father's day as two families are grieving the loss is of their teenage son night before graduation. the police have announced the arrests of three men last night, and they revealed the motive was likely revenge. investigators say it was rumored one of the boys committed a drug related robbery install an ipad from one of the suspects. they were then lured to their deaths when
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thehis parents did not buy accusations that he stole anything or was involved in any crime. >> i know he would never do any such thing. >> it is part of a larger network. all three suspects are due in court tomorrow for a bill review hearing. the victim's father says he has no mercy and plans to see this case through to the end. help. up, a call for portugal's government pleas for firefighting aid from the european neighbors. and how one florida homeowner sensei -- sends a group of masked and armed men running. how thingser's day, have changed over the years, and
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kimberly: a u.s. war planes shot down a syrian air force jet in response to raise your response
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-- in response to an attack by syrian forces on rebels backed by the u.s. lesn launched several missi against isis in syria come in retaliation for the june attacks in tehran that killed 16 people. a major natural disaster. this is in portugal. more than 60 people have died, dozens injured while wildfires are raging out of control. richard cantu reports, portugal's government has sent an sos across europe, pleading for help to fight the flames. richard: all through the night, the deadly force to fires outpacing more than a dozen firefighters, struggling desperately to contain them. the flames whipped up fierce winds. i saw the wind. it look like
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fireworks. i told my husband this is the end of the world, and it was for dozens who thought they could out run the blaze. route, thisn escape became a highway to hell, residents trapped. >> very quickly, the wind was just with thing. richard: more than 60 killed so far. some drove into a death trap. at least 30 bodies were found inside of the burned-out shells of cars. the result, anguish. [shouting] richard:: and officials expect the death toll to climb. responders,first thick clouds of smoke and he is reducing visibility to near zero. reinforcements are on the way, portugal's biggest tragedy in decades. the fire caused by a severe heat wave, low humidity, and lightning.
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the government has declared three days of mourning. kimberly: staying in europe, our first real look inside of the chart out shell of the tower in london. at least58 people are confirmed or presumed dead from last week's inferno. families who lost their homes will receive an initial payment of $7,000 from the government. investigators are still looking for the remains in the 24 story apartment building. two people in critical condition after a deck collapsed in montana. this is the time of year when it happens. this 10 foot high deck gave way during a memorial service at a lodge near glacier national park. 50 people were injured. investigators say it is too early to know if a collapsed because of weight, age, or a combination of reasons. the reflecting
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at the lincoln memorial should be full tomorrow. d filling ite this weekend. it was cleaned after a parasite killed a large number of ducklings, 80 of them. the national park service as they will continue to monitor the water quality. must-see video, florida homeowners fighting off mask dan armed thieves. one man runs off camera as a thief targets the other guy. the man in the blue shirt returns armed with a machete, enough to eventually send the thieves running. josh: wow. kimberly: ok. josh: yeah. kimberly: like a movie or something. so much violence, it is tough to take. let's switch to the weather. for father's day, pretty nice, warm and windy. josh: and the wind is still going. because it is out of the south, we continue to pump in warm
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thunderstorms. the wind coming out of the south, some places more than 15 miles per hour. that keeps the heat and humidity in place, and that charges up the atmosphere for tomorrow. back is ready for the cold front. when those three come together, that is when we have the best chances of thunderstorms and severe storms. 84 degrees at reagan national currently, but because it is so humid, dew point in the mid-70's, it feels more like 91. some areas still feel like mid 90's. tomorrow, this area of low pressure continues off to the northeast, but behind it it drags in the cold front, providing the extra lift. the last few days we have had a lot of energy wrapped up in the skies. there has not been anything to spark it to get things going. that is exactly what the cold front will do tomorrow, which is why we have the good chance of heavy downpours and thunderstorman
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isolated thunderstorm closer to the shenandoah valley. that is about it. humid, breezy, and the temperatures do not drop much, low to mid 70's in most places. dryrrow morning, 7:00 a.m., , not a lot going on. this is really going to be contained to the late afternoon and early evening, the rain. starts earlier further to the 2 p.m., 3 p.m. firing up in the shenandoah valley. 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. the eastern side of the blue ridge, loudoun county, towards frederick. ioser to about 6 p.m. is when think the line is really going to be moving across 95. the problem is it is right around commute time, more than likely a slow go tomorrow. heavy rain sticks around a bit longer in southern maryland. ultimately pushes further to the east. behind the front
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finally get a break from the humidity. tuesday, not much going on on futurecast, a decent amount of sunshine, mid to upper 80's. but it is not going to be nearly as muggy. what we are starting tomorrow, once again, not all day, really late in the day, but a good chance of heavy rain. moves through quickly, but some places could easily pick up more than an inch. if it happens too fast, that is when we deal with flash flooding, and gusty wind wrapped up in the storm. most likely timeframe is 2 p.m. until 8 p.m., d.c. area is more like 4 p.m. as we get towards the drive home, that is when the rain is moving in. quite a bit of thunder and lightning. download the stormwatch 7 app, which is free, tracking the storms. the good news, tuesday and wednesday, finally the humidity is more comfortable.
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day come in the 80's with the lower humidity. warming up thursday, back into the 90's. with that, the humidity comes back. the next best chance of thunderstorms will be at the end of the week, friday. robert: the mystics going for seven wins in eight games, and
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: nats had a chance to sweep the mets today. sac fly in the first. then a grounder to first. ryan zimmerman saves two runs, steps on the bag, but revenge of the forthcoming game tied at 1-1. left center, lucas duda
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the tag, mets up 2-1. bottom six, 3-1, but open for no -- michael conforto scores. mets wins 5-1. mystics, the sweep crossover, the reverse layup. the mystics led at the break. less than 30 seconds to go, 85-83, christy tolliver with the quick three, no good. dallas wuns, 87-83. and tonight, abc 7 "sports sunday" is at 11:35. wtop's dave preston joins me in studio to talk about the redskins. tune in. the second tournament victory for the champion
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kimberly: we want to wish you a happy father's day, a new denser takingates a more active role in raising kids. moms and dads essentially worked equal hours would comes to chores and childcare hours.
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putting more time into their families than ever before. a sweett lady tweeted message to the president, happy father's day. tweeted a happy father's day to his dad, and his kids saying one of the greatest blessings. and michelle obama sent a message to her husband. daughters may be older and hollered out, but they will always be
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grabbed the checkered flag at the box office this weekend. it is the lowest opening in the movie franchise, but still outmuscled "wonder woman," which fell to number two with nearly $41 million in ticket sales. "wonder woman" spent two weeks at the top of the box office. did you see it? robert: i did not. kimberly: my mom said i cannot see it without her. everybody wants to go by the thunderstorms. josh: most of us will be waiting until closer to 4:00 around d.c. the temperatures will be very warm, near 80 degrees when we get going. even lunchtime should be dry, but very muggy. the rain starts to develop later in the afternoon, and then through the drivetime home. that is something to watch out for. in the 10 day forecast, the temperatures are going to be


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