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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  June 19, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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about before you head of the door. good morning to you. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] larry: let's get over to vj for the details of this manic monday. afternoon rush, evening rush, anytime after 4:00, you will see some storm striving to the area. lightning as well. for this morning out the door first, there's belle haven, 77 is temperature with the west southwestern wind. doing anything outdoors, you will want to keep a watchful eye on the sky and download the stormwatch 7 app to stay ahead of the warnings. it is very warm, as mentioned. 78 dale city, hagerstown 78 degrees. this morning the warmest out of the work week, certainly the
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80's today, that's enough warmth to give way to the storms tracking through the whole eastern or north that will be impacted with travel delays and maybe even some flight delays later today. the high today going into the upper 80's. we will talk about the better weather midweek in just 10 minutes. lanes are open in virginia, but the slowdowns continue, especially for those traveling from 610 pushing northbound, heavy volume leaving three, a 26 minute ride from 17 towards quantico. the wait continues as you work your way through woodbridge northbound along interstate 95. still keeping a close eye on the stalled car that has been reported northbound on 210.
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center of the roadway, safetrack thee 16 is happening today, red line five-mile stretch is blocked between shady grove and twinbrook. shuttle bus service has been made available for you, trains operating every eight to 12 minutes. back in the next 10 minutes update your writer 270. autria: breaking new details this morning out of fairfax county. larry: a teenager killed leaving her mosque on her way to get food with her friends. autria: suzanne kennedy is there live where the teenager attended classes. suzanne? you,ne: good morning to autria and larry. authorities in fairfax county are investigating the time is a possible hate crime. timeis supposed to be the of year when students are very happy in the final week of classes instead they are mour
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was with a group 4:00 on sunday morning, getting food and spending time at her mosque in the sterling area. as they were walking they were confronted by a motorist. the darwin torres assaulted the vehicle -- the teen get after getting out of his vehicle. her daughter was struck of a metal bat. after the assault, her friends couldn't find her. police were called in in they conducted a large-scale search. while they were searching an officer saw a car being driven suspiciously. they stopped it and subsequently arrested torres. her family describes her as a devout muslim and a good student . the attorney general of the state of virginia released a statement yesterday saying that impart the unspeakable attack feels like an assault on the entire community. words fail at a time like this and we will have to all
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best we can to surround them with the love and support they have always shown each of us." we every stuff in the county school system to find out if they will have crisis counselors on him. that's typically would happen indicate that happens in a case like this. we will let you know what we find out suzanne kennedy, "good morning washington." autria: breaking news out of london. one person killed, 10 others injured in what addition authorities are calling a terrorist attack area of then crashed into pedestrians outside of a mosque after their prayers. the witnesses said that the man shouted -- i want to kill all muslims. that two other men were involved in the attack and managed to run away. week after a van veered into pedestrians on the london bridge. the british terror alert has been a severe. that is the latest with this incident that
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in london. take a look, officials have now reported 79 people have either died or are presumed dead in that high-rise fire from thatsday, up from the 58 we reported in the last hour. no word on whether that number is acted to go up, but as soon as we hear more we will pass it along to you. autria: thank you. new developments following the murders of two montgomery county high school students the night before their graduation. the three suspects have a bail review hearing today. edward garcia, roger garcia, arrested saturday night, they two otherd of killing children in montgomery village police believe the murders may have been in retaliation for a drug-related robbery. them rumored that one of stolen ipad from the girlfriend of one of the suspects. >> this is not my son.
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he's not capable of it. >> my boy would never do such a thing. >> the two murdered victims were on a roll students. they will be heading to russia tomorrow for his funeral. larry: simpson park, getting ready to reopen. you can see someone out there now walking their dog. five people were shot, including congressman scalise. they were practicing for the charity baseball game at nats part. betle league players will taking a leak photo in front of the scoreboard. theyizers want to say that can reconfirm that this is their main baseball complex and it is a safe environment kids and their families. happening today, the lincoln memorial reflective. he filled up again. the national parks service drained, cleaned the pool after ducklings were killed by a parasite.
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veronica: stormwatch 7 is on weather alert for today. during the morning hours we wanted to you plan your day in the afternoon when we could see numerous severe thunderstorms coming through the area, meaning we're likely to see some thunderstorm warnings issued today, maybe even some flash flood warnings possible for the afternoon hours. take a look at the temperatures this morning, changing, higher than yesterday morning and at the same time hard to believe after such a hot weekend already. of 90 degrees,de on the high side of it yesterday. 80 d.c. right now, upper 70's in most neighborhoods, joint base andrews
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manassas, torrent and, also coming in at 77 degrees. scattered clouds with a few light rain showers right now and in kaiser, west virginia, this moisture is all eastbound here, giving us the threat not just here locally, but up and down to interstate 95 today, likely to see those severe thunderstorms impacting travel in a big way later today. we will talk more about the improvements coming up for midweek in a few minutes. autria: taking a close look at what is happening on the roads north down on interstate 95 -- julie: taking a look at what is happening on the roads northbound on interstate 95, a 20 minute ride, look for that, a 41 minute commute expected. 270 as you travel from germantown to the lane divided, not a bad start from the commute.
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palmer road with a stalled car at the center of the road. act in the next 10 minutes to update your ride into northeast. larry? this morning military tensions are running high. the explosive incident syria and the drastic measure the u.s. military hasn't had to do in nearly 20 years. plus keeping an eye on crippling heat. where has it gotten so hot that
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. adrianna: following breaking news out of syria. the u.s. navy has confirmed that one of its fighter jet set shot down and kill the syrian pilot. this after reports that that jet armed local ports fighting isis. this is the first on that you've u.s. has engaged in air to air confrontation to protect syrian opposition forces and the first confirmed air to air killed since 1999. the pentagon that is taken saying the u.s. is not seeking a fight with the syrian government or russian supporters but says that it is a show of force
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forces on the ground. no response from syria or the kremlin and as soon as we get anything, we will you know. a disastrous see, the navy has identified the seven sailors killed when a container ship hit the uss fitzgerald off the coast of japan. among those killed, 24-year-old baltimore on of the left. 19-year-old dakota rigsby on the .ight of how my brother, virginia, that town not far from charlottesville. an investigation is now underway as to how the ships collided. autria: we are covering metro for you this morning. fund it, fix it, make it fair. that's the rallying cry going up today. the metro union going up before the council with a long-term plan. at noon today to unions representing 9000 workers will gather
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and upper marlboro. paul wiedefeld has put metro in "a deaths i roll," according to one union, and his plan to stabilize the system should be rejected. they would like to see different changes. they are calling for a two dollar flat fair and free transfers with on-time reliability and restoration to us but certain -- the cut service in prince george's county. they also a dedicated funding paid for largely by area businesses. stay with abc seven for everything at comes from today's meeting. don't forget that the final safetrack surge, number 16, is set for today. they will be closed the entire time, they suggest that you start your trip at twinbrook, white flint, or wheaton during the surge. now you can take us with you wherever you go. , itvery takes 60 seconds to
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the metro texts and stay one step ahead of any problems as you ride the rails. larry: two silver spring businesses that aided victims last august will be honored. proclamations. they are both served the committee for best community for years. if they congratulations for unc chapel hill. the school is getting $1 million courtesy of an educational foundation in loudoun county. the jacket good kent foundation is honoring the tar heels because of their dedication to making higher education accessible and affordable for low income students. they provide needs based on agile eight to 41% of its undergrads. autria. autria: the army and the air force will be conducting multiple training flights today, flying as low as 200 feet. the drill will t
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response to natural and man-made disasters. take a look at this, a large falls just feet from where visitors take a look at the world war ii memorial on the national mall. originally there were reports that someone was trapped under the tree, but those turned out not to be true, think goodness. the mercury in death valley, hitting 124 degrees on sunday. foreratures are blamed power outages in several parts of california and american airlines is warning its travelers that the extreme heat could ground flights out of phoenix this week. you know it's hot when you have power outages and the planes can't get down the runway. we are talking about power outages across portions of the east from strong storms that are expected to be widespread. sometimes we are talking about isolated storms and widespread,
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coming our way. pockets there in southern california, areas to the deep south unlikely to be for a couple of days in the mid-to-upper 90's. forecasting 88 with high heat around this area, boston, new york city, philadelphia, for us the high humidity will help to fuel those intense downpours later today. you are probably going to see some ponding and some big puddles later today. right now it's just a heavy atmosphere with a lot of humidity hanging in the air from left over the weekend. a cold front coming into the areas of west virginia and advances eastward, that's going to be the trigger. the atmosphere to take the steam and turn it into heavy rain for later today. 80 degrees out the door this morning. see 10 a.m., getting
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lunchtime today. chanceshe thunderstorm starting at noon, spotty at first with a better chance for 3:00,read forms at 2:00, especially in 4:00 and 8:00 today. weather is even thursday's not looking too bad. tomorrow morning we will have temperatures in the 70's across the area with morning on through southern maryland. to clear outnues and we will feel much better with a high of 86 degrees and we will introduce a slight chance for rain midweek, which happens to be what? what? julie: summer solstice. veronica: there you go. julie: i was like that i do have glasses, i can't read that. veronica: it was a quiz. [laughter] julie: no glasses and she's quizzing me, come on. blue line delays towards the largo town center. i know that autria just reminded
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red line safetrack surge 16 still in effect, but now the blue line is headed towards largo town center. the struggle israel for those coming out of frederick berg this morning. 32 minute commute looking to be a 41 minute ride. further north we have got a stalled car tying up the right lane, pushing everybody over to the left to get by. north on 210, delays continuing towards palmer road with a stalled vehicle in the center of the highway. back in the next 10 minutes. ♪
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there's no reason to not give duke's a shot. i think you'll be convinced. >> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. adrianna: now an update to the breaking news out of syria. moscow is calling the u.s. navy us moved to shoot down a syrian fighter jet and act of aggression. the u.s. military shots on the jets after it on local forces fighting isis. the pentagon put out a statement saying that this was a show of force mission aimed at protecting forces on the ground, but moscow is out -- now saying
6:25 am
act of aggression. autria: a number of tragic deaths over the weekend highlighting a hidden danger of summertime. separate incidents involved electrical currents from boat docks. we have the details in today's gma first look. >> a devastated new jersey flam funeraly planning a this morning for their 11-year-old daughter that was electrocuted in their backyard. >> email, electrocuted, unconscious, breathing. >> the 11-year-old and her friends were playing with an inflatable raft saturday night and swimming near a metal boat lift when they touched it. electricity went soaring through the children and into the water. before, a similar heartbreaking tragedy, this time in ohio. a 19-year-old electrocuted after jumping in the water to save his dad and his dog. it's called electric shock drowning, usually caused by a short in the wiring a
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at a dock marina or boat. coming up, how pools can be just as dangerous. with your gma first look, abc news, atlanta.
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>> this is a stormwatch 7 weather alert. this morning we are on your side preparing you for heavy rain and powerful storms coming up. a busy monday morning as we say good morning to you, washington. larry: but you are spending part of your morning with us. let's get right to veronica johnson for look at your forecast. changes coming up? veronica: that was a snapshot there the simulated rain from , things really0 picking up later today and getting fairly wild around here with more wind and heavy rain. speaking of the wind you can see some of the southwesterly area,s coming through the gusting around pax river and culpeper, gusting around 20 miles per hour. outside we have got a
6:31 am
cloud cover in some areas, for the most part sunny. look at the dew point, 72 degrees. sticky over 65, you know it is awfully ample -- awfully uncomfortable outside already. we will have a dip in the temperatures midweek, right back up for friday and saturday, even sunday of this week with warm start. temperatures rising quickly to 85 degrees. can't rule out an isolated it is steamy storms later today that are set to fire after 2:00, bringing heavy rain and high winds. possibly even some flash flooding right now. tornado threat, pretty low, upper 80's here, they locations storms arriving late. more the next 10 minutes. julie: we are stuck looking at the delays creeping up on
6:32 am
toilworth avenue, starting see the red on the map from 50 to east capitol street. blue line towards the largo town center this morning, a train malfunction outside king street. expect malfunctions in the blue line. northbound interstate 95 struggling to make your way out of frederick heard, a stalled vehicle tying up the right side of the road with help on the scene and everybody pushed to the left to get by. palmer road, we have a stalled car warded in the center with the metro red line closed for safetrack surge 16 between shady grove and brooke. rockville it shady grove stations closed, trains operating every eight to 12 minutes right now. minutes andnext 10 we will update that ride, 95 in virginia. developing news about those two teenager shot and killed in montgomery county. larry: the
6:33 am
gunman are due in court. we have been following this since the story broke. ryan? ryan: this case has rocked the community and now we are getting some new details. the three suspects that were arrested over the weekend are due in court around 1:00 this afternoon for a bail hearing. two weeks ago the teens were shot to death in this neighborhood, montgomery village . police say they believe it is an act of her tally asian. edward garcia, his brother, roger, and another boy are behind bars racing first-degree murder charges. friend wereand his found dead the night before their high school graduation. they believe that he was lured to the neighborhood as an act of revenge. he's accused of committing a drug-related robbery. the
6:34 am
they tell me the sun is innocent and that both families leave think thats involved three other ones who committed the heinous crime. ryan: a sad and painful father's day for both parents. dad says he plans to be there to see the case to the end. some-- we're not sure if of them were caught in the crossfire. live in montgomery village, ryan hughes. plans are -- autria: plans are beings put together to retry the cosby. locked,emained had prompting the judge to issue a mistrial but
6:35 am
a statement. >> i said it court. was no pause or hesitation, we are moving forward. autria: he said he decided to do this because of the resolve of andrea constand. cosby claims that the sex was consensual. the judge said that he will try to schedule a new trial within 120 days. larry: three days of mourning for the victims of some of the nation's worst forest fires ever. one in 1500 firefighters battling flames. local media reporting that 72 before dead, putting 30 trapped in their cars while trying to escape the flames. -- >> quickly people were locked in their cars. it was extraordinary, i've never experienced anything like this.
6:36 am
>> firefighters are getting help from first responders in other countries, including spain. autria: caught on camera, a terrifying wrong way crash on a utah highway. my goodness, the sound of the impact is just a bone chilling. amazingly, no one was seriously injured in the crash. the wrong way driver it fled the scene and is still on the run. police recovered his vehicle and found marijuana and drug pair really inside. in georgia, a record 140,000 people have already cast ballots in the house election race to fill the seat vacated by health and human services secretary tom price. the the democrat has a small lead over the republican. so far $40 million haven't spent on the race.
6:37 am
stay alert,t but veronica johnson is tracking the potential for damaging thunderstorms.
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autria: we are giving away apparent tickets to the new kids on the block, boys to men, and paula abdul concert thursday during the 6 a.m. of "good morning washington." are notrtunately we eligible because that sounds like so much fun. veronica: , right? well, the tunes will be at arrowhead this morning. day here inn active stormwatch 7 for the severe weather that we could have out there this morning. 75 degrees, southwest wind near ashburn, virginia, high school with a live image thanks to the weatherbug network. humid head ofy the weather from. high is it's going to be all week long, dropping down
6:41 am
tomorrow. thursday and friday, humidity is climbing again. what it is today's humidity and atmosphere around the area that will help to trigger some storms. a few light showers, you can see were the cold front is just coming through, ohio getting into the west virginia eastern kentucky area. this activity is ahead of the front with one to two areas of rain. this one more widespread, could bring powerful storms. d.c.,g right into around where you can see the heavy weather heading us today. julie: right now we are taking a look at what's happening run the ,apital beltway with lanes open traveling between college park and bethesda. sky track 7 is hovering above the beltway over here in the tysons area.
6:42 am
both lanes are open on the inner and outer loop of the capital beltway. checkingatch 7 wazers in with delays right now inbound on new york avenue with all lanes open. showing that there is a 16 leaving 50 towards pennsylvania avenue and then coming inbound on 50 with an 11 minute ride out of new carrollton. quickly moving over to the map to show you what else is going on, blue line delays towards the largo town center, a stalled car , with aight lane stalled vehicle in the roadway. metro's safetrack surge 16, sam sweeney. sam, what's the latest. sam: right now everything is quiet ahead of the morning rush-hour. we will break it down coming up in a live report. suzanne:
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. breaking new details on a fairfax county. larry: teenager killed, leaving her mosque, on the way to get food with her friends. a man is behind bars, charged with murder. autria: suzanne is at the high school where the teenager attended classes. suzanne: authorities are investigating this as a possible hate crime. because the victim was muslim and traveling back to her mosque. the young woman attended southlake high school here in reston. this is supposed to be the beginning of the last week of school. a fairly festive time for a lot of students but instead they will be morning a fellow classmate. nabra hassanen was with a group of 14 at 4:00 on sunday morning. they had
6:47 am
restaurants and were headed back to their mosque for prayer. as they were walking they were confronted by a motorist. got outartinez torres of his car and assaulted the victim. the victim's mother said the detectives told her that her daughter was struck with a metal bat and after the assault her friends could not find her. police were called in and conducted a large-scale search. officer saw a suspicious car being driven as they investigated. they stopped it in an estimated. late afternoon spoke with a family friend. .> a sweetheart humboldt. very nice. veryather and mother are desperate. the father describes the victim is a good student, caring, and a devout muslim. reporting live, suzanne kennedy. adrianna:
6:48 am
are still following that breaking news out of london. i heightened police presence throughout the city after a potential terror attack. one person has been killed and many others injured in what they call a terrorist attack. the 40-year-old man is under arrest. and it appears that two other men were involved in the attack. it says the driver of the man was wanting to kill all muslims. this comes a few weeks after the attack on what -- on the london bridge. alert levels are at severe. but we do have new information about another story in london, 79 people have died or are presumed dead in the high-rise the 58nt fire, up from reported in the last hour. no word yet on whether that number is expected to go up, but we will keep you up to date on the situations coming out of
6:49 am
new information from the pentagon after a disaster at sea. seven sailors killed when a container ship hit the uss fitzgerald. among those killed, xavier martin. .nd dakota rigsby not far from charlottesville. the sailors were found in flooded sleeping compartments. in investigation is underway to how the ships collided. autria: a ceremony set in alexandria as simpsons park gets ready to reopen. last wednesday five people were shot there, including congressman steve scalise. tonight's reopening ceremony will begin around six: 10:00 with little league players taking a photo in front of the scoreboard. the house majority whip underwenan
6:50 am
saturday. police'say this condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. larry: covering metro for you for the final safetrack surge. hey, sam. good morning. talking that safetrack surge 16, this is the last one. equipment is on the tracks in this station is closed down. here's how they are getting around the problem. take a look up there, you can see eight to 10 buses lined up. those are shuttle buses that will run around. normal metro hours. some of the people waiting here. then they get on the shuttle bus to the rockville station. soon as the next one is up, this one will come down and
6:51 am
for weeks. they are urging people to go down to twinbrook, where the service arts and trains run every four minutes to six minutes. this is the last surge, but metro says that celebrate, only 20% of the tracks have been fixed and they will continue to service up rates over the coming months and years. minutes until? autria: let's get a look at the forecast. veronica: today is one of those days were you have to monitor the weather very closely. this morning we are seeing some spotty showers, even clouds and sunshine out there right now. awfully warm and humid. later today starting at 2:00, thunderstorms coming into the area because of the possibility of heavy rain in the storm threat.
6:52 am
in a few locations, because the atmosphere is so juiced up. there's a thunderstorm watch today running through the evening. flood threat, moderate, gusty wind threat robert for today. if you have not subscribed yet to our text alerts, be sure to do that at the you for your phone number in, real easy and you can get additional weather information. chance of rain today is fairly high week, 30%. .e really do need the rain for the month of june we are down two inches again. thunderstorm chances at 2:00 before that. week wend of the work are back to the rain threat on friday. 91 to 92, thursday, friday,
6:53 am
yes, is why i'm saying once again, the best location is the beach. right now is what we are forecasting and the beaches could see showers and storms throughout the weekend. drive favorite -- dry pavement with a bit of sunshine, so be prepared. right now we are looking at the act did belmont suit the parkway . already they are seeing delays 295.wn towards 210 is still struggling to get past palmer road. keeping you guys on the brakes and pushing north down headed north in the direction of the beltway. a train malfunction outside king street, with the metro red line
6:54 am
that is our traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride on monday five virginia. autria? autria: saying good morning to our pets of the day. thanks to wendy jones for sending us these two. send us your photos as well as. it is super simple to upload them and you might just see your on the air. larry: try as they might, the nats could not muscle up the weekend. runs, thesaving two fourth game tied at one again, left center field going up to the one, as they avoid the sweep with the 851 win.
6:55 am
the nba draft coming up on thursday, markel bolt could be headed to philadelphia as the number one overall pick. the 76ers and the celtic agreed to swap picks. after it wasing worked out saturday night. think that's it for him. word that the twins for beyonce and jay-z arriving. surfaced.ports have the famously tightlipped about their personal lives couple announced in february that she was expecting and that their daughter, blue iv, is now five. the checkered flag is up. we have a winner
6:56 am
>> get set, go. >> "cars three" nabbed of the over thee top spot weekend. it's actually the lowest opening of the franchise, but go without hustled wonder woman, which fell to number two. it spent two weeks at the top of the box office. mary: time for your 60 second express. >> one person killed, 10 others mosque, crashing into a after prayers. the man shouted that he wanted to kill all muslims. >> authorities and fairfax county are invested in the crime is a possible hate crime. nabra hassanen confronted by darwin torres. >> the navy has identified the seventh it was killed when their container ship hit the uss fitzgerald off the coast of japan. among those, xavier mar
6:57 am
>> the change has rocked to the community and we are getting new details. two teenagers were shot to death in montgomery village. grave -- facing first-degree murder charges. autria: that does at for us here on abc seven. join us on news channel 8 or three hours.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, terror attack in london. targeting muslims, a van running over worshippers near a mosque injuring at least ten people. police and emergency responders swarming the scene. the hero that held him down until authorities arrived. a suspect arrested. we are live on the scene with the latest. also this morning, shot down in syria. the u.s. launching its first air-to-air strike in nearly two decades and the major question here at home, is president trump under investigation? the white house sending mixed messages, his lawyer going on tv saying he isn't and then this -- >> and now he's being investigated by the department of justice. >> the new fallout this morning. hidden danger in the water.


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