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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  June 19, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. >> a barricade situation happening right now at a store in hyattsville. sam sweeney is live where swat teams have been called out for a person believed to be armed inside. sam? sam: adriana, this has been going on since the 8:00 hour. these are live pictures right now. police are keeping us in a secure location. all of the media have their cameras staged up on the road in a nonsecure location to get a visual of what's going on. swat teams have been on the scene using heavily armored vehicles. they are stage across -- staged across from
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a person is believed to be inside. originally, we were told this was a robbery situation. right now, prince george's county police not giving very many specifics for tactical reasons. they believe this person could be inside watching local media reports, but there are dozens of officers, both plainclothes and the swat along with team, around this business. this is happening on route 450, annapolis road, in hyattsville. it has been shut down for several hours from the bw parkway up to coopers lane. it will remain closed until this situation is resolved. the police helicopter has been keeping an eye from up top. this is just across from the capital plaza shopping center. if you live in this area or you are planning to come out to this area at some point soon, police are asking you to stay away as a number of the roads are shut down and the roads that are open are clogged with traffic. we have very few specifics
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this is an ongoing investigation and ongoing situation. as we get new information, we will let you know. you can follow me on twitter for the latest updates. we are live in hyattsville, prince george's county, sam sweeney, abc 7 news. adrianna: turning now to the weather, right now we are on storm watch here it in just a few hours, severe storms are expected to roll through our area. doug hill is here with a look at your forecast. how bad is this going to get? how manyall depends storms get up to that level of severe with 58 mile-per-hour wind gusts and higher, torrential downpours, and the possibility of some hail. the biggest threat to the most widespread area of severe weather will be across pennsylvania and new england. with that said, we certainly have the conditions here with this approaching cold front to get severe weather here this afternoon. it looks like most of it will happen between 3:30 and
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this afternoon. kind of cloudy right now, but very muggy. 86 in washington. we may climb another degree or two. we have plenty of warm, moist conditions that point toward these storms becoming very heavy. there is a concern of flash flooding in some areas, therefore a flash flood watch has been portions -- posted for a greater portion of the metro area and to the north. the ground has been very dry for a long time around here, and these showers and storms are going to come through at a pretty good clip. in these situations, we occasionally get these systems that will move in and slow down as they approach the bay, then we have one heavy thunderstorm after the other repeating over the same area. if we get flash flooding, it will be from that affect we call training -- that effect we call training. the heavy stuff is near the pennsylvania-maryland line. an enormous amount of lightning. we will keep a night on that one -- keep an eye on
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we are here all day tracking the storms. adrianna: thank you so much for the update. in paris, a driver rammed his vehicle into a police vehicle. are told.s died, we no one else was hurt. police say they did find explosives and weapons in his car. man who pledged allegiance to isis shot and killed an officer and wounded two others in that same area. right now, london is back on edge after a driver plowed through a crowd of muslim worshipers outside a mosque. one person was killed him and nearly a dozen others injured -- was killed, nearly a dozen others injured. this was a deliberate attack on the muslim community, they say. >> just after midnight, a frantic scene, all-too-familiar in the streets of london. a white van careening into a crowd of people. >>
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that. innocent people. he goes, "i want to kill muslims." >> authorities now saying the driver, a 48-year-old white male, deliberately targeted muslim worshipers during the holy month of ramadan. emergency crews rushing to tend to the victims. >> i've never heard screams and moans of that nature. officials first calling it a major incident, later an act of terror. >> this was an attack on muslims near their place of worship, and, like all terrorism, in whatever form, it shares the same fundamental goal. >> anger and anxiety spilling over. >> there's always innocent people getting hurt. >> as london copes with the state of violence aimed at driving the city apart. >> they are attacking manchester -- the attack in manchester, the attack on london bridge, the attack on west
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all attacks on our shared values. of thetes -- members muslim community managed to pin down the driver until the police arrived. noonnna: new pictures this from inside the charge show -- charge show -- charred shell of the grenfell tower in london. 79 people are dead or presumed dead. new insulating panels added to the building during a recent renovation may have been banned in the u.k. because of their flammability. survivors say that material is what fueled that fire. happening today, the suspect accused of killing two montgomery county teenagers one night before their graduation will face a judge. ryan hughes is live with more on what we can expect. >> good afternoon. those three suspects arrested over the weekend are due in district court for the first time in a little less than an
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review hearing. this major review -- break in the case comes two weeks after those two teenagers were ruthlessly killed him a shot to death. -- killed, shot to death. police now telling us it was an act of retaliation. the three suspects have been arrested and charged with first-degree murder. they are all from montgomery county. it was back on june 5, the 17-year-old an 18-year-old were inside a honda civic, shot multiple times, the night before their high school graduation. dolice believe they were lure to the neighborhood. he is accused of committing a drug-related robbery a few months back, stealing and ipad from one of the suspect's girlfriends. are stills heartbroken. they told me their son is innocent, and both families believe more people are involved. he
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>> i know my boy. he would never do such a thing. >> it's part of a larger network. i don't think that three is it, three are the ones committed this heinous crime. >> his father plans to be in the courtroom this afternoon, and he plans to see the case through until the very end. police are not saying if they other victim was caught in the crossfire, at the wrong place at the wrong time. his stepdad tells me they plan to go to russia tomorrow for his funeral. this case, very far from over. it is still under investigation. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. live in rockville, ryan hughes, abc 7 news. adrianna: a gruesome discovery in the potomac river. fire crews found a man's body in the channel between roosevelt island and the virginia shoreline earlier this morning. a woman reported seeing something in the water just before 7:00. police say that man was hispanic, but they gave no other
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developing right now, the search for what drove a man to kill this 17-year-old in fairfax on her way to a mosque. that man accused of killing her appeared in court just a sport -- short time ago. suzanne: crisis counselors are on hand today at the high school. 17-year-oldkend, a sophomore was killed as she was walking back to her mosque after going to get food around 4:00 a.m. the victim has been identified hassanen of reston. she and a group of other teens were walking when a man got out of his car and assaulted hassanen. authorities from fairfax police and the loudoun county sheriff's office searched for hours for the victim. she was found dead in a nearby pond. that wasotted a car being driven suspiciously. they took darwin torres
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into custody and charged him with murder. here at austin and -- at hassan en's high school, students are devastated by the lost. >> it was shocking. it was all over snapchat. i was really shocked. my mom told me about it last night. >> it seemed like at first, oh, this girl is missing. if you see her, let us know. oh, my god, she's dead. people started freaking out. the sophomore class came together and agreed to wear black today to honor her. nne: her family says she was a good student, caring person, and a devout muslim. she was just days away from completing her sophomore year. tonight, aappening reopening ceremony will be held at the alexandria park where five people were shot wednesday, including congressman steve scalise. that ceremony will begin around 6:10 this evening. organizers want to reconfirm that the field is a safe
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families. beense's condition has upgraded from critical to serious. new at noon, a major decision that will help keep the redskins' name in fact. -- name intact. the supreme court is saying the government cannot refuse to issue trademarks that are considered offensive. they had been denied trademark protection because their name constituted disparaging speech toward asians. that reasoning was used to revoke trademarks held by the redskins. it was later ruled that that law was unconstitutional. coming up here on abc 7 news at noon, a wild wrong way crash caught on camera. the nerve-racking video you don't want to miss. plus, the bill cosby case ends in a mistrial, but the comedian is not out of the woods just yet. how soon we could see a retrial. damage control -- the cleanup underway after severe storms, tack -- and flash
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the heartland. first, a check on the traffic. we haveis noon hour, problems in riverdale, maryland, on maryland, 450. it is closed for a threat while police investigate between coopers lane and bw parkway. you cannot access 450 from the bw parkway. big picture map, not doing too bad. a couple slow spots here and there, especially around the capital beltway in alexandria, where we had the trees that had fallen across the inner loop. we are looking live at interstate 95 southbound and northbound, a bit slow from an earlier crash. we will be back with more news at noon after the break.
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>> you're watching abc seven news at new, on your side. noon, on yourat side. wow, caught on camera, a terrifying wrong way crash on a utah highway. the sound of the impact is bone chilling. amazingly, no one was seriously injured in the crash, but the wrong way driver left the scene and is still on the run. police did recover his vehicle. they say they found marijuana and drug paraphernalia inside it. now, severalght questions after a deadly collision in japan between the u.s. navy destroyer and a cargo ship. in all, seven navy sailors were killed. one was from maryland, another from virginia. ken moton has the latest details about the victims and the crh.
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in one of the worst naval disasters in years. seven sailors from across the country killed on the uss fitzgerald. one of them, a 24-year-old personnel specialist. >> very hard. my only child, all i have. destroyer innavy the waters off the coast of japan saturday morning. several maritime trackers showed the cargo ship made a giant u-turn minutes before slamming into the u.s. naval vessel, but in a new twist, the charter company is now denying it pulled that you turn, claiming the incident happened 15 minutes earlier -- that u-turn, claiming the incident happened 15 minutes earlier than the navy's account. how did they cargo ship t-bone the sophisticated naval ship? >> the water flow was tremendous.
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those spaces that were open to the sea. kenneth: sailors fought to keep the ship from sinking. a gunner being remembered by his community in palmyra, virginia. >> he was a good kid. kenneth: several investigative bodies will look into the crash, which could take months. the fitzgerald suffered extensive damage, but the navy believes it can be repaired. now, comediant bill cosby is a free man after a judge declared a mistrial in his sex assault case, but cosby is not out of the woods just yet. every trial is expected after jurors remained deadlocked after deliberating for more than 50 hours. moving forward means the prosecution will likely revisit their initial petition to have 13 of the 50 cause the accusers testifying. now to severe weather. tornadoes and flash floods.
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the heartland. flashous storms, flooding, and large hail. in the breast go, two tornadoes leveled roads, lifted roofs from their structures -- in nebraska, two tornadoes leveled roads, lifted roofs from their structures. we are tracking severe weather, nothing to that extent. a severeevere -- thunderstorm watch for new england. it could be extended south later. we could have isolated severe thunderstorms possible 3:30 to 5:30. the most severe weather will be to our north, but we can't let our guard down. conditions are prime. heavy thunderstorms developing as we speak. neare doppler radar, hagerstown, very heavy line of extremely heavy rain, gusty winds, and a tremendous amount of lightning. we zoom in on it, give you a
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in hagerstown, 86 degrees. they're looking right at this line of approaching showers and storms. near thest pennsylvania border. for the moment, it's to the north and east of hagerstown that we see the greatest threat of severe weather. locally, we have atmospheric conditions that will support the further development of thunderstorms. individual storms moving along the cold front to the northeast while the actual front is slipping southeast. we still have a few more hours to develop the conditions that would support more storms, some of them becoming exceptionally strong with very high winds and torrential downpours. the line moves in around 3:30 this afternoon. a lot more widespread storms to the north. andty out it -- of activity impact to the drive times this afternoon with the tremendous and aurs, strong winds, lot of lightning. 7:00 tonight, another batch coming up.
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more humid. scattered, isolated to severe weather. we will see some showers and storms on the eastern shore around midnight. we are still under an enhanced risk of severe thunderstorms this afternoon. we will stay on the job, tracking those potentials. any of those storms that do reach severe levels could produce torrential downpours, hail, and damaging wind gusts. that is -- rainfall of about across the area, maybe as much as 3" farther south. first day of summer is wednesday. the 90's, into thursd
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adrianna: last week, amazon made a splash in the food market, buying whole foods in a blockbuster $13.7 billion deal. it is expected to affect the way you shop. we have the details of what you can expect moving forward. reporter: it's the tech titan that just keeps on growing. amazon, already a leader in online shopping, furthering its aim at the way we get our food, last week putting in a $13.7 billion bid to acquire whole foods market, looking to boost its stake in an industry it has struggled with in the past. >> amazon has tried. they have amazon fresh, but they haven't really made a big push. they've been seen as being behind online in the grocery space. reporter:
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direct aim at companies like walmart, one of america's biggest grocery sellers, and other delivery grocery services. some industry experts say amazon's ceo has something other companies do not -- an ability to cut costs. >> jeff bezos has done what it takes to transform a business at the bit -- expensive profitability or quarter to quarter results. company, which' has already revolutionized the way we buy books, clothing, and electronics online -- >> alexa, turn the lights off. reporter: and even by voice, with their hot echo line. now, with its technology, reaching for our refrigerators. many are wondering, will the amazon giant soon dominate every aspect of our shopping? adrianna: still to come on abc seven news at noon, we are on storm watch.
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oklahoma,s in norman, have said they expect to issue a severe thunderstorm watch for our area as the potential will grow for severe thunderstorms during the mid to late afternoon to early evening. adrianna: thanks for watching. see you back here at 4:00. have a
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