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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  June 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the storm in the next 15 minutes. this line is moving east quickly. more somes over the city and over northeast and northwest washington. more showers downstream i-95. we are not finished with the rain. we need it and we will see more of it be you the heaviest part is finish. we are continuing to pick up reports across the area. and the rainfall has been impressive, too. many areas picking up over an inch. leesburg 1.84. the heaviest amount we have seen sor fa. in the afternoon, in the height of the storms, kevin lewis has been out in mobiletrak7 to track the weather conditions. find out what is happening now in silver spring. kevin? kevin: we are in silver spring off of colesville road near montgomery blair high school. this roadway is shut down right now to vehicle traffic. it's a neighborhood, single family homes. a lot of tall, large
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you can see about 50 to 100 feet ahead of us right now. that is where a lot of tree limbs and leaves are scattered all across the roadway. on the right-hand -- let's look further than that. you can see the police tape blocking the roadway. a police car beyond that. this is where you start to see a number of the large branches in the front yards. ben, look to right-hand side. a number of the large branches in this yard. we also have about a block or so away from here we saw a large tree. a woman leaving with a large suitcase, presumably to spend time with neighbors. we will continue to monitor developments in the neighborhood and be back in due time. larry: thanks so up many. stay connected with the stormwatch7 team through the, our web page or the abc7 facebook and twitter feeds. you can download the stormwatch7 app for the tablet
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nancy: new information in the murder of 17-year-old nabra naba mohmod hassanen. they said this is was not a hate crime but instead road rage. tom roussey has more. this is just terrible to hear about all around, tom. tom: a tragic story, nancy. the mcdonald's behind me is popular with the teenagers at the local mosque in the month of ramadan. they were here early yesterday morning. after they ate here according to the father of the teen killed they walked this way. 7 and drainsville road is where that mcdonald's is. they walked this way down drainsville road and made it less than a half mile before they were attacked. south lakes high classmates came to comfort the family of nabra hassanen who was supposed to be taking sophomore final exams this week. >> how devastated is the school today? >> from one to ten, 100. tom: students shared pictures of nabraef
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>> she was everything to us. she was a nice friend. if we felt down she helped us up. >> we love everybody. tom: her father wants to ask the suspects one thing. >> why? that is my question. why? tom: hesaz nabra and a dozen friends were walking bam to the adams center mosque. 22-year-old suspect darwin torres allegedly followed folloe group in his car and got out with a baseball bat. everyone ran. nabra fell. >> he hit her. he go get his car around. he pick up my daughter and threw her in the lake. tom: the area where the body was found was barely a quarter mile from torres' apartment. a woman behind the door said she had to comment. policeel
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of road rage. but nabra's father isn't convinced it wasn't a hate crime. >> why kill my daughter? for what? tom: fairfax county police saying this is road rage. we asked them could they elaborate on that, what exactly did they think set the suspect off? at least for now, they are not saying but they have called a press conference for less than an hour from now to give more details on the case. reporting live in sterling, tom roussey, abc7 news. nancy: we'll be watching then. thank you, tom. this just in the abc7 newsroom, the u.v.a. student freed last week from north korea died. otto warmbier returned to the united states with severe brain damage. north korea said he contacted botulism while in jail but doctors here in the united states said he showed no signs of the illness. larry: we are learning more about last night's deadly crash outside a london mosque. police said it was a terror attack targeting muslims. jonathan elias is monitoring the latest from the "live
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desk." jonathan: a few hours ago, police arrested and charged a 47-year-old man after the van crashed in a crowd just outside of a mosque. it happened last night right as worshipers were leaving everything prayers. police say that the crowd pulled the driver from the van and held him down until the police got there. >> when he was on the ground, why did you do that? why? you know? innocent people. he goes, "i want to kill muslims." jonathan: interfaith moment of silence held outside the mosque this morning. the attack comes toward the end of the holy month of ramadan. one man died at the scene. tonight it's not clear if his death is being ruled because of something that happened with the vehicle or perhaps if he died of a heart attack. we will look into that and we'll have more for you. from the "live desk", jonathan elias, abc7 news. larry: the driver in paris is dead after ramping it in a police chel along the champs élysees.
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nancy: new developments after three people were arrested for the murder of two montgomery county teenagers the night before their high school graduations. we are live where the suspects appeared in court. brad: a bond review hearing at 1:00 this afternoon. the suspects ordered held without bond. judge calling them a danger to the community. there is so much more to the story, so much sadness. today we saw the parents of one of the victims in this case. feeling like they need to defend their child. two weeks ago they lost their child to a brutal murder. he was shot multiple times with his friend artem ziberov. in addition to grieving the parents are fighting to defend the dead son's reputation. >> my boy is a beautiful boy. we raised him right. >> he is an
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i want to find out the truth. >> what has najjar so upset police allege three people ambushed their son and his friend as they sat in a car as an act of revenge because najjar who police allege was selling drugs himself stole from another dealer who happened to be the girlfriend of one of the killers. the murder was a setup with all three suspects firing a total of 30 shots targeting najjar. ziberov just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. his stepfather convinced the killers are part of a gang. >> my wife, his mom and me are proud of him. >> judge ordered the suspects held without bond as all are deemed threats to the community. shadi najjar's mother with her own message for the trio. >> you are murders. you are bad people and my son is not a
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brad: the suspects are next due in court july 14 also an indictment is returned. then the next court date will be postponed. i did talk to someone who came to court today who described herself as a friend of the suspects. i asked her about them. she said they are good people. in rockville, brad bell, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. in a barricade situation on annapolis road in hyattsville ended three hours ago. we first told you about this on abc7 news at 12:00 noon. it started after 10:00 a.m. at a check cashing store on annapolis road. employee says a man with a gun was there when the store opened. the police believe that person planned to rob the store. but no one was actually inside when officers finally got inside around 2:00 this afternoon. larry: developing now -- >> it's very hard. it's my only child. all i have. larry: heartbreak for a maryland father after the collision that killed seven u.s. sailors off the coast of
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japan. as danya bacchus reports the timeline of exactly when the crash happened is changing. danya: serve sailors found in -- seven sailors found in midsection of the uss fitzgerald now remembered around the country. flags flying at half-staff in palmyra, virginia, where dakota kyle rigsby was a volunteer firefighter. >> a good kid. >> and darrell martin is grieving his son, specialist first class xavier alec martin. >> it's very hard. it's my only child. all i have. >> monday, plenty of questions remain as to how an island size 30,000 ton container ship t-boned the naval destroyer. the cargo strip nearly gutting the fitzgerald, slicing over the quarters where a hundred sailors were sleeping. the can tain quarters also -- captain quarters also hit. he and two others medevaced. >> they had to fight the ship to keep it above the
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it was traumatic. danya: multiple trackers show the cargo ship made a giant u-turn minutes before colliding with the u.s. naval vessel. the charter company now denying it pulled the u-turn claiming the incident happened 50 minutes earlier than the navy's account. several investigative bodies are investigating which could take months. japanese coast guard officials are trying to get ahold of a device with the communication records to examine details of the crash. danya bacchus, abc7 news. [chime] alison: a moment of silence held in britain for the 79 people who died in a high-rise fire in london. emergency service workers bowing their heads in respect to the victims. today we are also getting a first look inside the scorched tower. investigators now believe new insulating panels that are banned in the u.s. fueled that fire. they were added to the building in
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larry: coming up, the new normal. how one alexandria neighborhood working to recover after the shooting targeted members of congress last week. alison: plus, just weeks after the park lot reopened while all of roosevelt island is closed again tonight. larry: later, an off-season win for the skins in the fight over the team's name. >> plus, a runaway tow truck. and police say this maryland man was behind the wheel. the bizarre story when "abc7 news at 5:00"
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larry: no one likes getting towed but in a georgetown a man went manic. he is accused of punching a tow truck driver. kevin lewis with a story you will only see on 7. kevin: posted signs warn drivers that parking without a proper pass could get you towed from the georgetown neighborhood surface lot. but when henry's wrecker service hooked and hoisted roger's non-permitted dodge durango, police say the a -- 54-year-old became enraged. punching the tow truck driver in the face. threatening to kill him. and then speeding away from the tow
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the white s.u.v. still in tow. >> oh, wow! kevin: residents in the small cul-de-sac development surprised. >> i barely see tow trucks around here. except for that one time when my car got towed. but i didn't have a tag. i was in the wrong. kevin: you didn't batter the driver? >> absolutely not. i went and picked up my car. kevin: a g.p.s. device led officers to the nearby subdivision where they found the $55,000 tow truck abandoned. genises survivor pried off. police say he has prior drug, weapons and assault charges and he lives in this montgomery village town home. police say he assaulted a tow truck driver. >> i don't know anything about that. kevin: you haven't heard about this? >> no, nothing about that. kevin: who is roger to you? >> that is none of your business. i don't appreciate you guys coming here. kevin: genies is out on bond and awaiting a mid-august trial at
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circuit court. henry's wrecker service tells us the driver had a cut lip and a bruised face but is back on the job. in rockville, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. nancy: new information tonight about actress carrie fisher in the days before her death. the autopsy report showed she had cocaine, traces of heroin, ecstasy and other opioid drugs in her system but the coroner said it's not sure the role they played in her death. she had a heart attack on a flight in december and died four days later. the official cause of death is sleep apnea and combination of other factors. larry: roosevelt island in potomac river is closed. that's the island at the kennedy center you take when you go over i-66 over the city. it's not because of the construction that wrapped up. but this is an inspect the devours ash trees. they have made
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brittle so they close the island as a precaution ahead of today's storms. nancy: that came 24 hours after a massive tree fell at the world war ii memorial on the national mall. we are asking questions about the tree. and the general health of the other trees along the national mall. that is coming up tonight at 6:00. stay tuned for that. a lot of severe weather today out in the skies right now. doug: so far relatively few damage reports. a few trees down here and there and deep water as kevin reported a few minutes ago. but garden variety is the way it worked out. now part of the severe thunderstorm watch are dropped. heavy area of rain south and east of the city. worst through the metro and we could use the rain. good rainfall for the most part for us. let's get started. a lot less pink in the map. the area in pink the jurisdiction under severe thunderstorm watch. eastern suburbs through the northern neck on the eastern shore and farther north as well. the area of yellow are the active severe thunderstorm warning. we have one over
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county and southern half of calvert county. midshore of maryland and delaware have it as well. otherwise the conditions will improve as the rain ends. we are not finished with the rain. we are just finished with the severe parts of it. we are confident the first batch that came through really knocked the stuffing out of the atmosphere. kind of stabilize things. so we had downpours and more patches of rain will move through the area in the next couple of hours. the back edge now out toward the blue ridge. it will swing through later tonight and we will get clearing. until then, southern and the southeastern section of the viewing area is pounded with the torrential rain. look at the lightning strikes over the 15-minute period. that is impressive. will move over the bay and the eastern shore again and that is the last big batch of the storminess to affect the area. otherwise moderate showers developing in the manassas area. they are headed east. if you are in the whole metro area, you are likely not finished with the rain but you will later tonight. when one of the storms went through landover and gave a wind gust of 55 miles per hour
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52-mile-per-hour gust. the future cast shows at 6:30, a little over an hour from now we still have the areas of rain. the heaviest line on the eastern shore. by 8:30 tonight still area of rain with the heavy rain over the southern maryland and mid-portion of the by a. overnight it clears out and turns partly cloudy by morning. still warm tomorrow but less humid. highs of 87. partly sunny. comfortable. 86 on wednesday. there could be a isolated shower on wednesday. then the heat will return as we head through the end of the upcoming week as we head to the weekend. look what we have here. we are looking at the atlantic ocean, the tropical atlantic getting ready to come in the eastern caribbean. there is bar by a does as a -- barbados and the eastern half. this system is moving west at a good, a pretty good beat. that has been enough to give us tropical storm conditions with brett, the storm causing
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it will skim the coast of south america and it may get close to aruba wednesday as a tropical storm. but it showing some indication it will intensify briefly and stay at the tropical storm strength. we will see what happens in the wide open area of the caribbean. the local weather will improve. mostly sunny and pleasant tomorrow. lower humidity. 87. 86 through the day on wednesday. summer officially begins at 12:24 wednesday morning. in the afternoon, 86 in the sun. d.c. united home game on wednesday evening that you can see on newschannel8. hot and humid weather for friday. 30% chance of afternoon storms saturday and sunday. hot and humid. isolated storm on saturday. better chance on sunday. a of the next cold front sunday evening we get into a nice stretch here as we head through next week of the dry weather, temperatures at or slightly below average. really no rain threat through monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. if you have chosen next week as your vacation week, you
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nancy: good to see. doug: i did not. [laughter] nancy: we'll be around. larry: shame on you! doug: i know. larry: doug, thanks. well, as we face storms, other part of the country are flirting with the triple digit records. nancy: a call for change a week before metro hikes prices. >> officials are pounding the pavement in prince george's county hoping to revive a cold case. larry: but first, a look at what is coming up tonight on stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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larry: back now with breaking nudes out of tennessee. two sheriff deputies shot at a courthouse. this is southeast of nashville. an inmate also was shot. the deputies are being lifelighted to the hospital right now. we will let you know as soon as we get more information. nancy? nancy: developing now, a new push to solve a 4-year-old cold case. u.s. postal service letter carrier tyson barnette was shot and killed on his route. melissa dipane is live in landover right now where posal inspectors and the police are knocking on doors to drum up information. melissa? melissa: officials are looking for any tip they can find. the united postal inspector sent out postcards last week to two different neighborhoods in the landover area looking for tips. a life cut short and
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turned cold. investigators hoping to find out who killed letter carrier tyson barnette in 2013. the shooting happened at 7:25 in the evening of november 23. barnette was delivering mail near the intersection of jutewood avenue and reed street in cheverly. that is where he was found shot to death. >> he was a young man. unfortunately cut down in the prime of his life. he was doing his job. he was out delivering mail. we want to bring justice. melissa: they want to identify an s.u.v. seen on surveillance video near the murder. they say it's important to get the suspects off the street. >> this was a violent crime that occurred not far from here. so anyone who is capable of doing something like this to tyson barnette is capable of doing it to anyone. melissa: back out here live.
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the case but there is a reward up to $100,000 for the arrest and conviction in this crime. if you have information, you are asked to call police. live in landover, melissa dipane, abc7 news. larry: thank you for that. still ahead at 5:00, is the president investigated? we are sorting through the question that doesn't seem to have a lot of clear answers. nancy: then later the i-team showed you them smashing their way in a parked car and then grabbing what it's inside. now "7 on your side" getting into action when it comes to the crimes. >> alexandria repairs to reopen the ballpark where there was a terrible shooting last week. but can the community heal?
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hi guys. in the here. at the mall. on the mountain. at school. at the beach. the big easy. yeah yeah today i want to show you guys e next-gen chevy equinox. what do you think? that's pretty.
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but not overbearing. it's not too big. not too small. seems like the perfect car for anybody. i would take it anywhere. she's a bad mama jama. (laughter) current qualified gm lessees can get this introductory lease on the all-new 2018 chevy equinox for around $249 a month. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. nancy: tonight's weather is postponing until tomorrow the reopening of the baseball field that was the scene of the congressional shooting last week. but it's not stopping the neighborhood getting back to life as usual as the ballpark ambush. richard reeve is live at the field in del ray. richard: well, that is right. they are planning to have the game tomorrow night. meanwhile, a lot of folks are wondering can the community heal? the city leaders, an emphatic yes.
5:30 pm
was the scene of carnage. now it's a place of hope and healing. >> our prayer is for peace and unity to come forth out of the terrible event. richard: all day long, maintenance crews have been sprucing up simpson stadium getting ready for a little league game monday night. >> we can talk to our kids and they can understand the incident enough and go on and feel safe and play in the parks. richard: here and there are haunting reminders of the hail of gunfire unleashed by james hodgkinson that left congressman steve scalise fighting her his life and wounded several others. bullet holes in the bench. >> it's haunting. like "charlie hebdo" sounds from a few years ago in paris. it came to us. came to our town. richard: at the ymca, a single round went through separate windows and the y is offering counseling to members and staffers. >> clearly it was traumatizing. a
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heal and get back to normalcy. richard: this new normal is not easy after a gun battle on a ball field. >> where we live, we have to be resilient. we have to bounce back. because we are just saturated every day with the national/international news. richard: the alexandria police chief called what happened last week a courageous gun battle. he lauded the two u.s. capitol police officers who opened fire and took out that gunman this past week. they are vowing to have the game tomorrow night. in alexandria, richard reeve, abc7 news. larry: richard, thank you. new developments now in the fight over the redskins trademark and name. justices say the 71-year-old trademark law barring disparaging term infringes free speech rights. washington,washington redskins
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saying, "i'm thrilled. hail to the redskins." meanwhile, one of several rulings handed down by the high court today. the justices will hear the redrawing of the wisconsin legislative districts. that case is in the fall. scotus struck down a north carolina law that barred convicted sex offenders from facebook and twitter and popular sites. and they voted muslim men detained after the 9/11 attacks cannot sue top law enforcement officials. the current supreme court session is set to end on monday. nancy: despite president trump's tweets and confirmation from multiple news organizations the president's lawyers and the white house insist he is not under investigation. we have details on the back and forth. >> there is no notification to any of us the president is under investigation. reporter: doing damage control insisting that the president is not under investigation by special prosecutor robert mueller for firing the former f.b.i. director. >> the department of justice thug
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office would be investigating the president for taking the action that they recommended him to take. so that is not obstruction of justice. reporter: despite the president himself tweeting out he is under investigation. president trump's lawyer explaining the tweet away. >> that tweet was in response to a "washington post" story that ran with five unnamed sources. reporter: blaming twitter's 40-character limit for the -- 140-character limit for the confusion. it also took aim at deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. and the democrats and the republicans urging the president to allow the investigation to continue. >> the best thing to happen for the president and the country is a full and credible investigation. >> anyone who knows bob mueller knows he is serving the best people to serve on the investigative team. people with experience in the issues he wants to investigate and the beliefs he need to be investigated. reporter: in washington, kristen holmes, 7 news. larry: covering metro tonight. call from the
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transit system has money it needs. they are calling for metro board of directors to be restructured. they want the maryland, virginia and d.c. leaders to come one a way to donate $500 million each year to metro rather than the board of directors. that comes as metro embarks on the 16th and the final safetrack surge. shady grove and rockville stations on the red line are closed until sunday. that's also when new fares take effected on metro. learn more about those at the website nancy: maybe you can take to the skies. get ready for a faster way to travel, apparently. boeing c.e.o. says hyper sonic jets will be a reality in next decade or so. he said a trip from new york to beijing would take two hours instead of the current 15. hyper sonic jets would travel machva. compare it to the retired concorde that flew at mach ii. and nasa made a big d
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kepler pinpointed 219 not on thial planets outside our -- potential planets outside the solar system. ten are the size of earth and the goldie locks zone. that is a region of space where the conditions are right to support liquid water and potentially life, larry. larry: we are learning more why saturn's rings are the way they are. this comes from cassini spacecraft. many of the features shaped by saturn's moon. on the right, this contains kinks caused by when the particle interacted with the moon. nancy: interesting to see. coming up at 5:00, how last week's shooting in alexandria is playing a role in tomorrow's special election in georgia. q: police want your help to find this man. they say he tried to rob a store. they want him off the street before he strikes again. the "7 on your side" wall of justice is next. larry: how many wranglers does it take to round up a ten-foot alliga
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farm? see for
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doug: there is still more rain coming in this everything. the heavier rain is moving out of the picture. a few more downpours. later tonight the clouds will clear. tomorrow is less cloudy and high of 87. hot stuff for thursday. 91 degrees. but the lower humidity. the weekend outlook for friday, hot and humid with the afternoon storms near 90. near 90 again saturday. can't rule out an isolated storm. a little better chance of showers and storms sunday afternoon as we settle to a long-term pat earn of highs in the upper 80's to 90. stay with us. "abc7 news at
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q: welcome to "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. i'm "c." we have a special alert from the metropolitan police department. this guy here tried to rob a store and they want him off the street before he strikes again, which is highly likely they say, especially when you consider what happened in the first crime. it's broad daylight when he walks in the store at 4:00 p.m. in the 2800 block of alabama avenue southeast. everything seems normal at first. he
5:40 pm
stands patiently in line. then things heat up when it's his turn. he runs around the counter. pushing the clerk out of way and goes straight for the cash drawer. when things turn south he gets nervous and heads for the exit. then doubles back. when the clerk runs for help. he snatches the cash drawer, tucks it away like a football and runs out. but while he is out front waiting for the coast to clear, the clerk jumps in from behind. the crook drops the loot and runs off empty-handed. call the metropolitan police department if you have any information about this suspect. now take a look at the wall of justice starting with the newest fugitives. in prince george's county, johnson facing malicious wounding charge beating and biting a woman. george is wanted for strangulation and abduction. in calvert county,
5:41 pm
neglect. police are looking for ryan watson facing attempted robbery and burglary charges. if you recognize anybody here, call the police. i'm q mccray and i'll see you next week with another edition of fighting back wall of justice. >> mayor muriel bowser handing out friendly citations in neighborhoods in the district. i'm scott taylor. why this ticket isn't going to cost you anything but it will protect you. >> when i saw the wind it looked like it was a storm and fireworks, said this woman. "i told my husband this is the end of the world." larry: plus the latest on the deadly fires sweeping across parts of europe. nancy: but first, here is autria godfrey with a preview of tomorrow's "good morning washington." >> thanks, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington," travel websites don't always give you the best deals on flights. now the new quicker way to find the cheapest air fare to your favorite getaway
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>> plus, find out how easy is it to break your smartphone addiction for better sleep and less stress in your life. >> keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow morning at 4:25 on "good morning washington."
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nancy: you saw it first on 7. now more fallout from the i-team investigation into a rash of smash-and-grabs in northwest d.c. thieves hit the bait car twice. so far, two suspects have been arrested for all that. now as the investigator scott taylor show us, d.c. mayor muriel bowser joining the fight to put a stop to smash-and-grabs in her city. scott: looking at the shocking video the i-team captured earlier this year. a bait car we placed in northwest d.c. hit not once, but twice in 24 hours. it took just 15 minutes for thieves to shatter our window and steal our stuff. now d.c. mayor muriel bowser is in the fourth district fighting back. she is tagging vehicles on this street with pink warning citations. it's a
5:46 pm
been a target for thieves. >> i think people should be grateful. basically get the citation and don't get your car broken into. scott: the citations warn residents if you leave your valuables in the vehicle you are an easy target. this ticket has no penalty attached to the citation. >> i see something over there on the passenger side. scott: d.c. police who don't use bait cars used similar friendly warning ticketeds in the past to tag vehicle -- tickets in the past to tag vehicle. >> someone might think it's brand new in the box to sell on the street. scott: we were able to i.d. two suspects who did smash our windows and police tracked them down. the two men are back in court next month to face charges. if convicted, they face up to 180 days in jail and $1,000 fine. scott taylor, abc7 news. nancy: massachusetts teen in police custody accused of breaking into a mall and stealing a gun. police say the teenager stole the gun from a sporting good store
5:47 pm
north of boston. so police placed that mall on lockdown for several hours as they looked for the teenager. police sitting outside for hours before they were finally let back in the mall. >> driving to work, listening to the news. bombing and all kind of craziness in the world. larry: developing now a view from space of the deadly forest fires ravaging central portugal. a dozen people survived by hiding in a village's water tank. the residents spent hour inside the tank. the fires are blamed for 60 deaths include manage that died as flames developed the vehicle as they tried to escape. nancy: a tragic story. people in the southwestern united states dealing with a scorching heatwave. our sister station
5:48 pm
reports that the beginning of what should be a week of temperatures in the triple digits is causing concerns about fires. >> wet weather has led to extra vegetation in nevada. now it's drying out and becoming fuel for the fire. that means the target shooters are at an additional risk because of the fire fuel available in the area. any patch of the dry vegetation that catches the spark could ignite quickly and cause a big problem like we saw here in verdi, nevada, just yesterday. as we move through the summer months this is only a threat that will continue. this risk will continue for anybody who wants to head out target shoot something the people should take extra precautions and bring water with them if they head out to recreate in the areas. jacquelyn sheerer. larry: that comes as a
5:49 pm
researchers release a study of heatwaves. they examined 1900 of them since 1980 to try to find trends. they found heatwaves are getting more frequent and deadlier. three in four people could deal with deadly heatwaves by the end of the century. nancy: dangerous. let's check in with doug hill in the weather center. it's been a busy afternoon for storm team. larry: it's been crazy. but they told us it was coming so we're prepared for that. doug: there is more area of rain in the next hour or two. to follow up on the excessive heat on the southwest. we checked in on the phoenix sky harbor airport. it's 112 degrees. it will be warmer tomorrow. let's show you a big picture. update you for warning and the watch area. the area in yellow, eastern shore and delaware and the
5:50 pm
thunderstorm warning. many areas have been dropped from the watch and we expect more showers and the downpour, the severe threat of the metro area ended. the energy is translated east across the chesapeake bay. there is another look at it for you. to give you a whole scope. the lightning is impressive. hundreds of lightning strike from the cells moving north and east. the line will continue up to new jersey, new york city. most of new england is affected by the lines of storms to make their way to the coastline through the evening hours here. what is coming up? we have had a big change in temperatures. in the upper 80's and fielding like 90's this afternoon. now the air temperatures are in the low to mid-7's across the area. we head through the overnight hours, 62 to 70. partly cloudy. through the day tomorrow. less humid and it will be warm. nice day up to 87. but again, not that heavy feeling of the high heat and the humidity. talk more at 6:00. now back to nancy and larry and robert. nancy: thank you very much. see you then. larry: robert is here with a
5:51 pm
little football. robert: summertime. football. football. d.c. united not doing so well right now. just to give you an idea. they scored the least goals in mls with only ten. they are last in the eastern conference. only 15 points. four wents. three draws. eight losses. the latest match blanked by toronto f.c. 2-0. veteran goalkeeper said something has to change and it has to change quickly. >> there has to be a character about us right now. to turn this around. if the character is not there. you know this will continue to go downhill. we can't accept this. this is unacceptable. we have to approach every single day with a certain mentality to be able to send this in the right direction. robert: they can pick it up wednesday when they host atlanta united f.c. that is on newschannel8. coverage starts at 7:00. kickoff at 7:30. wild card qualifying at the city open
5:52 pm
winner of the men and the women's single competition will receive wild card for the qualifying round of the tournament held in six weeks. the income navy sophomore hodge competing and e started to play at 4 years old. when she goes on the court she thinks about her father kevin who passed away when she was 11 years old. >> i grieve for my family. i was the youngest. i put them on my back with tennis and the opportunity it came with. it put a fire to my flame. it pushed me. it continues to push me robert: get ready. this november max scherzer will join the dad club. the daddy club. he is expected a baby girl. his wife tweeted out happy father's day to the best dad to be. and he said first child, baby girl. can't wait to join the club this november.
5:53 pm
larry: awesome. nancy: a little leaguer coming his way. robert: little leaguer. larry: blue eyes or brown eyes? robert: i don't know. either one. larry: we'll take either. stay healthy. congratulations. awesome. nancy: thank you, robert. meantime, voters in georgia head to the polls tomorrow in a special election. larry: when we come back find out how our area could impact a race getting national attention.
5:54 pm
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larry: karen travers has the latest on the most expensive special election in u.s. history. >> this high-stakes election in georgia is the most expensive congressional race in u.s. history. a critical test for both parties and president trump's policies looming large. president trump weighing in twitter, slamming democrats and briefly writing support for the republican in the race. writing the dem want to stop healthcare and border security. obamacare is dead. vote for karen h. that is karen handle, the republican squaring off against democrat john oseff in atlanta. the district is republican held by the g.o.p. since 1979. time price cruised to victory there but president trump won by one point. democrats look to make it early referendum on the pomsy. the -- on policy.
5:58 pm
information on national politics. they are also not talking about the president. focusing the message on what he can deliver for georgia. the white house has been all-in for handle. president trump raising $250,000 for her in april. mike pence also fundraising. and cabinet secretaries hitting the campaign trail. the white house wouldn't commented on whether trump considers this a referendum on his policy. spokesman sean spicer says they will wait to see how it plays out. karen travers, abc news, the white house. jonathan: the storms moved through but damage left behind. we will show you who felt the brunt of the storms. >> why? jonathan: the police think they have an answer and what we have learned about the man
5:59 pm
17-year-old muslim girl. if you got outside the rain came down hard. it proved through quickly. there is damage left behind. 20,000 people still without power in virginia. before we get to the damage, let's check in with stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill. are we in the clear yet or is it still lingering? doug: there are showers there. the threat is ending for most of the metro area and west of the chesapeake bay. this is the line on the eastern shore that kicked through the area this afternoon. just in this area alone 233 lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes. let's go to the big wall and show you the watches and the warnings. areas in pink is shrinking areas under severe thunderstorm watch. mostly south of the area on the shore. the big yellow area, severe thunderstorm warning. for good reason over there. they are getting quite a bit of rain across the area. the doppler shows the heaviest storm out of the picture to the east. we have area of light to
6:00 pm
a few heavier downpours. can't rule out clap of thunder. mostly it's over. the blue icons you see spread over the screen, these indicate the area of the storm report. most of those are blue areas that represent regions that the trees or branches are down in the area. we have had wind gusts from 50 to 52 miles per hour across the area. that is not technically severe but enough to do damage. this storm is intensifying moving across the eastern shore. plenty of lightning. tremendous lightning and the heavy rain to head up across northern delaware and in to southern new jersey part of a storm complex affecting the east coast as the watches are running through northern main. the temperatures have been a big change in the day. we went from feels like temperature of 90 to the air temperatures now in the low to mid-70's. that is nice. the best part of all of this is storm lower humidity. we will talk about the rest of the week and the weekend. the next ten days in 10 or 12


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