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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a few heavier downpours. can't rule out clap of thunder. mostly it's over. the blue icons you see spread over the screen, these indicate the area of the storm report. most of those are blue areas that represent regions that the trees or branches are down in the area. we have had wind gusts from 50 to 52 miles per hour across the area. that is not technically severe but enough to do damage. this storm is intensifying moving across the eastern shore. plenty of lightning. tremendous lightning and the heavy rain to head up across northern delaware and in to southern new jersey part of a storm complex affecting the east coast as the watches are running through northern main. the temperatures have been a big change in the day. we went from feels like temperature of 90 to the air temperatures now in the low to mid-70's. that is nice. the best part of all of this is storm lower humidity. we will talk about the rest of the week and the weekend. the next ten days in 10 or 12
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jonathan: look forward to it. thank you. kevin lewis is driving around in mobiletrak7 in the height of the storm. he is live in silver spring where trees are down and there is damage left behind. kevin? kevin: the neighborhood here along dennis avenue in silver spring close to montgomery high school took the brunted of all of this -- brunt of all of this. this is the worst damage across montgomery county. look at the large tree limb in the family's front yard. that has to be 20 feet long, 20 feet wide. montgomery county police blocking this portion of dennis avenue. that is why. there is a huge portion of a tree that pulled down electrical wires. i'm told right now that the wires that come down and into the grass lawn are still hot. the electric company has not turned them off. at least half a dozen cars damaged. there is one here that has its rear window shattered
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badly damaged. the families that were inside at the time are not able to live in them because they are structurally not sound. at least one person had to be assisted out of their home by firefighters. that individual is at the hospital. as to what caused all of this, emergency workers don't know. the thought being there might have been straight line winds that came out of this storm that we saw this afternoon. you can see about half a dozen people standing on the sidewalk. it looks like one woman trying to take a photo with her cell phone. a lot of people are out here coming home from work. really just amazed at the amount of damage in the neighborhood.
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next door to a half that had to be evacuate and is not safe to live in. >> i came home and i looked at it. the fire engine was here. he said if they come home don't let them in the house. kevin: we were there as the montgomery county firefighters went inside the home and took out a fish that was in a tank. are youee nited -- reunited it with the homeowners so they can care for the pet. they are now calling the homeowners insurance company to figure out how much it will cost and what is covered. live in silver spring, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: that is a headache. when storms like this come through the area and we experience what we did today know about them early. get prepared by going to you will get text alerts. all you have to do is sign up for stormwatch7 alerts that will be sent to your phone or your pad as well. happening now we are stand big for
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give an update on the investigation in the murder of 17-year-old nabra hassanen. she was killed while on middle of a night food run after ramadan prayers. now police don't think this was a hate crime. they now believe it was some sort of road rage. tom roussey live in sterling with the new developments we just found out. i'm not sure about the road rage aspect of this. tom: yeah, we are waiting on police to elaborate on that. i can tell you within the last half hour, we found out from the immigration and customs, i.c.e. that this suspect is subjected of being illegally in the country from el salvador. i.c.e. tell us they placed detainer on him. he allegedly followed a group of teens from the local mosque from this mcdonald's to drainsville road, followed him a half mile early yesterday morning and then attacked the victim according to police. these are pictures of nabra hassanen, a 17-year-old sophomore at south lakes high school in reston.
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absolutely beloved. according to the police and the victim's father the group of teenagers trying to walk back to the mosque. they were followed by the suspect darwin martinez torres in a red car. he got out with a baseball bat according to the victim's father. everyone ran but nabra hassanen fell. he eventually dumped her body in a nearby pond according to police. we went the family's apartment. they are devastated. the victim's father wants to ask the suspect one question. >> why?
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illegally in the country. jonathan: judge denied bond for the three men charged in the murder of two high school students in montgomery county. roger garcia, edgar garcia-gaona, and jose canales-yanez appeared in court via closed circuit video. they are charged with the murders of shadi najjar and artem ziberov hours before they were to graduate from high school. saturday the shooting said it appears to be retaliation for a robbery they say was committed by najjar, a claim his father rejects. the u.v.a. student freed last week from north korea has died. otto warmbier returned to the united states with severe brain damage after being imprisoned 17 months. north korea said he contracted botch litch in prison. dock hor -- botch -- botulism but doctors here said he had
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the man who police say drove a van in worshipers leafing a mosque is 47-year-old darren osborne. a married father of four. the witnesses kept him from leaving the scene until police got there. he faces a slew of criminal charges. we have new video of the seconds after a driver rammed his car in a police vehicle in the champs élysees in paris. officers pulled the man from a burning car but he later died. inside the car, the police found gas canisters and the guns that prompted authorities to launch terrorism investigation. this was the fifth attack against police officers in france in just the past four months. big tree fell in the world war ii memorial over the weekend and we ask if the other trees along the popular national mall are in danger of
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>> the alexandria little league team game may have been postponed but not the determination to heal. we
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jonathan: the remnants of last wednesday's shooting around the stadium in alexandria. reopening was supposed to take place now but weather postponed it until tomorrow.
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ballpark where members of congress came under fire last wednesday. people there now ready to try to get back to normal. rich? richard: that's right. just a short time ago they announced they were postponing the game until tomorrow night. it's just too wet out here. they still plan to have a special ceremony at the beginning of the game in remembrance of the game last week. when you ask people around here are they determined, will they heal? there is an emphatic yes. look at this. maintenance crews out here all day long trying to prepare this place in preparation for the little league game that will take place tomorrow night. last week the ball field was a scene of carnage. now there is a place of hope and healing. here and there are haunting reminders of the hail of gunfire that left steve scalise fighting for his life and wounded several others. bullet holes in a maintenance shed, grandstand bench. at the ymca.
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where a round went through two windows. the y is offering con selling to members and staffers. this new normal is not easy. the city leaders have confidence in the courage of the alexandria residents. >> to the children and their families, we are an incredibly safe peaceful city. that night we marched, hundreds of us marched down mount vernon avenue together in a walk of solidarity. >> we can talk to our kids. they can understand the incident enough. go on and feel safe and play in the parks. richard: alexandria police chief mike brown had special praise for the two u.s. capitol police officers who took out the gunman. they are vowing to have the game here tomorrow night. in alexandria, richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up next at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- a close call on the mall. a massive tree snaps. toppling right by the world war ii memorial. are more of the trees i
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jonathan: you think you have a tough job into check these guys out. ail gators wranglers. there is such a thing. they are trying to rope a gator. they got one. hawkins, texas, where it played out. 10-foot gator crawled in the yard. they got a call from the owner said he came in looking for lunch. the gator was transported to a gator farm. for the guy who got bit, didn't cause permanent damage but reminded him he is dealing with a big reptile. the supreme court made a ruling today that will help the redskins in the name fight. the court saying that the government cannot refuse to register trademarks considered offensive because that would infringe on free speech. while this specific supreme court case did not focus on the redskins, it is considered a win for team. dan snyder
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hail to the redskins." now the lincoln memorial reflecting pool now refilled after a deep cleaning. it needed it. it was drained this month because of a parasite killing some of the ducks and the ducklings. this is a pool that stretches eight acres and it holds gallons of water. tranquil. good place to go. the duck and the duckals love to go as well -- the ducks and the ducklings love to go as well. the weather is not good for the trees along the national mall. some are brittle and they can snap when the strong winds kick up. we sent q mccray to take a closer look. q: national park service crews had their hands full today. not one, not two, but three trees. this one snapped near the potomac. the top of the maple dropped near the washington monument. then there is a massive american elm. >> i'm not sure what to think. did it fall?
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yesterday. near the always bustling world war ii memorial. >> the way it fell, no one was injured. that was the first and the foremost concern. it didn't fall across the main sidewalk. it didn't fall in the memorial. >> though the baby starling lost its home, tourists can't help but wonder. >> i'm thinking which will be next? >> is that one going to fall? q: we found the trees were planted the same time the reflecting pool was created in 1923. meaning the thick helms are upward of 90 -- thick elms are upward of 90 years old. the national mall has a full-time dedicated tree crew to prevent this from happening. however, in this case, the tree didn't show any sign of being sick. >> this was not a tree that clearly had died or it didn't bloom and leave this here. q: arborists will take a closer look at the rest of the trees on the mall. the question now is what
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that is being investigated at this point. they believe the interior rot may have something to do with that. from the national mall, i'm q mccray. back to you. jonathan: thank you. the sign of chainsaws today. a couple trees came down. >> the winds were stronger and did enough damage. things have comed down. lightning and thunder. that's about it. the heavy stuff on the store. get to it and tell you the story. live at chesapeake beach from east to west. or from west to east across the bay to the eastern shore where there is still violent thunderstorms, severe thunderstorm warnings in effect now to the line with delaware and even in the state of delaware. the warnings, they are all concentrating over here to the east. severe thunderstorm warning across central delaware. the rest of the pink areas are what is left of the earlier widespread severe thunderstorm watch. while we have a couple cells to keep an eye on here most of it had calmed down to beneficial rain. you see that from the laurel area. south and east of the city to southern central section
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of thunder there. a few more working around the map from stafford to fredericksburg. mostly beneficial rain. the heavy storm went through and stabilize the air. there is additional rain to come through but nothing severe expected for the rest of the afternoon and the evening hours. in fact we will see the clearing skies tonight. in addition we will see slightly less humid air develop by the sunrise. 64 to 70 by morning. in the day, we turn sunny and it will be nice. not breezy. noticeably less humid through the day. high of 87. wednesday is comfortable again but through the afternoon a little ripple in the atmosphere could pop up isolated shower. we get to thursday and friday the heat will continue to return. not far away. but it will return on thursday. highs of 91. humidity levels will come up and the summer officially begins on wednesday morning. 12:24. 7:30 wednesday
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united in town. 90-degree heat continues in the day on saturday. thunderstorm chances on friday and again on sunday with isolated chance saturday. then look at early next week it looks nice. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, highs in the low 80's. sunshine. comfortable humidity levels. it looks good as we get started on the first full week of official summer. jonathan: thank you. participants in the year's paralyzed veteran golf open were off the course before the afternoon storms moved in. the annual event helps disabled veterans find jobs. dozens of disabled veterans took part. now in the tenth year. it's raised $3 million. today's event was expected to bring in half a million dollars to all who participated. good for you. it's great to see. there are so many wonderful golfers out there. good stuff. robert: certainly. nats-marlins tonight. is the bullpen ready?
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announcer: and now the toyota sports desk brought to you by the local toyota dealer. robert nats are still in good shape at the moment with a comfortable lead over the mets s in the n.l. east. 10 1/2 games ahead in the division. although, they did get the sweep the mets -- they didn't sweep, they took three out of four against the mets. next up the marlins. they are playing better of late. 13-7 in the last 20
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first pitch is set for 7:10 tonight. less than two months away from training camp. veteran deangelo hall a fan favorite still recovering from last year's a.c.l. tear. he is not 100% but still has an effect on the teammates. he is much needed at redskins bark -- park even when sidelined according to jay gruden. coach gruden: he is a main stay and he keeps the boat from sinking from time to time. there are volatile people in the back room from time to time. he is a calming guy. if you can believe that. d-hall is that. if we don't have him back when we want to at least he will be in the room and still have a major influence on the team and the defense. robert: finally reports say kevin durant declined the player option for next season with the warriors making him a free agent. but he will re-sign with the team. i think he will take less money to keep the team together. jonathan: that is what he said. he wants another championship?
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or enjoying the chemistry? >> he wants a ring and chemistry. he'll make $30 million instead of $35 million. jonathan: how will he get by? doug: the storm that went through here, line of storms that turned severe over northern sussex county, delaware, a tornado warning is in effect. that's where the heavy duty stuff is heading out. we have additional period of rain but generally the skies will clear overnight. tomorrow is beautiful, less humidity, warm, 87. 86 on wednesday. maybe isolated shower. then the heat and the humidity returns for end of the week. steve is tracking that, lingering showers and the weekend beach outlook. he will have that in the forecast as well as we finish up the last day and a half of spring. summer starts on wednesday. jonathan: boomers came through. doug: they were. not as strong as over on the beach, though. jonathan: hopefully the folks who lost power get it back in time to watch the 11:00 news. "world news tonight" with david muir up next. see you at 11:00. have a great night.
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tonight, breaking news. the american son just brought home from north korea, held prisoner for more than a year, otto warmbier, has now died. returned to the u.s. with extensive brain damage. his parents now reacting just moments ago. the new horror in paris. the armed driver who filled his car with gas canisters and plowed into police. we're on the scene tonight. and hours earlier, a truck right into a crowd in london. the moment the suspect is dragged out. severe storms as we come on the air tonight. moving up the east coast from d.c. to philly to new york. right during rush hour. and major delays at airports tonight. the deadly collision at sea. what we've learned tonight, after seven u.s. sailors were lost. how did that container vessel plow right into a u.s. destroyer. and there is news coming in tonight about c


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