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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  June 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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words of both sides tonight. brad: in 2013, only 71% of the class graduated on time. by 2016, got up to 81.4. it's still low, among the lowest in the state. but now a school board member is suggesting that this thumb was achieved with smoke and mirrors. the educators tonight are responding with anger. more than a dozen principals reacting angrily of a claim there is corruption in the school system. denying the suggestion that grades are being changed to boost graduation rate.
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>> it is insulting we'd say change the grade. just do that. that is insulting. disrespectful. brad: but tonight the school board member behind the accusation stand by the claim. >> we believe there are students who do not meet the m.s.d. requirements who received diplomas. we believe that the students grades were changed prior to graduation. brad: one of four board members who signed this letter to governor larry hogan alleging grade fixing and demanding investigation. tonight maxwell is firing back saying the state already investigated the claim and found no evidence and when proven wrong they should resign. >> i hard from others who have information to substantiate their claims. >> the principals say
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effort to assist struggling students with what is called credit recovery that offers nonclassroom resources but they say there is no order to fix grades. >> the people around me and my colleagues, we care about the students and we care about ourselves. they suggested this is political motivated and the want-to-be politicians to make a name on the back of children. really tough words. no word from the state department of education. they say they have no comment on the request for an investigation. they could open a new investigation or leave the one they completed in january to stand. we will let you know. brad bell, abc7 news. alison: thank you. a 17-year-old girl from fairfax murdered over the weekend. police say it's not a hate crime but nabra hassanen's relatives and
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worshipers at the local mosque are questioning the conclusion. tom roussey is following the story and has a new development today. tom: there is a group of teenagers walking to the moss that can way. one had a bicycle in the road. he gets in the argument for the suspect who pulls the car where you see the paint on the sidewalk here. he gets out with a bat. everybody starts running. nabra hassanen runs that way. according to her father falls and is beaten with a baseball bat. suspect darwin martinez torres is charged with second-degree murder and i.c.e. placed detainer on him because they suspect he is illegally in the u.n. co. police say it started with road rage. >> it was an argument between the driver and a bicyclist in the roadway. >> fairfax county police say at least for now they are not investigating this as an anti-muslim h
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>> no indication of racial slurs. >> late law enforcement is not investigating as a hate crime at this time. >> but lakshmi many local muslid this hard to accept it had nothing to do with the way she looked. >> i can tell you that we have to deal with the sealings and the -- ceilings and the emotions. perhaps is reality for some community members. tom: on monday he said he believes it had to have something to do with the head start she was wearing. we couldn't find any arrest. ice says this is the first time they have dealt with torres since he came from el salvador. na
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settled tomorrow at the adams mosque down the road. there is a vigil tonight for her at 7:30 in dupont circle in d.c. and another vigil scheduled in reston tomorrow night. reporting live in sterling, i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. alison: thank you. if you want to see all of abc7 original reporting through the investigation log on to the website search "mosque." larry: developing in georgetown a man struck and killed in middlebrooks road. he was standing in the median. two s.u.v.'s collided and one hit the person there. the drivers stayed on the scene when paramedics were called. no word on potential charges this evening. alison: yesterday's storms produced ef-0 tornado. that is the conclusion from the national weather service after surveying the damage in silver spring. it wasn't on the gro
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but we have more. kevin lewis? kevin: they have seen no shortage of the woodchippers and the restoration crews. the winds topped 70 miles per hour. look at the work underway to fix the damage across the street. the neighborhood rattled by a ef-tornado. >> it looked like a war zone. kevin: julia's trampoline went airborne, landing wrapped around the tree. it was like somebody was there with a sledgehammer, just banging. three houses were damage and a woman injured when a tree crashed in the home. judy lives nearby.
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>> a large section of the tree severed the roof of the survivor. eerie sight with car seats covered in green leaves and shattered grass. >> i don't know the words to give it. thankfulness to god we are okay. kevin: this was the first tornado to hit montgomery county since 2013. everyone we have spoke with today has insurance. let's check in with chief meteorologist doug hill. what a difference 24 hours makes. doug: absolutely! the cold front went through with the damage and the storms behind it. now it's warm but no threat of rain. the numbers drop from 80's to the 70's and partly cloudy skies continuing. the latest temperatures if the wakeup time for
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70. 61 in manassas. we will warm back up for the upper 80's tomorrow. we will start off on the coolish side. comfortable. the temperatures will make it to 89. it could be a passing shower. quit note on tropical storm cindy. the circulation in the gulf, rain and and win flood warns up along the coast. the question is whether the moisture from the system will make it to the area not out of the question. we will show you the updated track in seven minutes. larry? larry: thanks. new developments as the japanese air bag maker takata, the company behind the defective air bags pursues bankruptcy. and nancy chen is live with the consumer alert. nancy: a bankruptcy filing means there wouldn't be as much money left over for the dozen of people who sued the company. more than ten deaths and many more injuries blamed on the exploding air bag
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one lawyer analyzing the sellout but the conclusion is finding 5 to 10 cents on the dollar when it comes to the payouts. abc7 has done extensive reporting on the takata abags. head to and search "sudden impact." back to you. alison: thank you. meanwhile, the department of justice are parterring -- partnering with dozens of city to reduce crime. they are going to work with leaders for strategies with each location. >> the program will enhance the support of the state local and tribal enforcement to more effectively investigate and prosecute the violent crim
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larry: you have probably heard about a congressional district in georgia. the sixth congressional district. $40 million spent to who will fill tom price's seat. he is in the president's cabinet. we look at the small slice of suburban atlanta the country is watching. reporter: the local race with plenty of national intrigue. republican karen handel and democrat jon ossoff spending $50 million on the high-stakes contest. making it most expensive ever. >> the president is on the ballot. it has national implications. this is the kind of democrats that the democrats need to win to take back the house next year. >> democrats are hoping an historic upset would deal a blow to president trump's agenda. >> there are folks across the country who have lost faith. in this room, this team has
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of that. reporter: republicans aiming to solidify the district stronghold and send a message for the 2018 congressional midterm. a squirrel will get a decent per san tage of the vote with $30 million behind him. reporter: the race is a dead heated. >> it galvanized people. >> resting in the hands of the party to get out the vote. >> both are down playing the national implications of the race but the president is paying attention, tweet league times in the last 24 hours in support of the republican candidate. >> republican data firm says nearly 200 million voters personal information was leaked this month after they stored it on a public server. deep root analytics admits it was available for two weeks before it was secured. the republican national committee says it stopped working with the
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it concludes the investigation. coming up next at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- hand feeding a little baby giraffe. this is in maryland. the team effort to make sure that the calf makes it through the critical first few days. larry: a major rash of robberies in maryland but you won't believe how many shops police say they hit. that's ahead. the "7 on your side" call for action phone bank open now through 6:30. in you have questions or complaints give us a call. 301-652-help. ♪ introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed. the only bed smart enough to change sleep as we know it. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you comfortable. and snoring ? ... does your bed do that? right now save on sleep number 360 smart beds.
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alison: look at this. this is something you don't see often. the newest addition to the maryland zoo. giraffe calf born five days ago in baltimore. it wasn't nursing as much as it should. fearing it wouldn't get the antibodies the staff has been hand feeding the baby. they also gave the giraffe a blood transfusion and they are getting help from the columbus zoo to keep the baby giraffe alive. larry: passengers on delta air lines can use facial recognition tecol
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check the bag. if you have a passport you can get a scan at a kiosk. they are testing this in minneapolis, st. paul, atlanta and new york. ten robberies in four weeks but the police believe they stopped the crime spree. how police found their men. stephen tschida? stephen: the same m.o. over and over. storm in, dressed in black. faces covered. gun in hand. a month of terror for the employees. but the police believe suspects are behind bars. >> the vehicle used and most importantly we have confessions in the case. that is how we know. stephen: the robbery started may 17. the suspects branched out. hitting 7-eleven in anne arundel and prince george county with
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the folks would gather cash and cigarettes. >> two 7-elevens hit in anne arundel county. they beefed up the presence near 7-eleven. they spotted a vehicle matching the getaway car, the officers pulled it over. inside the four d.c. men along with the two handguns. then a call about another 7-eleven robbery. just blocks away. >> they did three robberies. we were thankful for that. they had guns and they were loaded. we doesn't know what would have happened. >> to put a human face on this, no one from 7-eleven would speak on camera. but we told a clerk at the 7-eleven there had been an arrest in the robberies, she put her hands to her head and said, "thank god." stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: th
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life. you can watch it happening. nasa goes 16 satellite shows the tropical storm cindy forming in the gulf of mexico. look at this. this is incredible. the storm approaches land the tropical storm warnings issued along the gulf coast from florida all the way to texas. larry: i am so excited about that i feel like my name is doug hill. doug: it's not fully operational but the smooth loops that you see is incredible. it will make a huge impact on the hurricane forecasting real-time. we'll go back to it now. again, larry is right. this is geek speak. larry: so cool. doug: this is incredible. when i started in the business way long ago in 1979 in richmond we had one black and white glossy photograph that came on a printer. we put it on a camera stand and we took a picture of it. this is a satellite picture of the earth. we thought it was cool. larry: reaim
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the months to come in the smithsonian. [laughter] 83 in falls church. i have the last laugh. you can laugh all you want. it's okay. numbers in the mid-to-upper 80's. the humidity level is so low it's comfortable. it will be comfortable tonight. the temperatures drop from the mid-80's. 80 to 9:00 at night. the forecast is delightful. partly cloudy, comfortable, 62 to 70 degrees tomorrow morning. through the day tomorrow we will get 89. a little bit of a breeze, you will not notice the heat that much. you may notice or sleep through it. 12:24 tomorrow morning the summer solstice. official beginning of summer. as you are sleeping the folks at stonehenge will go crazy and celebrate celebrating. it will be a lot of fun. there are tons of people lining up to have fun at the annual celebration. we have a note here about the possible shower in the
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there is no probability of the rain. look at the last few hours. they are in the area under a crop tall storm -- tropical storm warning. flood warning in advance of cindy. there is a large rain shield with this. if circulation center is offshore. it's just meandering but it will eventually move north. as it does it will make landfall east of houston over southwestern louisiana. probably 1:00 a.m. issue the projection now. on thursday morning. most rain moved northeast. but it is possible that the moisture could team one a cold front here. as we head through friday and the early part of saturday. so tomorrow is 89. 91 on
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88 on friday. show you the track on the future cast. the moisture spreads north east thursday to friday as a cold front approaches. we will get the showers and the thunderstorms here today. friday from the cold front. but what seems likely is the remnant moisture will team up with the cold front. we'll team up. we can play this again, i hear the theme in my sleep. we will see this move to the northeast again. as a result, there will bem some combination of the added moisture with a cold front. but we are not sure if it's in our area or to the south. that is why we have the probability of the showers and the storms for late friday and saturday. remaining storm on sunday. it will turn delightful for next week. sunshine and the low humidity and the comfortably warm temperatures around the area. the next couple days we will get a better idea if we're effected by the rainfall.
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alison: michelle obama is sharing her workout routine. this is a picture to instagram. this is the boot camp exercise she did over the weekend with her friends. larry: i'd say you go girl but i'll say you go first lady. alison: appropriate. larry: right. still ahead, simpson park, the site of the ballpark ambush is reopening today. we'll show you what the atmosphere looks like tonight ahead. alison: also coming up, a private parallel investigation alongside the d.c. police in the murder of seth rich. the evidence turning up and the metropolitan police department response. now here is a look at the abc7 primetime line-up followed by the news
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sh look at giant's produce prices. lisa: i'm lisa fletcher. welcome back. we're at the "7 on your side" call for action call center. if you have a consumer issue that needs to be solved, this is the place to call. 301-652-help. the folks here can definitely help you. they have been doing this for years. they know who to call to get things done. speaking of getting things done you have been getting it done for 41 years. why do you love it? why do the rest of the volunteers love it here? >> because we're able to solve problem for people. sometimes people g
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solve it. we have a girl who cosigned a lease. she didn't live in the building but she cosigned the lease with her friend and she is being chased after for $7,000 in back rent because she cosigned the loan. we are able to tell people through the medium like you that don't things like that. if you do get a cosign you probably have to pay for it if you cosigned something. we are able to help. we are able to provide education. that is also a significant part of what we do. lisa: if you can't solve the problem you give good advice and good guidance and get consumers in the direction they need to go. give them a call at 301-652-help. or if you are interested in volunteering call the same number. they will hook you up. 301-652-help. larry: thanks for that. just ahead at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- yes, it's a fighter jet used across the world. maryland based company plans
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overseas ahead. alison: a private investigation into the murder of seth rich comes up with a new theory. the evidence they are pointing to and the d.c. police respond >> simpson field in alexandria reopens to baseball tonight. a celebration of heroes and of the national pastime. this is in the wake of last week's horrific shooting here. hi guys. in the here. at the mall. on the mountain. at school. at the beach. the big easy. yeah yeah today i want to show you guys e next-gen chevy equinox. what do you think? that's pretty. pretty sexy.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: almost one week ago the ballpark ambush. six people hurt when one man opened fire. alison: the target, of course, the congressional republican baseball team practicing for annual charity game against the democrats. the entire park has been closed until tonight. jay korff is there for the reopening as the little leaguers are about to take the field. hi, jay. jay: hey, guys. you can see the players just over my left shoulder. this is really going to be a big moment, a powerful moment in the delray neighborhood in alexandria. this is a tight-knit community. this is a gathering of the healing and the hope. i want to give you a sense of where we are. this is the first base dugout. fresh flowers put along the dugout. this is the very
5:31 pm
the staff members scramble for their lives in the shootout and hid in this well, in the dugout safely away from the shooter. what will happen tonight is a number of things. we will have the public dignitaries come out. we have the first responders so it's a celebration of the heroes. they will be involved in the first pitch. there are teenagers and i want to show you one other thing that is the sobering reminder of what we are doing here today. this is one of the bullet holes, the exit of the bullet hole we believe based on the trajectory shot by the suspect. the shooter shot and killed by law enforcement. that is the story for now. this game begins at 6:00.
5:32 pm
larry: update on matt mika and steve scalise. both are continuing to recover and are in serious condition. there is no timetable on scalise's recovery. alison: check the other top stories for you now. family members and fellow worshipers argue a 17-year-old's murder could be a hate crime. police ruled road rage was the motive. nabra hassanen was walking with a group to her mosque when she was killed. larry: in bruce sells, prosecutors say -- brussels, prosecutors say explosion at train station was thwarted terror attack. he was shot and we don't know if he survived. it appears that the damage was minimal. alison: you can watch in the video as tropical storm cindy forming in the gulf of mexico. moving to the u.s. beaches prompting warnings across the gulf coast states. storm we will watch closely, of course, as the beach season gets in
5:33 pm
larry: d.n.c. worker seth rich was murdered in bloomingdale neighborhood in d.c. 11 months ago and his killer is still on the loose. now a use of george washington university grad students leasing their own investigation into the murder. scott taylor has been following this story closely from day one. scott: police tell the i-team seth rich's murder is still being investigated as a botched robbery. profiling project made up of the grad students doesn't buy it. report just issued by the profiling project says the murder was likely committed by a higher killer. >> it's a possibility. proficient killer is that the fact that the killer got away with it until this period of time. it appears to be a sanitized crime scene shows a level of proficiency in killing. scott: it claims that rich's death does not appear to a random homicide or robbery gone
5:34 pm
it found additional surveillance camera they believe the police might have missed. let me show you the second camera they are talking about. there is first one on top of the market. then there is the second one that they are talking about so far. the d.c. police have not confirmed if any evidence was on the camera. >> we hope they have it ready. we came across it in our neighborhood canvass. >> it's funded by republican lobbyist who filed a lawsuit to demand police recordsed including body cam and the surveillance video which is not the standard police policy in many open homicide cases. >> every day we get closer to a conclusion. we have a long way to go. >> what is the conclusion? >> we don't know. >> the report is up on including the statement from the spokesperson for the rich family who says the family hopes that the general public takes the findings at
5:35 pm
value. scott taylor, abc7 news. >> today the city shut down an area known as trent city where the homeless lived for months. the mayor says they can't stay there because the city by law provides shelters for them. but some of the homeless prefer tents over the shelters. advocates belief the homeless will move to another location. alison: remind now the "7 on your side" call for action phone bank is open. right now. this is through 6:30. so you have just about another hour or so left. if you have any consumer questions or complaints call 301-652-help. that's 301-652-4357. again, any questions or consumer complaints and you can give our volunteers a call. they will help you out right away. larry: ford plans to move production of the model to china and then they will shipped back for sale here. ford currently builds focus in u.s. and
5:36 pm
build a plant in mexico. they will save $billion building them in china. the f-16 fighter jet one of the most popular in the world and it could come with a built-in stand. the maryland based lockheed tin says it plan -- lockheed martin says it plans to shut down the plants overseas. the india prime minister travels to the u.s. next week to meet with president trump. alison: look now at the scene. a live image here from the front of the white house as the people there are marking world refugee day. members of faith communities and ad vo cassy groups are expected to join the immigrants to denounce trump administration policy. asylum seekers are asking the white house to allow at least 75,000 refugees in the country next year. the rally is expected to last until 6:30. coming up next at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the dramatic landing yesterday across the country but wait until you see what
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larry: i have one guess. plus giving back. while never giving up pays off big-time for the rising star. how she bounced back from several surgeries to excel on the softball field. alison: coming up tonight at 6:00, mom and dad to the rescue. look at this. a touching moment. a pair of elephants rescuing their little baby. larry: adrianna hopkins has a first look at what is new on "good morning washington" tomorrow. adrianna: all right. thanks, guys. tomorrow on goodell it's no secret to -- tomorrow on "good morning washington," no secret obesity is on the rise. we show you how to keep portion size in check and take charge of what you eat. ever dream of becoming an entrepreneur? seven key steps to launching your own successful product-based business. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes traffic tomorrow morning starting at 4:25 a.m. on "good morning washington."
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steve: all right. it's already tuesday we are already looking forward to the upcoming weekend. mixed bag now it looks like. chance of shower on saturday, maybe a rumble of thunder. northern virginia, summer brewfest. temperatures are 90 on saturday. upper 80's on sunday. talk about the delmarva beaches. 84 degrees on saturday. may see an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. on sunday lower 80's with the isolated storms possible. a lot can change between now and then. we will keep you updated on abc7. take it out to look at the ten-day outlook near 90, wednesday, thursday, upper 80's on friday and saturday. chance of storms for the upcoming weekend. cooler come monday and tuesday of next week. temperatures in the lower 80's. then we rebound where we should be for this time of year. middle to the upper 80's by the end of next week. back after this.
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larry: okay. you want to talk about a close call? check out this. a plane landing without the front wheels. >> goodness. so the nose gear wasn't working obviously. get this. they all get out of the plane just fine. and they are standing there on the runway. and the emergency crews rush
5:42 pm
this all took place out in bremerton, washington. can you imagine? the white knuckles on that landing. larry: yeah. alison: terrifying. larry: one thing i'm imagining. absolutely. alison: one direction we could go in. larry: i'm glad we weren't on it. i'm glad everyone is safe. bottom line. alison: we know that everything is going digital these days. even fabric. the company jam sport developed 300 of the prototype backpacks and they are made out of the programmable fabric. larry: that allows each backpack to be identified by a designated smart phone app. they are still working out the kinks. the backpacks could hit the market as alley as next year. alison: -- as early as next year. alison: wow! interesting. larry: neat. alison: there's an app for that. larry: cost for that, too, i'm sure. still ahead, tony bennett an award winning entertainer. alison: no question. singing in second decades and counting. but why he says the latest honor is the thrill of a lifetime
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>> this is not just an eyesore. it's a traffic hazard. county officia stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery...
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lisa: i'm lisa fletcher at the "7 on your side" call to action call center in rockville, maryland. if you have a consumer complaint, issue you can't get resolved, this is the place to go get help. call 301-652-help. you call and they will help you figure it out. now if you don't have a problem but you a problem solver and you would like to help other people figure out the consumer issues they are also looking for volunteers. give them a call. 301-652-help. keep calling in with your calls. we'll be here another 45 minutes tonight. larry? larry: thanks. google added a new feature. job search engine. beginning today you can see help wanted listings if you punch in a search. the plan is streamline your job hunt to eliminate duplicate posting from different sites. they will also show employer rating and reviews and potential commute times. tony bennett is this year's recipient
5:47 pm
prize for popular song. he will be honored with the lifetime achievement award. "i left my heart in san francisco" may be his biggest song. he said this is one of the greatest thrills of his career. well deserved. coming up tonight at 6:00, the push for gender neutral driver's license in the district. kids always get in trouble and mom and dad bail them out. the touching video that you have to see. what do you do if you accidentally pick up a snake? priceless reaction that will make you laugh coming up at 6:00. alison: you have to see it. the video is remarkable. the grass is not always greener, when it grows out of control. that's what some in fairfax are complaining about when it comes to medians in the road. as melissa dipane shows us the long grass can get in the way. melissa: it's not an eyesore. it's a hazard.
5:48 pm
the too tall grass waking in a ton of complaints for county supervisor. they are set to send a second letter to the virginia secretary of transportation to increase the cut cycle. >> if you have 72,000 cars a day going up and down the road, people are making left turns in rush hour and they are trying to see around three over four feet of grass. because somebody won't cut the grass. that is sun acceptable. >> -- that is unacceptable. >> the mowing was cut from six times a year to three. but the supervisors say the recession is over and it's time to start cutting the grass instead of cutting corners. >> such a basic thing. they expect the taxpayers money to be used for. i agree 100%. >> jennifer mcchord says statewide they are nowed by the contractors three times between june and october. costing taxpayers between $3 and $5 million. any areas considered hazardous can be cut again by
5:49 pm
all that money comes out of the road maintenance fund which also covers potholes, paving and other needs. she says safety is vdot top priority. but could not comment specifically on the matter since she has not seen the recent request from fairfax county supervisors. supervisors are getting vdot until july 31 to respond. in the meantime, this grass will only get taller. in fairfax, melissa dipane, abc7 news. larry: well, time for a check of the forecast with doug hill. alison: hey, doug. what is going onm? doug: it's delightful out there with plenty of sunshine. warm temperatures we ought to have for the humidity of june. humidity levels are lower. temperature levels are 85 degrees. looking out from the camera in tysons. gorgeous throughout the area. partly cloudy throughout the evening. the temperatures will drop overnight. by the morning we range between 62 and 72. actually 72 in the city inside the
5:50 pm
outside a bit cooler but delightful. light winds and partly cloudy skies. through the day tomorrow after a cool start. the temperatures will warm up. it's warmer tomorrow than today. 89. can't rule out shower today. but the key for tomorrow is the low humidity through the area. then we look ahead to tomorrow evening. atlanta united playing d.c. united. watch it live on newschannel8. game is 7:30. the weather should be fine. game temperature will drop to the low 70's. that is come all -- comfortable indeed. friday, saturday is warm and muggy. shower and thunderstorms from a cold front. possibly remnant moisture left over from the tropical storm cindy. once we get another front through the area late sunday night, fine shape for next week. highs in the 80's. low humidities and sunshine. maybe five days in a row. see how it works out. back to you. alison: sounds good. okay. erin is here now with sports today. how is i
5:51 pm
rising star time. and a high school senior from fairfax county. swinging for the fences after several surgeries. scott abraham introduces to today's rising star. scott: morgan gray lives her life by a thomas edison quote. >> "our greatest weakless lies in giving up the most ways to succeed is try one more time." >> hayfield senior softball player overcome three foot surgeries in her playing career. >> i cried for like a month. after i found out i had to get surgery. scott: the tears went away and morgan came back stronger than ever becoming a leader for the hawks. >> i wish i had more players like her. just a pleasure to coach here and be around her, too. >> time management is a big key to morgan success. besides the school, work and the commitment to softball she somehow finds time to work at the green spring retirement community in springfield. she worked a thousand hours to earn a
5:52 pm
scholarship. that she will use at the university south florida. >> they have a lot of wisdom. there are a lot of people here from way in the past. from segregation. they educate us a lot on like how you have to work hard for what you want. >> with her competitive softball days just about finished morgan now has dreams of being a dentist. >> just because you go through adversities or have barriers, keep on trying. always persevere through what the passion are or what you want to do in life. >> she is well on her way to stardom. i'm scott abraham with the rising star. erin: she is an inspiration. so resilient. all the foot surgeries and now finding a passion in the dental industry. good for her. larry: great story. erin: do you know someone overcoming adversity to excel in athletics? e-mail us at that person could be featured in an
5:53 pm
larry: always great stories. alison: i love she is making friendships with the people in the senior center. erin: yeah! alison: thank you. larry: thanks, erin. alison: still to come at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- ken's big makeover. larry: barbie's best friend has a new look. we'll show you and let you know when you can get one. plus -- >> a group once known as a gay gang opened a clothing store today with the mayor, congressman and a lot of people there. i'm sam ford. that story is next on
5:54 pm
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larry: it takes a team to pollinate the area. they are planting plants to attract butterflies and bees. the big question when will the plant flower? everything goes right, some think it might show as early as this summer but next year they will blossom.
5:57 pm
>> well, this is the best story of the day. because barbie's makeover is complete so it's ken's turn now. the ken doll has a dozen new looks. different skin tones and the body shape. airstyles and including a man bun. he has had a wardrobe overhaul. some of the versions are already on sale. jonathan: there was an lgbt gang that caused problems but now the members have turned to business owners. sam ford takes us to the clothing store celebration. >> three, two, one. for the group check it opened a clothing store in anacostia today. from the mayor and the congresswoman on down they came to celebrate. >> i hope this model will be repeated throughout the
5:58 pm
country. they used to be known to brawling in chinatown and getting in trouble. >> it really changed, it changed my outlook today. >> long time activist said after a check it member star got to jail and complained -- >> you only have the girls and the guys. you never help the gay children in the community. i will help anybody who wants to help themselves. >> they began the seek the positive outlets like the fashion show they did in chinatown several years ago. then they managed to get a store front recently. it's month to month to get the rent together, they are over it. >> i want to say how proud i am to be here. >> many long hours that we stay up. it came together.
5:59 pm
enterprise. they started out as a gay gang in chinatown. the hope is this store will make a big difference in a lot of young people's lives. reporting from southeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. >> don't move! don't move! michelle: new at 6:00, just in the abc7 newsroom the new video released in a shooting. the shooting of fernando castile. >> the murder teen remembered. the two vigils planned for her and we dig deeper in the suspect's past. michelle: proof mom and dad will do anything to save their child. the pair of elephants that will melt your heart next at 6:00. announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. jonathan: right now at 6:00 clorox skies for reopening the alexandria baseball field where a man
6:00 pm
congressional baseball practice. michelle: six people were hurt including steve scalise who is still in serious condition. jay korff is live for us tonight where a ceremony is just about to get started. jay? jay: we were here for 5 feather for the earlier live hit there were 30, 40 people here. look at the crowd now. celebrations by heroes and moving celebration as it seems like almost all of the neighborhood has come out for the vent tonight in which simpson park is opening and simpson field is opening. we try to make our way through the crowd of the people who live in the area, work in area and call the area home. one sobering reminder. that is a bullet hole from the shooting on the field. that is the manager. congressman joe barton, and the gentleman in the


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