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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 20, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight breaking news as we come on the air. terror in the train station. the explosion. emergency evacuations. the suspected suicide bomber taken down. also tonight the flight to houston rocked by dangerous turbulence. multiple injuries. passengers taken off in stretchers enchts the state of emergency just declared. a major tropical storm bearing down on the gulf and new orleans. rob marciano standing by. the white house and the country watching one race in georgia tonight. will republicans get the seat? will democrats call it a turning point. a construction accident here in new york city and to get to the workers trabed i
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you saw the video on facebook live. and his dash cam. what you didn't see. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. we have several headlines breaking at this hour. first, a terror attack in a busy train station. this time, a decide bomber explosion at the central train station in brussels. did the suspect act alone? abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran with the images coming in right now. >> reporter: tonight the city of brussels on edge after an explosion rocked the city's main train station around 8:30 p.m. eyewitnesses are sharing images of flames inside the stations on social media. military police took down a suspect, immediately after a
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loud bangs can be heard as police quickly secure the area packed with tourists on summer night. >> we saw the fear in their eyes. we saw they were running so fast, so there had to be something that made them run. >> reporter: within minutes the station is locked down, swarmed by heavily armed military and police. no reports of any injuries or deaths, but belgian officials are calling this a terrorist attack. this is europe's third attack in just three days. sunday night, a white man drove his van through a crowd outside a mosque in london after prayers, injuring almost a dozen people, and yesterday, in paris, when a suspect set his car on fire and rammed it into a police van, hoping to cause an explosion on the crowded champs-elysees. >> let's get right to terry moran. you heard things right before the
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audio an issue tonight. we will get back to terry if we can. thank you. the back here to home. and a flight headed to houston sitting severe turbulence. more than a dozen passengers injured. several rushed to the hospital in stretchers. here is david kerley. >> reporter: passengers in neck braces on stretchers, in wheelchairs, all injured tonight when their united airlines jet hit turbulence. >> many people were crying. >> reporter: they were scared? >> yes. >> reporter: the flight from panama city to houston was off cancun, mexico on the edge of a tropical storm when the 737 was buffeted by turbulence bouncing passengers around the cabin. >> we had initially about 14 people that we evaluated. in the end we ended up transporting 7 to local hospitals. >> reporter: so many hurt, more first responders were called. >> ems 92, we're getting an additional call to gate echo 14. >> reporter: once on the ground
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in houston, those neck braces were put in place on the injured, but rescue crews say all those injuries were minor. >> david kerley with us live tonight. we heard the plane was flying on the edge of a tropical storm. i'm guessing that was a factor? >> absolutely. this is why flight crews tell you when you're in your seat, keep your seat belts on. the faa are looking into the indent. and the storm bearing down on the gulf tonight. the new orleans, the bulls eye on tropical storm cindy. the louisiana national guard ready. the water spout already reaching the coast of florida. part of the system already stretching up the coast at this hour. eva pilgrim from new orleans where they are bracing for impa
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>> reporter: tonight, residents along the gulf coast already feeling the effects of tropical storm cindy, heavy rain, and waterspouts off florida beaches. >> flags are red, nobody can go in the ocean today. >> reporter: and miles off the louisiana coast -- >> it's blowing bad out here. >> reporter: oil companies working to get workers off those oil rigs. in new orleans, officials watching the storm's every move. >> the impacts could really shift if that storm moves 20, 30 miles in either direction. >> reporter: the big fear, flooding. >> it is a serious event that's not only going to bring us rain and wind, but it's going to bring us water. >> reporter: in st. paul parish, they are building up the homes. you can see they're actually building a levee, an actual wall 4 1/2 feet up to keep the water from getting into this neighborhood. take a look at the water already. it's up to the edge of the bank. residents like eleno rodriguez taking no chances. >> when i look at the weather map and what it looks like, it's not good
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moisture stretching all the way to georgia, dozens evacuated from this flooded area in gwinnette county. >> eva pilgrim joins us tonight from st. paul's parish. and the barrier is nearly a mile long, eva? >> reporter: that's right, david. they will be working through the night to make sure this is ready. it's been raining here all month. the ground is already saturated so real concern where the rain is going to go. david? >> we are thinking about the people in new orleans tonight and across the gulf. let's get to rob marciano with a track of this thing. rob? >> hey, not a hurricane but it is a large storm. look how far north and east the storm extends. it's 200 miles from the coast and it's not moving. we do forecast it to move. tropical storm warnings through galveston. it manges it across the texas border early thursday morning. look at the amount of rain.
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could see a foot or more. that is high risk for flash flooding over the next two days. folks should be ready to move to high ground. >> we know you will be watching. rob, thank you. you are tracking the worst heat wave of the season so far. breaking records in the west tonight. sparking fires in california. this one in big bear and at wlooes two dozen flights have been canceled in phoenix. 119 degrees there. that is a new record for the day. we will stay on that as well. with the major storm bearing down on the south tonight, could there be political shock waves as well? the white house and the country watching a special election in georgia. republicans hoping to hold on to their seat. democrats hoping this is a turning point. abc's steve osunsami with what he is saying. >> reporter: 30-year-old jon ossoff and his supporters are hoping that he is the spoiler
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tonight. in the spot has belonged to republicans since 1939. >> we will show the cynics in washington, d.c. who have been peddling fear and deception for months in this state. >> reporter: we met his computation, republican karen handle, as she put on her vote today. she couldn't wait to tell us yet again the democrat doesn't live up here. what do you say to your opponent? >> he wishes he could vote like me. >> reporter: the ads have made fun of the tens of millions of dollars nut his pocket from voters out of state -- >> we have nancy pelosi as our congressman and you will give us jon ossoff as our congressman. >> reporter: we met suburban women who didn't vote in november who will now. >> i wasn't happy. i want something new and fresh and young in there. >> i voted for the
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>> reporter: the president is bashing handel's opponent online. a poor showing tonight would look terrible. steve osunsami with us north from atlanta. you have been reporting this is the most expensive congressional race in history. the winner tonight only staps in office for about 500 days? >> yes, david, this is a seat that tom price left to join the president's cabinet. that means the next election for this seat is in november of 2018. not as far as you think. >> steve, thanks to you tonight. we turn next here to dramatic video released this evening and it comes just days of a minnesota police officer was acquitted. the country saw the video when his girlfriend caught it on facebook live. the after math of that shooting. now, the other few from the officer's dash cam. here is alex perez. >> reporter: tonight, the
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released dash cam video when the officer pulled him over for a traffic stop. >> your brake lights are out. do you have license and insurance. >> reporter: that is when he reveals he has a gun. less than 40 seconds after approaching the car, he opens fire. >> i do have a firearm on me. >> okay, don't reach for it then. don't pull it out. >> i'm not pulling it out. >> do not pull it out. >> no, no! >> you just killed my boyfriend! >> reporter: firing seven shots. >> i told him to get his hand off it. >> reporter: his girlfriend, diamond reynolds, streaming it live on facebook. >> he let the officer know that he was -- he had a firearm and he was reaching for his wallet and the officer just shot him in his arm. >> reporter: on the live stream, reynold's 4-year-old daughter trying to
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>> it's okay. i'm right here. >> reporter: the young girl ran out of the car into the arms of another officer. last fright, he walk the out of a pin pin courtroom a free man after he was acquitted in the killing. thousands taking to the streets in protest. the family lip says they have been deniped justice. he will not be returning to the forbes. david? >> alex perez, thank you. next to the u.s. and russia. a russian flighter jet flying within a few feet of a u.s. reconnaissance plane today. and it comes after a plane was shot down. marcia raddatz tonight. >> reporter: the jets were flying high over the baltic sea. a u.s. navy reconnaissance plane suddenly intercepted by a russian fighter approaching from behind, coming just five feet from the wingtip of the u.s. jet -- an encounter the americans called unsafe. >> it came in at such a high
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rate of speed, and was seemingly out of control, that it really concerned the u.s. aircraft pilots. >> reporter: russian aircraft have buzzed and intercepted not only u.s. aircraft but u.s. warships in the last year. last summer, during a training exercise in the baltics with the u.s air force, our fighter jet which flew safely wing tip to wing tip with other jets, was warned by nearby russian pilots we were getting too close to their border. we're flying over estonia now. just over to the east, to the right is russia. the americans said the russians were just being provocative, and continued the exercise. >> there we go. roll in left. >> reporter: while the u.s. intercepts russians as well, it has been within the safety norms. >> and martha raddatz joins us from washington tonight. this comes in a tough time. and we learned the u.s. today just shot down a drone used by
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forces to the russian backed government? >> that's right. the drone was threatening u.s. advisers on the ground and it comes after a v the u.s. shot down a syrian jet. the russians warning they are tracking u.s. jets as targets west of the euphrades. otto warmbier died yesterday. he was carried out of captivity. president trump saying what happened to him was a quote disgrace and that he should have been brought home sooner. an obama spokes person saying we have no higher priority than the securing americaning from overseas. it's painful that mr. warmbier was not among them. next to the outrage growing this evening over what t
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democrating call secrecy. what are the republicans workingen to repeal and replace obama care? they are demanding the public get to see it and mary bruce taking it to lawmakers tonight. >> reporter: after weeks of frustration and concern at town halls across the country -- >> aca! aca! >> reporter: tonight senate republicans say their plan is coming. but no one seems to know what's coming. >> no, i haven't seen it. >> i haven't seen it. how can i put my support behind it or not behind it because i haven't seen it? >> reporter: they ask if the president has seen the bill. >> i don't know if he's seen the legislation or not. >> reporter: celebrating when their health care bill passed. privately last week the president told republicans the house version of the bill was me
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>> i mean, the president clearly wants a bill that has heart in it. >> reporter: and democrats agree. >> for once, on the topic of health care, i find myself agreeing with the president. his health care bill is mean. >> reporter: for weeks senate republicans have negotiated behind closed doors. there have been no hearings, and no public debate. >> if this was a bill that was going to be greeted with great applause, and joy, and relief, and satisfaction by the american public, would you hide it? no. >> reporter: tonight it's still unclear what's in the bill, and why the process has been so secretive. >> mr. leader, this bill is bound to have a profound impact on the country. do americans have a right -- >> it's going to have a profound, positive improvement over the status quo. >> so do americans have a right to see these negotiations -- >> the status quo is simply unsustainable. >> but do americans have a right to see this process? >> walking way from your question there, mary. mary bruce live on the hill. when do americaning get to see this? >> just to more days and we will finally have a sense of what
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republicans have the votes to pass it, david? >> mary bruce, thankses a always. >> there is still more ahead. the construction accident here in new york city. the we are on the scene. three trapped, firefighters scrambling to dig them out. news about breast cancer and which women face the highest risk. and americans and vitamin 2k678d. are we taking too much? and o.j. simpson, the date set. up will he go free? plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. eliquis had both... ...and that turned around my thinking.
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>> the crane was lowered down and it pinned on somebody. >> reporter: dozens of firefighters on the scene desperately pulling out bricks and rubble. this person pulled from the debris and taken away on a stretcher. the fire department saying two have been removed so far, another still trapped underneath. >> reporter: we know they are loading materials on the roof when it collapsed under beneath them. no doubt an investigation is under way. when we come back, the rifkt of breast cancer and which women are at risk. and vitamin "d." are americans taking too much. and o.j. simpson and the patrol board. will he go free? and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can take on psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific
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sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping in vegas. there is a new headline about breast cancer tonight, a new study revealing women testing positive for for the brca 1 gene has a 72% risk of breast cancer, and family he's history of ovarian cancer makes it greater. we have more on our website for you. and a new headline about is a popular supplement. americans are taxing too much vitamin dmpld. ask your doctor for more. when we come back, tonight, america strong. the 4-year-old girl. her big moment on stage stunning even her mother and us. this co. yet some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back
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every parent knows that moment when your child is on stage at the concert and when they're just 4, do you really know what they're going to do? here's david wright. >> reporter: you know how they say talent is something you're born with? well, consider 4-year-old sophia of miami -- ♪ no one nopes it goes >> reporter: lip-synching, at her pre-k graduation, to disney's "moana." ♪ it caused me ♪ and no one knows how it goes >> reporter: with all moana's heart and conviction! ♪ it's behind me
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>> reporter: or 4-year-old caleb serrano in greensboro, north carolina letting it shine at the new hope baptist church. in nearby raleigh, there's 6-year-old jahanna cologne. she's the one in the middle. r-e-s-p-e-c-t! all these kids prove personality is something you're born with. the rest is part of life's journey. david wright, abc. i have a feeling sofia is just getting started. we will see you. have a good evening. ly see you on gma. good night.
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